Katie Price’s car crash year has taken another turn for the worse as she now faces further scrutiny after being reprimanded by officials  Katie shared a post was with her 2.1million followers on the digital platform was considered to not clearly indicate the post was an advert, seeing Watchdog get involved  She had shared the video to promote a Swarovski bejewelled mobile phone case, that sells for around £3,000  During the clip Katie could be seen welcoming the iDesign Gold team into her house to take delivery  Speaking directly to her followers, Katie said to fans: “Come on girls, I can’t be the only one ”  The former glamour model blasted: “This is 18 carat rose gold and guess what, Swarovski diamonds in there It’s just a dream come true.”  Before concluding and urging fans to “check out the site”  Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said: “The post was obviously not identifiable as a marketing communication ”  A spokesperson for ASA said: “We acknowledged that the caption of the post included the handle @idesigngold and a call to ‘check out their site’, as well as the logo for idesigngold com which appeared in the first few seconds of the video.  “However, we considered that those elements did not indicate to users that the post was a marketing communication before users engaged with its content  “In the absence of a clear and prominent identifier at the beginning of the post, such as “£ad”, we concluded that the post was not obviously identifiable as a marketing communication and that it breached the Code ”  This comes as another blow for the 41-year-old after being declared bankrupt only last week  The former reality star was summoned to a London Court after failing to pay back the agreed £12,000-a-month to her creditors  Katie and her lawyer chose not to attend the hearing at the Insolvency and Companies Court