I’m Patrick McBurney, I’m a bankruptcy attorney
and I have over 20 years experience in this area of law.
When people come and consult with me the top three areas of concern are wage garnishments,
number two are collection calls, and number three are home forclosures.
Wage garnishments can often be stopped by the act of filing a bankruptcy. by filing
for bankruptcy the Automatic Stay is envoked and creditors and employers are prohibited
from taking further actions against you to collect a debt.
when you’re dealing with collection calls by just hiring a lawyer
the fair debt collection practices act requires that collector to communicate solely with
the lawyer, and that can stop creditor harassment right away.
when your home is being foreclosed on the act of filinf for bankruptcy will stop that
forclosure in its tracks which will give you either time to work out
something with the creditors or alternatively make a more logical plan before surrendering
the property to the creditors. What that means to you is that bankruptcy
is a vehicle by which you can get trelief from your debts,
relief from creditor harassment, and reief from a potential home forclosure.
If you in financial distress, if you’re facing a wage garnishment,
if you’re getting harassed by creditors who are calling
if your home is facing forclosure, you may want to explore your options.
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