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on their conference in Java and maybe hi everyone my name is Bowen shiny part I’m
vice president here at credit Pinta Indonesia I handle a lot of external
partnerships so partnership for example with Mintos or with some other funding
partners local or international help them out as well and other needs that
need to be taken care of here in Jakarta so I think you Lars for visiting happy
cuz I have you guys here in our office and hopefully show you a little bit
about how we do business here Indonesia come on alright so here’s a promise
again your name credit being done but soon maybe within the one or two months
will be renamed to Atami the reason why we do rebranding is because we have
watch in a few different markets so I think even on the Mintos platform as
well some of our markets will come online hopefully soon like Philippians
for Vietnam as well but your Nisha is our home base and we love kind of in
thought but APA is an indonesian name so that’s why we use itami comes from the
word Adam so something small it gives it a small credit you make a big difference
for someone just likes so you can see this is the logo here it’s kind of like
a a with the smiley face and I’ll bring it down this way once you enter the area
you can see some of the awards that we won and maybe our ISO certification so
we have ISO 27001 from 2013 it’s a requirement from the Indonesian
Financial Services Authority it’s a challenge but I’m very happy that we’re
able to get it I think everyone have to get it
– in Indonesia crack marvellous here’s a couple of our meeting rooms we named
after the city or the country so for example Jakarta this is our biggest one
because our first a lot of markets our second mini movies Vietnam as we
launched in Vietnam as well so these are kind of a small Navy on the side and
maybe if they’re empty later I can show you over there yeah Philippine this was
our second market that we launched and again includes nominees a name I told me
so coming on here we haven’t even further smaller meeting rooms maybe for
like here you see some of our HR and General Affairs people working really
hard trying to create some of the best talent that there is an in Asia and we
can try to be as run smoothly walk over here there’s some of these individual
appointments so this is where we take calls either you know local calls or
even international calls as well for conferencing so it’s a comfortable chair
sometimes if you have a long call for like half an hour 30 minutes I have it
in my home you have a safe yeah so it’s a good chair it’s a good chair let’s go
into IT rooms again for ISO ideas separated and we could come in here I’ll
show you some of our come inside Azari – guy and then this is our data center
servers here so again everything is very compliant
with the innovation regulations we keep the data locally and it’s very secure as
well along with all the business continuity plans so we have planned to
put it in the club or maybe Amazon or something like yes we do use a Internet
as one of our main Klaus Internet is in partnership with hobby Baba okay
yes Amazon they don’t have a data server here so it’s not complying with the
local regulations and then if you go here this is some of our senior
management sis hello miss Mary I want to say hi to some of our German Archer my
friends Oh Miss Mary here is one of our executive directors and this is Lars I
came from Germany yesterday I’m come and then if you move on here here’s some
table I’m working at Richard you can see designs working on some content so you can see
she’s making some advertisements but I want it to fall on my head is correct
I might even offline head so this says we want to buy your dream item and then
you can do installments up to 20 million rupiah or about two thousand two
thousand seen also have me stuck here making some videos you wanna show me
what you’re working on he’s looking to go ahead that’s very exciting again on my office
we’re in the 50:34 so it’s quite high you can see a good view of the SME area
central business district you can see there come on over this way this is personally where I sit at my
table everyone over here here’s a little pantry so provide lunch and dinner or
all in place it’s like a box lunch of traditional allusion to it we have some
snacks as well let me see if there’s usually this this should be filled up at
snacks coffee machine but uh yeah there’s a lot of snacks usually that
people do they take the chips they take the chocolate the offers do you have so
the you have some stated working out about 96 but then it’s more or less you
know you responsible by exhibit you ensure well maybe but then you if you
haven’t been sure it means Taylor the way to finish it up you cost them
we talked about in the car you cannot predict when you go here because traffic
is exactly unpredictable so usually we do a little have a little understanding
you know people being in the office and making sure they get the work done
I think we’re very performance driven just you know
absence driven if that make sense and it’s very quite here so so nobody’s
calling come on mr. Foyle here go in one of the booths or yes so if somebody
calls they usually go in one of the booths but then again our customer
service and call center is looking different office because it’s very
customer heavy yeah this way like we would seem like them yeah let’s
hopefully uh you can try bringing on later one of our collections of call
centers this is all right Quality Assurance people so they listen to the
calls former customer service American election centers to ensure that you know
people are doing a proper job people aren’t misusing information or
same false statements so this new office just got completed this week again you
can see there’s more meeting rooms here it’s a good recording company so I think
this should add will add another hundred people or so here another meeting here
hopefully I think we want to move into the end of this week or next week we’re
still not deciding who gets to move here a bit nicer anywhere let’s hear some of
the directories this morning you had interviewed wonderful so the directors
you get to sit here and again it’s just hopefully nice nice new brand new smell
here you just great to see some of the city contrast at the housing high-rises
you see they’re trying to complete the small where there’s a card on there so
you can see there’s like parks and there’s swimming pool trying to complete
that but I don’t think it’s open yet and I hope give it them enough quick here a
couple of weeks ago yeah yeah I think it’s definitely scary but I think
hopefully the building engineers are good enough that it’s a safe and I think
you know we need to make sure we have a proper emergency evacuation plans in
place or for any event whether it’s earthquake or there’s fire or flooding
and whatnot so people in this way there’s a couple more rooms I’ll show
you okay just to understand that company although
many people you onboard maybe per week so let’s say on average
weekly basis we may be on board about I would say 10 to 20 employees on a weekly
basis so again on a month it could be maybe anywhere between 30 to maybe 80
employees and again that’s across all functions the customer service
collection some people sitting here marketing legal HR all that stuff so you
have growing across the videos at the moment at the moment but again we we’re
hoping that kind of good quality people as well so it’s not only about it’s only
about who we get but it’s want to get make sure they get the quality as well
this is our finance room maybe see our finance people they do some stuff in
here and they go in because I think it’s long since an information if that’s okay
but they have the financial modeling how much projection is the reports this will
be an empty all this I think HR we’re moving as well so you can see a Charlie
start moving some stuffing today there’s a lot of forms and those orange binders
well it’s open coming and see the HR team will do some recruitment maybe
payroll salary and Swiss on this side as well again to get the view of the sea
good to see what’s out there I think most of the people in Germany fo
yeah bran thought about Takata don’t see it yeah I think is developed again
compared to on your develop arts Indonesia Jakarta is very development
City the population I think is almost between 20 to 30 million people so it’s
very overcrowded and I think the president just announced last week that
they’re gonna want to move that capital city to clubbing on top so again it’ll
be interesting to see that I think that’s a still happen in four or five
years but again we’ll see what happens in four or five years in terms of how
visit it will look like skyress is still go up or construction slows down and
office space becomes more available is maybe some companies relocate to the
capital city if they needed to and then I go to Chicago this will be the
financial City yeah and again the president changed the capital to to stop
the growth I think it’s because your party cannot accommodate the the growth
and the current size of the city so I think the new capital a lot of countries
have been there right if you can be just better plan and hopefully just take off
some of the pressure and the burden of each party that’s all but the big
population a lot of migration coming here and that’s how much dope them
cutting month on was a very small city in Chicago today will feel new
infrastructure all right everything correct so everything is supposed to be
from scratch I think as am i understanding the place it’s a plot plan
it’s all forest also they will maybe cut it down but hopefully build everything
properly infrastructure like underground cables in our pipe being the water the
roll is the pavement building so only everything will be okay they don’t much
better because I think in Asia and Jakarta again just as it grows but then
again it’s not the ideal ideal city for for maybe 20 to 30 million people as you
can experience just off the chapter chance right we’re really proud of it
but on the other side it’s not make the right decision to cut down the
corresponding Tunisia agree agree I think it it’s tough right because you
want to have a good landmass but then also understand how that happens
effect on the forest and environments but hopefully they can find the right
balance I interpret so they just do use what they need we need to keep some
greenery in there how to incorporate the government into the greenery hmm
yeah okay so this is that again the short office term maybe you will try to
stop by one with other offices later so there’s our main office of crediting pod
soon to be told me and again thank you for visiting us thank you do all right we just arrived in the Indonesian stock
exchange located in the CBD area of Jakarta continued museum part explains a
little bit about the financial history of Indonesia why things I like for
example the prices of money go down and inflation you can see some of the
historical objects here history of all that stuff here there’s even a quote
about Bill Gates over there the main trade plates Tracey Poirier
it’s a fin shark maybe there’s going to be some events but it’s like here maybe
they’ve closed the curtain there’s a main trading floor but again nowadays
trading is not done like by shouting a lot of gonna sell online electronically
always in here this is something that means they have 1 million plus investors
in stocks Indonesia so still a very small amount the initial population is
about almost 270 million only 1 million that’s why the office to a by credit
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like to merely on the nya. | Kredit Pintar – Office Tour beim Mintos Darlehensanbahner aus Jakarta | Passives Einkommen mit P2P Krediten