and here Jeff Kellogg late and send easier here thank you alright so we’ll move right into public
comment and we have a couple of items for public comment first one I have
Andreia and I don’t want to slaughter your name Khali Khali you see a negotiation of a
little nervous so I just want to say as you are discussing negotiations today
that it is our feeling that the students are the heart and soul of this
institution and as faculty we are the people that are in contact with our
spirit and in order for us to support our students to the best of our ability
we need your support by I hope that you keep that in mind wanders testing on it
but thank you and the next one is generally good evening Board of Trustees and administration
here CCA president with again one member of our negotiating team Andreia tobacco
Lee who sear passing into you a flyer that speaks to our action that’s
occurring across the street right now and she also house and supporting
documents for you and so are action across the street we have stacked $25,000,000 boxes together representing
the district’s reserves and on the other hand we have pennies that the district
today has offered a set the negotiations table you can see that are supporting
data explain why we believe that the district has the money to offer us an
equitable raised and how long term employment at Long Beach City College
actually comes at a cost to LBCC faculty as you consider that handouts I want to
ask you to reflect on a few business perspective that speak to CCA
negotiations with the district first the book seven Habits of Highly Effective
People by Stephen Covey’s as you may recall this book offers certain habits
for highly effective people and organizations and my personal favorite
habit of kobe’s is a win-win environment where all groups walk away from a
problem having one or in Co these words we both get to eat the pie and it tastes
pretty darn good second I recently read about equity theory on job motivation
and this was claimed by John Stacy Adams in 1963 according to Adams equity and
the sense of fairness which commonly underpinnings motivation is dependent on
that comparison a person makes between his or her reward or investment trade
show with the ratio enjoyed or suffered by others considered to be in a similar
situation note the comp Herbals on the back page
of our web page handout if the balance lies too far in favor of
the employer some employers may work to bring balance between inputs and outputs
on their own by asking for more compensation or recognition others will
be motivated and still others will seek alternative employment the fact that
they’re pretty motivated right now to pursue the equitable race at the
negotiating team has proposed to the district in a sense as you go into your
closed session today I asked you to seriously stripe for a win-win situation
wherein faculty feel like they are being treated fairly compensated fairly and
equitably in our work environment which makes us more motivated and more
productive in our work on behalf of CCA negotiating team and CCA membership we
believe we’ve given the district a win-win proposal which ushers in equity
for salary schedule 1 and went off to join the informational picketing and
will return with the faculty at 5 p.m. for the open session of tonight’s
meeting thank you closed and the subjects serve to one
point for public employee discipline dismissal released pursuant to
Government Code section 504 957 ICC a negotiation items pursuant to Government
Code section 354 9.1 in 5495 7.6 closed session