call the April 26 meaning of the Long
Beach Community College District Board of Trustees to or purport to Horner
welcome everyone we’ve got a full house and we’re delighted to see you all taken
part part in this aspect of our democracy I would ask trustee Baxter to
lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance begin here Jeff Kellogg here is sending Syria here there is
there was no action taken in closed session and so there’s nothing to report
out I would ask for a motion to approve the minutes of the March 22nd 2016
regular meeting of the Board of Trustees so moved two point six introductions and special
announcements I personally tried to call recently elected trustee given my Lulu voicemail is full I talked to her
actually didn’t talk to about I left her message shortly after the election but I
hope that she would be here tonight so that we could introduce her to stand out if I had known you were here I would
have asked you to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance but thank you very much
for being here and congratulations so I think we should acknowledge that we just
went through an election and that elections are always very difficult and
very time consuming and very hard to do but election was completed successfully
as elections are done in a democracy and I again congratulate the avian flu on
her election as I outlined in my campaign literature in the speeches
throughout the community I was running on a platform to provide the highest
quality of affordable education by increasing course options especially in
technology fields at Long Beach City College in to expand the Long Beach
Community College promise to graduate students on time by helping students to
reduce the time it takes to complete a course of study and creating jobs for
the future by expanding programs elite that link the prepared in highly
qualified students we have with future employers and continuing to increase
transfers to universities I think one of our agenda items especially tonight will
be very very much push that agenda forward I would like to acknowledge my
opponent Davina kaiser who everybody knows that running for office is a very
difficult thing I think she ran a great campaign and I hope I have the
opportunity to work with in the future her hand as well where what they were we were again
disappointed in the low turnout 13 five percent 5% of the voters in long beach
boat and that’s only 22,000 out of a hundred and sixty-eight thousand in my
area area for the Long Beach Community College historic there were the highest
number of registered voters and 15 percent of those voters voted while only
ten percent of registered voters in each of the council districts voted I was
privileged to receive a resounding 71.7 percent of the vote this was the highest
vote and any candidate in this election including the candidates for sixty
Kansas City Council by more alone by more than 20 by more than 20% in fact
I’d like to say that the amount of votes that I got exceeded the three candidates
who were successful in first place in the city county or city ecology races by
more than a thousand votes combined so I wish I was also privileged to receive
the endorsement of local democratic organizations and I especially want to
thank the Long Beach lambda club for their confidence is in friendship and
reporting policy before politics and to the many union members and labor groups
who believed in me and got behind my candidacy campaign I thank you all and
now let’s get on with the media if i may also congratulate you for winning and I
also acknowledge trustee alike Vivian Mello Hulu in the crowd if you could
stand up viendo everybody can see you not that
they don’t know you are ready she won by 60% congratulations I can’t wait to work
with you 2.7 reordering of the agenda there is we
have received a request to reorder the agenda item two point six additionally we’re gonna have introduced
some people yes we do have a few introductions first of all let me begin
by asking Pat mckean or journalism faculty member and advisor to the Viking
newspaper to introduce some of the journalism students who received awards
most recently pat president of the board faculty staff and
the community and students hold applause until I’m reading the entire list of our
award winners and accomplishments joining about 40 other community
colleges from California participate in the three-day state journalism
convention March 17th to 19th in Burbank LBCC biking news and city magazine staff
members 19 awards putting an award for General Excellence newspaper the bike
and was one of only four in the state to win the highest price the journal of the Association of
Community Colleges in California Newspaper Publishers Association hosted
the convention in August but contest Brandon Richardson finished first for
news judgment and lay out the tabloid Division and third produce writing
almost a choice to third and opinion writing Joshua Miller took fourth news
photo and caption contest and won Galvez received honorable mention for editorial
cartoon weisman took first female in magazine
illustration and John peacock and Cindy macias took second for online photo
story arrested Josh also won a $500 scholarship will be in San Francisco
this Saturday receiving their first or second place award from the newspaper
publishers for a photo from professor Doug adios memorial service for body
rebate in Philly mohave will either receive third or fourth place in the
state organization for their work last spring covering homeless students that brought
awareness to their place we also very proud that three of our students will
have traveled to Washington dc2 semester or political in journalism work Jones joined President Oakley March Mrs
will be in the nation’s capitol Thursday for a college white house reporter for a
day event and Christy vander hence participate in a win women’s advocacy
session earlier this semester in washington but thanks to present
oakley’s office for putting devices trip and trustee Baxter arranging the
majority of funding for Omar’s experience of a lifetime all the journalism students are
currently working hard to invite President Obama to LBCC graduation on
June 9th the newspapers advised by Chris file in me to the magazine was advised
by Cindy pride Shawn Despres Morgan barnard also guiding our
beginning news writing students this evening as I write about this media as
they learn how to cover government thanks to all of you who might be
approached after the meeting for follow-up comments and other part-time
faculty member Kevin Sullivan thanks again for your continued support
for students and now round of applause from her accomplishments thank you it’s always very proud next I want to
ask dr. Terry long to introduce some of the great work of our honor students who
participated in a conference at UC Irvine most recently so I’d like to ask
dr. Jeff wheeler and the honor students to talk to the podium place last night
Jeff invited me to attend the owners transferred Council of California event
for honors students across the state of California and I was able to attend this
year and I can tell you it was incredibly great day I learned a lot and
some of the things that I listen to I i really didn’t understand but I would
like to introduce to you we had twelve students participate at UC Irvine and 77
of them are here not counting seven but I’m gonna say seven of them are here
tonight I would like to introduce them and then choose the topic of you that
their oral presentation or their poster presentation so when I say your name if
you adjust step forwards are ready can know what your topic was keanu Flores
and I got to watch kianna practice for her poster presentation before here at
Long Beach City College campus poster was on wing individuals an in depth look
into the wings of a hummingbird so congratulations keanu she’s been
accepted to transfer at UCSD UCD UCS see UCSB and use California State University
San Francisco congratulations poster and an oral presentation poster
presentation topic Charles here okay well we’ll talk about it anyway his poster presentation was the role of
financial derivatives and his oral presentation was the effects of minimum
wage hikes on rent prices and unemployment rates he has been accepted
to UCI and UC Riverside next is lisa Lee Lisa did an oral
presentation on the topic of the challenges to black success within
academic institutions she has been accepted to UCSD UCI and UCLA
congratulations she did an oral presentation on economic regression the
effects of high school graduation and gross domestic production on
unemployment she’s been accepted to UC Santa Barbara California State
university-long Beach in California State University Dominguez Hills
congratulations next year’s Martin Martinez saldana Martin did oral
presentation on the topic of affirmative action in education or sports he has
been accepted to UCI UCSD UCD and UCLA congratulations presentation on a topic and reading
polythene in Deuteronomy 32819 did that ok he will be continuing in our honors
program here at Long Beach City College next year congratulations and finally
jacklyn Lawson jacklyn did an oral presentation on cervical cancer and
breast cancer in women I regression analysis of mortality rates she has been accepted into the art and
program here at Long Beach City College congratulations congratulations to dr.
wheeler and all the honors students wonderful job it was great to be able to
be there with you and I wish you much success either back here at Long Beach
City College or whatever institution you choose congratulations next quickly
recognize the patient relations and marketing office at the 2016 pro awards
they received a second place award for TV ad PSA so congratulations John and
your team for the great work and for receiving the award regulations and finally well actually finally to
other issues recently you know many of our faculty receive great honors but
this one was particularly special so it won’t take a moment to recognize her I
received lots of mail about our faculty 99% it’s great male this one was
especially grade I received notice from John Simon Guggenheim Memorial
Foundation that Colleen Starrett professor of sculpture the sculpture
program was had become a Guggenheim Fellow for 2016 this is a remarkable
honor really recognizes our great talent so I want to take a moment to
congratulate calling publicly and I thought I saw her earlier so are you
still here please stand up and be recognized right across ok hurry hurry
and call in there she is congratulations always read about her on a website ok
one more thing as usual we like to honor our retirees who are leaving the
district for their great work and service to Long Beach City College we
have for retirees that we’d like to honor I know at least two are here so
I’d like to began with jail man who has served as for more than 25 years mr.
Marlen Martin who has been in our reprographics room as reprographics
technician continuing to serve us day in and day out always just person who just comes to
work and does his thing everyday like clockwork so I want to thank him for his
25 years of service to the college and for always having a smile so marlin
congratulations are you in the room Marlins all there is individual who is also served thirty
years now and again one of those individuals who day in and day out just
works his butt off as college and always does it with a smile and from time to
time brings homemade egg rolls with him so Mr Dan ito has served the district
for thirty years he began they began its services a
custodian became the lead custodian in custodial supervisor and then took over
the stadium and district facilities is a business manager and just done a
tremendous job he will be very much missed by us all and you will always be
part of the Long Beach City College family Danny so congratulations and come
on up and receive the certificate fresh air and honor previous it’s an honor and privilege to speak in
front of you tonight and to say farewell up to thirty one and a half year working
here I started here as a student upon my graduation the college offer me a job
which I cut career as a long career and once again I want thank you for the
opportunity that opened the Golden Door the middle point any to work here artist
year thank you everyone have two other individuals alright that
could not be here that want to make sure and recognize first Magdaleno Zamarripa
warehouse delivery driver is retiring after 15 years so please give a round of
applause incredulous Magdalena Robert McQueen custodian who has served as for
more than 15 years please join me in congratulating Robert right now that’s
all at great you’re pointing to a mass amount of people looking out again I’m
sorry I just appreciate the fact that we had individuals in the what makes a
college we don’t we’re in the business of Education we don’t make widgets are
things of that nature we provide education people people help themselves
and it’s about people like yourselves and others so I want to personally thank
you for all the years that you work with me on some community events things of
that nature and always always with a smile when I call up and so i i I will
miss you but also appreciate it in the past and how you handle yourself I just
wish you the very best and also to publicly thank you for all the years
helping me is trying to put my community college so I miss you my friend a request to move up and so we’re gonna
do that but here’s how we’re gonna do it we’re going to do the ASB report and
then we will call 8.2 first we will have people who have signed up to comment on
any point to and then we will do the item itself and then we will go on to
public comments on the remainder of items so we have our ESP personal
rapport getting super nintendo president Oakley board president Otto members of
the Board and members of the public I would like to start off by thinking
trustee Baxter St kellogg for attending our mini Grand Prix this past Saturday
this is a tradition that’s been going on Long Beach City College for forty years
so it’s very upsetting to see that we have something we have an event that’s
been upheld for this long so I would like to thank you guys for attending our
house again next week have just wrapped up our sustainability weekend are
homeless out homeless student outreach event this past week and we like to
think the faculty and staff that participated in the planning and
execution of this event this upcoming week we have our way is a test event and
event the AC cabinet will be on campus both at the LSE and PCC letting students
know what we do as student leaders and how they can get involved this Friday
will be having our meeting here at the LEC campus in this room will also be
having voter registration training that day so at 9 a.m. will be having someone
from Le vote come out and assisted with voter registration training so we can
encourage our peers and describe how important it is for us
as college students to go out and vote not only in our local but our state and
federal level we will also be attending the AC camera and the PCC student
council will be attending as a triple C’s General Assembly where our peers in
the community college system draft resolutions presented the state
legislature the state to pass legislation in order
to support the community college system this weekend are dealt largely it will
vote on this legislation in and represent lastly we will be having Raz
elections for the 2016 and 2017 executive executive board on May 10 to
12 thank you for a time did you win finally did your team win a pretty
amazing I to be reminded that is a great event and I love the fact you see the
college’s things that are gauging your students I always tell my my fellow
board members that there was a very humorous conversation about the Board of
Trustees was born 10 president Oakley putting a team together for next year I
will not tell you what the comments were about it but I can chat there was a real
question where we’d even finish the race was the most kind comment but it was it
was a great event and it really was the students involved with the college too
so I and you guys were that’s why I asked you guys really we’re pretty
remarkable some of those times and it was not a casual many other people to
get very seriously I got on the one with the women’s team and I’m really got off
because I thought you know now they were pushing pretty hard too so it is a fan
of that but enjoyable to be there too and best of luck there in the future and
we’ll see how we do next year we have seen trustee kellogg if I can respond now
don’t leave yet I was one of those cards in 1977 the first race and trust me we
are not having to put the team together trust me back so you are not considered
one of the three so don’t worry i right moving on 8.2 this is the community and
student workforce project agreement the recommended action is that the Board of
Trustees authorized the vice-president administrative services or designee to
enter into and execute the community and student workforce project agreement as
it has been submitted we have been working on this for quite
some time it has been great effort on the part of a great number of people and
we really appreciate everybody’s hard work to bring it bring us to where we
are today so I would recognize trustee kellogg for a motion to motion I was
going to be a brief comment because the motion the floor to prove the emotion my
comment or anyone you know let’s get a second and then you can come at a second
by trustee Archuleta just Akala I will be brief because a lot of you probably
want to go home and that’s ok no problem that stay if you want as president Otto
mention this item’s first appeared it was a few months ago and I remember it
was sitting up on on the board and somewhat vague concept more than
anything else good tonight through the work of a lot of hard a lot of people to
time in its real and it’s achievable goals that will result in the benefits
to our students as I mentioned earlier when the business of education and
helping people help themselves through education so this item alone is going to
do that we can’t do it alone this is to do lots of things but in this
particular case it’s going to help to have a partner and you just can’t
piecemeal these things together so you need to have a partner that will help
you with the students on giving them some opportunities so I’ve written down
some things on that it’s again it’s great to have our students are better
and better educated and that’s what they will but it also is now going two
percent more opportunities opportunities not just to learn a trade but actually
have a career in a career that has promise and hope is a good thing is they
said in one movie along time ago and so the fact that this is before us tonight
all the effort that went into it to our student population current and future
this is something that we’re giving hopefully that you will have an
opportunity to better your lives and what better way to look at this whole
item and just say that we’re not just as no downside to this going to offer you a potential job
promising career in the trades and that is something that I think we should all
be very proud of and obviously when I was talking to comments and for all of
us to move forward to giving our students more opportunities to better
their lives through education through jobs and giving them hope and that’s a
great thing tonight so thank you very much