so we’re gonna now do the public
comments on this item our first commenter is Allison Gallagher
and I would have lined up behind her Vivian Richards for us good evening politically members of the
board my name is also run here tonight on behalf of assembly member Patrick
O’Donnell who is unable to join us due to being in Sacramento I passed around a
letter earlier today that he said it to the trustees in brief and Assemblymember
O’Donnell since being elected to public office has been an advocate for project
labor agreements such as the end is here in today in strong support of the
agreement before you in adopting this Agreement you are ensuring that a
qualified skilled and local and persist on local workforce is a part of Long
Beach City Colleges upcoming construction project and you’re leading
to an optimum productivity and a boost to our local economy by generating local
construction early that jobs in the strongest possible terms you to support
this agreement and has been proposed before you it’s good not only for City
College but for a region mr chairman distinguished members of the
board and staff I am very excited too soon be joining you as the newest member
of the line between the College District Board of Trustees I look forward to
working with all of you closely to help make our college even
better than what it already is for students staff and our community I came
to see me to say a few words on behalf of our faculty of which I am very proud
member and also to address the issue that are bargaining unit has been
fighting so hard for I would like to urge you this evening to look closely at
our budget to identify areas which could be used to provide our faculty the wages
that are commensurate with the value that we all add to our district
additionally keep in mind that inexperience and
hardworking laborer is in valuable and worth every penny of their wages
unfortunately however our society has too often deprived educators of the
payment they are due for the work they perform our students many of whom at
some point in their lives will teach themselves deserve to be taught by
professors who are compensated fairly our college district has the means to
pay its teachers bargaining a teaching unit more competitive wages and I would
like to challenge this board with all humility to step up and do so I know it
can be done and I happy that you can do it with regard to the project labor
agreement on tonight’s agenda I am grateful that this board is considering
approving it especially with a strong local higher provision that supports
Long Beach area workers and our local economy thank you for providing leadership on
this very important policy issue in closing I would like to add tonight I am
proudly wearing many hats in the meeting in addition to the everyday
happy that I wear as a wife and mother I am also a faculty member badly for just
a few more weeks proud journalism faculty member let me
add that to our students who are here and I’m also a very strong supporter of
our local labor movement I think without it we are not what we would be and what
we could be LBCC truly is a very special place and I’m very very proud and I
believe that are better days are in front of us thank you I’m looking
forward to working with all of you richard’s boss Richard just sit down now
getting my name is Rick Ross a business representative for the sheet metal
workers local 1050 the California 5,500 members several hundred live in the city
of Long Beach Long Beach City College I think this is a great opportunity by
passing this community and student workforce agreement tonight I don’t
think I need to preach to the choir sounds like the motions made seconded
and carried her support of the sheet metal workers in support of this
community agreement and I asked you to add her to do the same thank you last two speakers are tiny fact top
Tommy five varieties here I talked to on the phone today and becomes president
Otto while tommy is coming out to recognize we have a celebrity in the
house Commissioner Richard Hinds who sits on
the harbor Commission and thank you for being here with his strong support
project labor agreement when it is time if I represent International Brotherhood
of Electrical Workers Local 11 and by the way we have over the overflow room
that’s open over here we got a lot of our members over there when these shirts
supporting this great agreement that was negotiated with the Long Beach City
College staff and the orange county building trades I just wanted to echo on
a lot of the other speakers that we represent over 700 of remembers their
lives in Long Beach along gonna take advantage of the mc3 Kirkland
is gonna be implemented here at Long Beach City College because it’s all
about entry level jobs given opportunities for younger youth to come
into a trade that’s going to be a long time career ahead of them you know back
in the days you’re stuck above mechanical was gonna was gonna be around
for a long time but a logical is gonna be around for even longer so we look
forward to urge the board to past is community student work force budget
agreement thank you and finally on this subject Ryan Miller
Miller i just want to see the partnership for what it’s gonna be with
the LA county building trades in all its affiliates I represent 240,000 hard
working men and women in LA and Orange County we spent two hundred million
dollars a year training apprentices in the state of
California 1.3 billion nationwide but you’re entering into a partnership with
one of the best and most cases one of the only construction training
apprenticeship programs in the United States in this area so I want to commend
your staff actually Emery gable expertise and professionalism and
negotiations he’s tough he’ll say that again she’s tough but we think her we’re gonna make this partnership
everything that we’ve committed to and we’re gonna we’re very proud to have our
mc3 curriculum at your campus it’s going to give us a lift up individuals from
the community to get him ready for friendship program and we have nothing
but the finest apprenticeship programs and we’re going to put a lot of local
people to work as we are doing in the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los
Angeles and with the city of Long Beach so it’s nothing but up and beyond from
here and we look forward to working for you so thank you public comment on this item will take it
back behind the rail and I would invite comments from thank you thank you president Otto staff
members of the public i’m looking at this great audience was
here with us tonight I see a very impressive who’s who representatives from the various
individual unions of our local Building and Construction Trades Council I would
like to take a moment to acknowledge you guys for taking the time this evening
from your working families and your work to come down to our board meeting to
share your support for our effort to institute a formal project labor
agreement that will ensure not only top quality grade a work from there from
your well-trained and experienced workforce but it would also create
important jobs for the residents of our local community could those of you audience members who are here from the
building trades representing the Building and Construction Trades Council
unions please stand for a quick moment so we can all see who is in attendance another overflow for overflow room III
back to the time that one is also packed so I want to thank you it’s definitely a
very impressive turnout thank you for coming this evening we’re looking
forward to working with you and your membership on this very important
partnership thank you also for your strong support of the Long Beach
community college districts very important a hundred and fifty million dollar
construction bond measure that is on the ballot this June together we’re gonna
make it difference for our community I’m excited
about the district’s efforts this evening to support our community and
student workforce agreement with the Los Angeles Orange County Building and
Construction Trades Council is a strong win-win for the district and our
community mr President I would like to urge a yes vote from you and our
colleagues for this very important agreement thank you and our district all of the members
labor organizations on this very comprehensive document that was put
together I think our our apprenticeship program excellent I think local labour
hire is really critical to our area so that I am total support of however I do
have one comment under Article 2 section on page three when we talk about the
term referring to minority-owned businesses and then it defines and
describes the different ethnicities and as we get down to Hispanic American and we define Hispanic Americans vs with
origins from Latin America South America Portugal and Spain I would like to ask
respectfully ask that we modify that to be inclusive mexican-americans because
we have many mexican-americans there were born in this country that are
second and third generation whose origins do not begin in Mexico and I
would also like to ask that we include Mexico as mexico is not in located and
either Central America or South America but it’s part of North America so if we
can make those adjustments I think this this will make us stronger document I
want to make sure that we are inclusive of mexican-americans were born here in
this country as well as of mexicans who from Mexico again because mexico is not
in Central America and it’s not part of South America so if we can get it to read inclusive
mexican-americans and persons with origin and Mexico Central America and
South America is opposed amendment by trustee back here and ask a question of
VP for administrative services and chief negotiator in this matter I am free
cable what was the intention when you drafted this document with regard to
mexican-americans and people of Mexican descent was for inclusion of it so I
know this language kind of derived from various different agreements and a lot
of it is for lack of a better term boilerplate language so but the the
intent all along was to include mexican-american there was no no meaning
to leave them in the comments on the amendment I want to thank trustee
Archuleta for bringing this up and i’m glad that she had a good geography
teacher if there are no more comments its vote
on the amendment called police to give enough time they’re probably not a march
letter I just want to clarify that this is inclusive of the amendment yes yes alright I along the documentary motion is amended
I should say with the addition of those words to section 2.2 10 any other
comments please present auto I am very much in favor of this Agreement
obviously and I want to thank around Miller for coming to meeting with me and
explaining the entire situation because even though I was a member of the Union
teachers union or twenty years I really did know that much about the building
trade union but it’s one of my goals to get as much Long Beach companies which
area companies and workers involved with the college and I appreciate you all for
bringing this up and bringing it to fruition comments I would ask for a roll
call vote please so the Board of Trustees has authorized
the vice president of administrative services or designee to enter into an
execute the community and student workforce project agreement has admitted
and now amended passed unanimously and you don’t have to stay but I must
tell you the rest of the media is really fascinating insight on that by now coming up June 7 returned to 2.9 public comment on agenda
items except those on 8.2 we have 4 comments on agenda at a time 8.1 I would call Kathryn Jennings first
followed by janae hund followed by Devin Orsini searing and and finally
davidson’s in that order please come forward good evening board the board is
proposing to change the language of the reserves from quote reserves to quote
unassigned fund balance tires I find this curious twist to the language and
the only reason I can see for seeking this change is to make the language less
onerous perhaps for the purpose of up to station but changing language does not
change the problem currently the reserves are well over the board
mandated five and a half percent and are currently in the 20% rage in fact
according to the latest figures from the chancellor’s office the current reserves
are now 28 million the district and the curious repeated history with regards to
the budget every year we start out with doom and gloom then as the budget
discussions progress the budget news grows darker and darker but then it’s
the actual come out there is suddenly more money than ever imagined leftover
and unused which then goes to feed the ever growing reserves everyone here is
familiar with the growth of these reserves you seeing the charts
especially since 2011 when programs were discontinued and staff and faculty were
laid off well I guess it makes sense if you fired
dozens of people the surplus is likely to increase so we did continue we
continue to build a very large surplus of funds rather than passing it on to
the LBCC community this is a non profit institution not a business from which
many of you come let you run it as a business except when it comes to taking
care of your most valuable asset your employees well I know one-time funding
cannot be put towards long-term celery it makes little sense to me that we
continue to have millions of dollars left over and if we were to really figure out what
we value we might create a budget places our faculty on a better footing with
surrounding colleges rather than still at or near the bottom yes even after
last year’s raised which came only after several years of givebacks from us we
are still behind are comparably colleges we also play a game at this college how
many times over the last several negotiating seasons have we had to go to
impact in order to come to resolution if you want to improve more out let’s work
to come to an agreement CCA has come down significantly from our
starting point while the district has moved very little the district has the
money to invest in faculty please do so without creating more stern and drawing
for our college thank you evening again Board of Trustees administration
community members students staff and all of you faculty out there in your red
shirts just like mine educating our future as you know I spoke to you an
hour ago before your closed session and I’m now speaking to you about agenda
item 8.1 the board policy on budget preparation while I realize this is only
a policy I too want to highlight this excerpt from the board policy
unrestricted general fund unassigned fund balance readers shall be no less
than 5.5 percent of unrestricted general fund expenditures minimum of 5.5% equate to just under six
million dollars yet the district reserve amount according into the last actuals
is just under 26 million this means that our existing reserves are about twenty
million dollars above the board policy of 5.5% on YT and that shows the fiscal
prudence of our administration but on the other hand the show’s fiscal
irresponsibility and not taking care of LBCC employees by sharing the wealth of
our district there is no excuse for longtime faculty
to be among the lowest paid of our com- parable colleges especially when the
district clearly has the money to take care of its employees our president is
the highest paid of all our comfortable college presidents stop hoarding the
money and bring equity to the faculty CCA humbly ask the district to do the
right thing honor your own policy and maintain the
minimum minimum reserves of 5% 5.5% and you some of the excessive reserves and
the six million dollars in ongoing funds to share with the faculty the very
people who deliver student success at LBCC about learning conditions of our
students are the working conditions of our when for the faculty when for
students win for the district thank you evening thank you for allowing me the
time to speak to the board my name is double Siri on the political director of
the County Federation of Labor AFL CIO I’m here today not only as a product of
the community college system myself but on behalf of the 800,000 working men and
women we represent an elite county had prepared a statement earlier but I think
everyone knows why I’m here LA County Federation is strongly supporting a Long
Beach Community College associations bargaining efforts on gender agenda item
11 heard you use any surplus monies towards the full-time faculty staff the
folks that deliver the student success like myself thank you right now the Year Jeff wheeler for all
the work that they do throughout the year and without being set when it came
to the knowledge of $25,000,000 just tucked away somewhere it didn’t really
sit well with me I didn’t really make much sense as to why he thought that he
is being paid less than all the other community colleges in the area as a
student he really does not really sit well with me and the other student
leaders here on campus and we are behind the faculty on this because we believe
that they should be doing and thank you this is a public hearing on the CA
charge I’ll BCC district initial bargaining proposals at this time the
publisher have an opportunity to express itself regarding the bargaining
proposals as described in agenda item 6.1 and 6.2 I now declare the public
hearing open and call for comment on item 6.1 and 6.2 are there any comments
that the public hearing is closed presentations 3.1 sexual misconduct LBCC
is title nine education prevention program okely dokely was gonna make
their presentation I will turn it over to Vice President be able to meet those
introductions wrong BB answer every question vice president
Peterson in honor of this month sexual violence sexual harassment awareness
campaign I would like to introduce our interim dean of student affairs thank
you evening thank you but president Otto the
month of April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month this month is dedicated
to educating young adults on affirmative consent before california enacted Senate
bill 967 known leaders know what the standard for consent if your partner
said no then you did not have consent two years ago no means no was replaced
by yes means yes if you did not here yet from your partner then you do not have
consent colleges and universities are required to educate their students on
the new affirmative consent under Long Beach City College has been educating
our students on the standard by conducting workshops each semester that
outlines are protocols if an assault should occur and provides resources both
on and off campus to support Sexual Assault Awareness Month Long Beach City
College has collaborated with peace over violence alternatives to violence and
YWCA to conduct many educational events for our student at this time i’d like to
introduce Camilla Belle 10 our student support services grant coordinator and
Sylvia Garcia are Student Conduct specialist 24 me about the events we
held this month