and again members of the pepper college
include faculty from the English reading math SL counts lean along with
administrators assessors staff researcher I T staff and our trusty Council initiative I’d like to turn this
over to loraine everyone thank you know well so I wanted to continue with
highlighting the different groups and the next to the Council initiative work
group to share that with no well and the history of the company initiative work
group was to develop a educational plan for students who are starting at Long
Beach City College in the work group focused on providing a electronic type
educational plan by pre-populated it with its forces from the assessment test
and so from that inception of the abbreviated populated educational plan
came the development of the electronic educational plan that is now being used
by the counselors are students or abbreviated and comprehensive it and
with that supports the LSP initiative we also look at helping interventions in
our group is a nice this a plan from Natalie counseling but also from social
sciences and BBC had a faculty member from history and also participates in
its a great group of faculty who come together to talk about student
challenges and barriers and and how to better serve the student helping them
with their classes and improve the path and so now we’re focusing on our
students are now that we are are four cohorts we are looking to set milestones
and establish messaging for them at their 15
unit at their first year of completion and in students right at 3.0 and above
and then just recently coordinated workshops for student each cohort hard 13 14 15 and went over requirements
for graduation funded just give them a reminder of what they need in order to
finish and it was well received in the we got the participation of our next
trip is the postsecondary success group and this group focuses on activities
after students are here at City College and one of the most successful projects
from secondary is the achievement coaches and this project links a coach to horses and the coaches
meet with the students working with them on a set up time management preparing
for talking about any issues that are going on with their forces and the
forces that have been participating is from Kathleen read 882 and early on we
had learned 11 right now reid is participating and then counsel e1 has
been participating with our 16 weeks sectors of the part and so now looking
into the future we’re looking at expanding the achievement posts by using
data and focusing on in populations with a GPA completion ratio and number of
units trying to find out where students are in those points that need help with
our operation subgroup this group worked on the operational pieces of our promise
pathway students getting them ready for the assessment test their first semester
at Long Beach City College for preparing to get into it and though this is far
are you are college promise scholarship in students are eligible for a tuition
waivers and so they get their first semester fees waived and then based on
their criteria then they get their second semester way that they need the
past nine unit inhabited we know and then currently we are in the midst of
our early bird program and this is where on Saturday we host assessment
orientation and counseling and as the date we have over five hundred and
eighty students and we have counselors at participate and we see each student
and develop their abbreviated plan and this April April 16th we saw 241
students so it’s a great event and dynamic I put a lot of work into it and
it’s very very successful and we have two more dates and we also host a
resource fair and we have also backed up be participating that as well back to go out and just a point of
clarification on the year tuition waivers so thank you for the foundation partnership with foundation to really
help support providing the second semester for students in the fall
semester we had twelve hundred and forty nine students take advantage of that and
in the spring semester riad 882 students take advantage of that the next steps
where we are with the coordinating team we’re looking at the membership of the
committee both in the initiative groups as well as in the coordinating team as a
whole and we’re looking at expanding the membership to not just include the areas
that have been involved with in from day one but also look across campus who
would be best suited to be at the table so now looking at other disciplines
other areas on campus to really help inform the direction that we move into
focus are continuing students and the progress
so we’ve done a fantastic job of building the relationships with Beach
Unified with long beach day and now we want to focus on as students progress
through the college what type of messaging are we providing those
students without moving average menorah providing those students what
acknowledgments do we have her students as they completely as luring was
mentioned in the first 15 units the first year in the cold war really
building that sense of course community within the students so increasing
communication and lastly supporting the success of media so promise pathways is
under the Student Success umbrella so we are able to get guidance from the larger
committee as well as individuals faculty and staff from across the campus so
that’s what we have now any questions well first and foremost I thank you for
this information because we are doing LBC LBCC is doing such unique work work
that is not being done across the state so I do commend you for all the great
work but in in looking at all the daytime what it does for me is just
makes me wonder why things are happening or why they’re not happening so just you
know and again what what we see there even with the the promise pathways to
knows how they continued to lag particularly in the math area and just
wondering you know what we plan to do in order to look at that and figure out why
that continues to be and you know what kind of services or interventions do we
have in place and I know you mentioned you know a whole list of things that is
being done but when are those connected in are they being connected at the right
time in order to you know to give the student the support that they need I
mean I know that math across the state is is the gatekeeper for many of our
students but I think that’s something that we may want to do to really look at
why these students are still having challenges I’m not surprised to see that
the progress that it’s been made in the language area that tends to be the case
I know particularly for students are of color they tend to excel more in the
language area than they do and you know the math area so that’s just something
for us to you know to consider and also in the counseling area in the issue and
associated to it but let me just say again you know we’re seeing that
persistence overtime is what really puts our students in jeopardy and I don’t know in this with these
students you know I know that you go to classes below transfer so again if that
persistence overtime is affecting our students and so when they get towards
the end you know you see that drop in enrollment I we may be through our
counselors spent finding out what’s going on with a student that this is
happening why are they not enrolling full-time those conversations happening
to to figure out how can we help the student to stand role so that they are
able to complete their program so just it just goes to the questions that
looked at the information you know that you percent it just thought that came to
mind and more importantly I mean we have to find out what is the cost before we
can you know provide any kind of resolve so that’s just some food for thought but
wonderful job I am still in on what we’re doing as opposed to other colleges
are districts across the state so I’m really proud of the work that you’re
doing thank you I added that were we we really
have amazing faculty involved in this effort and there are now conversations
because of our relationships with the Long Beach cause promise within which
unified we’re now having conversations with Long Beach Unified about what ways
we can use their senior year to be more proactive in ensuring that we’re
addressing any any lack of preparation before they arrive
at the college so that’s great because I think that’s that’s what we’ve all known
that curriculum alignment that is the piece that has been missing in the piece
that we need to continue to enforce an order to bridge that gap so but thank
you for the work thank you so much questions who puts yes I just wanted to
give you something you can put on your slide I got the bill today for the Long
Beach college promises and it’s over $325,000 so we’re going to have to get
out the shovel and get the money over to the college will make sure we update
this like 10 personally think just d-backs you for paying that bill it’s a
great investment I just want to echo my colleagues’ remarks no Allen and sorry I
always forgive me I want to thank you for your work and thank you to your
staff and also Dr Peterson for college in our faculties or treaters work I am
sure you’re aware of this are ready because it was in the news and it’s a
big deal that the white house is a hundred million dollars I believe is the
competition for the grand that is the president announcer the vice president has done
some of the funding goes through towards remediation supporting our students are
there any plans or efforts that we are initiating or contemplating to pursue
the doc component of it as it relates to a Dr Petersen was saying earlier when it
comes to remediation aspect high school students senior years of high school
would be great to know well at this point we are definitely
aware of the grant proposal we’ve been aware of it for awhile and trying to get
more detail exactly how they’re going to conduct a competition but we will
certainly be looking at it you’ve already been in discussion with the
mayor’s office because it is so it does have a strong job training component in
there so that will be the focus be it is the Department of Labor grant
proposal so there has to be a job training focus so we’re waiting for more
detail but obviously that is something that we will be very interesting
interested in pursuing me and I i believe the press announcement booth
said that there’s a component of the grantees will reduce the need for
remediation there may be some earmarks for that so I’d be particularly
interested as this unfolds or unravels and perhaps if it’s the desire the board
we can sort of reporting on how are pursuing these funds and I’m hoping work
aggressively pursue this grant funds thank you comments by trustees great job yes I do you guys some great knowledge
gained from just one myself awesome when you think of the college
promise and how long she college the news for a few years now when I go to
meet the difference between leaders across the state they definitely ask about the loans they
see why can’t we take advantage of this and it’s a thing that can happen at
their own district and it’s really awesome that we’re pioneering that step
forward to working with you on the assessment process and implementation
guy from the communist system initiative and looking forward to our next steps
with that the fall of 2012 thank you very much moving onto agenda item four
point to this is a resolution in support of the kindergarten through community
college public education facilities bond act 2016 this is a statewide public
education this act as we placed on the November
2016 ballot and if approved by voters the bond will provide two billion
dollars for community colleges under the state’s capital outlay programs
administered by the chancellor’s office on beach community college would realize
27.5 million dollars in matching funds for too proud to projects from passage
of the bond as a recommendation to do is consider supporting this bond would
entertain a motion moved so moved by trustees yeah second by trustees
Archuleta discussion yes I i wanted to say a few
words if that’s ok if you go I want to express my support for this pond and
which is going to be on the ballot as you mentioned on November for November if it’s successful it will
provide total of nine billion dollars I wish you know seven billion of which
would go to K through 12 and 12 billion goes to community colleges I wish we
would have gotten more about it is what it is but still money will be allocated
for existing facilities upgrade projects in the construction of new facilities
definitely supportive of this resolution and this is this bond will help over one
billion dollars in facility needs I believe it’s important that we support
the bond especially since its passage will not only a sister Community College
District students and employees but it will also provide a number of important
construction dogs to local residents are provided not nice boost to our local
economy and I would definitely support this item thank you any other comments by trustees
without any further comments I would let’s take a roll call vote police are
chillin I Virginia Baxter I just kill on cenees I measure carries unanimously
move onto agenda adam four point three which is a resolution to support a
B-seventeen 21 and ABC 1892 assembly member Joseph Medina physical financial
aid reform packages package a beast 1721 any baby 1892 him to reform the Cal
Grant B&C programs in order to expand access to college for community college
students as well as address the financial barriers experienced by career
technical education students and we have resolutions in support of both of these
measures presidential contender brazen openly did
you wanna comment on this yes I mean I think the description pretty much bills out the advantage to
our students it does increase the financial support that we get from the
Cal Grant program I think our students are very much worthy of this additional
support so I certainly recommend to the Board that we support these efforts
comments by trustee’s motion i’d just here chillin December trustees yes for
their comments call vote please I’m Archuleta I
Virginia Baxter I just killing some easy a- I carried unanimously we are to the
consent agenda any item may be removed from the consent agenda and considered
separately a member of the board of trustees or requests items can be
removed at all items not removed listed under the content and Jenica media acted
upon by when motion to approve does anyone want to remove items yesterday
yes I don’t 5.8 5.8 15 points 14 five points 17 and by pointing to be removed
our energy and emotion and I said ok minus 5.6 other than 56 58 510 514 517
519 elsewhere remove any other items that I would entertain a motion to
approve those items so by Christina Aguilera psychiatrist easy comments I was able to remove the items
could go ahead and put in motion to go back ok ok so trustees you correct and dusty
Baxter interest so I’m sorry I see our chill that made the motion i second and
then to a vote excuse me I have the second third ok
Virginia Baxter I Jeff Kellogg I so now we will go to five point six
which has been removed ok because I was very very involved with
raising funds and involved in the installation of the planetarium
projector I would like to ask why we are getting another one it is my understanding that that
projector is no longer state of the art in terms of what projectors can do so we have got we have
done some research and we are going to bid or have gone to bid for US state of
the art I think it’s a projector so I think that it’s the age of the projector
and my understanding is it’s very difficult to even do the shows in the
planetarium with our current projector so this is being paid for by
construction equipment money and this was one of the top priorities from the
School of Science and my second question is what are they going to do with the
projected that is no longer state of the art because that was paid for by the
foundations of its gonna be sold the proceeds to come back to the foundation
known it or we could just give it back to the foundation for the old projector of course what I mean we will do
whatever we should do based on when we get the new one installed thank you go
on 280 president Otto so I see where we are rejecting all bids received for the
installation and a purchase and installation supplies just wondering is
there something we need to do differently should be doing to make sure
we received sufficient interest or are we getting out the word broadly wire is
happening interest unfortunately all of the firms
that bid on it had non-conforming bids meaning that they didn’t the paper work
correctly or provide the information that was requested so we rejected all
bids and we’re taking it back out to bid as I can receive the first time there
were non-responsive who was the document written in a way that could have been misunderstood that we only got two hours
it was a narrowly defined in such a way that we touch slow response to specific
equipment so I think when we go back out will have better results so that’s why
we’re going back out to bid it was hoping we do five point 10 so I am
seeing a little bit confusing these ramifications of contracts under
$175,000 are these cumulative values to date or is each period so for example
and looking out what I’m gonna recognize the bad I mean I start for me I don’t
know about the rest of the board to remember how much we’ve spent for each
consultant each time I know I’ve asked this before perhaps you could see the
cumulative value today I know CNN the last item CN 19973 5.3 with Helga wide I
seem to recall that we’ve done purchasing with this individual before
it and it always shows about $47,000 so I’m wondering is this cumulative total
to date or is it just for the period and if so how much we spent with all these
individuals today hope that makes sense a lot of information to that specific
contract that is a new contractor where she’s going to be doing different things
for us the original contract was the original contract was to do design
thinking but really do get their groups together and so now a separate contract she’s gonna be
providing the prototype communications tool and more training with the staff on
how we can take this concept and move it forward and you know kind of make it
part of our culture and the way we do thinking so this is a separate contract
from one that we originally issued to Helga wild the original one call was
eighty seven thousand five hundred and so this is this is completely separate
with the different scope of work then what she originally did for us and over
what period of time to the overlap peres’s have not overlapped at all so I
guess it’s a little difficult to tell us and you know we’ve made strides to be
more transparent and open up our books it’s just hard for me as a board member
of her know about the if it’s hard for me to understand I think perhaps it may
be difficult for the public to understand to the totality of how much
were spending on these contractor individual line items that we keep
getting each time because I can tell you a lot of these folks are repeats that
i’ve i’ve seen before I can’t tell which ones new which ones all which one is you
know what’s the total value to date it’s just unclear is there anything we could
do do you know increase that openness and perhaps provide more clarity at
least for me as a board member and perhaps others well if vice president
cable can clarify these are individual contracts under a hundred thirty-five
sofa contract went over 275 we’d have to bring it back to the board but by
suppressing gable incident as an example if we’re making a change to an existing
contract if you look on page 2 of 6 so so the next to the last item CN 9316 8.7
we have in there that it’s a zero cost what we’re doing is we’re extending the
term for nine months and the total contract amount as a hundred thousand so
we are trying to put that information under the description if it’s a changing
contract you know that the next one on that same page is another example of
that we’re at CNN 9971 7.2 in essence we are increasing the contract with them by
fifty 4500 but the total contract will not exceed 78,000 and so we’ve added
that to the descriptions that is how we are notifying the board of the action
that the board is taking in any individual night of the board meeting in
what the total contract value will be if it’s a change if you don’t see a change
in the dollar amount than that means it’s a new contract that we are entering
into my question in particular is so how do you distinguish a new contract is it
new contract per vendor or per service it seems to be her van der im sorry poor
service so technically this individual and I’m not picking on those individual
I don’t know the person or others here can have multiple contracts that could
be more than $175,000 correct yes they can have several contracts you know the
first one or the second one listed Hill partnership we have several contracts
with Hill partnership but the scope of work differs per contract and so what we
bring to the board is specific contracts with very specific scope of work and the
dollar amounts tied to those scope of work new described circumstances under which
you would report these cumulatively is opposed to merely by vendor never would
so if I made this is for instance a professional xferred who gets hired to
conduct or provide a service for you know period of time once that workers
completed and that contract terminated finished and the person moves on another
time this person has another expertise and this person then its contracted
again to provide that additional service and so i’m new contract we enter into a
new contract with individuals that the way they’re correct yeah that’s ok I
okay so so