The meeting for April 28th I’m sorry 2015 I’d like call to order n roll call I’m secretary please Virginia Baxter present Jeff Kellogg here lead Sen easier here to core media I’m sector first time 1.3 will be the
public comments on closed session items at all three minutes we allocate
free speaker match 20 for each subject matter do you
have any cars tuition speak on club session I’m so this time i’d than thank you to move to a closed session the actual be I’m
1.4 which is displayed dispersal please
pursuant to Government Code section item 1.5 ft negotiation items 1.6 ch I’d she Asian items as the angeli dressing in closed session is no the
first business at this time will we will adjourn to close session and the regular session should be in
approximately one hour thank you this time the meeting is recessed