I’m you know a in terms the purpose of
this study this is really an opportunity to go out
and understanding a reliable way the level of awareness LBCC in the
community what are the perceptions the college in
the community on as well as I how they view your
performance overall in as a variety of specific areas in a particular how all that
varies among subgroups love residents in your community both
within your district as well as in some outlying areas that could be potential markets or the college on that
information can help not only inform the communications plan
it also establishes very good benchmarks from which to come to measure the impact
love your future future communication efforts on community
awareness and opinions as they relate our methodology this was
a telephone the survey conducted November this year we spoke with twelve hundred adults
selected what’s using was not a stratified cluster random sampling that sample was divided
800 those interviews were focused within adults who reside within the district
and we also oversampled ordered alt Ron communities outside in the district but are
nevertheless underserved currently and are from high school attendance
areas that are good feeder districts potentially or a
community college are now because this was a random sample 1200 it was in a sense is all eligible
adults in the study area it has known as a margin verdi sampling
and that in this case is plus or minus 2.8 percent what that means we can be 95 percent op
result talk about the day or within 2.2 percent
what we would have found we spoken with all but eligible adults in the study area okay on the results on well the first questions we asked in the
survey is when you think of community colleges and universities in your area what specific names undermine on we didn’t provide the list you know or
universities or colleges you see you there on the slide we simply
ask the question were quiet they had to tell us up mind without any prompting what
colleges and universities in the mining as you can see on the slide sixty-one percent of the individuals we
asked named Long Beach City College up top in her head that’s called unaided
recall wouldn’t prompt them they were able to come up with that on their own up followed by Long Beach State at 31
percent UCLA 26 percent USC 19 happy to I can tell you that that is phenomenally
high or any recall for a community college in an
area we’ve done this for some other colleges
as well as universities and and bad is among the highest that we’ve
seen now for people who didn’t say Long Beach City College right off the
bat we ask that question we went on its okay specifically community colleges what colleges
undermine and then if they still didn’t say Long Beach been a college we went on to
ask their her develop BCC the results you see here yet 61 percent
who were able to mention Long Beach to
college in that first question when we asked specifically about Munich
colleges another 12 percent mentioned LBCC and then when we asked
specifically are you her develop the CC before for those who
didn’t mention it the unaided questions yet another 21 percent said
yes the if you add up those spices the I you
have ninety-six percent the adult residents that we spoke to his
part in the survey saying that they were aware Long Beach City College are taking the survey again
anomaly I levels awareness overall now at this
point we also transition some questions now
that we measured awareness to understand opinions a LBCC in one of
those questions was in general would you say you have a
favorable or unfavorable opinion Long Beach City College you have no
opinion either way two things stand out from the spy the first thing that stand out is that
just because somebody at is aware about BCCI does not necessarily mean have an
opinion up college in fact 36 percent
individuals although there heard LBCC didn’t know
enough about that it college to be able to
venture an opinion one way or the other your thing a standout is among those
people with an opinion overwhelmingly favorable you had sixty
percent individual say that they had a favorable
opinion at LBCC you had just three percent who said they
haven’t unfavorable opinion about 20 to 1 ratio a favorable unfav now wanted to get a sense for how people perceive LBCC in right here
is so we ask all the questions we ask is what positive descriptions come to mind when
you think Long Beach City College in about 26 percent folks who said
nothing comes to mind it sorta jive that earlier question which showed where
although they were aware because it have an opinion one way or
the other but what that does mean the seventy-four percent people we spoke with could a respond
with something that comes to mind about Palm Beach follow and the top answers there were
affordability that’s a good value for the past about 13 percent of people
mention that are you at 11 percent mention the convenient location
accessibility campus a general positive comment about
11 percent good quality education and percent nice
plain campus and surroundings percent so this
gives you an understanding up when you ask people and what do you think about when you
think a Long Beach City College these are the responses in back now having asset in open-ended manner we won on to you
provide band with each the performance
dimensions you see on the left side the slide and we ask reach one I would be out I would they say the Long Beach City
College does in performing in each one of these areas
would you say to do it excellent good airport a report job to allow for reliable comparisons across the mentions
this is just among those who provide an opinion and what you find is that
across-the-board you have pretty high marks right you
have 72 at the at the very bottom of the scale yet seventy-one percent of those with
pinyin say that the Long Beach City College possibly Impax
economy and work orson providing business programs on up to
eighty-one percent at the top of that list agree that Long Beach City College does
an excellent or good job preparing students to transfer to or university so the areas in which your
burning the pastor in preparing from the public’s
perspective and preparing students answered or university being a good
educational value for the money and having Monica sylvie’s lap battered
technology as well as providing challenging iPod on this is clyde is really kinda litmus
test when we do these types of studies and as
the answer the question would you recommend Long Beach City College to a
friend or relative was planning to go to college so given
all the other alternatives that are available would you recommend LBCC eighty-three
percent of those individuals we spoke with the survey said they would that is very hi recommendation rate
among the highest that I seen on what’s also interesting is you
see this honor or when you break this down across
subgroups residents what you find is that it’s also very
widespread and white held opinion every single subgroup we looked at at
least two-thirds of the individual say that they would recommend LBCC friend or relative so what does all
this mean I gone a lot more detail on all report
I’m going to suffice to say that we found that awareness I mentioned LBCC is is
exceptionally high especially among those individuals who
reside within the district but awareness is not actually translate and having an opinion LBCC nevertheless
among those with an opinion they are overwhelmingly favorable one so
really that the central munication challenge moving
forward isn’t so much about raising awareness as LBCC its bridging that gap between being
aware of college and then translate that into positive
opinions and understanding about which that is
the end of my with presentation on the survey results
I much if there are any or the race weekend and off for the next console okay you can take questions after we wrap up here happen next I would like
to all it’s got some repeal the vescey communications to discuss the results
the focus group an internal survey Thank You trustees president Oakley there was a lot of
passion the came out in research we did for this plan and that’s a good thing a I think we’d much rather see ashen on
the party the distribution on the part about it. staff and students rather than apathy because that passion told us that a variety of audiences a wanted to know more wanted the community to
know more in one other friends and family to know
more about what this college of troops arm one of
the interesting phenomena that we saw in the the one-on-one interviews world focus groups use the horror for on understanding how new technology a new best practices has been set very
high big that we’ve become a more mobile society we don’t stay in our jobs for thirty
years anymore we move around administrators perhaps
have been up I’m in positions at different college
districts our faculty perhaps teaches at a number of different institutions
students often will go where they can get classes satisfy their need and and their
schedule because at that on all these different
audiences on see what other institutions are doing
they see how new technology is being used the CE on what it takes to register for
classes at different apologies the sea what
different own ages look like arm all these things combined to and create public opinion about about
the college arm and that that worked its way through out on each of
the different tools that we that we used to assess opinion in a very a qualitatively armed as part of this
process a the one wondered interviews showed on
a number of things we’ve got about 12 pages in the plans were not going to go
into any any great detail up one of the things
that did come up consistently through each of the tools
though was some frustration over the pollard website I know there’s been some some ground covered on that and some
some a forward movement on some that be came out up an awareness
what other colleges doing how information is presented but probably the thing that that captured us
most appallingly was a very spin desire on the or faculty now and dude in
People’s Court filling student success going to meet the unique
things about the Intel doing table student see and that can
manifest toll in a number of Glee ru what appears on college on eighty are throughout the website any mobile app
developer hope students register for classes more easily are big deal that’s produced told the Polish
story arm 10 the the the byproducts have the
attention span deficit many of us have and and where
we’re going is citing is a much stronger reliance on video and
graphics and photo your story arm or number
reasons spoke to school re on in many cases to
the level that they used to we can’t tell our story in five or six
or seven hundred word we need to do that through a tour
three-minute video so we captured at a number of places
through the a the research that we did as part of
this plan the focus groups up probably are outta all the communications tools
exhibit at that level passion a both clearly I want to just call out one of them be
the US press keys into your administrators
ought to be really brawl your students a boiler a free pizza was was or the
reason we got an overfull local out overflow crowd in the student
focus group but it became much more than that we had literally body spilling out into
the hallway are students came perhaps to get a bite
to eat and something to drink but then the sheer what the field about this call frustration news but most importantly in this was
really all they had suggestions and a wishes for improvement but the
articulated very clearly to a person they were arm brutally
honest yeah respectful and extremely hopeful and that on told us a lot that that
passion handle itself in a way that allowed us
to include several are items in in the plan itself I’m
reflecting the needs and desires a the student it’s also important to note
in that focus group is worth all a SP leader they were boats
from throughout your campus community ’em a
really broad range of backgrounds interest on but old which participated I
think shared a common desire to access on these new
communications schools that that their friends perhaps teen on as
they registered for classes and I’ll the matriculated through other colleges
a they wanna see that here they want to see their success stories
all on the home a and we just walked out
without with the really good feelings we wanted to share
that with you the on research results show on are a lot of interest in a variety very
visibility up senior administration a the telling those student success
stories a the just general soared arm are hunger for whatever resources the college comport at technology to
help students register get up to date scheduling information are all these
various technological advances that their seeing another please we’ve included
some to methodology in there up we touched on a number
different areas are a lot of different audiences that we talk with as orders process a couple the come to mind or the Cambodian community in the Hispanic
community that had very impassioned on very I compelling are data for us to use as we
put this plan together about some of the challenges are members of their community peaks in
in motivating students to to return call to look at education as a plus rather
than perhaps a safety issue as it is in some other on
countries not that told us a lot about where we need
to focus on the resources as planned or up which one it up think look everybody that participate in
this process from the 40 on individuals that we talk with roughly forty in the
one-on-ones before focus group the internal survey which like the one compelling number
under the the internal survey was the vast majority up your faculty and staff consider this
a very good place to work and outs a good place to start on yes there’s on their challenges there
are things were brought up in terms of up things that could change in in and
desires on the part of those who participated but when you see a number like that that
is the very tangible a the statistic Arbor tells us that with will be the strategy and the very thoughtful process moving
over the next three to five years you can make I I think or a lot of
headway in addressing the issues other him up for this point though again
kudos to everybody dissipated on in these we in these
research tools up I will thank you so much Scott and as you heard this was great research
that provide a really solid foundation for moving forward with our assessments and recommendations
some just spend real quickly I’ll go through and of how
these how this research was used to inform the
by so something the plan components II we had everything from goals tactics strategies to top priority so
and we’ll see in this plan is recommendations on what we can do and why we should do it but not
necessarily how how will be developed during the
implementation basin in some cases the plan calls for further
development of things like prices me haitians plan or a
community relations to want to give you some examples up the types of goals that are in the
back things like increasing a sense of pride in Miami City College
the sensible ownership is Tim said what we saw on the community
was high-level recognition and general support for what we do but
didn’t necessarily translate and having a positive opinion to he goes to move residents into that
positive adequate plan calls for writing medication services college wide
in a way that helps maintain a consistent message in Bratt answer to support Department and
functions I’ll we want to assist them in achieving their goals and also the college’s the whole want to
increase our marketing efforts and not too so students enroll but they’re
excited to enroll because we communicate the value quality of our program plan calls for weren’t even with the news media now the
college’s story be more proactive in the way that we’re reaching out internally you want to enhance the flow
of communication between all its constituent groups in the plan
identifies a lot a step their BCC is already widely seen as a
leader among your colleges and where the goal is to
increase that recognition elevate the college’s reputation even
further and as all public agency should be engaged in we
wanna explore additional ways to increase transparency missus in these are just a few examples
for the papal seal the plan and then we get into doesn’t
tactics and I’ll just share a few examples those before we wrap up I as Scott said
one thing that emerge so strongly the research was
desire see more students impact the success story though that’s
been done it the past year but we really want to make that a priority really elevate that is a E back for this
by I all groups point to the need to redo
the Long Beach City College website at this is our digital front door we
need to have the functionality to serve our students an updated look that will make a good
first impression on respected wanna come here needs to be
that go to source of information we’re building the messages and every project issue so
they’re public response is more consistent their communications and message
training or the staff and backed the members to help deliver those messages mark back will be looking at ways of
increasing our engagement with students and other audiences through social media
channels the office on the research ask up when
the South a strong desire for you some videos and photography we’re gonna pursue that another tactic
that’s recommended in the plan is coupled targeted neighborhood meetings
in various despite the college to better engage with our community group and
neighborhood organizations we also undertake a fresh look at our
internal communications tools and revamp them in a way that address the
needs of our internal where do we start with the research did help us get to
some top priority I’ll a person for most again student back the
success story we’re gonna be putting focused on filling up the new website
will be done is a partnership between I yes and communications with a committee
multiple all its constituent will embark on a consistent branding effort and
appearing in the style guide this is not a recommendation to redo the
logo gonna touch that but the use a logo and brand guidelines
are always consistent platform example this is Rs BBC programme it really well recognized in the
community but people don’t always know that it’s a Long Beach City College program in at branding the priority will
be to enhance peace electronic media is more audiences social your developing targeted marketing outreach campaigns to
address the ongoing seasonal and one tie me to the college’s a ride will be developing the messages
are an important issues or public responses and consistent conducting message
training building approx media program rolling
out a communications request for the college internal departments will
have a insist in an organized way to request for when the next on the past few weeks have
been introducing this plan to internal groups and will continue to do so over the next
several new fiscal year will be implying the plan based on
priorities and but providing training and workshop and follow-up
report the bartender to 40 questions I would just especially
like to thank president Oakley vice president Bynum
the BP executive team college planning committee college
missions to North research SAE interm director
Heather morrow most especially everyone who but the
surveys and give their time providers in backed by strong commitment
from the College I think this panel serve as an actor
broke map enhancer communications efforts moving forward with that I’m happy that any comments were but I’m
support questions at this time questions church erica is just easier I’ll just
add before choice easier I know in case
which on started before whose mission is to trust
ya know started actually on sale for your ago an
internist again this board previous board and there was a lot of
dishes at that time with communications with the public have do a better job and a solos for
something thinking about probably two years ago
because others live issues going on to college and we’re just like China trying to get
our arms around how their way to communicate with not only internally within the College
constituency groups but also to the general community and so Cypress
you’ll be fine you’re moving forward doing these things and but has been a
long time I know its comeback so this is something that previous board
really addressed in going forward this board is
also very interested a charity his trusty see a thank you John great job and I 1 it also think SAE and and North a true north I’m I know John I know his work I believe in him so
faculty and staff you have nothing to worry about you’re in good hands and don’t couple
questions on and page doesn’t have page number but I
think it’s a for we’re talking about the number
response is being 30 percent am why is that so it seems a little bit though is it
because we did we do outreach to everyone in NC is it with the that was specifically for the
internal survey it went to all faculty and staff on and actually
skyping to speak to this as well but I think thirty percent a pretty good response rate actually I and a further
eight the 30 and response rate is your pretty good
sense what people are thinking in the internal survey was not just a multiple choice for yes or no questions
there were several opportunities in their or respondents to provide their opinions turning it into more the a qualitative
rather than a quantitative tool to I think that 30 percent re gives you
a very accurate sense what what both Inc am and then on at the following page you speak about the community members
and who are those community community
members were interviewed in the one-on-one interviews just it’s under gap
one-on-one interviews there on the on the one-on-ones are literally a
prosecution the community a we talked with folks that represent the school district
that represented various communities within on Long Beach I really important audience order that
was talking with the media because they have the ability to
influence public opinion about the college the ru just the sheer number of eyeballs
that that their website and they’re printed publications track so we really focused
in on how are we doing in communicating our
program are success stories to you so that you
can then cover-ups we talked with a senior administration
we talk with represented I’ll faculty and
stealth I’ll talk to the ASB president talk with ultra leading sports program literally a a a very wide swap I’ll those stakeholder the import all
yea I understand that but says community
members like what specific stakeholders in the community besides
media attending how were they selected who selected them
on believe in at yet the in the in the
appendix in the in the plan moment wide we r plea I’ll a all the okay it so
we’re going to get the plan here yes in fact jackie has it review at okay so I’m assuming this is going to be
made public that okay great city I have been in the
absence of the planet am I wanted time on the specific time but I
like to see that plan the following page am you discuss establishing a baseline metrics
to measure success about which programs so can you speaker little bit about what
kinda metrics are we talking about and based on enrollment or is it based
on completion certificate is that we’re talking about or would be more along the lines a public
perception at the college and the enrollment goals is something that is to set separately by doctor long and up as i understand based on the state so
what we would do is really I think I’ve our goals as trying to
match the enrollment also if suddenly we can offer a lot more
classes we wrap up our marketing efforts to try to meet that on if you in be there are some
objectives that are measurable in the plan at the park with things like increasing
public opinion positive comments about Long Beach City
College by X amount and then also internally how are we
doing to make progress with our internal surveys and you can look at some those
questions a year from now and say we’ve moved the
bar weakening any better with our internal groups as well okay
great so you’ll see a %uh those under the
objective section fantastic in and under to North strip or on page fourteen and the 1200 adult residence that were stratified you do that you use this strategy find
sampling method and you mentioned there’s a hundred long a longggg redistrict members and what was the spread for each trustee
area and we actually did your fortunately by zip code within the within the park district so we made sure that we had a proper
geographic distribution within the district and then as I
mentioned outside history ok and communities in particular
I scored and its period or high school districts that are potential feeders for Long Beach recalls
district even though they’re outside the district boundaries and those were Carson Bell Gardens
timing is Compton behrmann and I’ll okay so do you have
the numbers for the 100 their dad yeah we can certainly provide
they don’t have that of okay but we make an effort obviously one
other the whole notion stratified sampling is that you’re breaking your universe
down according to criteria that you think are going to be related and to the better bencher study and
geographies one of those things and so we want to
make sure by stratifying were insuring that we have the proper representation on on Joe I’m very familiar with
stratified Mathur to a mathematician by greater and I’m your page 17 a.m. you I N as far as the somewhat favorable and what does that mean what do you mean
somewhat favorable a.m. verses very favorable what learning on what the way that works
is we first ask individuals do you have a favorable or unfavorable
opinion they then split one way or the other and then
within that we say or measuring and and would that be a very fair open somewhat right or allowing them Telstra how intense there either
favorable opinion and people opinion can you give an
example with somewhat favorable within 10 no I think it’s different for different
people right I mean if we tend to think that is your area several people matter we are the
people who are particularly pleased are happy with organization people who
are somewhat probably have a their favorable but they
have some reservations there you think that are keeping them from being up with
those questions asked from those folks there were surveyed
like what is what is it that you’re not happy
where there is doubt the ruble no no we didn’t ask the follow-up
question about why you haven’t unfavorable opinion in part because in this survey had we done
that only three percent of respondents would said that and you can obviously
extrapolate on that small sample we do however go later in the
survey and we ask in individuals about in addition to the
positive impressions in Long Beach City College we asked were some your negative impression Palm Beach City College and
things like parking came up right things like proud classrooms came up but what’s
interesting is on most people that sixty-some percent
about in come up with an a an impression at
all and so most part when you asked about
negative impressions have among those people did have a negative
impression those up okay