quite surprised i’m pleased at the same
time to see the level up interest so let me go ahead and introduced with this
program looks like we have a number of topics
that were interested in covering within this program in further along you’ll get to actually
steep the Act topics that were gonna have presentations on but essentially in a nutshell we’re
trying to cover the history and contemporary issues that do based followed today we want to cover
the institutional gold dynamic than culture we want people to
understand what we look like where those issues out there and
understanding the culture as well so that they can as successfully navigate college in their everyday work-life at
the same time we recognize that we’ve had issues with
decision-making processes what do those look like how do we
accomplish are gold where did we go to have
decisions made except for a so there’s a whole presentation focused
on that overall obviously we’re looking at insuring that
our participants a wall burst on student success in this bed and so
there’s not only a presentation focused on map but I think throughout the
program we’re gonna be seen this issue surface every step of the way in resource management we’re gonna be
covering issues such as finance and human resources how you manage to those actively at same
time we have a broad not only a broad approaching communication strategies and
relates to the institution as a whole and how do we as an institution move
forward to ensure that we are communicating effectively but at the
same time we’re going to ensure that participants are giving I if you will
trainee on how to personally communicate in
better way and of course the in goal is to ensure
that we’re building teams here and now we r effectively
elaborating every step of the way so that people in
the in feel that their included they’re engaged and that they understand what we’re
doing here college so Boatright ask who who should participate
in with but these questions a with our staff out there certainly the
program is open to everyone it opened back to be classified staff and
management team members and with the focus on who were those who
want to increase their institutional knowledge and professional
skill if they wanna be contributors to the success of our students and also if they see themselves seeking
personal professional career growth we certainly believe that
if you attend this program that all that it’s gonna happen and the
program is designed to ensure that happen what are the objectives of the
program well were are interest is to ensure that are staff begin the Bay be on their own area that the work as a team to Pastor strong
relationships and that they would ban for
institutional gold buying be seen there own knowledge be
institution and and at the same time develop and integrated you college how we do
this well will be obviously enhancing communication
skills and insuring that do the program we happy model that
provides for inclusiveness and again I do this program we are helping or money to support effective team building skills so that
when they go back to their own operations the model that we presented them will be
very back to their own operation and the team building will continue let
me give you an overview be actual sessions as we began in August August 14 this is a
semester-long program with a follow-up group project in spring
semester so we start up in the fall on August 14 it
is eleven-week 13 session term so we’re
gonna be working hardened furious during fall semester
we’re going to start the program of it UCLA at the Sunset village Conference Center the Epsom wonderful
facilities for this this type of activity so on Friday
August 14 we’re gonna be covering topics such as the past present and future but we’re
also gonna be providing individuals or participants with an
orientation program so that they have an overall perspective
up with the program I structure looks like and what our
expectations up a them are or be Paul program and
then on Saturday August 15 we’re going to
engage in some work related to what is called the Berkman
self-assessment thats the self-assessment that’s gonna
identify their strengths and weaknesses so we’re gonna do some personal work on
that particular day and on Sunday we’re gonna been a shop with a understanding what
our mission but they don’t look like particularly as it relates student
following that two and a half day orientation UCLA we’re gonna come back
to campus here at want me to call and you can see that we
have 10 different sessions that were gonna be covering I won’t cover the topics as you can see
them there I we have them schedule or pride is for
the most part they are Friday during the day we have
you that our Thursday evenings so we will have a bright idea day and
evening forces if you will and a we will finish it up with a graduation
dinner celebration on December 3rd and so like I said following this semester-long program we
will follow it up with the group project group is not completely done on I or at the end up all semester they are
going to continue with the group project within a certain forward it has been approved mentors who will
mentor them a group project and that group project
is expected to be something that they will bring back to the pollard that
would benefit college and so this is to help them understand how you how you bring
something from idea to fruition here at the college so Corsa if anybody here a we’ve handed out
pressures in the back and I hope you pick one up but if individuals are asking why should I
participate we anticipate that this is going to be
an environment rich to build relationships with your prolly to foster collaborative opportunities with
your colleagues across the different departments so you’re going to get to know multiple
people across different operational areas which is what we’re looking to do and
then a force we have a sincere interest that we are
helping the individual to row not only personally but
professionally and of course we want to inspire people are this
program what raping at the into the program they will
receive a certificate of completion and their is an application process so for those who were interested beer
asking them to complete the application and email it to you my sister rotted
there is a deadline may 8 at 4 p.m. and then we will be
notifying individual by me 29 at it’s been like
that at this point we’re anticipating in
rolling 30 participants were want to divide them equally between last fight man back be so that we have a
diverse group individual you can learn from each other
the without I’m gonna turn it over to my colleagues to as I
said have been real partners and helping to design this program we obviously have a lot more work ahead
of us as we continue to build the curriculum and work with our presenters
and so forth but it’s an exciting program and we’re
all excited to be involved in it and not only from our perspective but I
think that our presenters are equally excited to be presenting who are partners spent as well your name you enough president Oakley president not kill on board trustees arm
as the union president over the last New Years
been hearing a lot of concerns and issues as was like like we’re not mobility a classified
employees and now the distric is finally heard us and want to give a special thanks to
just the outlook sent notices close and dear to you was more like his programs
for din community communication and a collective agreement as flaws but management with faculty and for
classified as far as you get together a broken enhancement this gives the
three groups an opportunity to be together to work together to
communicate and share thoughts and ideas and goals as far as individual growth and also to enhance as far as the
experiences for like a Long Beach City College begins the classified employees who
takes that glass ceiling in a way that’s been there
for forever now gives them the opportunity to turn around to be to establish a mentor they’re gonna
go away for two and a half days like rose in early as far as to up to Westwood this was in develop a
teeny with other members not just classified
not just that the but also with management so that
three people can sit just three groups can get together see it you know if you spend a whole
weekend or two and a half days at somebody learned you get a lot more
information is it a go into session we go home the great thing about this is that
classified aspect those that are chosen and a pink rose got into the numbers but
it’s going to be between like 30 30 individuals chosen to attend this
academy so basically we’ll get Tintin individual representatives from each
group the one great thing from the class by
perspective on this is that we will be allowed to flex our
schedule I mean guaranteed by the district we won’t have interference from
managers and supervisors to allow other classified employees to
participate because in a past there has been some we
distance resistance in allowing us to participate in
activities regarding the regarding the the college they’ve been
guaranteed that whatever schedule they want to you
adjuster flecked if they want to come in late in the afternoon early in the
morning to leave in the afternoon in order to attend these other sessions that’s going to be held at the college
in the evening time someone from 5 denies someone from 630 in that they will be allowed to do that
without hesitation from the disagree the supervisors will have no in appearance
in yet which is a great movie scores from the
district I don’t think the district is forceful making this happen well a lot of people
lesson news about like Rose said earlier in our last meeting we at a large group then we asked us what you
want to participate everybody wanted to do it from my perspective attending these
lunches in these meetings that we had it was great to see classified in people that were taking
their time to see it to get the information you now so be
enthusiastic about participating in this program we are one more meeting which is going
to be held it up BCC on Theresia this week it will get the last
meeting this was good morning police force and most people going to be involved in this program I
taught this was like to classify people let them know that it is enough recess was not a holiday we
gonna have two and a half days where you go down to Westwood have parties in a
walk down he’ll have a nice time in in the go back to
work message members you go to Westwood everything is down he’ll going down
where you have the party then you have to hike that the appeal so it’s not ok funny games being when
the big things that we also said that they’re gonna have dorms in wanna things
that people worried about like I’m gonna have to share a room so rose
assure everybody that she would have %uh your own separate rooms when you turn
around when the way for the two and a half days cuz probably were spotted a weekend would be like
okay now we’re done we’re going back to the room now everybody’s looking around
was gonna get in transfers right I think I’m stayin up on a right caviar
continue so I just want to say thanks to the
district the president and legacy at auto on shout out he was was
like to spearhead nissen in making this a making this happen for everybody know
it’s especially speaking on which always doing to classify
perspective in a classified agenda thank you from how fortunate are we to work at a
college that endorses a program like this so I wanna think am Delgado and the
board you make this a board call essentially
that we could we could die involve a program from your
board gone I would think president Oakley night especially when I think vice
president al cardio kisses a tremendous amount of work to get us to
this point she mention that we have a steering committee in there’s few have you still in the room
am are steering committee has been Cindy
Haines Karen rothstein Lillian justice Susan trashed Thomas
Hamilton grin Magdaleno Berlin kobe and Jerry
Florence and and they are given valuable input
into this and I’d like to say that I am to echo what my colleagues have said the
interest in this program is overwhelming and sometimes we think
we’re devising something is this really something people want overwhelmingly people are thinking a
calling us and saying they’ve been waiting for something like this for a
long time in era have and high-tech people are longing for height touch and
so this program is going to do that and its only going to benefit college and benefit the people
that attend and then it will pay it forward in terms
of a project for the allied to thank you very much for the
opportunity to be able to participate it up privilege we have any questions the questions members to the board at
this time come comments questions check stressed easier
I have a comment that if you do go to Westwood you might
want to visit the persian markets to call it a little Tehran to might be a little bit over culture
shock you have been denied there already at
all and killed by a minute yeah will give you some tips other
members charities is trust your up a long time coming work wat good talked I had lunch with the jury
Florence today and she said she’s gone to these
meetings and energy the enthusiasm is unbelievable all across the campus and what I like to think about is not this cohort 30 but when this cohort 30 is done there’ll be another court 30 it won’t be long before this cultural culture change opportunity
which is permeating this 20 if I can just respond just the
auto the one thing I think we’ve all learned
in listening to be employees at these information
sessions is that they all want to collaborate and
connect this program allows them to connect and
so is Karen said they all want the human touch when you bring thirty people together
who get to spend time together with each other there’s that’s very powerful and there’s
a lot of great synergy that comes out of that and so I think we’re just going to begin to see the
fruits of our labor and it will multiply as we move on the they say that in politics changes slow in education change is glacial on but to I’m just so pleased to see
that this part I’ll goal we established way back in October he is is coming together as well
as at nice to see good positive change mix
chair recognizes trustee Baxter yes I just want to note that damn Karen
rose came to the foundation I with this proposal I for a thousand dollars and I give it to the foundation grants
committee and they are pledging ten thousand dollars
toward the lead Academy thank you I think it’s probably just
like everybody else ever mclean your point of view it’s tremendous is helping across the
board that’s very very important so and it’ll just make program that much
better thank you trustee Baxter remembers statue /a unity for everyone I think
this is excellent and I think this is one of the 10 Jable
I activities that can help to break down that a communication problem the morale
improve morale so I hope we replicate it year after
year I know that everything depends on cost in but I
think if we can prioritize and replicate this because this is the good way have you
know helping staff faculty management to come together and and work
together as one team but I also I’m hopeful that you will have evaluation for this program so that we can also
learn from that is well just bring that information back yes
think it plans thank you thank you very much again the as much
into trustee outta this was II in with are
you mention with our board goals Burgos we develop every July I believe so this portal have an opportunist art
develop their personal four goals and this is one that on I’d we all hope
has results I did ask what role if any with
the board be involved just two because it is a really exciting to see
what’s going on and also it’s nice because he’s a tech programs
in my bother with statewide organization Community College leave Calif his have a
programs we’d like to take show other colleges because is unique in
many ways to this college and a we always go there
trying to find other good ideas but it’s always a pleasure to have ideas
like this come from Long Beach City College in and out 42 how this moves forward and whichever anyway to I can I can help
involved or even observe be appreciated I have hi I’m very optimistic about what
results are going to be took a John everyone thank you for your
support thank you I think it’s the dorm for you need to be concerned about all right
we’re that is the end the presentation
component without consent calendar and I will ask again but I heard no one so any and need be
removed from the consent cannot consider separately by members borsa request I heard 9 I don’t believe I’ve heard any at this time so I went in motion
prove the consent calzone items a motion by trust easier second sec my
trusty auto I’m secretary if you could please
call the roll on approval the consent calendar are
they still go too fast we have some technology with you program
that we can get this think this go ahead a computer to work a
little faster in a precedent do this whose the the in fairness we did make a change
because our anticipation was when we pull items that usually causes some changes so what
do we do we are ready for those to take place and
we prove the Hawks counter cell report secretary was
anticipating some items to you Paul think if you look
under the Jackie seat is a couple little money son wheels grim trying to me much much just easier second pitch stro to prove the Consent Calendar items 4.2 at all the wrong this please for March 11 by Virginia Baxter I Jeff Calhoun hi don’t other I San easier I consent counters a proven out I’m 5 Academic Senate items 5.1 5.2 5.3
5.4 will take each separately but so it for the public is have all been
through the planning process within the College and unless the members would like as
each item comes forward we can have some comments or sprinter
present Oakley believe that some these items should be explain more details we come for please
just stop me and we will but at this time on it in a motion for
item 5.1 warning them to associate degrees and an emotion some movies much my
trusty see a second second I trust the Baxter I any
questions comments members aboard this time scene and Madam Secretary please call
rolling out in 5.1 forwarding dual associate degrees are
chillin I Virginia Baxter night Jeff Kellogg I don’t on I sentencing I motion carries I don’t 5.2 rules for is just went for for general education pattern plan a
again it’s gone through all the process procedures committees but muster some comment sir more
explanation on it in a motion to approve this item removed much much just easier second
second my trusty Archuleta on 5.2 nap secretary please call the
roll okay Archuleta I for Jim Baxter II Jeff Kellogg try delgado I in San
easy II 55.2 carries 5.3 change EA AS degree resident
requirements again has gone through the process
procedures within the College entertain a motion to approve and 5.3
some much much rusty see a a second much what
impact witnesses 5.3 embed I mean is it what to title it is the change the Associated the anas degree residency
requirements okay it’s he could could I ask for just this is a little
bit inside baseball I and so could could for the benefit our audience we explain this real
quickly chip motion there’s a motion a second for we know
bridges discussion chairs I’m pretty happy too turn this over to vice president long to gives a little
bit of insight as president law I in turn will turn
this over to your academic senate president Karen Kane and I in turn ap a.m. I a item 5.1 5.2 and 5.3 are to streamline
the process towards Student Success incompletion and in the past students had to and complete a certain number units to and have what we would call
residency so I’m gonna read a and you can ask
questions from that cuz it is kind of a baseball statistic the deal an the proposed change removes
the requirement that students must complete in residence at YMCA College either one
a minimum of 20 units within the last 30 units have work applied or two at least fifty percent of the units
required for the decree and we’re changing it to to a word
students associate degree at least 12 units 12 semester
units must be completed and residents so it
and clearly makes the path easier for students to get their degree at Long
Beach City College in in the reason I thought it was important to know this is because it is student success mu yet allows people to complete when
they’re are and very diff different
circumstances you go to Golden West India take some classes because you have never
job Chris by there in of a sudden you bump again bump up
against that requirement that you have 20 units at the last 30 in and it just seems and unnecessary but at the same time you’ve got to have
some standard you don’t want somebody to come here take one class and be able to
say I got a degree Corey certificate in Long Beach
consulates is a reason but we’re making it easy yes so I what a
compliment the and numerous faculty that are
involved in my president Kellogg said all that the process we have a policy
and standards committee that proposed this and it went do that curriculum committee and then it comes
now to the board’s a lot of work has been done and a lot of talk to figure out how to
streamline the process very good at the question them support
this time hearing 9 time sector please call the
roll on Adam 5.3 are March 11 I for Jim Baxter I Jeff Kellogg II turned on I it’s an
easy I pipe on three carries out and 5.4 last the Academic Senate items new
modified change degrees and certificates I emotion to approved Christian much
much rusty on a sec my chest easier
questions/comments members aboard this time questions members support this time 9 I’m secretary please call the wrong
item 5.4 March 11 I Virginia Baxter I Jeff Kellogg II delgado and Sen easier I by point four carries one out to you human
resources Adam 6.1 approval or CH I salary increase agent faculty I increases I the media ask for an approval the
emotion first some bush by trustee neck are trustee sec my trusty everybody trustee Baxter on the approval about obsessed by my
questions comments members the book this time to any report on this no just delighted
to do this great on no questions comes this time map
secretary please call the wrong approval the salary increase our March 11 hi with
Jim Baxter Jeff Kellogg I don’t on by sentencing I 6.1 carries up 6.2 this is here a BCC initial bargaining proposal to
district to entertain a motion to approve this some its permission information has
wide a cast I thought I stopped myself I this
is too for people who’ve made his purse I’m 6.1
is essentially saying that I’m going to generally make this
statement his crack sick when one was we have now come
completed our negotiations with our adjunct
faculty is now been completed by the vote I am 6.2 and 6.3 now opens up our negotiations without
Jen faculty so I hope for one appreciate that that
which is timer labor rest and but this is that this is
how it works so I’m 6.2 I M to a just mention 6.3 as
well just so we can you can do that and they’re both
informational items and the other item is for initial
proposal for this item so 6.2 6.3 and we will
have our next mean to be more of an action item I’m selling
so these are both for I’ll our Prof are negotiations re openers with our adjunct faculty
members and that same for both sides are information to a number for two reports and good job by the way everyone on the and seek by one negotiation items as
report 7.1 academics and present report please no report thank you’s 7.2 serpent
president thank you for president kellogg so have a few items to report on for
small I also want to I think Karen Roberts the president to the ch’i bargaining
unit them i’m glad that we were able to
resolve the current issue and the look forward
to working with part-time faculty going
forward with the reopens I am a earlier a.m. today we them announce that we’re moving forward
to higher 27 new faculty and two bring back positions that were
previously laid off in the Classified ranks from 10 months to either 11 or 12
months and I just want to thank although the
faculty and staff management team who’ve worked to put
this plane together to ensure that a we hire back the right positions
in that we hire the right positions to support our student learning and also for helping work this through the planning
process I know sometimes it takes awhile and I know certainly from the class
fight staff they’ve repeatedly mentioned that this
is something that’s very important to them but as it usually works in our system it
takes time for their planning process to come to
fruition so I want to thank everybody that was involved in making this
recommendation and I’m was please to fully support the
recommendation moves forward