I am I also want to report I’m happily that am as love April 10 I the construction team that’s
working on our math technology building handed over the building under
substantial completion so we will begin now the process of
working with the staff that war a.m. feel that building to begin planning for
move and we’ll be working with our facilities team to ensure that everything is in working order so I’m
just happy to report that that building came in urs substantial
completion and we can now move forward planning a move in and expect to be able
to offer classes for I am I also want to thank everyone
who’s been working to put together this spring Olympics spring Olympics is opportunity for the
staffed throughout the college to come together and do a little friendly competition so we’re looking forward to that hopefully
it won’t be too many injuries I’m but it’s always a a fun event I am then
finally two pieces of great news from first upon them sorry
that coach Kirk left us but to he celebrated to great milestones first evolved he
reached the .500 when Mark earlier from in I’m a in the last couple weeks and then also won the second straight conference title
so the playoffs start here shortly will get
news out everybody on on when that begins a.m. but a it was a a great win for the college another
great a.m. student-athlete highlight and we
look forward to the playoffs and and the great work that coach Creek
in his coaching staff have been doing and then finally I had a great
opportunity to spend the day yesterday with the governor’s staff and the
Department of Finance in members of the legislature I finalizing
the awards for innovation in higher education I’m the governors office held a day-long a event including the come committee did the final approvals have
all the plans for the Innovation Awards so happy to say that is completely official
now I’ve been told that the check is in the mail so we expect to receive that five
million dollars shortly and be able to put it to work on the Long Beach college
promise so I think everybody involved for really
making all of us proud and giving me the privilege to be able to represent the
great work that you do with the governor and his staff that’s
all I have thank you eyes stench St reporters earlier so without the Bora trustees begin with just here
chillin Baxter zia vice president of finish so much St Archuleta yes just
through quick first and foremost let me congratulate
the journalism students on I’m being award winners keep up the
good work we want out to see you continue to bring those awards and be leaders. I in
our communities still think congratulations on that I also just to let you know that trustee
CI and I had the opportunity to attend a
meeting I yesterday at Long Beach Unified School District we
attend a meeting along with a number educators from CSU I and from on Long Beach Unified School
District and community members to talk about the proposal up of rain I Ethnic Studies courses at the I high school level and so we were invited
to talk about I exploring are discussing
the possibilities are doing dual enrollment between Long Beach Unified School District and
Long Beach CA and of course CSU so this is just the beginning we’re gonna
continue to participate in these planning meetings we’ve already
spoken to on superintendent the law about the
proposal and we hope that in the weeks to come we will have more details so that we can
bring that cuz I think that wonderful opportunity for our students
many other students who I’ll are you know at this point in time
on this unified is comprised majority died a diverse student
populations or are they say say my a
majority-minority although I don’t like the word minority
but the point is that it’s a great opportunity for students to
learn about their own culture about their own
history and so that’s something that we want to encourage and support so will bring more details
to you thank you Thank You trustee Baxter yes good
evening I’m just a few other things that I’ve
done since the last word meeting %uh his man march 26 attended the
innovator So Cal conference badge about by LBCC at
the Long Beach arena and heard wonderful presentations by innovators I think a based a president Bynum’s area for
putting that together beautifully a march 28 attended the
foster care active parent informational conference
in the College Center him his me sponsored by Long Beach come
a city councilman al Austin coordinated by director LBCC
foster care program Claudia Garcia Anabel first attended the opening night
to the LBCC art gallery show entitled massive
brilliant in the art gallery it was coordinated by
art back with a bargain Morgan Bernard and nude a faculty jazz
band director Patrick Cheng and his Campbell perform that evening as
an extra bonus and April 8 them in a presentation in on travel Absolom each can’t really
got at a private home an april twelfth i sponsored can let me
to the college students at the Ronald McDonald house walk downtown on April 23rd a
coordinated the LBCC foundation meeting at PCC I alumnus at Arnold receive the
Distinguished Alumni Award from president Oakley electrical department head impact the
Scott Frazier gave a presentation on out underwater from robots designed by his
students for international competition and GOPs our coordinator d attrition out
thank the foundation funny OPSM book library which allow
students to use text books on long on April 24th I attended the health care advisory luncheon and we see three
reports on the three and areas in the School of Nursing and
allied health and congratulations to Dean doctor up all creation I’m receiving his side
doctoral degree and to the faculty of those departments
for their work in our community I they do an outstanding job it was
wonderful they had a written report and that was
great to see an imprint and also to learn all the great things are going
on and that’s cool congratulations to music department head
a company s Kevin Kearney receiving his second master’s degree from USC then upcoming
events on Saturday the show at Miss international on beach
are having a luncheon and retiree Bobby Smith is being I a lauded as a woman I who makes a big
difference and then on Saturday night the new film instructor Danielle
stallings is presenting a documentary film showing
and I don’t let them eat cake inti 1207 o’clock and I she is gone out
to different bakeries including the Rushmore bakery
and is we’re gonna have a film showing and
then have cake afterward I have then II may 6 the Long Beach
Rotary Club will be here on campus for their Wednesday meeting either BNT 1200 and
scholarship recipients will be making presentations in the Long Beach
only gives us over a hundred thousand dollars a year in scholarships on May six in the evening Cal State Long
Beach will honor alumnus doctor jean bernard duran for
his achievements as a medical doctor ad director IOC up
the Kyohei cardiomyopathy services at the MD
Anderson Cancer Center and this is a wonderful award for doctor
durano I and mister otto and I know personally I and he is a terrific person I’m very
proud the Cal State Long Beach hazard designate him as a distinguished
alumni he is already in our hall of fame on May
13 the LBCC senior the Year luncheon
honoring doctor Tom Clark and Press Telegram I every recharge for
will take place at the Grand I may fourteenth the athletic associates
will hold their golf tournament I ring colleague augie lugar and also Olympic athlete an
alumna Susie at one at the same time
unfortunately for me but fortunately for mister adult are I may 14 to ensure tell me is
cottonwoods awards will be an arraigned on and Frieda auto I’ll on May 21st assisi EJ will be an arena number I love on
distinguish people in the community and to foundation board members Martha Molina bernadette I both alumni and also
Naomi Rainey and I need to know from board members if
they’re going to go there dinner and then lastly up president
kellogg I would like a report on campus safety at a future meeting and the questions as shit trustee Master Tech
nearly as when we have the the police do their report to rap in some question she had at that
meeting monday Diddy I was in the annual presentation on on
the security safety issue has no be at the June meeting in Seoul that’s
coming up so im just gonna was some question questions about some yes chip if you
just know for a second I’m the reason i ask for this is when I was
running for office number of students asked me about campus safety and then since I’ve
been in office a several people have come forward and
so I promise to put it on the agenda and I said that we have a in a report on
that on that item baton draft that at that point I’m some
trust de Xia said to that test the article
first before she turned so trustee auto vice
president ’em really don’t have a lot to report a
couple things but i wanna tell a story and doctor bernard first who’s getting
this award at Cal State Long Beach in Supper is a personal story I’m as so you know about four years ago I was diagnosed with stage four head neck
cancer and I went to me. Anderson and when I went there I talk to John Philpott who used to be
Dino EU students here India work with athletics and a.m. he said you know there’s a guy in
it was was a student at my and it is there now and why don’t you look him up and I
wasn’t in much shaper anything else to go look anybody
up to in understand MD Anderson which is a
%uh world-famous cancer hospital and happen it has 13 thousand employs and so my first day I got in the elevator
and there’s a guy standing next to me in a white coat with
the name tag on he said you gotta be kidding and
everyone’s think so we talked into I some sell more times will use thats just a a quick story about what a small world
it is and how long be to the college is everywhere I’m this weekend I am on my way to the CCLC conference in Monterey where woo participating in a panel mind government instead governance
Institute Christian success that was held here for the first time in California about
three years ago two years ago and we’re gonna try and convince other
community college districts to put on similar type programs it was run by the acct and the McNeese at the
University of Texas and and the indiv next week I go to Yuba where gonna YouTube Community College District
Forum on a team that is trying to respond to 11 letter I interest that
they gave to the community college league California about things that they want
some help on and it’s a tremendous opportunity to
learn about how other community college districts handle issues and I’m both excited and terrified that I don’t know what I have to contribute
to this bitter but they’ve got it it issues in distance learning enrollment management
and some issues with their track data that too we’re going to try and work
Frank Gore Nick who’s the I’m the president superintendent at West Hills is the leader of that team seven people
faculty and X simpson classifying people there
point as well until I’m looking forward to that
opportunity and I’ll let people know when it’s like when I get maximum top me just easier thank you on March 26 says
church St Baxter have reported dead to sea bass your idea
and I attended the in a vase Ocala conference at the
conference for does view may not be and familiar with it is a symposium
focused on supporting an entrepreneur ecosystem percent in California and it
was filled with great opportunities for
startups and small businesses and to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs
and venture capitalists and big congratulations to our team and who
were so hard and bring it to fruition me very proud and I also wanna give a special an
acknowledgement to Tim it on and just eat or as and and Cheney Weber I have chorus are and very own the land by name as
well and on April 13th as a.m. are suing trustee reported I had
the great pleasure of attending an event at our college in collaboration with Habitat
for Humanity that are and gained Veterans Club was Pira than also are very on my regular and and
gas Roscoes I mentioned earlier was involved
in it was focused on providing housing for low-income and homeless
community members and infected an excellent job in am very
proud and for all working with the organization and for
his commitment to serving our country and our local economy community in on April
15th and I reported on this briefly earlier I
attended the construction Technology Advisory me
being led by doctor then shot I can start mending can start min Dennis did you other di Giovanni and Tim
Schumacher and it was focused on support for
getting a new program off the ground and it was packed with
construction industry experts and as their Michael playground for me and
it was very impressive and I look forward to seen this program suppliers support our
students in preparing for the construction industry especially in light of our recent
agreement with the city of Long Beach and offering I have P apprenticeship
prayer training through a district ask for details and and on our
partnership with the city and look forward to the opportunity is a
well provide for supporting our students and prepare for construction maritime
jobs and on April 16 I had the great pleasure
as visiting get pat makings there class journalism class who are all here
tonight so I’m very proud of you guys there it was a pleasure I just add raveling the magic of the
classroom and seeing you guys am very impressed and I’m gonna my friends add granddaughters
there were is in the class and mister valve lurch in I see miss there there Cheers I’m it was very and have pleasant
surprise them to thank you for allowing me to be a
part of that great opportunity in great and way to learn about our students and
share my background April 23rd I touched on this a little bit earlier and
a trustee basta report on a down I had the great pleasure of attending
the foundation more to governor breakfast I was so impressed with the
showcase ever students robotics prep project in there great
work along with the work at that Great Scott
Frazier yeah his dad very dedicated and very
proud professor and it was also very moving to hear miss
teachers sure now I’m with ELPS who’s here tonight
teachers if you could stand up please thank you for waiting so patiently and
thank you for all your hard work and your presentation really moved me and
Dan I really appreciate we all appreciate
your hard work for underserved students and beyond and and teachers broad a student with her and in mister tanisha Elijah he was here earlier and had to leave a on I at I was absolutely touched by his story
and in Trillium it was great and inspiring to see him
giving back to you other students by acts of kindness such
as helping other students get access to books and other areas that
need am it it really warms my heart to see
such student special ones who pay it forward so great work mister lies damn and dearest
dead each issue now I really appreciate it and I’m so proud of the work can you do along with my dear colleague trustee
Baxter who worked tirelessly in providing
scholarships them for these type of program she literally
worked around the clock in Jenny I really honor you and thank you
for all that you do you and I really work forward to
working with you and the rest are bored in finding ways to increase our support
for students through more and more scholarships and and on April 24th trustee I do and I attended
the Cal State Long Beach Economic Forum the form is focused on providing background on how we’re doing is a
region as a relates to the economy and what we
should focus on in the future some great takeaways where the
importance of small businesses to our local economy supporting an educated workforce and
return retaining our students through creating
jobs in the greater Long Beach area and I look forward to having LBCC
continued to lead the way in supporting small businesses and have a community and student work force agreement where
we hire our students and community members make our graduates lot lifelong resident
and have an opportunity to have our community live and work with good-paying jobs right here in Long
Beach a great way to do that is having people doing business with us hire students as interns and green
grooming them for careers for example I recently learned that RCM
team cordova corporation has hired whenever students as an intern is
preparing him for the field of civil engineering and construction so thank you mister applied very much
appreciated and I look forward to having more students hired and other firms like you following
suit and on April 27 that’s just the
Archuleta reported and I attended to see our children and
turned in an information session in support at the newly launched a I think studies program led led by
doctor Armand 0 basque was Rama Rao said that prayer programs based on teaching
intercultural courses in net out the UST schools and
providing higher education opportunities in mommy City College UC and Cal State
systems and I was honored to attend and think it’s a
great program that will promote culture understanding and accepting
among SAR you think community in also I know I ASB
president had to leave and but I just wanted to really
congratulate her and acknowledge her for getting accepted to Berkeley it’s a huge
accomplishment I’m very proud of her and and I hope to she can stay involved
and inspire other students am also want to
give a big shout out to our very own Jesse Torres for his appointed by Governor Brown as a
deputy director at the governor’s office and business and economic development
and congratulations Jesse and and finally my understanding is is
that there are quite a lot of legislation in support a better and
students for example AB 13 assembly been build 13 which offers in-state tuition
for out-of-state veterans living in California am AB 1361 allowing veterans greater access to
higher education by removing the age eligibility for Cal Grants as be fifteen increasing Cal Grant
access or through college access tax credit
fine and as be four 18:08 sandwich stay eight students in armed services to get
degrees in a more timely manner and now if it’s the desired the border
would be great to get reports on these types of legislation that support our students i remember an 8 last year mark taylor is to give
legislative updates and it would be great to see that practice continued thank you
thats all I have I would not duplicate accepted some the items are our temperatures
mention I would like to say that thank you the by the past we have the opportunity to
speak to are are classified staff I agent for high-impact lose referenced
earlier by doctor and shop here was it was
interesting to go and speak to both campuses and a when the issue questions I really 10 that I want to focus on with the
group has its intervention how it board actually functions as far
as a board meeting the question was how do we better
communicate and in in that given taken was and that’s
very informal setting I’m like a board meeting where it’s very
formal its restructure and you have opportunities to speak and
not speak and so on so I it was a it was a I appreciate the
opportunity power in person they said they
appreciate the fact I was there and I so appreciate it in 14 years as the first timers are
invited to come speak cell I hopefully will be another
fourteen years but I it was very good and a lot of
information going back and forth and I I did say I I’ll miss it again we
have people because we’re now rolling into future reports n and public comments on
my agenda items I did tell them that a lot and some
people come to the podium to speak I think expect the board to respond and
more times not we don’t this is the opportune for public to speak and has won the speakers early on agenda
item which is interesting she was at her mean our luncheon I said
you know when you speak tonight and be very specific search it’s an agenda as i understand
manage and I sign in I’m I can only ask people that follow
the rules on what we do but to it was a I appreciate the
opportunity comes speak to the group and a and get feedback because it is a
lot easier to talk back and forth on an item step having people come just make a
statement then really no response from the board and that their concern people they
didn’t quite understand that as well sell by my thanks to them and all my a fellow
board members on all the activities taking place is our last meeting there are no a request for trustee
communications future reports as well there’s nothing in as far as
report many be did receive all you do receive
trying to set up the the me not report but on Brown Act so I yeah I’m waitin back for
a blunt response what your preferences in Arjun mean us who are now too the public
comments on on gender items a total three minutes will be allocated each
speaker there’s one speaker with a min and so this is my policies chris is it
is a provide at Pratt term you’re speaking in on you listed on just a public comments and again on
the on the public comments you’ll see the
the clock behind me go on and a it’ll go down 2-0 and on have shut up the mic I don’t touch anything so that you know
you need for the record please and welcome absolutely my name’s Chris
bet nm resident Long Beach in the 3rd St and a.m. your have one I in the individual who sensual letter bet between your last
meeting indicate that ahead some concerns related to
compliance with brown at and unfortunately your attorney is someone
who responded which board would have been able to all I can
see is a you can use ROM and be and inform and you and believe you have indeed violated
braun et you really cannot have secret discussions contract in closed session particularly
the issue 2 celery and compensate must present a public contract for
public employees for the public to review and so you left me no choice it’s in the
complaint on to the district attorney when the things I’ve noticed is %um this little simple agenda is what you
post just show you how wrong you’re attorney
is this isn’t sufficient to provide
sufficient notice as to what you doing in fat he did not
even describe the changes in compensation that we’re done to you as you know please contact on that’s why or how by Lee ran Chris Chris and not him I told you something that was supposed to
happen penis is not good I and so what I’m doing and I apologize I’m working the kinks out I guess but I
will at to him at two minutes that you couldn’t make it equi-wright I’ll be
quiet and I apologize isn’t its the stop okay is it going to
be a is he went to see that up there or do I
need to say Chris you’re it okay most hold on second and just actually wanna go back to the first time an awesome I’m sorry yes
that you had to the agenda the the procedures related to
you how someone can come to speak to them
meeting I wanted to come I to you last meeting but learned be
relayed ditto you don’t it shipped speaker cords
after certain time in I hadn’t left work in
time to get here on in florida is a present oakley’s contract a.m. just to
set the record straight on I believe the president
Oakley did get a raise in this is why on received a forty
thousand dollar increase in base compensation their races is
based three hundred and twenty thousand
dollars remembers on his pension is no calculated on that higher amount in the cost the district is more because you have to
pay more for pension contribution further 17250 dollar in mileage it’s meant switch I’ve never
seen anywhere before trying to figure out where he drives on
that was not required to be added to his contract and by cascades but more importantly he’s now going to
get a raid to that 24 percent on his mileage know this was required by
Cal spirits the the the regulations they change
simply said that if you change a contract you can no
longer pay a for the pension contributions said nothing about reorder in
compensation to particularly to the new new board
members you lied to you on I have more hourly that but thank you very much thank you Chris apologize for the we I we do not have a
second closed session it’s not necessary so at this time I’ll as for Germany this me to our I to our
may twelfth for a trustee meeting would be held here
at a liberal arts campus so authors no objection this meeting is adjourned thank you all very much