your pain at the bottom for hourly then
it’s hard to retain excellent part-time instruction I have been told time and
time again when I’m scheduling that they have taken another job closer to home it probably pays more and it’s less
travel it’s hard to retain full-time instructors because when they can drive
down the street and get paid twice as much as they can hear for overload then
they’re not here when I say let’s come and do work on a project on Thursday
it’s easier for them to say yes if their teaching here right after class Cheryl
joining versus you mean I gotta drive in and do that I don’t think I can so it is
affecting our students in the classroom because week it’s hard to maintain
excellent instruction a part timers are gone the full timers or elsewhere it’s
hard to work in the department because it’s time to gather people together when
they’re working elsewhere these are excellent teachers their so-called
freeway Flyers are working very hard some of them excellent work it’s time to
do them as service when we took the hit during the recession on the summer
contract a lot of people bailed full-time people bailed on this place
they’re not loyal anymore and so I think as I agree with my colleagues that if
you were to get them arrays and say yes this is what we can do I think this is a
great this is I think crucial working in the math department we could really use
this boost to maintaining good teachers in the classrooms a great place to
invest and I’m not talking two percent sorry two percent for $60 I think get
you a happy meal in the end of the week if you’re dealing with a five unit
quarters instead we need to make this competitive we need to bring it to 50% I
would think that would be the number that I would be happy with and i think
thats about it if you want to talk more I be happy to talk about what it’s like
in the department thank you successfully completing assigned to him
and quote which has prompted the board of trustees to offer him a two percent
salary increase effective january first 2016 nice to be recognized by the Board
of Trustees for doing a job well done by being rewarded with the Rays if approved
that will bring president oakley’s total annual salary to three hundred and
twenty-six thousand $979 and of course already approved was to extend his
contract in February 28 2016 I’m sorry 2019 I also would like to
congratulate the management team for receiving a 3.02 percent salary increase
which includes a 1.02 percent cost of living allowance better known as cola
again the board of trustees found that the team was doing I assume a job well
done and rewarded the team members with the race this was approved during the
summer at the Board of Trustees meeting on July 28 you can imagine how excited I
am as the lead negotiator which I the part-time faculty Union at the college
about the recent raises for those who are doing a job well done child is going into a contract reopen in
with the district the semester or more than likely we will discuss the salary
increase but then of course after more than a decade of stagnant wages we did
just receive a slight sorry worries that put us just below the 50%
mark on the salary scale for California Community Colleges and we did just
successfully negotiate for one-half hola but since the trustees rewarding those
who are doing a job well done I assume that also means that the majority of
instructors on this campus the work with no paid office hours no paint prep time
no parity pay no health benefits no pension or no job security might also
receive a job well done raise at least that’s what I’m hoping for and will be
asking for for the more than 700 part-timers at LBCC thank you for your
attention Karen Roberts that evening to president
Oakley and Board of Trustees so I’m here speaking on the same agenda item four
point one annual salary increase for superintendent president Oakley this is
the time when the Board of Trustees is going to prove that two percent I went
to take a little bit different tack on this and that what I’d like to do is to
remove President openly from the equation for a minute recently time magazine published an
article titled college presidents reagan big perks on top of high salaries the
authors used the term and academic arms race to describe this sort of
self-perpetuating belief system underlying the insanity of skyrocketing
college presidents salaries if you approve a two percent salary increase in
its the office that is connected to the monetary value yes oakley will benefit
but we need to rethink this because three hundred and twenty-five thousand
dollars a year to preside over a community college even as we serve a low
socio-economic population even as students are under increasing college
that even as the median income in Long Beach harbors somewhere around 30,000 a
year if even that what we hear time and time again is but that’s what we need to
pay to get good people but where’s the data to support that belief surprisingly
there are people who do go into public service jobs not motivated by money me and I’m speaking directly to the
Board of Trustees because you were tasked with really waiting through the
ambiguities and the contradiction that live within the system rewarding somebody for a job well done
in a capitalist economy is it normal this is what we do but is it always the
best thing to do when will this insanity and you have an opportunity to provide
enlightened leadership and that’s what we depend on you to do so when we see
insanity we need to call it out we need to say enough is enough thank you karen and all of our speakers
we’re moving on to agenda item 2.1 which is approval of board of the Board goals
for 2015 to 2017 these your goals that were discussed at the retreat that we
did on July 28 and they were fine tune in modified and in there now presented
now is your presentation we just gonna two goals that we propose to adopt after
consideration at a retreat in discussion is to continue to support the Student
Success agenda by supporting the college leadership in developing an educational
master plan to specifically identify student success schools and metrics
using excuse me including reduced the time to completion and closing the
achievement gap that’s the equity piece working with college and community
stakeholders to end institutionalize the promise pathways program supporting the
implementation of the Innovation Award in higher education goals for the
expanded Long Beach promise partnership with Long Beach Unified School District
Cal State Long Beach in the city of Long Beach supporting the legislative and
political initiatives that align with the goals of the Long Beach Community
College promise partnership with the same three entities Unified School
District Cal State Long Beach and the city of Long Beach second goal is to
continue to support the career technical education workforce development and
economic development agendas to strengthen the regional economy by
continuing to implement and expand programs for small businesses in Long
Beach continuing to sustain and expand Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business
program presents program continuing to sustain and expand the Long Beach City
College Innovation Fund so Southern California working with the community to
develop a greater Long Beach innovation hub and develop a thriving
entrepreneurial ecosystem and supporting the development of new or revised CTE
programs that align with local industry workforce needs and increase the number
of injured ships related to those programs alluded to earlier its to support
programs to build a more collegial campus community by creating better
relationships and communications among all campus
leaders by supporting the implementation of a leadership development program for
Long Beach City College faculty and staff that’s the Academy we’ve got out
here in front of us and expanding opportunities for interaction among the
board of trustees and all campus tickles and finally in probably most importantly
to allocate our resources in a manner that is consistent with those is there
any discussion among the Board of Trustees about these girls wanna say
kellogg seconded by trustee Baxter any discussion pretty close it please Jeff Kellogg I we are moving on to the consent agenda
any item may be removed from the consent agenda and considered separately if a
member of the Board of Trustees so requests and I understand we have four
request is that right is the math department I would like to remove point at 3.1 03
point 11 points 13 to I would entertain a motion to approve the remainder of the
consent agenda that has not been asked to me so I finished pulling out the
window when you put on that beat the clock three-point 10 so moved by Twistys
year’s second I trust you argue that any discussion the role of questions have a question
I’m going to abstain in the vote will march 11 Virginia Baxter abstain Jeff
Kellogg I i three point four I would give you a
chance check I would entertain a motion to approve three point four and a motion
seconded by trustee Archuleta move by trustee kellogg discussion yes thank you
President audio so I have a few questions and I understand we were going
back and forth with the board and since it’s less than 72 hours first understand
and see if we have copies for the members of the public we have copies ok
so where the copies of a place where we can replace for the public then just
over comply with the Brown Act so purchase orders 75 for a three on page
one this is with Kino and associates so
total value and term of this contract and is this something that can be
competitively procured or is this some sort of a definite agreement we have
with Keenan someone can respond to that it appreciated to present a total value with the the
contract keenan Associates is our third party administrator for two of our joint
powers a thorough authorities so we have we participate in two different GPA’s
pips which is our workers compensation JPA and SWAC which is the GPA related to
our property liability claims both of these GPA’s are administered by Keenan
and associates and Keenan and Associates is selected by the JPA organizations to
be the third party administrator so what we are obligated to do is to put money
into a trust account under keenan and associates organization to pay our
member retain limits on our property and liability claims and then also to pay
any medical bills or attorney fees that may come up with workers compensation
and any attorney fees that may come up that aren’t covered with our property
allegedly claims so what this purchase order is doing is establishing funds
that are going into appropriate label to trust account so that funds will be
there in order to pay off the claims as they come about in this is it term since
it’s an open P O is an evergreen procure an indoor there
be an opportunity for other firms to have the opportunity to work on this
type of service with us or is it just work pretty much in agreement and we
have to stick with them dresses yeah this is not a service we are putting
money into a trust fund that trust fund pays for our claims so ok an associate
is administered the trust fund but these are this is not we’re not paying for
this this is money or money that we put into a trust to pay the claims that are
charged against the district whether it be for proper liability or in the case
of peeps workers compensation certain charges anything that’s a that’s a
separate charge we participate in joint powers authority joint powers authority
is a group of community college districts throughout the state to come
together to pool their resources and so the we have him participate with the
joint powers authority we give authority to the JPA to select an administrator so
the the the JPA selected key associates of the JPA pays keenan associate’s we
set up the trust fund to pay claims out of so that’s what this is all about thank you sir page 7 of purchase orders
to purchase orders 75 623 and 75 625 train so we the way I’m reading this is
that were directly for caring services for the bond was coming out of the bond
funds and is getting better value versus having the contractor procure these
services and or the lowest bidder actually these are
not coming out of the bond funds are coming out of fun 01 which is our
unrestricted general fund these are the maintenance service agreements on our
chillers so we are required to have our chillers maintained and serviced both
quarterly and annually to make sure that they’re running in good condition also
if the chillers breakdown then this company comes out and fix is the reason
that we go with the train is because the equipment is manufactured by train so
they have the expertise and the experience with very very equipment and
we have to have a trained certified Maintenance Mechanic come in and do our
quarterly and annual services on all of our chillers oK so it’s a matter of
compatibility and they’re the only ones that know their system ok ok so purchase page aid purchase
orders 75 630 on clean sweep I’m sorry not that one yeah I mean sweep you will
receive multiple bids for this and then they were they the lowest bidder and why
why is this service being contracted out forces our own employees providing this
rumors contract out the service because we don’t have the equipment to clean the
parking lots this is the the sweeper vehicle that comes through cleans the
parking lots after big events over the weekends and no we did not receive
multiple bids this falls under the bidding limit of $86,000 are not
required to go out to bid we did good get a quote from the vendor the hourly
rates were consistent with had been paid in the fat in the past
they also have provided excellent service in the past and so is the
recommendation of the Parking Services Manager too good to continue our
relationship with this Vendor ok soon they were the only the only problem that
we asked for a quote then in other words or sores contract or do we obtain other
quotes we did not obtain and/or quotes technically it’s not sole source there’s
a very definitive definition for what is sole source and that requires a board
action to identify something as sole source so we steer away from saying that
something is all sourced but this is something that since it was not required
by Public Contract Code to go out for bids or RFP so it is a selection that
was made by the manager and a recommendation that is being made ok well then let me rephrase that so
wasn’t competitively procured I don’t three-point 11 I understand we this this
is on the move on from three-point forward should be voted on this item and
then I can ask questions about that so we run 3.48 42 to make a motion further
questions and I would ask that there will be called on 3.4 Archuleta Virginia
Baxter Jeff Pilon and send easier I item three point
eleven just give me a little bit of time to find 3.7 motion to approve a three-point 11
which is the ratification of contracts under $175,000 just your show that is
your 2nd St catalog discussion yes page 2 there is an amendment for legislative
lobbying this is contract number CN 9971 6.2 is linda Lingle so what I like to
understand is if there will be a report given to the board on a status update up
this effort on the legislative lobbying that we are getting think this is the
extension of a contract at this point it’s not a new contract just just to be
clear yes so in how long does it extension does it extend for it in by
the way for president Otto I was going to speak to America’s college promise
and my report which is the primary activities going on right now so of
happy talk about an hour can wait till I do my report later on you wanna do it
both now and later ok well since the item is up on September 9 we’re expecting the president not this
president the big president to announce a new campaign called the college
promise campaign and we’re very happy to be asked by the white house to
participate in in launching this effort linda Lingle
has been working directly with the white house staff as well as former
undersecretary Martha Kanter on our behalf to support legislation that was
introduced in the Senate by senator Tammy Baldwin and in the House by member
Bobby Scott and in support of the American College from his college
promised legislation would create a situation where community college
estates are funded at states who wish to participate and we expect California
participates as a son-in-law would federal government would pay the state’s
the average of the tuition from you college tuition constant a nation we of
course are lower than the average tuition in the nation so we would be a
net beneficiary but essentially what it would do it was would pay the cost for
all community college students who are pursuing a certificate degree or
transfer and who are making satisfactory academic progress so that is the effort
that linda is working on currently there is obviously challenges with passing any
legislation right now in congress nonetheless September 9th event will
highlight a college promise campaign that will target eleven states in the
nation California being one of them and so we’re going to continue to work on
this while congress deals with his piece of legislation or not and try to
continue to work with in the state to promote a no or low cost pathway for
students in our community colleges to a certificate degree or to transfer so
that’s that’s what we’re working on thank you other contract out of question about is
on page two and its nine I 73.9 on elkind I’m putting that right group and
how they were selected it doesn’t where they competitively selected or was it
just based on this number again the contract number it’s CNN 972 3.9 it’s
the second and the third to the last I don’t want page 2 they are kind group
was the entity that went to the lead Academy over their weekend workshop and
this was the presenter that facilitated Berkman method training that they
underwent this person was a certified Berkman Method instructor so they were
selected based upon their qualifications and experience as well as we felt that
it met the presentation style of what we were looking for for our lead Academy recollection is
that picked because what we wanted was active participation and certain process
for the lead Academy participants to go through so that the experience could be
more rich and and measurable in the end the person
the only person qualified to do this that we selected or do we interview
others to select this individual the person was recommended by the workmen
folks as being a certified instructor and so that was also based upon
experience that some of our staff have had with this presenter in the past they
felt that the qualifications and experience what we’re looking for so we didn’t interview others I could
also add to that trustees what you look for when you’re doing a program such as
lead Academy is presenters who can be dynamic and this individual came to us
initially being recommended by Berkman and associates as a certified Berkman
method trainer her presentation style is very dynamic which is the type of energy
you’re looking for with these types of presentations particularly because we
hadn’t told a presentation with her so the purpose of selecting her was in
relation to her presentation style which we knew would be very effective