comments or things I just like to say
one thing about my feelings about this in the way that I approach this making a decision about this recommended
2 percent salary increase that it was important to both look internally and
externally internally what you heard was that this last year three unions it we
have negotiated deals of pretty close to 5% or more increase and so i didnt feel
uncomfortable with the recommended 2 percent increase for the superintendent
president if you look externally by this is not an argument in favor of salaries
but the package for the superintendent of President hav is 32 and 56,000 citrus
its three-ring 44,000 college of the canyons 383,000 261,000 for the college
of the desert El Camino just down the road from years 391,000 Pasadena and I
think this is a blip because it’s hard to to get comfortable as because some
people take it in different ways and their benefits and housing Pasadena is
listed six hundred and thirty-three thousand palomar small college in East
Shea Diego County is 368,000 range of Santiago just down the road is three
hundred and forty-six santa monica is 384 and South Orange’s 402,000 so i
thought well this is a number it within the boundaries of what is being paid and
I agree with the comments of Trustee kellogg that it is a competitive
environment you want not only to get quality people that are doing a good job
and i also believe that senate President oakley’s been doing a very good job which will keep him because I ran the
last hiring process when we hired back in 2006 who took about nine months took
a lot of energy and effort on the part of the collagen you weren’t sure in the
end what was gonna be with the ten years are low in terms of Superintendent
president and even chances because it’s free and it’s a tough market out there
in terms of quality so when all those factors together I feel comfortable with
a two percent salary increase that’s when we were bored and supported his
motion any other comments please Mr Gillett I Virginia Baxter hello I don’t miss any easier to four
point to a resolution regarding the reduction of classified service increases and then blame people are
reducing programs yes I would ask vice president or guardian vice president
Peterson to comment on the changes to this grant funded program yes thank you
President ugly yes we are asking the board tonight to approve a reduction in
force what has happened here is project loan
launch which is grant-funded has not been funded going forward so as a
consequence we do have a point 45 FTE in the classification of grant assistant to
which we do need to give notice to as program comes to an end so with that i’m
gonna turn it over to Vice President Peterson if you want to add anything I
just want to add that we have some appeal to review to see if we can be
funded and then we’re just waiting for that review to time frame for that
decision the is going to the party of education to their committee at this
month so we should have ended September any
other questions or comments you have a question this person couldn’t be given a position
somewhere else or just does not work that way we we are certainly looking at
what other options are for her and so byee since we have to give a 60 day
notice we are certainly looking to see where else we can play sir if not in a
permanent position at least begin with with an LTE position but we are looking
for something on a permanent level think other questions or comments call vote
then on our children Jeff color and Sen easier four point
three revised salary schedules classified employees exempt from the
Merit System report address that we are what you see on the board docket is a
revised salary schedule it involved two classifications basically the student
tutors and the supplemental instructional leaders what we are
looking to do is make these positions more competitive in the marketplace with
our student tutors were also looking to bring the compensation in alignment with
the minimum wage law that will become effective january first 2016 that
requires that you paid the minimum of $10 per hour any questions or comments
how many tools to employ offhand her I’m not sure I’d have to check on that 2030 I would I would say in that number yes
the comments or questions if not we will have the Rococo easier seconded by trustee banks are
chillin Virginia Baxter I Jeff can I find you agenda item 5.1 which is the 2014 2015
fourth-quarter financial status report gonna have a president that’s correct
yes sir what you have before you for approval is are required fourth-quarter financial report we will
be bringing back the further presentation where you’ll see all the
detail at the next board meeting were comparing how we ended the year with
their adopted budget are meeting on September 8 but this is the preliminary
look of how we ended the fiscal year have any questions entertain a motion so moved just
checking my trusty count on further comment or discussion on March 11
Virginia Baxter jeff cohen sentencing courts generally 6.1 the Academic Senate
President thank you for president Otto I just like to say that I am very pleased
to be beginning my second term as the Academic Senate President and I’m very
grateful to the faculty who elected been entrusted me to serve them in this way
and I look forward to working with all of you again this year and reporting to
you the work of the Senate including curriculum and other academic and
professional matters thank you I’m just curious as to the feedback that you’ve
gotten about how it’s going so far 100% positive it’s so we’re saying to
vice president delgadio earlier neither one of us needed to add any more to our
workload but it but it’s the most gratifying work that I’ve done in a very
very long time and it’s it’s so needed and I think you’ll be hearing from the
leader Academy participants that they feel the same but I want to i’m glad you
brought it up because I want to thank the board for the board goal that
supports this program and I want to thank superintendent president Oakley
for his unwavering support of this program as well 6.2 report by from the superintendent
president thank you for president Otto echoed my appreciation to all the lead
Academy members took a wonderful step forward in just participate in this
program so I i want to thank him for giving up their weekend to further the
mission of Long Beach City College so thank you for that couple things are you mentioned
America’s college promise in happy to say that Long Beach is has a seat at the
table helping craft that message for our nation’s leaders and we’re excited to
participate and we’re looking forward to the president’s announcement on
september ninth on the heels of that we are going to have the Long Beach college
promised annual report card an event on September 24th so it’ll be here at Long
Beach City College beginning at 10 a.m. so we’re looking forward to that couple other issues are want to bring up
first of all I thought college day was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with
our mission in think everyone involved in the college stay committee for
bringing everybody together in college day so thank you for your hard work
working all summer to to bring us together and you know I’ve had a few had
a few people ask me what was the point of the movie and I think we all come to
it with our various lenses I think there’s not one answer for every
individual faculty members staff member student and individual who was there
that day but when I hope you took from that is that our work matters to a lot
of people and we have to continue to put that first and foremost and continue to
remember why we’re here because our work matters to a lot of the kids that walked
into our doors and adults on Monday speaking of which of course
this semester started yesterday so I think all the faculty and staff who
welcomed our students beginning yesterday into our classrooms into our
buildings into the chaos that is Long Beach City College the first week so
excited to start another academic year and I’m excited to be part of that the
final thing I want to say is you know as as I was hearing the public comment I
was thinking a lot about some of the comments that were being made and you
know i’ve i’ve said here for a little over nine years almost nine years
actually and heard a lot of discussion about my performance my salary and
although I take very seriously the comment I just want to make a few
comments and corrections first of all give this opportunity to challenge
everybody to give to Long Beach college promise scholarship and although I been
a contributor to the scholarship on a monthly basis you know I’m just going to calculate
what my after-tax 2% increase is and I’m gonna give it to Jenny and I challenge
anybody who has the opportunity to give it to Jenny as well in support of our
students so although some may think that this is petty i just i just think that
the more that we can all give to Long Beach caused drama scholarship that
better offer all going to be so I’ll turn over my payroll change in payroll
deduction to Jenny and just give that amount to the foundation you know I think in particular trustees
yeah you made some comments about my salary increase since I became president
and I think it’s unfortunate because those are inaccurate comments when I
became president i worked hard with the board to negotiate a contract that separated
out the base salary and whatever other benefits and incentives worked in to
ensure that the board felt that it was comfortable bringing me in a salaried
lower than the city superintendent president at the time and there was an
agreement that I made with the board dad they put in incentives to keep me here
to incentivize me to stay here over time and then somewhere along the line we
decided that the management team needed to take a pay cut and I asked the board
to put me on furlough first and I stayed on those furloughs I was on those
foreigners furloughs first and I stayed on those furloughs well after the
management team was restored and then finally I was the first to say that all
of my benefits any income I Ricci be rolled into this
coming contract so although you say that my salary increase by $100,000 a big
chunk of that money was always in my country I wanted to ensure that it was
transparent going forward we didn’t have to do it that way and I know the Board
discussed various ways to do it but I just think it it’s unfortunate the way
you described my salary and when can comment and certainly disagree or agree
whether or not I’m worth whatever I make and that’s a legitimate concern and it’s
a legitimate criticism but I think the way you describe the increase in my
salary is unfortunate because that’s not the way it was constructed to begin with
with the original board that hired me it wasn’t the reason I’m still here and it
certainly wasn’t the way it played out over time and I think it left a lot of
facts out and I just want to correct the record so I want to thank the four board
members who voted in favor of salary increase I appreciate your confidence
and will do everything I can to secretary McHugh to continue to lead
this college forward that’s all I have to say 6.3 soon tristique thank you so like to
really support and present Oakley comment about welcome back welcome back
to students faculty staff admin it’s been a busy two days so far so i’m
looking forward to you finding parking the first five minutes it it’s very hot
out there if you know anything about me I don’t know I don’t mix well with the
heat so I’m excited for the fall semester because members are definitely
cool down I was hiding somewhere wasn’t fun but we’re looking forward to a great
semester it’s easier to be here I was discussing the program doing program
where they came in and did three scores and took some classes and enrolled
everything and actually work with one of the students that actually did that
program and she was really excited to come in and be a part of Long Beach
community and she’s very excited for friends and for all the people she met
in those three weeks and she knows her way around which I was a bit jealous I
wish I would have known my way around before school started but I think that
program is great and i’m looking forward to helping out with that as much as they
can and will be out soon as well also on the 14th to 16th which I guess
was a busy weekend for everyone I also was at a convention we went to Sutra CE
workshop during that it’s a workshop put on by the community college in
California and it was over down south in Costa Mesa not too far to drive in over
the weekend I met with every almost every student receives from california
is about a hundred thirteen colleges now congrats that one that just got
accredited but 213 community colleges and about 70 districts but it was a
great experience it was very enlightening learned about the different
processes that comes the community college I finally learned what
accreditation is which I should have known beforehand but I can’t really
blame myself for that and yeah it was a good experience looking for its you
apply everything I learned over the weekend to get here and again thank you
guys for attending Raz leadership retreat before she can make it cuz it
fell on that weekend but I was the first day I miss out on the awesome zip lining
on Saturday but yeah Thank You has again and looking forward to our next meeting
in about two weeks Board of Trustees Senecio so I don’t
know how this workers are usually good laughs with the roll call but I’ll go
first call us and students and wish you the best on this a new academic year and
just wanna comment that I had the pleasure of attending I guess the first
opening day or college day and I was very pleased to be there and very
impressed and I want to acknowledge Karen came for her leadership you’re a
great storyteller I really appreciated being there and I really appreciated watching that movie that first
generation and again it’s a dedicated myself you know it’s it’s important to
see the experiences of our students and it reminds me how things have changed
from time that I was a student at the time
that many of you sitting in this room where students where we were full-time
students first and then part-time workers second and today’s experience
with soon as with many other students I know that I work with they work two or
three jobs and then they attend full-time and so it’s difficult for them
to focus entirely on being students and so it’s important that is to you begin
the year they do you think about experiences that these students may be
having at home that you think about when sometimes we say you know you need to
focus on being students who need to concentrate on just the end that’s gotta
be your priority oftentimes even though they want to make it their priority life
has other priorities for them and survival is one of them so I think it’s
important for us to keep in mind that these students experiences are very
different from our own even even though I’m first generation
but I know that is a first-generation student my experience was very very
different from the experiences of the students that we saw in that movie on
Friday so it’s it’s it’s just critical that we keep that in mind particularly
particularly think about how we schedule our classes because when you have these
students working two or three jobs they’re not going to be your students
attending a 212 Monday and Wednesday are more likely to be your students
attending in the evening or on a Friday or on a Saturday so let’s keep that in
mind also I just wanna say that very pleased and happy and I applaud you for
the work that you have done you represent our profession and you have my
support my entire support thank you for being a professional that you are and
for putting latinos out there thank you thank you I congratulate the lead
Academy and thank you for staying here and and listening to the whole board
beating I think I saw greenmail the words never again will I i saw you doin
proudly wearing his shirt a lot of you know that the Long Beach City College
Foundation paid for the food so I got a lot of positive comments about the food
and we were happy to do that when Rose actually asked for $1000 regular
Foundation grant and we had some money set aside by two dear little ladies
belin Helen where and they were both teachers at Long Beach Unified School
District and they lived a long time Beulah B 86 in Helmand 9694 and they
believe they were teachers and they believed in education and I thought they
would really I’m sure that came down from heaven and Dolby journey using some
of our money this way if the auditor is but I think I think that they would be very very
pleased and very proud and and I’m very proud of what the lead academies doing
it I think Dublin rosen Karen very very much for that just some of the things
that I’ve been doing was at the building V ribbon cutting and open house and that
facility is incredible I was amazed by the culinary area the math area and I
think we should all be very very proud of a beautiful new addition to our
facilities and I want to thank every and the whole the bond management team and
everybody for working very very hard to just have a wonderful state of the art
building I also attended that same week the UTech ribbon-cutting universal
Technical Institute is just down the street and Conant and they are I went
through their entire facility and they have state of the art equipment it’s
wonderful but I also mentioned to the president that I think this is an
opportunity for a partnership to help teach math and teach English skills to
the potential students and so I hope that that will result in a good
relationship with us with our neighbors obviously I was also a college day in
there was a wonderful day and wanna think whoever thought of having
breakfast at all the different activities in and of course the film and
congratulations to Karen I taught you well and then I also went to Cerritos I
went to Cerritos College last week and they have a new president and I have to
tell you I had a hard I spent more time finding a place to park than driving
there it took me 15 minutes to get there to be twenty minutes to find a place to
park then it took me another 10 minutes to find the building because there are
no I am NOT criticizing Cerritos College a lovely school but there was no sign of
any such I got there that to meet the president seems like a
delightful man I invited him to come over to our campus in and read our
superintendent president and so I hope that he does not do fear 0 he’s due to
California so I’m sure that he’ll take all kinds of advice for us also this
week the foundation transferred $316,000 for school student scholarships just
this week actually less Friday I expect another bill this week and so I’m
preparing for it you doing about the stock market you
know this is not a good time to sell things so i i i closed out every savings
account they know in the foundation of money squirreled away so even sold
anything yet but we got together and I don’t even tell Alicia how much I put
together cuz I don’t want to give her any incentives there but anyway this is
an exciting time for our student because this is when they need the money and so
as they come forward with their proven one moment we are happy to do this and
we’re working on getting more money for next year because of college promises is
going to do bigger and better things and so we’re keeping that in mind also just
some events coming up the present circles having an event on September 10
this raises money to fund the present ambassadors program on September 9th we’re having no VIP Hall of Fame
reception and poor people are going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in
October October 29th we’re having an alumni reception here in our new
facility and that’s going to be very nice and i’m looking forward to that September 17th the fine arts group and
Morgan was here but I think he left but the members of the of the different by
and large departments music and theatre and dancin and the visual art are going to have
what’s called the pop art our pop-up art evening downtown Long Beach in the
landmark square building September 17th you’re all invited in this money raised
$25 a person very reasonable supports the are all the arts programs and then I
want to congratulate General Peter Gravette who is going to become inducted
into the California State Community College Alumni general Gravette was a
former head of the California Veterans Administration he’s a retired police
officer he’s also was a major in the National Guard and I think he wrote will
represent us all very well at the league conference which is in November and I’m
sure we will be there to salute him and this is a real coup for Long Beach City
College because colleges from all over nominate people and and we’re very
pleased that general event is our nominee and will be there to
congratulate him that by report the president and the just like to say thank
you very quickly to a couple items college day it is one of those great
events a lot of fun I did not attend this year
for the first time that I actually had a good excuse the I was on vacation so I was really
thinking about you guys during that week but it is a wonderful
experience great day last year remember being many booths with telling students
where to go and fortunately Vice President Biden was also to correct what
I was telling them where to go and what it is just as exciting week it’s great
and it really does charge your batteries when you see students showing up and
seeing the looks on their eyes and you know you are helping people we’ve all
been there were not quite sure where we’re going but you know they’re all
going in the right direction so congratulations everybody that is a
special day for the college I just doesn’t happen happens a lot of people
put some time and effort in so to all of you thank you very much for that are
still trustee mentioned the fact he was under that was actually down here in
Orange County unfortunately again I had a good halves on that same vacation but
the reason why I mentioned is because that is actually on the umbrella of the
California Community College leak and in particular the the subcommittee’s aces
its educational services which I chair they’re the ones that work with the
curriculum the student trustees so it’s very it’s great to hear that there was a
positive experience positive wasn’t there are piles because what you learn
but it was it so it is great to be there see the student trustees interact and
don’t ever apologize for not understand what accreditation here I couldn’t spell
accreditation below know what it was so you’re way ahead of the game but that is
a very positive and put on by the league and a lot of a lot of people supporting
it so I appreciate the fact that ended and you you’ve got to be involved with
it elite Academy obviously you’re here we
all have the same going to feed them as I stand here to the end of it but I do
want to say thank you public to everyone involved in a bit
actually was very instrumental in pushing that indicate that going here as
well so my compliments to really stand on that issue because it is a benefit to
this college and everyone hopefully you do get things out of it there are
positive and I’m sure you will be my final is to superintend present Oakley
when I and I so take this as my my applauding you can I want to
re-emphasize again that he was given a pay raise that he learned that he was
given and we didn’t have to do that but we did and they donated it to pay taxes
on it and he donated it back to the college college promise that doesn’t
earn a B cried she Nepal round of applause from people just to acknowledge
the fact that somebody does that and I watched people they go like what he did
but I don’t want to acknowledge personally 710 president that once again
is a wonderful example for me personally and when we hired you the qualities you had and to do that for
the students I I think should be emphasized and just
wanted you set it nobody told you you had to do it and he did it and I think
that is just the quality of our leadership we have here I think we
should be proud of that and we all should acknowledge it and not be afraid
to say thank you for doing that that’s a wonderful gesture and it helped a lot of
students so congratulations and thank you for that I’m sure the foundations
also very excited about getting money as well so and so present thank you very much for your
leadership thank you for that gesture and personally I am very impressed by
that act with that report this academic year should be a great year at Long
Beach City College and another year that we can all be proud of said thank you
all very much go Vikings so you feel something
different this you feel like people really are shown to work together acknowledged one another consider what
other people here or concerned about what to do i mean I feel it it’s not
just the lead Academy tonight just 89 or 90 new family people that’s what
education is it’s not a business it’s not place where you are efficient all
the time that we have to be efficient because lots of people won the seat it
we have here but I just have this feeling tone that what’s going on here
is that we’re starting to pull together and given the directions that we’re
going it’s absolutely required that we do that because otherwise we won’t get
it done we’re going to decrease the time to
graduation if we’re going to make sure that students achieve their educational
objectives then we all gotta look at one another and see how we do it and I don’t
just mean the president I don’t mean the Board of Trustees I mean the classifieds
there are times when we’re all in this together and I just have a very good
feel about the beginning of this year and that’s what I wanna celebrate and
hope that we can continue to do that I thought that the video that was done by
the lead Academy people was was terrific absolutely terrific I wasn’t pins and
needles all weekend while they were away when I was gonna be like I was waiting
for Karen to call me on Sunday I was waiting forever their deal called me and
said oh my god this was terrific John Philpott called me but didn’t call me
till Sunday I was a record that was gonna go so it’s a good start to this
year hope we can keep it up just easy thank you president Otto earlier this evening a resolution for
laying off classified staff was voted on and we also voted on the quarterly
financial status report showing an increase in our revenue in addition to
an increase to our reserves in recent past record totaling 24 percent which is
approximately 26 million dollars and disappointed that my colleagues voted
YES on this resolution in light of our financial growth we pride ourselves in
being a family in need to treat all our stakeholders including are classified
employees as such there are plenty of opportunities for support staff in our
district given our recovery from the cart cutbacks which we should treat our
staff who are the backbone of this district as people not numbers this is
about equity there’s no nothing personal I could he
doesn’t know raised doubts about being Latino not about being black white or
jewish it really doesn’t know race or gender and it’s about fairness for all
as we pledge to our nation’s flag every time we’re here every day liberty and justice for all I am proud
of my vote I am proud to stand with our faculty and staff the eighty-seven
percent of the people who did voice their loud and clear opinion and I will
always stand with you and I will always have your back now moving on to a queen
trustee baxter’s remarks about the ribbon-cutting speaking of staff I’m
very proud of the work that our staff did for the opening of the common area
building in the mouth Technology Building was fantastic so great job Tory administration and all those people
who have been involved in making this making the day possible I’m speaking of
contributing guard salaries trustee backs realized the started to
scholarships last year when was for yes all students wartime yes all students
and one ways for students who are not eligible for bog waivers and they’re
right about the cusp and we have decided this year to dedicate one other
scholarships to our students who are facing housing instability in our who
are homeless who identified as homeless and I want to encourage our students to
contact us or the scholarship office as we work through this effort and if you
have any questions you have direct access to me can call me on my cell phone and this
goes for any student any staff member in any community member my cell phone
number is 562 270 5017 or you can email me at Sunny . 01 @ thank you
that’s all a trustee committees the Communications Committee is low beam
towards completing it reported will probably be ready for the October
meeting we’re down to drafting getting close I don’t think there any other
trustees committee reports this is an opportune agenda item 7.1 an opportunity
for Board of Trustee members to request items for future board agendas came up because I’m working with the
foundation on on some items as far as part of the master plan that they have
developed in the past 12 months and during that and I just presented for
possible future consideration is that to have representatives from the foundation
to come in resent that strategic plan to the
board’s the borders where what’s taking place what they’re trying to accomplish and can probably be a good item so
somewhere in the future it’s something we discussed when I was sitting on those
meetings and the opportunity and actually it was 1.7 even said they
weren’t even sure the status of the strategic master plan that has been
completed so I think the good opportunity future to look at your place
that we can put that item so the foundation’s board can come into a
presentation on strategic plan ok we will move to appoint one public
comments on our agenda items we have no money so I would now announced at the
next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees will be held on September 8
liberal arts campus here in this room will begin at 4 p.m. open session at 5
p.m. and