Thank you don’t the any questions
members aboard this time and then we will actually we need to put some lotion on the floor
as far as a next step spars process will be handling for those come
by me the questions at this time I have a question as trust easier I’m so I noticed that that be last meeting and this is just very minor but I think
it’s know where the two add the public
comments cuz the other two meetings and reflected the public’s input am I know we had some on August 22nd them if that’s possible I think quite a
number of people came and spoke him that’s one comment and the other question I had an did did you want to respond to that burger
TG do I i if it doesn’t say it in there the only
thing I can say in my defense is that we try to rate that I in a very short period of time
afterwards in fact I think between the in the meeting about six o’clock and
distribution to everybody by seven o’clock so there were people that came there are a
lot of people that testified and that should be duly noted thanks keep
great am and by the way and this is a you’re a fantastic job cell am its own
command you for tuning can a great job and also the
committee and the question I have is more on the
process have ranking in interviews and what
happens if we had it too 11 in situations like to members vote
for an individual another and to members on our board vote
for others and are we going to discuss that India
this forum or should be and/or if my and and let me because that
really gets into again this this information is so we
have people reports come out when the ad hoc me has done tremendous Matt never did
not reach by the results 13 qualified candidates but more importantly for us at this
meeting we need to set in place what we’re gonna do at the September night meeting to to address this can your point is on
hand at the question I have plea for discussions we can start to
develop some type of motion we can all agree upon I I personally
would like to see us we’re going to be here when you have to use be all thirteen members will have the
option speak to us will probably have some questions go back and forth with those
thirteen members at that point I’m after they’ve had that
opportunity we need to get this list down to a manageable number how we kept
at it I think the point you’re trying to get to I would just say that I would like to after the discussions with candidates on Sept night tonight me is to get it down to
Leicester 3-for-5 that we can then look more seriously at
I would personally not just expresses I
don’t wanna sit there and and ranked 13 13 because I think that’s
somewhat insulting to all quality people the semi 12/13/10 my
last does not mean they’re good people but
what I would rather like to do insults cash I would like to find a way
that I have the ability to list but I believe would be the top
three four five or six and how we can do that site what I would like this get more that’s
one area that I liked have for tonight’s discussion so we can at that mean and unexplained
is really start to focus on after the 13 counties have adopted get
down to a finals last without would be insensitive all the
people replied so my personal preference a room want to
talk about it and the challenge for everyone in the
audience we have to do this in a public form so we have to work through it in this
way instead of trying to find a process and coming in and giving you the committee came ups my
tears but that would be my personal preferences if I have the opportunity to list how we do it or I would perceive
less right say would be a top-three for 5 maximum candidates that’s what I
would like to do now to get how we do that in other
questions think we’re talking about the same thing are you proposing to have 125 like rank the individuals or just the top are just express what I personally like
to do after I have the 13 individual speak Ireland right down why I believe we might top 3 or four whatever we feel and and then compare that to everyone else’s
top three or four never-never we agree upon and if we can
find some consensus those with them be the finalist that we
can move forward with be my preference how we make that work I know trust the
other has not things along those lines on how we can make that actually a
formal process for them my preference us so that that’s how I
would like to go about it I think I was just trying to manage this
you know in a very professional way and again I’m process is the fact that
these people applied there probably are very qualified this is almost like a reality show
somebody’s going to have been up to sitting in this seat come to Tampa night
on that’s a good or bad thing but the Beano
rose on here but it’s pretty darn close process so that as my preference if you
have any other ideas feel free president kala trustee Baxter yeah I just before we start into this I
10 at my thanks to the committee I know they
worked very very hard under very tight deadline I particularly when I think trustee Otto
because he spent a great deal this personal time
bolinas in I appreciate to mister taylor Oakley mister rudin Miss K height so we’re at that point and
actress tiana and you had some your other world David anything at this time sites thank
you for bring the time into so if are recognized Cristiano if we won a promotion Joe motion that we
can be really start to discuss need the sense the is since last Friday night I thought and looked and tried to figure out what the most
fair open transparent way would be to do this and arm I think that it would improve
upon the recommendations the committee if we did the following:
first angry entirely that the impact ir bored she interview all the candidates in open session
packed I think that’s required by the Ralph M Brown Act I’m and that as the conclusion those interviews that a break be taken and that the finalists be worked on now what I mean by that is I’m sorry the first step is this the first step is
it the candidates should be randomized for
purposes in interviews so not in alphabetical order not in order love applications being filed but we had a randomized all the names
and then go through the interviews in that process secondly we interview
all all all the applicants in order and that each love the trustees be ass to individually rate in private meaning not in a discussion or not publicly in order because I think
that would affect the randomness of it as well what their I up their preferences are as follows in
this is a little tricky it’s called a plurality system if your candidate number one to be
interviewed and I we had a great earthquake and
you’ve been interviewed then your number one and everybody else
gets killed in the building then you’re the new trustee use because
the second person who’s interviewed his then either number
one or number two it number two can supplant number one or not number three can supplant number one or two number 4 can supplant numbers 3 to or one and the decision about that is up to
each individual trustee and you go through that process all the
way to the bottom up the total number of applications and then what happens is you take a
break any add up scores and the lowest number I numbers are your three finalists with this cabbie you talking about the
difference between for even five yr I don’t know one point or something like that a key interview
all not all I’ll 30 November 12 over whatever it is but interview those that are close you
can make a decision about that in public is good that arm those people then be declared to be
finals that at that point what happens is that because by my expectations in
calculations that’s about it for our meeting already and personally I want to make a
decision about who is gonna be unless its
transparent I and I doubt that it is cuz I read the
applications in their lot too good candidates on that watch it happen is that we
should we already on our gym tonight have a
special meeting scheduled for what I would propose to
the 11th love September I two days later arm we can come up with a process for
that that is very similar to this additional questions additional
interviewing and at that point take the finalists and make a decision about who the provisional trustee for every two will
be people are more rested be able a chance
to think now as a background to all of that or
repeat what I said I that I couldn’t say about everybody in
the public but I can say I recommend to the Board of Trustees and
that is going forward from today the trustees on are not to contact candidates nor are candidates to contact trustees on and cut trustees are not to accept
contacts from those lobbying for any particular candidate all
information concerning any candidate is to be
received by the Board in open session so I think doing that cleans up a lot in the
mischief that can go on in the process and I think that what it does is is provide and open process so the public gets to see everything that
we do that it is transparent in the sense that on I’m also you can’t you can see what
we’re doing and you know what the rules are. he had a time I’m it is as fair as it can possibly be
because we’re trying to get as much bias I love it by randomization by not allowing these
kinds of contact by getting through the list with I’m
more I would say objective too subjective
think that it but it’s but it’s a process that tries to weed
out the by sees it can come from people
making statements here on this stage that might influence
somebody else one thing that I didn’t say is that we would request I’ll I don’t
think we can require because it’s an open meeting but they we were requested all the
candidates on the night remain outside the room Wow the
interviews are being done by every other candid that so that you
can listen to other people’s answers a few later you might get lucky in terms of
getting some information now i cant I can’t do any more than
recommend that I can just tell you but my personal feeling would be if a
candidate or a buncha Canada Twitter decide the Syrian how I feel about those
candidates to are you can imagine so that’s another by
and check on the bias that could possibly happen um the the the the process would then be
concluded on the 11 up Sept and upper provisional area to trustee would be
appointed on that day arm I’m happy to listened what anybody else’s gotta say I can’t say that this is anything more
than my best thinking I’ve talked to some
people with experience in elections I talk to
somebody in the City Clerk’s office in Long Beach you does this all the time I talk to people on this campus who
understand statistics in the approach to things and and also the way that these things might
be done and I assure you that I am acutely aware how important it
is but this approach for this process to be
open transparent and share and that’s what
I’m trying to do but this recommendation I have a question chair recognizes trust easy and I’m gonna try to puts
show so for emotion this potentially
much-discussed trustee see I’m bus was an honor I just wanna
make sure I understand so it’s actually we’re going to 3 to a
moratorium period between now and the time that we make a
selection cracked so that we it’s like the anti
lobbying closeted that is not in writing pad if I understand correctly I recommend that and I think it’s a great idea and
the question I have is them I can we do reference checks and and ask community members independently verify the information
presented to us am I was sent me invite us to do that and invest the time and if if we want to but on I’m open to ideas
and lastly I’m I was under the impression that the
them and second meeting potential meeting for
the interviews with September to call for not 11th at 4 p.m. and i’d a pic with the time of so I so much I
have an understanding and and the problem was that are arm on the twelfth the president is
gonna be outta town I and it’s a college we can for one of
his kids and so I I E I just said okay I’ll make the recommendation do that we
can talk to you talk about it you work i mean the evening and left after six o’clock
or it after six all that member all these meetings will be in the
evening I’m sorry issue said that so that everybody has an opportunity to it
and everybody as an opportunity to speak and
they can be much much more open-ended for better for worse division with at 4 p.m. on Friday the
12th sir okay I I didn’t see the 4 p.m. I’m
sorry in it that’s fine Jackie will be fired
as home now we want that a so believe me I we could not get along without jacking the other question I have is what
happens in a situation if we have a tu hi and how are we gonna
dress that in said do we keep going and manages
money changers Tanner we independently scoring are we being sequestered in going taking a break an independent was
going and coming back know we we r im in the proposal that I’m
at. making everybody scores at the same time right after the interview has been
conducted nobody’s talking to anybody nobody’s a trading chits nobody’s her talking about
what they what they like and what they don’t like
and that as a result of that process we get are on mathematician are a
statistician to add up the scores executives has to the
finals is we have a time limit her candidate a fifteen minutes till early gonna go
over that was in the resolution and I’d love for it to be last I’m not sure we can do it I’ll remind
people what we have we have 11 questions on the applications
that everybody feel down I must say a lot of them were not that
dissimilar I so differentiating candidates is a not going to be an easy task but thats
background information because we have 7 proposed questions that was supposed
to be asking all the candidates to cheap it keep it as uniform as possible to be honest with you I have
a little bit of a problem not only with that but with though questions themselves on now ’em but on I my my senses that those could be fine too and the reason
for that is because they were done way back when we were initially talked
about this process the only important thing would be that
the candidates have ample time to consider the questions
that they might be as at the meeting and I think that you
certainly could do that if they had a weaker or something sucks out some way to do
that and I mean I’ve thought love the idea I love this board appointing committee to which you can add more than two would be
a violation the Brown Act to arm to to work on those who love in
between questions it it’s impossible to address everything
but in terms of devaluation 0 the application questions turned love whether that questions are
adequate whether the questions are complete whether they need to be reformed if you
could just fine tune that a little bit I don’t think that you wanna give any authority and
all to change the process to any committee I because you then it doesn’t appear to be open then
it doesn’t appear to be transparent enemy probably doesn t even appear to be
fair but a but you may need to tweak some
things. a along the way to keep it that way and so I that a suggestion that I make that want one way to to help it
stay on track so like an IM and let me ask this
question on September 11th did actually I thought the Paris weakens
weekend I hip the September 11th is a Thursday if September 10 works better but the
problem with that is getting right up against I previous
night so money given to the some gap in between
so that’s what we can September 11 my apologies that so let me at least a Jeff excuse me there’s
a Hall of Fame reception on the tent and the only 11 at what time well where there’s a will to schedule a
meeting at midnight okay does this mean start a sex and I’m worried about one day I’m worried
about one day not only for up purposes if they’ve been a very short
period of time that term assuming Jackie Wilson be working for us
a the amount of work that to about at and just for discussion I asked
the question what happens if we go through amina I’m
gonna try my best to the frame motion permanently formally discuss my
question was wonderin what here that in the 13 candidates that
we review every one has rated we’ve all read individual number one why
without going any farther if that’s the case so that was a
question I brought up but then it’s really I’m looking at more
at this meeting is that I’m II obviously we’ll have a
number one but I’m really looking at who would be my top three maybe so close it may be 1a 1b and 1c but I did ask questions and we still
felt it needed to have and trustee out to address it we still
have a little extra time because to this is a very important
decision and one that does not happen that often and for almost a month to campaigns a
city for all the 13 candidates you’ll never
get an opportunity where you left against three human beings that you get
to be an elected official doesn’t happen less this process so and and and sensitive to that very
sensitive yet if i may what concerns me about to
saying well we got for number ones what’s the problem will
just a point that person is that I might say you know I’m gonna rate this person
number one but it’s so close to number two that arm I committees in both number 12
I can’t do that so when I’m gonna do is relate rate number two but I’m still on the fence
about it so it just the its I’m trying to make it is as transparent as possible and night and
I think that that’s why they should be subsequently so I’m going to a and listened carefully
on this this is going to be the motion that will be people run by the board what the recommendation is to one superintend present to verify data author chaplain africans prior to
the September night many number two that Hall all applicants worldly excuse me and you mean the legal
requirements legal requirements that already verified it has that that
was the Committee’s recommendation a and and I don’t think from Friday
night until this morning they were able to do
it I think they’re working on it and you got to get everybody’s address and find
out whether they live in the district I’m just at state senator rod Wright or city councilman alarcon whether
that’s an easy question ‘it’s so the first one is the soup interns and verify the legal data all applicants prior to the September
night me national view recommend recommended family this one I’m a box is a
recommendation all applicants number two all applicants
to be interviewed at the September night meeting order to
be randomly chosen each candidate to be given five
minutes to address the board followed by questions and answers
members aboard however long that goes will have to to Cape each individual be
in five minutes to speak dressed important or Jersey or randomly interview was it was it in and the
dramatization occurs first and he said also we’re gonna friendly
select who so again because I think jackie is
riding all applicants to be interviewed it’s
midnight mean ordered be randomly what word K and staff list and each candidate our
applicant to your to have five minutes to address
the board part by questions from members up the order trustees
number three in will they be asked the seven
questions I’m getting to that problem sorry I’m
number three I all applicants all applicants are to be rated by each
trustee and then all all the scores be calculated by and I’m in the same
name just because gives you problems even you’re here over
gunnery corporate you from our institutional research that you will
then incorporate all the four or trustees
schoolrooms for all 30 napkins and then I’m hussein even institutional
effectiveness institutional effectiveness I had to put a name jackie is doing a lot and so so the all all applicants
will be rated by each individual trustee privately privately correct so starter Jeff at rated as an equal rating up top three
or ranking 133 let’s I’m interpret this way it’ll be in the
ranking all applicants to establish the top three candidates from each board member that Claire so we will be rankin 13 13 essentially but what will happen
is the top three if there is some wiggle room where the
recent highs we will we will not have upon the bore
you start to see ratings number one number two number three and
simply jump to be we’ll take a tally and they will turn into our to
institutional research person Kilcock play all so like me. so for jackie’s purposes because Jack is
you have to repeat this to me and everyone else I’m I just wanna flush
this one out so all of conspiracy by each trustee
privately then the he’ll be calculated by either
and then reported out the top three I before perhaps 3 for 5 okay 34 or 325 every go had leave it at that then the top the top three to five to returned for September 11th median at 6 p.m. for final questions in the next bullet out a minor for this a subcommittee the Board of Trustees and
I’ll do now because its has be only two in
our last doc otto interested Baxter to come up with some questions talking to
people so so the national be a subcommittee of
the Board of Trustees that will the trustee auto and Baxter to develop questions to be utilize at
the September 11th meeting and talking to people what do you mean
talking to people talking to his dad don’t don’t put that in there are
certain say it does but I i have a question on that was warehousing and come up with the
questions me they want they will meet Miss
talisman criteria questions I’m we have to have some process and
that’s that’s why understand but I just wouldn’t make sure
it with I it I didn’t want to get in there because
that could be very general and to talk to a person some games at Starbucks so and then a actual a a finalist re: a individual be selected at that meeting and the request was and this is where I
stopped it is it is recommended that there’ll be no communications
between trustees and applicants and/or there advocates supporters between now hand the selection an individual a request we can request
this I don’t wanna put this is part of motion just did come up at the meeting like a
request that the individuals operates night packets into for the
problem so that’s why I didn’t include at a request just at the beating on
September 1911 I can ask individuals please stand
outside in all fairness they can turn say no or let’s face it
it’s pretty easy to say somebody sitting here then walk out tell
what’s going on so it’s a nice request but there’s no real
legal years in a row legal footing that we can stand on so
that’s sad now can you replete that back to me so before we go there to have at your
last point you mentioned it applicants and their advocate so are you because I think doug’s recommendation
was the applicant’s themselves my question was it rap doing independent verification
references that they’ve provided which is essentially advocates are you suggesting we shouldn’t do that
either I want a I’m I will not because it’ll
make my life a lot simpler everyone in the world is gonna start
calling on behalf of a candidate and it’s our decision so that’s that’s
why I said this is really only a recommendation excuse me them president cop-killer they
gave three references yeah late the the Canon EOS yet we asked
for it is is do you have an objection if we
check and the three people that they put on the application
I actually felt that was gonna fall in love with the superintendent president
coming back in verifying 3 recommendations are actually recommendations on behalf of others
officials that’s why I was looking at in a tacit shoeprint any president
personally make those phone calls that a lot of phone calls I just think
that administrative burden on our our staff in if we’re gonna admit if we
should spend I would like to have that option
to independently verified I don’t think we
should exclude trustees not to make phone calls and
share with the applicants but assuming wanna trust and verify the
information it only for some recomendation from the
ad hoc they were talking about the importance
of that okay I can’t stop anybody from taking a phone call from so many by I think you’d be wise for we’re not
careful because you’re going to start here in a lot of ways at how about this ’em what if we had any of the four trustees could contact
any of the three recommendations I initially I I dismiss that idea because
I thought imagine if I said sure I support you and all the sudden they started
receiving bunches a different phone calls from people but with only four trustees that’s not
too bad so on but but I’d limited to those
individuals in our Rick not not go out and just calling
people that known in the community and the reason for that is I think the
fairness of the process is undermined if what happens is is a lot
of information that one trustee has it another trustee doesn’t have is so you try and keep it within the
interviews within the and answers to questions on
the questionnaires and to information that everybody is
gathering as opposed to just random information it somebody says
well you know that that guy won the high jump in the Olympics in 1994 I act
a green sleazy so in for again recommendations
solely in this as I’ll be right back to us and
hopefully I’ll be we can make a motion soldiers P the
recommendation that be do not communicate with T with the applicants penalty to tap everything
else to make it simpler because all fairness
you can this this game and ship can go on and on
it can be some economy happen applicants online reality is we have to find somebody who
represent the area to in a positive way so should so
the recommendation eliminate that that they would shitty
trustees are it’s recommended the trustees do not
communicate directly with the applicants and we can have a process for the public
to be hard are we going to have a process in and
may perhaps memorialized in this motion process
where the public can speak on behalf of a candidate weekend contemplate that as well and it goes
without saying these are public meetings grounded by
governed by the Brown Act and it every single public meeting all members that want to talk and talk
Lim D three minutes murdered she down and and I’m only
because i sorry watch the mines work if I’m an applicant I’m bringing
everybody family friends somebody that knew me in high
school in their command that podium and I really I’m I approaches they’re
all qualified they all have supporters I would really personally discourage
that the unless you want to have because that
then it becomes a situation where there can bring 20 people when you bring 20 people and we don’t
have enough room and I would the fact is that this is a
political office so I hear you’re sane we can’t stop
there but I will tell you probably have some
free throws a scenario lookout I will say that each individual
will have five minutes to speak as we reflected in this motion
personally speak but will put a limit on the number we are we speaking as well as members
board if there are people in the audience then but we’re going to have to put some
limitations on could just start working out the numbers board president kellogg we will unless you change the way we handle the
agenda we would need to handle it as them the public speaking on merchandise
item sandwiches other limitations that exist there so
that’s the way would be approaching the current policy about can we limits the number of
people that can speak under a.m. the Brown Act you can limit based
on the subject with San that well we have is a as a
policy here hi it is 30 minutes per item ours a twenty minutes per item
doing 20 minutes per item you can tell right away with 13 happen ken is so it does that’s why your point is well taken I would really
discourage people from doing that this is about individual candidates applicants but if they show up that’s how we’ll
address it and sold it to be fair it means that
there probably very little opportunity for supporters come that put him speak on
behalf and I think it’s 20 minutes per subject so the question
is what is subject yet as it was my next question and no it TV I think that’s a little bit limiting
cuz 20 min the subject is an appointment a and or the subjects could be the
appointment at this particular person to that position I can see somebody
interpret it that way so that everybody altered 13m could have 20 minutes we would be here in tel past the
deadline and the 13 meant so I will too so people so they
don’t suddenly start recruiting other friends
and neighbors there will be limitations on public comments as well Mike passes the chairs so it wouldn’t be the number people
would be the numbers mean it stands as the making come and speak for 30 seconds they’re out became bring 50 people and
then you if there within 20 minutes they’re fine and I can tell you know by
being and being in this room where a large crowd people their
passion I miss you I it puts a tremendous burden on the
chair to to forced tell people we signed up for this
position I gladly so we should given the opportunity it’s just not hers it’s not really
import so I mean we can sit there and make this
a political rally but we have to be very careful and and
and and let me just make the point about what we’re talking about here if the applicant’s hadn’t filled out
questionnaires let the applicant’s didn’t submit to a relatively link the personal statement
about what it is that they were interested in is bored and wanted to do
and I and and some people come up and say
things about the person I’m gonna I’m gonna be surprised that
we’re gonna learn a whole lot that’s new so I don’t want this to be
cut yeah I mean don’t I can personally say that I am NOT gonna
count the number of people that come up and
talk on somebody’s behalf as a basis for my making a decision
about whether that person should become the provisional trustee on every once in a blue moon are you learned something
additional but by and large have been set to a lot
of these kinds in meetings what happens is people say things about
a certain subject that on somebody else is about to see
again or I and I am NOT saying that this this
in any way limitation I’m just saying that personally I’ll take all the testimony that comes
in but it’s not persuasive for people to repeat themselves and I was probably looking at it more
online service do you have certain advocacy group standing up for
the party same we endorse the following candidates which they have the right to do but pic little tricky that’s the only reason why
mention it but I at this time did you then there was a fairly all to can bring
indifference comments yes go and give it a shot chicken scratch
your it’s alright that’s mine too okay number one is that the
superintendent will verify the legal data %uh each applicant number two all applicants will be interviewed at September 9th any
random order they will be allowed a five-minute introduction themselves followed by
questions from the port number three all applicants are to be
rated by each trustee privately all scorers will be calculated with the by the assistance Eva band
institutional effectiveness Dean they will the top three to five rings will be reported out and followed by an interview at the
September 9th meeting I’m sorry September 9th is a
September 9 as Cumberland 11 at 6 p.m. K number four said a committee a border trustees will include two members what president
come along has appointed member are or vice
president Otto and member Baxter to develop questions to be asked have the applicants and the
individual to be selected and that’s not what I’m following the
individual to be to selected at that meeting not sure what that he applicant the fire the final files will be if at that meeting there individual to
represent area to be selected at that time will be
selected at that meeting yes okay and I don’t know if this is number
five or partner that but no communications are to be allowed between
border trustees and the applicant’s his it is recommended it’s recommended
and the or their supporters I’m now we we need my help me in getting
that please don’t leave not sure if this is a
number five yr just a comment about setting some limitations and public