to order the December 18 meeting the
Long Beach Community College District Board of Trustees and we are about to
June into closed session is there anyone here who has any questions about closed
session items did we receive any quote there are no speaker currents ok then we
will adjourn the closed session did you read the items please ok the items that
we’re going to consider in closed session or pending litigation pursuant
to Government Code section 54 956 point nine a conference with the public agency
law group this specific case anticipated litigation second item is anticipated
litigation pursuant to the same section with our attorneys because of possible
litigation and third in the conference will probably negotiators pursuant to
Government Code section 54956 point eight regarding the sale of los coyotes
property at 3320 n 3340 los coyotes diagonal and 3325 Palo Verde Avenue in
Long Beach so the next one is China goshi ation items pursuant to Government
Code section 354 9125 4957 point six and before we go back to closed session I’m
going to ask that you take the role Mr chillin here here