on December 4th as I mentioned earlier briefly a sobering York Times op-ed
featuring a report that shines light on hungry homeless community college
students came out according to the report one in five students went hungry
while attending college one in eight was homeless at some point in his or her
college career nearly 80% of the total cost a year in community colleges
college is an intuition but books and supplies transportation healthcare
including housing and food 52 percent of the students surveyed indicated they
were struggling with food insecurity housing insecurity or both 31 percent of african-american students
and 23 percent of Latino students had very low levels of food security
compared with 19 percent of non-hispanic white students more than half 52% of
african-american students experience housing and security with 18%
experiencing homelessness compared with 35% housing insecurity and 11%
homelessness among non-hispanic white students these statistics are
heartbreaking and while I am proud that we are doing something about this
national issue by acting locally for students right here at home I urge us to
do more to many students are going hungry to learn and we must come
together as a community as we always do to support them and by the sport to come
together to support them and I want to invite all of the community members who
are listening and who listen to this video at a later time to continue the
support for this effort by way of donating in kind or monetary
contributions to the Long Beach City College Foundation online monetary
contributions for scholarships can be made by going to LBCC dot EDU going on
the gift to LBCC button while on the link choose undesignated funds from drop
down menu and specifying comment section homeless student living scholarship up all contributions for this effort are
tax-deductible receipt can be provided by the Long Beach City College
Foundation for tax purposes if you have any questions or would like to inquire
further you may contact my cell phone at 256 to 270 5017 or email info @ sony’s
yahoo.com thats INF as you NNY the I dot com on December to a second I attended
our colleges rediscover LBCC about how the interest you are two levels district
as we discussed earlier a lot of good participation came up I want to commend
our staff for doing such a great job and being so professional one gentleman in
particular has stated that we need to provide better and more practical
certificate programs that meet the community’s needs and those who are
trying to get reaching back into the workforce I know I’ve asked for this a
few times already but I’d like to inquire again and see won’t we see a
report of RCT program and hope and how we’re meeting the community and
industry’s demand from this aspect all asked about this later agenda item that
is for future reports as well and I hope we get a presentation in the near future on December 3rd a town in the fall 2015
ASP student awards ceremony it was great to see you are wonderful students their
advisers and staff be honored I along with trustee president Otto and
superintendent we were there for the time that I was there I’m sure others
may have dropped by so proud of our students and there’s our support staff
in all that they’re doing and look forward to sink their continued success
also on December 3rd trustee auto and I attended the lead Academy’s graduation
ceremony was so wonderful to see everyone come together and celebration I
really look forward to seeing more opportunities like this bar staff in the
near future I wanna give a very special thank you to vice president al Qaeda or
for her hospitality and hosting the advance thank you rose and i dont December 6 councilwoman price
and I attended chill by the shores candle lighting ceremony on the first
night of Hanukkah evening was filled with love and prayers for our community
in light of the recent tragedies it is so sad to see such darkness hit us again
I pray for healing and wisdom for us in the upcoming care for all of us and want
to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah Christmas and Kwanzaa I hope you all
have a wonderful as soon as safe prosperous holiday with filled with love
and joy and I asked that we had in closing of the board meaning I we
adjourn by a moment of silence for the victims of sent this Amormino tragic
event that just heard thank you Archuleta also when I think president
and I want to thank John Pope and his team for doing an outstanding job in
coordinating the event last Tuesday Wednesday December 2nd it was excellent
event in that being a first-time initiative I think we had a really
successful turnout and I know the members in my community truly
appreciated the activity so I think all the faculty and staff that came out to
showcase their programs and to share information directly to the community
members I know that in speaking to some of this folks over there they were eager
to find out when we’re having the next activity because they want to
participate in they want to bring other folks from the community to take
advantage of the information so thank you for doing such a wonderful job in
putting that even together and I also want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays
thank you Baxter yes thank you first of all I wanna thank
President or Cooper’s comment and I appreciate them and I’m listening to
what you had to say and I like to report on what I’ve been doing since the
November 10th board meeting on the eleventh we held a district 5 area
parking meeting here on campus with come to a min Stacy Mungo about 40 people
were here and I think jet Jabalpur giving up his holiday to come and it was
a very very positive activity the people in what’s called the four she Carson conan Charlemagne and something
else and we met in them came up with some good a solution to which think
everybody’s happy about the parking situation I brought up the culinary
program and I had several emails from people wanting to know when they could
come on campus and have lunch here and so it was very very positive thing then
on November 12th attended the us- vets luncheon honoring Long Beach area
veterans and are better in students with their and people who work in the
veterans office and congratulate congratulations to them and november
seventeenth attended the Port of Long Beach women in the trades luncheon on
November 18th the City of Lakewood award of Valor luncheon November 21st St
Kellogg and I went to the LBCC Cerritos College football game the Southern California playoff game the
reason i’m chuck clean is because we were very ardent ensuring that our team
and we are victorious over Cerritos we felt a little bad because we’re sitting
there with the Cerritos College President and their board of trustees
and President and but it was a very exciting and I want to congratulate coach Jupp
body and a fantastic season and the team you really we’re very very proud of you
and your behavior and that’s as important as winning or losing the game
or sportsmanship very important then on November 23rd we held homeless student
advisory meeting very very productive and just easier talked a lot about that
so I’m not going to talk about it but mentioned something at the end December
3rd met with the representatives from the Long Beach health department
regarding student housing and they wanna be our partnership we live in a
wonderful city where everybody wants to help us in respect to allow me to
college and allow me to college calls people respond and so it was a very very
positive meeting with that I attended the lead Academy on December 3rd along
with the healthcare associates end of the semester faculty get together and
that worked out very very well on December 4th I appeared on Long Beach
cable TV with Brad Palmer and and he is encouraging all the other four board
members to come on his show and talk I talked about the issue I talked about
the Long Beach college promise and again very very positive response about those
things and December 4 they attended a holiday party accused Logan and they are
always very gracious to invite people in the community and I was able to network
with the number of people again very very positive comments about the college
trust Lee and his wife and I were in the end of course president when the Belmont
Shore holiday parade and it really makes you feel good when people cheer I have
to salute our pep squad because they were the hit of the night everyday they were doing these stunts
and every time I cringed elect a president lee was seeking a lawsuit is
going to happen but everything worked up by they were great and the people went
crazy every time they added the stone so congratulations to them yesterday we had
a site visit at the Pacific Coast campus from the minor foundation and they are
considering helping us with the homeless program and again the response was very
very positive and then this morning I went to the Lakewood pan-american thank
you breakfast the pan-american society
sports scholarships in the City of Lakewood and I happen to be on that
committee and it’s a wonderful wonderful thing and then lastly we sent out a
notice to faculty and staff that if they do have homeless students we have in the
foundation office set up a food pantry and we we would like faculty and staff
to refer students Jewish but obviously that doesn’t have to be the case but we
will be open between eight and five everyday till December 18 students need
to bring their student body guard and fill out a very short form because again
when you ask for grant money you have to have some kind of substantiation and and
data so it would not using this for anything except to come up with data and
to show the need because I think our community is is responding to this need
and will continue to respond and I want to thank all the donors and all the
people tremendous outpouring from the community
and from the people on staff cross-section of our city and people
want to help our students and i am just very very proud to work at this
institution and I’ve been here a long time so I I know what we’ve been going
through and and I think we we really have had a tremendous year this year and
and have received a great deal of recognition from the state and from
nationally and then that I should have brought up that I was a presenter at the
Community College College League of California on the Long Beach college
promise and again the room was full of people who wanna learn how they could
replicate replicate this very very successful program so
thank you very much and everybody happy holidays St kellock I will be briefed the I don’t
know what we did win I can I made the comment I made I had to as outrun either
trustee Archuleta trustee back so they would cut you but they were this really
is the president and the trustees were very very kind host and the fact we won
the way we did so that was enjoyable numerous events taking place during the
holidays obviously many of which duplicate of what you’ve already heard
tonight I do I just very briefly the CCLC conference was held as reserved by
trustee Baxter outstanding sessions in particular they had one about the
communications which is a timely they talked about many things on how you
communicate with constituencies in this new millennium’s for lack of better word
35 years and John Molina was honored as well at a bar and and not only that but
major general thank you so there’s a few Long Beach
people and the entire trust you was was a good event I wish we had more time I
go and a lot more details on many of the different sessions they talk about where
and we actually had board members present but was it was very well
attended and as I said the communication sessions they have which was not the
main one was outstanding on how to communicate with this the best way to
make people and me and my generation we always give you a phone call and that’s
fine except the people you’re trying to communicate with their taxi I do that with my own kids they will
text me before the thorny the point of that is the communications and how we
communicate is changing rapidly and we need to always stay and be aware that
there was part of the the basis of that whole work session but and my thanks to
everyone this year 2015 has been very positive in many ways what this college
has done I’m very proud to represent ecology be part of this college and all
the work people do year in and year out and once again as one of our our finance
years as we came out of some very very difficult financial times so I just want
to wish you all a very gusty the holidays and I look forward to 2016 and
continue the great efforts of Long Beach City College thank you very much and in
the interest of time and from my physical well-being I’m not going to
give a report I think that there are three presidents out there were about to
kill me because I next agenda item is from the bargaining associations and
what I wanted to say was that we have had ongoing conversations with the
bargaining associations who have said that they wish they had more opportunity
to present what they had to say we’re thinking about at board meetings except
in the they have an hour he’s have had historically is three minutes in the
public comment period and we heard that we had conversations and decided to
create an agenda item for each of the presidents of each of the unions to to
say whatever they wanted to say and have more time to do it because we thought
that it was important to get their point of view we will also have space available on the
table it out in front there is literature that they want to put out but
I never told him that it was going to be at 9:30 at night that they would first
get to do that and that’s the way it turned out so don’t hit me but that’s
where we are on the agenda right now so reports from each of you see if you are
so inclined to make a report the order in which you wanna do it please do
there’s an order on the order Terry Thomas goes first you never write president president out
of here follow piggyback it that it has been a
good years there’s been some to moving as far as any classified status as far
as like we receive the increase in we haven’t seen one in eight years so you
know we just had Thanksgiving so of course we’re thankful that we’re also in
a first also that president I’ll just mention that safety is listed as far as
the agenda item I think that’s a first I think one thing that I would like to
maybe add to see if we can do an agenda item whenever a meeting runs past $2,100
that truck or something coming back and set up a little each so we could only
stand up here and make this oh thank you and also we have chairs in the front I
don’t know who we need to think for that and if this president or if thats prison
eloy I’m thinking maybe next time we may be a row to back it’s a little too close you know so plus legacy in early that
way everybody’s looking at the back of your head for hours this season would
have even said so but I’ll shown on another note as far as like when a first
for the first time I think in aft history that we had a a dinner with
former president pillow which we appreciate that with thankful for that
as far as for all the hard work that we that we did in the appreciation from the
board and the support from the board is was with Arlo negotiation process which
we’re not going to the data had a speech prepared but after everything else is
going on at that it would just be best to just communicate and talk and I’ve
been doing this for three and a half years and I remember about three years
ago I was standing out in the parking lot another president came over to me
and they said never forget an opportunity to see nothing but with
everything else is being said I had to say something tonight but in light of
everything that’s been going on I appreciated the fact that I’m not doing
with the other two bargaining unit members are doing this month ago she
Asian cause I don’t have to go back to 17 thank you again Oakley and rose for that I get to turn
around arrest in effect that this is the last media not that that when I got them
when they go she ations I was going to slide thru Indian planning to release
time holiday mixer put the troops in slide
off into the sunset I just want to say thanks to everybody here as far as in
supporters was like in our approval this was what we did I know this has been the
biggest year financially as far as like coming down from state every time I go
to sacramento this is more money more money so when a truck backs up next year
president eloy just slide it along to classify side and will be greatly
appreciative of that ok and enclosing the fact that it is the holiday season
so you know we have hannukah we have Christmas and then we have kwanzaa I
just want to say that this everybody can just take a breath go home light a candle and enjoy the holidays
thank you and our president for negotiating this time ya growth pace for it made me feel a little
guilty for grading papers when thing I know about part-time faculty at the 650
part-time faculty on this campus is that they like to teach and we’re in the
classroom and I just wanna say we see that you students are tired and maybe
you could convey this message and we’re pulling for you we so pull for you at
the end of the semester my heart goes out to all my students and I tell them
if I had a pink magic pill to give you wear your college could be proof over
and done with I would give it to you but you’re doing
it one day at a time when closeted time when semester at a time like all of
us did and it’s hard and I tell them colleges supposed to be hard you know
and I just really want to encourage you I get all my students an official
congratulations at the end of the semester because you did make it through
another semester so please convey that to all the other students that you see
an eye I hope all of us as we’re going around campus seeing students that we do
congratulate them because they did make it through another semester and if you
think back to your college career that was a really big deal to make it through
another semester so let’s let’s just keep in mind and and remember to do that
also is the semester draws near I do want to remind you that many part-time
faculty of course are laid off at the end of the semester and will be filing
for unemployment benefits we try to get information out to them about how to
file for unemployment benefits it is can be a little tricky process you know
because of the hard work we’ve done we have a pretty good relationship with
human resources and so we want to tell part-time faculty when they’re filling
out that application to please the phone number Kim slaney human resources on that
application because she knows how to discuss with edta what it helped them
and a lot of times their department people don’t know they’ll see the
instructor’s name and in the springs class schedule and they’ll think oh yeah
this person is still with us in still hired but it’s important for us to
remember that Intel that instructor walks into the classroom and start to
teach that class they’re not actually working City College so over the years I’ve heard many
responses from part-time faculty about receiving unemployment some of them are
just indignant and some of them are completely relieved and I i hope we can
talk about this with them I I just want us to be really open that this is you
know this is inherent in the process that you know unfortunately they’re
teaching doesn’t always provide them with enough income and so I want us to
raise the shame of the stigma of the shame that many part-time faculty feel
about being so well educated and having to rely on unemployment benefits between
semesters so happy holidays to all of you and hear apathy that’s still here staff but still here student that is
still here and community members as LBCC full-time faculty president union
president I am pleased to give the first report on the newly created CCA
bargaining President agenda item I applaud the board for adding an agenda
that an item to the agenda for each of the constituent groups together we
represent the voices of nearly 1,500 employees at this college adding items
11.1 11.2 and 11.3 for aft child and CCA is evidence that BC CD can do better
thank you for listening and responding and I really thank Karen Roberts for
bringing us back to the students it’s the end of the
semester it’s actually super stressful time for faculty to we are under a
deadline to get our grades in and I used to ask ross for an extension so I’m
asking for that I’m one of those faculty that in I’m really grading all the way
up until the end it’s very very stressful to get the grades done and
it’s an awesome thing when students do get through the classes and we applied
in our classes too and it’s why we’re all here and I think it’s super
important for us to always be reminded of that I want to update the board on
some recent UCA activities we walked in the Veterans Day Parade and we will be
watching with child and aft in the Daisy Lane curry this Saturday we held general
meetings last week to apprise our faculty on the status of negotiations
and we’ve been giving our red shirts the faculty I hope you like I miss each as
that is truly the point of our profession we’re educating our future I
also an update you on Libya Turner one of our CCAA executive board members who
had a stroke just about four weeks ago I well attended and an NEA National
Education Association conference in Orlando Florida she was just flown back
last week via met a plane to Kaiser and they say she’s in stable condition
however the doctors and the family are waiting still waiting for her to respond
to commands and I want to thank all the faculty and staff who have contributed
to the go funny account that her daughter michelle has created to support
Lee Diaz fight for her life and if let me know if you’re interested to
contribute to that account and I just ask that everyone keeps Lydia in our
thoughts and prayers at our last CCA Executive Board meeting
one of our board members expressed her sense of being overwhelmed with the
workload expected of her this semester to the point that she is concerned about
her health this is somebody who sits on a lot of
tenure review committees and working on SL lows and attending CCIE events and in
a way she shared with the board and she she’s super professional just really
overwhelmed very stressed out and then just yesterday another faculty share the
same kind of story with me who’s not honoree board and I just want you to
know that it’s real that many fact that they are filling highly stressed and
they do feel unappreciated and they do feel overworked to the point of these
health concerns and you must know that the working conditions of our faculty
are directly the learning condition of our students we want to do our job well
and educator greater Long Beach community as I said at the college
planning committee meeting last week I just you know I want to say that I think
I’ve heard a lot of faculty say really great things about the design a plan but
I was a bit disappointed to hear that that they’re asking for volunteers to
work 20 hours between December 15th and February 5th and that’s that’s work and
I i I don’t understand why that’s not compensated but anyway moving forward I
am confident that LBCC can continue to do better the evidence that we can is the fact
that I’m speaking her back on please in an agenda item to the board means for
the constituent groups to further the communication between faculty
administration and the board is a step in the right direction in the spirit of
the holiday season at the top of my wish list is more such actions on the part of
the board to move LBCC in the right direction we can do better together one
future report to see opportunity for board members to request reports you
would like to bring the request for a report on TTE on our vocational programs
and see how we’re meeting in the communities needs how we’re meeting the
industry’s needs and order some areas that are working not working and what we
can do better manual CD anything else no public comment on an
agenda items and I think there was some confusion tonight because of the fact
that this was the first time that we had an opportunity for the unions to present
we had a number of people sign up to make comments on your comments this item
that we just had and that’s really not an agenda item in the sense that you
guys are just giving reports so that way I interpreted that those comments on
nine agenda items so please let people know if they want to talk the need to
talk about real agenda items and I just what it is we don’t know what you’re
gonna say it completely open so this is the first time we’ve done this in the
next time we we do this it’ll be probably a little bit clearer and I
don’t see anybody here that had signed up for one of these buddy sign up to comment 11.3 so we do not need a close second closed
session and so it is the holiday season I would wish everybody a happy and
prosperous and relaxing possible holiday with that we stand with a moment of
silence and solidarity with the victims and San Marino and solidarity with the
victims in San Bernardino have a moment of silence happy holidays