also members we also participate in some
outside external trainings target which is coordinated through the FBI and
higher education we do those quarterly and the City Long Beach emergency
operations and disaster preparedness also does quarterly meetings this is
what we have planned for the first six months of 2016 again more and more of
the same and a little bit different we’re gonna do some more tabletop
exercises trained to an active shooter tabletop
exercises rescheduling that may and similar to be determinant like I said we
reach back being staffed attend the training and more people are thinking
about them or they’ll be prepared in case any questions from board members
just easier thank you I G and your team for doing such a great job just third
few questions and i really appreciate this comprehensive report and when are
also welcome lieutenant Darren Davenport so just couple of things on these
committees ought not do faculties on all these committees or which one i said im
sorry there are no other names and their associated affiliation and the college
if you could just provide some input on bad and I have other questions on the emergency preparedness and safety
committee that is where we have our active representation to that comprise the back the item
management and they can bring boris concerns we discuss safety issues bills inspections that’s where we have
our back to representation and and how often do these communities in need how regreses as far as prevention is
concerned preparedness this committee meet quarterly and as far as not quite
sure what your question is regarding rigor how deep do you go do you have
reporting of what’s happening at the college will happen or what in the event
of for example you know we had the quad tragedy did was anything subsequent to
that but modified our plan or we had to get in to get a little more in depth and
we last met and October and yes that is a concern of everybody at the meeting
was the most recent shooting coming up in the new year we are reviewing our
active shooter plan and we have taken that under and we’ll look at that as a
group as a team and provide recommendation ok and what are we going
to have greater police presence at the college hiring more police get no ok is there a
reason why props on call officers I know we recently gave about $40,000 to the
police and fire recall correctly just want an on-call basis if need be to
support our staff and an event of an accident or emergency as the lieutenant
mention the entire LBP D is on call for Long Beach City College in any incident
police officer right assigned to us know we have one that enema sign for officers
and 13 security officers and those are augmented by any asset in Long Beach
Peedee the contract for a long beach P D the Board approves of the staffing
levels approved by the boards of the Board wishes to increase staffing level
we can certainly address contract but at this point the staffing level is with
what’s in the contract and I don’t know if you attend a map or once a comment on
how readily available all the assets of LBP Dr reiterate that but I would allow
him to answer that question yes sir so we have a pretty well staffed patrol
division and even higher when we have a good evening and a shift overlap in the
event of an emergency specifically for an active shooter event
I could assure you to say that every police officer for the city is going to
be dropping what they’re doing and respite responding to the school and the
terms of a a significant emergency at the school as
well as most likely the fire department and if the negroes beyond her abilities
which we haven’t seen yet we have the ability to mutually from other
departments in based on your experience what’s the average or typical response
time to an emergency at the college or you know similar situation sure so
that’s a good question but it’ll always depend on the location of the event in
the proximity officer patrolling the school Kb is as soon as several seconds
to pena’s approximately but we have officers on both campuses most all hours
of the day graveyard is our thinnest thinnest
staffing during normal school hours you should be very quickly and as far as a
staff member would like to have police officers or special service officer i
think is what they’re called escort them is that a viable option for them if it’s
asking if it’s ok to have an escort if it’s requested yesterday we have enough
survey will do all we can to provide that and what’s the timeline from making
the call to getting the ass court on campus it’s simply for an escort that
will come from an officer side of the campus and it’s based on a table and
then he ok and don’t have you had that kind of requires previously and I have not but if you’re near the
Long Beach Blvd has on many occasions responded to escort requested is a
service that is written that is provided to the contract ok great and as far as
these items on slide 14 so what is you have to forgive me i’m not that as
technologically savvy as you guys are probably are maybe I’m having a senior
moment the school to cell phone application can expand on what that is
for the Emergency Operations plan for those emergency operation team members
but we are working on is getting the emergency operation plan which is right
now in a binder or located on a server computer we are going to have it so that
it can be uploaded onto their phone and they can have access to it wherever they
are and what is it it’s our emergency operations plan oK so it’s it’s really
document that is what we will do in the case of an emergency and it outlines in
great detail our plan and and by when are we gonna have that in place we’re
working on it currently right now I would say probably three or four months okay and then you mentioned that our
doors were upgraded rated ISO district standards are okay
okay so are they were upgraded and then regarding the doors I’m not sure is that
something that we’re going to see in the near future and when it when is that
going to happen is sparse setting ability to change our existing door
hardware those kind of things what’s the timeline Henry so that is something that we are
currently reviewing and analyzing to see you know there’s over 700 doors
throughout both campuses that will hold five or more individuals and so we need
to look at the age of the door and what type of lockdown mechanism will be
needed for that door so it is something that we are going room by room looking
at to see which type of hardware can be installed it will be something that
would have to be bid and of course this is if the the board desires us to do
this we have a very very rough estimate that we think it could cost about
$500,000 to outfit the doors that would be necessary through both of the
campuses and so with the magnitude of that dollar amount we would have to bid
the project so it would take you know sometime probably a year before we could
get every door retrofitted but as Margie mentioned we have changed our district
standards so the buildings that are opening up in this spring both the C
building here on the LEC campus and the GED building at the PCC campus do have
the more current hardware where they have the lockdown capabilities in any
new buildings coming online will have that same hardware so it’s just a matter
of having to try to retrofit all of the other doors and lastly wonder what
efforts are in place to check in with faculty and staff to make sure that
they’re feeling safe we have a couple different ways they can report to that
community to the emergency preparedness and safety meeting at one way to voice
their concerns they can always if they’re feeling
unsafe at any time we always recommend that they call 911 and not had the tape
that that number one number one thing to do they like and I can add to that as
margin mentioned previously there are a number of training opportunities that
allow staff the opportunity to receive training but to also expressed concerns
recommendations we also have the college planning committee as well as the
Facilities Planning Committee where we encourage discussions about safety to
occur there so as well as obviously most recently board meetings tracked in
Stanford’s expressed their concerns so we’re trying to create as many forums
it’s possible I also hold the form of the classified staff every semester and
we most recently I’ve been talking about safety and security so we’re trying to
create as many forms as possible so that staff feel comfortable expressing what
they feel about safety and security on campus and it’ll be an ongoing issue
every semester we will create as many forums it’s possible to allow people the
opportunity if I might president Oakley we have also asked the Long Beach Police
Department to increase the foot patrols and so they have done that in the last
two months I know I’ve noticed more and more of the police officers walking
around throughout the buildings and throughout the offices I certainly
appreciate this report it’s very good and when I wanna do is
check back with the internal stakeholders and also my constituents in
the community to get their feedback and see if there is anything else that I
need to look into and i just want to bring to your attention there’s a
program I’m sure you’re aware of that a police officer who leads his name
is Jason Lee Min and I know some of our students are involved in his program is
called why did you stop me and I don’t know if it’s possible it would be nice
to look into that perhaps we can have a presentation it’s about community and
police officers coming together and working together so I would certainly
encourage us to look at that as well and thank you again Margie great job and
everyone on your team is just chillin quick question regarding the planning
manual the emergency planning manual and I know you are in the process of
completing the menu the manuals complete boarded-up loading it onto a gun to a
cell phone application so has the college had the opportunity to have an
actual drill but the planning operation yes actually we just did one in October
we participate in the California shakeout it gave us an opportunity to
test our notification system as well as evacuate several building and it all
went very well you know we learned a few things but I went very well the
notification system worked on so yes we do and we have and I were talking about
the doors but do we have staff monitors the sign to each other
buildings that cause I know that’s part of the general part of the building
emergency coordinators all right thank you just he backs you
just something that I am concerned about it and that is the cameras on campus and
i’m glad to see that you’re working toward that especially in the parking
garage because I think cameras are a deterrent when people see them in place
so I want to salute you are working toward that are taking a question
comment is the the new buildings with the new standards for the doors there is
always a concern about potentially as somebody who could lock everybody in the
room and we cannot get access because the
doors were essentially barricaded is that an issue that we do we have a way
around matters it’s just something that just there’s no good way to answer that
use a locking door to door correct I was so concerned and I mean I didn’t know
that was the answer is I heard the reason I raises because sometimes we go
we just locked the doors but sometimes the people that you don’t want in the
room are in the room which brings me to my my statement that is the preparation
you we’re doing here you should be commended it is remarkable that the the
the words that we use today the resources we know we have to spend
mental students are dealing with mental issues something that when I first came
on this board it was a really not something that was addressed heavily and
now has become more and more were required we have liability exposure and
so we’re spending more time has come to see that one will be coming on full time
in that regard because it is an issue I am pleased that the emergency
preparedness because another term that probably wasn’t in our vocabulary years
ago an active shooter compared to just a regular shooter I guess but it’s one of those frightening because of
the times active shooter is a real is is a real scenario and how we address that
but also the emergency preparedness on the natural events earthquakes in this
region more than anything else how we’re going to Paris for that so I’m glad
we’re doing the planning that we can this report is timely and the fact that
the when it doesn’t matter we do have Long Beach Police Department here now
but I will tell you that was a concern in 2000 and 2003 he contracted out with
Long Beach Police Department one of the reasons was the fact of all the
resources sitting behind the individual officers or security officer sitting
here and i’m glad that came up in the conversation because you essentially are
utilizing the entire Long Beach Police Department all their other human
resources so a good rapport I’m glad that it again where he focused on a
special the natural disasters that potentially could could hit this campus
and all the training were doing and sadly all the train the world for some
of these horrific things we’ve seen lately not just a community colleges
better their facilities we can plan the very best and and we are and thats be
commended so I think you for the report everything that goes with it and good
job and maybe if somebody can invent better mousetrap with the door that
knows when the bad people are coming in but it’s just one of those it’s just a
different time and but I could report in at least it does
present the fact of what we’re doing here at the college addressing a
multitude of issues the years ago we probably never even thought about
addressing so good job and thank you very much yes why not comin industry guarding the
behavioral issues and I know that I am preaching to the choir when when I say
this but I think it’s it’s important for us to say it and I know that as a former
vice president of student affairs I know how difficult it is to deal with some of
the students who continue to have you no problems and but again I just want to
caution and to make sure that we don’t in the profiling students as we look at
their history that we don’t profile students and that we end up suspending
students just you know because of that history I know it’s it’s a very fine
line I know that we have to protect the that we have to be aware of the
well-being of all of the students and the faculty in the staff but at the same
time we have to be very cautious and we don’t profile our students thank you
rusty Archuleta if I can respond to that that is a concern of ours this college
obviously provides open accessed to a community that has a number of
challenges and we take great pride in ensuring that we have open doors to
anyone in the community and we’re gonna keep it that way having said that we will do everything
possible to identify threats and work with our colleagues at long beach P D to
ensure that we provide safety and security we we have had a number of
incidents that have at least given us an idea of how well-prepared are emergency responders are we’ve had bomb
threats at Long Beach PD’s responded to we’ve had an active we’ve had a shooting
incident on campus which Long Beach btw respond to as well as a number of
incidents that disrupted classrooms so i i think we’ve benefited from having Long
Beach PDE here for all these years they’ve gotten to know our students
there was certainly a concern will opt for Scott here that students coming from
communities would not feel safe but I think much the credit of the team have
here they have worked very close with her students and I think it built trust
over the years that I think he’s been very beneficial to the safety of of
everyone involved here thank you very much for your report it was very
thorough and informative and it’s an area that we will continue to work in
and work on we move onto agenda item 3.3 design thinking and business process
review its a presentation and who’s going to give us his presentation
trustee trust superintendent president yes thank you board president Arturo we have talked a
lot about student success we’ve talked about is this process review and design
thinking and to give us a better understanding of exactly what we’re
talking about on campus that would be a good idea to to bring this presentation
forward so I would let either vice president gable Peterson volunteered
introduced it since both have been working on this thank you we have a wonderful team that have been working
to really think through the first phase is about saying thinking which has been
led by our consultant Jack rubble as I went over to Jack and his team good evening distinguished members of
the board president Oakley dolly thank you for giving us a little bit of time
to present to you a report on the design thinking and business prospects preview
project with me tonight I have Professor Peter now Long Beach City College
student Jennifer hit financial aid advisors ran in chief information
officer sophia lynn preserve protect the discussions took
place as to the best ways to undertake the work that reviewing all the
processes we decided we needed to look at the structure of the processes and
how those method interact with our students and our power so we undertook a
two-part project the business process review looked a structural interfering
in Everett the other processes how we can make them more efficient and
effective laying the foundation for the services we provide whereas the design thinking considers
the experience of the student and staff working with those processes and the
interactions needed if you take second and look up look at this slide that gets
to have used to the room we we came up with the example the house if you look
at the left hand side of the screen that’s that’s the BPR process you’ll see
that Brown looks like a wooden house that’s the structural piece that’s the
building blocks of the blood brick-and-mortar that
construction-building putting the walls the doors and the windows in looking at the right side of the screen
that’s designed thinking and design thinking sets the flow much like an
architect would do when built when designing a building I’ll the air flows
through where the door should be where the action should be things that many in
tonight’s presentation in a minute in tonight’s presentation you’ll hear a lot
about the doors into and around Long Beach City College it’s not to be
confused with the door as you just heard about these are points of entries for
our students that we just dubbed as billboards when we started looking at this project
in September went back where they happen when we started actually setting it up
in reviewing the areas that we wanted to study for it was decided to design
thinking that we would look at Student Financial preparation making sure that
they’re ready financially to start valley and the support aspects of the
students attending and planning to it Long Beach City Valley where the
business process reviews it was decided to work on financial aid from the
application to the award Academic Services catalog and scheduling
processes and purchasing requisition detect the PR’s for financial aid and
academic services are taking place now we’re doing financial aid this week and
academic services next week repurchasing the interviews have been
done and the results are being reviewed at this point the first stage of the
design thinking the student financial preparedness is complete presentation
tonight will center on the early results have designed think the design thinking
effort and more and more on the PBR’s second stage of design thinking will
come at a later date this point I’d like to turn it over to
Peter now while they tend to think of potential students entering LBCC that
their traditional front door of the admissions office the reality is that
students come in contact with our college the numerous alternative doors
most often the College website person-to-person though many times
students staff faculty and administrators all act as the first base
of LBCC tours student clubs meeting with faculty members and the discipline of
interest student-athletes being recruited by
coach its academic and financial counselors reaching out to workshops and
so all of these points of contact our opportunities for a positive experience
but with such a large institution how do we ensure that information be shared as
consistently as possible one of the goals of design thinking is
to first identify the past students can and need to take and identify where
those past can break down such as lack of academic or financial corporation consequently our they directed to the
services they need while the matriculation in counseling processes
provide the ideal information students need to succeed and open access
institution with limited resources does not guarantee that that information is
internalized improperly applied in class program or even life choices which are
best for one’s education our discussions realize the need to conscientiously
dissuade students from taking past work experience and data show that they’re
likely to fail this relates to not only choosing courses properly but helping
them understand the whole financial costs and challenges of an education
tuition textbooks rent transportation balancing work and so on our students
come from a wide variety of life experiences that includes a forest
financial experience financial means and financial education these factors do not
always son the successful ability to navigate the
financial aid process in all of its elegance we need to design pass and
ensure consistent student experience through financially as well as every
resource available for students and within the college culture accepting
broader integration of that responsibility like to know which to use
Jennifer Hicks the ASB representative or student services so solutions must
consider the many points of entry doors for admissions to LBCC by a major
problem that we’ve discovered is that many students are involved with so many
programs in co-curricular activities that they turn to their faculty members
meet in these programs for help in turn students often receive information that
is sporadic or fragmented or often duplicated there needs to be a proper
hand offers seizure when one faculty member does not have all the information
necessary they need to know who the students can turn to for accurate
information he needs to produce information then still students
self-reliance one thing that we want to avoid is creating an environment where
students are not mean to be independent we want to help them navigate college in
the financial aid process successfully but we do not want to hold their hand so
much so that when they’re turned loose are not adequately prepared we can
accomplish this by making information intuitively available by making it
sensible and easy to find we must also an email feedback channels for students
to receive timely answers to questions as the rep of student services on the SP
cabinet I have essentially become a walking complaints department cleaning
this nickname has made me realize that as of now I’m one of the very few
channels through which students can voice their concerns this is an issue
that affects the efficiency of every department at Long Beach City College
and with access to feedback from students we could quantify and measure
where the major problems really are our goal is to craft a reputation of Ella’s
LBCC being an intuitive college to attend we want students especially new and prospective students to be able to
find what they need when they navigate our website and as of now it’s kind of
scary process I’m starting college is obviously scary for a lot of students
and if our processes are not intuitive than finding information can become
difficult intimidating and above all else frustrating