moved to a roll call vote in March lol I
Virginia Baxter by Jeff Kellogg and send easier I moving on to Section eight
administrative services 8.1 probably the main reason we’re here
tonight this is the resolution for the general obligation bond election the
recommended action is that the board approved revelation resolution number 02
2316 a authorizing the district to request the register reporter and the
County Clerk of the county of los angeles to call an election authorizing
general bond obligations she’s a general obligation bonds of the district
consolidation with the general elections scheduled for June 7 2010 16:20
Archuleta thank you seconded by trustee zia discussion I have a comment I just
wanted to add my name to the long list of individuals who spoke tonight and
expressed their support previously won express my support for
going out to the voters this year to seek approval of a new construction bond
for the Long Beach Community College District we need to stay ahead of the
curve if we are going to continue to successfully serve the ongoing needs and
evolving needs of our students faculty employees and community I would also
like to encourage my colleagues to move forward in the near future and have a
strong local hire and veterans performed prior preference components in the new
bonds so we can ensure that the construction bond helps to create jobs
for local residents and the financial benefits stay in our community and last
thing I want to see and I’m sure we’re going to have this habit strong
oversight component of our bond and I want to thank our staff in moving
for their persistence in moving this this one for it it’s definitely a
win-win for our College District students and community and I look
forward to supporting this item voting yes tonight any other comments considering that I look back in 2002 was
elected this board right things I know his first was that the this culture not
change much physically from when I was a student here and that’s great if you’re
into preservation of buildings but these buildings many of which they weren’t
viewed that way as historical monuments serious futures old buildings and its I
find it ironic is that at the time the incumbent was opposed to bond I ran
against him which is interesting I was in favor of about the time and most
people who might be my background Bonser its debt to future dead and you always
worry about that about the impact on your residence but I
have to tell you that when we looked at a packed in a look at it the second
never doing it again when they have always been impressed with his sis has
never been it’s been referred to as sometimes blank checks black holes but
everyone knows that this plan many in the reason why we’ve been successful is
that we really have have a proven track record we’ve had all the oversight
accountability internally external audits and we really have done a good
job representing the community and make sure their tax dollars are properly
spent so I really believe that I’m optimistic about this one passing as well because we have earned
that trust residents with our past efforts and that’s to command a lot of
people here in this room has done a lot of work the course of time a lot of people spoke
and I appreciate the fact they did a proper lot of great things as well one of which though I we say that again
this is the bond for salaries not for benefits it really as bricks and mortar
and everything associated with it that’s one reason why people they really have
been supportive but the boston scored because the great love for this college
this is not a Cal State University located in Long Beach this is Long Beach City College and the
people the city have always supported this college and been very favorable
towards this college and they proved that by their votes in the past I really
look for them doing it again one person did talk about finishing the
job absolutely correct any time you want to really make a project in there are
additional projects that need to be done obviously that’s why we’re doing this to
stop and start let’s do this in a few more years perhaps that is one of the
worst things you can do in any type of construction project of this magnitude
because when you stop you essentially shut everything down there takes time
and energy that you started back up because the needs are there so I’m
pleased that we are going to assimilate to mention there was one of our students
had to finish the job don’t stop and that’s what we’re going to do i least I
hope we’ve given the opportunity and obviously very supportive of it the good
facilities and do benefit everyone I have done so in the past I have said
that the Pride I don’t know how you feel but it is something to go down Carson or Pacific Coast Highway and see
our college and actually a slow down and look at it is beautiful the residents
have great pride in this college in the facilities really do have an impact on
not just cosmetically it really does make an impact on the students look
forward to continuing that in the future so again asking residents to do this is
never easy but they’ve always come through and I hope they do again because
again I believe they feel very confident what
we’ve done in the past we have a child track record so we’re going to continue
deliver this college the best facilities for students and everyone associated
with college so it’s not going to be easy but as people come to force it
really is going to be exciting to hopefully passes and finished the job
and so when I started in my career here in 2200 aboard it really was one of
those goals I want to see this physical change of this campus tour it’s a
facility that people can really learn help student success there was a mention
about a bond bond in November thats a statewide bond that of course if it does
pass that will be beneficial for matching funds but that list is shared
in that list has hundreds of projects already as they’re waiting for it if we
waited for the state and that bond we probably would never be where we are
today with our facilities so again it’s it’s our thanks to the local residents
who supported it and I believe they’re going to sport again because they trust
what we’ve done and we’ve done a great job going to do great job and I really
liked or two to the June ballot and hopefully just continue what we see
right here we should take great pride in this college in more ways than one but
one of which is the great job we’ve done and what it looks like today and it’s a
beautiful campus it’s a beautiful college campus that we’d all be proud of
so obviously I’m very supportive and thankful for the residents and everyone
has been involved in the bond previously and we’re going to continue with that
hopefully with the passengers by thank you present yes some of you may have thought that I
was against a bomb because I was asking such detailed questions but the reason
that why I was asking is that I want to ensure that we have a success and the
boat we need to make sure that the voters are favorable and I have to tell
you never said this a number of times the one thing anybody ever shares to be
is how wonderful the college looks nobody has ever said how much did it
cost another there I said oh my goodness of college
looks fantastic and so I obviously am voting yes because I believe just like
you said we have to finish this while the momentum is going and I just don’t
want anyone to think that I am against a man I’m just being careful well i to when I echo that have already
been mentioned I think it’s wonderful that we are looking at the future and
considering the future and I think that this is what bond measures are about
really looking at the future and I think our students said it best they’re not
going to be here but they have the wisdom and the foresight to know that
whatever we do today is going to benefit our students in the future and actually
if you talk about you know increasing enrollment that is one of them most important things that we can do to
increase enrollment is to have facilities and to have the classrooms
and and and the labs that are appealing to the students no one wants to go into
institution where everything is broken down where things don’t function and so
again if we listen to the wisdom of the students we are moving in the right
direction so I am in complete support of the bond and will do whatever I can to
make sure that it is successful and it comes to fruition thank you thank you trust your chill at Long Beach voters
have been very generous over the last 14 years and we’ve made many improvements
to our almost 90 year old college this is because we provide an affordable
alternative to the skyrocketing cost of higher education in this country and if
you look at the demographics of our students they need a place like Long
Beach City College to get started so that they can achieve their educational
goals we have transformed this college both as a physical plant but also in the
way we look at education what it is that we do for our students we do things
effectively efficiently and every day we get up and work to make that better
these additional funds that we are seeking will allow us to improve
educational resources for veterans and prepared and better prepare them for
good-paying jobs repaired deteriorating gas electrical and sewer lines and leaky
roofs that we have here expand partnerships with area employers
to fill out a local job training and placement needs meet earthquake safety
standards upgrade science engineering and
technology classrooms and labs and better prepare students to transfer to
four-year institutions and to meet their educational go everybody in Long Beach
you saw it on the survey love is Long Beach City College they either went here
themselves or had somebody in their family go here and as a result is a very
special relationship with the people in this community with this institution and
we want everybody to feel this way perhaps the most touching thing that I
heard in the testimony that we received from people in the audience earlier was
thus to students who came forward and said I’m havin great experiences in
these modern classrooms and what they were really saying I think
was that education is different than it was 10 years ago twenty years ago thirty
years ago we need the technology to let our students learn the way that they
learn best and if we pass this bond they will be able to do this and so I go into
this process which is going to last about six months with a lot of
enthusiasm with a deep seated feeling that the city of Long Beach and
surrounding communities will all come together to do what will allow us to
complete the work that we’ve started making this premiers the premier
institutions educational institution meeting with that I to support this bond
measure any other comments last comment I would encourage us to go and do a
visit to the Cisco facility so that we can see what the future classroom looks
like it’s very impressive I mean it it would be awesome to have those type of
classrooms here at Long Beach City College called the police on March 11 I Baxter hi jeff Colyer I and student
trustee Allen and roll on an advisory vote and get my advisor good as you very
much passes unanimously and walk to the polls
thanks very much 2015 16 performance report that’s
correct yes thank you I won’t be able to realize that the fact that a lot of
people are leaving the room has nothing to do with your report thank you for
that yes I realize my reports aren’t the
highlight of the evening that but that’s ok you make me do it so I do it I love
your reports and Marie ok so what we have for in front of you tonight is our
mid-year budget performance report so this is reflecting what our current
budget is as of December 31st 2015 as well as the revenues that have been
received and the expenditures that have been paid on a cash basis through
December 31st of 2015 and then our projections of where we think we’re
going to end of the year so walking the board through the major budget
performance report you see there on page one this is the bulk of our revenues I’m
just going to highlight the major changes or the variance column and that
variants column represents the difference between the current budget
and the projected herein amounts looking at the state apportionment which is
about halfway midway into the page there you see that there’s a subtotal where
we’re projecting that we’re going to receive a hundred and ten million
$372,000 in apportionment and that is an increase from what we had
in the adopted budget which is the same as the current budget of about $385,000
that increase is primarily due to a change in the mix of FTEs + about twenty
four additional FTS so if the board recalls we get paid at different rates
if it’s a credit FTEs or a non-credit FTS so anytime you change that mix its
gonna change the dollar amount that you have coming in but we are at this point
right on target with our current year enrollment revenue apportionment revenue
I will say though that even though we’re on target for apportionment revenue we
are not on target for FTS that were generating and you may ask Paul why are
we still showing that our revenues are on target that’s because it’s more than
likely we’re gonna go into what’s called stabilization meaning that we aren’t
going to generate the FTS at the same level as we did in 1415 but yet we won’t
be penalized in 1516 on the revenue side it’s going to be very pertinent and
important that in the sixteen seventeen year we bring up RFT yes so that our
FTEs is equal to what we call our base after yessir basically the the 20770 550
yes that we generated in and 14 15 we’re gonna have to generate in 1617 if we
don’t we will see a lot of funding in 1670 the next line their prior-year
adjustment you see that we are projecting that we’re gonna received
just under two million dollars for 11 million nine-hour $78,000 in prior year
adjustment and that is due to two different factors so the first factor is
that we amended our 320 report last fall and we claimed three hundred and
sixty-eight additional FTEs for the fourteen fifteen year so that we could
capture the growth funding that was available for 14 15 and then the other
item is there there is not going to be a deficit factor related to the fourteen
fifteen years so those two factors combined is generating an additional 1.9
million dollars revenue for the district moving on to page 2 covers our local
revenue and you see there there there’s not a whole lot of changes with our
local revenue at this point we’re projecting a slight decrease of about
13,000 so overall if you look at the bottom there on page two we are projecting that we’re going to
receive two million $352,000 more revenue and that is primarily due to the
apportionment that I discussed previously moving it to page three this is where we
start looking at our expenditures and where we are projecting your
expenditures to be so the first block of expenditures there are academic salaries
we are right on target with our academic salary so you can see there that we’re
projecting we’re gonna spend 49.9 million which is about $95,000 under what our
budget is for the classified salaries again we’re projecting we’re gonna spend
about twenty five point four million dollars on total classified salaries
which is a savings of $191,000 are projected savings at this point in time
and that is really related to vacancies that occur within the classified staff
all throughout the year so will we develop the budget we’re developing the
budget assuming that the positions that have been approved will be filled for
the entire fiscal year as we know the classified ranks turnover much more
frequently than our faculty do so and then when we do have a vacancy it takes
sometimes three to six months before those positions can be filled build thus creating a budget savings for
us there at the bottom of page three are our benefits and you may be asking well
if we’re having a savings and salaries why don’t we have a savings and benefits
so we’re projecting that are benefits are going to cost us thirty million
$659,000 which is about 1.8 million dollars above our budget number and the
reason that is above is because we just recently underwent an actuarial study
for our retiree benefits obligation for the district and we’re required to do
that every two years we went through that actuarial study in within that
actuarial study they create what’s called an annual required contribution
in order for us to meet our obligation of a retiree health benefits into the
future that arc as we call it increased substantially from where it was two
years ago so two years ago Arar was 2.7 million today are arc is
5.2 million for an increase of about 2.4 million dollars a couple reasons of why the arc went up
number one we have 73 more employees than we had two years ago and the other
thing is the investment return what they call the discount rate discount rate
went down from 6% to 4.9% which is reflective of what’s been happening with
the stock market in the last few years so those two factors combined are really
the main contributors to why are our crew went up and why you’re seeing an
increase in our benefits even though we’re having we’re projecting a savings
in our salaries moving on to the next page page for this shows our supplies
and materials and our contract services and operating expenses again at this
point in time it’s too early to determine whether or not we’re gonna
have savings are for going to overspend the one area that you do see there on
the instructional materials fee a decrease of $22,000 they are that had a
corresponding revenue decrease in Natchez because we’re not we’re not
receiving the instructional materials fees that are attached to the classes
and so you have a corresponding loss in revenue and that’s a corresponding
decrease in the expenditures that takes us to 5 I’m sorry we’re we see our total
expenditures and other outgo so overall our total expenditures we are projecting
that we’re gonna spend about a hundred and thirty 2.5 million which and increase over our budgeted
expenditures of about seven hundred and $68,000 offsetting that with the the
revenue increase that we had brings us down to an operating deficit projected
one million two thousand dollars which is the change of about 1.6 million
dollars so at this point in time we’re projecting that are ending fund balance
will be 24.6 million dollars at June 30th of 2016 which represents about 18.5
percent ending fund balance to it that I will open it up to any questions of the
Board may have AQ vice president cables so appreciate the update I think this
earlier it appears that are projected revenue for the year is going to be
strong and expenditures aren’t increasing much so seems like we’re
still good on our reserves with the eighteen percent and twenty four billion
put it really 25 million is it too shabby so that’s great we’re in good
condition but I want to ask about the counselors salary expenditures why are
they down 18% in the Classified manager and supervisor salaries down by six
percent the counselor salaries are down
primarily because was some of the counselors that we had
approved to hire with unrestricted general fund monies we have moved those
over to triple SP funding so since those were new positions that we hired those
counselor salaries are ineligible expenditure for triple XP and so we’ve
moved those over to that categorical program as an appropriate line item for
that categorical programs that’s why you see the savings accounts or celery other question was related to the
classified managers supervisors salaries and again that is just a function of
having vacancies that had not been feel filled for the first six months so the
ones that we know we filled we put that in but then there are still a couple
that have not been filled at this point in time so just to make sure I
understand so when we budget these pounds and if there is a vacancy filled
we counted as savings and we don’t carried over to the next year to fill
the vacancies I am i understanding correctly we’re doing our projected year-end
numbers so we’re trying to take and get as accurate as we can our projection of where we’re going to
end the year when we go to prepare the budget for 16 17 those vacant positions
absolutely will be carried over into the 16 17 budget it’s not like you lose the
position if you don’t fill it you still have the position but it’s
just we want to project before going to have a savings that we know we’re gonna
have a savings we try to project that we’re doing our media reports so arguing
it’s not really a savings is just unfilled positions for the year where
otherwise it’ll show up as an increase the following it’s a one-time savings for the current
fiscal year great thank you that’s all that question
with a stabilization probably not right here but an update on because that is
that is that is serious and also is it’s becoming more and more common with a lot
of the districts in the state we have two years to get off a stabilization is
a huge impact on our finances sort of the road map game plan what we’re going
to do and I believe it’s gonna roll into a little bit more into other areas that
we as a board may be happy in December some board goals here in the next 24
months 12 months because I just make that observation just that comment sure you’ve already started planning and
how we get ourselves away from the civilization but it is something that we
stand for a reason and but it’s something that we have to aggressively
move away from us it will have an impact on us financially so I’m going to
speculate that we’re gonna have some updates on what steps were to be doing
to ourselves away from this status I’ll begin an internal led by the president
he will finish the answer and the mechanics but to answer your question stabilization is a tool that’s available
to all districts in many districts utilize it throughout the ups and downs
of the economy the ups and downs of enrollment unfortunately we are living
in a system that primarily funds enrollment in that’s a conversation that
farm in finance and others are having as to how we move away from from that
mindset hopeful that over the next few years we will be successful beginning
that process than the last in the near term stabilization is a tool that allows
the college too reset itself in terms of the efforts
it’s making to achieve its enrollment targets in a way that allows us to not
erode the per-student funding and that’s something we don’t want to do we don’t
want and wrote a road student funding and so it allows the chance to regain
the student enrollment that we were using in the winter and the summer
intercessions and focus it in the in the year that were capturing enrollment from
we don’t use it often and some other districts last time we used it was
probably about seven years ago somewhere in there some districts do this probably
every two or three years so it just depends on the nature of enrollment in
LA county as is the case in all the major urban areas enrollment is in
decline for obvious reasons we’re seeing declines in k-12 enrollment we’re seeing
declines in in the unemployment rate which means that people are going back
to work which means that our students are probably taking less than full time
units which decreases enrollment bottom line we will talk more about this later
it allows us to focus on student success efforts that will lead to improved
enrollment because if we can improve this sadistic you saw earlier students
completing more than 30 units students going full time or shootings persisting
from fall to spring that improves enrollment so it gives us that
opportunity same time as you mentioned it does
present urgency and so sure that urgency will be felt by the Office of Academic
Affairs and we will be on Romo back to the target that it needs to be is as we
have before so and we only have one year so we don’t have two years anything else