we now go to the consent agenda any
items may be removed from the consent agenda and considered separately if a
member of the Board of Trustees so request these are items 5.13 I believe
518 trustee Baxter you said there was something that you want to remove thank
you yes could you please remove 5.4 5.4 is removing any other things that the
trustees would like to have removed nearly nine five point four is removed
at entertaining motion to approve the remainder of the Consent Calendar so
moved to St Lucia moved it trust you Archuleta second it any discussion on
lateral call vote the first the second I was trying to pull the other did the
made the motion trustee Archuleta did the second as I heard it ok I’m
Archuleta Jeff Pilon carried unanimously 5.4 which is all
about you know under five point for the first vote coming up is to award
$200,000 allow me to the College Foundation and I would like to abstain
from the vote approvals move says her second deregulated trustee kellogg made
the motion any further discussion vote on 5.4 gonna do it manually or March 11 Jamie
Baxter abstain Jeff Kellogg I passes for to nothing with an abstention
includes a Consent Calendar 61 I believe and this is an action item recommended
that the board of trustees the type of tough topic of the title of this action
is on beach community colleges in the aft appointment to the personnel
Commission recommended the board of trustees accept the appointment of mr.
Joe you talk to the personnel Commission I believe he is now here would you
please stand welcome I can congratulate you yet because we haven’t voted for
about two so any discussion ever recover pleased with their motion seconded by
trustee Baxter discussion a march 11 Virginia Baxter I Jeff
Kellogg I don’t like sending shares unanimously
welcome congratulations family and debate up here about whether
it was because they wanted to see what you were every night you’re here tonight
at least it’s a great job 6.2 approval of the district in the
child LBCC tentative agreement would entertain a motion so moved second trust
you are chill at the recommendation recommended action is that the Board of
Trustees approved the tentative agreement dated December 11 2015 reached
between the district and the child BCC regarding to 2015 63 openers leaves in
salaries contingent on ratification of the GCC chai agreement as submitted
discussion just easier though it appears that we’ve reached an agreement with our
part-time faculty salaries just want to praise their staff job well done so good
job and also your child BCC negotiating team for working something out so that’s
all I have their comments 7.1 modified courses Virginia pastor Jeff Kellogg and easier
I miss lee Academic Senate modified courses I think we have a presentation
by by by president of academic center carotene no presentation just bringing
forward a series of courses through the curriculum process for modification any
questions with regard to this is an action item to approve my trusty catalog second by
trustee Archuleta discussion forum Archuleta Virginia Baxter Jeff Kellogg auto send easy I unanimously 8.1
resolution regarding 9 written non-resident tuition fees for 2016 17
were required to set these fees in to vote on them this is an action item
pursuant Education Code 6140 we can set these fees entertain a motion to approve
trustee baxter et discussion one question as far as the international
students to me have statistics on how many students we have that are not
residents and international students in the district much this impacts us financially enroll
non-resident as well as international students I
don’t know if and Marie or Greg you have that number of top of your head but we
currently have a hundred and thirty-seven international students ok
nice catch and that includes non-resident students as well as
international students are considered non residents but in addition to
international do we know how many non resident no problem generated from non-residents
international students is between two and four hundred fifty years per year thank you other questions we have a motion on the
floor we have a roll call vote Archuleta Virginia Baxter jeff Colyer sending via I was unanimously to a
resolution amending the agreement with the California Department of Education
for childcare this is also an action item it’s requested that the Board of
Trustees adopt resolution 2012 616 being authorizing the district to enter into
the amendment in turn to the think it should be amendment for grant agreements en 9317
3.1 with your department of education as we submitted to us entertain a motion
seconded by trustee Baxter any discussion here in a roll call vote
Archuleta Virginia Baxter I just color i unanimously 8.3 another resolution
amending the amended agreement with the California Department of Education
regarding preschool programs I would entertain a motion so moved by trustee
Archuleta any discussion forum Archuleta Virginia Baxter by Jeff Kellogg I was unanimously or agenda and i dont
9.1 poured on activities designed to improve employee engagement and morale
from superintendent president we’ll take it takeover was turned over
to going ok thank you for president Otto the board asked earlier in the academic
year if I come back and give a summary of the various activities that are going
on to college to focus on employee engagement and to work on employee
employee morale I couldn’t have asked for a better example of one of those
programs in the presentation we saw earlier today in the lead Academy and
you’ve heard lots about the lead Academy but in addition to that we are
continuing to work on a number of other opportunities and well as well to engage
our faculty and staff some of these or a routine to the daily activities of the
college some of them are new so for example we are continuing to expand the
number of our employees faculty and staff colleagues we honor our
outstanding college colleague and service pin awards most recently in this
last year we expanded the service being awards to are part-time faculty who many
of them have served as called for many many years but we had not as a college
recognize them formally so we heard that from a part-time faculty in many of them
have given us years and years and years of service so we are now recognizing
them the newly tenured faculty reception continues to be a wonderful experience
to not only welcome our new tenured faculty to the ranks of tenured faculty
but to also celebrate with them their milestone of the faculty internship
program will continue to try and nurture and identify future members of the
faculty by taking on interns many of our faculty have taken on interns don’t see Adrian
here anymore but I think adrian is taking on one of our intern so when I
think our faculty for continued to do that we continue to have professional
development opportunities extended as often as we possibly can not only
through our our flex activities but lacks classified flex day we have also
had the opportunity to send faculty and staff to engage with other faculty and
staff or other programs throughout the country most recently this last january
dr. Terry long in memory Gable and dr. Peterson took a team from the math and
computer sciences area group of faculty to Austin in community
college in Texas as well as the University of Texas at Austin ticket
information about their accelerator so we will continue to find opportunities
such as those we’re going to be taking a team to Chicago to learn about the
National workaround academic pathways so we’re gonna continue to find
opportunities to engage directly with our faculty and staff and give them
direct experience and expose them to a lot of these great practice is happening
throughout the nation we continue to improve our new employee orientation
program I wanted thing mona who was your little while ago in a charge she has put
together a fabulous orientation program for a new classified employees have had
many opportunities come speak to our new employees so when a thinker and they
charged after that great work one of the great opportunities we had to bring both
faculty and staff together this last year was the major declaration day I
know many of you participate so many board members there it brought together
not only faculty and staff at the various disciplines throughout campus
and really focused and activity on helping our students really think about
the majors that they wanted to clare is so we’re going to continue to have
activities like that I want think our academic senate President or
union presidents as well as the executive team the classified staff for
all their doing to bring people together if you haven’t noticed we’ve also been
highlighting faculty success stories on our website and in print most recently we highlighted or weather
station and professor hatch we’re going to continue to do that and really
highlight the great worker faculty you’re doing in the classroom in
addition we’re gonna continue to highlight our students who are doing
just a tremendous job I can say that in addition to the recent White House PSA
we were contacted recently by the National College promise campaign to
highlight one of our students one of our former graduate so weird I can’t say who
that is at this point but it was a former LBCC student we may have to that
we can highlight and so they will be recognized nationally is being a college
drama student as part of the national campaign to foster more college prawns
program so we can continue to highlight the best and the brightest here we’re
also going to continue to have activities we had our Fall Harvest
luncheon at PCC and thank you to dr. long and other executive team members in
the PCC affect the instant for having a great event there we had Halloween
office decoration contest so we will take every opportunity possible to bring
people together and then finally we’ve taken advantage of our new culinary arts
facility we’ve had demonstrations there we’ve been able to host faculty and
staff there and we invite everyone who has the opportunity to come and join in
the camaraderie that’s been created there at the new culinary arts facility
so that’s just a brief synopsis of the many many many activities that are going
on and we hope to continue to have
opportunities to highlight programs like to lead Academy where you can see
directly the impact that we’re having on our faculty and staff not only engage in
the more by giving them opportunities to really contribute to the health and
well-being of the college be happy take any questions thank you very much for
your date on that topic move on to the reports first 10.1 by the Academic Senate President is
there a report tonight or and 10.2 superintendent president do you have a
report beyond the report you just gave I just have a few topics first of all i want to remind everyone
that we have the state of the college coming up here shortly everyone should
have received an invitation we welcome everyone to come by and hear about the
great work that Long Beach City College is doing and the great success of our
faculty staff or students also have the pleasure of reporting that tomorrow from
here I have to take a red eye so that it can be in Tennessee tomorrow to sit who
is Dr Joe Biden who wants to hear about the Long Beach college promise in the
work that we’re doing here she’s holding a meeting of the National Advisory Board
of the college from his campaign and so I will be enjoying the night on United
Airlines so that I can talk about everything that we’re doing here and
then I’m also excited to report that in March and I don’t have the date in front
of me but the second lady has secondly the first lady mrs. Obama
has invited us to also come to one of her conveniens that focuses on improving
the opportunities for our youth to come to a presentation about the college
promise to her convenience so we’re very proud and excited to have these
opportunities to continue to talk about the great work that’s going on here in
Long Beach City College and then finally since the question was brought up
earlier yes the UC regions are looking directly at improving transfer between
community colleges in the area CA California and we are using the transfer
model curriculum to focus on those majors president pollitt I know has
already announced nine majors but in all the UC faculty are working on 30 majors
altogether at this point so I do expect that we will have a very similar
transfer program and we will continue to push for it to be as seamless as
possible for students that’s all I S thank you 10.3 student trustee its ok
presentar I like to give the AC present report as well absolutely he mentioned something came
up so crazy president’s report right now tells the La Rambla president so his
report today is basically new returning members of the AP cabin have met with
advisor in order to discuss goals for the remainder of our Term the AC grants
are now posted within the Student Life page on LBC website don’t know what the ASB grounds the
basal your grand said a little competitive they’re giving out to clubs
they compete for those grounds and you can use them towards different programs
different things that those clubs want to do so it’s an awesome thing for
students in their clubs here on campus we encourage our faculty staff and
students apply encouraged applicants to apply for the Hispanic Association of
Colleges and Universities internship program the summer of 2016 deadline is
February 15th and falls to the 16 deadline is June 17 the cabinet has also
agreed to serve as a focus group for the LBCC Council on a student intake to better serve our
students we’ll be having an ASB cabinet meeting this Friday in the Valhalla room
to discuss issues regarding student engagement will be having our first
meeting of the spring semester on February 19th at ATM lastly the camera
looks forward to attending the seat of the college event next Friday February
5th and we look forward to successful semester thank you that’s the
president’s report now you gonna get the student trustee report correct yes tom
so every 100 amelli I feel like it’s the beginning of a new year so we’re
currently in winter intersession so far it’s it’s been great I’m here on campus
a lot I’m taking two classes one online which little difficult at first it’s my
first time taking online classes now I had that experience again but it’s not
my thing but I think it’s great that we have so many opportunities for students
on campus whether it’s online classes and associate degrees or transfers and
we’re not only meeting the minimum requirements were selling those
requirements well since it’s really amazing I’m really excited because I’m
in an administration of justice major so I’m really excited to get my att
hopefully saying so a lot of things that I want to cover today keep it simple for
the awesome that we have professional development for here for faculty and
staff when I hear about conferences and overnight for students I get really
excited so it’s it’s awesome seeing excitement in our staff here as well and
those different departments can hopefully use everything they learn to
implement it within those apartments and help students in the long run but it is
about about you guys as well as only about students faculty and staff and
different apartments do a lot of things that season’s over the you know about
and from one student to all the guys it’s really amazing that you get it
taken the initiative to do that and hopefully I continue in the future also giving shots you panic in
journalism class in the back had the pleasure speaking to them this
week so thank you for coming out today and spending year evening here feel free to come up more
often your last meeting but yeah I’m just
really excited for the semester to start we started a few weeks and partners in
the terrible so excited thank you reports that easy and I have no report
yet also want to congratulate the lead Academy on your outstanding job I hope
this is just the first one of many more classes to come all of you mentioned
building up community ality so that’s what’s important so congratulations on a
job well done in continuing hope for the best for this coming from us regarding
comments regarding communication report question about communications process
and was appointed to serve on the ad hoc committee I had no idea as to what the
outcome would be after a laborious year-long process I am pleased that we
now have adopted a communications report however what is most significance is the
final product which was shaped and transform with the input of both instant
internal and external constituents I wish to thank you and Bynum and John
Pope and their staff for their outstanding work and support I also wish
to give a big shout out to our special thanks to our board president dr. Otto
for his leadership but most especially I want to thank everyone who shared their
opinions provided input and help to finalize this document which in becoming
more efficient and effective good ICSE thank you I would like to give a special thanks to
all the members of the college community who donated to our help the homeless
campaign we have been blessed with many donations and have been able to help
many students to ensure that they remain in class and a special thanks to Sony’s
whose spearheaded the fundraising portion and we were able to raise in
just a matter of weeks several thousand dollars from the community plus we received a grant from the
josephine combiner foundation and with these funds we’ve been able to help pay
the first month rent and deposit for a number of students in so congratulations
to trust easier then these are the things that I’ve been doing since the
last board meeting on december first of all happy new year on December 11th
attended the retiree emeritus holiday luncheon on the eve of the 11th if I
keep Kappa theta dinner December 15 Betty Frazer Memorial memorial betty was why bill Fraser longtime coach
and they have established a scholarship in memorable billion Betty then on
December 16th attended the end to give a meeting at which I received a check for
$5,000 for better scholarships for veterans and then December 18th the aft
mixture intervals and thank you aft for inviting me January 22nd I attended also pet
mclean’s class and I would encourage any faculty members who would like to invite
me to come to their class I’m more than happy to do that and it was a pleasure
fielding questions from the students and learn a lot about what’s on the minds of
students or appreciate that yesterday I attended the liquid state of the city
luncheon and then upcoming events on Monday night february 1st the Long Beach
Country Club will be holding a general student-athletes and coaches from LBCC
then on February six which is a week from Saturday 4th district council
member Darryl super nah we’ll have a ceremony honoring dr. Tom Clark at the
Los Altos mall at two o’clock I think this is really a noteworthy celebration
Dr Clark gave a number of years here and the college board as well as the city
council and I think he has a negative 40 years of public yet almost fifty years
of public service so it’s a very well-deserved honor and I would suggest
that as many people as possible try to attend to that February 6 at 2 p.m. then
on february 26 the library Learning Resources Associates is having a program
between prominent african american Long Beach women at one o’clock in the
English building then on february 28 the seniors studies Associates is having a
wine and olive oil Perry interesting and then I march 5th the Child Development
Associate is having their annual fundraiser at Tokyo Wako and I want to
salute Stacy Smith Clark who was highlighted in our newsletter for
receiving the national recognition as outstanding manager of the Child
Development Center at the Pacific Coast campus well deserved a thank you present at the academy and the president
mentioned about the state of the college watching coming up very successful one
can attend important of that in many ways two years ago when I made a
presentation of the board president at that time I turn to trust you I talked
to beforehand about leading the communications ad hoc committee I think
I even gave me a little bit of I said be careful what you wish for you can take
this on because it wasn’t an easy answer my congratulations to his work and
trustee Archuleta’s work for that document I know it wasn’t easy as lot of
complexities to about that really began at the state that college so for 27 10
president oakley’s comments because many things they’re really addressing the
future and as lead Academy and others have been examples of what we do here
are very innovative but when I just want to say briefly entered a week two weeks
ago there was the martin luther king parade in and the reason I am bringing
this up is because it was late Sheikh sacred the student trustee may come
about thanking people the point is you never know when you really are making an
impact now instructors you’re making impacts everyday I think most people
realize that I’m students lies but at that event and it’s just it just hit me
it was mother was moments where you sit there go at the Yerba Buena the parade
there was there was a few grand marshals and one of the grand marshals was a
family who actually I their son I went to school with I
actually compete against him in sports and so I walked by and I just said I
introduced myself to him it was very cheap for forty years and the mother who
was a wonderful person she turned to me she has your job I can’t believe how
proud I am of you now you can take it very personally but I just remembered at
that point I’m about you know what you do in your life really does matter if
you really care for things and there’s no better place working at a community
college where people come to improve their lives here education there was
really no more noble type of concept to do things and the impact you make and I
just tried again Thursday interested in making a comment I heard it earlier with
their presentations and that was one of those moments those going back to our
float our truck which ever did a great job at the parade is always going to be
involved with but you don’t realize you can make a difference every day in the
smallest of things and I just remember going wow hadn’t seen her for so long
now I didn’t ask her what exactly mean by that because we had a compliment just
let it ride and walk away don’t don’t try to ask for details but it was very
nice gesture just reminded me a lot of things to do and what we do here is a
college as an institution and we do individually so it really is once again tremendous pride in what we do and again
congratulations trustee taking on the project over to the state of the college
address all sorts of things as we move forward thank you I and III will be very brief
during the course of the deliberations and working through of the
communications study one of the things we considered was whether we should live
stream our meetings recommended that we not do that now passed during that
discussion it came up as to how many times and when the keyboard me Board of
Trustees meeting broadcast the answer to that question and that is as soon as
it’s available which is i think within 72 hours it is broadcast Wednesday on
three separate channels every day until the next board meeting so I think that’s
approximately 25 times a month 13 channels and by the way it’s available
virtually instantaneously on youtube so you can go to youtube and it is well so
I just people that ask that question and I was able to get that information so
there’s that I’m off to the League of California meeting in Sacramento
starting on Friday and it’s also the Legislative Conference which means that
on Monday I will spend the day with President openly visiting legislatures and selling community colleges in what
we do in trying to promote legislation time off of work but it’s time well
spent finally I would just say this has been a
great meeting if somebody I didn’t make a bet on when we’re going to finish but
it’s 10 minutes after seven we haven’t seen that in a long time well I but i’m i’m looking at the next
agenda item and I think we’re gonna have a one of our shortest meeting in recent
memory to hear the things that we heard tonight not only with the lead Academy
in and what they’re saying programs with how hard everybody’s
working to figure out how to make our student success it’s inspiring to come
back and do it again and so I think it’s been a terrific meeting with that we go
to 10.5 which is trustee committees I don’t think there are any reports so we
moved to 11 11 these are the reports from the bargaining associations a total
of five minutes will be allocated each bargaining unit and our first
opportunity is provided to the aft bargaining president is president here I
don’t see their 11.2 that child Barney president is she here she let me know
she was unable to attend tonight showed a family commitment grade and 11.3 the
CCA bargaining President I know she was here earlier but she’s gone I’m gonna
take their absence as cacophony of silence that we’re doing a great job and
they don’t have any questions or issues and so that’s great future reports 12.1
this is your opportunity for board members to request reports for future
board actions before you move on I just 1 I’ve gotten
several requires you to move up the last agenda items being our employee groups
if it’s possible I’d like to make a request to remove those dates so we’re
mindful of his time and some of them have child care just a suggestion I hope
you consider it and we can move them up sooner at then end of the agenda
considered an agenda items I don’t think we had any training they like it anymore
they don’t get me they don’t dislike us anymore there is no reason to go to a
second closed session as a result and therefore we are journ 15.1 our next
meeting will be on February 23rd at the liberal arts campus in this room closed
session at four cause open session at five o’clock happy Valentine’s Day to