like to welcome everyone to the media
the fortresses launched College District for January 27
2010 15 first-order businessman secretary if you can please call the roll go ahead what you doing that the gym I’m
gonna read this on because it’s a its sexually excited in many ways but to the public may access view the changes
in supporting documents along with minutes effective January 27
by directly by typing in your browser ass www poor at long their or by clicking on the button on the LBCC website this
is the we are now on week all bore dark city
paperless method Managing Board beans so you realize in the past was
three-ring binders for the board members in particular in this
is your week all bore dark system on me agendas and supporting
documentation available on the Internet and on the OECD website
through board ox link of Courtney’s beamed with January
27 2015 me know right now the are kind you be access by meeting date: or by using the system
search feature agendas are available through more docs
on the Friday prior to regular board meetings agendas and minutes for meetings prior
to january twenty-seventh will still be available on our website
for California Education Code official approval sign hard copies
agendas minutes additional supporting documents markdown and permanently stored in the college
presidents office with the board secretary in addition videos aboard beans are
except are accessible be the website the means are broadcast
on following local channels I’ll be city
cable channel 11 on the channel 29 Lakewood files channel
45 a board meeting generals be featured which means no same
made public up by the Thursday before the meeting at
the close to the working day 5 p.m. and just no Paper Company agent will
still be posted on campus 72 hours before the mean as required by
the brown aboard boats be recorded by the Board on board ox be will be in on public on the monitor behind us and and this is probably most important law
we are still learning and sorting out the math is managing the minutes in terms of use new
template on the board ox so in other words please be patient
especially night as we work through this it’s
exciting because it’s taken over a year to get this point over to
essentially paperless but if you just please bear with us as
we well if we look like we’re confused more
so than normal there’s maybe we’re gonna blame it on
the board DOCSIS to mister to anyway so it’s a it’s exciting in many
ways and hopefully it’s going to be a benefit to the community and for everyone involved but so tonight
is the first night we’re doing festival the confusion star so that madam secretary I give you
enough time that strachan talk about read it over
Christmas break reading you’re ready madam secretary please call the roll here here here alright first for businesses legislation
that nest jump rope which SK monitor communications have a model
title everything from government affairs communication media and everything else so welcome to you
force meeting from the Port of Long Beach from Avis
knowing you with Press Telegram so you please leaders their workplace
and you for the pledge allegiance seas rise and join me for the pledge
allegiance pledge allegiance to the flat their cool thank you thank you and welcome introduction special announcements
present Oakley I begin with you I’m sorry first item by 1.4 approval of the minutes could I entertain a motion to approve
the minutes so moved much my trusty zia second say I trustee Archuleta I comment on this one we have to go to record make the motion trustees here followed by St Archuleta that’s interesting I guess the reason it says I’m absence
because we haven’t voted yet unique and the answer is correct I’m gonna have to ask my my partner in
crime my second year yeah its okay gonna take alright and ma’am sector the key please take the
role March 11 Jeffrey II sending yea motion carried and I met the introductions special announcements I’ll
begin with so when tempers Oakley yes I am first I want to begin by just welcoming if you folks in the audience
and thanking them for coming especially the
fact that they’re here on their break think and introduce our to see a president doctor when Shaw are classified Union president mister thomas
hamilton I don’t see care in the eye and sulfated
mister I’ll so sorry it’s be president local on a while ago so I just want to welcome
you all here to the meeting I am also want to welcome in once again introduce Pat mckean in fearless leader over journalism program to introduces students today
he’s in a small piece a paper sort its environmental a saint stop like
to thank you for your support my program as
always and indicated that are beginning news
writing Stanford night learn how to cover government meetings it’s our first ever Witcher class and
Rosa we’re really pleased that the college is able to support that and I liked this time to announce the
three finalists from our class for our front of the class award it so individual or do we get to each of
our outstanding students and the next week are winner recipient be named to the day the
final exam but feel %uh applaud these three
students after I an outer name if they’ll still please
stand as well Amy Roberts Austin that and been to close thank you again for
your time tonight we appreciate it thank you pat as always I next announcement is a.m. want to
recognize wanna members the board we received in
the mail a certificate a priest appreciation from
the faculty and staff the extended opportunity programs and
services here Long Beach City College and they wanted
to recognize the ongoing support above one of our
board members up the program so I’m proud to present
on their behalf a certificate of appreciation to trust
the dugout yes and that’s all I have thank you next time is the air I have not heard from many my colleagues
but the reordering the agenda if will continue as years currently so the first-order 1.7 is the ASB president report i’d doctor in we have reports are so interested yes we I am failed to introduce the
newest member of the dice though we’ve for been chatting with him
for the past month and looking forward to having him here we’re very happy to have him here he’s a veteran love the United States Army which makes
them especially special today I am but I want to welcome gusta Roscoe to die as as our new student trustee
welcome my apologies I thought you were here last meeting in December that maybe says
which you see around campus so much confusing it with this means welcome the
first item one point a is public comments on agenda items told
three minutes will be okay speaker the max hours have two speakers and I will is Lynn Shaw followed by and goal Island shots I’m 6.1 enzyme I’m 4.14 and just manager joaquin again different things
are happening in this meeting where’s past hopefully this is better I
believe I’ve been told that you will see up
there elections to your clock running so morning reaches three
minutes it just automatically to see do know don’t take it personally but the way it
works right now electronically three minutes my crotch still so not touching anything I mean we can always bring it back on
but just I don’t want you to be upset if you want that happens but you also get
to watch I am told they’ll be a clock appears so
another cool feature we have and that’s got to be better than what
we’ve been doing the past so anyway your name for the record doctor Lynch I and I’m speaking to you tonight as an
electrical Technology professor and Jeff I i get mad at you about many
things but I never get mad at you about this cuz I
never go over so but thanks for the warning and it is
very obvious so I’ll see here um I’m speaking to you tonight as a
faculty member in the electrical department and along with several of my colleagues a sheet metal
worker a heating and ventilation air
conditioning worker and a carpenter we britain a new program for the college to train people to enter it that
construction industry as pre apprentices and this is something that
came to me art through my contacts in unions and
they asked us to do this it’s taken us like two years but finally tonight Obama aboard agenda are
for new classes an our intention for this
program is to have it at the Pacific Coast campus to I run people through their short program to have them enter union and non-union apprenticeship
programs and we ask industry what do they need
what do people need to be successful in Europe mentorship programs so we designed the program exactly for
that so we have on exam preparation class to
help Mom past the entrance exams we have a basic
blueprint reading class we have a workplace competency
skills which are what all employers say we need people to
be able to work in teams we need people to work with diverse group they need to
come to work on time they need to be dressed properly arm and this is being called the latest
term for this is home work skills for the 21st century met a course we’re gonna have a hands-on
lab and this is not a lab where they’re gonna build a house or even wirehouse it’s gonna be a lab
where we say this is a hammer this is a screwdriver this is how you use it it’s very basic and the course we have safety we’re
gonna do forklift training are going to have like a little
introductory class and then of course the basis of the dollar’s map so we’re
very excited to be starting this program and we appreciate your support thank you thank you n next speaker please fellow board members administration in
guess my name is anything going I’m a
classified employees long time resident Long Beach I want to
congratulate the district on both the board docs and the renovate the completing the
renovation AA and BB building the PCC campus I’m very proud of what that building
represents and I know it will help motivate the students that 10 been awhile since I’ve been up
there to address the board and I I know you’re all excited about that
last week I attended a brown bag event with the vice president and Lacey
expressed my concern about the current ten-month classified
employees that were reduced to 12 from twelve
months two and a half years ago because I’ve lack of work or lack of
funds but as it turns out some classified consistently being asked to work LTTE’s or limited term employees during the two
months that they are supposedly not needed I
was told that the district is looking into this issue and reports
are being run to help clarify the need and this is really pretty and speaking
today because I want to make sure that the budget Advisory Committee managers in Dean’s who helped make these
decisions understand how inappropriate an unfair it feels to these classified that are asked to come in and tamper
basically their own position it’s unfair because before the reduction
they would be paid for holidays in January in July and if they got sick
they would still have income because it’s part of my benefits package
its part in the security that comes with the 12-month job but they were originally buyer for and
many of these positions are somewhat special you won’t be able to find a temp agency that import these employees specializing
chemistry microbiology sheet metal electable in
trades their specific knowledge to keep the
libraries and successors functioning for students I would like to read a couple boat is
classified since I was reduced from 12 months 10
months due to lack of work this will be the third time I’ve been
brought back as an LT and the next one is comes from someone who’s worked four
times so I would like to say that I’m thankful that I’ve been able to get the time in
so I don’t lose my house since I can’t get unemployment benefits
it’s time to treat these classified with respect and give them back some stability and
security they are the human capital that helps Long Beach City College see
so whatever pops so whenever possible and your crunching the numbers and going
over the budget this spring trying to decide where did it goes please consider your LBCC family and make restoration a priority thank
you thank you you know the speakers at this time 12
presentations which is 2.1 this is an oversight committee and report 2014 and I’m just going to read very
quickly because it’s not its in the documents is following April 2000 and 8 Board of Trustees status is Oversight
Committee to comply with the requirements proposition 39 the districts successful measure he 2008
bond election when the responsibilities duties says Oversight Committee this report annually
to the Board of Trustees and the community on the districts
compliance with all requirements Bay prop 39 film on sure I believe chill UN report film on chairman this is an oversight
committee presented catches Oversight Committee
annual report for 2014 the board trustees the report covers covers funny activities for specific period
January 1 to December 31st 14 community members
will receive a copy the report email any copy will be available upon request so with that begin I do need entertain a
motion to Pru by members aboard Sony presentation and then we have discussion
at as a motion by trustees Ian second by trustee Archuleta so there’s a motion
second at this time that we will us tempers okay to you yes and I will turn it over to vice president gable to introduce are chairpersons Oversight
Committee Thank You President Oakley it’s my pleasure to introduce
mister fil bond who does act as the chair the citizens Oversight
Committee so he will be giving a brief summary have the citizens Oversight Committee
and the annual report that is before the board tonight for their action thank memory welcome Phil thank you my pleasure on be citizens Oversight
Committee you percent the and you or forty and 14 really met last night and you and ru the or mint audit fun as well the financial or on or the school years and 6:30 T in addition to those actions the and or and accepted without any adjustment director really is extend comment at already moment question you not with Mike comment the your you over there Janet and anne-marie were there excellent people and organization or up committees activities make it very easy MIDI other place year the expenditure reports well the other part reference and the other work so be happy MIDI thank you both were make we’ve been
asked you an easy alright at this time and we have the
entire report we can scroll up and down on this som right now other questions members aboard this time
come chair recognizes trust easy I I’ll I had the pleasure of attending the
meeting yesterday and lighting in action so thank you n the members of the
committee for your service and great job want to
commend you and I headed question about your recommendations by the way with
fantastic report i just want to see your fam there’s
anything that the district should have done differently or anything we could have improved on
from your viewpoint in the committees and viewpoint you with regards to committees viewpoint think and
differently right thing one thing that was addressed
with 18 and rowly the performance audit and mantle ru the RFP process under one and the way think that discussed last night meeting made it easier be college now were with one enterprise be Chen day all campy people or mint and financial audit work but agencies me they’re hopeful price or the district
so I think that was very step I think it each meeting that very responsive were West for example
prioritisation report we saw last night new addition
though arisen anything standout I’m the review I think the stirrup new thing only supplement but
the I I particularly like the last paragraph I V the report and instead take kudos to our staff I’m about the savings to the taxpayers so that was
great thanks for highlighting that questions port this time on the report as always we appreciate you’re on the bond Oversight Committee function you do how you handle it and a
lot of great things are going on including we’ll talk later about that we had today with with another
ribbon cuttings it’s been an outstanding bond program on a great results thank you for all
your efforts as well your function sharing systems when media again back problems you the
members none man sectarian there’s a motion a
second to Pru the report citizens Oversight Committee
please call the roll March 11 hi and I II very good passes thank you very much next and 2.2
January governor’s budget update for 2015 2016 shivered in prison Oakley yes thank you
for president kellogg I’m going to turn this over to vice
president cable as well but just to make a few introductory comments
I am we’re we are monitoring closely the governors budget proposal had the
opportunity to discuss it with several members of Department of Finance and I I think we’re fortunate that prop 98 Eric to use to benefit from the revenues
that are coming in from both a.m. tax receipts as well as proposition 30 and as the governor warned we must be prepared
for an environment where prop 30 goes away there is no commitment as yet by either
the governor or the legislature to go back out to the voters to extend published 30 so that is something
that a.m. I know from the governor from the
Department of Finance in from Chancellor Harris save reached out to all the districts to
remind us now and we will continue to work with are college planning process to ensure that
we take that into consideration so with that I’ll turn it over to Vice President
gable this is an emotional I to myself there’s
no motion required naked president Oakley so the governor’s budget was released on
january 9th 2015 it was a balanced budget and the total revenues for the state
113.3 eight billion dollars her the book a the revenues coming into
the state as you can see here from personal income taxes which represents
about 66 percent the total revenues and in the sales and
use tax which represents about 22 percent the
revenue the other sources revenue that come into
the state or corporate taxes insurance taxes and then just and gamit have other taxes that come in as well on the
expenditure side the budget represented a hundred 13.29 eight billion dollars K 12 in higher
education encompass 54 percent the total expenditures K-twelve representing 42 percent that
about forty seven billion dollars in higher education is 12 percent with about fourteen
billion dollars the other large categories within the
total expenditures on the state is corrections Human Services health and
the natural resources so kinda breaking down the governor’s
budget how it relates to the community college community colleges there were seven
point eight billion dollars in additional funds provided to key 14
education and the reason that we focus on key 14
education is because the community college system
is part of proposition 98 it was passed back in 1998 to wear along with the key 12 system and the
community college system we’re guaranteed about forty percent the
revenues that come into the states that’s kinda way we really do focus on that key 14 peace
when it comes to this state budget breaking it down further specific to community colleges that seven-point
eight billion dollars in additional revenue seven billion goes to k12 in about a hundred eleven million
dollars is coming to the community college system was proposed to come to the community
college system for the community college system it’s eliminating ninety four and a half
million dollars in cash deferrals which means for Long Beach it’s about
two million dollars have cash that were actually we will
receive in the fiscal year that were supposed to receive it cash
deferral on the state’s been doing this for quite some time I’m is where they don’t pay us all the
cash that were owed until the next fiscal year so
during the recession there is hi and fiscal year 11/12 for the state deferred $961 million
dollars a community college apportionment and for us here at Long Beach I was
about twenty two million dollars that we didn’t receive a net fiscal year and instead it was deferred until the
next fiscal year which caused us to enter into short term financing now that these deferrals are coming down
we no longer have the need to enter in the short term financing so it is saving
us money so that that is a good thing the next item with the state budget is
proposition 39 this was legislation that was passed about two
years ago and this is for energy efficiency its attacks that is placed on
corporations and the money goes again to K-twelve community colleges in some to
higher education so there’s about 30 9.6 million that is
planned for the 15-16 year and that’s about a 20 percent
reduction of received in the current fiscal year
additionally the governor is proposing cola so 1.58 percent colour ninety 2.4
million dollars statewide another this is a new
allocation 125 million dollar base allocation adjustment and the reason that the state and the
governor has proposed this is praying merely because %uh the sisters and purrs
increases that have been imposed on the employers
throughout the state and so what the governor advises that
this 125 million dollar base allocation adjustment be used for are exactly as we said here increased
operating expenses in the areas and facilities retirement
benefits that’s for the person stirs commanders
on the retirement benefits professional development governing
part-time to full-time faculty and then other general expenses just to
give you an idea and the sisters and purrs in the 15-16
fiscal year this stirs read is going to be 10.73
percent it’s currently eight-point 8 8 percent so thats you know over a hundred
thousand dollar increase for Long Beach alone just under stirs
employer costs