trustees here just you know yes thank
you for small great job chigney and two louanne UN president Oakley and your
team and I have to tell you is such a
pleasure to see such a success story mister arm and its not only a pleasure as a former small business
owner to see your success but as a fellow
iranian-american you make me very proud I’m glad to see that happy birthday am I just wanted to ask am as far as that money that has spanned that hundred
thousand dollars per recipient and if so what’s total and will can we do to support and the Kauffman Foundation staffers in
your efforts and miss Bynum and also just some tangible data a as far as how many interns have we am hired or par on board so far and what’s
the plan going forward which the call for the interns and them helping our local economy yet
let me take the intern question first we’re going to be rolling out the
program this summer so we have three funded some and businesses
in the first round we’re hoping I think we’ve got nine
applicants in the second round that were looking at were hoping to find anywhere
from three to five applicants in the second round will have an
internship program in place party that is is will be working with
our faculty in some of our program areas to help us identify and profile students that would be good fits for the
businesses that we have that we’re funding cell and we look
forward to coming back to you probably at the end the summer and
sharing with you have that program is going to look mention you know that you answer the
question about that amounts we find it in in the first round we
funded to grant 25,000 each and one loan a hundred thousand which max pick my
soul we see and how many interns have review hired so for mob or so far with the
company’s so this is because this is a pilot
program we were piloting to see how the internship war and as the ones mentioned that we are
going to fully built out the internship program with the summer the second round forty okay said currently there are no interns
not from on the City College we have we do have a number interns higher but
they haven’t been from Long Beach City College yet just
easy those interns that we’ve hired work in our program in general we have
interns Long Beach City College in Cal State
Long Beach work in economic development force the interns that we’re talking about in
rolling out this program will be working specifically they’ll be from I’m because working specifically with
company okay with the questions I miss arm were
counting on you to hire our students and p.m. on board so they can be the future
leaders like yourself and thank you to Kauffman Foundation
it’s really great we appreciate your support can can a there’s one question from just easier
there was an answer which is how can abort support this program I am we constantly need to raise money for
this program so if board members know any persons or foundations or
corporations that want to give to support the local some entrepreneur ecosystem in the greater LA area him
please contact missile and Bynum and we’ll be
happy to talk with the Justia yet I think it’s important to two grounders in what community
colleges do third mission in the head cold education code in california is for community colleges in
contradistinction to any others system higher education not
the UC’s not the CSU’s to do work force and economic development and workforce
development is we want to teach our students how to
get jobs and work in the economy but economic development and it says is
in the ad code is to help companies be successful so they can hire our
students and thats exactly what we’re doing I
remember dinner little over a year ago with
common people and we were talking about this program and it was
going to be lift off pretty soon it’s very very exciting to see how for its proceeded in a relatively short
period of time we are I think a model for Southern
California and we’re just starting to like people see to this is community colleges are the place with
these kinds of things can be done they’re not programs like this anyplace
else in Southern California and II were I am very proud that Long
Beach City College has really taken laboring or I’m getting these things
done the So Cal Innovation Conference last
year was very very special nothing like that has
ever been done before much less hosted by area Community College we’re looking forward to the the next
one to come along so for all the view good to see you again congratulations
and a we’ll see we’ll see what the next steps thanks to
see actual a yes I too just like a man everyone this I’m doing such an outstanding job
and congratulations to you and I I look forward to seeing more recipients like yourself maybe a
female next time but no congratulations assist an outstanding job and I think this is
the kind I have a student outcomes that we want to see
so congratulations congratulations to everyone involved thank you to but easy am I just I i’ve discuss this with our new
director John pope it would be wonderful to have the
success stories that we create be out there in the communal thinking on I’m a you guys have done a great job but
freaking amplified these personal stories and have the world know what we do here them it would be really great to didn’t
make it more personal and down I like that at I’d certainly appreciate
it we agree it’s a good story to tell well thank you
all very much actually worthy 0 where the recipients was a woman she said she has to reach you not to mess with
her pictures and was you when the original American Gladiators
from that television show yeah right like we’re not give her money and but no she a fast answer as everyone
did so it great program it’s a great success
story yes wanna get the word out because it’s a fantastic option by involves thank you all for coming here happy
birthday safe travels back to the Midwest and louanne if I can just say let me just saw for real quick update
about another program that we have the Goldman Sachs program wanna scholars a graduated is a woman and she
has earned it. technology company she had a five million dollar business and she put a growth plan together which
is what the outcome using the Goldman Sachs program we have to produce a
growth plan and she just recently got a contract
with the federal government the department agriculture for five hundred
million dollars that she has live in the next five years so that’s a
program run by Long Beach City College in the Goldman Sachs program great success stories here’s thank you
all very much question comment support them move on thank you again for coming here
the next one and our last informational I’m on presentations 2.4
the student success and support program and ok they believe yes Peterson it all turned to you yes so again now we want to continue to
highlight the work to be called is doing to
improve student success as we’ve been focused on this for quite
a number of years in with the recent changes brought about by the Student Success act
gives an opportunity to highlight the changes that have happened and how
we are adapting to them in leading the charge
on the student success in support program so for that I will
turn it over to doctor Greg Peterson have the privilege of introducing an amazing team tonight to present to
you on our skin success insofar program and that would be doctor jane Chi are matriculation since success our program
coordinator very lunar counseling department head and no alcohol are nutin company thank
you guys thank you separate in prison Oakley
member to the board like to welcome new tryst interest the guess Orosco I digress get kid well thank you for having us in
allowing us the opportunity to talk about and Triple S B this chin successes for
program here at Long Beach City College let me first start out by as president no clear mention really
starting from 2012 this chin success act 2012 where certain recommendations came forth
by a task force to really make a change in an impact on
the scene success at Muni college-level and well was formally called was particularly
Asian so meticulously was composed Ave components students were not required to do
everything that the new chip a list P requirements to Intel as a stand-alone
program that was solely based on Hiromi so the institution was funded based on enrollment FTS now we’ve seen
the change to you require or front and services so orientation assessment counts lean follow-up services for disadvantaged
students we seen that now there’s a student
requirement for components there’s institutional requirements so
now money monies is based on not only enrollments that we
have at the institution but also the services that we provide and it’s also easy means scorecard data
provided by the chancellor’s office so for the core services as I mentioned we have the orientation
assessment counseling which includes educational
plan edge educational plans and soon follow
so for this selector bring to their podium Lauren blue in our
department had counseling the everybody the for I’m work or services identify picture Palace
p is the orientation assessment counseling and follow-up is no I just mentioned
under orientation thank you and orientation this is provided online and the covers available programs and services on
campus and academic standards and then also requirements for maintaining eligibility
for priority registration assessment for English math and reading
the counseling component include appointment sessions and also
workshops and educational many and then our follow-up includes
basic skill services for our students and then also interventions for academic and
perspiration now the requirements the Tripolis p requires that the college make core
services available to all new incoming students and then all soon as are required to
complete all be core services in order to maintain their
priority registration so the actual services are to
incentivize students to access services so that they can
complete the requirements for graduation and transfer in a timely fashion and mommy City College has implemented
college and requirements and collaborative
effort through the assessment counseling transfer program IITs all have collaborated together to
develop tools and resources bars so now I’m gonna head over to Jen but this inequity within hear you talk about equity and think
behind having equity and plan together we’re requiring services so we really need to make sure those
services fortunately impacting certain so what we setup here back is we have both MIDI that we’ve had for
long sobel those plant plan Equity Plan or develop under that
umbrella so we’re not acting alone and I think
that was the whole idea is that we part together so there we
can’t do something from the plan equity like do that and that ill fun of services in an equitable manner talk a little about the funding we did
hear earlier vice president cable talk about the two to one ratio at the
district matches to provide so the way this new funding works is
forty-percent var institutional Roman is based on the
findings we get are allotted money based on
forty-percent Roman the other sixty percent comes from
distance actually served at the institution so coming from my core services torrent
Asian assassin counseling and follow-up services so
that equates to Israel lobby City College this 14-15 year we had about 2.5 million dollars forced
in success or program at the district
contribution was approximately five million so we see it there it’s
actually a table and that should that should be the total
planned expenditures reporting 15 equalling seven million six
hundred thirty-eight thousand 174 so that’s kinda the breakdown of the
fun formula portugal is P budget allocations the allocations were broken up into
salaries and benefits materials and supplies this included
placement s career assessments such as MBTI strong
interest inventory colors true colors and equipment we’re
able to help it our assessment centres with new computers both at the PCC
campus and LAC campus so we should be seen those closer some
and Janie in the rain will continue highlighting are specific or
services here Long Beach City College nation the majority of students go through an
online orientation it’s available to our students online but we also
provide orientation tour early bird Saturday
symphony when would like to doing it we have flicked
them them in the spring and that spray it merely for our promise
pathway students there’s currently students in the
twelfth grade and they come on campus and the are provided assessment orientation and
this year they will get a student at plan on that day well on with in terms
of numbers last year 13-14 we oriented over 10,000
students so and they were in scented because we introduced required orientation in
2011 but it also affects priority
registration inter placement an assessment we do this with closer computerized assessment on its provided to all new students and we also do have been ESL test: that we
provide per student were English way and I sorry I didn’t mention that we do
provide orientation live orientations in Spanish to my
Vietnamese and in English for the other many
languages that are spoken buyers and that’s where the
students that are just beginning to learn English but we also on in the placement assessment with still
will take the at your place there but we also on
provide an alternative placement and that’s using high school data in order to placed in and statewide it’s
known as the Long Beach way when we go to any pampered and so we
found that that’s been a good way to predict success for our place okay so all the services that are required to students Parliament
is provided to the captain of it and when the requirement to that on you first-time students are expected to have
an abbreviated or comprehensive educational plan on the
abbreviated plan is one to two semesters recommended forces
and then apprehensive that plan is the complete
educational plan including of course is big part graduation I’m and/or transfer in 2013-14 we transitioned from a paper
pencil educational plan to an electronic data
plan we were able to write this to people top and also by Dennis electronically
students are able to access their at plan through their bike an account
usually when we did our paper pencil austin’s will lose it and come back and have in another it planned
anything like that this now they can access their at fine on mine and also can register from
the classes that are listed on the ad man in order to accommodate the number
students that are required to have the new education it planned we provided
workshops be implemented that in the summer 2013 and and then expanded
that I’m in 2014 we offered ninety new student workshop answer 1,248
student and in that time period from August to
December we were able develop 8,000 320 you workshop so we’ve been the all this
again is on accomplish the or counselors and so
we’re very thankful and excited that we were able
to hire green councillors for 2014 1415 and then also you’re going to hire two
new councillors and higher hourly counselors and in and provide more hourly Kathleen during the registration peak hours is
not only do we have to continue to provide services for nuisance but also
for continuing student who me too accomplish their goals as
well so we front loader services at beginning
and then also in the mid part precedence in order to
you meet their goals also our follow-up service in order for
students in order to maintain their priority eligibility for registration the must
maintain a 2.0 GPA and be about the point by completion ratio we also for basic
skills students we are going to implement the early individual workshops
redo presentations for students to encourage them to complete their
English math and reading in order to complete the requirements in a timely
fashion and then we also are researching and
Eileen earlier tool in order to provide
inventions first maybe experiencing challenge is in there and then for undeclared us aspin’s for
and declared major we have our expert career exploration
classes workshops and careers well mentioned in our heroes on training which is a career assessment
tool all these two assistance with on identifying to major
in of to their all you want and that was the conclusion bar formal
presentation if there’s any questions we can help answer was aboard questions
this time always fascinated me the term student success is used heavily now and community colleges but I
don’t think you realize how elaborate is but it
really does entail all the work said define student success a good example members aboard questions at this time on this
percentage centricity yes you may I thanks again so I have two
questions %uh the first question would be for our
students who have been here for a while who some of us have an actual the moved
over to the new electronic plan once we do how do we know where to find
them I because I’ve tried looking for my did my
last summer how do we get that train to know where do we find
Chur so Enrollment Services has three-step
handout that we also have it front desk
counseling many shows you how to access your bike an account and exactly where
your educational sting electronic educational
plan is so weird definitely reaching out to you
specially current students at the impact with priority registration
were all incoming ball new to LBCC fall 2014 so a lot of sir you just heard
about the increase in workshops the number recipes does rock your towards
the new incoming students is that was who was impacted by these
new party reg now this semester’s our effort to reach
out to you are continuing students that don’t have those electronic plans to get yes come in talk about review
your your path so that we can confirm your
comprehensive educational plan to get you squared away and the a second question under the the core services the follow up for students are their system
simply to wear a student who was dropped out gets kind of reached out to you maybe
like a couple months after they’ve dropped
out to see if maybe the ready to come back to school or if there’s any kinda services the US can provide for
them yet I don’t know jenny wants to talk about
our probation and up dismissal program in addition to that warehouse word taking the opportunity with these used
in equity funds and the Triple S P fines to look at different ways to you engage all
students so there’s a lot of students in and
pockets students that we don’t necessarily have running 2s right for service am so this is a great
opportunity now that we have funding we can make a creative ways to
do that and ideally we can work with students themselves to actually hear
from you and see what ways in which we can reach out to you in really help provide
you services on so we do have some things in place
but not enough to really me need so that’s an area that
would like to expand the questions she actually for saw I once again want to commend you on on this great undertaking undertaking for those of us who are instanceof a
stern affairs we know their work there was involved in
putting this together with an easy answers a lotta elements to it so thank you for
doing that just have a question regarding you know the educational plan which is
one of the most critical pieces in terms of student Tripolis be how far are you going back
to convert the your paper or hard copy I educational plans into electronic how far back so talking about just year just with starting with new
students are writes a the immediate need ways to
address that new incoming students I’m so that was our first planet back we also worked on this past
summer’s students making sure that they have
their electronic plans available there hasn’t necessarily been plan developed to go back in time but
certainly moving forward the plan is every student should have
issued education plan it’s available 24/7 electronically but if a continuing
student comes to your office and they want to convert their yep plan their hard copy fly into an
electronic you right be available to them exactly every
student that comes to us forest unit occasional plan will leave
with the goal is to leave with an electronic plan whether they’ve had wondered three
versions in the past in paper copy believe with electronic
copy and I do and like to highlight a and thank you for acknowledging just
effort and plani involvement to put together the chip
list P plan there where students our staff faculty various departments on campus Academic Senate student success committee there’s a lot
of effort that went into this from the institution side just like to acknowledge all the effort that you all
did and thank you or putting together a plan to really
help our students sexy thank you the members this thank you very much alright was there for very important presentation so it’s really do the collars thank you all so far so
good I’m secretary but I think we’re gonna
start picking up the pace a little bit here so I’m going to start with the next item
is 3.1 the support member are his nomination for the CC CT
board threatening air actions at the border
trustees support member of his nomination to the California Community College
trustees board member member auto is currently a member the
CCC T board if elected this would-be member honors third-term ages no member concern more than and three consecutive terms
this board obviously is one that helps run this this organization and has been an
invaluable member that bored for the last two terms so the
motion I’m request motion the floor so mad much my trusty the second by trustee Archuleta there any comments on
the site anyone Adam sector week please call the
roll March 11 Jeff recount by that are and sentencing by motion carries and that election will be
taking place Italy between March April where the
board again be intact thank you very much for taking on additional time to
serve statewide organizations critical to our community colleges next
Adam 4.1 this is the purple the consent calendar let me first start
with a motion to approve the Consent Calendar than ask if there’s anyone I had not heard
previously but so let’s begin with the approval to send
counter are listed kinda Jenna Bush to prove the entire
Consent Calendar then I’ll ask for any items that way %um to ambushed by just so much less %eh
letter items to be removed from the Consent
Calendar for any further discussion 4.20 four-point well and the reason we actually have to do some paint just just
for went well right so with the exception
about four point well madam secretary are you ready call the roll on the rest consent
calendar items whenever you’re ready be map secretary please call the roll then
on the Consent Calendar Adams armor Jeffrey hi by and Sen easy I the Consent Calendar passes Adam for point well this is the purchase
order ratification it ash this teen shows the issuance purchase orders and change orders period
if it were 72 as 42 January 2nd 2013 he purchases or result in from a change order durian this tee time will be
listed with the dade original issuance there’s a lot of other items on your so
at this time share will recognize trust easier