would like call order the median the Long Beach Community
College District Board of Trustees for the meeting July 28 2015 this is for closers in
gender sacred please call the roll one sec please our March 11 percent Virginia
Baxter here Jeff Kellogg here delgado gape sending see me we have items 1.3 1.4 1.5 and these are I’m sorry 1.4 1.5 and these are pursuant to
Government Code public employee evaluations to 10
percent annual performance valuation than 1.5 conference with labor
negotiators pursuant to Government Code agencies
representative Emery gable unrepresented employees who returned
president as the items foreclose session secretary we do have public comment 1.3 we have one
individual crisper Matt on at 1.4 1.5 script know the speakers I’m secretary scraped right will the
clock run this time or mine alright thank you begin with 1.4 night and Chris prevent arrest in Long Beach am I
just stare with regard to 1.4 on %um I recognizing you’re discussing and
superintendent oakley’s performance evaluation today in night
guess is he’ll probably concluded on you my personal perspective and the performance in the
superintendent is one nerve daschle it’s that they had a lot more
than what you’ve gotten and I would hope that you would expect
the same mmm you know I really don’t think that
he heads provided the level that leadership that you should and specifically with relation to in item they have
brought to your attention before related to an unauthorized salary increase with 12 you’ll met in
closed session decided nothing was wrong yet no it was wrong but pay in talking to said whenever you need
it said and but you know taking a four-person race
with their appreciation lease has a level inability the superintendent to at least manage the affairs at the AT&T second in more importantly bet doing the self evaluation at the present
superintendent back a in its mid-term evaluation that somehow made it into the media made
to report its actual individual self-evaluation now I’m not sure if it’s
been established publicly how that happen I suspect that it was mister Oakley who released its own and self-evaluation
pizza can imagine members to the board policing it houses meaning the imagine
emotive greater than that the superintendent to use that health evaluation as it was as he needs to disparage when in route
to the sport that’s certainly not the type of
performance you should it’s that from a Sebring
president and said you know I’m really hope that you
take the scenes into consideration and recognize it you based on that no I’d I don’t think he/she get a
performance in creeks you want he’s gotten increases far more in the the line stand over the
last seven years far more than any viewer the burning apps or exceed why is he so privileged to get so much when the people who
really be the work have gotten too little in you in addition he gestión picked up in
a Christian companies said Bates pension compensation because the way in which I’ll slipped
step lady to bid pension calculation to those
things together I think you you should consider that when you’re
doing your part 1 to that which thank you 1.5 item going on the engine and it CE conference with labor negotiator there’s
never been any notice that there is been in negotiation with the superintendent
president not quite sure how that came up at guest got done revising his contract and
extending it I’m trying to figure out what y’all are
negotiating out because I would presume they refused you’re
having a conference with the negotiator that you would actually have a
negotiation and there’s nothing in the current
contract that would drive and negotiation is not says museum %um mister lease contract term is
ending so we need to negotiate a new contract there is no compelling reason
there’s no any negotiation y’all have not provided
any notice as required you know in the end like you
would with the other bargaining groups you know when
you say okay you teachers want to negotiate with you you want to negotiate
with anybody public hearing you say when it issued in
a negotiated and snow here don’t know I gotta wonder
if maybe this is a means to you simply have a secret discussion the bell superintendent oakley’s salary and
compensation as it relates to his performance evaluation instead that he’s on your agenda that easy in
the works that is parted on that where you’re supposed to
determine how much of their performance increase
you give your present superintendent based on the law you’re supposed to have
that discussion in public but he did Houston that in your internet
with your or in his infinite wisdom the
president is this poor as the site that we’re going to have
some negotiation in order to simply ever conversation in secret and keep
doing the business way in which young men doing that after the public to when he should be
she to mister kelp he has this be your last act is present on this
port to go to this level old Heidi in preventing transparency it’s
disgusting you should know better you’ve been in
public service loan /a you shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about
the superintendent president’s salary but his performance he should be willing
to do this law sets but if you wanna do it in secret you me
think you have a legal reason to do it I hope the doctor rising crust eats
prism without which earned two closed session and report out approximately one hour well
will be in our regularly scheduled me the Board of Trustees at this time me
recessed giant when the two