the Gingerman like to reconvene the
median the Board of Trustees for Long Beach Community College District for this mean July 29 2010 and 40 if it went his stand on when asked shipment at
present the lawyer Oakley to leaders in the Pledge of Allegiance good ok thank you very much madam secretary you
can please call the roll the new board of trustees please member
Caroline here member auto here member Baxter air members see a here Nash have a core I have no items report out mark Lowe
session held earlier to day so at this point I’ll move approval the minutes for the meeting on
June 24 2014 are there any corrections additions to
those minutes if not I’ll entertain a motion to prove to push my
trusty other second by a second second by a trustee Baxter any comments members aboard am secretary please call the roll on the
approval the minutes for June 24 2014 member kellogg hi member autumn thank member Baxter I member zia II take the emotion passes with chechen introduction special announcements
presentation at this time I’m going to turn the median over to superintend president Oakley has real
quick yes thank you %ah board president catalog well first of all I want to welcome all
of our guests here too the Long Beach a Community College
District Board of Trustees meetings not often we had the pleasure of having so
many great friends in the audience but thank you for coming all the members of the family friends
over newly elected board members I and of course all the elected
officials I do want to recognize a few very a special people to Long
Beach City College who are here in the audience today I am first of all we have for several elected members a here with us
today I want to welcome I first and foremost a.m. California
Assemblymember Bonnie Lowenthal I saw a bunny earlier today will combine have several both run next budget years
ago that’s a good thing I we also have
Assemblymember as Steve Fox is here as well welcome member bobbie been overblown room I don’t know he said beautiful how’d
that happen a yes I might be painful at 12 may find
that men sleep I it’s great to have you both hear I am it’s great it’s been great working with
both family member logged on some remember Fox who both been great friend to the college I
also here as well I am and where just privileged and
honored to have him here a.m. we’ve had a wonderful time
celebrating his election the last couple weeks and I think the party still going
on so please join me in welcoming our new
mayor Long Beach mayor Robert Garcia I we also have several members a the Long Beach a city council um a is and ICE’s a member al Austin here is here somewhere
will welcome a member al Austin again an individual who also attended
Long Beach City College I we also have long beach a council member Linda Gonzalez they
know you here with us well come of course our local council
member newly-elected the Stacy Mungo district 5 councilmember
welcome also I my council member in the 3rd district
I Long Beach City Council members is the
price welcome I know I also saw Lakewood city council member Jeff word
is Jeff with various welcome geoff I we also I have a former member the City
Council the on a bowl Evan Browett Evan are you with us and I
am I think I some earlier Superior Court
Judge Daniel Lowenthal it’s a judge long tall with us here well in the
oklahoma budgets are always late just getting us
getting up okay we also have I am did I miss any elected members that are with us today oo IC just handed
a few notes I am we have a member of the City
Council for the City of West Hollywood mister Jeffrey prang council member Frank thank you for being
here you point that mark yes we welcome Lena they know welcome thank you for being here to 00 of course
how can I forget are former trustee and newly-elected her from City Council I your our saving the
best for last mister room at the Huron go and I’m really sorry saving the best for
last could also want to introduce the former City Councilwoman in the
district miss tonya your honor on your welcome I am let’s see you know it think you missed
one other person and that serve and to send your community college to I yes yes thank you thank you we have a
a member of one of our sister districts down in Orange County a the Honorable but John Hanna
representing the Rancho San Diego Community College District Judge are you
in the audience somewhere aka yeah I know my getting
trolled by the end of this nature I’m gonna forget everybody I was supposed to
remember but I got that one hah it’s impossible for get better I also
want to welcome the former president of Long Beach City
College and of course she also happen to be the mayor city of Long Beach but Beverly o’neill
the I we also have I individual who was also a
former City Council member now a commissioner a %uh the poor Long Beach
mister duck comments here another member of the Port of Long Beach commissioners a mister rich dines welcome and I suppose since I’m
introducing port commissioners I also have to
welcome poor Commissioner the lamb Bynum I am let’s see did I miss anyone the executive director the parties here I miss Bynum why don’t you introduce him my pleasure I’d like to introduce the
chief executive support Long Beach mister Johnson anger
up so who’s running the city right now I I we also have some members who are representing some very I special people to to Long Beach we have
a representative from congressman congressman Alan Lowenthal miss Helene
and so welcome elaine also have a
representative from congresswoman Janice Hahn annette McDonald welcome annette
representative for state senator Ricardo Lara a sous les
sorrow welcome I and I think tim pat is with us as well
also representing Assemblymember up on a long call welcomed him anyone
else I’m congresswoman Linda Sanchez Isabel Irvine is here as well welcome Isabel thank you for being here going once okay thank you all for being here this
makes it a very special night thank you for supporting this college
and this Board of Trustees so again thank you for
being here let’s give our elected to a more round of applause I we have a tradition a Long Beach City
College of honoring our retirees on at this time and we do have three
individuals who recently retired from Long Beach City College I’m although I
don’t think they’re here today I want to take a moment tell you a
little bit about him and their service and recognize some for
for their wonderful service to our students into our community I the first retiree I am this individual has served Long Beach
City College for forty years tremendous tremendous a individual who
is touched literally thousands and thousands of students in her tenure here she was a record
specialist and her name is Marion brodi please join me in congratulating Marion
under I the next individual I service colleges
custodian I served as for the last six years and its
chosen to retire Michael a CR I had served us from July 8th 2008 to
present done a wonderful job of taking care of
our facilities and taken care of all of us who live and work here Long
Beach City College please join me in a row plus for Michael another individual who is a service is a
science lab equipment technician I am a service for 25 years a mean mister Michael Mercadante is say to retire so please join me in
recognizing him as well and i know i said last but not least but there are two individuals here today
that I fail to recognize but are also very important to this district they
serve I as members of our personnel Commission
here Long Beach City College I am they do a wonderful job supporting
in the classified staff here Long Beach City
College please join me in welcoming mister dick gaylord mister name medical
ball okay now I we have a very I am special recognition at this time I am you all know that you recently
voted and a new city council member a.m. but before he tom was elected to City Council he serve
the Long Beach Community College District for many years as a trustee I am he was I here when I was hired in 2012 and immediately
became a.m. somebody I turn to you for advice support a.m. and he’s not only been a great trustee of
this district has been a close friend from a mentor colleague I’ve had the privilege of literally
traveling all over the United States with him because he is served in the role
president love the National Board for the
Community College trustees the first Latino elected to that role I am also served in many other capacities with the national
organization he’s always fought for students no matter where he is he’s always fought
for diversity and inclusion a and I was his
hallmark here with the sport so it’s Mike privilege and pleasure in honored to be
able to recognize him here today to congratulate him on his new role with the Long Beach City
Council I know that he will do great things on the City Council he’s got some tough shoes to fill but I but we have some tough shoes to fill
here as well so please join me and recognize seen I Roberto you’re on go aboard a trustee
member from 2002 2014 in appreciation have your fourteen years
a service to Long Beach Community College District in your leadership at
the state and federal level advocating for community colleges
congratulations Roberto and please join me appear for I am this plaque and to say a few words we have all only okay wonderful thank you I was almost
attempted to go up and bill they empty seat up there the little bittersweet but the universe
three think that a you know that your movie night and you left person they remove your name secondly I
couldn’t find parking no parties white guy and somebody took
it is despite trustees buy flats but up by
overtaking film somebody moved into my seat already that and of course the the third one is
receiving an eighth-place in recognition and appreciation letters again see that the today’s is obviously bittersweet for me the
having certain that college workers these fourteen years been elected member of
this August body individuals and I have there’s a
lot of people who pay o’neil’s fourteen years I procrastinate
many wonderful people when it was there wonderful faculty
wonderful trustees in and managers let our have been always keeping students burst
because that’s what to be cut is all about and whether I’m
here whether you’re there whether individuals coming go are here
is the institution calamity college that important and that
the institution that we have to keep alive and keep writing and we always think
about students yes we do has been to the one to keep
this college driving I know that the merrily o’neill who
served here and moved on and work the work they can
get great things with the city of Long Beach up Jeff callout with Sun City and city councils is now here well we have individuals who have connection
and there’s always a connection with Tommy City College we have obviously Robert Garcia our
mayor who has a connection with mommy City College we have mark
taylor is cheaper state connection will only take i’d though
there are a lot of wonderful people who have served Long Beach City College in have moved on
do other other great things for the city and I hope that I am in there in there chattels and that I can do just as well be as
successful as they have been its it’s important not only to me but to
this institution because of the the wonderful legacy that that that is here and I hope that
when a move on and leave people by start saying
you know or I remember when role that there was an
a/c other college work and you start missing me
but I know that’s going to take place pretty soon as soon as I there’s a
replacement thing you’ll remember me by next month or so and they want to replace me but I hope
that that the border above all this current board always
keeps students first you get it by keeping students pursue keep the college
first and by the success of our students we
have the success or institution and after again ever after we’re all
gonna successes decisions what is important it importantly accreditation its important buy the people that we
honor on our are all a pain mortal over and I know there
will be more continue unfortunately cannot ever make
it to the ball me because I’m there was a student here
but there’s still time but but maybe I could take a you know
I’ll horticulture class or something you know
Parkway and then after that I have to get wait ten years after that it’s all by
that time I’ll be a well into May eighties and nineties not forget when I
was but doesn’t matter because I I will
remember and cherish this time and at the City College 41 for years and and in the support that I
get not only from my colleagues on the board but from the staff but the faculty because it was not their support I would
have been able to reach the heights leadership in
Community College trusteeship in governance without their support yes editor as
national chairman al the Association me guys trustees but I
didn’t do that by myself nobody does reaches those came to Pinnacle’s
leadership by themselves they do it because people who support
they do with the people who are behind them believe in them and years
push them to do the things that are correct in
their right not only Poor Dad institution but with the college and of course nothing would happen with
me personally without the sport in love and trust my
own family that’s my wife doing it is really a
without love you baby you you have been made pillar of
strength and on breaking down right now that would so much popular strengthening her and the one breaking down but that
she is a wonderful wonderful spouse it’s a partnership when we were both the newlyweds we were immediately involved in PTA easing
community activism with their neighborhood associations and before you know it that we were
being asked to why don’t we run for or office and we did the we don’t do it
without connecting with one another it it’s a
it’s a partnership one does not exist without the other
hand it was my pleasure to support her when she ran for City Council in a rampant for college work and we
were like every two years was an election 2000 mean 2002 her 2004 me to the six yr 2008 me 2010 her 2012 me 2014 me and did other 14 her she said she’s
currently a candidate for water district yeah wish you well be the getting her
apartment so be 4i I’ll even the part this this all today I want to you wish you
well which the that the trustees very
interesting as well and as you are reviewing your process as to
how you gonna fill my seat I hope that you keep in mind that ever see again how is and will always be my marcher it will it is and will always
be something that I will be looking at n/a
I may be at City Hall on the 14th floor but I’ll be looking at
you because I know it’s important and it has been ill it always was
important for me up whenevers join the trustees in 2000 jet doctor Janke who was present
at the time and I looked around the days and I set
the why am I the only brown base here where
am I the only let you know this has got to change and sure enough
she did and that was a 2-2 2012 it was 2002 Dept I into I know you’re nervous millionaires
have so many names to remember ok when it when he joined when and I was
a and I’m proud a proud that I was president of the
board trustees when we select the delay as our president or Long Beach minicard because it within
a point aspect that point historical going to
make a point to make Realty dodge and as you can see the Long
Beach now is the national leader and student
success and as long as we keep access to student
success Long Beach will always be a leader and
will be at the forefront over that leadership to thank you again
thank you all for for being here I know you now you for me
there’s a there’s some individuals we need to swear in but thanks for joining me here it’s a
bittersweet moment but I will always cherish those
memories that ahead with all you and I will take
the with me as a blonde a lot to my next them next venture thank
you very much I council member council member effect you’re not done yet so I know some members of the board would like to
make a few comments but before we do that there are number proclamations and
certificates that I am a various members afar like the community want to present
to you today I am I wanna began by asking a mayor Garcia to I am to come on up and present you with a
certificate and certainly a if the mayor wishes to make a few
comments by all means mare Garcia I’ll be brief out I just wanna first it’s always good
to be I to place I consider home and this
college is in my opinion 1 I’ve the absolute best
things we have in the city and the fact that we r really usher in a
new area where we continue to refocus on education when
education can do for the economy and for city is really a great thing and
so I this is I i’m always will always be a a Viking an honorary Viking I’m people
that get the chance to be here wanted to thank the board perpetually want to
start by say a few words to account number would
anger and a I’ve known the counselor for many
years in fact we were together here I start of here is
a part-time faculty member in the speed department and I worked in the in the office you’re
our government relations and public affairs and you and I were together for
many years and I just wanna first congratulate you
on New Year’s Eve service in to congratulate you on everything
you’ve done for education in for work force in Long Beach and I’ll
say also that I I could be more excited to serve next
year the one city council and I just want everyone to know that
you at the council there will be friends education and good friends up this
college always looking out for the best
interests of students good all over missing the ticker students
whether you’re out the whether you’re here weather at the school district weather
at the University weather on on city council we all should be looking
at the best interest over students and the future oversee Ana
CA California and so I want to congratulate you other for serving with you it’s gonna be
a great I hopefully eight years for opera both the bus so go long beach in thank you gradually I think you’ve never seen one of these
before I but I want it also just give you your first certificate from Long Beach when you’re
in that’s present did you if I was gonna
make a few comments for the new trustees should do that now earlier it depends on your schedule mister I I
can stay here you wanna do do it after yes ok would just do it okay I next I’d like to ask assembly member Bonnie long thought
to come on up she has a I am assembly certificate a
recognition that I know she’d like to present well combining thank you so much and yes it is bittersweet because you’ve
done a fantastic job here I you know Roberto we go back yeah eighties right early 80s 1980 I and and the recent by that is
significant is because at your passion or community has never changed and it never will and your
contribution here was so significant Long Beach Community College
is recognized throughout the statements because have you and the others that you serve where at
that has made an A a premier institution that has set the
pattern for so many other colleges so from the State Assembly I’d like to give
you this certificate and to if I could review the quote on it
it says we now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of
keeping abreast have changed and the most pressing task is to teach
people how to learn death by Peter Drucker that’s what
you’ve done this last 14 years and I wish you much luck in the future okay and next I we have I representative I love congressman Alan Lowenthal holy
man so who would like to presents you with a certificate a
recognition well compelling in and Washington you know but he wanted you know how much he she ate
it working together over the years many years starting I
think to in the eighties and also more
recently working on the college promise and the
Student Success act when with a senator your Senate
Education met with an intake role and I’m I’m happenin just re a little bit with great appreciation for your dedicated
service on the Board of Trustees since 2000 the feeling leadership Bros locally and nationally and for your
enduring commitment to access and outcomes for students and to
the college the in you and congratulate in word
Thank You Heleen now we also have I am annette mcdonnell
representing nom congresswoman Janice Hahn would also
like to present certificate of congressional commendation welcome I’m congresswoman kongers on Janice Hahn wanted to be here
obviously at you I’ll I’m still on top and we want he also congratulate you for
your or your new position at the company and
your outgoing and or it must be Robert you now much congressman adores you and has supported
you from the beginning and we just want to thank you so much
for all your service that you did for the children our students here long beep beep got the per year all right thank you I and last but certainly not least I am
representative from our our very own senator Ricardo Lara a sOooo early am i pronouncing it right surly sorry like to present you with a senate certificate of recognition I am
to lease a row and senatorial are can be here tonight but
he wanted me to tell you and congratulating congratulations on a
job well done fourteen years up being a champion and a
varsity incan and inclusion and being a champion and
quality education for our students and I also wanna and day I when I look forward to your leadership
at my council member at the 7th district as well and being a resident at the same
district or present kellogg if any members of the
board would like to make any comments about term former trustee prepared to run members aboard she may
come into this time I will start and will recognize anyone
else it’s not a rose it I actually on this is an address in my council member
I can see the 8th district from my front porch is across street for your my council
member so a but the size that and so people may be
not understand why we’re doing this today is because at our last meeting
when we had the other two members have their retirement ceremony we
weren’t percent sure what the status is going to be with Berto as far as a board member I
personally would have loved to have him and I told him this personally that I
would love to have him stay hers long as he can but there are legal ramifications he was
informed by that and he had to move on so we didn’t have
an opportunity to really say goodbye properly and that’s why we had this opportunity and this is also
the one meeting that the City Council does not need on
the 5th Tuesday by the way when I was on the council we
met on the 5th Tuesday right Beverly boy did we meet on the fifth Tuesday I but I would like to say that a few
things with Roberto first operand oppose more than any elected official deserves I obviously must eventually did a great
job so tonya don’t let it get away with Iran you ran I it was always his name on
the ballot his name alone I also a sitting here know that when the
main reasons overburdened can you got together if I remember correctly you
telling me that she said because you owned a washer and
dryer that made you more attractive than the other potential candidates yeah amazing it’s true but I I would like to say that serving with Roberto since 2002 we talk
but difficult issues you find a very quickly when individuals
made and I will tell you the Long Beach City Council is getting a good one this gentleman has been tested some most
difficult financial issues this college has ever faced he handled
it professionally your insulin very difficult times and I
was very proud to sit here with him as a member of the board proud of how we can to himself
professionally how himself personally doing some really tough times and were
the nicest compliments I heard I’ll was said one time and and this is
probably a funny tree question but when people look at
the board a word I’m on what is going to upset the burner
supporters or my supporters the most but they said who are the two
individuals that were always be aligned on issues at the college and
somehow somewhere they were sale Roberto and Jeff go figure and the answer though is quite
frankly we both kept the college always as our priority and doing things he was a tremendous member this board I
know is going to do an outstanding job not just as an elected official but he’s
an individual has all the qualities and I’m proud that served with him but also call my friend so Roberto I’m
sorry that you movin on but I’m proud the fact that you’re
moving on to City Hall and you’re going to now standing job because you’re an individual has qualities and
integrity their unmatched I’m proud to call you as
friend as well and best luck to you thank you other members chair recognizes a trustee auto Roberto we be we’ve become very good
friends over the last ten years and a had a lot to for adventures in
conversations about to important education in Long Beach and a and indeed throughout the nation put a
how important it is to to serve the students that ago here hand there are are in the city of Long Beach
India I will miss you I’ll miss those conversations a and telephone calls about to what’s going on
and what’s next we travel together few times to places
and got to extend that friendship and I have
no doubt that you will make an outstanding
city council member I think that it’s a very exciting time for Long Beach I’ll let you have fought for and
believed in for a your entire time here diversity I’m excellence students are things that will serve you well in
the City Council I I would say goodbye because I know that we will see each other soon to you to be honored
for all the good work you’ve done in this
community thanks chair recognizes trustee see a followed
by steve baxter thank you president kellogg councilmen your anger at thank you so
much for your wonder for service here eighth-ranked
great I know and your a tough act to follow I also loved your family a see tony is
here and your sign in exemplifies public service there and the I know and just wanted to thank you for your great
service I know you’re going to do great things in City Council iraq has a strong trustee Baxter okay
Roberto congratulations every indication that we’ve ever worked
together you’ve always been a gentleman you vice
put students first and I’ve enjoyed a knowing you for many
many years thank you for president kellogg now one
last thing a council member Erongo we have another
member love the Assembly would like to say a
few words I I’m I let me even opportunity to
assemble member St Fox to come on up in say a few words and by the way acts only member Fox is a
former trustee love the lol Valley Community College
District and is easily members moving towards the podium I fail to recognize us to trust either
also like to make some comments children as a singer St council member
your honor even though our first meeting with each
other was on opposite sides at this table here I wish you well in all your endeavors it
has been a pleasure in it has been an honor to work with you from the time that you’ve been on this
board tell I’ve been here I wish you well in your retirement and in your future I remember fucks roberta I just want to commend you I
myself left is a trust you have a community college and I
went on to other things just as I know you’re going to go under and two additional accomplishment they
want to commend you out want to commend the collagen an easy
I know you will lead this college and accomplish great things like to congratulate you and and
gradually turning going Assemblymember box has some parting
shots I thank you just the are operating that I do have by the
Department Palin my son ami ATO gains would I am Who also is a very important part of my life
he’s one of the reasons why I went into trusteeship because I wanted to have a college there
would be just as good for him as it is for any other
student it so that’s that’s another passion that that I have an act would
take that passion with me see all this pin that you see right here
I were purposely today it’s it’s the acct lifetime membership and its pin that I will always wear when I come here an Aries it also
entitles me to a free registration at the AU acct
conference this year being held in Chicago I’m thinking about it and a push for dr. future conventions where
he sees the interest the ship I’m gonna miss you get I miss you so much at thank you all or
the recognition that you personally than me this evening it is greatly appreciated and I love or to working with you all as
a move or into another journey in my pad in in elected in
elected office thank you so much you’re have bar president killer before we move onto
the next item I just saw another representative of 104 local elected to the council members a
representing city council member Patrick O’Donnell Brian make a No welcome prime and for those of you who
don’t know a Brian worked on Arbonne campaign so double thanks to you brian in okay it’s all
yours we’re going to actually we’re going to introductions
are completed absurd have to look at this time I I need to relinquish the chair physically and have you take me to or from this point
I’m an he will explain briefly why this is taking place don’t worry I haven’t done anything
wrong Nova my leg of this chair up so what we’re going to do now is we are
going to from because we have to reorganize the
board we have to elect a new president to the more we have to elect a new vice
president the board before we do all that we actually have
to sway Ryann the new trustees and then I will chair the meeting until we to elect a
new board president at which time I’ll relinquished this seat to the new board president so
before we I get into all that we have a little bit
of business that we have to conduct I so at
this point in time since we are beginning I am the agenda weary who I invite public comment on
agenda items at their request members to the public
may comment on items listed on the agenda at the time
the item is discussed in prior to board action on the item a three-minute time limit will be
allotted to each speaker with a maximum of twenty minutes to each
subject unless extended by the Board President so I
have firm several items that are here from regarding agenda item so let’s begin
with Aunt Mildred as a beta come on up is mildred here okay she may be coming from the other
room so mildred if you’re on your way just kinda
get in line I mister thomas hamilton is tom is here