congratulations port member kellogg I am next we’re going to trustee area 3 and us wearing a and a newly elected
trustees an easy a sunny if you can join us hell yeah and we have two great privilege love have seen I am newly elected
council members is a price swearingen turkey clear yeah thank you
for being here. council member and I’m I will turn it over to you
whenever you are ready thank you I’m thank you
for having me here its it’s my honor to be here and I
wanted to just take a moment and say just a few words am before I sware sunny Zain on I’m it’s endangering the campaign
process so I haven’t known her very long but I have a very interesting and unique
childhood and background and I was telling a group of people about my
background am during an endorsement interview and they
said have you met Sun easy yet because you have a very similar background and it’s
interesting because growing up I had heard that I had people who are
similar to me in terms of their background learning to speak English later in life
than others I’m leaving the country during the
course of a revolution learning to survive in a community where their family was not use to the
culture and damn but I had never really met anybody with
the same background and I met sunny and I was very happy to
meet her I think what I learned about her was that on there’s a lot to be said about
adversity and what it does for people and the kind of strength that again CEO
and one thing that she and I have in common we have a lot of things in common allotted to some dissimilarities as well
like if we were on a fashion magazine cover she would be on the cover of Vogue and I would be on the cover of working
mother makes I last stylish but there’s one thing that
we do have in common in our culture and that is I’m a very big emphasis on education on the importance education and I’m collaboration by thinking outside
the box and I think that those are skills that we are tot as an children have immigrants as
immigrants ourselves in Sonny’s case that really make us unique and good
members other team in trying to solve problems
and I hope that sunny brings that and I know she well that should bring that to
this board for the persian community is there sat
on to stand as ease sunny john has had after have made on
you know shammai of the harm thank you sonny’s the app please raise your right
hand and repeat after me I can just have my and she was to hold a
constitution head its it’s appropriate that you’re gonna
be swearing on the book that you’re going to be to him about Sat ice an easy a ice an easy a.m. do solemnly swear do solemnly swear that I will support
and defend and I will support and if and the
Constitution the United States the Constitution of
the United States and the Constitution the state of
California and the Constitution at the state California against all enemies against all enemies foreign and domestic foreign and
domestic that I will bear true but I will bear true faith and
allegiance faith and allegiance to the Constitution
of the United States to the constitution of the united states
and the Constitution the state of California and the
Constitution at the state of California that I take this obligation freely and I
take this obligation freely without any mental reservation without
any mental reservation or purpose evasion our purpose an
invasion and that I will well and that I will
well and faithfully discharge and faithfully
discharge the duties upon the duties upon which I
am about to enter which I am about to enter
catch a nice thank you regulate congratulations pressed the the at now
and there are few recognitions that we want to present to
you as well I am mayor Garcia is already spoken and
we have a certificate from the mayor’s office as well as from congressman Lowenthal but we have a very beautiful I am I recognition from I Janice Hahn member of congress and if I am net come back up here one more
time to present this they small you words on behalf of
Congress on Janice Hahn we met Sen easy at about a year and a half ago
and really fell in love with her passion as on a member you know who worked for the Port of Long
Beach and her vision for children and for people and
so we did we just we wanted to be here for you I wanted to
be here for you we wanted to is tell you how much we
love you and appreciate all your hard work I’ve never seen
anybody work so hard on a campaign and knock on so many doors
evers so we just love you and we need to know
you gonna do a great job greatly we also have a recognition from
congresswoman Linda Sanchez as a representative from
congressman Census Office still here if not let me read it I am a congress the United States House
representatives is a certificate a special congressional recognition
presented to send easier in honor in recognition a bean the district
3 trustee for the Long Beach Community College
District Board of Trustees congratulations I am and some that’s all other recognitions we
have this time so trustees here you’re welcome to give your comments there or
come up here your seat and make some comments good evening everyone first the law thank you so much for your patience I
really appreciate it I’m when we came out if closed session I overheard jesting holy and I think and it was the 125 gas that I have I know a lot you’re in here
and there Rio so I really honor and value being here thank
you so much council member price you not only make me proud as a
woman but as an iranian-american if the
Heisman it thank you I’d also like to use specially thank
congressman Janice hine and miss in that mcdonnell for very
amazing support in their lovely proclamation
it’s just gorgeous congresswoman Linda Sanchez
congressman Alan Lowenthal congressman add Royce congressman keith
Ellison some remember buying you Lowenthal Rd Irvine is here with us today assemblymen
Anthony Brandon Assemblymember shank work so that family
member Steve box is also here today thank you and family member Tom Daley
for their kind support and of course are great mare Robert
Garcia thank you council member lino Gonzalez councilman out Austin council member
Stacy Mungo judge daniel Owen far who came in and trickled in a little late
you’re right tough Iran to Santi other community
college trustee John Hanna who are with us today thank you so much mare Garcia council leaders I look
forward to working closely with you in fostering economic development our
great city to our city college thank you to our
board of Harbor commissioners president and vice-president dead German and rich times dearest
doctor Mike Walter my boss Jason Brody and my wonderful and maisy- me port family see who came
here in numbers thank you so much for being here I love you more than you know and of course and including our leader thing greatest addition our new
chief executive john Singer out thank you so much sorry for the honor
have being here today with the rest of our part family my
friends in labor and business thank you for your tireless
support and efforts my dear veterans and war heroes who were
in the house today colonel Magnus his agenda many give up
his seat and he’s in the other room commander Jeremy growth and my dear
constituent and wonderful supporter and veteran
Karen Scott thank you so much for being here today
my beautiful yuan Yin jewish an israeli Muslim and Arab
community friends on the right laughed in center
reunited on my campaign and worked hard insuring my success last but not least my beautiful parents who never gave up
on the American dream and sacrificed so much from me and my
sister and of course my wonderful family who
flew n from all over the world and all over
Southern California I’m including Canada at Belgian and Iran thank you for the honored being
here today thank you thank you to my amazing campaign team
you were here and the many many volunteers who worked
countless hours in helping me K here and of course thank
you to the voters for giving me this honor and out being elected to be your trusty
for those of you who don’t know me I’m a first-generation immigrants who
came to this country escaping a war-torn yuan in pursuit my american
dream access to quality affordable education
and a better life I I’ll so much to this great nation and chose this office because my story
is not uncommon from the stories are students here at
the Long Beach Community College District they are the reasons we’re all here the ones who despite our political
differences unite us all and my inspiration to
ensure we build at productive and prosperous future
everything we should do should be based on the best interests
our students and community at all times I about that I will work hard and give
you all that I’ve got in for filling this
duty and ensure you have access to affordable quality education
as strong vocational education program and make sure we
preserve the community in Community College this institution
does such great work and everyone here has the story that is related to serving the students
and our community whether it’s are gray faculty where
educating our students are classified staff would take care of
the facilities or administrators such as miss Lou and
Bynum who has helped so many small businesses
and been instrumental in economic development development I am honored to service district alongside my
Steam Cali I’m especially the delighted that I have another colleague who’s a
fellow hardworking woman miss Virginia Baxter it’s an honor
Virginia ladies and gentlemen I commit to you
that I will work tirelessly bring a fresh set of eyes in making sure
we increased transparency and ensure our tax dollars are spent
wisely and in the classrooms I will not be shy in asking the difficult questions and
we’ll make sure that everyone is treated with respect
including our beloved faculty and staff where instrumental in our student
success let me give you an example of that
success I’m an employee at the city’s harbor department the second largest
seaport in the nation our employees up the year nominee a couple years back Claudia
Garcia at who’s here with us today was a graduate at this college and a student a
professor Jim a hind claudia has told me cicchetti it’s a
great deal of her success to miss hines guidance and great support now
backs the kind of work that makes me so proud that our institution dies I can’t wait to meet each and every one
and you in this college who will let me and learn about your
stories whether your student faculty classified
staff administrator remember at the community i watch you
know you will have direct access to me and I
will look forward to working with you as my partner’s in making this district even greater lastly my iranian-american
community I hope to make you proud and hope you
will partner with council member price: and myself to
serve our great nation through public service and public office my friends in the hike community thank
you for inspiring me so much and teaching me to fight for the right to an education under any in all
circumstances me there be a time that no Iranian
behind youth should have to be persecuted are denied
the right to an education in Iran know that I will always fight for the right education for
all despite persons culture background feed or
economic status ladies and gentlemen today is the wanna the best days of my life as I am wine with my calling a public service I can’t begin to tell you how much he
means to me to have each and every one of you here
to share this very special moment I am honored and humbled and look
forward to having you as my partner in this great journey may God bless you may God bless Long Beach and may God
continue to bless the United States of America congratulations trustees here and now I am last but certainly not least from area five for doctor Virginia Baxter and I we have the great honor a welcome
mean are former mayor and former president
Long Beach City College that’s where doctor Baxter Ian a Beverly o’neill
welcome Beverly so at this point Beverly I will turn it over to you
whenever you are ready and feel free to make if your comments if
you like as well thank you I I’m im going to make just a few Cummins
one thing I can’t tell you how pleased I am that we have a new mayor Robert Garcia it is going to be in
education mayor this is so he’s bringing his worked in Long Beach City College and
also his work and graduation from Cal State Long
Beach and was and I’m heading in education form last week and even bob
kerrey yet doctor Robert Magnan Bob acting came down just make sure that
he was introduced no now but I’m really proud that you’re
going to be having education is when you mean girl thank you very much I i must say also
that well this reminds me of home I will have
to admit I was at I work at Long Beach City
College for 31 years and started out as faculty member and
ended up in continue president so I feel like I’m
coming home only this is certainly a nice room Wow so things change all the time but and to work for some other people that are
here that are on and die if the people that
are in the city here that have worked for Long Beach City College used on realized just college means that this community
and I am very pleased to have the chance to introduced to someone that am I’d known for and 1970 I hired Virginia bacteria on BT college for me it’s full circle to be with someone who was a young girl see her perceived through her career T but she is done in this community when
she first started she was a teacher he became counselor she became an advisor she in in executive director the foundation an every position she’s been in she has exceeded the highest awards that that could come to you in highest work that that she has done so she is dime dynamic his tireless he’s
resourceful and she works really hard and she remembers things friendly downward straight shooter sometimes
telling you things that you’re not sure your glad to hear but she gets things done so tonight is a special treat me I think that be the hand background
years had has prepared original probably more
about the college then most people in this room and it’s just I couldn’t think a person
it is more well-qualified be a trustee and Long Beach typically born to any okay these place your right hand we raise your right hand we re-did and
repeat after me and I averaging a Baxter he solemnly swear you sound nice where
that I will support and defend and I will support and defend the
constitution the United States the Constitution of the United States and the constitution in the state of
California Constitution the state of California against all enemies and against all enemies mornin
diminished foreign and domestic and I will that I will bear truth an allegiance that I
will be your truth an allegiance to the Constitution to the United States to the
constitutional United stay in the constitution of the state of California
and the constitution the state of California that I take this obligation freely that
I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation without
any mental reservation or purpose of evasion or purpose of
evasion and I will well and faithfully and then I will well and faithfully
start to the duties discharge the duties the pond which I am
about to enter a band which I’m about to enter
congratulations hey I trustee Baxter he just hang out there one more second a.m. we also have some I recognitions
and and proclamations I don’t know if and
that is here for one more presentation I we want you appear one more time I want hookup be happy backers on like to present you a it Rep I’m a day back an honor being sworn in aboard with people on be Community College its
peak break recognize your dedication a in in it Minister back thank you in and please think
congresswoman Han let her know that you really work hard tonight your I am you also have certificate to recognition
from congressman Lowenthal which million already
described as well as the congratulations and certificate recognition from the
city or Long Beach I’m behalf for mayor Garcia so
congratulations doctor Baxter and you may either say your comments from there come
on up be 4i and give my prepared remarks I just
wanna tell you that the book that I was holding is my mother
lives prayer book and its lovey Adele parody CO means the
way to paradise and I feel like that’s what I’m doing
I’m entering paradise luckily I’m still alive now I would have
asked my husband to hold the book but I know he wouldn’t let her do it so I
didn’t ask him but some people don’t know I have a
husband Dave wanted to say that my husband a Baghdad he is with me the whole time now i’ve really do have a short speech
as a single space that make it short first of all thank
you mayor o’neill for being part of my induction to the Long Beach City College
Board of Trustees you have been my mentor and friend when
I first came to Long Beach City College over forty years ago I would also like
to thank Governor George Deukmejian Supervisor Don Knabe councilmen Gary DeLong Jeff Wood lampi either Larry Forster for
supporting my candidacy a special thanks goes to my husband a
pequena who work tirelessly on my behalf I from delivering signs to approaching
potential voters and you have to know how shy maya has been is and he was running around telling people
to vote for me I was so impressed I I also appreciate the support of my
organizing committee and I would like them to stand if if
these people are the most patient people in the world by Gary you’re here Hill deal I think your comments stand at they were so important and giving me
advice and support and i truly truly appreciate that I also
appreciate the retired teachers in Long Beach City College and I’m not sure very many of them are
here now but they were here earlier the retired administrators and staff and
the current LBCC employees and and members for the Long Beach City
College Foundation border governors who provide to be the means to I to
launch this campaign so I if there’s any foundation people
could you please stand I know you there right i’ma taking and and in particular I wanna thank my
staff I because they did no work on the
campaign during office hours I just want to point that out but they were so supportive of me there’s they’ve bed in the audience
entire time this evening and they are the most wonderful
dedicated group of people I were keen I’m bf have our students and
I think them for that I and then finally I wanna
thank the voters up the 5th district to believe in my
vision for the college and way I for got some least AC Mungo I
didn’t know you were gonna be here so I should have said Stacy mundo I who I she and I met on the campaign
trail and I’m so glad that your account my
council person and that we’re gonna work together and
im in going with that I want to thank the
voters to the 5th district to believe in my vision for the college lastly I want to thank my parents who
are looking down from heaven this evening my mom was the oldest of eleven children
my grandfather died when she was 18 she in the three oldest children went to
work to support my grandmother and the rest to the family she didn’t have the opportunity to
attend college my dad was an immigrant who quit high
school at 16 to support his family both love them understood the importance a college
education and to provide me and my siblings with
that opportunity for that I am extremely
grateful and whenever I help students I think
about the fact how lucky that and I’m going to be
social so I how lucky I was and i wanna make sure
those students on our campus and David I’m glad you’re here tonight I get that
same opportunity I to succeed as I did in school I set foot on Long Beach City College in
1970 teaching three classes have US history I
was a frequent flyer can leverage where you teaching hourly
at Glendale college in Long Beach City College and Scott the
history department had gave a chance to a 23-year-old girl woman whose only college teaching
experience was a student teacher at Glendale
college in 1972 he asked me to start a new class history of American women when Beverly o’neill heard about that
class she asked me to teach the course at the
Women’s Center at the Pacific Coast campus and when Dan
scott told me Beverly o’neill when should a teacher
PCCI said who’s Feb leoni on he said he is really important and you better learn
to GS and he was right a Butthead by the way and every guy you to say don’t get off
the script because that’s when I get in trouble but Dan Scott i’m following in his
footsteps Dan Scott Todd here is a political science teacher department had
indeed and he served on the College Board for a
number years I’ll so work and in the same path I love Long Beach City College everyday I have the opportunity to
change students lives I have the opportunity to offer them
financial support so that they can reach their goals I have the opportunity should to support
faculty and staff with projects that enhance the classroom and the campus and now I have the
opportunity to help the college in another way I take this role very
seriously and I pledge to keep the students staff and voters to the 5th district in mind
at all times thank you congratulations trustee factor thank you I as we continue with the reorganization
for those members of the audience who I wish to leaf you’re welcome to leave you’re also welcome to stay I am you i think it now I’ll renting it right after the
reorganization I we need to get that done yes before any
view go away so we’re going to conclude the a reorganization now so item 1.5 I annual reorganization at the Board of
Trustees pursuant to administrative regulation number 2015 the Board shall
elect from its members a president and vice
president for 2014-15 I hereby open the floor for
nominations for president for the Board of Trustees for 2014 2015 do any nomination mister oakley I’d like
to nominate Jeff Kellogg for President of the Board of Trustees sec there’s been a motion in a second I am a ma’am secretary do we need a vote
since it’s been moved and seconded okay call the rope member Caroline I member are no I member Baxter I members here I graduations again board president kellogg at now I we need to elect a vice president at
the Board of Trustees so I hereby open the floor for nominations for vice
president for the border 2014 2015 other any nominations at this time serial nominate trustee out up and I their second second seconded by
trustee see a man sector we call the roll member Cal
on hi member auto I member Baxter I members see a II congratulations board
vice president a now we will take a five-minute recess when we come back
we will begin the a work on the board and ass a trustee board president kellogg to
replace me in the sea well 0