it reports mention some of those we now
are to the public comment on non agenda items skis my particular
kinney at a future toward I’m starting at line and feature
reports I’d like to add requests for future or
you can for future board agenda or death I like
to ask for the thresholds to be looked at the protein orders for it teachers and a
contract amendments as we discussed today so as a body that we look at it and perhaps look at the communications
report the Communications Committee is am working on and to see how we can effectively work together I I know it
won’t be the next meeting and and after that I will not be in the
chair so all that everyone else try to
organize that as far as the communication that is par we tended to have that part
of my reach read on the 28 even update on those items
communication community retreat stars yes I do 9 a.m. from 9 a.m. to 3 who where is it going to be and it will
be held right here item well on across the way so but on on the campus so as I said that a lot of items but I know that is when
the items we want to have on there as well so and then so i cant tell you exactly when to try to schedule
it by I’m so noted the so we now are to the point public comment
on on gender items you have two speakers I’ll start with Joseph rosenwald he actually in thank you Joseph for bring me back to
the Long Beach City Council days you have taken out three
cards so I will break this down the first to first you speakers on item and that is one on Long Beach City action related
to funny too lumber City College for small business
initiative so you have three minutes on that item
and the floor is yours thank you very much I’m prison kill on P Joseph rosenwald on on remembers the
board on assembled faculty on executives and students in people who are on did you feed I’m ice blue tonight at the Long Beach City Council
opposing agenda item three on the Consent Calendar which leave
which was to give hundred fifty thousand dollars to the
Small Business Development Center mom I catch my remarks in the I really didn’t want this to
occur I wanna read the college in the CD to
work together on improving 309 North behind having you it is a disgrace the windows
are dirty the magazine rack is a mass magazines
which over your old on there’s no sign on the window said suggests mom weird call for information about Small Business Development or
international tree the building is owned by the city in I do not see why it’s not possible with the CD and college to get together
improve this site its on it’s a disgrace here you have dirty windows you have people ignoring the building the I’m relations manager or the relation
business relations on officer cheese said he didn’t know how he could have any contact with I’m people on at this building and the receptionist said that on eponym it’s a mystery to them because no
one’s ever in the building on the Council passed a Consent Calendar but I can only say I’m interested in
seeing something happen here and I will take this matter beyond
college in the city if nothing is done about it with the I
would say six weeks thank you very much I invite olive you
to go get home 2309 time take a look at this building take your finger and rub it along the
window you come up with a lot entered my finger I thank you and excite him you have nine-inch and
Adam is for the campus crime report from our
last meeting I one month before it so she can reboot thank you more is it not allow you to rebuild one
moment there you go the floor is yours thank you I’m wish to comment on lieutenant Julie buyers reported she
gave it to last board meeting on there was no mention
made the keys which was dismissed on in the
Superior Court of the State of California George Deukmejian courthouse concerning
John kindred which case number for LG 00 622 one count 66.2 people cool misdemeanor the the case was dismissed by paragraph 1385 at the pinnacle in that kinda unusual but it’s done that
way usually you don’t get a complete dismissal and I
would have liked to have heard something about the dismissal this arrest and
wanna tell you some other things that mistery mister kindred injured
because I don’t think that they’ve been adequately stated I I’ve watched him
speak before not that he he’s not be able to express
himself but at the June 7 2014 in the grey panthers at the Senior
Center he described the treatment he received
after being arrested by the City College Long Beach Police Department at liberal arts campus rest peepers poor had never been served with they
were never filled out six officers arrested him
civic engagement Long Beach City count City College club a meeting that there was no real grounds
I don’t think for his arrest well-being transported to the peace
building headquarters 400 proud Broadway he was told his jails the would
take approximately three to four hours he was actually held for three gates at
booking his medical needs revision knee brace where you work to mister king who was able to convince
the jailers his serious medical conditions which for all intents and
purposes were ignored only after extraordinary
efforts by mister kantor to have been dealt with his the shower in cell conditions were
filthy and this is the second person that said this to me a mere a community activist but
the name David sink yeah I NK said the same thing in he said in the presence the Deputy
City Manager Arturo Sanchez prisoners occupying the
so with him told him that the person who is assigned to the mattress
prior to his arrival with HIV-positive there was no attempt
to clean the mattress are given anything to clean it with for requests which he made for jail
telephone for release on his own recognizance were ignored by jail staff
who was only after senior judge at who are was granted up his own
release he’d live in Long Beach for years and had a clean record a public defender who visited him in
jail tried to get him to plead no contest no
lo contendre E it’s by the fact that he believed the
trucks were false public defender apparently did not want to provide reasonable defense mister kindred
refused his inappropriate assistance upon release from jail mister can read
Joseph you time is expired on the side you
don’t you’re you still got one more three min session coming up so I minimum
I where didn’t hear now on I’m sorry wait
till we get going are now to the board member issue bats yes the board member issue
are getting get get to very short these facts and others me by mister kindred allegedly
demonstrate institutional dishonesty failure to properly care for property
his brace failure to employ reasonable I’m custodial medical practices failure
to investigate charges improper detention misuse of authority
inadequate food security deficient maintenance in jail operations complaint by racial background mister
can reserve african-american descent and lacked
adequate supervision a chill operations by police department
command and supervisory staff G and now the
final thing I want to talk about is portability I would like to see more civility this board tonight I heard the comment me narrative that on Museu was involved in and near a tip I don’t think that’s appropriate
language I’m I don’t like the past things were people
said your impugning our reputation bomb and not just involving Museu the
discussion between doctor Baxter in president kellogg over
her second I also thought was not involving civility and I’m asking olive you to try
and work on this because I would like to see aboard
working together in working to I’m your business in a professional
manner with regard to the police I can only
shake my head and see on just like the gentleman said church number one at 70th Street the
last on command structure at the police department meeting public he said he’d like to see the
Department of Justice investigate jail I am pleased that the GOP investing at the Citizen Police Complaints
Commission you April 2014 it was apparently investigated 11 months
later the he lobby is a police department doesn’t
have one sign in any other language except English I’ve been trying to get that changed
it’s not your job is where St sac you should know keep it you
should’ve known in place yes excuse me you should know that these conditions exist from the police
department that you contract with in I don’t think that these are
indications that they’re doing very the jock and I’d like to see the
report on mister mister kindred included as an addendum or something on because the charges were dropped I don’t
know where the were in the on the report been your make you thank you neck speaker last speaker crisper public comment by the way my reference was City Council
we actually had where model items can be requested by in individual I believe the City Council
during my tenure actually change the policy to you have
speaker could speak on and on Channel items but not on
different agenda items but that is not our policy i’m aware. right
here cell us that’s when germans given three different opportunities speak
Chris floor’s yours hello and Chris again thank you very much Its Been rather
interesting in nineteen mean in the evening and I me in
recalling the conversation CEO headed now internal controls and I gotta kinda
chapel and internal controls you not worried
about a hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars in contracts but you should be worried
because if you can yet ten thousand dollars
worth the Rays through the payroll system I think you’d without board approval I think he got an
internal control medium on you know it with the today %um he had a training on the ground at in
you it’s too bad that you District Council
wasn’t able to be here he might’ve learned something mystic
over it doesn’t seem to understand Brown had been he certainly had a good pre-season
patient day and I would like to note that it appears it
everything a trade in my previous concerns related to your granite compliance seem
to be verified is reasonable concerns for me Drazen
possible violations on I look forward in the
future the are changing the way we do business
she’s having salary discussions for you chief executive in private
provide public access to the same documents that were heads that borders Presti has at time is the meeting at least
beforehand if possible and you insure that your simple agenda in Ufa legend imagine a I
think a Jackie hun is actually figured that out
its new system for in the bored out it looks like if you just put
it put did description in the item in the
subject line that makes it work inning its across both the gendered see
don’t trip yourself up in end up with two different agendas on I am kinda curious agenda item 3.2 which was on the letter that they
had written and to: previously unit said conference with counsel bunny have not seen missed it over here
tonight what’s up with that mom that thank you thank you there’s no the island for the board this
time we do have a second closed session tell Louis will adjourn to I when we do come back out though I will
just picking us again there are met median will be on July 20 he with our retreat and are session at five right here but at this
time we will recess adjourned to closed session ice vice-presidents we are in a closed
session the item is the only remaining item is the 710 president evaluation to the vice
president not needed for the closed session but we will be reporting back out one for it up