you where did a number did just if
mister recommendation that was made in order to allow all the departments to share and
some other one-time funding Ky’s in of 5 percent wisenand 2 percent
budget Advisory Committee recommended a ten-percent why did the
recommended prison if I can my there’s an issue that is the business above the college planning
process and I’m tended to recommend it miss you Oakley and they recommended to
the board the board can choose to not adopt this budget if it
wishes and we can go back to the budget Advisory Committee but it is par the entire planning
process that these recommendations come through
from the Department through the divisions to the vice president areas and then there discussed and debated
because planning committee and the budget Advisory Committee and so
somewhere along the line there are recommendations made issue how much in addition to what’s
already been allocated should be distributed to the rest the
department’s that is the business quite frankly other
departments yes not our business to tell the
department’s has spend that money once recommendation is made we allocate I’m
sorry I’m a little confused are you saying that I can ask what the rationale a 10 percent was
based on or these numbers using show my business and my oversight
capacity in my job okay okay I just wanna make sanitizer
with banning whatever planning went into it that I
have a I have a notion of the rationale nobody’s getting into the weeds so let’s just
make that clear I’m if there’s all this planning that’s gone
on to this gotta be some acid and logic that was applied across the
board knots simply what I’m trying to understand in
order to approve and sounds like it was a ruler for more am and one assumes I am but let’s both move on to your other I
to other items on this page with the other Alco that you have here in if you could elaborate a little bit
on what that entails with the increases were for the increase
for other outgo that’s directly related to the one-time money that has been
allocated to the capital outlay fund for scheduled maintenance projects and how
much with them individually for other out know how many are we talking about our
kind of categories and how much perk category sewer are you asking how we’re spending
the entire 4.4 million and other outgo are
you asking what makes up the increase have where we
were in 1415 yes I’m asking how much what makes a
24.4 and well with bases for each 9 a.m. them except 4.4 so as detailed out on
page 21 the tender budget document you can see
there that on the 4.4 million there’s 2.3 million
going to the capital projects fund that’s what the schedule maintenance money that’s the one-time funds coming
from mandated costs there’s a hundred and fifty thousand
going to the child and adult adult development fund that is too help covered the cost overrunning the
two centers that we have is 1.8 eight million dollars going to
the self-insurance fund announced to pay for property liability insurance as well
as any claims that come up throughout the year and
then there’s a hundred and ten thousand that’s going to the Student Financial
Aid Fund for the returned a title for District contribution as required by the
federal government guidelines and those amounts sad is that how we
came up with those line items or what was then and basis for those
amounts that you just cited the schedule maintenance fans you were derived directly from our
five-year deferred maintenance plan the child and adult development fund is
what is needed to help make sure that that fund stays on within a balanced budget and then the
self-insurance fund is based upon the rates that we have to pay for property
liability insurance an estimation and how many claims we may have and then the return a title for District
contribution and that’s just an estimate what we may have to pay out an for that
obligation so page eighteen of the poor under enrollment fee revenue hmm under local revenue extension courses
and so is this can you elaborate on that
line item a little bit and with that space on is it them set fee for the unit units that is taken into account to come up with
this line and I’m how does that have had to come up with
that so for the tender budget for 15 16 we have zero budgeted for the and extension course
enrollment fees that’s because we are not offering any extension courses we did
receive thirty eight thousand seven hundred ninety three dollars for our summer a fourteen extension program that we did offer and
that was the program that allowed us to charge increased
tuition rate on lou have on getting funding from the state with I we a said it since it’s zero it
means there were no longer offering you cracked okay good and the same page other local revenue I just and you and just easier just you were here when that happened but we we charge the species because we were
trying to offer classes that we wouldn’t otherwise
have been able to offer but now we don’t have to offer them
because we chase in Ft yes and 0 word if we get to that level
will get more state funding that so for the other local revenue what is that
based on some believe it’s on page a18 what is that other local revenue is our
interest revenue that we receive from the county Treasury for the cash that we
have in their it’s our parking citations its
transcript fees or minor facility rental fees how much
is the facility rental fees master facility rental fees are and the Veterans Stadium fund but
there’s about each C about 300,000 on goes into the unrestricted girls on okay is there a way we can maximize this
amount and focus on other local and revenue without putting the burden on the students with the parking citations
of course with other I’m areas that we can maximize our
revenue and disc categories there efforts being made her
with her what is our plan and that picard we are continuously
looking at ways to maximize revenue we are currently maximizing the revenue
that we can get facilities recognize that these facilities are used
by students and faculty and staff so that we can’t disrupt instruction or are athletics so there’s only so much we can
do with the facilities rental so we have but we are always looking at more and
better ways to develop the college in ways to generate revenue okay so you said it we we’ve already maximize it
but it seems like it’s Dept from 2014 2015 the main did is because we have let the los
coyotes property sale made ok a so page to buy any am see this is that professional services Wow why is our city big increase my unless some the contract services under that country’s
service and operating expenses what’s that about though as we mentioned that the 3.6
million dollars in contract services in operating expenses is primarily related
to the one-time funds for mandated costs we’ve allocated funds for and
professional services related to professional development we’ve allocated money for the communication plan
implementation the website design implementation on there’s also four hundred and fifty thousand dollars
in there for election costs I’m sorry I’m talking about just professional services 1.24 million the
first 9 a.m. on page twenty not all the other line
items and not the election Rd although a.m. its my items that you agility 50 this this number why’s that
p.m. by a hundred sixty-six thousand dollars
is quite a bit 27 percent so again the a hundred sixty-six thousand for that
particular line item is related to the one-time mandated gas fund money that has been allocated
I’m that’s where I said that we’ve allocated
funds for implementation the communication plan the website design
professional development that all falls under the the
professional services line-item so there’s on six hundred thousand dollars at a
hundred sixty-six thousand is one-time money that has been
allocated so there was a a what’s an example
professional development you said you know it could be anywhere you know
that the lead Academy is one where we’re paying speakers to come in
you know any time would be four the entire program to rent
the facility that they’re going to you know to to hire the speakers to pay
for for all the any other professional
development that may come in so we haven’t quite term determine how the
entire allocation will be made we do know that
you know we’ve done the lead Academy but there will be much more to come on that what we planned throughout the
year you know it how much was the lead Academy think it was pretty insignificant right compared to this now you does anybody know moment lead
Academy is first around 50,000 fifty thousand compared to 4.12 for million so I mean I would just like to
see if we can be a little bit more I’m couldn’t and rigorous about spending and try to keep
keep that down and of course I’m supportive of the money allocated for professional
development but where we can curb some of the spending at a.m. and cut some spending and beam well and and
just to be clear trustees see a the the spending increases directly tied
to the one-time funding were receiving in order for us to achieve some other
goals that were being asked to achieve so it is specific to some these issues that have been discuss
its its we’re not trying to find additional spending we’re trying to to use the one-time funds through our
plane process to fun those items that we either have
enabled phone before or else there some new mandate that we accomplish X or Y go I i get tight end and that mmm the question I have is why are we not
going for them amount we’re getting we had and allocated the corp essentially
remembers the 600,000 worse is in a hundred sixty-six thousand had and increase what I mean we keep cut it down to the amount we’re
receiving for them and it caused and or am I missing am something the I I will say on that you know you
you indicated that 4.1 million is a lot of money to be spending on professional
services 2.8 million on that is for our that goes
to the Long Beach Police Department for security services and you know we
have 24/7 coverage here at the college so the
largest line-item expenditure outta the
professional services is for the security on campus in we do have a new trustee goal talks about professional development that’s where lead Academy
came from and it’s also we’ve also said we want to
improve kit communications between the board well actually %ah campus
stakeholders and I think that in in process can I’m sorry uses 2.8 million for a police yes to discuss just your the forces
trustee Archuleta as quick question quick question
regarding the one-time dollars yes the one-time dollars are the I we obligated to use some within the
one fiscal year are they going to be allowed to be
rolled over know they can be rolled over and so that’s three yeah you know and
and a lot of these initiatives term although we’ve allocated for the
specific purposes I don’t know that we will get it all
done within the year so what we don’t get accomplished if it’s been allocated that specific purpose that will roll
over professional development can continue to be rather to subsequent
years yes and that will be the discussions we
have with you know I mention I think we’ll get at least another four million
dollars do we want to set that aside for future
years or do we want to try to allocate it all
this year’s that’ll be a discussion that will be having on later on how we do figure out what
our final number is ok thank you get it it just for the
benefit of the public we did receive information that I am asking about that after after he is sitting through
about and training earlier am we have to provide this to the public
so public will get this information and mmm so won a question of these are available
for the public over here so bad I think we should put
it out there and then for public outside at this meeting with them the I would recommend that we provided
to them are on our about website somehow I’m as we’re required to by law and to II noticing that the spreadsheet that
use eat gave with the breakdown I really appreciate
you providing this breakdown and once the public get to see this you know
the it exemplifies that that we’re a exercising transparency and one other
things that I noticed I i that there was the 239 thousand-dollar change in some well excuse me yep the increase in college
advancement and communications I’m and I I do see that that we are
receiving man mandated revenue of two hundred thousand
dollars to am offset that Sony into an did we just get what we estimated last year and add the
two hundred thousand to it or white why the increased their primarily ME two hundred thousand that to turn
39,000 are the one-time funds it’s being allocated with mandated costs the other 39,000 is just a rollover what the adopted budget wasn’t so
they’re not spending everything that had been allocated this year so
that’s why you see a little bit of a difference between what the estimated actual for fourteen
fifteen years I’m not attend a budget is and we did not increase the budget in
that area besides the two hundred thousand dollars
have the one-time money that was allocated rightward were gonna be out 151 if I 1,223 the toughest that difference if the
amount scenes a desire to understand why that’s
by a little bit if there was any as it’s the
communication planner will or is it this new them perhaps you can help in December
04-08 go down and try to figure this out or what’s that with that is showing we’re
estimating that we’re gonna spend a hundred twelve thousand in the college advancement and
communications area in 1415 the two the budget is 350 one thousand
dollars so there’s an increase from the
estimated actual to the tentative budget 239,000 200,000 that 239,000 is directly related to the communication
plan implementation and that’s coming from the one time and it costs money the remaining 39,000 is not a budget
augmentation it’s a rollover have their budget that
they just did not spend in 1415 K and then with Long Beach as my who is City
College police so why did the why did that increase by way about a hundred and sixteen
thousand dollars there were some vacancies that occurred
this year that they’re not get filled and so we’re hoping that will have on all the vacancies filled is there additional public safety need that we
need or the I’ll as though it seems a car actual
swore 2.7 million and why we budgeting for
more than one our actual he have been again the way we do our budgeting is the the beginning budget is the same budget
that you received in the adopted budget I’m so if we make augmentations the augmentations primarily are coming
from the mandated cost one-time revenue we didn’t really make any other
augmentations to line-item budgets on across the border or anything so what we did was we took the adopted
budget from fourteen fifteen-year-old that into the beginning tentative budget for 15 16 the reason that you’re seeing an
increase is because we didn’t spend to the full allocation in 1415 we had a
budget savings in 1415 due to vacancies so in 1516 we’re budgeting that they’re gonna have
a full force and not have any vacancies throughout the year also
to stew clearly answer your question Tricity a the security force that is by contract is what we’re
budgeting were not increasing it beyond what the
force that we requested is there’s just been a vacancy that was not filled in in the current fiscal year that we expect
moments pt to feel so that they can providers fall om a security force per the contract so
this is for one person is that what the a vacancy the is that what they know it’s it several
vacancies that they had throughout the year it’s kinda have just like with are
classified staff you know we we budget to have a class
right stuff filled that we have people that come and go the same thing happens with the police
department eye-catching thank you I’m and then on page 20 seem page other services and expenses I believe I I have a big Wow sign next to this number a this change a 1.5 million a.m. can can you help me understand why its such a pic am spike or Dayton change in actually the increase is one million 150 one thousand dollars not 1.5 million yeah I i my stick misses them kicked in
so thank you for the correction the as well we went 5 I still have I I thought stand by my WoW
comment and why this increased and from 570,000 21.7 million estimate right and again 730 1000 that are the
one time mandated costs fines that were allocated and then there’s another 352,000 and that was allocated for business
process analysis within the Student Services area those funds were allocated in the
14-15 year they were not spent in the 14-15 year and so they’re being
rolled over into the 15-16 year okay so it’s it socially the summation of the five
hundred seventeen thousand in the 731 that we’re gonna get in revenue roughly would you say the actuals that we have
in 2014-15 they got gets rolled over I don’t understand the
question though you were getting 730 1000 dollars from
the mandate revenue allocations and to the 1.5 one and includes that amount they were receiving
731 no a thousand I which was million and
the rest is from last year gets rolled over yes with the rest is allocations that were
made in the current fiscal year for one-time funds that were not spent so those are being
rolled over into the 15-16 year to be used for the purpose that they were allocated for ok and I
seen as breakdown which again is out there for the public to see
that I’m what is this X expense per hundred and
fifty thousand dollars for general administration dick in day extra 150 thousand which is to love roughly 500 to 1000 dollars for
general administration what is that mean P so that is part of the and the amount for the business process
analysis for the student support services what about the other piece but I’m when
I said a piece that the 351,000 that term is for the business process analysis 250,000 is
under general administration there’s another hundred fifty thousand under the
pier student support services hey you and you’re losing me into we have about 500 1500 two thousand
dollars for general administration and then we have 150 5,000 for pp of student support services who so what is that five hundred in two
thousand dollars based on an why is why do we have an increase of
150 thousand that separate from the Piazza instance a poor service right but it’s
those two line items combined together that make up the 351,000 that is being utilized for the business process
analysis so those funds were allocated in the 14-15 year for that purpose and they have not been
spent in so we’re rolling them over into the 15-16 year page 53 so I see this the professional services a.m. it change there’s an $11 million dollar increase a.m. I’m assuming it’s not really an increase its because
we didn’t use the funds for the bond funds in that we originally and have or we have in our budget this last year
and it just gets allocation next year is that the case
grand okay and what’s the rants building repair
maintenance and equipment repair pair I’m be extra the increase of 460,000
based on well again that’s the balance a what we haven’t used but that line
item pays for the mobile the modular units that we have
that we utilize for swiss-based okay menu earlier you were saying in
your presentation vice president gable an about the increases the weekend the words
there were getting and and but there were counting for it like
for example for SPDC for the 10,000 small businesses we
getting too revenue or a war money allocated but we’re
accounting for it in the expenditures as well so I’m assuming that amount is pretty
much after of society’s or my assuming
incorrectly no yes that’s correct so all that the
grant in categorical programs the revenues equal the expenditures in this budget in an in in the last lastly I’m just about the questions where is the
management salaries reflected I know it has risen salary reflected in
the unrestricted general fund sue you will see those figured as much
but as far as the line-item Coast H 19 its under the academic administrator
salaries and then also the class and by manager supervisor salaries in
confidential sellers you and who mmm what category is kinda confidential
stars who is that um am I’m not confidential salaries that and are the individuals working within
human resources as well as the executive assistants cap you have to educate me and different time about that and and the year as far as a revenue goes with
would would be our big a book in which you to max maximize revenue I’m I understand most
ever revenue comes from their portion mince and low percentages than again them temper the state have her tell a revenue
than 120 1.3 million and we are budgeting 107 point four
million from the state the the quickest in is and I because easiest is not the
proper word but the the quickest way for us to
increase our revenue is to grow on you know unfortunately the way our
funding is within the State of California if you
want to increase your revenue you need to grow your FTEs that’s not
always an easy thing to do on but it is something that we strive
towards right is there anything we could do with
a.m. generating revenue from other a local revenue other I mean is other things that were not at the mercy
of the state that were what are our plans to an work on bad I
know we’ve got about a roughly about a four million dollar
and deficit alright 33 million or a deficit
in unrestricted general fund right now I’m what are our plans to make bad up am with other revenue there we can
generate besides the state so let me take that question to that a
larger question and they’ll roll into the board retreat Tom I am you have to ask yourself what is the
mission of the college in the mission at the college is to a.m. graduate students to transfer them to
provide support to the community through
economic and workforce development I am those functions are not revenue
generating functions per se we get reimbursed for them but they do
know generate revenue I am and so student success increase seen the number
of students that we want to have successfully complete courses
programs certificates degrees in the transfer requires a friend investment up