and so mom although the only way the state increases our
funding is through growth our primary concern at the moment is increasing completion there is no
board call to grow I and I would caution against or go love growing because our primary
concern is increasing completion shortening time to degree so
having said all that I am the ways that we seek revenue to
fund that are right now through either categorical set are being created to
fund that completion increase I am grants and them and Foundation awards
that are out there that we’re competing for on a regular basis money that’s within
the state California within the federal government
to the first in the world them I am grant initiative we are
applying to those as well as tile 5 fun so we are applying
to every just about every funding source as long
as those funding sources support the goals of the organization soul seeking revenue just for the sake a
secure ever you doesn’t support student success has to support the
programs that we have in place I am with regard to local revenue the
question for the board is how much time and energy to you put in to generate
marginal revenue we can generate another three hundred
thousand dollars the stadium it may displace athletics it may causes to spend another hundred thousand dollars in staff time
for net profit love you know what would be
considered marginal revenue compared to to the budget so me we can certainly
look at other plans and we have been in discussions with developers and
contractors to look at our properties see if we can develop the rest of our
property and look for revenue-generating
opportunities like many other districts and
universities do but the only other source of revenue is to work
with our foundation to raise money for programs and for scholarships that is the way universities do it a and that is really the only other area
that we can increase and I know I don’t speak for our Executive Director
the foundation but we are looking at implementing a new strategic plan with a focus on increasing ’em revenue within the foundation is there
something that as far as a revenue goes can be applied to programs perhaps we can restore some programs I
mean our your certificate programs are down by seventy one percent and you know be nice if that’s something
that we can augment is that allowed through the foundation
in it it’s not necessary scholarships but thats that’s the kinda for the
unrestricted general fund in for operational needs what are some other things that we can
do to increase and are effectiveness and make sure there were no Const we
have a contingency plan beyond just being at para with the state
funding Kenwood I understand in have sympathy for so there’s about three or four questions in
that question I with regard to the foundation that will
let trustee Baxter way and as well there’s nothing that prevents us from
raising money from programs now the money race for any program would
have to be consistent with the educational master plan love the college so if we discontinue
program the college has no intention to bring back to discontinue program the college has intention of creating
new programs their line with the workforce needs and
certainly if there was a donor out there who want
it to you in dow a particular program we would be more
than happy to accept that money and Anna Christie Baxter getting at but it just on most people want to give
their money for scholarships a I always when I meet with donors I
give them the option up what are your interests
what ill what do you wanna see what do I do and you know so we would have to come up
with some ideas a that fit into the college’s goals and tried to find a donor a but right now old family eighty-five
percent of our money is restricted for scholarships because
thats generally what we’ve done let’s
generally what people have wanted to do so the the other
question in there it is in order to fund a program you have to have ongoing predictable
funny we couldn’t launch a program based on a
couple years of funding not knowing if we could continue their
program is that wouldn’t be fair to the students to enroll in the program so
there’s got to be a clear indication that their is or will be a funding source to
fund the program going forward with regard to career
technical education the governor and his budget has invested
in is investing more money critically
education and currently there is a task force which coincidently Lynch are former yes still currency see a president is a
part of and ago love that now workgroup is to
look at ways to improve how CT e programs are funded so that the
state can expand the number and types sete programs so
there are a number of efforts going on both at the state level on the local
level we are always exploring Tom legislative
remedies that would allow us to generate more
revenue and unfortunately we’ve been restricted on whether it be outsourcing services
were restricted from doing that whether it be I am again charging
additional fees like the CSU or the UC does per student to fund some other programs
that that go into for for example the CSU’s
charges tune successfully and that revenue goes directly into
supporting student so we are barred from doing all
that we can certainly look at legislative
changes a.m. that’s always something I am I’m happy to do but a.m. anyone to those
would be an uphill climb in this environment or perhaps I’m
strengthening building and strengthening our
relationships with business and industry and employers am which I’m I’m sure we’re
working on but that maybe a way that we may want to
explore I’m maximizing our revenue or attempting to and absolutely most to those
relationships this year where to see easy a on the
mayor has launched on internship challenge specifically
looking at employers to on hire students with regard to relationships with employers that allow
they have them fun particular workforce needs we are always looking at those potentials but those are typically
contract education opportunities so we can open up those
courses to the general public those are specific
contracts with a specific employer we’re always trying to
maximize their revenue but again and there are so many
restrictions and again this is no excuse biz believe me if there’s a way that we can generate
more revenue we will continue pursue it a.m. but a.m. again at this point I a I don’t think that campus environment the campus culture is interested in getting into arrangements with specific
employers that allow them special access to the college or allow them to to advertised the college
we’ve had those discussions in the past the college is not wanted to enter into
those that’s not what i’m advocating by the
way I’m thats on Usenet is marietta examples that we’ve looked into I recognize it trustee passion I have a question presently get
just so I can elaborate on this the wanna the challenges in working with businesses as
they want specifically what they want not necessarily what we want and so they will put a number of strings
attached to that most foundations when they give you
grants they expect you to institutionalize Dec grant the net means
it comes back to us to find it so yet to be very careful what you’re
looking for money that I it doesn’t end up costing you in in
the end and a show I just want to give that caveat
have vice president gave a livelier this is a
ironically it’s tentative budget and as people have
probably if they’ve watched house community
colleges par that system obviously how we do our budgeting we’ve gone through I know begin the year
you came up with a budget and then we reach service just were you watching what was
taking place in the state legislature the state legislature now is passed a
budget before the governor that is probably going to be past but in
the past we’ve had some other things turn into
our processes we go through this we don’t have an option
to weigh let’s wait to see where they state
legislature will do in the past there was a question with a
November ballot initiative prop 30 yet here we are in June going
through this process and hockey wat more we did that way for
anyone have a rich we actually running two budgets to add
to the the enjoyment this and I want to pass when it didn’t pass
so my questions were going through your in this is more just prediction because I have to say I
appreciate your the detail and the thermos you have on
these budgets prime are the best VPS is understanding
budgets in the City Calif and I haven’t tonight knowing all these I love these items your your guests
though when we finally have budget passed by
the governor is is there in your mind are we seen much change from what’s been
going past state legislature are we going to get another curve in
this one or two we sank at this time the governor who could
shift Sunday from one education component another do lots of things but best guess is
fairly close to what we’re gonna see in our final budget here in near future you know I think this is the
best budget that we have seen in many years and this is a a close
approximation a what I think we will see with the
final budget in I tried to point out the area’s that
were not included in this budget that you’ll see you know such as I think there’s going
to be about another four million dollars in one time and date money we will budget the schedule maintenance
deferred and instruction equipment money we will
all better budget trip list P in student equity money you
know who we get a better estimation on some the grant side on as far as ongoing revenues and then when I say ongoing revenues
that’s primarily our portion that revenue there’s not going to be much change in
that area I’ll we will be budgeting for the
full-time factly obligation on although that is ongoing revenue
their strings attached I just by the fact that we are going to
have to increase the number of full-time faculty that we
have and we are going to have to hire four-time factly now they will give us
one year to do that hiring they’re not going to require that we hire them in
the 15-16 year but we will have to have them hired and
in place for followed sixteen I’m so that will be you know about a
million dollars among going revenue that you don’t see here but this is am a a very close approximation and besides the those two items that I
mentioned above what you’ll see in the adopted budget and it’s probably the best budget that
we will see in years to come you know I think 16-17 could still be firm somewhat have a good year when I really think
this is gonna be the best budget that we’ll see in a while its Best Buy jives in the in the short term
for sure a super tempers Oakley could just short
answer on because people have said it you start to touch on I know most board members are very
comfortable with this but the comment about and probably from the
general public well if we just grow growth just grow and that means a lot of things a lot of
people imager classrooms are impacted so if I turn to you and someone general
public which is not a bad question but if you’ve heard the the terms FTEs
full-time students ft F full-time comley faculty funny mechanism that goes in all this so
if somebody generally coach on the street said which need to grow and our budget issues
would go away you touched and will that be but it is
such a complex funny mechanism and people in the audience who turned to
me and say Asia run like a business and in the private sector my entire life
I have written you have my name on both sides that
those checks and is not never will be formula you would see in
the private sector for lotsa reasons good bad indifferent
so the simple answer because I know people say that let’s
just grow well the simple answer and forty is there a
simple answer but I’ve been asked this question repeatedly
over the years and i’ve testified many times on this question and it behooves the state in B who’s
this college to set aside more money to support students per-student funding then to dilute the
per-student funding by growing more on every college in LA county is
trying to grow there are only so many students and it
leads to be leads to behaviors that undermine
student success over the long term so if we really care about student success that will be the
focus we will certainly grow I where it makes sense a.m. you know as long as I’m in the sea we’re
not gonna grow just for the sake of growing it’s got to make sense for the students and you know we can go fill seats from
any basin at the park in any given day but those students aren’t going to help
us achieve our goals so I mean you know we
can also increase revenue by increasing at
increasing efficiency if we want if you want to go back in negotiating with
janay next year to increase the the number of students that they teach
we can do it that way a but I don’t think that support student
success either so that there will not be a
recommendation for me but but we have to look at this not just
in terms love dollars but in terms of what we
want to accomplish and this is why we need to be cautious on how fast we grow because three years from now four years from now
you gonna be having a very different discussion we’ve been to the cycle I’ve been to recycle three times already
you will be coming we will be coming to you telling you you’re budget deficit is growing to the point
well we have to think about layoffs and I have cautioned everybody that I do
not want to be in that conversation again so we have to be careful in how we
grow now thank and added that the the challenge we have people been
successful certificate completions time means have taken seven years bring it
down to two to three years so I appreciate just how that question
always comes up public chair recognizes trustee Arcilla thank you and Thank You vice
president cable for that very excellent comprehensive presentation on two-step a question regarding you
know the back and I know you indicated in terms so you know the categorical the
uncertainty that on you in and I know from personal experience we generally don’t
get a budget till fall October arm so the practice and and this is why you’ve prepared for us
and adopted budget and then the actual budget and then the proposed budget for 15 16 the
practice from the state is that it allows us to project the budget right at
95 percent so this is many have your figures are
based on of course the previous six expenditures
in cost and that’s how you adopted the
budget writer trying to repair the budget correct yeah
so I I think sometimes I’m it’s important maybe for for the public to to understand that I
think might answer some questions in terms of how we go about Bay seen our
budget mosam which come from rec center
provided by the state so that and helpless to set those budget since
the actual dollars that come to us don’t come to sell late in the fall and then that’s when
you can actually filled in and I can you provide us with
the adopted budget that correct cracked the the adopted
budget will come to the board at the first meeting in September the tentative budget as required by
Education Code Ann in really well it does is it it allows
us to start spending money on July 1 if the board and up to turn to budget
then we couldn’t spend anything starting July 1 through now and and I would agree with superintendent hunk Oakley thank you with the weekend Oakley of superintendent on clay don’t want to
be disrespectful I’m that you know that there are some
challenges some inherent challenges within you know the state budget in the
way that the state budgets are set up and I think they’re Monday and in
looking at the budget and looking at the cost looking the fact that we’re at the AP
you know I and and I always and we have to be
cautious that we don’t reach that ninety percent
because once are thank you is based on ninety percent
salary and we only have a 10 percent for
discretionary and for any emergencies we become a district dennis et brief bean in you know fiscal dangers so II wanna cautious caution us about remaining conservative
and I can because we know already that the economists are already
predicting that there’s gonna be a tip Ind in the next in your ride it today this year maybe that this year what may
be one morning 1819 they’re already talking about you
know that dick so we have to be very cautious and really learned anything from this
last you know fiscal crisis is that we have to be conservative in
our spending and and the commitment have to be to to our students because
the bottom line is that you know if the students are here the
students don’t stay here all I’m there’s no institution so that’s
important so but thank you thank you your thank you comment about term the ninety
percent no we we talk about them if you want the
public to realize that terminology but example is City Colleges sepsis cool
weather expenditures for salary benefits successor have exceeded 90 center I believe last time was at
ninety-one on a 92 93 percent the entire budget allocated towards their their budget for per planet cost benefits and they’re
also the largest community college in our system in california and they’re
also the one that’s on the bronco I don’t know how they can do it but
being closed down through accreditation predation sense because at that one
issue a letter cost runaway and so that’s a number we are raising
our budget we refer to dance it cites a number I know I bring up a
lot as well so time at a question them support this
time artist wanted to know here on make sure cuz when I looked at this budget am agree
with all your comments absolutely them I students are first and foremost their clientele and
when I did little bit of a back up to I napkin calculation I notice there was a 59
percent comes from the am state maybe it was just for unrestricted is
maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with that a operating find and is that correct a or mean a word is is are you when you see ninety percent
allocation am is that for the entire from restricted and unrestricted kissed I
couldn’t the numbers quite didn’t pan out to ninety percent when I did my
calculations was about fifty-nine percent you to
purchase we’re referring to the percentage a state revenue funding operations were referring to the general
fund restricted general fund has sources
coming from many many different areas because those are mostly either grant federal dollars I am but I I’ll turned over to Emory see if
she’s got a more precise number further unrestricted general fund rate so from apportionment an which is generated
based upon our full-time equivalent students we’re betting 100
7.4 million dollars coming in through apportionment out of a total 120 1.3 million so that’s
88 half-percent over funding is being generated by the
FTEs on that we serve the number students
that we serve and now the apportionment is broken into four different categories
or sources a revenue what makes up that total apportionment
apiece and that is the state general apportionment there’s the education protection account
that’s the 15.89 that we approved earlier there’s the local property taxes that we
collect and then there’s the the enrollment fees
that we clicked from this the students but dove just to be clear
this state portion is word I rounded up to sit 59 60 percent of
them use in ninety percent earning are you talking about not just the state
entire I’ll that number is 88 percent percent her our number yes this if you wanna just the state portion how
much is coming from state revenue alone that 72 percent so I love the 88 percent seventy-two
percent is coming directly from the state and the remaining sixteen percent is
coming from our local property taxes and roaming fees other questions any I just need to clarify one thing and
Murray said just to be clear because it can be taken
three different ways the state collects revenue state collects local property tax stay
collection roaming fees and then get it back to us so I don’t give it all back to us at 100
percent I portion in oppose prop thirteen environment I’m
we get the scraps are there’s no other questions at this
time because the section I will read is in accordance with
California Code of regulations and a direct from the chancellor’s
office which stated are before the first half July the governing board each community
college districts shall develop and adopt tentative budget tourism ocean is second
on the floor and again Henry to you and your staff just any job
as always regarding this very difficult to explain budgets
special higher education outstanding job thank you there is a
motion sec on the floor if there’s no the questions at this time I’m secretary please call the roll on
Adam 8.2 tentative budget March 11 I Virginia
Baxter I Jeffrey L hi don’t on I sending see a I’m 8.2 carries were now
to the next two items these are resolutions 8.3 is and perhaps I’ll as promotion and then
if you can at least explain why we’re doing temporary inner fun cash borrowing which is always
ensured following our budget but us will cry entertain a motion on 8.3 so too adopt this resolution Bush my trusty
auto that second by trustee Baxter I quick question why why we borrowing
money we’re really not planning on borrowing
money we’re just doing this in case we do have to borrow money and that’ll be the same for the next
resolution as well regarding potential labor borrowing
money from the washington is county treasurer so although we don’t
plan on having to borrow either from ourselves or the county treasurer these resolutions need to be adopted
before june thirtieth in order to allow us to if the need were
happened to arises something happens in the state you never
know what could happen in this state there could be some major catastrophe in
the state or for some reason cash flow styles from
the state would allow us to continue to keeping our employees or in the past they didn’t pass a budget
left off to isolated send us the money that we are expecting
so I’d I just 06 important to clarify so there’s
motion second fortune recognizes vice president I’ll in what way to my tiffany’s when I
got on this board was that at that time the Long Beach Community College District
was getting about third were 30 percent of the money that
the state allocated next year from the year that it was said to be available and that’s just
because they did these deferrals and as I would go through these budgets
and worry about what was going on people put their arm around me and say
listen it doesn’t really matter because it went monies are coming in anyway it’s
going to be next year before we get a lot of it and therefore you have to have these
abilities to borrow it that your situation cuz you gotta pay
your bills so have watched this I mean it’s the
Stadio find enough community colleges ebbs and
flows in terms of when we get the money but as a rule as
income when we expected when when it allocated sometimes comes a
lot later so to know the reason why we have to pass
these resolutions motion second for other members this time yes I insists as trustees here it’s your cost we have to incur am on a monthly basis or have my is what’s the impact financial
impact in we borrow well within this for barring on on this particular item for 8.3 would
be borrowing from ourselves so many lovely we would be able to borrow cash from our
other funds and move it into the unrestricted rolf and as needed
so there is no cost whatsoever doing 2003 when you see los angeles
county treasurers are our account with them that so that’s
item a place next version them point text
books but but to answer the question for a
point for if it passes through their the only cost would be lost interest
earnings to their there’s no to cost that we
would have to pay outrageous when earn interest on the cash that we
borrowed from the county crisis North questions and 8.3 sector please call the roll are marching
whether I Virginia Baxter I Jeff Kellogg II done on a pic San easy I a point
three carries a point for the resolution again this is for cash flow and again this is a borrowing issue that
we would have from the los angeles county treasurer handle entertain a motion to prove this
resolution summer as much rusty Archuleta second by
choice the gato motion seconds on the floor questions comments on this item answer
with the cost to confirm whose did for for this time financial impact is just
there there which is really be a true cost it
would just be we wouldn’t turn any interest earnings
on the cash that we borrowed from the county so we would be would be lost revenues
essentially right because we’re the interest is a it
that is earn less revenue we went ham the
revenue because we didn’t have the cash to earn the revenue so we would have to
be borrowing they can okay and now it’s would be borrowing money because we didn’t get a
funny state were penalized double for having you all you need to do there’s a much the Sequenom for no other
comments members but this time sector queue please call the roll I’m are chillin I Virginia Baxter 9 Jeff
Kellogg II delgado like in San easier by point four carries 8.5 resolution agreement with California
partner education for child care motion by vice president auto second sec my trusty Baxter question
comment on this item