to the present okay do we need every for
this report we have a presentation that we are prepared to
make on this the gorgeous ones to ask questions on
the presentation that’s in the board gender I will leave it up to
you I know team in min honey are just been chomping
at the bit but I’m sure way I’m sure they will not be am yes
saddened too much if you choose not to have a four percentage sexy very good presentation what’s going
on it actually I really think it’s it’s very positive and we’re in a really good mood right
now I anyway welcome the me this is very positive up good evening president Oakley president
kellogg and members of the Board tonight’s pond construction update also includes some projects that were doing under the
prop 39 funding I insist in the schedule maintenance
projects the bond update will include kar
construction projects upcoming and completed project on the prop 39 the California clean
energy jobs act that was a no approved by the voters in November
2012 it’s a five-year program with one year
allocations to our district and in 2014 2015 which is our current year we were allocated about 560 one thousand
dollars up for projects that qualify under the property 9 standers step by set by the stay so the first project
that were doing is the rector commissioning the
building’s be Deen T the contract was awarded to
Siemens throughway public process the work began last week this work consists basically fine-tuning
the mechanical in HB a system so that they function better in this qualifies under
the Energy Saving I’m standards a prop 39 second project
is the LED lighting retrofit building acumen or this is the gym lighting this
would retrofit the existing mercury are they’re actually meant to highlight
lights to LED’s for know that also qualify for
the energy savings under prop 39 we r going to the essay right now with
the reviewer how the light sir mounted in secure to the ceiling this were lost by after we get the approved
documents back we’ll go through the public process to determine a contractor um the third project that we’re doing under
this year as the LED lighting for the PCC parking lot a in the LED lighting retrofit per
billion see this contract was awarded to J chem
lecture in the work is to start in July 2015
prop 39 year three witches next year we
anticipate getting a funny name about four hundred
and thirty-five thousand dollars for that year what we did on this was last year last
winter I should say we to we did a
district-wide LED assessment in that was done by Southern California
Edison in it basically laid out per building what we can expect to save on energy in that was both campuses so what we can do now is
pick from that list when we get funded I’m in this year the you building T her next year State
Building tnhh ball under the 435,000 limit so the HP AC units upgrades they’re they’re
on there because we have approved and they’re kinda like a backup but they
may be getting done under the schedule maintenance I know the schedule maintenance this year we are allocated 2.6 million
dollars in this is statements also we your we poured from our five-year
maintenance plan the things that we plan on replacing and lot of the group were on our five
year plan so we Wii bundle those into one contract
in it was awarded through public process to
detect America they started on on building K last week and they are about 35 people on the roof so
what that’s a great start for this project we anticipate the end be in 02 roughly around november 2015 we’re also going to be mean the exterior lol nahh at the PCC
campus this was a awarded through public bit too HHS on fiscal year 2015 16 one time and it cost these projects were
also called from our five-year a maintenance plan so these these have are in the process of being in receiving
proposals on estimates and doing any analysis that we need to
do to get pricing to go out the public bit the logger
puppet um L E C building be the math in coronary
Arts Building this was water to soma right architects
and Harper construction from as the design build an atty forward design-build project it basically we’re has 20 classrooms 30 Pachauri offices in 7 culinary labs substantial completion
was awarded on April 2015 the furniture movers scheduled for late
June and moving day for everybody else is
scheduled for August 2015 were lookin 42 moving into the State Bar facilities really been tested on I’m their leases stormwater run of
compliance sent required this was linked to the
architects and public period was the Lois responsible better was p.m. corporate cool excuse me
people corporation substantial completion was awarded on May 2015 the courtyards in the walkways are currently open to
the public but as you can see from the picture we have some orange been seen
that we’re trying to protect the turf area
which is still growing we did have some issues with the
contractor again the contractor was terminated due to construction license suspension
in June 2015 so we are right now working with on
charity to complete items on the punchless we just met with him earlier
in the week so we’ve already started that process we anticipate that not to take more in
the government’s the building tse the nursing renovation project this was
a designed by BCA architects it was public
bid order to construct one contractors it’s a complete renovation the nursing
building C as 10 classroom 6 simulation labs one computer lab and 12 faculty offices the construction started on September 8
2014 and we anticipate for completion in the
spring up 20-16 building GG this PCC Student Service Center aren t
architects and Paul 4 BD were the design build an atty for this design
bill Proctor prop project um this wall be the one-stop shop for Student
Services with two additional classrooms on the second floor um the construction starter last fall 2014 they were estimated to be in
completion by 2016 I visit the site yesterday you know it’s actually coming along
pretty well a the PCC building JJ the alternate
transportation as you may know we moved them in last a
year yeah but there were some work that
needed to be done that media say approval and that’s always a
long process so what we did was we did what we could
do to get a min and then we revisit the D’Sa required approval projects nom for the
summer not in interrupt the program so this is
actually gonna move the dynamometer from another building install to new auto lives carbon dioxide and
methane detectors with anticipated completion for this
project to be in September upcoming construction projects the building QQ in
RR for the electrical program also looking can you can you go back and
slide am did teach you to hurt on who the
current contractors are when we’re expected to excuse me when you are
expected to go out to bid on this I yes I’m sorry we are out that did a or years back to go out to bid very
soon within a week to wear has not been awarded is a within
a week we’re going to go out to bid yes okay seems like a
pretty fast turnaround it’s a very small project okay thanks in this was a based on the DS a Desa approval which we
just received a Cup a month or two ago back to QQ an RRT
electrical program dire Hall in the Lifelong Learning
Center a this is designed by HPI architects we have a demo contractor up that through the public that process here
interior demolition Inc they’ll be removing QQ and demo in summer RR the infrastructure in the structure the
building or our state it will be remodel um but this has been a a good
combination for us is to get a clean slate when we
go out for bid on the new building I’m this is going to include electrical labs
classrooms offices course again the Lifelong Learning
Center home in and ESA approval us Middle I should
say was a just in April 2015 so we estimate in another report by months in the essay
and then go out public period so we’re estimating
construction to start and spring of 2016 this again is the the backside from Walnut Avenue were 00 NPP currently set so as you can see
is there’s additional parking there’s also a drop-off zone for the
Lifelong Learning Center in some other permits for that area has
a yard for the electrical program we are
already moved foster care units into the modular trailers out by PCC and we have an estimated construction
completion above follow 2017 on this project another
upcoming project after we move everybody into the math building the first floor building D is currently
we’re math program is and we will be moving them out and renovating the first
floor only a building D MSP architects was
awarded the the project to designing science labs and the after we go to D essay which I don’t have a
time line for right now will be going to public that for this this construction project I renovate
16,000 square that square feet on the first floor in the
design documents are underway construction is estimated to start Nepal
the 2016 another upcoming renovation %uh is built in JD auditorium was
awarded to SBA architects so we’re currently in analysis and design with them there planning to summit the up design documents the TSA by November
2015 and scheduled to start construction in
the paula 2016 and complete construction by the spring
a 20-18 this will address all the structural ADA
mechanical systems and also summer program enhancements building p first in the studies this was awarded
to Steinberg architects other public bid will be determined right now we’re working on the design
documents to get them ready to submit to the essay by December
2015 with an estimated construction star in
the paula 2016 in the completion spring 20 18 we have another upcoming up construction project right now that
the for district white security monitoring
system read five security we did an RFQ in they were awarded the the security assessment part of this
project work ok I know the layout what the basic
parameters in identify as infrastructure do an
assessment on our campus on what can be done where and how and also maintenance and support assessment
so this is due by home July 2015 another
upcoming project pehli si building he had the student center the
design was awarded to TBP architects was so
with we just got them on board we don’t really have too much going on
yet is a poor as the assessment but will renovator 50,000 square P building he Student Center a.m. the project will address a DA food
services ASP and mechanical electrical systems a we estimate the design EDSA approval to
be about 12 months so that puts the construction start
about 2018 spring in 2018 in completion of Paul 2019 and then
completed projects um you may have been in this building we’re happy to have it in our inventory
now because it it’s a it’s a great building in gives us
a lot of space so it’s building a aim BB has room for ministration has room ’em for classrooms a it was completely
renovated was designed by HBR architects in the competitive bid
process Bailey construction was awarded a
contract we have 16 classrooms 30 pursue faculty
offices and by computer labs a movie in was
completed last spring in 2015 in that doesn’t for the update unless you have
any questions quick question members aboard characterizes trustee
Baxter hi Kim I’m afraid you were here tonight I have firm five questions first evolved I’m
the solar panels on the parking structure
are such a success whizzer any discussion love utilizing
solar energy I at the other campus is somewhere else
on this campus yes there’s been a number discussions
the the portion parking structure the cost due to the solar panels were
about 2.2 million dollars up so a looking for funding we can’t do
it with the property nine projects because they didn’t know them better single years a okay though week on a roll that out as a prop 39m or
looking for different funding okay think k seconding in the nursing
building us are going to be a large lecture hall you didn’t mention
that there was one in the O in in their
previous building yes you’re correct up there is
not a large lecture hall we we’ve had some discussions about
orange a large lecture halls because there is the need for several of them but that’s
not going I will say that there is a double size
classroom in the nursing building but we don’t
have the tiered you know 135 °c lecture hall that use
to be there and the reason for not having met is it
it didn’t fit into the nursing program so when when we do the on in that we
identify users knees program needs the large lecture Alden actually fit
into the nursing program but there is a need on this campus or large virtual the reason i ask him
orientation in there in when I’ve got orientation the room was
full so you know maybe they don’t have any other
classes okay I’m keep going I’m and QQ an RR its dire is there going to be a large
lecture hall in that facility yes dire hall will be
relocated to QQ and I’m sorry but im make that clear but to
all the functions a the building ap will be in in moved over to building QQ in have while is slated to be demo and will there be cut plan parking close
by for seniors that is a concern the seniors having to
walk adjusted to get to the new building yes
there will be parking nearby as the on the wallet side your is not
designated currently for seniors it is or it is it is not answer but I mean is ur quite a bit a parking
there is parking on the east side on Walnut Street okay
and then I’m building E are you up I was in that original
building and on the south side they were
beautiful windows in there was a lot of like coming in and then we’ve put offices there is
there any plan to remove those offices and make the College Center more spacious appearing in other words with the a building
reconstruction have some %uh those offices been moved
out uva the first floor building any well we’re currently in the assessment
processor built in he we just hired architect so we need to
do an analysis up but the what programs are going to be
in that building in what the needs are so I’m sure that
will be able to update you on that you personally into the the process again downstairs in lower level they
were meeting rooms there have now been taken over and I’m not
against the veteran Sen I’m not against the Learning Center but the but I i feel there is a real
need on campus for on meeting space is large meeting spaces where people can congregate may have
them presentations would you be interested in being on our
User Group idle I judy AIG happy somebody at you
after all this were kind and just to add to that in
search St Baxter I’m unfortunately the state a dozen recognize the same needs the in some
ways penalize us for having more open the same ol square foot space it’s not use directly by students so it
is something that we we try to balance but a.m. think your comments are well-taken we’ll see
what we can do other members the board questions have a question
cherry stress easier great job to him and make it to you and
your team I’m at a question on this presentation
other items that are not you’re gonna go through the other two items on this agenda with the am project list and the master plan is
that use separately present in all manner as
is it yet this is hip for the pond update okay
so on a worries I know we’ve done with
completed some projects in there are some upcoming ones what are some lessons learned or some
other cost-control measures that were looking at and perhaps applying to our
upcoming projects or are we doing that to make sure we’re being
proactive in I would say that we are um over the
years we get better and better every year what we’re doing and one of the things
that we established home probably about five years ago when
we came here was campus standards the this is a a document that we give all the
architects and he basically is consistent across all
the projects that we do so the when the architect’s design the
building’s up they have the reference what district what’s apt as bars what
kind of equipment and this actually helps us on the
maintenance and operation side especially also helps us on the the design side and also the cost-effectiveness that the
bill we also I’m have a number ways that we can a.m. Pepe do energy management there’s title 24 that
we have a standard that we stay 15 percent under Title 24 we also have the
Southern California program aka Southern California Edison
program that we do energy management analysis
with them on as well to be lookit am perhaps having evaluations other
contractors that we do business mean for example few entities that I’ve been involved in construction domain some lessons learned that they’ve had is
you know they evaluate the contractors and give them a performance evaluation
for I’m and put me at the Harbor department at
the city years ago fifty percent stage to the
contractor give gets an early warning sign as hate
this is what am you know youth pastor failed and it’s
an object it is about 64 questions from all over from safety
categories to I’m you know contract compliance change
orders claims disputes and ended the seems to be very effective that it has teeth with the contact list
you know really and debt make sure that they’re
complying by the end of the project order improving the performance are
those some of the measures that were we have currently in place are
considering putting in place and making sure that we increase the quality
of the contractors the weekend upcoming projects by understood what you
said um you you were talking about day surveyor contractors that have done
projects are campus its performance evaluation done
by staff that I’ve seen to be with other agencies
I’m and do we have something like that or do
you have other measures to more contractors to count am those who
are performing a clear perform better or those who are not performing cookin have enough have an early warning sign
by the time the project is complete that they have enough time to improve I think we have
something similar but I the chip challenge for us is the the the
low bidder on the public that process I would I
would just invite us to look at that you do it did agencies that I’m referring to I’m are though Peyton that’s one at that and E every knows cuz its in according to the lowest responsible
bidder and what happens is that this the evaluation at the contractor is used
in the award a future bids for and its it’s a used as a measure to
determine whether or not they’re responsible
contractor or not we do have a bearing process or the
lowest responsible bidder ok as you do we look at past performance
officer have contractors year there’s certain criteria that the
contractors have to me in order to be responsible better okay when does pass perform as
part of their yes okay so if there’s a contractor like
in this circumstance I think there was one that you mention that home no didn’t perform am dewey blacklist them to just say look
when I’m gonna give you a future work it is that something that we have in
place yen in their case they did it to themselves
by not having a contractors license but the there there is up there is a process through the
contracting that a verifies whether they’re responsible
better no I’m and you know if 8 I noticed am in this spreadsheet would it be possible I’d
like to see if the corresponding am it would be great T matchup which
contractor a reconciled with with project may be
just the column added to 30 with the ones that are applicable some obviously haven’t
started am be crate to take anti I know you did a great job
on your presentation about buying those contractors in there and architects would be nice to have it
in one snapshot if that’s possible to get am while
looking at that financial information the if i may answer that one this report
comes and other people soft and so we don’t
have any way leaking the contractor with the specific project I think that
was why and we made a point to make sure that we
added build the architect named and the
contractor’s name on the slide presentation so that the board was aware the contractors that were underuse on
the projects that are underway at this point I’m okay how is it possible to put in a
different format this the one childlike clans that we could now use the key sheet pro you know for a reference that okay which
project with contractors working on a.m. but project on our campuses so other questions I think president we
wanted to respond to that know I was just gonna ask followup
questions it be helpful to understand I am what question you’re answering in your mind
to be able to match those things so that we can go back and try to figure out how
to Disney this information does the coup we
have working for us for different projects for my own education coming up to speed
with our different construction contracts nothing can and elaborate but from my own education make you go back in the minutes and I
mean I’m sure we have some sort of the spreadsheet that we keep Tali Arbel the
contract is that we have I the work on a project we know our this
year we have to say I guess to be blunt my point is how much staff
time will it take to address question that may or may not impact your
decisions on a particular item and I just need to make sure balance you know I think you’re making a little
bit bigger issue than a simple request am sure we have this readily available
we don’t and kinda and troubling a doubt that because
I’d our staff does a great job is just from
my own edification too so I don’t have to hunt down different minutes probe
year past you know gerdes few years that’s
all other questions I the one question I had to urinary the to his project I know
they’re going through with design and their to completion working to 2019 place like at my simple question is with
the bond funny we have currently we able to finish on the project’s all the projects that we discuss tonight
yes very good and the nursing program the
fact that it’s a shame because that building then
is is when be resent dedicated to nursing
or they’re gonna be either to sponsor going to utilize that building I think
that’s why the questionable larger larger class of rain obviously with
nursing their restricted by state law the numbers to the second half per class
so his entire building dedicated Turner c:program yes yes really that kiss their previous location know the previous location had
a lecture hall in builds yet they’re sharing came and
then the standards you had because it came up that was that that really was to we will now I started here there was a
lot of delivery methods we did not utilize as a system in general in your
particular and that was things online design-build I know that’s when you
mentioned standards which are critical in design-build because if not the contractors gonna go
to local Home Depot Inc cheapest fill in the
blank by having the standards in place we guarantee a certain quality control
and also on our cost so so I I’m five-member correctly those
standards were in place which critical winner design-build yes that this
correct is very critical to help those poor design build ’em you can work around it on a design
bit bill but they’re also very valuable on those projects as well reagan I great reporters always in stage correctness trustee auto I’m sorry
real quick questions lately a a beyond which you what you report was so
you say that we’ve got about a hundred and fifty
million dollars and fifty five million dollars left in the in the the bond budget if you will two measures um we think we
can build at all that we’ve that you’ve shown us today or their
projects that were in the original bond program that won’t be able to be built