I would like to reconvene the mean the for trustees which may cause district 4 mean 29 2015 there are no items to report out from
our clothes session which have already jumped ahead of
myself but I so I’d like to call to order at this
time and if they want to please stand
administered are used in trustee to please leaders in the Pledge of Allegiance ok we could
all play Stansted trustee are ready which up thank you madam secretary if you could please call
the roll the lobby City College Board of Trustees please our March 11 here Virginia Baxter present Jeff Kellogg care to auto an easy here and Avery jumped 70.4 there’s no I
didn’t report out from a closed session we had previous to the open session
first and 2.5 approval minutes at the May 26 2015 regular board meeting
antenna motion to approve songs much by trust easy a second by
trustee Baxter to approve the minutes and secretary
political role and I did 2.5 approve the minutes March 11 I Virginia Baxter I jeff Colyer II Doug
Honnold I it’s an easy a I and 2.5 carries and 2.6 introduction special
announcement at this time I’ll turn to over to man and Bynum to introduced the retirees begin Thank You
President kellogg we’ve got a couple really special items tonight we have
some distinguish retry retirees here tonight we want to I’m
acknowledge them first I’d like to an ask doctor are Stanley refers to come up please
Stanley is this has been skilled maintenance worker for us here at the
college for fifteen years starting in 2000 and he also has a long history as a
journeyman work and millwork in equipment maintenance
work and you know it’s kinda sad for us to
see you go but we’re happy for you stanley to make this decision but we want to thank you for your commitment
of so many years in the quality the work and stuff that you did for some behalf for college students I thank you think vice president dan is at your conclude your am for return we have we have yet another person here in a
couple other people are reading of on it’s really my pleasure to also ask
Anita given staff at media has served in committed to this
college for 14 years and has had a very distinguished career here I know I
started dinner but typical camp Pacific Coast campus
with Anita I’m she built out the Women’s Center on enlarged to the women and men Center in
serve so many of our students who really didn’t know where to start and where to to have appointed access at the College
in how to navigate what was going on in has touched so many lives she’s been
director Student Health Services in student life and if you were to put a list together
or follow the students in life she’s touched and transformed I think it would
just go on for ever but and he did thank you very much for your
real serious commitment to us in our students for everything you’ve done with
this really appreciate and we wish you the very very best in your new chapter in life as are taking a picture race wants you share with the board am one example the
work they need is Dan and is clock appellation other than his
treatment create SE writing contest well it’s been an honor when I started
here actually lose fifteen years ago arm because I think I got a notice that
was my fifteen year and I didn’t realize that and they asked me to bring the Women’s
Center up to the 21st century and it was an honor to be able to create and develop a program doctor paul a
Merry I’m really encouraged me and and and I was allowed to just really really
create had many years working with I Jenny Baxter arm through an organization that help to
find many other services that we are able to provide an am got to serve
on the board with Danny for like maybe seven years was a yeah least mini golf tournament enginee
and it’s really been an honor so one of the
cool things about retiring is that you hear from your your former students and I’ve in
receiving emails and Facebook post and I’m it its it’s really cool to see
what they’re doing with their lives today and thank you Long Beach City College
for allowing me to be a part in the program that transforms
lives because it wasn’t just me it was the college in a team up some really really pool staff and
supported on administration that allowed me to do
that kind of work so thank you very much thank you and going to happen some other work she’s done involved in
so many things on the campus just real quickly if I may also present
kellogg I just wanna on call out some names at some other
people who are retiring aren’t here Margaret es la and as let lover sorry am is in our classified
staff she served for twenty six years she’s been a Child Development Center
teacher and a child development specialist I’m
she started in 1988 we also have another classified staff
person and Linda Roberts Child Development
Center teacher sir for sixteen years starting in
nineteen ninety 8 hand we also have one other gentleman
Ruby L and irrigation grounds maintenance
technicians serving for thirty years here at the college my goodness he seen
such a transformation and help that transformation for us but when you take a look at all the
people who are retiring here night it’s over a hundred years worst have
commitment to this institution so thanks let’s give a big and tall again
thank you and one other item we want to do some introductions and special announcements
reach me in the academic year and we asked our academic affairs and student
support services to help a recognize the achievements of our
students by selecting a few for students to come here tonight who represent the different
instructional schools athletics the president’s scholars in
this year’s valedictorians doctor long and doctor peterson will
introduce the students if you’ve been asked to briefly share some about their stories night I will
turn it over to doctor on thank you since we have so many
successful students and their too many amazing stories to share tonight we’ve asked the instructional day in
stride and if I wanted to students to represent the schools have current
technical education health kinesiology science mathematics
language arts and communication and social sciences and arts so I will
introduce the students and ask you to stand when I introduce you if you’re speaking on ask you to move to
the microphone and share your story with us I don’t think
that tight acer is here hey tightest race from school love CT e
aircrew technical education he received his heart a culture
certificate and started his own specialized business he participated in the Ching doubt China
experience last year and he was gonna share her story but
he’s not here and I don’t have his story to share so congratulations to tie Nexus from the school up health
kinesiology science and mathematics we have some to students here this evening zachariah hotly stand zachariah is
majoring in engineering and maintained a 4.0 GPA he received more than twenty thousand
dollars in Long Beach City College Foundation scholarships and he will be attending UC berkeley in
the Far congratulations rem how lobby re majored in microbiology she speaks
four languages French Arabic Spanish in English she and her
family moved to the US to escape the war when she was 18 and she will be
attending UCLA this this fall and she was share her story
with us our hello everyone so I am in a mainstream majoring actually microbiology immunology and molecular
genetics mouthful it’s just a nice way of saying
that I know how to use the mic ask ok as the major now this is started about
three and a half years ago when I recognize this from Syria and I
asked to be given a tour the campus I fell in
love with their and I decided to come here it’s been quite a journey ever since ban I am had the pleasure of representing
LBCC both often on campus as part of their
president ambassadors program I’ve also been
mentor by and few amazing teachers here and
thanks to them I was able to present my research one on methods and edgy math education
and the united states and the other one after genetics two years in a row at the
HCCC compensate UC Irvine and my research got published last year
on this november exciting am I’ve also been able to
contribute back a little bit to LBCC by serving on the map pairing committee
for full-time faculty two years in a row was very exciting experience and as Sparta as a an ass I leader and a
tutor at their learning activities such as
Tanner and it’s just been a rewarding feeling being
able to give back to students like me who are just getting started are struggling in certain areas I like
math and sciences amino able to help them out and help them
succeed like others to help me succeed here I
it’s bittersweet leaving LBCC I can honestly say that it’s been my home away from home and I’m really excited no to going you feel and I just like to
thank everyone a in here and people who are not in here
who make LBCC such a wonderful place thank you K from the school at language arts and
communication we also have to students to introduce to you tonight Janelle arco majored in Communications
and will be attending Cal State university-long Beach this
fall she’s also a president ambassador and she will tell us her story to know thank you yes many mister now
arco my career here in Long Beach City College began miss spring 2012 actually moved here
from Northern California a Mexican Sacramento and before I moved
here I start looking at schools in the area in los angeles county in I so long because I knew that I was placed
for me I members began here to as a film major explored in analyze it wasn’t for me I took my first
indications communications blast and after that I fell in love with the
program I’m I had an amazing experience in the communications program I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing
professors in and learn skills I feel like really help me as a continue on my
career I’ll be graduating this semester my sis its green communications him a
chance because the Long Beach in handmade things experience in Long Beach
City College I’m really really grateful come forward is the
different programs and things here available to students I was amazed by
the presence and basses program be a mister as a direct representative
to at present you Oakley has been amazing experience me be able to meet people in Long Beach
Long Beach and and is being inspired by the stories
and how many people sir the community and the school so I just
wanna thank you am from experience I’m really grateful for everyone the
collagen communications event in office for their support and help and thank you it our second student from the school
language arts and communication katherine graham katherine is not here let me tell you a little bit about her
she majored in liberal studies in like to become a teacher she will be attending CSU Sacramento in
the fall and so congratulations to Catherine and
from the School of Social Sciences and Arts we have two students to introduce
to you tonight Amelia ball to you stand a million
majored in film and served on the ASP cabinet she worked as an outreach
ambassador she is a member of Phi Theta Kappa and
won the biking award she is a third-generation Viking both
her mother and her grandmother attended LBCC and I don’t know that she
has decided where she’s transferring yet we had this conversation last week but have you okay so congratulations it
will be somewhere wonderful I’m sure congratulations emmitt Veronica Richardson Veronica majored in business and is the president of the Business
Club she plans to become a paralegal and we’ve asked her to share her story
with you tonight cronica you like me any help it in at only be but I spend it law okay but with Diane and in free really pay packets at if they’d bit it be and be I’ll is a great learning about it up I lb up and the friendship bill I will be
spending it but the R&B this summer the repeater bandit yep Police Department and
although in on I will miss I’ll be greatly Bay anything if my way I’m so anything me here actors anti up or recognized me my and Leah so it’s my pleasure to turn the
microphone over to doctor peterson our athletics program this year as an
amazing year with host Atlantic an academic achievements we’ve invited to students tonight in at
least tonight to be recognized as represents our
meeting program so first we like Ashley D assist and actually majored in
business she is a two-time member at the women’s
water polo team honored as an our conference and
second-team all-american selections change her career here she is a two-time
member have the swimming program finished in
the conference’s top seven and she plans to attend CSU Fullerton in
the fall congratulations its our second is Brock tell Brock is majored in business with pre
med rec prerequisites on the side he was a are backup quarterback and
stepped in and start to lead the team to several key victories he’ll be attending UC Davis in the past
get %uh so that mark unlike a certain is broke till I play quarterback for football team on
my finish with a 3.9 EPA which I’m action Prada fortunately I
got one be was really frustrated about but on anyway no a tad a tremendous amount
successor in Long Beach and yeah I do I do plan on transferring I’m UC Davis is an opportunity on
they’ve been talking about possibly offering a scholarship it’s not set in
stone yet also been talking in northern Arizona on
so hopefully within the next couple weeks on over I’m
gonna be going per share on but yeah again so many opportunities
that come from being here Long Beach on and and a lot of it comes
from something that I can share with you guys
and in in a learning her thing that I learned on here from my football coaches and it’s a lot
about what successes and I kinda think I V as success is preparation meeting opportunity and
on as far as being a backup quarterback
this was huge for me and what in something that i’m gonna have to use
when I go to the next level on being prepared in preparing like a
starter is going to allow you to be successful
when your opportunity is shown so on this season an example that we’re
playing mount sac which I’m man enough to get certainly not sex
very good football team on the ended up winning the state
championship this year but on going into the fourth quarter we
were down by two scores are starting quarterback gets her breaks
his arm and I’m my number’s called back step in
and perform and again preparing like I’m starter
with in mississippi I was able to help our team win the game
and on it was a huge achievement personally and as our team to to be able to take that
step in the a team like nut sack after last year are the year before last year we’re I
think was born six or something like that and
classroom in nineteen you going to a bowl game and winning a bowl game you step for the program huge step for
LBCC and on in again personally I had an attorney
mismanaged say success so that all comes from the
opportunity you guys give us and the last have on
academically athletically anything like that so it’s
one say thank you to you guys for everything you do here and I thank you for recognizing me in or
bus for or achievements though thank you
very much we just like to take a moment and acknowledge the present scholars
suppresses college graduates from the Honors Program with Eminem 3.5 GPA and also have commute cumulative
GPA at least 3.5 we’ve got a picture we’re gonna put it
not are then get 10 deny tonight at least show you are amazing group here and FF you are here the stands every journey
Amelia bone Christopher Bristol branch office I’ve enjoyed Vincent close Kyle Cooper Daniel her Cuero william donohue cream lobby jury deal be see how really Christine Amy ira Ashley Martinez sonya’s Seth mark our Gill Navarette fattie Lonnie wrath Ryan sheppard and gregory’s Gregory Smith congratulations and finally and we’re giving you a sneak
peek at Thursday’s event so have we’ve invited our to evaluate
Orions here that will be speaking our commencement
are about trains are again william donohue came a iraq’s hausky thank you again all right thank you very
much obviously I’m happy board think I can
express everyone here about how proud we are your accomplishments and wish you all
the very best in the future future’s bright we thank
you for represent the very best on yourself for
the college so thank you all very much and I also
see you are where you do not have to stay to the rest the mean if you so
desire but if you wanted to you could they are slow that’s a smart group I’m telling you at the restive you
you don’t get that luxury so we’re now died and 2.7 I am thank you very much again as that is
wonderful 217 reorder neither gender we have no I reorient agenda so the there’s no change at all on their
ASP press report 2.8 die I saw you walkin I saw you walk out and so I wasn’t sure is this last one for you this will be the last time I
peak under the AC present every player’s the report please I just wanted to
officially introduce our 2015 2016 is the president anything here today to give you an
introduction and a brief report thank you up good evening president kellogg members to the board I
liked it is my cell my name is does your annular my name is
constantly but you’d everywhere you go say yes it is for I’m
pretty me is down for sure home and I was elected to the presidency the is becoming for the 2015 Italy’s 16
academic year and I’m extremely excited to represent
east into the up on me City College him as a mess it
comes to the clothes and the per se in my purse a semester begins I wanna
hear the same level the energy integrity that has passed mister this past US cabinet meeting in I’m going to be honest we have our shoes
to fill but I and the rest today as he can with Amanda individuals that we on
elected this past weekend in on the individuals that
we will elected the making position in at the beginning this
masti I’m really confident they will continue the legacy that this past Cam it left behind
am we have a unique opportunity this
upcoming year with a few venue positions that they
really see vice president the PC vice president this dangerous the now getting a vote on the is the cabinet
to better serve our student body and I think they will fulfill that need I’m I wanted Baker I wanna go to I want to have a special thanks or those
that attended a as you think we definitely if you guys were in
attendance now my best isley in public speaking on which is an ironic
them communications major but you know sees their own but
nonetheless an amazing event lot goodbyes as you mentioned earlier we have
immediate i need ur retiring as well a couple other members that the faculty he retiring them and there’s a
lot of heart goodbyes im I also had opportunity to speak with trustee an easy a and chest
the doctor did you actually think you again for my scholarship for next year
appreciate all the hard work that you do arm here on campus p.m. I look forward
to developing a relationship with each and every one of you on including president Neil oakley is
not present tonight unfortunately and I home I look forward to meeting you
respect more productive relationship that we all carry and thank
you for your continued support is students and I look forward to a very
successful postmaster you thank you very much we look forward to
you for the coming year and also do you have some a great big shoes to
fill it’s been a tremendous year with our president’s report but she’s
doing as well so moving on to the next and then is the public comment on agenda item total
three minutes be allocated each speaker we only have one speaker correct menem’s me that is Lynn Shaw who’s
talking and I’m 6.1 on their gender which has new programs Solan you have three minutes and clock show up Anish lens when the party man
thank you for making that comment about with their you oakley is not here tonight he is
speaking at the Clinton Foundation I regarding the on BC College College
promise cause pathways and so he is at their conference their
National Conference I believe in doesn’t matter it’s not
here but it’s for the M it’s for them I thought it was
down-regulated one misquoted but the it is high with the Clinton
Foundation so wonderful on her finale present Oakley but also
for college with that when hello my name is Lynn
Shana speaking to you under this item as a faculty member in the electrical
Technology department and a few years ago we had it very dark
time at Long Beach City College where in my area many programs were closed and
some faculty were laid off but tonight on the agenda are two programs that show
the faculty have come together to rise from the ashes we have a certificate of accomplishment
in robotic welding automation and my personal favorite a certificate of
achievement and construction technology so it’s so
important that we keep up with industry standard and we continually reevaluate and
redesign new programs and that’s the job a faculty Southbank
thank you in advance for your support thank you n next as presentations 3.1
sabbatical so turned over to vice president Bynum or vice president on I’ll turn it over
to doctor Terry long thank you on it is my
pleasure to introduce to you tonight our fourth sabbatical presentation I am at the
podium right now is Matt Lawrence he is a professor of philosophy got his
PhD from UC Irvine he is the author of two books in
philosophy with very cool titles the first title is like a splinter in your mind the
philosophy behind the matrix trilogy the second book is philosophy on tap pint-sized puzzles for the pub philosopher I’m at is a student success
award winner and active member at the Academic Senate he regularly teaches in the Honors
Program and his sabbatical project for the fall of 2013 is entitled how to live like a
philosopher I introduced you doctor map Lawrence
welcome thank you terry and getting to the
borden vice presidents and battle the now students that we have any
left now up first thing i dis I just wanted
to mention we honored some for Honors Program students and i
wanna say I’ve been teaching the in the Honors Program for
about 15 years now and I think we’ve got about this wrong
this group honors you wouldn’t say I’ve ever seen and not
only are they academically strong but they’re is binding gate in it’s been a pleasure the teach them on