I’d like to call to order the border
trustee mean for March 10 2015 first Adams closed session agenda item so madam secretary if you please to to roll call please I’m Archuleta Virginia Baxter present Jeff Kellogg here to Otto Sen easy a here america’s subject to come in
Songkhla session items at all three minutes be allocated speaker with a max from a
twenty minutes forty subject to a six and by the Board
President the items we have before us foreclose session on the following one
point for public employees to spawn dismissal release pursuant to
Government Code 1.5 a FT negotiation items and I’m 1.6 a printer president public
employee performance evaluation contract extension those are the three items I have here I have seven speakers so we all stay with 3 minutes we should
be fine for speaker then I and I did mention this to individuals
if you’re speaking for clothes session eyes I didn’t know if they want to speak
for open session on this item as far as a superintendent present
contract or closed session and all these individuals so they’re
going to speak on closed session so will begin with about Maxwell followed
by Cindy fry then we have a very bowling three minutes and you’ll see if you
haven’t seen it before to be a timer behind me and when you
reach treatments the microphone I’m told shuts down your name for the
record please my name is Bob max I’m member of the partner mathematics and
also negotiator for CCAA LBCC president or president lol and member or an issue was brought to my
attention Lance we regarding low section subject 1.6 superintendent president plea on valuation on track pension arm it was pointed out to me then their mine be a on click where ed code Stockton 7 who or 11 and I am sure that the board recipes is aware any potential on what with their and by spoken to individual on or I’m speak Bachmann across-the-board general I do note there with regard to this and dip newspaper or people leave what they public that their was a and on Flickr or 7 who or 11 but I someone or year however that same spectrum object name actually indicates a met the been or and I’m certain that
the board these will take appropriate that them or me from importation made in your boat up thank bring im Bob I was just told thank you for
keeping within the time line what I will do now obviously it didn’t
show up the time for those reasons for that so what i’ll do is when u BN I’ll be the
time again notify you when you’re two minutes when
you reach treatments apologies name for the record please yet noon members trustee a and this is who speak dunno mention or president endured the reporter SM re-think arm I’m not going to speak to president personnel speak in terms I’ll is of its and well I believe that it’s itself a little
premature to offer an extension to on track your
exam mobile important outstanding issue that have not been resolved yet in the
first to those issues involves where transfer in graduation rates lemme the 25-27 bills students we’re doing about 2 percent semester
people who are either obtaining an AA degree or getting sixty
transferable units I put it up public records request and I
asked this question alone to take the average LBCC student to acquire sixty transferable unit a the number came back has been
published 14 serviced this unacceptable haves the soon seven years on every you know
the school with sixty transferable units when I was here there was a good stayed
here that long but he didn’t mention the the solution to that of course was too hire more faculty which we did but I though one segue into the fact that
during the recession when there wasn’t any money you hire faculty that the officers
president failed to you’ll be into yet a national emergency to obtain faculty in his usual group but two minutes to the real think if each year the 270 back to leeward teach to be reassigned give released I’m from the three hours
of prep time 36 minutes a day they could teach one additional three-unit laps know there
was just an Emmy three hours to prep time you have basically to an end actually X 36 minutes that rulers I’ll in one class you could have put me in
over 200 classes by simply having the faculty teach 30 six minutes a day %uh or and there were other innovative opportunities that I think permit ’em second one is three minutes was the board’s is the
four hundred million dollars min spent minded lotta research into
this later now one project was ever summer right on an on-time on-budget steps not want college in officer president did not year us
taxpayers the same protection and oversight that private
sector has in terms of on time on budget and I saw a report that was
your council close please think to report that went to mister
bonehead other to this is where your committee and saliste projects when were appeared
to go over like 510 million dollar and there was no
start date no finished I’ll just say that Helios we asked last
comment here already gone beyond ok we have a mess because behind you put
your finger up for a project a finger down would be more than what we have think you’re right thank you XP Kors
Cindy fry followed by driven Amador again this Friday amity same two minutes to you in three minutes happenin order the my name is Cindy fry
and a member here for the park I’m disassociation on to the all it massad here night been art I’m inspector for seven years I’m right good Long Beach City College and
I’ve and intimately involved with the Polish more
than on Karen Roberts who is our part-time back
the association president emailed are the board today
asking who pick comment Oct nine posession she’s you see here
representing association but she’s taking one last El Camino by by the way she makes over thirty dollars more in our between
of me now she’s there on our way the board
meeting are vice president Carol sable is in
Yosemite right now not joining relaxing spring break but
applying for I’m eating job our treasure Curtis
Williams is in Washington DC attending business
for one is other many got they’re trying to
cobble together book I’m sorry as many of our part I’m
back up yet on BT all it arguing they’re falling
further behind in parity pay have fallen behind here surrounding
khallid El Camino you have a master’s degree Newport there
for six years you make ninety-seven dollars our it in the south pose Community College District makes seventy
dollars an hour at Surrey does he make sixty seven dollars an hour now with our small pay raise-we just received Miami City pollard art and respect makes help extending superintendent
president Oakley contract seems to be distracting other
issues plaguing the politics that is chronic low morale part I’m faculty ongoing communication problems noted by
the Accreditation mission and negotiations mean part I’m back but the in the district the address
the disparity 18 or part-time faculty everyday to
misplace right on the campus superintendent president
may receive a two-year contract extension while part-time faculty must reapply for their
teaching assignments also known as jobs every semester by the way we discard 155 art I’m backup key common sense the spring
semester an we are the majority work worst at this college most community all
its nationwide and we don’t have parity pay Orton
terrible pay or job security I really don’t think
I have to say it what’s wrong with me thank you neck speaker room in Amador followed by glenshaw hello good afternoon press and
Kellogg work addressed the board I’m and your to
you I’m here with you today to speak
regarding a items 1.5 in 1.6 my comments though is that and I
want to start by saying that over three years ago on I was told that I couldn’t work plus petit ours
anymore and in addition to that I was slashed from a 12 month assignment to a 10-month
assignment overall a ticket 38 percent some BS no must be a single parent recently
beautiful girls here but needless to say the the impact but he was very very
great the actual reality of the impact he
really set in until I Ashley at the call the
unemployment office at the time and try to collect the
supplemental check that it was going to help with that month that i was thinkin and collect
anything and on I gotta tell you I not only dealing with
those people is one of the worst things in the world I hope you never have to deal with them
rather much to the dentist office interview with them but if they can be
really really really it wasn’t like Palin on someone who took time looking like a Cincy
everything that was going on an app she ran the numbers set something
that I will never forget for the rest of my life he said mister Amador you qualify for
food stamps would you like me to send you some I can express to you in words the gut-wrenching feeling that I got
from that as US probably know I come from a
culture were really honors in working I very politely said
no thanks very much rather go look for
another job or something else than to take the well I want to tell you that even my
daughter’s about that my oldest daughter who was ready to
graduate from cast in Long Beach took a semester off it said that I was
offered no the top I’m little helper to so this is prolly one mice this is only one story
made aren’t many that are going on here with
the class i’d to hear that there’s actually an extension on
the table where president be or the troops that are behind you the
troops that are willing to work for you in accomplishing the vision a college the academic course the USAID
forward seems a little bit unfair we’re here to
work with you and I can personally tell you in a pan
love you in person and tell you let me know how I can help
because I am here for the same reason the issue did not he was behind please thank
you thank you sam it or neck speakers glenshaw followed by Shanae hun hello my name is doctor Lynch on I’m the
president have the full time faculty Union and once again I come before you I according to the Education Code that
we’re talking about 72 or 41 it states every educational
administrator shall be employed all other administrators may be employed
by the governing board other district for an appointment our
contract up to four years have duration: CCAs question questioning the legality
of extending president oakley’s contract and I did
call all over the board members to express the faculty concerns last week so have the press-telegram not publicize
this issue we wouldn’t have even known the
board a prestige was considering an extension have president oakley’s contract this is
being rushed because president oakley’s announcement that he is on the job
market if you’re really concerned about morale
and communication finding out that our president is
looking for a job from a confidential meeting discussion on the front page up the press-telegram
is not the way to build morale and communicate
with faculty I am asking that you hold of on any
extension until the campus community has a fair
opportunity to provide more input on this matter in
future open sessions and what does this say about the Board
of Trustees priorities at the same time the Board of Trustees
is considering extending his contract the district has been unwilling and
unable to reach an agreement with our classified employees priority should be given to settle the a ft classified employee contract
and Ruben did so well and explaining the personal and human cost that you’re
causing according to the Press Telegram article
president Oakley was quoted as saying this challenge
cannot be met under current conditions took away the governing board operates
must reflect good governing practices and the board
must develop means to address the communication challenges between the
board and superintendent president and develop a shot to make you and
develop one voice that articulates the vision for our college district the full time faculty strongly object to this kind of lockstep
leadership and intimidation thats washers any
dissent debate or discussion CCAA supports transparency and questioning if we
continue to keep things behind closed doors we
will NEVER Sol the extreme chronic low morale
problem on campus I know I’m speaking for the entire full-time faculty when I say we want
more transparency an of benthic communication thank you thank you Shanahan followed by Thomas Hamilton
well that’s a tough act to follow in but I would just like today mentioned
that as you consider a FT negotiations today as well as the superintendent’s contract at you
know just be reminded yet another reminder that
morale at the college is a continuing concern this is not just a concern over the few of us that
are out here to mention this today clearly it’s been mentioned in the
accreditation report specifically pertaining to trust
transparency and communication it is also been voiced
at every Board of Trustee luncheon and VP
luncheon that CCAA has hosted as well as today’s
women’s leadership luncheon that CCAA and chai co hosted as one panelist stated today happy employees equal the delivery have quality support services and
education to our students thank you thank you last speaker strangle them you money was tight as hell to me ft
present here be City College prison kellogg were
trustees and members of the audience has been a lot of talk about numbers
over the past few weeks I’d like to give you were some classified numbers 2008 2009 we received one person increase 2009 10 0 percent increase in order to save money in jobs we
decided to take 15 furlough days for that year the
highest amount of early days within the State of California on top of that a medical premiums went
from 357 246 a a2 percent here on your salary when you don’t get an increase 2010 and
2011 even with 15 furlough days in the
previous year layoffs begin 2011 and 2012 0 increase in at this time the district
found out that there was a 5.3 by point 3 million dollar deficit its flaws like but the district
classified employees stood up to be here at in responded with taken
care of I point 0 million up that deficit if required people to be laid off by gamma towards told you earlier people
have reductions in about two hours employees went from 12 months the
10-month employees went from more time to 50 percent with benefits
employees also went from 100 percent to 47 points by which cut yourself in half and took away
your benefits now disappear said that we would be
taken care of when times get better well times got better but not for
classified 2012 2013 no increase layoffs continue in now program discontinuance rears its
ugly here 2013 2014 0 Inc reach in our reorganization begins
in more members affected by the district’s new policy 2014 2015 0 prison 0 percent increase in no
contract for 253 days in County two minutes mister am we have
been told that we’ve been a valuable s6 as sick to the district when things
got better that we would be taken care of well we
know the district has the money so why would they pay its we have not
had a salary increase since 2008 that’s seven years how many people here
in this room have gone that long without an increase when the district needed assisted on our
shoulders and made it through the tough times we carried the load through the bad
times to now the times are good for all those in this room but not for class a pop famous Hampton at this time we’re going to adjourn to
close action we have a class on question for my
attorneys of for attorney Presario crisper returning
yes and did you wanna ask yet my question is on week been given
two interpretations up that Ed Coen we like a legit legal
opinion on it if down at this time in closed session or open session whatever no I actually like to get in open
session let me read chat with I’ve the gone this at code section it
disturbs me a little bit I wanna make sure were not in violation of the add code to
add code section that was sent to both wallop a sin an do the the public has made a comment I believe
the appropriate thing to do is to go into closed session have questions and at that point in time
this report out if there’s things we need to do that will be the proper way to probably proceed I crack Spencer from a
legal standpoint so yeah I think we prepared for all of us
to we have an attorney that’s why I asked for him to be here so I have a question on the legality or
whether or not we can go to close ashen thats that the question I have before I
proceed to go to close and I like to get a legal opinion on on that am legality of whether or not we
can take action on this item hats something tirely different and
can we just go to close ashen and discuss this week report out I
personally don’t feel comfortable with knowing that we’re gonna be in violation
of the add code like to get our and attorneys are legal opinion on whether or not we can
go despite the sectional at coda says we cannot to
book will be on for years duration question you’re asking is can we go to
close session on give me at code section 724 11 a his nineties head so I’m going to
follow direction the attorney and we’re going to recess TKO session we
can discuss report how me at that point we can probably answer
some questions i meeting is at adjourn the time being we report back out after
the concession items