Very good evening everyone like to call
back to order the median I love the Board of Trustees Long Beach
Community College District for the mean March 10 2000 and 15 if everyone could please rise and NASCAR trustee Baxter could you
leave us in the Pledge of Allegiance plays happy to solves say the Pledge of Allegiance in honor of
our country babe again up am sector if you please call roll love the Board of Trustees 211 Virginia Baxter present Jeff Kellogg here don’t Otto Sun easier here in student rusty Roscoe present their is nothing to report out on closed
session we dealt with one item the three items in closed session with
the support and presence contract so we’ll
have another concession after this mean but there’s nothing to
report out from the first session obviously the items
generalized as well interactions a special announcements yes serve our
crazy kellogg you have one a special
announcement that we’d like to make a for small want to welcome all the
members of the audience through here today and special welcome to mister
bill pearl thanks for stopping by I’m I’m happy to
announce that the member of our Long Beach City College family has been
recognized for outstanding work I Andrew prune mayor is a senior research analyst
from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and has been honored for up presentation
he delivered to the California Association for institutional research conference
that’s one of the more exciting comes as we have in the state I am along with our former colleague John hats a.m. who left here not too
long ago andrew is here with us in the audience
tonight so I am Andrews work was selected as the
most outstanding example a significant contribution to the
practice and understanding institutional research I am that office
has been honored before and I very pleased that Andrews receive the
honor this year Long Beach City College is greatly
benefited from andrews research including his work on promise pathways on I’ll Andrews always we’re extremely proud
love your work extremely happy to hear about your
recognition and we’re confident that you will do an excellent job once
again when you present at the national level and me so we’re looking forward to that so
congratulations Andrew and job well done thanks for I represent
as well for all the work that you doing on behalf for students so I other infections members support this time here in I’m
going to go back I apologize we do have the approval the minutes has Adam two-point 5 again for people that
have not been at a meeting we’re not going to electronic board ox so you will see the
item others and I try to go as fast as I know where secretary we
good on this one all rights we have item 2.5 approval of
minutes this is for the February 24th 2050 me denied entertain a motion to approve summit most by trustee Baxter zia second by trust easier I believe I
made the motion motion by trustees ear sec with the
second try second bite receive Baxter moshe second discussion hearing
on name secretary please call the roll and
I’m 2.5 approval of minutes for February 24th 2015 March 11 I Virginia Baxter I Jeff Kellogg hi delgado lip stain and Sen easier I and carries 2.7 missus reorder near the agenda my
understanding is there’s no reordering the agenda items polled move forward so
we will fall the agenda that is listed currently will move on to the
next and 2.8 ASP present report this informational item welcome thank you good evening superintendent
president Oakley board president kellogg and members of
the board thank you again for the opportunity to report on stood in line in the upcoming months the annual spring
festivities attract students club instant organizations to compete in
several art form after returning from spring break April 14 kicks off the annual chili
cook-off at in that same week on April 16 PCC host a one-of-a-kind
race many Grand Prix and in May we debut the eclectic talents at LBCC at the
annual spring thing we will need judges so please do not
hesitate to clear skittles the volunteer or if you rather just come out to eat
some chili watch the races or experience the show we’d love to
invite you to come out I’d like to take a large portion my court and dedicated to some
recognition and history Long Beach City College over the past several years LBCC has
been a loyal supporter the American Red Cross in spring 2014 LBCC entered the Cesar
Chavez challenge for the very first time the organizing team the coalition a
Latino batsman recruited 183 first-time donors and 384 presenting donors
hispanic/latino background bone marrow registry with also offered to students during the campaign which quickly made a
stop contenders in the challenge the joint effort to coordinator Ivan se ha and the Coalition of Latino advancement
509 units a blood were collected which will save
lives up to $1500 27 local hospital patient because these efforts in 2014 Long Beach City College became number
one in the nation I love 253 colleges and university today today we have the Coalition of Latino
advancement and winner be a thousand-dollar scholarship Ivan thing and the audience there in
Greenlee CEO the American Red Cross Southern California region and Tony
Britt public relations and a mi papa george’s senior account manager it here to
present the black to Long Beach City College we’ve come up or presently you wanna move around too we
give everyone in there you look happy maybe wanna do it from
the podium our team has the seal on yep best to move we’ll trust me usually like
officials try to get all the pictures but will a I shop graduations nice job the next item is the %uh public comment
on agenda items total three minutes will be allocated to each speaker with
maximum of 20 I only have two speakers that cracked Madden secretary I we have larry bolan and
Joseph are rosenwald those two speakers the Comber
the podium please use our on agenda items you have three minutes
and unlike in the prior to the close Suri I incorrectly told you there would be a
timer up now there will be you will see it up
here three minutes in three minutes the microphone I’m told
to shut down so you name for the record in three minutes to address the board
welcome yeah resolutely president hell and to st. members in October last year trust easier asked the question of stale well what kind of protocol has been
developed to measure the effectiveness love on projects after they were munition in when they begin in
specifically what kind ovum like on-time on-budget
protocol as a college developed so that taxpayers
been given some indication whether the project was a
thumbs up or it was a done still in those you have those kinds of prior
product well in doing my due diligence since
then I vast through public records request questions basically the first one was to
you to copy up the original documents that were
developed by the College to install in on time on budget protocol into developed a methodology that would
be used in determining held be structured I asked for a copy there’s no record I then asked term dish give me a copy of what was given to
the construction management company the him pulled over corporation and new record that they had received
anything up in the you continued make some brevity this I’ll I asked many other questions joking that
no record and so I just have to ask this question do we college or do we not have a formal protocol to measure the
effectiveness on the on time on budget status a bond measure projects if the no response where’s the they’ll reason I’m asking the question
is am very confused in July of last year the opening on the PCC student a.m. services facility it PCC other trustee president kellogg made a statement lead he wouldn’t the board would ensure that there was an on time on budget overview from the board for the projects in my question is it appears difficult to have eighty on time on budget scenario that doesn’t exist three minutes disturb on you time is done thank you neck speaker as an XP Chris coming
forward the three miss allocated for the speakers to
use be not to ask questions and help us respond it’s your opportunity speak to the board
name for the record please certainly you my name is P Joseph
rosenwald honorable members the board
superintendent president student trustee staff in vice-presidents
the college faculty assembles citizen I im speaking today on item 6.1
superintendent president contract extension I am asking not to extend the existing
agreement for an additional two years for superintendent president on Oakley mom the reasons are for example there’s no smoking policy
here on campus there’s no signs there’s
nothing then makes allows people to on see that there is
not at a no smoking policy and I know that it’s been as for many times
by mister John 100 former student companion he person who’s
interested in the University wanna call your attention to a picture
which is in Berkeley incidently graduations to
print n Oakley on becoming a regional
university-california but the subscribe to the policy have breathing no smoking on campus they felt that this policy created
healthy environment for students faculty staff and visions visitors supports tobacco users who are trying to
quit reduces the number of new tobacco users the committee come out with reason
policy procedures responsibility in exceptions we don’t have anything like
that year on there’s a California St Government Code
which is sited on the sign 79 75.9 t7 and some 7597 the Government
Code and there’s other things too that have come out you need to have the
government could sections here there’s no recycling program on campus and
that’s been asked for many times even when you drive in there’s a sign that says recycled water
is used on campus from Davis Drive barely readable arm the YES on measure E up was supported in 2007 by two hundred and
fifty thousand dollar grant from Long Beach City College
Associated Students on who was supported in 2002 by seventy five thousand dollar green I
think that these are wrong I think it was wrong before the superintendent president to
ask for this money on even know it’s been these things have been helpful to the
campus I bring these things up because I think their details which mom have not
been able to be taken care of there’s also the
things that I brought up 309 Pine Avenue the hospital x-mas bill and I was Katie’s diagonal in
the welcoming environment the Pacific Coast campus I don’t think
anything has been done to cure these issues which I have
brought up when I’ve spoken here thank you very much for your attention
thank you we have no other speakers on agenda
items will move forward to and presentations and 3.1 which is student
leadership this is an informational item only the offices to my provides
opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills this report will highlight some %uh
those leadership activities Swinton present Oakley yes I want to
welcome our Student Life team and um a ask God to use girl eat it I’m come on up welcome good evening superintendent president
kellogg president Oakley sees me getting superintendent president
imported by President kellogg members to the board members were CNN
does and the director student discipline instant life here at the college and my counterpart need a given an
audience is also a director Student Life health and psychological services under
the leadership of Connie fears idea teen affairs and athletic thank you
for the opportunity to prevent tonight a better leadership
programs here at the college at this time i’d like to introduce our staff will be make the
presentation on our various leadership programs here at the college Taylor Robert then Derek worry and Mack
granite all serve as a student life coordinators
here at the college i’d like first like to introduce Taylor Robertson
who lead in the first part the presentation tonight evening and channeling this happen there market tiny attacking p.m. the glove are still life leadership on
me to stand with the five perched the globe are
still life leadership program helps students
develop leadership in life skills now be useful not only in a career
choice but throughout their life it is a program that uses three-tiered
framework to provide opportunities for students to develop leadership
skills to positive social cultural and intellectual opportunities
tier 1 introduces leadership principles as students participating clubs
organizations in volunteer activities tear to you devotes individual
leadership skills to a tenant every treats workshops and conferences 283 up my leadership skills to for the
developing use the skills learn through active engagement in our
community we thought it might be helpful to take a
look at them on the path LBCC leadership opportunities offered to
students some other light larger programs offered
included were of course not limited to are so see
its student body associate mean students immense and associate women students a.w.s these are service on your programs with
requirements the students volunteer on campus and or in the community in a fraternal
Council Panhellenic boy that he needs his death
the clinton it’s a beach campus in d rates students get involved as the first
step in their leadership development by participating in activities and events organized by clothes organizations in
student life mean youth activities planned by the
office is still live in East be student representative committees
identified here as you can see our student I actively
involved in many different activities if you examples of our Equity and Diversity vans to our culture
affairs committee and council include Unity Day that include the
clothesline project a visual display at Epic the violence
against women for gone images it is so corrupt
retrospective that highlights the african-american heritage along with the struggles and successes
that should be part of an ongoing conversation in never be forgotten we
know that experiences in biking on tier program promotes civic engagement which we know increases the likelihood that
our students and will become more involved in community affairs and more
likely to vote the Viking Monte Resource center
provides students with opportunities and resources to serve their campus and community we
chat service hours to include notations as to his transcript at the end of the
semester some examples a volunteer service
included Long Beach breast cancer walks awareness
walks the drive teens for jeans feeding the
homeless cards for kids at the Long Beach
Memorial in here you see tree planting with just the auto I was a fun event in the like Monty resource in LBCC offer
students a variety of awards and honors for their hard work and terrorist in the campus in the community this
president’s Volunteer Service Award issued yearly by the president’s council
on service and civic participation on behalf of the president the United
States to recognize volunteers across the nation the hours reflected
here represent the hard work of our students LBCC presents nine additional words to
clubs individuals recognizing outstanding
service projects in service hours now my colleague Miami good evening the second here in our leadership
program develop personalized individual leadership skills through
leadership in San government clubs organizations and service in the
community this involvement includes participation
in our district shared governance process attendance and statewide ASP cabinet
government conferences in assemblies participation as the elected student
voice in the news the cabinet in PCC student council governing bodies participation semester
leadership training retreats and one-on-one mentoring listed my staff
as part of our shared governance process see leaders are elected or appointed
from the is the cabinet and/or PCC student council Tucson district like committees you can
see somebody’s opportunities reflected here finally we produce an annual student leadership
conference held in the fall semester Beverly
o’neil’s d leadership conference is a day-long Institute featuring a morning
mentor mixer workshops keynote speaker and in LBCC
alumni chance for success panel as you see the workshops are developed
with sinn success in mind our data has been consistently positive with evaluations from our spring 2014
conference indicating that 98 percent a student attendees reported they
learned how to be successful leader learn more about the role as a student
leader how to network with campus and community professionals about career options we are particularly
proud of our morning mentor mixer which provides students the opportunity
to network with always the Alumni mommy to elected officials in a variety
of professionals representing a diverse field of career options some feedback from past participants
include the following: I now know how to be productive person
in my community I was able to talk to him into our Human
Services and I was able to get more info on what
I should do with my psych degree I also learned valuable life skills
turned over to my colleague garrick the third tier her leadership program provides
opportunities to further develop and use their leadership skills neener neener community research shows
us that civic engagement and leadership straightens communities individuals or hard work positive skills
and knowledge upheld their participants participation
matters the jump rope a Leadership Institute is
our capstone for applied leadership students will
participate in a seven-month 7 session Institute in which they will
learn about the our city in the Civic opportunities that
which has to offer at the a nerve the Institute the
participants will receive Leadership Institute application for made available on
OrgSync mid-january this year and the application process clothes
Burberry 18 33 applications were cemented re: 33 applications were submitted work twenty-seven students meaning
qualifications and invited for an interview all those twenty seven
twenty students were accepted into the core I would like to
think might be good I mention a justice faculty running car leadership faculty nelson Hall English
arkady my readiness in life coordinator or
sitting along with me on the interview panel on Friday
February 27 we kicked off our Leadership Institute
Midhurst excited that the vast majority density
participants arson is that our new that our new tunes that are need military leadership programs the
two semester program will use the successful leadership for me tomorrow with a focus on mastering the
responsibilities a specific leadership positions exploring and learning
leadership styles be in a community leader in developing
individual leadership and it is exciting to
announce that wants to know the covert will receive a five hundred dollar
scholarship on behalf doctor no power although most have you
already know doctor for power we like to think take this opportunity
to introduce some with those who don’t know before as you can see we have as you can see we have a site in session for plan and
will be only the leadership woman’s model in
which look over it will split into two groups with each group responsible for planning
and implementing a community project the project must be completed by
November session in the fall the sessions were for snow being developed the officer in life will be exploring the
implementation of Coker coach and ships using OrgSync our online database the verifier student MO into permanent leadership programs
are or BCC in a community we anticipate the cooker first transcripts to be mean for forced
detention applying for a chance for scholarships
job interviews and grad school person I very good questions members the board
at this time for terry has trust his ear I I didn’t have a question I just want to
salute you as a former student affairs staff person I actually
I do have one question on and I apply gentle per for offering a
scholarship is this tied to the curriculum in other
words is this replacing the leadership class and will students be on that receive
units for being Africa dissipating no no there’s the leadership class
restored is so it’s still in effect I forget
sharon has trust easier I too wanted to commend you for your
great work I’ve seen it firsthand along with their at the restive us and I
know your work is tireless a thank you so much for all that you do and I’m I just wanted to ask you real quick and
see if I am students know about the scholarships in
particular the scholarship that rusty backs and I have for ESL students and students who and I’ll meet Boxwave requirements emma
is a a way you can broadcast that three yuri
network are you doing that already and and I has there been any and can
traction there 38 and certainly would be interested in that though we actually org think is our
platform that we use for marketing as much as we can from from the college
so we absolutely do that we we try to the more that departments
concerned as the info then we we get it out that began so yes the short answer if I can answer that
also are the scholarship committee is aware I
love are the trustee scholarship and now they’re going to present at rest
easy and I were three candidates in each other two categories and them will make the selection from in and
also an every Tuesday I E and advising over 70
clubs I would like for you to come over in
Tempe gallery speaker try students that’s how we get the information out to our clubs every Tuesday about
scholarships grants Pepsi grant in there all over it cell
path stop by 12 to one in the fishbowl every Tuesday forget other members the board general
thank you very much he was we I know we all had the opportunity to speak I in the morning at the state the
college addressed to this group at the opportunity in a timely and up to
you take questions from students obviously we enjoy as much as they
probably enjoy Askim so thank you for that opportunity and
are doing a great job I’m glad you promoted I’ll say it one more time
seventy clubs at Long Beach City College which is a
tremendous amount work by a lot of people but I am I was like to emphasize as we
try to continually provide student life to our sins here so great job