ok just for observation that’s not what
this document says it’s about the specific questions and that’s why I’m
particularly interested because the data does the deal as the data and I’m
interested in how we can improve that there’s also quite a few citations in
here I know there’s charges but I don’t see it anywhere in the appendices tried
to pull that out but it would be nice and since we’re talking about
transparency and in the spirit of it should provide that to the public while
we post these reports that’s really didn’t know where to find them I 30 you
think is page 15 as a whole bunch of these citations so if you could help me
understand where I could pull those from going on a scavenger hunt right so there
there’s a total of 59 pieces of evidence and what the report required us to do
was to list all of those and to represent them in the narrative as they
appear so that’s what the report is so for the commission we submitted a flash
drive which has i mean you’ve got any one of those documents were multiple
megabytes but we can post mean there’s a variety of reports we should I certainly
don’t have any unless you’ve already provided it to me and it could very well
be operator error on my part and I did but it’s the public has the right to see
that see what we see so if it’s possible to have it posted since residing in this
report we wonderful of course we’ll put it on the accreditations website with
the accreditations report and a lot of these are available in different places
and this was part of the activity of bringing them together but right i mean
it’s pretty voluminous but we’ll put it on the accreditations website in any one
of those that you can look at the way I really appreciate it thank you so much
for a wonderful report any other questions I I would just make the comment that the
first recommendation said the team recommends that the college address
communication problems increase transparency and trust and I know that
what we’ve done since that report is adopted trustee goal with regard to
communications that we did extensive communications study in spent a lot of
money and doing interviews with people on campus and off campus and as a result
of that we developed a communication plan which we are in the process of
implementing it was a committee that was formed to do that there was a report
that was done to the board and I think March or April of last year we then had
a special committee of the board that was about communications and we were
gonna communication report that was adopted just this last january and and
we we developed and implemented the lead Academy and I don’t think there’s
anybody here that would say that that was a bad idea or that they’ve can be
that they didn’t get a chance to communicate what they thought or how
they were they’ve been very enthusiastic and I
think that’s improved transparency and trust and communication here on this
campus since the credit issue report came out so I think all of those things
need to be acknowledged technical in some ways and we need to be very
specific and how it is that we we respond to the accreditations and you
know when they’re high irony in all of this is that we are responding to the
ACC Jaycee that is sorry buddy at this time and right now the state is
recommending that we look very carefully at whether the ACC Jaycee should
continue as our creditors and so it reminds me of that newsreel I saw last
week where two high school football caves players took it upon themselves to
to tackle the referee and it’s like attacked either the fundamentals of how
it’s done and so we’re going to get this information out to them we’ve gotten it
out to them as we are required to do but things on accreditations Friday are up
in the air and I would commend you on your report I think that I’m sure that
if we would have had a request before tonight to put up those two to have
those things available for those for the board we could have had those here
tonight there’s no effort to keep this information away so if there are any
idea if there aren’t any other reports I was just going to say thank you very
much for putting this report out that you worry
of 2015 of course we got the original report from the Accreditation Commission
and as president Otto mentioned they’re actually board of governors in dealing
with that even today there were taking a vote on what direction for the
accreditation is going to look like in the future but I just I want to
complement the latest you’re working all this but somebody sent me a long time
ago that the community college system there is a process for everything that
is so true and we’re probably one of the most as far as in higher education in
particular and what that means because it sounds good about what we have a
process but it takes people to do it so as was mentioned earlier the entire
accreditation process if you look at it gets down into program reviews and then
you get into faculty members deems department chairs they’re all working
and so even though accreditation this is a six-year cycle this report essentially
its closure to the questions they asked last february it was an extremely poor
but I remember talking to people that I have great respect for what they looked
at report last year and they thought that was a horrible report what they
said I had to remind them that in the community and the community college
system we’re always self evaluating and even if we’re doing things extremely
well we want to do better and so it’s tough for some people outside the system
to understand that so I thanks not only to you and all the people that worked on
this and that that was all the way down on into the fact the ranks and everyone
all the way back up constantly is doing the reporting and we deal with it even
though yes I mentioned in the kitchen cycle every six years programs user and you will you have this
student success scorecard and everything we do now is really its factory evidence
data driven and even though some people say well I think we should do this if
they don’t have the data to support that with all the regulatory issues we deal
with it doesn’t happen so is really interesting process and again just like
thanks to everyone that put the effort in and signature blocks on there I know
when the original one is a reason why we have those individuals on the signature
black because I remember on the original source stories in Bmore signature blocks
but only one missing signature on this time through was there any reason the
those individuals were on there was a requirement as well and it had a great
cross section of our of our college community so job well done and as you
finish it constructed next accreditation process
and that’s why it works so charging I’m sorry because I said people are doing
those reports and so when people talk about what we do here at the college
it’s beyond just unfortunately they asked us to do a lot
of things that just aren’t right in the classroom they take time away from the
classroom to do things like this for all the right reasons but it’s time it’s
people that’s always a challenge so that’s why I’m always very appreciative
of people’s effort they do on these things job I to echo the sentiments that have
already been shared I know what labor intensive projects is anytime we do
accreditations work so thank you for all the work that has been done and I know
that this involves everyone across campus so it’s not just one or two
individuals doing it it’s it’s a whole team of you know faculty and staff and
management that is involved so thank you all for this excellent work and I would
be remiss if I didn’t remind all the trustees that one of the things it was
recommended in our communications report was that their trustees all have Long
Beach City College email accounts so that people can communicate directly
with them and they can communicate on college business with the community at
large and they are now available Jenny baxter’s has her set up but the
rest of us don’t but there was a memo that went out on the 14th tells us all
how to do that and the first thing that our board secretary said to us said to
me when I came in today was why haven’t you signed up for your email again and I
will do that right away another recommendation alright reports 8.1
Academic Senate President have a report to thank you president Otto foresight 10
just say how nice it is to see so many of my faculty colleagues in the audience
tonight thank you for being here I get the opportunity to talk about the good
work that you’re doing at each of these board meetings have got you actually
here tonight so I can you can hear some of what I say so thank you and I hope to
see you at a lot more board meetings so I wouldn’t say that the faculty had a
really successful flex day last week and our faculty professional development
teamed up with our student equity committee and planned today called get
on board with equity where we had faculty who are engaged in equity
projects talk about their projects we had outside speaker come in and the
overwhelming consensus was from the participants that day that the
conversation was elevated that it was courageous and that we all learned a lot
about what we need to do with our curriculum and in our classrooms to
elevate equity at Long Beach City College so I want to thank Jerry
Florence our faculty professional development coordinator as well as Sean
Hagan our student equity co-chair for the amount of work that they put into
our faculty flux say secondly I want to say the Marriott Marquis instructor in our history department has
been for the last few years conducting know your colleagues series on campus
and last week she conducted a know your colleagues and get to know your deans
and it was highly successful and on Thursday she is conducting a know your
vice president and chief highlighting the two wonderful women I’m sitting next
to appear dr. Terry along and ruined by name and thats Thursday from 12 to one
sponsored by one of our faculty members with a grant from the foundation I’m
sorry judy is not here to hear me say that but she did get a grant from the
foundation to be able to sponsor those events and then I went to think the
faculty involved in the presentations tonight tre hotel and making complaints Keith
sorry and for the work that they’re doing on behalf of the faculty in the
classroom that will enhance how we engage our students they’re doing
wonderful work and its tireless work i mean they’re meeting on Fridays and
Saturdays and she’s been doing this sort of on her own to get faculty engaged and
she’s getting support now from several different areas had as she mentioned a wonderful
presentation at flex day by bringing in speakers and having trained seventy
faculty introduced the concept of seventy faculty because the training for
this cognitive apprenticeship is very intense gives me intense and also I want
to say that the faculty are actively engaged in in the spring it tiring and
thank goodness we get to higher so we’re hiring 25 new faculty but that means
that there’s about a hundred and fifty faculty engaged in the hiring process
either as CEO reps or on the on their disciplines hiring committee as well as
many faculty you’re working on administrative hiring committee so
faculty are actively engaged outside the classroom doing that kind of work and
then finally I would like to let the board know that the senate the Academic
Senate voted unanimously 100% last Friday to endorse the board I’m sorry
the bar and probably the board too but but the bond being placed on the june
7th ballot so overwhelmingly support the college moving forward in that direction next a point to superintendent president
thank you board president Otto I just have a few highlights first of all there
are several recognitions in the report to the board that song the chair and we
had some wonderful student stories come up recently so I feel free to read about
those out someone take the time to congratulate dr. Lynne Shaw who was
named advocate of the Year by the Faculty Association of California
Community Colleges obviously a dog show is on sabbatical but she’s tremendously
hard worker and represents a career technical education faculty wonderfully
up and down the state so I just wanted to congratulate her and thank her for
all of her efforts in how well she represents Long Beach City College and then I wanted to recognize a couple
of students who is running around here oh there she is sitting over there she’s
probably just recovering but Denise Jones we dragged with us to the first
lady’s reach higher event at the white house so I want to thank her for
dragging herself to washington D C and taking lots of photos at the event and
doing lots of interviews so you made us all very proud you were the only student
reporter in that room so thank you for being there and thank you for doing
making that effort we also highlighted two former students can Anderson and
Dominique who just did a wonderful job of communicating the value of their
experience at Long Beach City College in Long Beach Unified and at Cal State Long
Beach so it really made me proud and I know it made all of you proud the way
that they represented the work that our faculty staff and our community in Long
Beach have done for them it was they were definitely the hit of the show the
entire show and got many many things from the administration for the fact
that we brought all three of these individuals with us to Dec so thank you
denise look forward to the Viking edition and lastly the day before the college
was invited to participate in a roundtable with the administration staff
to talk about America’s college promise proposal although I couldn’t go we are
represented well by trustee auto won’t steal his thunder of them talked about
the event but Long Beach was very well represented in washingtonDC last week so
that’s all I have students faculty initiation things like that and that’s
something that says he’s become has been lowered leaning forward to as well I’d
like to formally invite you guys to our first ever AZ town hall which will be
held on May 10th and 11th May 10th were hoping to have it at the Pacific Coast
campus and may eleventh would be at the liberal arts campus we’re kind of making
it towards a town hall where students can feel comfortable and talk to us and
express their concerns about the college and what they like about the caller so
we can know what to fix for the years coming and it’s really exciting we’re
really excited to have that myself in RAC president I’ll be ordering that
sounds really exciting there something else I we wanted to talk about as
student leaders is making sure that students have a voice at every table and
making sure that their voices heard something that we’ve been really looking
into is just the California Energy Commission something specifically would
be a be 2766 which if you guys don’t know the California Student Aid
Commission is basically governing body that disseminates all financial aid to
the institutions of higher education here in California said the UCCS use all
the community colleges private nonprofits currently that organization
only allows two seasons on there so it’s unfortunate that the two students that
have to literally compete with different students from different solutions
sometimes are literally left out of discussions because if we as a community
college don’t have a representative on their voice really being heard said
something that baby 2766 is hoping to change it would
change the number of students on that board from two students 24 students that
would be when seen from the UC once again the CSU when seen from community
college and when seen from profit non profit so exciting there and just a
heads up the board of governors they currently have two students one is a
voting member his name’s Andrew Campbell in the second is a non-voting member
Hassan Khan one member is their seat is going to be vacated soon so that
position is opening up for any students interested in it it’s a really awesome
opportunity it’s it’s just a wide governing body of all community colleges
to the Board of Governors definitely needs to represent representation on
there so many of you faculty members or staff members know any awesome students
planning to be in the SI system for the next year to definitely send them our
way so we can get the more information how they can apply thanks very much Board of Trustees trustee Baxter had to
go to an event in Lakewood that’s why she left a little early it was on
Community College business and so she thought it was important that she do
that given where we were in the agenda I’m gonna have to rest easy give her first student trustees report
thank you I love getting mistaken for a student makes me feel young I have no
reports Cristiano trustee or to let him I too have no report again
congratulations to our student for me in central wonderful ambassador and to us’
well president Otto for our representatives representing US and EC
as well christie’s catalogue I just may times we get items that are you find
these receptors internally and there was one item where it was a magazine I
believe I’m going to ruin whoever was the Hispanic institutions we were named
as one of the top in that area as well some other ones as well I think we’re
number 16 on the top 25 it’s it’s great to see those things that comes across
because obviously elected officials we take credit for everything that we had
nothing to do with many times but that bodes very well for the college and all
the evidence going on in that same day another thing that they had no credit
for whatsoever but it’s very interesting when people contact you about the
College of things you would never think they would contact you about and that is
when people would contact me and say did you see that when your students on the
voice and of course I merely check with everyone else my family go yeah she’s
teamed up with her now and she doing quite well and you know Katie Peters I’m moving quick
but it just is great to see student representation and the cars being viewed
that way and I don’t know how she’s doing in the competition she got through
the next round but it’s great because they actually filmed here at the college
and that’s what I did see that they were showing photographs and the college that
great so good job everybody and congratulations on those awards and
recognitions and that’s all I have at this time thank you thank you and I will
be very brief to tell you a little bit about going to washington D C as you
know when Long Beach started the Long Beach college promise it was to create
an expectation of going to college for students and their families in the
greater Long Beach community was almost 10 years ago now it’s not only been a
success in Long Beach but it has been noted noted at the state level and at
the national level and we like to think that it was the inspiration for
President Obama’s decision to try and do a national college promise and make
college community college tuition free so that we can have our students succeed
more and because Long Beach was out in front and California was out in front of
people that are gearing up to promote that campaign across the country wanted
representatives from California to come to the white house and talk about how we
do it what you know why it is it’s been so successful and I mean I’m also the
incoming president of the Community College League of California June and so that was another reason why
the league also asked me to see if I could go as well was a great experience we met first
collectively as a group for a lunch of you not at the white house but then we
went to the White House to have this meeting and we were told by Roberto
Rodriguez who is the special assistant to the President for higher education
that California led the way and that we were the most well-thought-out organized
and we’re doing the most for this idea free college to college tuition for
everyone in the united states that they had had meetings with a number of other
states that were trying to get things done there’s a state that I will not
name but that they said they came in and they said it’s not about students you
need to give us more money for our institutions we can do things but they
said no you in California have got it right that this is really all about the
students and what you’re trying to do is to make students succeed in your
adopting policies and you understand how that happened so it was a great
opportunity to rub shoulders with people not only across California doing this
work but nationally and then in the white house and they’re very
enthusiastic about what we are and what we do and so it was an honor to be able
to participate in to those that concludes my remarks we do not have any
trustee committee reports that I know of that we’re doing now so 8.5 has nothing
to do so we move on to number nine reports from a bargain associations 9.1
is EFT bargaining President I don’t see him here tonight we go to 9.2 which is
the child bargaining president Karen you’re here earlier that evening president broke
away and auto and recently a full-time faculty members sent an email to all
faculty with a picture describing equity I thought this was a really really good
visual imagine three people of varying heights trying to look over the same and
equity is providing the appropriate size bought accommodating for the variety of
heights each has to think their view over the fence and I think this is what
we try to provide for students and I think this is what we asked for faculty
especially part-time faculty you you might wonder why bring this up now given
that we recently ratified a very hard earned contract I would say over two and
a half years we’ve been able to bargain almost 10% and we of course were behind
you know really low on the list and so this really did boosters that but the
reason why bring up equity is because for the most part part-time faculty will see this as it
gained but there’s a small group of part-time faculty for that this is not a
game so if you recall in 2010 part-time faculty librarians counselors and those
teaching non-credit classes to go fifteen percent pay cut that fifteen
percent pay cut has not been restored and so for those part-time faculty we
can’t really call this game you know he’d use the Red Queen hypothesis right
now as you know in the story of Alice in Wonderland Alice follows the Red Queen
who runs faster and faster Alice runs after the Red Queen of but is further
protects define that neither seem to be moving when they stop running there in
exactly the same place callous remarks on this to which the Red
Queen response now here you see it takes all the running you can do to
keep in the same place you want to get somewhere else you must run at least
twice as fast as that and so I think it’s really important that we take this
into consideration when we’re talking about true gains for part-time faculty
because they’re very much still like chess pieces at this college there moved
around based on need determined by someone somewhere and as president of
child I see it as my responsibility to try to provide equity and bring some
stabilization at least try to bring some stabilization to this this group of
employees you know this student success report that was given two nite shed
light on some challenges that we face trying to help remedial students I read
that report last night and I was hoping they would show the whole report because
at the end of that report there’s some very interesting questions and some very
tough questions that I think to be asked I i would think that the district would
want all faculty invested in student success but you know part-time faculty
which numbers anywhere from 600 to 700 depending on the semester work under
very unstable condition we child we’ve created a database that we track the
comings and goings a part-time faculty for four years I call it comings and
goings some people like to call it the revolving door sensually what it is you
know our database shows that we have a turnover rate of about 50% of part-time
faculty in the last three years and now it is a little bit surprising to me
because we hear so often from this college what you don’t maybe higher
rights because we keep rehiring the same part-time faculty I don’t think that’s
necessarily true every semester even this semester I’m contacted by part-time
faculty who are poor puzzled why were they not giving classes even though
their evaluations were satisfactory clearly they can be bumped by full-time
faculty it’s very demoralizing for them
especially the ones who have been here for a long time to be bumped by a new
part-time faculty the only answer I have for them is this we do not have a higher
right you know last year maybe ten 10 was rehired rights bill introduced by
Jose Medina and it failed at the end of the legislative process Jose Medina has authored a new bill ABC
1690 which is a bill about rehire rights and it has just begun the legislative
process next week I’m going to be sending you to view the resolution that
I would hope the board would adopt to approve this this fight for our rehire
right you know the classroom conditions under which students learn those are the
same conditions under which we teach full-time faculty and part-time faculty
are working conditions affect student learning and I think it’s very important
that we stabilize this work force you put a lot of resources towards Student
Success programs let’s put the money toward stabilizing this workforce rehire
rite aid office hours we’re talking about numbers of 600 part-time faculty
house to make an impact on student success so as long as I’m President I
will continue to work for this part time faculty unit and thank you for listening president we’ve seen for years and I i
know that we’ve talked a lot about communication and trust and we hope that
you’re hearing and that you understand that our faculty are behind our
negotiating team and what they’re asking for at the table I’m holding the sign
here of a equity and so if we need some education about what that means in our
contract it states that we are we can do a compra Bowl analysis too I think it’s
ten other colleges to see how we fare in terms of our salary schedule and we
fared pretty well actually for entry level people with the Masters people
with ADHD and everything in between there where we really drop off though
we’re really falling behind in pay equity is the longer our faculty are
here the less well we fare were like really towards the bottom and I think
that a lot of faculty came out tonight to ask you to hear us and I have to go
right now I think you for putting me on the agenda i continue to ask to be
earlier on the agenda on my mom of two small children and I can’t really stay
past seven o’clock and I am tonight because I have childcare so again thank
you for putting me here I just asked to be a little earlier on the agenda thanks
so much opportunity for board members to request
for public comment on on agenda items we have one ray Sumner special-interest
groups should be up to you I am a member respect toward college and i felt
compelled to use to spend huge knife to express my reaction to an allegation
made by President Oakley in february of 2016 where he used the public media he
was compelled to use the public media to denounce this college has a special
interest group which threatens him and forces him to protect the work that has
been done at LBCC by himself on the board daily yearly programs president our
employment and realized by the employees at this college faculty and I am one of
them although I speak as an individual tonight my concern as I need you baby
has always been student succeeds and the concomitant of maintaining and enhancing
the reputation of this college my personal morals would never allow me to
act in an end to the detriment of the college and so I have been publicly mister represented
as a person who would wish to harm the college in a long life in education and
in other employment in the public service I’ve never been publicly malign
administrator or person in a senior position so I was astonished dismayed to
see this indictment who is regarded as a strong leader who resorted to the public
media to live and let me an accusation which is unjust and untrue the next regularly scheduled meeting of
the Board of Trustees will be held on April 26 the liberal arts campus
building TV room 1100 closed session at four o’clock open session at five
o’clock in a motion to adjourn