good afternoon I’d like to reconvene are
open session Long Beach Community College Board of
Trustees for March 24th 2015 called to order at this time for 12
please stand I’m going to ask trustee Archuleta you
please leaders in the Pledge of Allegiance if they have
one please stand would one nation up am sector key please call the roll the
Board of Trustees for March 11 I sent Virginia Baxter air Jeff Kellogg here delgado air Sen easy a here and student rusty Roscoe present
report out on closed session the board is approved in closed session
the termination employee ID number 000 22 16 as the only item that was dealt with during closed
session the first item businesses 2.5 approval the minutes for army Dean I love so moved much my trusty Azia second can second by I will slow down the trustee Archuleta hole are the board means by the Board minutes from
the Mina Mar 10 2015 a Semitic am sector whenever you’re ready please let me know system to come up ago okay armor Arcilla rule 0 here army jump skills back but there are I’m sorry there is a motion a sec
another for much my trust easy a sec my trusty Archuleta to the approve the
minutes March 10 2015 am secretary P please call
the roll for the PRU the minutes for March 11 I Virginia Baxter I Jeff Kellogg I that are okay it’s an easy a II 2.5 is approved that objection and 2.6 this introduction special
announcements so in 10 present ok they do we have any
at this time yes have a couple I am for civil as is our
custom I want to recognize an individual who’s
leaving the district and who is opted to retire I am although I don’t believe he’s here today
mister Albert barnum is custodians been with us since 2000 service for over 14 years just want to congratulate him his
retirement in ask everybody to give him around applause for all the surface second I do wanna make an announcement before gets much later in the agenda and
we lose folks I am a you know every year we we have folks who who joined the
collagen leave the college and a.m. a we have an individual who is leaving
us who came to us is a a young administrator made it great
impact on this college in like all other children eventually they
grow up in it’s time for them to leave I am and I’m a Cindy this could chill has been
appointed the vice-chancellor of human resources
for the Coast Community College District so I want to congratulate her thinker for all over service to this
college she is done tremendous work not just in
human resources but also urges always been active been a
huge supporter athletics trying to get everybody out to
the games and just being a true biking all around
so Cindy thank you for all of your service you
will be missed you won’t be too far away at you’re
always welcome come back to the games so graduation thank you man congratulations and a and 2.7 his record in the agenda this is items
that we need to move I’ve not heard any items wish to the
from the current agenda hearing at this point I’m
so there will be new no need for reordering at the gym it
this time and two point is he is be present report misinformation item only ish I don’t see I am perhaps we can reorder the agenda and it it if she shows up please just let me
know on I will police and for this information
only so we can do it at any time I next time is 2.9
this is a public comment on agenda items a total or three minutes while calculate
reach speaker with a maximum of twenty minutes I have the nine speakers so I am going to ask that the speakers and if we can’t do
this please tell me I’m secretary but nine speakers three
minutes we’ve exceeded the theory that 20
minutes so if I can ask each speaker did take two minutes to address the board be much appreciated
this again is on agenda items I only so I will begin
with and is that appropriate madam secretary
can we do that show two minutes appear I it’ll be two minutes n that’s acceptable
so will begin with sandy fry followed by kathy ryan and then Karen Roberts for
the first three speakers so send me your up good evening I’m addressing money fourteen-point
pre-primary H nearly 700 part-time expected on big-city all and the best
have paid Oct our students need help outside the
classroom well but we tell them that they’re out a lot
that our college doesn’t value respected part-time instructors up say
despite any work outside the classroom we can afford
to work free not have to go help get help
tomorrow although I recommend using the
multidisciplinary standard it help writing assignment must my I’ll as wanna Mike Napoli I have a student
from well area at the purple with writing
assignment with being second with he had a class with my full I’m poly you get that extra help outside
last its back so why shouldn’t I be able to copy him
the same opportunity up become more proficient be opted just like my book I’m here are we
holding occasional welfare primary I guess I
only have seconds left so ask the bottom last but not least be will be compensated respected are we you
art students I don’t Cape carrying last I K in the past might not a parade test
meeting with art you for now last email I don’t Cape maybe even happy
development and being recognized equal are I’m Ali having topped 30 so we don’t have to keep our fingers
crossed ap I’m next semester is the norm I
wonderful would it be to work bringing Bowl at asiana well Albert thank you
sandy its ready force we have president Oakley and testes might are kinda
parallels with are for payment our tax payment arm I did not II didn’t attend last month’s
meeting but I did listen to it on you too for too
long I think the residents have set by I mean that those in charge you for money spent without
questions we do not know the process have been ministering are supervising projects are the people
in charge of these projects are prudent overseers large sums of
money is no one that the cost for bond doubles
before the project is completed when a multitude of people get involved
in the next there’s always a chance that things become very complicated even good people can easily turn their
heads in boost use me approved deals their little
shady are give the appearance that budget is
balanced what I didn’t like about the last meeting was a dismissive attitude some trustees
had about the questions being asked in the disdain basie do with their
exhibit towards misia who was asking questions and very viable questions similar trustee needn’t
trustees seems to feel that by asking questions there impugning she is impugning their character even if
that was so sometimes it is necessary to go above and beyond to get the answers in order to safeguard people’s money the
people voted for by on measures to finance many projects at the college
their own for those who may have trust you know man
our money she more than happy to answer the questions and not worry about you just use me meeting after all they chose to be here if it appears that
a member the trustees as signal out it appears that a member the trustees a
single outside easier to embarrass her badge and Ising an item to drink bring before the Board of
Trustees any approve many improprieties about how she is down acting at the meetings are if she is
abiding by the rules if this is an attempt to silence sunny I object to this style politics hit you I’m take your time expired at cue XP Kors Karen Roberts followed by Lori
Ballen good evening according to administrative regulations
on the board of trustees coated ethics standards the practice board member shell study the mission at
Long Beach City College in faithfully conform to it thereby creatively serving as ever
changing community the mission statement includes valuing
encouraging a civil unethical campus environment civil as befitting all about fun campus
enter into relationships with one another ethical as in principle that morality
pertaining to right and wrong conduct morals as you know carry with them
obligations a course the obligation to act with
integrity and be responsible to the campus community is being modeled for you by trust easier according to the mission statement a
Equity and Diversity are valued at LBCC but my question is best how can LBCC promote equitable learn
student learning and achievement when the working conditions are the largest
employer group the part-time faculty are unstable and unpredictable the average hourly pay for part time
faculty is the lowest of all surrounding public colleges the students deserve
better they deserve to be learning from
competitively paid part-time faculty who have employment stability rehire rights for example enables
faculty to develop mentoring relationships with students that support
their educational careers you can justify your behavior by citing
economic factors but you become addicted to low-cost
labor further that you engage in such
practices creates an unethical campus environment stop viewing it as a cheap labor source
that mechanically feeds the bottom line profit margin we are human beings part-time faculty
are a viable organic system that brings true value to
all aspects of his college especially to students a challenge you to examine more closely
the values that the mission statement and treat us as such very bolan and again ladies and gentlemen this is
poor Consent Calendar items items that we happy for us labor negotiations is not before us that
say non agenda item so please respectful
we’re trying to do here as well me on this computer 4.2 said there you have two items yes so I startin’ see what you get through on
this too so I don’t get a separate yet second let’s get through because the
clock is run and see how good you are at this time well home thank you a I have an idea for place Treasure Isle be goes to Sacramento whose meaning and
would like him to do is go there in know that we are very proud bill the city with board member president hello policy in
el their border just the dedicated to ensuring their each construction project is delivered on
time on budget and would like to thank museum
for bringing that up however you run into some usually is
that whereas president bill made this policy
announcement I in my research was not he will mind the board or the stair and never
approved a such a policy a one-time on budget but if we have it we will be adopting a private sector
financial control no be very good for this college and I
think that a by expression oil good share their with his colleagues another trustees showing that we were me here can’t win don’t need years but you leave
it to you DUP these kind of financial control and
their caption my understanding I’ll give
president bill a chance to at deal with this conundrum with regard
to you weird only will we do have his
announcement honey press release with regard not not like this Larry very considering that
you took an item that had to do a CC CT elections and that’s why trustee on its
going to Sacramento that’s what you had on their and the
item you are referring to is not on the agenda two were gonna move on to the next
speaker thank you XP Christian a hun part by and angle good evening I have their few questions
and comments on edge in item 4.3 an my first question is is this
discussion action item in regards to the entire board and n reading the Board regulations 2014 point 8 eighty it states the board has
the responsibility to very good responsibility for monetary in at the board and I take
that to mean the entire board recent Press Telegram articles quoted board members making
this parting comments about rest easy a and the articles disturbed faculty and
staff as we did not find the comments to be
professional civil or ethical and as I read this
discussion action I am and it doesn’t seem like it’s an
alignment with the Board regulations in 2014 ID telling the process to take if in
fact there are ethics violations and that are thought to have occurred
namely the first step this not Intel taking legal action which today’s agenda item 4.3 States so I just had questions about
that and then lastly I wanted thinks uneasy a fortress easier for her consistent
presence and willingness to listen to the concerns serve students
employees and constituents have the district which
is following regulation 2014 point2 E her efforts to achieve transparency are
also admired by campus and community constituents as she
consistently keeps her attention to advocating for students as
her primary concern as they did in regulation 2014 .3 thank you thank you an angle and I’m sorry I jump past him as an FBI
calendar purposely counts able will follow an mid-evening members at
the board president Oakley administration and guests my name’s any
angle I’m a concerned member the classified staff
at Long Beach City College first I wanna thank you the
administration for reinstating the ability for classified staff the whole teaching assignments to those
that have the desire and ability is to teach the supplement to their incomes
credible I was a great blow when it was taken
away I know are classified appreciate that the option has returned tonight I
also want to ask the board to consider changing the time limits for
public comment in the past speakers had five minutes to its best to comment or
opinion giving the ability to thoroughly develop
an idea it is it also led to a feeling that the board
was interested in what the public had to say since the finality in the program
discontinuance we don’t have the same numbers have speakers that led to the limiting comments even
four minutes would be helpful if the board is really concerned about
hearing and listening to what the community has to say to this
district finely I want to let the board an
administration know how disturbing it is to see agenda item 4.3 this call for an
investigation of conduct a board member which many believe the Sun easier is an intimidation strategy we have seen
it before this campus I have heard her call for
transparency I have seen her working directly with
the students at the PCC campus she was one of two board members that
met with faculty and staff to better understand the issues of communication and morality this
district as a Long Beach resident and taxpayer I stand behind Sony’s efforts thank you
for listening thank you Caroline sale must be able say same you way back when fall by I Katherine Jenkins evenings different
plan and present nothing I think a lot in March FB men and no
stable I’m a number promised Newport is better
a memorable army the parliament I Anna member along which
the college part time faculty and speaking to date of birth one abort espy’s in a pack acting only in the best interest the entire
community Muni stop playing because the port st. is not being apart by faculty and
students with me long-missing posted overstepping because they’re not supply with the time and a place to me are
their inspectors as you understand this testing opposite
hours for adjunct faculty to Disney time after instructors
question they cannot asking class or feel
unthinkable asking lap as a are part-time faculty
member I travel 3 different projects one being
serious pollitt three squads offers all part-time
faculty the opportunity to participate in paid office hours why
doesn’t want to take part p.m. opportunity why Islamist a park
making their even upper your job as a leader this poll is to give every student the
opportunity 260 why are you not doing that another area where the porch St is not
acting in the best interest a bikini its theory fire right apartment back
with me your part-time faculty do not know if and when start if in where they are
working at my mistake party matter and this take it all apartment
faculty members and their students I just back in Houston last night and he
was not sure what happened faculty member he was going to be
getting in his past this master I picked up a pass in the end against
master is very pleased with the Wii at that he has noticed that all about of
this a step on it it believes me thank care Kathleen Jennings followed by the last speaker will be Joseph rose wall we are a speaker good
evening first time I say thank you very much for
the wonderful new outsmart rooms and offices at PCC I have
to say that this semester has been an absolute delight everything seems to work the officers
are great I have a new computer to go with my new
office and they have left they have forgotten and left me a
printer that was about five years old it didn’t work I called them in 24 hours I had my new
printer so I have just been to inhabit and it’s
just the students are happy it’s making teaching just almost I want the almost effort but I did have
some other things that I came here to talk about and I my you know and the time it really
isn’t right because three minutes was not enough okay I have not met in this is Ryan
regards to thing I have not made public official with as much passion intelligent and
integrity as the I would like to take this I’m opportunity to thank for for her and
selfish dedication to Long Beach City College as
you can see tonight the faculty staff and student really your this press the and really
see effort that she is putting in to make
this a better pollitt just rest easy has taken office she has are taken on it unwavering passion and
integrity towards college issues always with the best interests of
the entire community not just the college day miss the earth %uh open-door policy open phone policy
she gets back to you with the tax or home all within 24 hours has been
heartening it was trustees ears idea to hold open lunch forums with faculty staff and
students after one such meeting at PCC I ran into a staff member who who stopped me and said that she had never had the opportunity
to meet yet conclude your comments please sir your microphones of told we’re going to we have 20 minutes
for the items we’re gonna move on to the next speaker
K thank you its the the next speaker is Joseph rose wall please I’m just a slight over orkut or similar four-point re which one I done now below my name is the Joseph rosenwald Ian on I E who was be part at the meeting we’re on president Kellogg said the attorney Spencer covert
was nodding his head mom in the to go into executive session it was part
6 23rd minute 24 seconds I really think you need a parliamentarian here mom to it be sure that robert’s Rules orders are
being followed mom on the Community College legal
California on it’s a million-dollar organization I think we should be proud of that to
stro represent us but I’m why he is Mark Taylor on the roster on the is I’m money Advisory Committee for legislation why is he still there he
works with the city no in on they have been brought here the roster decayed arm that the cell reserved pretty horny Scott Lee is not only on on this board
but he said he a lobbyist mom I tried to find out more
about this organization but the 990 forms were only available up to picture 2 2010 I think we need some transparency I like
to see anyone who goes up there to insure
report I’ve what I’m transpired here I think that’s very important in I don’t
know where to find a report about it or with the topics
were it just did not lend itself to that make
you think allowing me to speak thank you all
right that consider public comment on the agenda
items when I moved to present I’m sorry we’re going to step back because I
notice you walk in and I would like to have the at this
time the ASB president report she’s informational I am good evening superintendent president
Oakley board president now logged in members that the board in the next couple months the A’s he
will re will be recruiting for the next better city leaders for about 20 15
spring 2016 and this means I will be wrapping up my
term here at Long Beach City College but I still have so much to accomplish
before first before I move on it’s important to me that we pick we
progress as leaders and as the team this is our
continued philosophy as we source feature leadership incident representation all
applications for appointed positions and elected positions were open march
thirtieth enter do April 27 this week the AC
cabinet voted to survey the student on enforcement options at the current smoking tobacco
use policy and we currently assessing is due to
concerns regarding services tonight students as we
continually get there information we’re hoping that as a team
we can come up with feasible solutions for teachers didn’t in closing from here on out during my
report I’d like to give club the opportunity to
personally addressed the board and their about their accomplishments
events and personal stories this should this addition to my report
will expose the spectrum student interest on campus and hopefully give
you our more insight into who student at LBCC a
real really are thank you thank you when now move
forward countries and patience I don’t replant
ones at Long Beach Calif college promise update and obviously
many people realize but this is a a recognize locally and nationally as a
best practice model has created a unique partnership between
Long Beach Unified School District Long Beach City College in Cassie University
Long Beach and the City Long Beach now focusing on
increasing local student success access to college persist in certain
certificates and degrees completions and transfer so at this time cuz okay
I’ll turn it to you with and you can probably interviews
doctor peterson yes think you poor president kellogg and as a.m. many red on Friday Long Beach City College
along with a.m. Cal State university-long Beach
Long Beach Unified School District in now the city of Long Beach were
recognized I’ll with the top-tier innovation award from the governor’s office com it was I am a great day for Long Beach the Long Beach a.m. award
application was the highest scored and them a the college promise who will be
receiving innovation prize a five million dollars to further
the work that we’ve been doing amongst the now for institutions so