or I am I think all of us in this room
regardless love where we come from what our
thoughts are I am about a this board meeting should take the time to congratulate themselves
for the work that you all do and supportive this region in support of
our students from universal pre-k to all the way to a graduate degree at Cal
State Long Beach I’m it was a.m. even better news because on Friday after I got back from
sacramento I have a daughter Long Beach Unified in
the sixth grade I got a call and I don’t know if there’s any other
middle school parents in this room but to I got a call from Long Beach Unified
School District reminding me to sign the college promise pledge for my
daughter so it worse really great day for the Long
Beach college promised only win the prize but I was reminded by super intense Steinhauser that I need to
sign my parents college pledge so with that as part of the agenda we’re
bringing items that focus on the Student Success
programs that we have in a Daz doctor peters into percent on where
we’re at with the college promise and where we go from here so with that I will turn it over to
doctor pearson thank you very much and excited said
give a brief update on the work line because promise
am I’ll get must the presentation but I
very much share this responsibility that my counterpart doctor carry along and they’ll get real-time at the end to
speak about her work and representing us at the Innovation
Showcase that occurred recently that Long Beach college promise and is significant in the work that we
do and just the size complexity and
diversity of our institutions release because a model that that only
serves locally Picasa conserve the state nationally which is very significant at tonight I
wanna talk a little bit about the work we’ve done at the barriers we
have been addressing since 2002 the Long Beach cars promise the successes that we’ve seen so far and
then the work that we put together as we wrote our proposal
after the Innovation Award as a movie forward as we looked at the
work across three institutions am or theft I passed seven years we look
at barriers they’re really stood out for students at
the first one was unclear pathways across the three institutional sectors
from moving from K-twelve community college and university and the second was limited target as
supports for students in their progression to this through
those institutions and then lengthy remediation sequences
of it occurring with am issues with articulation and gaps
between the institutions when we look at the success we had a
really fell into these four primary areas and I walked through some examples
between I think eat if these so within system alignment language if I kissed a lot of work in
our to ensure that more students are CSU eligible when their crap graduating cell increase
in for a2g courses that are offered at through are long which cost promise
scholarship and and are annual factly supposedly been
holding to really encourage and faster
conversations with faculty across the three institutions we’ve seen great success is in alignment am we’ve also seen in our conversations
with our fourth great or surface great wars as we typically have over 600 fourth
graders on our campus each year and then despite at their that competition to get intake %uh State
Long Beach they have maintained their local admission preference and which is
a a huge commitment introducing
remediation let me see if I has worked with us to
change their high school graduation requirement for years to all the students are taking for years
math am are multiple measures assessment tool
has helped us increase number of students who are completing transfer level English Math within their
first year and then Cal State Long Beach said something
similar with their the EWR see the expository writing rhetoric and
composition course which again is it as a way for students
to complete remedial work in their senior year to be
eligible at to step in college ready at the
university level in strengthening career pathways we’ve really build upon the work along
Beach Unified in their league learning models and all other high schools arms of her
house cause our wall to wall smiling me which means are their students are
engaged and am in critical education rigorous academic
environment we have built I’m on those relationships
in creating pathways articulated pathways and some of our career at transfer acrid technical education
areas as well as in be able to recently picker a career
path least ask grant as well as long as unified and then
castle on which is really supported this work through happen really infusing linked
learning in the teacher education programs and finally an XR in time to completion have Kauai lunch if I has made a
concerted effort to increase the number Advanced Placement AP courses to incur increase in average
citizens who are completing cause level coursework in high school we have are adopting a associate research chance for ATT’s am begin to build clear pathways for
students to move more quickly through to the University and have to our beach pathways which is
a cream for students who had previously met admissions criteria for cast in Long
Beach can come to us for three semesters in be guaranteed transfer inch cast in Long Beach and then finally castle and it is still at work in their
highly valued degree an initiative really focus enough on it
by a scene in creating structure for students and
in in their major specific admissions which has helped our students in and better identifying well course work
they need to take your to move into the majors once they transfer and as had as we metaphors prison oakley is mentioned before this work has been
recognized as an ally at the state level for us a nationally and by the way AZT White House Domestic
Policy Council sour we’ve gotten a lot of attention for their relationship that we’ve been
able to build between the three institutions so the question becomes what next and as we were I’m notified at the Innovation Award and we can talk
about how we create a framework that would give us an effort to work
with it as we move forward and so we held a summit in November with a small group of factly
administrators did not that basic framework am really taking successes we have the
past and sit and position ourselves for the
future in system alignment we’re looking to expand Dean our annual
factly symposium so this year at last year we had language arts English in reading math
the social sciences NCTE and we’re looking in bringing on artist
once again I think expanding potentially to another couple disciplines and then
increase the number of faculty we invite from those areas and I can look and see how we expand
those those forms how we talked about creating Cordia
professional development across three institutions introduce a
remediation hadline each unified has made a
commitment now with the new Common Core their smarter balances 11th grade
standardized test the result is that will come back by the
into the junior year which gives us the senior year time to really look at
remediation and let me see if I is made a commitment
to work with us to use a senior year to dress remediation to align with our
coursework with this once they arrived here and at
Cal State Long Beach and then what had looking at coordinating the many innovative
practices that we have in place you know we’ve done some amazing work 7
the work that we talked about and around math for example our math
department and working at Cal State Long Beach is
ten additional technology and also in sciences things that we can
learn from and then of course a lot of work that atlantis unified has
put into use a link learning that we can also learn from so learning
from the innovative practices were doing a crisis three institutions in strengthening career pathways will
continue to expand the work as a clear path we trust grants their two grants there and the 15
million one that we were awarded for the region for advanced manufacturing engineering
technology and and then the six million dollar one that line which if I was
awarded for health care and then as you see as the city of Long
Beach has joined s and the mayor has made a commitment to
support the expansion internships for starting with at the
high school level and then provide an opportunity for all three institutions and finally an accelerant and completion am we’re looking at ways to support
further support the advancement ATT pathways and looking acecomm in
advising tools that we news across the three institutions to
better inform students as a moving through our systems and then cast at Long Beach is committed
to continuing the expansion additional technologies in order to
provide more students opportunity for education at their institution so at the time the for putting this
together we did not know the outcome at the Innovation Award to this is my place
holder slide by D Way turned over to tackle on
top a little bit about her am participation thank you doctor
peterson so on march the night I got to travel to
Sacramento and represent the Long Beach college promise that a showcase evolve the applicants for this award and I got three minutes to speak about the
Long Beach cards promise which was a a little bit of a challenge since we’ve
done some action have such great day to show but I did highlight what we’ve done what
the promise includes in terms of the institutions that are involved talked about how effective we have been
which are you just sign the slides the doctor peterson showed you and then
talked about where we’re gonna go from here and one other things I thought would be
unique when I get my short 3 minute presentation was
to just a.m. say one of the pledges that we’ve
made to the Long Beach community and I’d like to repeat 10 those to you tonight
because I think this is very powerful in terms
of what we have committed to you so the Long Beach college promise the
pledges we will work together to support and encourage success from preschool to graduate school and
will continue to provide world-class educational opportunities in the Long
Beach Community and if that doesn’t say at all I don’t know what does so it was
very very rewarding to go up and be a part up the showcase for the innovation for
higher education I’m like I said it was a very short
presentation but it was really also wonderful to listen to all the other
great things that other colleges are doing so we do have a another symposium
planned for April 30th I we will bring all the institutions
together again to talk about where to go from here to talk about what kind of strategies we
will use to move forward to implement our goals for the future which we have established many so are
there any questions members aboard cherry has trust Zia both more comment and I wanted to congratulate am your team Greg and also I beloved Terry long thank you
so much for your hard work at home and to print and president Oakley for on his work my understanding is that and and nah many people know but this
print and present nopee perhaps you can am provide some clarification at their
first semester is free for Long Beach Unified School District an
graduates is that correct if they participate in the program the per semester tuition is way for all
incoming freshman from any local area high school regardless of
whether Longview Long Beach Unified or not includes a
private as well as make me if Mayfair high school and we’re working
with the foundation to see if we can expand it beyond the first semester so by local a.m. what does that entail this the call then greater Long Beach or
does that go into the South Bay oh ok or because the touch our area local for now
is all over the Long Beach Unified high schools including cams a saint anthony’s a.m. Saint Joseph’s a.m. as well as Mayfair High School
which is not part of Long Beach Unified that’s fantastic thank you for doing
that and thank you to st. pastor for your leadership our pleasure the members aboard the structure right now is just the
other yeah I want to put this a little bit in context for people that to do this in a regular basis like like those opposed to who who are here
at the college bed I was in Sacramento last summer when we
were at interviewed for a diff recreate this
word or different money is this was screw
pathways monies and I’m I went up kinda busy I can do.
the group everybody else was to I deeply
involved in this but they wanted representation from the board of
trustees to show how committed Long Beach City College was to this program is and some E we were interviewed by a education professor from Harvard by
various team people in the education world all over the state of California it was
a robust competition and long beach walked away
with 20 26 pretty were about 21 but about $21
million dollars more than anybody else to continue these career pathway
programs that we’ve been working on for so long and so hard and a Long Beach Unified got six million
dollars to go along with that so that combine that with the things
we’re doing with the Long Beach college promise in these other activities we will really 4G pathways to careers into the future I when you talk about
that because there’s been a lot of discussion over the last few years about
whether we’re really creating pathways for students in we’ve worked hard to reorganize and
improve those pathways wherever they might lead and yet arm now all the state hold
another competition less than a year later based on governor
brown setting aside $50 million dollars for innovation for new programs that look like they’re
going to help students succeed incomplete and Long Beach again applies and we’re through their the
superior efforts have everybody that was involved in this at Long Beach in on
this team he was a it was a detailed competition
was a competition that was rated it was boring everybody was given point in Long Beach City College came ahead
have every single other submitting into T in the state of
California he was 58 points that we and I’m my
right about then well we receive and ninety 6.57 at over 100 ok I but it was the highest in the state and as a result we got as much money as anybody else five million dollars to
continue these efforts well we all know that the way community
colleges get funded is by the state of California primarily but usually in based on line I students this the students that we
have in this is a different way to get funded this is a different way to say competitively that we’re doing such a
good job that the programs that were instituted that we have instituted are going to continue to be successful
because you’re going to continue to fund those programs it’s a direction that
higher education funding is going in and we’re at the top this and so I wanna
add my on commendations to trust easy is commendations about what
it is that we’ve been able to accomplish just in these two areas recently that’s
twenty-six million dollars this year on top love
the monies that we get just for the students that we have
enrolled and their many many other grants that we compete for inner
involved with to enable us to do the programs that we
do here BC coach so congratulations to everybody Thank
You other members support this time chair recognizes just here chillin to yes I also when am i coming day shins to
you our executives but I also 12 extend my gratitude to those
individuals who are responsible for implementing the services because we all no an understand that our program at
this magnitude this not implement itself but that
there’s a lot of people that are involved in making sure that it happens making
sure that the day-to-day operation at this endeavor gets carried out sell I
want to thank you and more importantly I want to
congratulate the students because who the this recognition
wouldn’t be possible without the participation and the work
that that day that the students perform day-to-day
still congratulations to everyone at the
college and I know last week when we were at a.m. CSS though conference a when the
most popular individuals there with Greg I everyone is coming up to him in asking
him about this I sometimes I think on we sorta 10 take for granted I’ll our own programs our own successes but when you are in a group a within a group of individuals from
across the state and they see what is happening at Long Beach City College believe you me everyone wants to imitate
what we’re doing and so he was a popular person and it’s
been asked to go speak to go percent because they want
to have and they want a copy a something similar they want to implement
something similar at like the long beach promised so kudos to everyone thank you thank you remembers cherry as trustee Baxter kiss
I I want to add my congratulations I and i want to lot president Oakley
because it was his idea to come to the foundation and proposal
on beach college promise and I believe that was in 2008 and have the foundation has been happy to
fund their program I we probably spent close to two million
dollars for tuition scholarships for the and we’re happy to do it and I’m very
proud to be on this board and see it continue and I hope it
continues for a long long time thank you good job information I’m only so it is no the
comments at this time spent on it ok with you have any other
comments the only comment I would add is the obvious question and I’m sure
I’ll get some point so what happens to the five million dollars the five million dollars we are the
fiscal agent for the prize the prize goes to the is for
entities the work that we’re doing I as part of the prize were asked to
talk about what programs are going to collectively
going forward in the money is supposed to fund those many those efforts are ready in our I am plans at the college our priorities
things that we’re doing anyway in soon equity in Triple S B but this will give us additional funds
that we can draw from to get done those things that are
critical to the movement of students across the three systems so that’s how the fun is gonna be used
very good moving on that concludes our information
I’m on 2.0 3.1 on which college promise next time is now to the Board of
Trustees subject 4.1 this is revised board
meeting calendar for 2015 the Sun came up I a meeting ort to ago trustees he requested I we are in
september twenty-second if we can move or some have accommodate
that meeting the best the best way to really address the issue
would be to just cancel the Muse Emma 22nd it still
maintains we can meet all our requirements for open meetings and to
the doesn’t seem problem that is the only item on here so there’s no objection to this I just
entertain a motion to approve the consumer counter Jim by I heard model was a summit take a
guess it was trustee back to farmers just easier said alright I get a ride Yes No satellite okay much my trusty
Baxter second by trustees see a a man sector if you
please call the roll are March 11 hi Virginia Baxter I Jeff Kellogg hi don’t are no thank Sen easier II motion carries 4.1 and
that median for september twenty-second will be cancel next item iOS 4.2 this is
the CC CT 2015 board directors election that is what we are going to
make a recommendation that Wu go over my letterhead on behalf
of the Board that up to seven names candidates rain for the positions the Board of
Directors you all have in your packet you were
given the BIOS on everyone I will just make this recommendation and
I’ll entertain a motion to approve have discussions the the individuals and I will I would
suggest that we put on the slate would be the five
incumbents to currently serve that includes an are transformed from excuse me from
Glendale Janet is Shino Shino from a I’m encino Lake Community College
District BJ Jones Mallahan cock also Doug auto from Long Beach City
College and also so witty Tony I’m from North Orange Community College
District I don’t think colin Evertonians life but and in the other two that I recommend it
is done hi Edgar from Sanoma County CCD and Brent his his tee from Huber Community College District so if I could
entertain a motion to prove those seven names and we can
have a discussion on them some much much just easier Deccan sec my
trusty Backstrom’s items is there any questions
or comments regarding thusly people we will forward for the election and said the question
as a stress it easier I’m it says i’m new at president of
alien your present Cooper and is this and something that will be provided by
the this body and back to each district as a
report a white actually decisions were made how
it’s benefiting the district am individual district’s am I’m I’m
proud that trustee I does representing us and a I’d be curious to see what kind of
benefits it will be a bring to our students I’m sure it will and if there are any
reporting at the kind that gets back to us I I can answer the question came
up earlier as well creditors to former trustee Tom Clark who would always have a report and so
people I won’t take it personally but I have made reports we’ve come back from
these meetings during the trustee communications about
what took place what areas we discussed and so it is really not just the
responsibility up I dug on was a member the Board of
Directors a really have a other responsibilities as well as I do in all fairness to I’m on a
subcommittee is directs the cricket one for this group
not this group but that that Association but i think is
responsible if everyone and as I mentioned trustee Clark used to
always make it habit to just talk about it about what
the dressed up there and I still think
that’s a good practiced do most people remember we said or not it’s just a good
way to do it in trustee I don’t have enough you had
something you want to add to it but that’s that is what I believe we’ve done cast
should continue in the future and that’s that that’s well said in an
important very briefly the Community College legal
california is like the trade association for community colleges in essence it consists of two boards a
CEO board which meets approximately nine times a year that’s
see presidency superintendent presidents
were presidents or chancellors community college districts throughout
the state of california there are 72 community college districts in
California and then the trustees board the trustees
board meet about five times a year at this time I they its twenty-one members their
elected in this fashion and they are a policy just like the CEO
board is a policy board there have been efforts recently to try
and combine those two words into one board
so far that hasn’t been successful although is an ongoing topic of conversation but
because their policy towards I’m the topics that are discussed and
actions that are taken have to do with issues a fake facing
community colleges I at that moment in time the me college league California which
is like the oversight organization i has been in existence for
approximately twenty five years they were predecessor organizations
butter I it speaks to the the with a voice to the
legislature about bills are going to there’s always a
legislative committee there’s always I’d robust discussions about how things
will affect different areas rural areas versus urban areas small schools which is large
schools large districts purses small districts
and I’m it also provides opportunities for
the trustees to get to know one another and I in to know what the issues are in
various places so I its like a and trip good analogy its K it’s like a legislature but without me
the new policy things but they don’t enact laws per se talk
about what the issues are and we’ll bring those back talk to other
districts in our areas and and come up with %uh the best thinking
about what’s going on in the community college world so that’s what it does that work the role at the to
proceed he is and I’ve had opportunities both the
culture that commission on the future of community colleges in California and the reorganization task force I which met for a couple years a couple
years back but it seems it too it’s worth well activity
for for us to engage in there is not a
single Community College District in California this is not a member the Community College leave Calif thank
you the questions number support this time
nada there’s a motion a sec on the floor to prove the slate candidates the Board of
Directors is no other comments members aboard I’m
secretary please call the roll on March 11 I Virginia Baxter I Jeff Kellogg hi don’t are acts an easy a I very good at him carey’s 9 24.3 this is a this is a action discussion item and I
will read it and I and I will they are a few things
for the board as well action discussion potential violations a
policy regulations 2014 Corvette extenders practice and the Ralph am brown act this is a recommended item is there it is that the discuss the potential
need to further investigate into the conduct of a board member crew
request the administrative staff to seek legal
counsel for the investigation for trustees responsible for monitoring
itself and ensuring the individuals and clicked with members are compliant code of ethics tanner’s
practice an application status including the
Ralph am Brown Act so this items to be an agenda
is for discussion response to request initiated by a board member at the March
10th 2015 meeting the Board of Trustees and discussion we determine if there’s
any reason for future investigation into the conduct any individual board member so that is
what the I just repeated what is on the agenda so I’m going to by board will allow me I’m going to step
back and I’m going to walk through very hopefully precise on where we are why we’re here I’m going
to lay that out and then also explain your room what the
options are for the board my personal opinion what you mean may
want to do and that is my goal as the chair and
hopefully with the sport is to move this item forward and we can address other issues
so I’m just re wanna go through very
bluntly because as I’ve talked to legal counsel I numerous times on this in the past
week I and so now I’m going to step back a
little bit and walk you through it and where we are from my perspective is
a chair I will say that because as the chair is just simply not running
a meeting in calling the role things of that nature sometimes you’re given
challenging task to try to sort to give your colleagues opportunities to
discuss an item and and valuable options to address an
item so