yes we have classified appreciation day
that first thank you mr. Hamilton Friday 21st 2020 thank you exactly how we’re
looking forward to it I believe you also received an invitation to attend if you
have not make sure and get you that information the questions or comments
mister president yes I just want to point out to rest easy that each year
the money to the cause foundation gives a grant for this specific celebration
amateur questions will have a real convo Virginia Baxter Jeff Kellogg send easier I was unanimously 4.3
revised administrative regulation 2006 participation in governance this is a a informational item report on this is
it yes just briefly the internal governance
process we recognize that we need to make some changes to change some of the
titles as well as the fact that the Academic Council and the college
planning committee some of the roles that shifted by now co-chair the culture
playing committee and dr. long now co-chairs y Academic Council so we
needed to make that change so it’s very informational purposes no action
required rate is as a regulation there is no action required ACK was a policy
change it would be so that will move on to the consent agenda any item may be
removed from the consent agenda is considered separately if a board member
of the Board of Trustee Sale request for the request to remove any items in a
motion to approve the Consent Calendar so I just easier seconded by trustee or
chill at our comments roll call vote please hi Virginia Baxter
I have color auto send easy I modified courses recommended action is
that the Board of Trustees approved the new and modified courses effective for
2017 as submitted include changes to course title taxonomy program code top
code transfer status unit value basic skills status student accountability
model code work experience transfer level funding for a program status in
motion by just chill am back in just easy questions concerns comments have a
roll call vote I’m Archuleta I Virginia Baxter I kept calling and easier I
unanimously 6.2 new certificate recommended actions that the Board of
Trustees approved the new PHP web programmer certain certificate of
accomplishment effective fall 2016 as submitted request it was created at the
request of the Advisory Committee and the instructional faculty has been
approved by the community in curriculum entertain a motion so moved to second by
trustee Archuleta any comments questions concerns will call vote i Virginia
Baxter I have color and easy I was unanimously agenda item 6.3 inactivation
of certificate of achievement requested action is that the Board of Trustees
approved the inactivation of certificates of achievement as outlined here i mean it to my can you
tell us which programs were gonna do you gonna be active certificate of achievement we will
recommend recommending to be inactivated in dietetics journalism which is general
and acting Academy and nursing the art and certificates were not utilizing and
I want to recognize the Showgrounds Helmand Dean Michelle grams herman has
in the audience tonight she’s done quite a bit of work to help us clean up our
curriculum database and found that these are certificates that were no longer
utilizing thank you and we will find out item six point for inactivation we need
a motion in the second interval by trustees seconded by trustee Archuleta
comments questions please are marginal I Virginia Baxter Jeff
Kellogg said he’s I just six point for inactivation degrees is like the
certificates of achievement but the programs of study include biological
science removing the a degree because it has an
AES degree medical assisting which removes EA degree because it has amazed
agree never seen el viento are in we remove the ABE because it hasn’t had an
AAS and nursing the orange movie a as it has an ES and nursing vocational
practical reasons it has a remove the end because it has an a as entertaining
motion faxer secondly trustee Caroline side
women in here and the questions comments or March 11 I Virginia Baxter Jeff
Kellogg I don’t think I carried unanimously 6.5
comprehensive review of programs of study this is an environment information
item these reviews are conducted to ensure that curriculum offerings are
current and accurate and that each program has a catalogue description
would you do it again if I see how the word benefits students have been
reviewed and approved by the curriculum committee to any questions comments manages vote on it I just got through
about 45 items and it shows though many people sometimes we thought governing
bodies like this one has had to deal with work programs are discontinued and
there is a process and we’ve actually been if you don’t know who this is the
process that takes place through our Academic Senate it is not a board of
trustees actions say we will do something and i was just watching all
these changes you’ve seen with abuse program is no longer active weather is
so and so far so just sometimes this is sometimes too much in the weeds many
ways but it is a very important component and how it is dealt with in a
community college system here Long Beach City College soldiers through it doesn’t
have as much drama as we’ve had in the past but it also it’s the same process
and so I’m just tired just curious when I just want to make that point that a
lot of people put a lot of time and energy and effort into this time to move
forward and we essentially approve those actions and that’s what we’re doing here
today so nice work through everyone on the academic side of the house we have a
motion a second analysis information on where I’m 271 this is the annual
approval of the student trustee to receive compensation from Kellogg second
by trustee Baxter ordinarily do this pursuant to board policy 2027 and
administrative regulation 2005 comments questions reserved Virginia Baxter by Jeff Kellogg I 7.2 the 2017 18 academic calendar was
developed by committee including administrators faculty and members of
the classified staff all constituent groups are represented in important to
the district policy calendar has a hundred and seventy five days of
instruction as required by Title 5 all mandated holidays flex days and any
additional board declared holidays entertaining motion to approve the 2017
18 calendar Archuleta kellogg any discussion questions roll call vote Greece Baxter Jeffco
along by unanimous Lee revised board policy 5017 yes the first reading ok so
its proposed in the board policy and administrative regulations have been the
proposed revised board policy in remission rate regulations have been
distributed to review by the president’s Leadership Council on are being
presented for the first reading and discussion these board policies and
regulation changes are being recommended as a result of ongoing reviewing to
ensure compliance with current education and legal codes and accreditations
standards this is a first reading so there’s no action taken on this movie
98.1 this is our facilities master plan it is an action item and we will have a
presentation yes thank you for president Arturo in
the previous master plan approved by the Board took us out to 2020 this master
plan will take us out 22041 I’m sure there will still be here but but I won’t
be but nonetheless all turned over to Vice President able to go through the
presentation Thank You President Oakley actually we have mister man honey FM
with us here tonight our deputy director of planning and construction that’s
gonna go through the presentation banking superintendent president Oakley
for president Otto members of the Board and members of the community for
allowing me to present you to today the LBCC 2041 facilities master plan I wanna
first start off by apologizing with everyone and it’s really cold in here
I’ve got no idea about 50 texts or trying to address that I heard you know
somebody in facilities I do their remotely addressing it right now so
thank you for having me over today my name again is hardly a firm I’m the deputy director planning
construction for the district Tim Rutten the director of the street the saudis
here was your second ago but he just got a call a family emergency had to go
address unfortunately so he apologized for not being here so go ahead and start
off this document I think right off the bat I just want to jump in and say this
document the last month to month I would say has gone through a few groups on
campus one being the facilities Advisory Committee on April 13th and then the
college planning committee co-chaired by superintendent Oakley and Karen Kane all
of which we did presentation all approved the document so we’re excited
and scared I present to you today so the documents fairly long 78 pages won’t go
into too much details on every page but we did structure at when you I’m hoping
you had a chance to look at it ahead of time you’ll see that we have essentially
five sections if you will one being the executive summary which
we’ll touch on that 30,000 level if you will of the plan and then we broke up
the three next sections by campus liberal arts campus Pacific Coast campus
projects and the district wide services if you’ve got a few a caller projects
that are district wide and at the end we’re going to talk about funding
projections that take us all the way up to 20 41 and how this essentially will
tell us how to plan we had a time so we can plan accordingly so I mentioned the
executive summary I do want to mention I think we we’ve done master plans before all of us have done it all over the
place this document as a group effort there is a lot of people that worked on
this document so we had a lot of lessons learned from all the areas that we’ve
worked and one of many things we want to do is you know we’re knee-deep into the
construction world and some of you are also but a lot of people are not and so
we wanted to make sure given executive summary and give some general
descriptions of of what we do and why we do it and we were hoping that would give
a kind of introduction to the whole document and so as you go through the
documents would make sense that’s the goal so the first page here is the
executive summary page again you know ASF GSF those are language as we
continuously use in our world if you know construction world construction
cost total cost and essentially this page kinda gives the general description
of what those mean and how they apply to the document as a whole the next three
pages are essentially all the projects current projects all the way leading
22041 as I’m restated and the cost projections that lead up to him and you
know they’re different car columns obviously have different meaning the
purple one you can kind of see on your she it’s the third to last we put a
column in there for potential state funding that we are we’re always going
to try to go after state funding for some of our projects we put a column in
there for our current measure to ye 2008 projects that you know what how that’s
dwindling down and the last last column obviously is the next more funds that we would need to
complete our projects leading up all the way to 2041 so that’s like I said
there’s three pages in their the final page gives you the total grand total
amount obviously one of the main things that I guess hurt us in the past is the
lack of state funding and so as you folks already know is that that that’s
hurt us a tremendous previous projects and we’re hoping to
try not to have to fall into that category again but I think we’re
planning by addressing that in the future by potentially having a
contingency into the contingency line item that you see there would address
project state-funded projects and so that’s the goal we want to make sure
just because a project does not get state-funded doesn’t get we don’t do the
project we don’t want to be in that position again so that’s that line item
so I’m going through this pretty fast and I’m hope I’m hoping towards the end
we can go through some Q and A’s this document i think is is one that we added
we haven’t had in the past for a lot of folks they don’t know what the starting
process of a project is they asked hey why is it taking so long and this right
here is the goal in the intention that we wanted the public to see faculty and
staff to see the you know from start to finish what it takes and so these are
color coded and you’ll see again charged for each of the campus sections Ali CPCC
and the districtwide services each have Gantt chart schedules they had their
color coded to show this is so you could always reference back to this
documentary show what’s the purple one and you can see all of that some
planning phase so you as you can see each project goes through planning
design GSA which stands for division state of architect bid award construction and a closeout we’ve done
really well on this campus tune in particular as it pertains to DSA to make
sure we don’t have any open DSA projects all of our old projects are all closed
out so I think we’re extremely proud of that we’ve worked with the chancellor’s
office we work with DSA to get that down so we’re very proud so now to the
liberal arts campus next file takes a second to load this is the legend if you
will for the map that’s going to follow after so this is our site plan if you
will for the 2041 facilities master plan the buildings that you see in grey
pretty much we’ve touched in done already and the buildings that you see
in blue and maroon we’re gonna be either renovating or doing new construction and
the dotted lines are buildings were gonna be demo though the buildings that
you see in maroon they’re currently in we know for sure that’s going to be in
new construction there is currently an FTP which is a final project proposal
with the state and that’s how it’s been submitted with the state as a new
construction because analysis was done that is actually better to do new
construction and renovation and again same thing with GE and we’re currently
doing the FPP for that now which we’ll see in about a month and the five-year
construction plan part of this will include as you can tell is the new
aquatic centre that’s something that’s been we’ve been trying to do and and get
hope that’s one of the projects that we have in our 2041 master plan though the
next project these are all LEC project similar to the executive summary
essentially they just have that last column with some project description to
give you an idea of what we’re doing in that building and the total dollar
amount for LEC at the bottom there and then here you go into much more detailed
project description for each project these first five were currently on
working on right now I go back here were currently going in bed right now that
but the first by projects were knee-deep in to design these ones are starting
from the outer kinesiology labs there are more projects down the line so kind
of move forward here a bit fast to go to to get to the PCC campus before I get
sad BC campus so this is the LEC Gantt chart I was talking about similarly color-coded to the schedule
that I was talking about with the planning design the essay and whatnot so
the color code matches that so we put this year so folks can see where it the
project’s lays out on a Gantt chart scheduled to give an idea good idea of
what how it’s laid out so the next is the section of the Pacific Coast campus
we’ve done the same thing as the LEC as far as how we’ve outlined this the first
is the legend key for the PCC campus and as you can see PCC we’ve we’ve touched
most of the buildings which is great we’re very excited about the PCC campus
cuz you can visibly see the changes that we’ve done at PCC we’re we’re excited about completing
currently cue to cue and are our most of you were in the groundbreaking ceremony
says you know where need in construction right now so once that’s done of the old buildings mmm will be the
only one that’s next basically to do renovation and the orange one maroon
ones are our new construction for the campus that were posing as you can see
FFA is building that’s going to be demoed the next section here is similar
once again to the executive summary similar to what we did with Ali see this
is for PCC past the lacks last section there with some very best for project
descriptions and then goes forward with the detail projects or campus and then
once again again charged for PCC with the schedules that follows next section
the third section for the project is the district wide services obviously we didn’t have a campus map
for this cause its gonna touch different areas on campus so we just had the
project and the summer if you will with the project description and detailed
product descriptions follow and obviously again charged to some of
these projects we can only do again charged for the first used the others
really will follow through the duration of the 2041 master plan if you well it’s
not one specific project per se so hence why that schedule looks like that the
final section is what we discussed with the funding projections so here we’ve
grouped in three sections LEC PCC by services and you’ll see one last page
that shows everything its projections financial projections i’m gonna proceed to the last page is I
think that’s the most critical 13 passes to this page for us as you can see it
takes it all the way out 22041 you look at the grand total I don’t know if you
can see on your screen I apologize for the size but it shows annually what we
would need to get our construction programs to do our construction program
annually so we can plan ahead some years are higher than others because of the
size of the project not necessarily that we’re doing more per se extremely fast and so again you have any
questions I have a couple of comments and questions Thank You Man hiney first of all wow
because I asked for more transparency and I think this is a clear indication
that our district is doing that and striving to achieve more and more
transparency so I appreciate that I’d especially since you have the whole no in Kabul on there with the Gantt
charts and projections are we going to be measuring against these line items on
your getting reports on how we’re doing as far as being on time and on budget as
as we’re forecasting here how are we going to be informed about
that from your end so I mean at the end of each project we have to meet it comes
to the board for noticing completion at that point you would know that one is it
late what stage of the project its hat but I think that would be the memory of
you can touch on that but I think at that point we would know what the change
order as if any obviously we don’t want that we’re what
schedule was set for the project I i recognize that I know that our current
practice but is it gonna have some sort of a way to maybe early warning signs
that a we’re coming against this originally estimated project schedule
and budget and some you know preventative ways that we can medicate
overruns that something that we foresee doing I certainly would be interested I
know the public would be as well I think that’s a fair question trustees yeah we
would have to report that and Murray and scope going well the the amount that are
represented in here will be the budgets for any given project in so as we
currently do with our current bond funds is we have a report that shows what the
original budget is and then they any adjustments to the budget and then we
compare that to what has been spent so these will be the budgets that are
established by project if there are any changes to the budget all budget changes
come to the Board for approval so those will continue to come to the Board for
approval as far as timelines we do if we and began this is the priority and the
time lines that are established for these projects each semester at the facilities advisory
committee if we need to change a priority or change the time line that is
discussed at the facilities advisory committee and that changes made at that
point in time so annually when we do the facilities update on where we are with
construction we cannot cover every behind schedule on schedule for that
type of thing is it possible to get more frequent reporting just because you more
not just for our own benefit as the board members and we are but also the
public so they know how their money is being spent on just on an annual basis
which were great about providing that budget perhaps a little bit more
frequent so we go above and beyond what we are current practices are and how are
we comparing against the master plan that we set forth right now for years to
come hopefully I’ll still be around I’m not
sure I think the seat is gonna agent has already has a separate conversation if
you could just perhaps maybe allude to the frequency or if we can consider
upping the frequency for the benefit of the public to know how their dollars are
being spent a little more regularly and that were being responsible with their
spending that be possible that is definitely something that would be a request that the board
president would make of the superintendent president and then we
would consider that we do have a citizens oversight committee that meets
twice a year the same information is provided to the citizens Oversight
Committee and then there’s also a report to the to the Board of Trustees as well