any other comments on this legislation
or any other legislation that somebody might be thinking about if not this is
an informational item and we will think miles for his report and we’ll move on
to other reports including first a report from our president of our
Academic Senate I just want to use though my report this evening to
complement our student trustee and students involved in ASB cabinet there’s
a noticeable difference this year in how informed and serious you are tackling
the issues that face our students I followed very closely what the students
were doing at the state white Senate meetings for students and I was super
impressed with our delegation and all students up and down the state for the
serious way you are approaching issues and also wanna say that on behalf of the
senate the students that you are pointing to college weight committees
are well informed and dedicated and on behalf of all of the faculty hiring
committees the students that you’re finding in appointing have done an
excellent job so I just wanna say thank you to you I know it’s not easy and
you’re doing an excellent job in your role as your report concludes my report
thinking 11.2 superintendent president your report please thank you for
president Otto I just have a few items first I want to take this opportunity as
we wind down the academic year to think all the faculty and staff of Long Beach
City College for an outstanding academic year I know we’re not quite done yet but
this is the last time we’ll meet before the end of the academic year and I just
want to publicly thank them for further great effort in for supporting
our students throughout the academic year so thank you I also want to
recognize an outstanding achievement by one of our students although we have
many students who’ve achieved many great things this year it’s always wonderful
to highlight a student who was recognized by a national organization
that Jack Kent Cooke foundation who awarded one of our students to Jack Kent
Cooke scholarship Raveena she’s highlighted throughout she was the grand
marshal at the Pride Parade and she’s receiving the Jack Kent Cooke
scholarship which is worth up to $120,000 so that’s a tremendous
tremendous opportunity for her she’s being should be going on to Columbia
University where I’m sure she’ll do outstanding things are very proud of her
very grateful to the Jack and Coke foundation for picking the route of
probably eighty some other awardees throughout the nation the first semester
at columbia pretty close the other is we are
approaching the june ninth commencement ceremony so again wanna welcome everyone
who is graduating was transferring to complete their associate’s degree to
come out and join the ceremony in certainly invite all their family and
friends out June 9th 4 p.m. in that stadium I’m also proud to announce it our commencement speaker will be one of
our alarm one of our Hall of Fame alarm and the Chief of Police city of Long
Beach Chief Robert lunar will be here so we will sitter student trustee right next to him staff but we’re excited about that and
excited for another opportunity to celebrate our students achievements and
then finally went to take the opportunity to remind everyone in the
greater Long Beach area that june 7th is quickly approaching we have the
opportunity as citizens of that only this nation better community to vote
cast her vote for the balanced that will be available to us and i certainly
encourage each and every one of us and those in the greater Long Beach
community to come out to vote on June 7th at hugely important to this nation
to our state to our community and very important to Long Beach City College
student trustee as a few things that the first one is special things to remember
kellogg a vice president long masters in cable issues England Hardy who came out
and participate in our LEC town hall that was kind of a first step into
actually engaging with students in a note for those who attended it was sort
of off-kilter type of event we were aiming it towards having as a forum
where we would be up there answering questions and engaging in dialogue for
instant success in a spin spin of things we can do to change it towards we were
in the Nordic lounge vinton or ground during midday it’s kind of a prime time
since our kind in their own little groups sometimes playing video games
playing cards interact with each other so we did is that we decided to go to
those individual groups and actually speak to students and that was really
responsive encinas actually came to me after and I’ll talk to those same
students since then they were really very excited about the event and that we actually as sometimes
initiation doesn’t really go too soon to meet with unions and asked what their
concerns are but they actually felt that the school cared and that they were in
their comfort zones but that it was great that the that we were able to go
into their comfort zones and really have a discussions and not have to make them
go into meeting and you really be the representatives that we are and make
sure that we are responsive to sudan says thank you for those who came out we
have to continue that tradition and hopefully we can make that an engaging
experience for all students so thank you for those who came out last week I
participated in soon transit pass advocacy summit at Le treats hack I
managed to go out there knows a bunch of students across the state we were
discussing mostly the idea of seeing transit passes so we had a lot of
Representatives really counting on the Metro Board and discussions that we’re
having with a generic transit passes unprecedented really ask us about the
importance of it and what we can do with bringing them back to our local
districts and then they invited me out of this conference which backs are now I
was looking for a female’s inviting me out a while back it was a transportation
conversation it was their eighth annual transportation conversation it was on
Monday so RAC president doll and I were able to attend and we were sitting in a
listen to discussions they were having about the changes with transit passes
and just transit systems in general all of LA County which is the new excellent
if you guys haven’t been on it directly to Santa Monica and how the extensions
and some forward-thinking plans and next 40 years that might go towards the
Norwalk down here which impacts some students here so it was interesting to
see those discussions and we had some discussions outside with the idea of
soon transit passes and how much support would get from not only students but
from county officials as well so I’ve been having discussions with that in
meeting with a lot of students in asking for a lot of testimony and seeing what
benefits that come with with some form a partnership with Long Beach transit so
answering those questions and I’m really excited to see where that leads to and
I’m gonna meet with a say president at Casa Long Beach congratulations Marvin
for getting elected but I’m excited because they have this plan this passes them but they pay into into
feet long story anyway I’m really excited for you can tell me all those
are really awesome conference and then it’s time of the year where it’s the end
of the semester and for those students who are participating in commenced
manuever their achieving a certificate and continue with their education or
going into the workforce congratulations for your time here and thank you for all
your support in the classroom outside of the classroom and I look forward to
seeing most of you are all of you are walking down the steps when they are
transferring onto you could but really exciting hopefully we finish strong senioritis you think of in high school
but there’s this thing called chance riders which hits as well so the
students finish wrong make sure you do our finals and don’t skip class last few
weeks because that’s the important part 7 in the finals and last thing is I got
re-elected so you will be stuck with me and a year now make sure to have a bunch
of questions from this point forward as more than already have but I’m really
excited to be part of the board again next year and really exciting to see we
can do with a continued partnership so thank you thank you board of trustees also since the end of
the academic years upon us I also want to congratulate all the graduates and
wish them the best in their future endeavors and I also want to thank the
campus community for a very successful outstanding year it’s been a wonderful
experience watching all the different programs that have come in all the
different presentations that we’ve seen in terms of you know the academic
program times during success programs and this
is just such a wonderful and very productive institution in and I just
wanna echo our Academic Senate president’s words in terms of our
students I think we have one of the most dynamic outstanding student body and I
too am really proud to see them I know we were past Saturday where the Pride
Parade and I had the opportunity to hang out with the Pride students with his
students from I think it’s called clear space student organization outstanding
student so it’s just been an excellent year so congratulations to the entire
campus community for an outstanding academic year trustee Baxter thank you present a novel
first of all I want to echo what I was saying about the bus passes and the
Metro passes are trained to pass and it’s really important that we get behind
some kind of student transit pass right now if you are a student and you honor
student pass and talk about a community college student you have to apply in a
take six weeks to get permission to buy a student caught pass and it’s it’s
quite a savings but many of the students who come to me they need the bus pass
today they they can’t wait six weeks and so what Alejandro and what they’re doing
it very very important put the pressure on Long Beach transit in the metro
system to come up with some kind of a system and I think you for taking all
their time to do that just a couple of things the athletic associates had a
very successful golf tournament and I want to congratulate ready to tour
passenger sitting here and his staff and the golfers we had a wonderful
turnout we made I don’t know exactly how much people call the next phase out
between two Jamaica we don’t know yet but we we did very very well and people
had a good time and it was excellent excellent event and the reason we do
these kind of things are so we can support teams like the volleyball
program and I want to congratulate them and and I’m their success also I also
attended the Community Hospital dinner committee Hospital is one of the
hospitals and hires many many of our our own graduates and Albion graduates and
so it’s was wonderful for me to be able to support them at their dinner last
week I also was in the Gay Pride Parade on Sunday and following that I went to a
tee by the Artesia Historical Society in honor of Julie can a beeper honoring her
for her outstanding work in the community last night I attended the
honors dinner with president Otto and also having my Lulu and and trust
account and it was great to see these students and their achievements and
allowed them and be able to to attend and so i i think the Honors Program and
Jeff wheeler for the outstanding job that he does then last week I took a
Lakewood High School student over to the art department a kind of in a recruiting
measure because she wants to study our she wasn’t sure she was coming along
Beach City College and I want to tell you the art department is one of the
hardest-working faculties I was there at four o’clock on a Wednesday or Thursday
I can’t remember which day of the week four of the full-time faculty would they
are with their students I when I took this young lady into each classroom the Christian who teachers are like
driving spoke to her by and only teaches photography spoke to her colleagues
territory teaches sculpture talk to her and Gerardo Monday Rubio who teaches
ceramics so those for took time out of their time just to talk to a young woman
and tell her about the wonderful our program that we have at Long Beach City college and it is outstanding and I want
to thank them and then of course we went into the art gallery which always had
interest in shows and I Trevor Norris was there in and gave us a tour and
talked about the Student Art Show now tomorrow night if you’re looking for
food you can go to Sorrento pizza which is on
the corner of orange and Carson and half of what you spend it Sorrento pizza
which is in like a mini mall will go half of the proceeds will go to our
Adapted Physical Education program so I hope that you all there you go and buy
food take it home eat there they’re wonderful food and
they’ve been very supportive of our adaptive PE program also happy Memorial
Day which is coming up Friday going to Goldstar manner where they’re having a
special salute to the veterans and that will be wonderful also attended the classified recognition
which was last Friday and I want to thank I’m sure Mona Lisa you a lot to do
with that putting that together and letting the faculty that I’m sure the
class right staff know that they are loved I did not know they were serving food
and so i didnt get to but the food look fabulous and and thank you for all the H
hours work in creating a very positive environment on campus then after that
president Otto and I spoke to the Jon Vilma Leadership Academy and I thought I
was just there to talk for for 10 minutes and leave and so I had to leave
but I’m sure you stayed much longer president I don’t but it was nice to see
these young people who want to learn more about how to be a leader and how to
be involved in that and that’s what I talked about and course present auto did
and then I want to remind people that June 8th which is a Wednesday the
scholarship reception will be in the Hall of Champions from 10 to noon we had
a record number of applicants last year just to show you the difference 880 people applied this year 1300 people applied students
applied for scholarships so it’ll be I’m glad I’m not making all the selections I
just give away the money I don’t have to choose but it will be a wonderful
reception and I hope the faculty and staff and obviously the student
champions will come and meet their donors and and so we can salute them and
that is my report Kristi Kaylor thank you president as was mentioned this is
the end of the academic year it’s always enjoyable the events that we are
privileged to be invited to in one was mention about the honors recognition
dinner and there’s so many more that take place in Dec you realize why you’re
doing this as a trustee in as a college helping people improve their lives
through education I thought it was ironic when they’re Centre St made a
comment about chance transfer I decide to leave the terminology used and I
thought that was really funny and chill and this is just one of those haha
moments i SAT here and I had to go back a long time but I remember when I was
sitting here as a student in a hurry and ironically I’m just making the point
because it shows you how things eventually do happen in life and there
was a vice president Long Beach City College who was given the task of
getting on my trans kids together because these student-athletes named
Jeff Kellogg was in a real hurry to get at the University of organ for spring
football and I couldn’t wait because you know they couldn’t wait to have me there
I guess least in my mind the gentleman by the way that helped his vice
president was mas decades later he ends up hiring me to work for his company and
the essential became my mentor or so it’s amazing how those bridges happen
the ironic thing is when Mike hired me sadly passed away a few years ago but he
always said you have sixty percent of what I need I can teach you the owner
other 40% until his dying day he never told me what the sixty percent they
possessed actually was there but full circle is amazing people help you
at the college at one time and then they turn around in there they are as Europe
mentored a life-changing decades later so I do want to say that there was two
items on the agenda today and my my point will be to my my colleagues we are
preparing in the next few months to a retreat as we start thinking about more
goals it was two items on our agenda today I was on the the fancy word open
educational resources which are Academic Senate passed a resolution on the
centuries to helping make text books more affordable for students and I would
hope that is something that we as a board will look to consider as a board
go to work with our academic says there is as we move that forward because
that’s a very that’s a very important component of helping students have an
affordable education the other items just was on the equity and to look at
that and setting goals that we work with our with our staff I’m trying to achieve
those are two really very commendable areas and eyes and for all my colleagues
to think about what you may want to do is set reasonable goals obtainable goal
is once again benefit the ecology and that we communicate arbitrate here in
the next few months just something to consider considering the two items that
I felt very strongly about as far as with a court date and in text but the
cost of textbooks came up in Argenta tonight I hope he’s able to conceive
possibly look at those more as a board goes well the future so good time in
that regard to thank you very much and look forward to commencement day and the
graduation and other people in a hurry getting on with their lives like
somebody did decades ago and you too can administer trustee I guess so anyway thank you very much and I all I
will say is this who remembers who who was it that said you shouldn’t see the
way we make sausages are laws would have been up to in Sinclair here right now I
would because of the jungle book the jungle where you want that too but I
thought it had to do with the junk so I was in Sacramento last week and I walked
in I was with a group talking about legislation and bills that were being
passed right at that time and we walked into a very well-known member of the
legislature at noon and he said before you tell me what you came here to tell
me I have one hour to spend three million dollars what should I do and I
remember that raised about sausages laws and that’s the way it’s really done
what’s happening up there now is it budget get done and the legislature by
june fifteenth because legislators don’t get paid if it doesn’t it doesn’t mean
it’s the end of the process but it means that the legislature does its part most
of its part up to that point is very instructive it was a moment in time
where you really could learn a lot about how the legislature works and how they
do things and it’s it’s a really in awe inspiring process because a lot really
does get done the legislation that night Matt now
stopped about miles talk about was all discussed while we’re up there I don’t
participate in extended consultation Council which is where all the
stakeholders from Community College the news around the state come together and
talk about what’s important agenda items before and I was impressed by the
quality of the destructive discussions so it was a great experience and i’m
looking forward to more that in that in the upcoming months and I’ll leave it at
that except to say congratulations to everybody that graduating movie no I’m
getting certificates this is what we do this is a time of year when around and
say we’re doing it to get it done very very much looking forward to
commencement on the ninth and I do think it’s been a good year with that items
12.1 TFT bargaining President report I don’t see that 12.2 to see a judge the
child bargaining President you may comment either and then CCA bargaining
president was here and here she comes evening again and I’ll be very quick
distant couple announcements Windows LBCC did endorse you need peers for the
City Council race and she’s community organizer
labor-friendly so hopefully she gets elected and hopefully people remember to
vote on Election Day this year and second thing I just want to mention
another request to move this report earlier in the meeting again I’m a mom
of small children and I’m going to them right now and it would be much easier to
do this earlier in the meeting thank you to you on june 9th graduation members to
request reports for future board agendas and I also like maybe we can do this
policy and naming buildings then comment 14.1% comment on on agenda items we have
none you know we’re so we’re going to need
there’s some forms back there that give us your name and the agenda item you
would speak on if you can grab those real quick industry let out real quick as we need
to keep a record of who comes up so these are not iraq grab for you so just
have somebody while you’re talking to us fill out a form with your name on it and these are not agenda item so we as a
matter of public record need to keep please then give us your name and
welcome my name is that I am a student here at Long Beach City College and I
address you today with the support of ASB president eric Massa Massa diego’s
and be free speech society and the philosophy club to request you uphold
our college mission statement to promote equitable statement student learning on
our campus if students are truly the focus and purpose of all the the board
does it we employee to listen to our petition today to return in place three
tables west of the M building at liberal arts campus and an actor proposal
without delay this year Long Beach City College so many expansions and
renovations opportunities and services the college
offers of ECC students continue to grow yet there’s one area that has not
improved her students small section of line west of the M building by the
dozens of US students who regularly use this area the secluded green service as
a place to socialize and relax between classes and since I joined LBCC in 2015
this green has always had a table for students to study and eat on this spring
the Greens table was removed without consultation or explanation many of us
who met there were disappointed by the loss of the functional use of the table
below your fellow students who have disabilities but and and also its
removal seem to represent a treatment of students by the OVC by LBCC very
different from the state emission of our college still have determined we were
determined to find out why the team was taken away I would like to give more
information about what we went through to get to this point where I’m sick I
would like to skip ahead to our proposals unless I can get some more
time to therefore we bring to the board today
the following proposals first that if it is within the board’s power that the
board without delay before current semester ends instruct the Facilities
Department to return the table to the green west of the M building and place
to more there as well as if there were complaints over limited didn’t use
rather than taking tables away more appropriate response will be to provide
more tables these tables and provide sitting areas not just the general
student body but the space for free speech society which meet every Tuesday
and Thursday on the green as well on the petition I hold up my hand I hold it has
43 signatures from both the which are 10 club senate reps and the ASB president
himself to be President Elect and and for current ASP members second proposal
would be too that the aforementioned tables be officially registered with
facilities and their placement located on the green west of the M building be
determined by ASB we’re certainly student government would be happy to
almost and yes to facility with these exact
specifications now that you’ve heard of proposals we ask that before you respond
that you may allow us other gallery speakers who represent us and become
behalf of those who socialize in that area too given their own words why
having the table west of the M building means but it’s what the impact of that
table has been going ok thank you very much for your commentary that there are
there speakers in our board my name is Ethan hebard I am
the incoming president of the board member of yes I wanted to thank you guys
for a year and I just wanted to say that taking the tables away from this club is
nothing to worry about that with members that have all the and veterans with
service-related injuries should be a table over there and there was a
shooting inside one thing I will say about the beautiful campuses they’re
able to walk around is not a lot of knife we have been to the people being
but other style is mostly indoors with the territory thank you very much alfonzo to hit it so you are the only
two there is speaking and I have a copy of your petition and we still don’t feel
that great thank you gives you name my name is Edward Jones I
mean higher student here at Long Beach City College vice president of the Free
Speech deciding I’ve been a student here and the person I’m a win over to the
green and made you say that he believed there was so smoky cigarette because it
is located within the smoking area since then I but I do their repeatedly just
about every day because what I’ve found there is a collection of intellectuals
that in my opinion rival that of the Honor Society I found a home away from
home in a table and among the people 208 there in the nice green area that it is
and it is conducive to certain environment of conversation and
relaxation that I find very pleasing between my classes allows me to deal with the stress of 5
passes that I’m taking this semester but without that table there I find it very
difficult to have the roundtable discussions that I’ve become accustomed
to and so I asked also along with my friends here at the table be replaced
and two others beheaded thank you very much other speakers not go ahead at the afternoon i think you must speak
my name is Matthew chills and I am a faculty member and the adviser to the
free speech but your college and i would just like to testify briefly to in
regards to what was alluding to earlier but he didn’t have time to mention
regards to what efforts didn’t do ultimately trying to pursue a resolution
to either have the tables were turned or explain why they took in the first place
and they reached out to me as their adviser bill doubly determined through
the administration why was this removal initially took place in there was
certainly no accommodation there was no discussion or ultimately a public
hearing as regards to why the table was taken but ultimately virus but both
facilities and our interim dean of students again hopefully we heard two
very different stories again one that perhaps the reason why the tables were
taken away was because there was an issue over access to the tables in
regards to certain students residing in them rather than allowing others to sit
on them and we also heard that crap there may have been complaints from the
neighbors again there was no consultation ultimately to make this decision
nevertheless the tables were removed after discussing this with the Director
of Facilities Supervisor the interim dean of students again there wasn’t
clear concise explanation as to why the papers were initially taken away so that
is why we are ultimately this afternoon reaching out the board so they can
further their this inquiry as to why he was removed and we don’t we have the
petition we’ve had your testimony which we appreciate coming down here to speak
to us about this and she pretended president oakley will we will look into
it and we’ll get back to you we have your information we very much appreciate
your coming down here to talk about this agenda item 15.1 that is is any further
I a discussion on items listed under closed session there are not it so I would now entertain a motion to
adjourn we r journal next meeting is on June 28