thinking and then under the new budgets
for this same fiscal year the first item is the
globe is capital into fusion grant program and it says that we
are getting four hundred ninety thousand dollars
from this program in this wasn’t on my radar screen Intel we
talked about it can you explain what that is yeah this
is a state grant that is to augment the SBDC program so the SBDC that’s the
Small Business Development Center and that we have and we are the regional
service provider for the federal government related to
the Small Business Development grants and this is a state grant that is
helping us to argument the federal grant and is
used as a cash match for that federal grant that we have
underway UT and then the next two items in the only
other two items under 2014-15 new budgets have to do
with that California career pathways trust with
regard to advance manufacturing and engineering and the total love these two is
somewhere close to 5.3 million dollars and those are new budget items and I actually knew the
answer to this question cuz I was in sacramento when we made our pitch to the Department of
Education to get these total a 15-point three million dollars in grant money in yet when I saw there was only 5.3 I
thought always has been phased in then realized that actually we get what
we were going to get all a bit because we are partners in LA harbor in Pasadena
Community College Long Beach Unified School dist and others but but tell us what this
money is foreign in about it rate so that the first line
item there that’s the California career pathways trustee its advanced manufacturing engineering
technology it’s a link to learning consortium program and that’s for four million 879 thousand
sixty seven dollars we are the regional provider for this all new consortium that is providing the clear pathways with industry working
with the local unified school districts it so this is is the first year of the grant this is a
multi-year grant and that’s the amount of money that is
coming to this region so we will be the ones working with the
other entities within our region and to provide some contracts and some
grant agreements to those entities based upon I’m their grant agreements that they
have the second one is our local portion so that’s 429,000
336 dollars so that’s how much money is coming
directly to Long Beach City College for our efforts in working with Long Beach Unified to
develop those pathways on which begin in high school and and just so people understand this
because it’s not only a lot of money but its um a competitive grant we were up
against dozens of others who wanted this money
we got the largest grant in the state probably I I think it was
larger than the grant we had previously received as the organizer this group and arm I was actually in sacramento
when we were interviewed by The Department of Education team it was
going to award these green teas came outta dual Steinberger money to your Steinberg
money from last year when they visited two years ago when they visited Long
Beach City College and Long Beach Unified School District
to see how we did things cuz they thought that was the best model for the state and went back an
authorized all these monies to to come and I will tell you that my role
in this was but I called I can t mean I didn’t speak
I was just showing people that the highest level of support I meaning
from the Board of Trustees went along with the people that were up there
getting this crap I’m the group that did the interviews
were absolutely deferential to Long Beach City College because we
have been the leaders for years in this area and the fact that we got this 15.39 in
dollar grant as the leader this a this effort was was really amazing and
it’s great to see that we’re finally getting the monies that we can use for programs children as
trustee Baxter no I have nothing more to add here’s a
motion second other members aboard this time characters atrocity Archuleta as I see here extended opportunity
program and the care program will we see similar adjustments for the additional
categorical programs like the SP este receive their actual budget
allocations we see similar adjustments coming
forward I know this is probably based on the
actual budget allocation receive from the state
yes like the adjustment yes as soon as the
chancellor’s office gives us the final allocations we do look at the budget and
we adjusted accordingly thank you members to the board I yes I want as trustee taxpayer sorry I wanna go on record I in this follows in with what we’re
talking about with transparency abut the Long Beach City College
Foundation receives a an administrative fee to have and mister the Goldman Sachs a award an for the last three years we’ve
received em twenty-two thousand dollars and last
year last fiscal year thirty one thousand dollars so any grant that has to do her any
appropriation has to do with the Goldman Sachs grant I will I
remove myself character yet the members that secretary few is all the rule an
item 6.4 place President Kalonzo II vice president I
don’t like member our children I member backs
tonight member zia I I don’t 0.5 this is item on purchase orders approvals
ratification entertain a motion to approve and 20.5
some discussion much my trusty Otto my trusty
Baxter questions/comments charity’s trustees
here thank you president Calarco I will
decide am and because a.m. in our docid: and it’s about and chose that there’s no
items under 25,000 ours too bad and seven hundred seventy two thousand
dollars and you know some change I just wanted
to thank staff and for members of the public and just so you know our staff provided a
list at these expenditures even though it’s
not in our docket am and although there is no description for
the services nothing here looks objectionable in my
viewpoint and I just request that we attach this to the board minutes to the public now
you can see what we see and sis is not in our docket
and and I will and approve this even though
the descriptions are not that detailed but and just looks good to me and i really
wanna thank our staff for providing this it to us and to all the
bus and before noon and I also wanted to
thank everyone on the board I’m for their commitment to increasing our efforts for
transparency and that’s all I had it with we can a
add this to the minutes president kellogg that would be great
great so the public see what we see thank you there’s a motion a second on
the floor i get some come chill as trustee other
incidently I don’t see anything wrong with that in this to the minutes so no thats we’re just asking for that were
not taken on them but I had a a couple questions
tonight the same thing leapt out at me I wanna bet read my
board book earlier about this large amount of expenditure without a.m. with without the the purchase
orders listed and so I talk to and worry about this
and there was one for I’m for %uh the large one was for 477 thousand
dollars in I said so how can this not be under
25,000 can you explain the reason for that and
why what’s included yes so if and you look it tells me so I don’t
have to ask it again and also right above that these both come from
fun forty-six which I know to be the bond fund and it with Dell both the mall with the
marketing once for 477 2001 sir seventy 3,008 same thing rates in both these
purchase orders are issued utilizing a piggyback bid that
the board authorized us to enter into a contract I’m regarding that piggyback bid back in September 2009 and so if you will see in the language the purchase order approval I’m it says
authorize the issuance to purchase orders for the period October 6 through
october seventeenth excluding purchase orders are ready
approved by the Board so it’s been the past practice if
something for purchase order is listed with an that dollar amount that exceeds
twenty five thousand if the board has already approved that
contract we don’t list it a second time because the board has already seen it
and has already approved it that’s the reason it wasn’t detailed out
the to purchase orders in particular and that you’re questioning the Dell
marketing for seventy three thousand seven hundred sixty dollars in 43 cents that was for their computers that are
going into the newly renovated and modernized JJ building and to allow for alternate
fuels program new computer classrooms at hand and that
are underway right there and then the other purchase order to
Dell marketing to 427,000 286 dollars in 74 cents thats forward the computers and
networking equipment it’s going into the A&B be buildings over at the PCC campus
in yeah and can you explain what it
piggyback contract is and I’ll what that means for for us here and what are benefits you
receive from rate so within the Public Contract Code and if a purchased for goods and
services is going to exceed over eighty three thousand dollars than
typically required to go out for a formal bid to purchase those items however the code does allow us that if another
governmental entity and issues a bid inputs language in
their bid to allow other governmental entities to use that
bid then you can do that and so by a by a term utilizing the bids that have been
done by another governmental entity it saves time and effort locally for our own staff since someone has
already done the formal bid and we’re just what they call
piggybacking on that did and and not to mention the fact that I’m the other entity might be in a better
bargaining position than us so I happen to know for these Dell
computers the driver in this was though LA Unified School District and so their
bargaining powers much much greater than Long Beach City
College is that what we piggybacked off and that is typically the case this
particular instance it was the western states contracting Alliance also it’s even bigger than LA Unified
wealth the western states alliance so they do have
a much better bargaining power than we were locally I don’t expect you to know it off the
top of your head but what it what do you think our discount
was if we as we were able to pick backer hitchhiked home them you know we’re getting very good dust talk computers for right
around a thousand dollars I think if you’re go to go out yourself it’s gonna be you
know 1500 2000 so it’s a pretty substantial discount you and I I have a question check I christiana you at this time you know I had at to to other very quick
questions um there were to consultants ruffin holdings in Christine Cheong
short ice that got reasonable amount of money arm their their consultants for the program that trustee Baxter reckon mention I think Goldman Sachs is
that right I yes we’re actually were ruffin holdings and thats whenever
emergency services purchase order I believe what you’re referring to is the
reef media rate earlier Inc and so yes those are
consultants that are utilized by the 10,000 small businesses program and and then lastly um the foundation for
California Community Colleges there’s a I’m almost twenty thousand dollar purchase order that was issued I’m I
understand that’s for what’s called fusion fees yes but so fusion is the software system that was
developed on behalf for the California Community Colleges for our capital outlay in space
inventory reporting the chancellor’s office requires that every Community College District
inter their capital outlay I’m program plans their five-year schedule maintenance
plans as well as their space inventory into this fusion software and every wanna this only two districts
within the state your cock are charged an annual maintenance fee
for that particular program so this is is our districts share the fusion
licensing fee thank you for the questions all right
thank you a chair his trusty Baxter yes thank you
I’m my question Emery is over the past
several board means we’ve had large sums of money that came in under the twenty-five
thousand dollar how many I in each of those meetings were that
big four hundred thousand dollar contract were most to them because I mean when
you you listen though all this money under 25,000 really isn’t
that much you take out the four hundred thousand
things like that you know not knowing the detail you to the board
items I I wouldn’t be able to answer that arm you know any time we do have a big order for when the new buildings it
would definitely be in there on because it is something that the
board already approved okay thank you other questions the board
would like to do it here purple know that percent Oakley had in his report later
and it seems because we had public comments on and then this discussion and
as well president okay we had discussed about
probably explain just briefly for the public as follows: everyone else
I just what we do as far as are policies and
procedures and reporting in our fiscal responsibilities trustees so is inappropriate I’m
probably to do it however was attached to the I was
prepared to enter my report so I’m happy to do it now it’s a pleasure the board do it now
house probably better time right now okay American you fired up too so that the public doesn’t think I
just put together a PowerPoint in the last five seconds I did have prison sure presentation is
part in my report regarding some other questions that have
come up over the last couple means and I think folks like color bolander brought up
some musicians I think this is a great time to to talk about what what the the College
District is in fact doing and and how it’s moving forward I’m before I begin my
comments I do want to recognize somebody in the audience with my favorite former
senators Baker net this year while combating good to see you so with that I am I will try to make this quick but wanted to highlight some other ongoing efforts that the College
District has been making to enhance access to information these these efforts have been ongoing for the
better part of the last year and a half they’ve been in discussion on and I know
that they’ve come up recently in conversations and because at board
meetings unless their agenda is we don’t have the opportunity to really get into
them so as part of my report I want to take a
moment to Jess brief everyone on on what are the ongoing efforts so the board’s primary responsibilities
been articulated many times Tom over the last several years a
student success oMG that is the board’s primary
responsibility to ensure the students who attend Long Beach City
College get the best quality education in that
resources are allocated up in the most effective way possible to
ensure that students are getting with the come
here to get which is the best quality education at
the most reasonable price and I and I do want to remind audience the
California Community Colleges are still the lowest-cost college education in the
nation for six dollars unit so I realize the cost of escalated
tremendously 24 universities the California Community
Colleges continue to remain the highs quality lease cost alternative in the nation so I it is a primary responsibility to insurer that there’s effective use
taxpayer dollars and certainly as the superintendent president I am I take an oath to to uphold the policies the board of Trustees to ensure that
that happens I’m so what does happen so there are many many layers above checks and balances that exist at this College District as well as every
California Community College District because as mister boland mention we are heavily regulated I am not only are there the checks and
balances that occur within the College District but they also occur at the County Office
of Education the Los Angeles County OH of education because many the
expenditures at this board approves are then %uh audited and approved at the county
level because they’re the ones who actually
cut many of those checks so there are multiple layers love checks and balances the first layer that I want to attend to is our
own internal controls and the board insurers that we have
appropriate internal controls by requiring that we have an independent
audit every year on those internal controls so internal controls relate to things
like insuring that if cash is handled that
there are procedures in place to reduce fraud to re reduce the amount
of loss to ensure that there are multiple people
are looking at the way the cash is handled in that the
same person and Tareen a deposit is in the same
person collecting the cash for everything from that too ensuring
that every expenditure has multiple layers love of checks and balances again so
that one person entering in financial data isn’t the same person
cutting the check or their multiple approval levels that
are required and the board several years back adopted a
financial management system PeopleSoft that built into it those internal
controls so that individuals at any given
Department can’t have the authority necessary to in approve an
expenditure in actually kinda check so those are what we refer refer to its
internal controls and there are many many layers every department everything from Division a
administrative assistants on up to the director fiscal mom all those Spurs for example I have no
control over cutting checks although my signatures on those checks I
cannot print the check I cannot approve a check so I’m barred
from taken any money from the College
District unless everybody collude with me which I
assure you that snap I am the other level love checks and balances is an
annual independent audit I am California Community College by
statute requires that annual independent audit be done by
the Board of Trustees on the expenditures at the college makes
and and there are many requirements at the
internal auditors must follow for example they must look at federal
financial aid expenditures we receive a lotta money from the
federal government in order to qualify to receive those funds to distributors
june’s we are required to audit on financial aid disbursements and we’ll
talk a little bit more about financially later on today I am they require to check to see how we I am how we report a full-time equivalent students how we
report our actual enrollment there are specific rules for that so
they’re required by law to percy through all these layers
of checks in addition the chancellor’s office the
California Community Colleges does its own review of certain
expenditures and then we have for the Board of Trustees a quarterly
expenditure review which is on the agenda later today and then we also have an
internal auditor so we have ongoing internal audits a.m. bobber Pozo many and staff know is the internal auditor I and his job is
to continue this continuously review our control skills from which require
the Board of Trustees by law is to ensure that the College
District has the appropriate controls to and checks and balances to
ensure that all expenditures are conducted within the guidelines
within the regulations and state in federal mandates that are required us
I and of course for up the bond funds
which are also taxpayer funds we are required to have a citizen’s bond
Oversight Committee which we do and they also receive an independent
audit those expenditures so again this is a just to reiterate
what exists current I’m it is a port priority
to have efficient cost effective and transparent business operations now within that there is on a certain staffing require the a business operations begin at the
lowest level in the departments which educators students on departments such as English social sciences
anthropology you name it I request expenditures to provide students with the supplies they
need in order to educate them in the classroom that is an ongoing effort and so we’ve
tried to set up operations so that we don’t and that the board doesn’t slow the
process down so that faculty can have the equipment they need
when they need it in the classroom and as you can imagine
there are literally thousands of expenditures going on at begin any semester throughout the
entire academic year so the question becomes how do we
balance those huge numbers of expenditures with the need to have the
kind of on cost effective and transparent
business operations I think that’s what many much to the debate has been so far on our board agendas reflect those business operations and
reflect the information that’s fed up through all these processes so on although we we have discussed changing
some these operations we just have to step back and realize what that means
that means retraining division secretary said means retraining
departments on how the entered data into the
financial software system and when I’m not saying is that we’re
not open to that what I am saying is at that takes a little bit of time an effort and it
may mean increasing staffing it may mean making changes to the software which are all doable but I just want to
make it clear that it isn’t that staff is not open to these
changes is that we haven’t had an opportunity to
have an open discussion about what those changes may mean I so what is happening going forward I am so we are converting to a pair paperless electronic board agenda
management system I we have been looking at several mom a management systems over the course
of the last year and a half we have chosen a vendor’s matter fact
after the meeting today we will begin the process of I love giving the board members their devices so they begin can begin getting
trained on the electronic bridge in the management system well this will do is make it easier to
access port agendas not only by board members but by members of the public so overtime we will have the ability to
post electronically board agendas and the
backup documents that are associated with those boards and so in the future if someone can go to
the website and click on the agenda they don’t have to come to
the office requested our way for the board meeting to actually view the agenda I’m now I have the great I am privilege of being a a board member at
the Cal California forward which focuses completely on transparency for all levels of government and I can
tell you that that that this college is is and has been I am dedicated to enhancing the transparency in has overtime and I think
we can continue to do so in I appreciate all the comments at the
board members have made am and we are taking that information and
trying to incorporate it into the way for but again the president and the vice
president’s don’t generate this data this data is
generated by administrative assistants at the
lowest level making the purchases are all under
twenty five thousand dollars so it’s going to take time to ensure we
have the appropriate staffing department chairs have the appropriate
staffing and that we have the appropriate on software so that all this information
can be uploaded in a way that it’s easier to access but we’re committed I we also want to make sure that we make
more efficient use of staff time a.m. as everyone here knows who are
already attended a board meeting last four years we have made many staff cuts and this
particular issue hits the classified staff too hard so we’re going to ensure that we have
the appropriate staffing as we consider implementing somebody’s enhancements and of course we all want
to be more environmentally sustainable and so reducing the amount of paper is
certainly an issue that the board’s make clear to us over the last few years said it wants to
see happen and so we expect to roll this out in January I am again because it will be a new
system it’ll take some time to adjust but we will be able to as trust easy as
requested in interesting backs baxter’s requested
will be able to have the purchase order information that they
are currently getting now offline we will be able have online
ahead of time when the the agenda is posted I so again as we go online in January we
will have access a.m. tube or genders minutes and it’s
pouring documents law be available on the website so I
hope that gives a little bit better perspective on where at on and where we’re going and I appreciate all the support that
the board’s given us and given to the staff to a.m. support our efforts to get there that’s
all comment comments by chairman is just easier well thank
you I and I’m very delighted a.m. I didn’t
expect a presentation I also wanna thank the members of the public some for speaking on the item an I did a wanna just booted out there I perhaps
aster are am vice president and miss cable we talked about it over the phone but I
just wanted to put it out there a Cup como the questions I had but that was on payments made to
Department of Justice and and David Joel MacDonald types I C and about 12 34 different PO’s with the same and source are finding it
seems some which was the unrestricted general fund
an you know at now I have to say really
appreciate an you guys your willingness to work on
this is my training I’m an auditor this is what i’d lead live in brief over and on a daily basis so them i really
appreciate your patience and if you could to speak to that since we discussed it over the phone so that the
public is aware I do appreciate that and more