Picking talent trustee Archuleta and distant
land clarification on gas on now to me that I assume that when install it for action and
on and we should be voting on that document grantmaking that this is me at higher decided
to move forward with a web-based golf and so I’m just not understanding why when making
revisions when Up to something on the m on thi for lack that order Tyco support the
leadership of leadership development programs that are now can we change to the status of
leadership development program out I understand that when our okay) & the on reframes the
event recommendations that are being now propose that we will and I’m just wondering why we
got to playlist when we originally talked about at the goals and I retained I believe
that live in way that because as they were in was the investigative revisions now that
we that is that I am faxing in the this item that I chose to say I still you you you would
like to highlight it right and adding some words but essentially what I’m hearing from
Pres. Oakley is that it is already incorporated as it currently is stated you want to put
some additional language to be highlighted but it really than the concern about being
used to make it a to begin the process of making it a tangible goal that we go back
previously actually is I’m a Pres. Oakley we don’t really do it justice statements not
one that we can really measure in 12 months that’s important part about the goal so guys
that explain properly while we can certainly measure the Long Beach college promise I we
make commitments and in the MO you that we signed and so what I’m saying is the metrics
already in MO you the college promise we made the commitments we can bring it to the board
we can report and whereat with those metrics but there already included in the Long Beach
college box says is included been in a equidistant argument about the second goal about workforce
development, talent and to my doing Internet mention Goldman Sachs that that should be
all encompassing Tivoli it’s detailed in that supple at and I wanted to two words would
make a break these goals I think it’s important enough of the call to highlight dislike it’s
important enough to continue to sustain and expand the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business
program as wanted that supplements find a number to the request development and the
reason is that there is no a document that has all of the goals encompass for career
and technical education workforce and economic development this is one of the programs of
the board specifically wanted to include it goes just as the Long Beach college promise
is one of the programs there are certainly subcomponents of the 10,000 small business
program that is a myriad components that you could add detail to I guess my answer do you
trust easier would be that if we’re going to add one or two items the Long Beach college
promise you might as well as all of the metrics for the Long Beach college promise in the
goals so to highlight one or two in there are many other goals that were working on
that of been included by the mayor with our agreement which include universal preschool
and include shortening time to degree so I guess that’s my question if you’re going to
highlight some demise will highlight all worlds you just recognize that all of those are encompassed
in the document that was sign that read: so it’s what I’m here for my eye colleagues as
if one’s comfort with the existing language he does have measurable and as trustee Archuleta
also mentioned and I didn’t hear anyone 21 seconds and so I there is no the discussion
with that item present motion is with these without one correction on the establishment
or status be inserted into the main motion and spoint to accept that is being proposed
the FTSE question that on hi on the first and I did bring is been duly seconded comments
at the island mentioned that the third one was new from last year’s event argument is
that this is what is rolling over goals from last year than it is refuted because we’ve
added the third one I just can’t understand why we don’t have another one that’s all you
actually at the retreat there was an extensive discussion of the need to add this: it was
agreed by everybody that we would at the school so it isn’t out of whole cloth now it was
diastole greatly kiddo and I just stayed at the question came up edits which is ruling
over our goals than last year and is not the case with problems additions to now I will
go if way would present superintendent at oak leaves and mentioning they’ll put some
face into that and trust that we have the internship opportunities are baked into the
program and I will vote for it that and I’d like to see some data in the near future power
supporting the student success in the career and getting them currently readying with internships
and when we do presentations on these items towards in limine even go a step further insight
into the board goals are set in concrete enemy we adopt him but they can be modified and
if we want to look at the idea of adding internships for because of will or anything else we can
always do that by working together and I mean that in this comes out to me this is cannot
tonight and I know the programs that were doing you know what the lungs unifies doing
a know we discussed $15 million and Long Beach unified at $6 million in their set aside monies
and therefore the establishment of internship programs and if we want to think about this
in the future of the next meeting even and and consider adding some additional language
we can do that but I think we can move forward that would there is a motion second fence
and safety please call the roll on the approval of the board goals is nice to know number
Archuleta numbers I motion carries were now to the consent calendar items that you need
to make a correction in our consent, before asked for a motion to prove and that is in
item 12.1 – eight in there on the bond contract awards in our book currently there is 112.2
bond contract awards I need to announce for the record that the contract with C1 construction
Corporation in art in our binders. I was not the accurate number it is CN 22059 – .4
so just so on the cassette, that’s reflected to slip into that is on its action item agenda
item 12.1 – eight under 15% headed downhill also the ones highlighted feel in the book
it has exes seven actual number so with that said we now to the consent calendar item to
entertain a motion to approve the consent calendar is so moved motion polite and I don’t
have a motion second to second to the consistent provisional consent calendar will first have
to pull the items we need a motion in Iraq and I quickly items as motion a second for
the approval or consent calendar items now trust easier items you wish to discussion
desktop when 8.1 I just pool of .8 and this is on purchase order 73 896 and purchase order
ascending the 4160 I dislike understand the basis for these charges are and on for the
cost wasn’t competitively procured and shape go on IDU is to provide a response on this
tonight and that has this been discussed prior to the meeting feeling is not taught is not
okay Pres. Oakley or VP Gable the me just be clear him are we pulling the items from
the consent agenda and heavy already approved the consent agenda notice motion a second
to present consent calendar with the exception 12.8 I have not forgotten motion of SOI at
the we should act on the consent agenda and then we can now move this case very get think
that’s what is just 12 point so there’s a motion second report for the consent calendar
items with the second 12.8 unsecured please call the role September 2, I VP on member
Archuleta numbers the I’m trying our to 12.8 had to get a motion on the floor so we can
open a discussion all entertain a motion to approve 12.8 and we have discussion items
on this motion by trustee auto second by trustee Archuleta to prove and to appoint a discussion
track Chile as his trustee Archuleta recognizes trust easier again like to know what the basis
for these two purchases are and with the cost is based on it was competitively procured
thinking you repeat the to answer more time but it’s sad for disorders 70 3896 is the
first time and and said purchase orders 70 4160 with heritage window covering and wanted
to know what what’s the basis are at is for these charges and meaning what are they in
the more description and also is the cost at the lowest-cost provider then again at
the beginning God this that the fund to and it was competitively procured so I will turn
that question over VP Gable desperate can number 7396 hyperlink technology solutions
this is in order to implement mobile web services for our students to make it normal web services
were easily accessible to the students we did we did not do an RFP RFQ process since
it is not read wired for this type of service however we did do extensive research with
probably six different vendors that can provide this service we were looking for something
that would work with our PeopleSoft system originally this vendor had quoted us a price
and 140,000 we were able to negotiate that down to $79,850 every other vendor that we
look at that could currently function with PeopleSoft was significantly higher than in
Afghanistan and for the number 74160 to heritage window coverings Incorporated and this was
something that we did solicit for proposals we received two proposals and this was the
lowest proposal that was received And I’m looking at that this item 12.8 and then think
that out of 1.99483 3 million that is before us for approval over one point 6,000,001.61879
fax effects to the fact which is over 81% of the entire expenditures under $25,000 and
it’s not itemized and the past four months I’ve been asking for this information and
these appropriations and how they are being spent on at this is says something that nobody
in the sport knows what they are who the money goes to where the source of the funds are
and yet it’s being approved I’ve abstained from voting on it because Frank that he need
to know what and approving I’ve repeatedly can have asked for the information for some
reason it’s being kept away from us and we have to right to now in our oversight capacity
and the public needs to know how public funds are being spent other districts such as our
colleagues here at Evergreen college fantasy and most of the other districts that I’ve
research throughout the states bypass the remedy in this case is for us also provide
this information and know what where approving we need to know how the money is spent where
it’s going and what is the source of the funding and certainly not suggesting that there is
unsavory spending here at our district however I believe it’s an appropriate and unethical
for us to approve the items that we have no knowledge of case in point this item which
is over 83% of the total expenditures before I’ve that nobody on this board knows what
they are we need to have this information & shine at for deliberation rather than improve
it as is said really the question for me of the role of act as trustees in our oversight
capacity and fiduciary obligation to the public the public has a right to know and shouldn’t
have to go through the exercise of requesting a public records act obtain this information
began 81% of the funds before us for approval today we have no knowledge of for that reason
and for the reason that we don’t have begun over the money is going to and spent time
when abstaining again and voting on this item and continue to do so and been and continue
to ask for this information and tell inmate said in our docket the way were operating
with these tacit approval is not transparent and a disservice to live as a governing board
and the public at is as it is the right to know this is not the way to garner the confidence
of taxpayers that we had the obligation to safeguard their dollars and Sarah I wanted
me to use the California Brown act preamble the Legislature finds and declares that the
public conditions boards and councils and the other public agencies in the state exists
to aid in the contact of the people’s business is the intent of the law that their actions
be taken openly and that their deliberations be conducted openly the people at this did
state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them the people in delegation
delegating authority do not get their public servants I repeat their public servants who
we are the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for
them to know I repeat the people in delegating authority do not give their public servants
the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not likely than to know
the people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments
they have created it therefore I make the motion that we place an item on November 11
agenda to discuss how information should be reported to the board including a breakdown
of all expenditures under $25,000 this would mean associated vendors main source of funding
description of services and amount of each expenditures going forward in our board dockets
can we need to know what we’re proving over $1.6 million at $1.9 million before us today
is going to be approved without knowing over approving and I simply refuse to do that thank
you there is a node is my best wishes a motion motion did not second trust easier I have
to tell you when you make an allocation towards me personally at his member board of conducting
unethical behavior take that very seriously I will say I insulted by that kind of comment
we do not have the funding is spent there is nothing hidden his policies the sport of
other district to do exactly how we do things you have wanted to have all this information
you have said that repeatedly no other member of the board agrees with you that we need
to go that way and so I have to tell you to sit there and make allegations of unethical
behaviors that members of this board is unfounded inappropriate and it is absolutely insulting
to people that are sitting here is your coworkers as a member of the governing body for a colleague
to make that Estate to say that I don’t understand financially what is taking place this college
or the details to it I’m sorry we have policies in place we have internal and external auditors
to review this we have never had an issue to make a type of allocation or an assumption
that money is improperly being spent by this community college District board by these
members I’m sorry about that is an exceptionally insulting comment to all of us and without
his bacteria I am not at regulatory and that the SEC ethical behavior sorry I cannot on
it based on CCS we have rules in so and I smile to keep the audience and again my not
allowed to smiling you see I have the floor in a governing Roberts rules I recognized
you I did not interrupt you you finish your comment you made a motion was not accepted
by any member I respond to your comment you did not call the motion to I said was there
anyone one second the motion and a regular/there I’m sorry that is what happened I read my
statement he did not call for the motion care you did not and I asked if there was a second
to your motion I certainly did not here and 79 as stimulating as I said in my statements
that there is any impropriety going on and simply sitting I don’t I don’t feel ethical
approving something that I can’t see I can’t imagine any of you that nobody knows Weber
approving this is if we’re going to move forward there is a motion second floor to prove this
item other members support machine, this time if you wish to Moses trustee but yeah I I
quite frankly did consider what you said insulting you said that were behaving unethically I
think that very seriously you’re saying it on television to everybody in the city of
Long Beach on this is my statement have either not I have floor trustee auto has the floor
please follow records so well you are giving your speech I went and asked how many items
it was that what were involved in this hundred or 1.6 there are 271 items included all within
the boards established policy of not getting additional information for under $25,000 or
nine here that means that there were 262 additional items it would be under this I think by my
calculations with the explanations it would be about 50 more pages of things we would
have to consider that when the board considered the idea of limiting the up what we had to
approve to less than $25,000 call the discussions and the discussions were look we have internal
and external auditors we don’t want these meetings to just be about looking into several
hundred the individual items that’s why the decision was made if you want to change that
then maybe we can do a study session on it or maybe you can convince us that it’s a bad
policy and that we should adopt it to get Italian the way that your your your treating
me in particular decimate make your arguments very persuasive characters of motion assessed
on the floor discussions. I like to the recognize you this time there is a motion second authority
motion did not get a second so I’m going to ask for the 60 please call the roll on approval
of this item Pres., I VP not a member Archuleta I never said gained the reasons I stated you
I will I will touch on is I’ve talked about extensions just I need to plan abstaining
your have a spell in body listened you wouldn’t listen to my to reason of why abstaining I
feel inappropriate approving these items because you do not have the information that I don’t
know what I’m approving the board doesn’t know whether approving an attempt to what
you’re your reason don’t don’t support the board took a motion here today because you
do not have the information catalyst to the $1.6 million none of us now with the what
it is a citizen order is a point of order of on-Rosses you and Sec. a motion carries
renown at the next item which is resource 5.3 does a salary schedule exempt from the
merit system this is an action item and moving the background if I can has Oakley is there
any report of these be done with this item. It is just basically what you have here it’s
just the recommendation is to consider and improve the revised exam salary schedule every
year we bring this to the board we have to prove of the exempt the salary schedule its
exempt from the merit system and you have the various classes of their on page 2 and
where those salary ranges what are entertain a motion improvement in five countries scheduled
for please was motion by trust easier and set my trustee Archuleta question, but this
time hearing on sector please call the role 5.3 S. schedule Pres., I VP although member
option Archuleta I and members the I a motion carries academic Senate know items at this
time thank you to become president no action items listed academic affairs 10.1 this is
instruction Department highlights this is an informational item is really and about
would be my item I believe I will going to refer over how to the you thank you on I gave
for every board meeting when I get appliqués report to the board highlight sent faculty
accomplishments all in and outside of the classroom I think that it would be nice for
all of us to now and to acknowledge the great work of my faculty about it in outside a classroom
have to highlight that like to share with you is one of our part-time faculty members
in the communication studies department name is Nicole Riviera daily act she’s been teaching
at the college since 2007 and she recently wrote to chapters in a textbook called the
two to tango interpersonal communication for everyday living and she this textbook is not
used here at Long Beach city college that is used in colleges on across the nation and
she’s sad about writing the text that this is an exciting opportunity to write a text
that engages students by explaining important theoretical concepts using the most current
research and applicable examples so I would like to take this time to congratulate the
call for her congressman as writing two chapters in the textbook on the second congratulate
you on your like to share with you is one of our full-time faculty members he’s been
teaching at Long Beach city college since 2005 she’s been the performing arts department
menisci and love she directs the Long Beach city college Viking singers and she’s done
a lot and has a lot of plans to take the singers to various places Sunday highlighted couple
of them and they just performed October 11 at USC choral Festival for Dr. Ronald D Eichelberger
and Dr. Joe Michael she on November 7 she and the singers will be traveling to you by
Allah University choral Festival and then later on in the night they would be coming
to San Diego to sing at the music Association committee college conference side like to
also take this time congratulate sky and the Long Beach city college making singers on
their success here at London city college and edifying and I’d like to say I am soliciting
faculty highlights from all departments had been half games in the department had and
so if you have a story that you like me to share about the great things you’re doing
in the classroom or when you’re colleagues used in the classroom on place in laws because
they think this is the time and we can celebrate the great successes are faculty in the classroom
and it’s one of the things that makes Long Beach city college who we are and very very
grateful to be a part of it and have this opportunity to share those experiences with
you thank you the vice president long etc. were to student us for service with first
item is the is the president yes you him I don’t see local unable I see a a substitute
for local on
the good evening superintendent Pres. Oakley Board President Kellog and members of the
board meeting 15 how I’m is the vice president of the lining
out for class Sunday go ahead and read her? Present from the board members and superintendent
Pres. Oakley for coming out to them intermixing the seventh annual Beverly O’Neill student
leadership conference on Friday, October 17 on the entire associated student body We are
pleased to see significant growth registration per leadership opportunities for the first
time all of our cabinet members had a visit Piatt in the facilitation of the contract
and their participation in this objective shed the positive feedback regarding skill
development workshop support our move toward implementing initiated academic I academies
such as the John with the leadership Institute.