good evening everyone and thank you for
allowing me the opportunity to speak it make me my name is a line increases in a mixed
drink it on which the pollitt and I’ve been
following the test the nominee profit because I thought the name on the
list dependent on me and that the million a month billion
mile who happens to be a former professor mine here that polly and every time that
I read an article or check not be am about what was going
on there always seem to be a few words that were an attached to burning and those words aware that she
was a journalist along firm in worker and and at the
either very prestigious title and but I feel as
if they didn’t fare her death a.m. as far as three
involvement within the community qualifications for position as well as her role as the catalyst didn’t think
that yet well as a former student in I felt that the most important lesson
plan when fairly well we’ll and from the
curriculum but extra credit opportunities that be
provided for her did in and with where networking opportunities job opportunities applying
toward internship in basically she wanted us to
apply what we learned in my bathroom outside and by the end of the semester I came to the conclusion that baby and
was one of the few professors who not only cared about right be then
she cared about our goals as an individual are per year and like that we lived outside camp and as the evaluating army me I ask that you can not only BB and
qualifications but her role on campus and her influence on we acted in you as a friend and here to listen and a voice to tell
the most important story and that story up being thank you explicar is a Mary Barton followed by tonya on s back you didn’t rest is and mister president and now everyone
else above you I’ve known for many years but for those
of you who don’t know me I moved to Long Beach 1984 to take a job
as a professor at Cal State and I’m I’m one of those ninety-three
percent who has many points of touch with Long Beach City College and so I Christenberry finder the
organization of the institution my when I first moved here I actually
took several courses in Chinese language and now that came in very handy other
police and ask to speak it right now I and now both my children
went to school here and and later on I was after I left academia
became a consultant I actually did some research firm the college and arm tighten a golden Goldman Sachs program
cell by way of saying that might i right strategic management which
is which teaches people to do the level
decision making that you do here so I wanna say I am very impressed that
you take in this very thoughtful comprehensive approach to choosing this
new trustee my own vote if I were in your place
would be for Susan Redfield and I went to just briefly tell you why as thorough as
you were process is it does in probably address
the kind of personality that the people have here before you and
I wanted to tell you that I’ve worked with Susan a number of years
we’re both board members at the Public Library Foundation for many years and she’s a very warm person very generous and very
enthusiastic in whatever she does she’s also a leader she’s quite able to
not take the leadership role in somebody
else steps up but you’ll find that working with her
she will be very enthusiastic in much he does he’s very quick study and she has a real passion for education
because most of her career has been in education over these years
and I think you’ll be very happy with having her as a Cali thank you very much for giving
me the opportunity Thank You merry explicar tonya there sa mga tonya tonya reassert on I’m here to thank you for
the process I thought that this was an impossible job to replace my has been
right the but apparently it wasn’t that hard but I’ll tell you after seeing the
quality of the candidates I was so impressed it is extremely difficult for me to
speak about one because so many of my
neighbors and friends susan is right down read it and so much
work in the public library system Vivian also down the street it ima
worked within into she introduced me to Dolores Huerta
I was the you know so on it I’m not a very long time the summer though that didn’t get
selected Mario is just email such a sweetheart new
someone I respect in the city of Long Beach and and one of our friends down the road
that that just if you go one block this way we’re back that way you run into a an applicant natalie that she was she’s
behind this isn’t fair to me so it’s so difficult I could just imagine I I’m not going to
say anything about who I prefer but I certainly have
my preference but what I will say is that on I wanna
thank you for having such a fair process my vote will come in April 2016 and that’s when I think the public is
able to weigh in right now whoever gets elected you have less than three well just over
three months to start your campaign for 2016 because that opens up in january
1st according to the Long Beach City Charter so I thank you for not having a special
election I hope you don’t pursue any one person’s especially election because it’s a waste
of money and quite frankly there’s just not enough time when you realize that in january 1st you
up new committee for 2016 um so whoever gets elected I have to say congratulations but also I
feel sorry that you have to start campaigning right away on thank you again for your time in such
a professional process I was a little bit weary but I am I
think you did very well I was I’m glad I with nudity to listen
to the pipelines thank you thank you a next speaker and a rebuttal her Roberto
Tauranga have and are any the candidates still in the room after
hearing about the election and the campaign in a few short months do we lose any the finalists are all
here get a and you have to pick your first
have I’m just come by the cars are given to me and I’ll I’ll the one thing about has been away
from the team that we had that we have different perspective and
that’s what makes like Pinterest biz although we are male and female I’ll eulogies from mars no determinism
from art and that we have a we have different
perspectives on things in person via I was they need to apologize to you the
board up fourteen years was the territory enough for me I was able as being a member the
border into your support able to reach some rightsinterest the ship that
weren’t mad that would not have been possible had it not been for you and that’s what
the me in in my missed the ship and being able accomplish me a thing we will I’ll everything has again it the college
promise cars pathway the all those had a beginning somewhere and they began with the board and it
began with also a selection million a president to bring and who had the courage to take the message
when the board into other areas to be was going to
happen that things will happen by themselves it so I want to also graduated committee or select quit using to have this process and being so open
about it and being so professional company and as and open
because that’s what it comes down you head a unique opportunity I an opportunity that is not provided
anywhere else other than then an election you in actually interview and and pretty any better anyway candidates that you
want to use it with you on that date in the political process in
campaigns you don’t have that too late that comes
from the from the community actors from the election process that comes from fundraising and
political consultant my clips of the director work for a city
council I’ll but that’s what it comes down to it
it and the valuations are not me directed by
you but by the people and they make that and the candidates
have to make basically there should be land and sell
their their their mission and their goals and
their vision but what they want to do when the plant
the seed and that see great there till I commend you for doing
that those questions were tough there really were I have I was looking
at those it while our answered but you know I feel very
competent I saw the applicant’s I saw the the debate and the discussion
that was there I think it’s bearing it open any regard
wherever you choose I know it’s going to be the top notch
best person we’ll you at that it that personnel your
questions interview valuations and make me on that
know that report your select thank thank you for the final speaker an angle know everybody I know you’re pretty
happy this week’s almost over as well arm my name’s any angle I’m classified member this
campus but missus my personal variance in opinions
here this evening I am I’m also a 25-year
resident Long Beach and a homeowner tax payer Long Beach so I’m speaking here’s a community member and I
want to express after listening all the candidates on we
do have many many great candidates and it’s nice that
we had to turn out that we did in and i really appreciate everybody are
coming now and I’m trying to help in and be a part
of pleadings campus but the person that that came out to me
that I want to express my support or is villi Vivian mile thank you I am you know we know we have some challenges
at this camp its and morale communication some of them have been brought up arm
what I see in her as a passion and creativity enthusiasm an adept and a variety experiences that I think is needed to see the whole picture up what’s going on home in fact I think
I’m gonna sign up for her journalism class and I just I just a think that is she’s the kinda
person that we need to help helped lead the campus there are a lot
of good ones and I think we’re going to get somebody
great but on that’s that’s where I’ve been my supporters personal thank you thank you at this time I’m going to ask if there
are any members the board that would like to
pick any comments before we then give our tally sheets to back for calculations what we will do when we do hang these please follow and when we had more will take a
ten-minute cuz you’re going to go to your office and do that cell once we to that will take a ten-minute recess
come back 30 announcement I’m sorry it can’t be any more sexy than
that folks but that’s what we’re going to be doing so
at this time members the boren mission to speak thank
me she recognizes trustees here thank you president kellogg and I just
wanna thank you guys for participating in this process I hope we can now I am go through this
process and save the district am 292 thousand dollars I
hope you trust our decision tonight and I know its it was personally very
difficult for me as them council member ring
mentioned it’s Justin amazing Cooper folks and I wanna personally and tell air mind that
these three sitting up here they’re the ones who always get me in trouble in
every time I see them into have to look back and smile at them but it
wasn’t intended to you within ten did enter and anyway I hope para yet that we an levy make you happy tonight and Chile well cherry has his trusty
Baxter trustee auto just hasher thank you president kala I just wanna say that I
appreciate all the people who applied for this position I it in the
beginning people thought people wouldn’t apply but
just like the scholarship program most people apply at the last minute and I think that’s kinda normal human
nature but to have eleven people come forward who really outstanding in our community
is a testimony to this institution and a place a knife
from barry feel very strongly about I wanna thank
you for taking the time I as people were talking tonight I was
thinking about you know this really was like a debate I
that you had to think on your feet and give it go give good answers and you all did
very very well considering you didn’t have the the questions and then finally I wanna
thank a trustee at oh who I led the the
process and spent an incredible Obama time I he and I worked on the questions I
have to tell you that he did a lot of the work and then he said what do you think about
this so I really wanna thank him for that and and making sure that everything was done
properly and then also think president kellogg who has said Dufner masterful job love raining everyone and
and also of course my colleague a just easier who really cares about
this institution want to see it go forward in I appreciate all her comments to thank
you Cristiano I I want to express my
appreciation to not only to the candidates that are the finalists that
are here tonight but also to all the candidates I I can honestly say that anyone up the 11
candidates who were standing at the into the application
process could be the trustee here they were all
qualified a all have a passion about the college
they all prepared a lot to understand what goes on here and clearly wanted to engage in public
service and so I’m this entire time that this has been
going on it keeps walking through my head this is really democracy in action uses really people struggling with our
decisions and yet it’s its writ large here because it’s a process we don’t just go
to a ballot box involved but you actually see it work
out over a period of time you get a lot more information and opportunities to
question in in life there are oftentimes that we give reasons for things and why
we do things but when you vote you don’t necessarily give reasons in
this is like a me a process it’s right in the middle because you see the information come
forward I you struggle with the information who in public issue we asked these questions the way we designed this process was
first what we heard were repeatedly was it was morale issue on campus and we wanted to make
absolutely sure for certain that people understood that this wasn’t open a transparent and particularly a fair process it was that way because we started off
with everybody filling out the same
application no deviations we then ask for their first group of candidates
the identical same questions in then we had each above the trustees up here score separately without consultation with anyone else there score sheets and those were some by are institutional effectiveness Dean and that’s what gave you the finalists I’m just a quantitative look and then we came onto this process which
was the final process and I’m the while in the preliminary process the
candidates were able to prepare their answers and do their research here we duplicated the preliminary process to
some extent with the notable exception we had I’m people come in and they were interviewed and they were given the same
for questions the however were not given the questions
in advance and the reason for that was because we
wanted to see how the candidates could think on their feet we are doing the
same thing we did in the preliminary process we were marking our ballots I individually and they’re being turned
in and then what will happen is that the scores will be posted for all of us
all five other candidates and we’ll get a chance to I used those
numbers as an advisory decision as to how it is that will vote by law we have to to make
a motion and eventually affirm somebody so that’s
what the process is Ben I’m the people that I’ve talked to say
that they feel that it’s been very fair im very open
and that particularly satisfying I’m this is a great institution it does
wonderful work in this community and like 10 the
candidate said if you scratch almost anybody in Long
Beach they know somebody or themselves well to remember their family went to
this institution and we are held in high regard and the reasons for that is the history
of the way that we do things and I A I think that this process is an
extension of that observation and I hope that when we finish up here
tonight and literally were gonna pick somebody and swear that person that will be then ready to move forward
and continue to the great work goes on so thanks thank you well obviously my text my fellow board members as we’ve
with move forward on this actually thanks to previous
board as well because over year ago we’re anticipating
that there was a potential they a former
colleague may may resigned early he did not do so then we also anticipate the fact we may
lose a college to a city council election which did happen so I personally been planning for this
for over a year so with that type of preparation I was
really hoping we could get it right without overthinking the process and I
believe we have as trustee on mention I feel very
comfortable that the process what’s taken place and attack with has much time in
anticipation this the sad reality up tonight is that one
person will be selected is not a case if somebody when in
summary losing its one 53 qualified individuals will be selected to sit here as a member
of the governing body each and every one you bring tremendous
attribute to this would bring to the sport when I was
first elected in and this is one of those issues I was
told it on the Long Beach City Council is only a few issues the really matter every year a lot of
the other things and this was a credited my good friend former
councilmember record in ski has come it was all the rest you can just mail it in
there are a few issues really are going to make a difference
and he was right and this is one of those
issues really will make a difference on how this college and its governing
board will operate I did look at all different types of
areas what I thought would be a good match for this sport hi as was mentioned this is much more different than a
traditional political campaign where you can hide behind red you can
hide behind catchy phrases have you ever heard anyone say they’re
not against you know I’m for education everyone’s for education get to find
Kennedy to suggest education but that’s the difference that this is
really a very demanding processes my my thanks to all the individuals it’d
apply and go through this I don’t think I
would want to attend this species were tough questions they’re meant to be that way so I you
done outstanding job and I’ll be interested to see how the
results will be as was mentioned we will have to take a
vote on this and about members aboard after the results are in it is an
advisory only then will be shown and so I look forward to it there’s no
further comment at this time against thanks each and every one of you I look forward to having it for
governing body once again whoever sits in the sea I’m cement my
left but that’s only because that’s where
Roberto was city money retired I think I’m sorry you were here Thomas here
writer I would just tell you this you have some
enormous shoes to fill with his experience and
knowledge but also not only from the person that
you’re following but also the area representing has
tremendous needs and is is critical this college that we
address it up in particular that area so get ready this is your final call us say something now if you don’t want to
be considered carrying nine if we could please hand are P poor every hand are challenges to the report
secretary we’re going to take a ten minute recess and come back thank
you all very much at this time the meeting is in recess