Call to order the September 8th meeting in Long Beach
Community College District Board of Trustees. I’ll ask our vice
president for administrative services and Ann Marie Gabel to lead us in the pledge
allegiance to the flag we have the roll call Jeff Kellogg here before we begin our meeting today I
just wanted to acknowledge that this is a particularly sad day at Long Beach
Long Beach Community College District because of the passing of Professor
Julian delgadio it was sudden he was teaching classes at the time literally
when he died but this semester and Julian was a beloved member of the Long
Beach Community College District and there was a service at Rose Hills
Memorial Park this afternoon many of us attended and it’s pretty hard
to shake the feeling that that go along with someone who you’re close to whose
literally delivering services passing at the beginning of the semester studio be
accommodated and taking care of care of but I think almost all of us have been
thinking about this since the moment that it happened and it’s been pretty
draining so what we’ve done is moved closed session which ordinarily
procedure are open session and tell after the open sessions will be
journeying after the end of the open session to a closed session and then
after that there’s a another service led by his wife and many of us
were gonna try and attend so we’re going to try and get through this as quickly
as possible giving everybody an opportunity to say anything that they
want to do so with that agenda item one point for approval of minutes of the
August 25th regular meeting of the Board of Trustees I would first ask if there
are any additions or corrections if not I would entertain a motion to have
improved a good move by trustees year seconded by trustee Baxter madam
secretary will you call the rule in March 11 Virginia Baxter I Jeff Keller
and send easy I dunno I don’t 1.5 introductions and special announcements
I have one and that is that I see in our audience member of the Caliph California
Board of Governors doctor Deb email you made who is this is your first meeting
at least in a very long time so welcome and thanks for coming president well I know we will be
introducing her later but we have a former board member of the Long Beach
Community College District lost one point six reordering of the agenda I
don’t think there are any requests to reorder the agenda and now we have the
ASP president’s report 1.7 I would like to personally I was in
class I was unable to attend the first half I participate in the second half I
would also like to make it easier for attending our first meeting answering
questions of the newest members would like to see that as of last friday we’ve
played our last appointed position that was vacant for sustainability so as of
next week will have all of our appointed positions are as of this week and I have
all of our point of positions filled and we are also we also fired our PC C&R LEC
Cultural Affairs shares within this past week we are almost a complete all we’re
missing is the any president with that being said this Friday we will
be having our AC cabinet meeting at the Pacific Coast campus eighty and we will be discussing embassy B we’re
also discuss the Barnes and Noble grant lecken this will be used to purchase
items for the student body and we also approve the 2015 2016 ASB budget for
this year thank you thank you so much for that
excellent report agenda item one point eight the public hearing on the proposed
budget of the district of the year ending June 30th 2010 16 this is a time
set aside for the public to express its views on the 2015 2016 budget is there
anyone who wants to make any comments once or twice having heard no responses
I now declare the public hearing closed and we will move on individual be
considered later public items on a public comments on agenda items a total
of three minutes will be allowed to each speaker with a maximum of twenty minute
Street subject unless it time is extended by the Board President I don’t
think I’ve been given any is everybody sick agenda item 2.1 resolution support
quote breaking through lighting the way exhibition and historical research
project in Long Beach and trustee or are you let us going to make some comments everyone and welcome get I have this
afternoon sure of presenting this research project
in Long Beach that honors outstanding women but we want to acknowledge and
recognize them for their outstanding achievement so at this time what I like
to do it I like to read the resolution and then after that I like to introduce
the women and then after that I know where the first african-american woman
to sit in my chair the chair that I now have it all right resolution of the Board of Trustees Long
Beach Community College District support the way in Long Beach where is the
exhibition breaking through lighting the way includes portraits historical
photographs documents and artifacts that served to honor and recognize
contributions 12 prominent african-american women who made a major
and positive difference in the city of Long Beach and where the collection of
historical profile pay tribute to those who help achieve progress in the ratio
of long beach in Southern California and where several of those honored have
strong connection Long Beach City College including bobi Smith former Long
Beach City College librarian and first african-american woman elected to public office in Long Beach african-american member of the Long
Beach Community College and lighting the way inspiration to all of the residents and
where’s the exhibit will be a teaching tool to him warn younger generations of
african-american women in the civil rights era and we’re breaking through
lighting the way it will be on display at the main Long Beach library beginning
September 29 2015 with various activities and now they’re pretty
resolved at the Long Beach Community College breaking through lighting the way women
honored in this remarkable it’s just easier any discussion that’s
forbidden we don’t do that appear on this time I do as a historian and
President Juan I wanna applauded Carolyn Smith watch you I think put this
together and salute you ladies you vary by ladies and congratulations and I i
think this is long overdue yes I like to trustee baxter’s
remarks and welcome you I think we may miss this special introduction of
Doris who’s here tonight as well so thank you for being here it’s just such
an honor I hope to be following your footsteps ladies and we have a long way
to go and I hope we can do meaning full more meaningful resolution but such as
this one and more do more in this regard to support her african-american students
and beyond so thank you so much for the hard work and for paving the way for us
very quickly and as well congratulations everyone is very interested to see here individuals deputies here in city tonya
who around she has a camera somewhere with
her involvement with city council and obviously her husband with this board
and now the council and we work across and doors has more stories about me and
which i think is either good or bad but I went to school with one of her sons
long time ago in a far off the road I think but great memories of all these
individuals and and the fact is there such a tremendous contribution to the
city of Long Beach in their own way and making the city a better place and so
I’m very proud obviously did support the resolution but also to see a lot of
friends in the audience meant a lot to me during my years in the
city and also having a decide with some of these wonderful people across my
career we have some great memories very positive and not just tell war stories
here looks like an old football player but all good stories you might think
that I probably would question is Palin you talked about were used to sit in
this chair you weren’t sitting in these chairs user comfortable chairs so noted
for his view that may or may not know before we had this room we were like a glorified youth baseball
board of directors we we borrow the foundation would have those wooden
chairs that were not comfortable sitting in so it’s a little bit different back
in the day but what hasn’t changed is the quality people to city has an impact
people that are on everyone and so I appreciate all the work you’ve done and
also how you been spotted me and all those years and also great friendship so
congratulations there is a resolution on the floor there
are no comments at this time I would ask the Secretary to call the rule our March
other I purchased my eye to pass resolution passes unanimously and went
into a representative from her up on us good evening Armel chair and ottoman truth these my name is just a check swing and I’m here on behalf of
but who is unable to be here this evening due to his
responsibilities as a member of the California Coastal Commission I’m here
to speak in support of the resolution and thank you for taking the time to
recognize this extraordinary accomplishment of these twelve women the
breaking through lighting the way event later this month is a tribute to women
who have made a difference in the history of Long Beach women like Bobby
Smith Patricia love when we all have shaped the history of Long Beach City
College we will be honoring these women at a council meeting in a couple weeks
but as a council member and a former member of the board he wanted to take
the time to thank you all for personally personally for recognizing this event
thank you also to Kelly Smith wat for your leadership also know that several
of the honorees here today so thank you for being here
and thank you for your time to maintain no clear and present persist to board
members you know what a great offer to you what a great journey this has been
the last six or seven years before last 12 months for sure how the 12
african-american women we do have carry Bryant Dale Clinton L to
Harrington Evelyn night pat loughlin veremos como pollo Truscott Bobby Smith
door stop the Year award and willie Mae westley unfortunate well we’ve lost two
are ready which was to Muscat and miss westley but we’re very fortunate to have
tuned with us and we’re excited of back with three of the six survived it with
us today we have a lot to cook who actually was instructor here at city
college so she taught her many years ago of course are former first
african-american Harbor Commissioner doorstops you over and a former vice
mayor of the city of Long Beach often do you know and Evelyn Knight is a
phenomenal was traveling through martin luther king marched with him and the
work she’s done in the city has been phenomenal and our own room who did
graduate from City College alumnus but more importantly just to remember the
history that they bring to the city is seven hundred and eleven years they
contribute to this city they have travel 19,600 55 miles from seven states and
collectively two hundred thirty years of educational of their career so the
journey that they have been able to park on us and reference to open up their
homes and share of their their personal artifacts to personal stories is nothing
but for us to fall afresh upon the information they share and I’ll be have
we really appreciate sunny nash’s my co-creator Mike you it was unable to be
here along with all of our supporters we appreciate Long Beach City College being
part of our partners and our donors and also to wonderful staff Mumbai on who’s
been working with this and also John Polk who has been phenomenally I’m great
part of this whole bank you so much on behalf of breaking the driveway our sponsors and everyone else and to
these ladies thank you so much african-american women that’s before us
we stand on there not been for them hey I can’t think of the name prepared
to as many of them as I know it’s unfortunate that we had to promote our
own history I really hope you guys are doing better at City College and
promoting their truest everybody contributed to make this city a better
place a more inclusive place and it’s just good and I just thank you on behalf
of my fellow award you and all the other women that has contributed and that got
me thinking about the risk of invoking your your
former profession have to tell mr. Kellogg that he has a right to remain
silent thing he says can will and of course certainly will be used against
him yes sir yes sir I would just like to
thank Jeff Kellogg because he was the first person to announce that I had won
the City Council see he was with me the night by one and Pam his wife start
having pains so he took her home and came back to be with me and then he went
in and came out and said we now have a new city councilperson Jeff I want to
thank you because she was pregnant not because she was at your event it was so
bobbie why don’t you come on up here with these other ladies do you know it has been twenty plus
years that I retired from Long Beach City College and can you imagine how
many new buildings there are and how many times you have moved so we’ve been
wondering about 30 minutes I would say we were here in plenty of time we went
over to the to the old foundation office where you were doing when I left daley
and I finally made it and and we are grateful and thank you so very much but
this this on it today and I apologize I should have looked mostly we’re
delighted that you made it congratulations to everyone remember
when you were chief of staff and we served on task forces together pat I
think you were on the board when I was issuing you and representing I R Adams and I go way back to midnight
basketball we do and miss cook cook you were the principal first it heal when I
first met you before you went on to Jordan and it’s a great great legacy and
in Long Beach congratulations to all of you looking forward to the exhibition memory also had been stuck in an
elevator for an hour with what he’s like I said oh my god that’s right so it was
a lot of parts of history though we got out of there finally an invite panicked
I apologize I was concerned but now it’s it’s great to see somebody be here a lot
of great memories item to point to the approval of the
2016 calendar of board meetings in emotion by kellogg’s seconded by trustee
or to let our discussion all in favor of January working with
secretary call the roll by I just Cala I member of the Board of Trustees so
requests we have request three point eight point 911 312 313 314 1011 as well as well as 14 so other than
those numbers the other one else was pulling consent calendar items if not I
would entertain a motion to approve so let us second if I trust he backs your I
believe I made the motion president so any discussion and the second is better
to approve the remaining consent calendar items right no longer than just
that was a parliamentarian question that was a joke our favorite we have the roll call
please Mr chillin I Virginia Baxter I just color i three point eight is that
correct this is concerning the ratification of
contracts under $175,000 and citrus Tzu wanted to pull this yes president Otto
think you would like to understand and see if any of these expenditures that
are listed were single source or not competitively procured that’s one
question I have a couple other questions on that can I would ask vice president
cable if she knows off top of head answer that question yes
I do so the first item that’s listed for the Board of Governors California
Community Colleges chancellor’s office