I like to call to order the board
trustee meeting for Long Beach Community College District for September night
2000 an 14 if everyone could please stand I’m
going to ask her soon trustee leaders in the Pledge of Allegiance have one
please stand here madam secretary if you could please call the roll the
Board of Trustees vice president kellogg I’m sorry vice president I’m sorry you know
something I don’t know 31 K and secretary key please call the
roll than calar here vice president auto who care member Baxter here member zia here student receiver thank you as far as reporting out on closed
session there’s no items to report out at this time but we pre briefly I has been requested item 1.1 trustee application from board
vacancy area to be moved to begin in the meeting and prior to any other business for
actions on the agenda also been requested to pull an 11-point
one which is the ASP has a report to you also before we begin with the 1.1 last the ASB president to speak as
well to be respectful to all individuals who
the interview tonight I’m asking we still in on the time
allocation for each person the order applicants was randomly
selected and separated into two groups the first
group begin approximately at 5:30 well weekend at
5:30 and the second will begin at I hope 7:30 I each applicant has become the same
five questions prior to this meeting those questions were developed by
trustee Otto and Baxter as per the direction of the board at our last meeting outside legal
counsel has been utilized in this process to
help assure that would mean all legal requirements and parameters and he is seated here tonight each app cage out can will be given five minutes
do a self introduction fall by 50 minutes to respond to the
five questions they have received each question should be read by a member
of the board at the appropriate time begin on my right working across I will be the timer and will notify the speakers when they
have one minute left on the self introduction as well as the five and 10
minute mark during the Question Period I it is no question that everyone be interviewed wat outside the boardroom or
in the room across the courtyard into your opportunity to speak as more of a courtesy I will have
someone come and get you at the appropriate time your welcome to remain in the boardroom
after your interview the three or possibly up to five
finalists will be announced after all the interviews have been completed and the public comment on this subject
has been heard you do not have to be present for the
announcement because I’ve the finals will be contacted as well but
should attend princess office tomorrow with more information on the final
interviews this Thursday I am asking everyone to be
respect for the process all those individuals wishing to serve
area to on the on City College Board of Trustees obviously this is a very important
interviewing process and we appreciate it cooperation and
then finally on behalf of the Board I’d like to thank all the individuals who
have applied for this position I if there are no questions when I would
like to do at this time when asked the ASB president if she would be making her comments to the board followed by I’m NASCAR he were to explain the process that we’re going to be going through and
then right after that will be moving into the interviews so SP
president which is I’m 11 .1 this is information item only
welcome thank you a good evening superintendent
president Oakley and board president kellogg in members at the border thank
you again for giving me the opportunity to speak on the exciting things HP
instead in my for doing per student on September 16 17 18 HP will be holding
special elections in hope you’re feeling some big
imposition adopting a is the Constitution implementing the two dollar
representation be today was joined a club date on the icy and tomorrow will be joined a
club the APCC from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. it’s amazing to
see how many students love barbecuing hot dogs this was a great event where
many of our clubs and organizations attended and participated on September 28 sit in my will be
contributing in the California Coastal Cleanup we invite you all to join us to play
navarre beach is and lastly we invite the board to be a
part of my seventh annual Beverly o’neill student leader conference and morning mentor mixer this annual
event is scheduled for Friday October 17 and will run from 8:30 to 4:30 NT 1200
and the morning mixer will run from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. the
cement is an opportunity for students to practice their networking skills and
attend various workshops on career in leadership development this concludes
my report tonight thank you board members and the poor to
productive years you’re is the president thank you thank you very much I the area’s announcements special people in the audience AlterNet to
serbian President Oakley yes I just 10 welcome a couple of
individuals who are here with us tonight for civil I wanna think I am making curves member love the Long Beach Unified School Board
who is here with us today welcome megan though are remember the personal
commissioned mister Richard Gaylord is your welcome
which finally some I do wanna announce a retirement and and just take a moment
to to honor her service Siddipet don’t
think she’s here with us today but term georgie and I am me here Gayton is retiring after 13 years a service in the human resource office many many
of us have interacted with I am georgie anne over the years she’s always worn a smile and been the a blessing to the human
resource office so I want to congratulate her on her 13 years a
service and her upcoming retirement so you can join me
around applause for at all I F thank you at this time them all move back to I
could have I if you could please come up and explain
the process we as a board are about ready to go
through I’ve tried to do highlight how this process is be handled from the the voting component so if you
can please goes a brief review what the process is
going to be not just for us lost members audience
right home yes so each other the trustees have been
provided with a ranking method she so that there’s
clarity and consistency across the east each the trustees and
ascension to me highlights are those instructions and
show the ranking she the beach in the trustees is being on
supply so all eleven candidates will be given the
same at a time to answer the same questions after each candidate
has answered the questions trustees will assigned
rank to each of the candidates each trustee
much rain each and every one of the candidates
right now I’m going to show you arm a sample up the rankings she that the candidates will be using so
essentially arm the way that it works automatically
the first candidate starts with the rank one after the
second candidate has completed are responding to the questions than the trustee goes through and
basically decides does Canada Day remain as arm the first rank and can it be becomes
the second ring oregon go vice versa after the third candidate comes forward and interviews
answers the questions then the trust me continues this process
and decide who is first second and third and so on until the end
the entire she is completed so that in the end every
candidate is is ranked arm for every trustee provides a ranking for
all the candidates 1 through 11 to account for each in the
candidate are the final ranks will be arm completed here and then submitted um to me who’s been designated as the
person to score these I will then arm collect the sheets from
the trustees and go off arm and enter those scores into a
telling sheet which basically just takes arm rank and one gets assigned one point 234 through 11 points is assigned arm to each of the trustees rankings I total the scores that are given from
all the trustees to each of the candidates and then I will arm provide be I’ll lowest five scores that will be
identified from the totals that I receive and based
on these boards the Board of Trustees will decide on the
candidates to bring forward advanced or to the final
interview any questions about the method home you have arm nor blank sheets in the packets provided for you you also
have a sample other completed she which really
demonstrates that every cell love the work she arm must be completed right question the board gerry has his trusty
no just real real quickly so that people who
were involved in the beginning in this process couple months ago understand its we’re trying to be as open is
transparent and is fair as possible each of the trustees will
individually rank each of the candidates individually I’m day not want interact with one another
in those rankings will be I at the end will come up with a a final
ranking and all that information will be kept
confidential until such time as the numbers are
revealed and and and the ranking in the top five
that’s for fairness purposes that’s so that um there won’t be any
undue influence on the part iv: can that between up
between or among the trustees prior to the determination of who it is
it will be the I’m there the finalists for this process the and selection will be made for the
finals will be that’s how it was designed that way
we’re not gonna share any information that might
influence is I’m except the imprint but we’ve all doing reference checks we’ve all review
the applications we’ve all done the same thing since
we’re operating from a simple information other questions members aboard I I have
as trustees hiya I’m president Kelly if he
could be slain to the public am within try our best to do
you make their best selection and and best ability but if the public is not
happy with our decision what’s the process that said if the public is not happy
with our decision I so you’re asking me what are they what
is there recourse I’m and if somebody wants to
help me on this one my answer would be we have an attorney sitting right here
that can answer that question and said me going this individual will stand for election
and 24 months but if the board makes a provisional appointment of a special provisional my mouth a board member
public is dissatisfied with that there’s a process or circulation up a
petition it sufficient numbers signatures are collected the County Superintendent call in order
a special election at the first regular
election day meaning those dates are specified in
the election code as opposed to for example in the
Long Beach City Charter and you want to identify yourself I’m
sorry I’m Warren kancelar I I’m back in San Mandelson where ruden
romeo & we’ve been serving as outside counsel on
this issue number other thank you and while you’re
out there with it what do you mean sufficient number have seen it is how
many is that I was afraid you’d ask that question the
specific number is specified in the Education Code and it is on I can look it up for you but it is
relatively small number on it’s based on turnout prior elections and the either a set number like 250 or more or a percentage those voting in the last
election for governor something like that but I
can checked those numbers Korea if it be
like that more specific answer to it yes I do you
think thank you in stay close i’d like asses take the approach 0 we’re
going to do an outstanding job because we have we now have 11 I’m glad I remind myself
we have 11 have scanned applicants I’ll one
individual hi that is a Alex Gomez notified the the college he is no longer a Kennedy so we introduce a number now by one I
believe whoever is elected will do an outstanding job representing area to so at this time red everything as far as candidates I would like to just relax out and courtyard are in the
room over there that would be wonderful and madam
secretary the first applicant is accordion to what I’m seen
here is Christian caldera correct yes it somebody could please inform the
gentleman to come here and we can begin the
process thank you all very much for attending our meeting I know for a
fact that’s not question are they are the questions also decide
be posted on our computer screen in front of us they also going to be posted up here all
right thank you Christian again welcome and you have a five minute which so you
know at the four-minute mark wave to you I’m I’m doing that not to make your
attention but just to let you know yet one more minute left during the questions away as we asked
them or just notify everyone that you’re at the the five to 10 and also say when you
have a minute left during the whole 15-minute interview process so I
apologize it’s not hers now can really struck me said I just
want you to know I’m not trying to interrupt your bed it’s the best we can
do in the circumstances so at this time you please give your name
for the record and you have five minutes for self
introduction night the team as they were my name is
Christian count there are 100 is I attended here Community College from to Anthony 2 2012 spring on currently right now I’m in my last
semester at Long Beach State and I’ll be getting
a BA in political science on during my time along we say I’ve been
interning for a locker room for about two years now
commune in December on the only reason why I I am running for board he produced number two
because during my time here at this Community College I observe so
many things that could be improved every cars to I the specific Sep classify employees
issues bhakti issues am primarily distance
issues on I work for counseling for over two years I now reach Department the transfer
Department oMG Career Center my last semester Anna the learning community called
Sankofa scholars which doesn’t exist anymore on during my time in as many college I really did in New why wait until I
start party myself up with faculty members in classified I seen the agony that classified have
taken upon themselves for as being moved around different but am positions
are the fag tomorrow inside the classroom and coming at these more meetings and
talking on be happy about their wages and their help in the health
care benefits being read reduce on many several cajuns I came out see you guys members aboard
entirety on be happy their issues whether its students classifier bhagti
and I think that’s one thing that’s really important am in regards to my candidacy is that I
always became transparent with the fact that
brought you guys up if there was any question is that I had
always right up to you guys does say that is my introduction am just the Kellogg we’re going to begin
with the five questions and I’ll begin
recognizing trustee Baxter she will read the
question and you have on these whatever time he would like to answer
just a total where spine try Baxter hi good evening
Christian what you see is the most important
issues to be addressed district-wide in the Long Beach
Community College District and how would you approach these issues with your fellow board members well at
have to things with that question now one is the
fact that there’s more down issues then just bring act as fine
three issues and in second my answers and I gonna be based upon rankings is a random order I’m so wanna
most important issues that was brought up was there present no
clean at the last Sam biking newspaper said the following
statement unical we are looking for someone who were
present all students especially the underprivileged now
indeed we do need to look at bow Community
College around one BC Colleges here we see the committee cars not only
were present when we look at this Community College
itself we have the promise bad points and then
we have went to him the one thing that I have
always seen in this committee Karzai has failed is
the african-american students in this college went back in my last semester in spring 2012 it was
the last semester that Sankofa scholars was being brought up
now i advocating on behalf a damn dirty
community because it was really on just the fact that you have went there which is designed to
help Latino students but there was nothing on behalf of the
african-american students at aw several my France left to learn comedian
transferred to mommy state and they’re learning community benefited
reginald bentsen into common be nonce it when I had to
zombie state as far as helping especially
underprivileged I thing we need to address helping African American students in
this college campus for instance when we look at other
community colleges there are learning communities that help that
diverse community and I think the Citi Cards needs to
adopt something and work on this issue to help Tom raise their lead word a chance for
citizen graduation rate african-american students or for the answer to be there were
helping african-american student is based upon
the promise pathway as basically helpings african-americans
by default and we cannot accept that some the second I am point now like to talk
about on the issue he goes right back to am improvements a
promise pathways now during my last semester is being
ties Intel there was this huge problem dilemma we
had incoming high school students they were placed in English in a winning and in their high school senior English
class they had a either a or a B into English
course and they were pushed to English one assessment scores don’t really tell a
lot about the student and I think that’s something that we
need to look at we can for students to be putting this one when they’re not
ready when we look at the ailing English assessments for shrinking it initiate a
winning that’s really in a separable the second points for that promise
pathways is that during my ninth-grade I’m
semester Mr Furze class was a college prep class and during my time I felt dead Dec class
itself should be put on the 12 Senior Grade dow
way we keep probably work accounts in one
hybrid course and week at work inside the high
school’s we counseling advisers assessment financial aid have
orientations and get those two things right right
away T-forty come over here during the summer when he knowing this summer we’re in
dire need to resources as far as hell this is a company both current students and the Proms map
where students even to this day Missy in counseling we
still have black superior its for promise back with students and is
still that level whether or not where serbian the entrance to the
current students or the serving the interests but a
promise back with students and we need to make sure we need to
balance both resources for both parties at this institution I in Denmark as for the promise pathways again power ministration I’ve spring
2012 last semester about the issue about whether or not current students were
still on being bypassed and I know super into no clear brought
this up many occasions as well members aboard and the only reason why I’m bringing up this
issue is because have a close friend who is in disable disable Syrian and when she was sure register for fall
classes the 200 repair registration that she has
to wait the next day that’s nap that’s really intercept the
ball if I disable student has the power to you need to get
registration has before any other party and we look at who register first in
that day promise back we students so promised happy students register firs
before disabled students better in students that’s unacceptable these are issues
that I seen when I was over here in these were issues that are raised
more mem members and tilt is the Wii still have the same
problems and that’s something I am willing to
work with you guys in fix this in my 30 issue as to be improving in
fact the morrow during my time at this Community College I spent about 20 more meaning to my time
will be here numerous a.m. in every single board
meeting weather was DuWayne shaper speaking on behalf CCAP any meaning to this day who down are the
currency and in shock she still speaks on behalf equity about
how bad faculty more always in the only way we’re able to to solve their problem is that this
Community College District is able to ask themselves whether we value in hiring the best
faculty we’re competitive wages at The Borgias the member we must
acknowledge worst recess comes from and that comes from inside the classroom
with faculty the quality service the school offers to
its very own students beats the looks of a college campus any
day that’s my answer for question number one
cupid question to charity this is Kristian in Christian question number two is how
it is ineffective abortive trustees insurer opportunities for faculty
students classified staff community members and
other stakeholders to get their views to the board on
important policies issues without seeming to be advocating
for a position one way or the other I think one thing that I had a palm
dominos to know be here was that if I needed issues to be raised
to our superintendent or to bore members I will have to come
in a Tuesday at five o’clock to address these issues an at to the a5
o’clock much to the whole population at this
community colleges already gone so those issues are really raising unless disinterest the is able to
address them and some others issues could be really everywhere so as far as answering that
question i believe each bore member once a semester niece to you have some sort of dialogue with the current students with
the current faculty appreciated about with the students on a
one-on-one like one-hour session see guys to listen to the answers in the questions
that these current students have to overcome right now on it was really hard for on burst into raised issues when in fact it is in a five o’clock its passive
board members could have once the semester and this insistence an answer to questions as my answer actress the coming I saw
you had your hand raised like snow S&I I’d I want to show you got has the
five-minute mark until commute on its like 15 minutes an expression trustees here I Christian
Walker man identify recent Board of Trustee
decision that you feel strongly about describe how you would balance student
needs community and other stakeholders concerns and your personal beliefs and values to
determine how to vote on the issue spring 2012 was a really up hard semester for those who were on his
college campus some the reduction to classify was really really hard as a master wanna the the decisions was to taken a lead layoffs at the board meeting but one
thing they did not like with the prices was the fact that we had so many people come it is more
meaning speaking on behalf shorter jobs to be keep on surviving Bo Keene enemies but the fact that the book keen enemies in a PowerPoint came out talking about why the board it is
issuing unanimous almost fell as the bull was already solved already before even that people
came to the podium an I fell dad be the more row evening coming at this
podium was really Jess whether or not you were
taken will be here knowing the fact that may be more
members already had this decision already saw so I think more members and need to really really look at the
issue whether or not maybe instead of just layin of
classifying maybe start looking at the idea looking
at our reserves a use their branch in my knee in case
where at a rainy day in the future all right thank you a stint rusty please
read a question before place hello Christian my question is do you
minutes by the way what to experiences have you had your
professional or voluntary life that you believe would assist this
government team in its deliberations okay so same semester spring 2012 doctor Greg Peterson I spoke to him in regards
to I’ll summer and fall registration dates they had a big problem because boat registration dates were one week one weeks apart when you look at other
community colleges the always have about months apart and I told the students what do you guys
think about this in the Tamim it doesn’t make no sense
first inning to register for classes for summer one week in the next week they’re
already signed up for fall makes you think that those classes
already gonna get booked up and abroad a petition to daddy never missions and two doctor peterson doctor peterson gimme a
phone call while I was at the counting apartment in a phone call he told me that he was
gonna go ahead solve the issue an here my concerns and it was great the doctor pearson came
to me in call me doing I said prom was gonna get
fixed de siempre team he call me there was a
bore me team anatomic faculty a Abis a day no way just octopi to sing call me is not gonna
said on my nerves that this poem is going to get
fixed so what are they with came to bore me
team and a not and I put doctor peters in on the
spot is making sure there other community members or where
was actually happening imports swiss cheese are acknowledged
what the problem is in acting paid at various you itself
that experience was really bad I will because I was able to work with doctor piercing
the Dean of Admissions enable your address this issue where
board members who r Mansur would have been a knowledgeable about what was
transpiring we were able to solve that issue rabies
change the registration dates from for about two months apart and
students were at ease their really happy with that
decision on I think that’s that means rhyme my
biggest experience with me colleges having transparency information only
people accountable porter jobs making sure that this tune
is these are being addressed at this guy’s campus alright you have a you have a few
minutes left so is there anything you would like to add before we conclude the interview on I
just think during my time in his community college I was able to gain a lot I’m information and I was privilege to have the
information working with counseling working with other departments an I’d died dad the information that was given
to me because I was it would work in this position would have been selfish not a.m. given
this information to other students because the information that I have was always
were on the band’s persons to be well prepared before because the school during that time had a bad to a way of
informing students %uh issues and decisions that were
taking place so I always went beyond my needs when I was
working a counseling numerous tune is always came up to me
with issues that they have concerns with more members we
want the vice president’s with registration day anything on I never
served a position as a is B members are my time house is a regular student an take
worker her classify as a student worker and I
learn a lot of am experiences are my time is community
college in any help my way you shape our look at
this me Collison till this day there are issues that this
may cause these to be address and im I’m willing to work with you guys
with those issues and i’m looking for. to helping you guys
with them so thank you for your time thing every time
he remembers in it’s pretty much a thank you question probably because we as we randomly
picked these a secretary to the the order as we move
in forest its not a secret I believe but then next
people Elaine so and I see her coming to the podium are they were neck speakers are for that
no Stacy told it does have a less as a
bolus so you have a list so you know who’s coming up next for their not
being shot okay I think about me interest ask a question about who just clarifying who the ranking body is for the public you question Who the
wreck about who should be compiling know whose ranking was the ranking body
is it trustees although the trustees and and how many people and let student
trustees vote nothing we did it said anything
about that correct me if I’m wrong on the Edit
still trustees and advisory vote only and for City trustees other ones will be
voting will be calculated okay so won’t go into
the calculation that the total ranking forms might swing great thank you
alright idling just I’m my apologize I mean a repeat this but five minutes
introduction I’ll give you one minute apologizes looks like this on the train
and rescue and I’ll tell you defied the 10% mark
and at the forty marches so you have an idea I
apologize it’s not exactly the most professional thing to be doing that to
you but story outside are you name for the
record can you have a five minute