well trustee I i think there are a few
different the lots of issues that you know colleges
throughout the state are facing but I i believe that this district here as a few ones that I think I would
probably approach first I would honestly look at strengthening
our partnerships I think the district currently has great
partners and they’re doing great work to advance the mission know that other a visit at the district but I honestly
think that the district and improve and strengthen those partnerships by collaborating with other regional
institutions and with larger implant employers in the region I also think
it’s time to explore the idea to involve businesses to assist with
reaching the mission at the district exploring I
the idea integrating business to assist with
real-world experiences and expose students on our site to
education the link direct link to careers link
learning access to local jobs the district should
be a market as a career for innovative education and
the linkage between careers and the basic skills that the
students need to succeed in the workforce or tomorrow
I believe in the prior promised pathways and college promised I think they’re
vital to the success of the students there are great see you there also
students that me you know they’re great for students
who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree but I think it’s time to expand
somebody’s initiative to include direct linkage to location on trade pathways I think we
need to find creative ways to partner and with other training centers and with our read with other regional
centers as well to expand the long response another
thing I i believe that we need to work on is the a challenge is a performance
goals and measures the distraction needs to really take a
fresh look at some of the current policies and to ensure that the college
benchmarks are evaluate and assess to meet the needs of
today’s students with the divers demographics shifting a greater percentage of
minorities role in colleges the board must take into account when
setting policy that meet meet the need to the students
it in educational levels specifically with recent immigrants that
are attending caught the district is another challenge
that needs to be discussed and and taken on and really look at some
other remedial courses being offered at the district it I was appointed to
the district it to the area to represented I would invite my fellow
board members and open discussion I’m a believer in building instances and
I am also a believer in speaking with unified voice especially when it comes to making these
policy decisions and many other these issues their shared
by the college’s up and down the state but I think that Long Beach cancer as a model or other colleges and explore
these new endeavors thanks rusty Cristiano has an effective Board of
Trustees insure opportunities for faculty students classified employees community
members and other stakeholders to get their
views to the board on important policy issues without seeming to be advocating for one
position or another STI I believe that the board of trustees
must provide and promote the opportunity for all stakeholders to
civically engaged in the decision-making process and
effective board invite stakeholders to con and share
their opinion the ineffective board licence I believe
the public has a right to advocate but what they feel is important and
ultimately it is their district the board she is entrusted to make policies decisions on what’s best for the
district and for the students ineffective board a trustee makes
informed decisions and should take into account what other
stakeholders use to when they’re setting policy if I was appointed to the Board of
Trustees I would host informational neighborhood sessions in area 2 with
residents and other stakeholders to discuss important policy issues
posting these opportunities for residents and stakeholders to meet the leadership of the district
to meet the leadership a the board would be extremely
beneficial to the district and also to the residence I would ensure that these informational
workshops or meetings works s what individuals they may not
speak English like my parents I know it’s hard at times when you’re
having at form a board meeting to have these dialogues but I think a strategy such as this can
bill support are many other policies that this court
is at making decisions on you just easier hi Maria welcome please identify our
recent border trustee decision that you feel strongly about describe how you would balance student
needs community and other stakeholders concerns and your personal beliefs and values to
determine how to vote on the issue well just the I think a and a real sorta
astray what I feel strongly about a decision that the board made in the past
years was to cut the vocational and and trade
programs I know they were cut because it but
budget issues but these programs are vital to XXS the workforce in our region and unfortunately I feel
that the method at the programs were designed were not fully maximize the opportunity
our partnerships in the region if I become appointed to the Board of
Trustees I would keep in mind access and student success and I would look at creative ways to
into the innovatively ways to bring back some of these
programs in a more fiscally and feasible way wanna one other
responsibilities are the Board of Trustees to build relationships with various stakeholders that have an
interest in the mission at the club a ok the
mission of the college I believe that the district needs to
have a conversation with some other local unions and maybe some other local regional
training centers about a potential partnership to meet the needs the workforce for today and tomorrow
even possibly even looking into a hybrid model I where many of our vacation on trade
programs they were cut before that we can bring back in the near future thank you to trust him my a good evening what to experience is
if you had in your professional and you volunteer
life the you believe would assist this
governance team in its deliberations you know to to experience is that really
come to mind a was one when I was working for the
department of popping Human Services I was a representative for the help
distinction here in Long Beach on that in the
countywide and it was a group about 40 a bus with
all different a backgrounds all different I you know experiences that we all had to
come together to form a strategic plan to reduce the spread of HIV in eights the company and I think that that experience in
being involved with many different viewpoints from all over
the the county and having to advocate for
various services and dollars I think has really helped me I could help me on this board with
deliberations a second experience they have is a lot
more recently when I launch the high school internship
program a at where at Port of Long Beach when I was
designing this program I had to share that every element other program whereas and was supported by the fact that we
had to expose students to careers in the maritime
industry I had a brief various stakeholders I had
to build support in relationships and form these partnerships in order for
the students to succeed I’m I’m a team player you know I have
experiences working collegiately with individuals with again with a diverse
background you know I had that experience in
listening to various stakeholders in making informed decisions about that support the mission of the
organization now I’m a consensus-builder and I honestly do you thrive on building relationships and
partnerships her get mario’s anything else I like
that before to the interview your at nine-minute
mark so any I’ll come much like make please do
so well president and trustees no I wanna thank you for giving me the
opportunity to under for you and share with you my my little bit about who I am you know as
a mention to you I am a product that Long Beach Public
Schools nynex you and I really to share a very similar story a lot of residents in the area to you no
I don’t come here knowing everything all the issues but I know
that if I was appointed to this board that would work with you and I would
work with the dis- the region p.m. the area to in order to find it solutions to some of the challenges that
this district is facing I’m seeking this appointment because I
believe in the mission other desperate and I wanna make a
difference in my community if you appoint mean I commit to working
with you and to continue the great work that
you’re doing again I just wanna thank you for the opportunity and speak to you give thank him neck speaker will be Natalie correct Adams Terry book Natalie ken five minutes of reductions I’ll give
you wannabes you’ve reached four-minute mark for any
questions to be presented I we view 5 10 if you to 40 minutes I’ll
just do this for you so please to introduce yourself and please begin your cell productions I like to put it out there that I’m
nervous and I probably speak a lot more like a normal human being under normal
circumstances so good evening thank you for this
opportunity issue be considered to sit on this story
I like to give you a summary of who I am and why I apply for this position am a
10-year resident Long Beach five years with
interest the district you I was born and raised and in Southern
California my parents immigrated to the United
States to pursue higher education both went to cast a delay be met at the
univer- at the University got married and
started navigating their way you the business world made and tell me
stories about our job he took to put himself through
college with from preview hours facing off with a pack of coyotes walking back from work
at 4 a.m. when I hardly ever and minimum wages and the
eldest have 6 children and my family the
industry’s my siblings chose range from teaching to banker to you project manager in technology
development into that the paint the ruling are are making their way through high school
now the second to youngest wants to be a surgeon slashed the answer
and the youngest wants to be a civil
engineer slash expert Packer like his a bit just all over our lives
are completely different and even though I’m the oldest I learned
so much from I’m after high school I went to Pepperdine
University and after semester decided that I wanted
to change my major so I went fifty Pasadena City College for a while and I’ll I was afforded the
opportunity to you to try out different classes and to finally find my way to civil
engineering a continued on to you coupley Nana and receive my civil
engineering at players and further on to receive my
my professional engineering and certification today I am a civil engineer for the City Long
Beach Public Works Department I thoroughly enjoy my job and I consider
myself one of the lucky ones back and say bad I look forward to going to work in
the morning a get to work on street rehabilitation
projects that serve to improve city’s infrastructure mobility and
quality of my be on my work as a civil engineer I believe in devoting my time to invest
in people and my community the movie events I’m
involved in are promoting in Jimmy engineering and
Stan you you and student programs like the
devil you know career day here BCC engineering girls
internship and women engineers at the beach and student competitions at Cal State
Long Beach participating at local elementary schools with career days and
wonderful programs like principal for a day I started in lead a thriving community watch group am on the planning
committee for ready lb an annual event promoting thank at
promoting disaster preparedness an idea past an
annual pass festival with past wins in the
neighborhood that the to educate inspire and transform the community I volunteer
with leadership Long Beach and and community serving the youth
leadership on his program a seven min program that in involves a
3d Richie last days project and mentorship am also
an active member attention church a originally decided to apply for this position because
they’re the copper leadership and I took the initiative to step up to
the challenge my parents taught me the importance of hard work instilled important the importance of
education from a young age at the minority women in the engine engineering industry I see the
importance of promoting education in STEM careers supporting students and connecting them
industry believe in the principles that certain
leadership and then and that to lead I must promote
the growth insitu Inc reach enrich the lives of others good evening badly I’m asking the first
question I’ve got to wait to be at our and got
out and got after about eight I’m times I get ready here I what do you
see as the most important issue to be addressed district-wide I in
the Long Beach Community College District and how would you approach these issues
with your fellow board members the three most important issues that I
see art student success maintaining a responsible budget and
collaboration it’s all about the students and their
success me to think creatively to get them what they need with the
limited resources budget even with a slight increase from
last year there this in the context several years
a budget cuts how we’re going to approach and decide
on budgeting in a way that is fair and based on measurable need and finally I believe that there needs
to be more collaboration students teachers employ employees need to know that their
voices are valued a plan to work towards fostering an
environment chest the way they don’t fix these issues with
fellow board members is with the same intellectual vigor I
approached my engineering coursework as a student we learn from my fellow
board members the student teachers staff community other City Colleges and whatever
resources are available to me than what they have a good understanding
I woulda defined the issue within two different differing opinions
and then come up with a solution together I’m a consensus-builder I think it
imperative to work together and benefit from one another string
thank you just believe me I’m how does in effect a
board of trustees insurer opportunities for faculty students classified staff I community members and other
stakeholders to get their views I to the Board of Trustees on important
policy issues without seeming to be advocating for one side or the other would encourage constituents to voice
their needs and concerns about policy at board meetings at events and directly to me in order to
be in place to hear their concerns I have to be accessible engaging the
community I would ensure that I’m visible and
accessible and by supporting events welding monthly
office hours and seeking be back I would work to
build a bridge between the Board of Trustees an hour at the party’s and in so doing of the
building environment of trust I want my constituents to know me to
serve as their representative at the same time I know that you can’t
make everyone happy in my position as a trustee you need to
the stakeholders but also to make a decision that
supports them colleges passengers and wiggles hi natalie it’s great to meet a fellow
female civil engineer an unregistered line fuck ’em I epic
please identify recent British hasty decision that you feel strongly about describe
how you would balance student needs community and other stakeholders
concerns and your personal beliefs and values to
determine how to vote on the issue every search the we send meeting minutes
watched meetings on you too read the media coverage and one that
stands out to me the most is the teacher system you know the
decision was not made without anticipating the criticism that the
college would receive for this pilot program am not privy to you all that went into
the decision NHS there was one that was made with knowledge and understanding even though
I do not agree I think that it is important to them
firm and move forward in supporting the decision that the
Board has made together but also be flexible and work with the team to find creative solutions
to make access to education even playing field interest you alone with two experiences have you had in
your professional and your role in your life that you believe
would assist this governance team in its deliberations in mariel a public works I’m responsible
for first lighting consultants project
they’re highly political as a part of the selection process we
put out requests for qualifications request review the qualifications and
develop a short list and interview the finalists in our world not everyone agrees joke and engineered a I am required to communicate with the
committee to show why I chose my topic and sometimes I can sway them to see my
view and sometimes they say me to see their but in the process everyone give the
infant a cohesive decision is me and we all accept responsibility in that
decision if I give you two experiences from my
volunteer life I think they would give you a better and
an eight-year have make on this your life in January of this year my home was
burglarized about feeling the invasion anger year mistrust and even a trail and as they spoke with my neighbors he
shared that many of them have had the same experience as a national problem solver and person
that cares about the residence in my community take the initiative to start a community
watch since it inception we have had numerous events
which include meetings social movie night on line and are very
popular flash light brigade which is like a crime-fighting mobile
block party it’s a lot of fun in our community watch
meeting we hear the concerns of the residents at
the one another on recent events work closely with Palm Beach Police
Department collaborate on projects and find solutions with limited
resources as a problem solver listen to the concerns collaborated with
my neighbors and together we take action I think an
experience that I had to share with you is my last year’s experience and the
leadership Long Beach passive 2014 my class project was ATF best it
involved 13 strong leaders with 13 personalities and 13 busy schedules we had a few months to put together a
community festival provided 25 classes and entertainment stage and space for
the community together for the entire day and these a meeting called if land that word discussion session are all
about ongoing topics in the community like are
volunteerism placemaking and networking the event you
600 with attendees and took about five hundred hours at
work between all about us you 2x its success leadership on a beach
will be using this and your community and thing will be
using this as their annual community facing it take hard work listening
collaboration patience flexibility endurance in and look forward to bringing my
experiences and I live and learn best parts the serving on the board think Natalie you anytime seventy like
dat before we conclude the interview in closing I want to thank you for this
opportunity to present myself as a potential appointee to the board
we’ve known that I will be the best candidate for this
position re elected add hurt you I’m the other
candidates I’m just honored to be a month them and when is a good friend another 10 worked with actually
supported when these girls engineering event by giving me be Long Beach slang and and John Greenwood she that me her personal yet but she doesn’t
want a great word in Wrigley which is my neighborhood and
I get to go to be three event and benefit and she’d them you but I still believe I am the
best candidate because I know II know the value have picked City College and
opportunities that it affords you know the struggle for singer first
and second generation immigrant students and folks looking for a new career
opportunities and I will work diligently with my
fellow board members to create wealthy put students first entry
irresponsible budget that supports the board Bowl to realize
student success and workforce development in thank you natalie next African the wanna pass correct one-issue making with the podium smells from the
Centers for the audience Haley 5 Sten self-protection I will do this at one point that media 1
minute left south and actions during the questions I was essentially this to you five minutes ten minutes you
have one minute that for many so cue and thank you on FAC University organ graduate like I am all the time thank
you okay well good evening an hour before
beginning I want to thank the crowd here and you’re here on Tuesday evening could
be anywhere else you doing your public everything here
thank you so much greatly appreciate being plan my name’s wanna pass I’m a public
servant I currently work for LA city controller
Ron halpern before I chose a life public service I was born and raised in Wrigley I
attended bring elementary the Middle School in Lakewood High and it was at was my time at legal high were actually found love politics and like to say that in middle school I
devoured the new york times in the Atlantic and high school ID card economist and
born effects on and it was and Lakewood when I decided
that I wanted to get addicting purpose I’m on
unfortunately with many families my family dearly plan
after party and have a college savings and the needy important to college again really good education and instill that
on me and thankfully supported me I’m a decision
to go to Long Beach City College I was here for about two and a half
years I met my wife here actually and me rakebrand an already been memories and receive a
solid grade education at a boarding up beauty 210 University of Oregon and graduate in
2013 and shortly after that I gotta Albert on
copper RAM early special assistant which you
have any you know that titled Architekten you human
anything and everything keeper but happy and that radio and at controller we’re the cheap water
chief financial what walk dog St rupees all the city’s up as report on at 12 per as was all the audits one
thing that we really been working on and really
transforming of it or we released the city’s first Open Data
Portal which was a big part and more
importantly is reporting that the to work with the city’s for civic innovation lap and that’s one
thing your release columns and rows of data an attack to reproduce the product or
and innovation out a bit and Saul urban problems on a multi-party team with the mayor’s
office and performance-based budgeting which in
other side at the Open Directory I on this night best police in Europe
India for transparent inaccessibility but also about how do we base our
decisions on metrics and or data am me for my braces make my mouth early prime
time but that really is my background and and I i chose to apply because I was an intern for James Johnson on
while I 10,001+ the City College so I detail I’m City College I had job
marine I working morning merchant item feeling
in the morning merchandiser at Costco and work in the morning shipment by then
and II after that I Abbott past your on lebanon noon and I had to make a ship
one with LA County Democratic Party but they’re comin partly and then all that up wat leadership thing content
and that really can instill that notion
working hard have your dreams are really really we put into it it’s not just some
locking ball like have if you’re willing to put the
work in their institutions like Long Beach City College second order success that every student
longetti is ur not actually bring them back right wanna get sorry
but question aren’t very good okay hello hun hands I have the and her first question
what do you see is the most important issues to be addressed district-wide non Beach Community
College District and how would you approach these issues
with your fellow board members so and the first is I believe that LBCC for me the opportunity to attend university .org.in begin my
career public service because there was a
portable I believe it’s paramount that we keep on mystified
portable all-out now work with every rusty to ensure that that is part number one Rd secondly I
believe that we should really have a killer
experience for every to it just as I was a 4.8 CD every extension also have the
opportunity through acted counseling through combine scheduling system or simply
listen to what their needs are and trying to provide those needs
thirdly I believe we should invest in innovation technology and we hear all
these but worked in government activity nation Open Data and
performance metrics it doesn’t mean much unless it actually
acted upon in my experience in Cantor’s office is that if we can harness these we can
forming partnerships company solutions creativity ingenuity things that really don’t have a place in
the city space until we actually bring in these new
ideas these new staplers doing illusion and you engage in thank
you interest here welcome how does an effective Board of Trustees
insure opportunities for faculty students classified staff community members and other stakeholders
to get their views to the board on important policy issues without seeming to be advocating one
position the other I’m a strong proponent if he
can measure it you can manage it I believe but in
metric district-level such as you know number
abstinent to the beginning to the term expires at the end of the term I number since she’s an area of study
and these for me foundation knowledge that when combined
with stakeholders engagement in and play in really been a
powerful cool I where you had data empathy together to advocate for students nearly and very solid pop cue City I want itself nice to finally meet you please identify
recent British hasty decision that you feel strongly about describe how you would balance student
needs community and other stakeholders concerns and your
personal beliefs and values to determine how to vote on the issue he so on so I looked through the agendas the last
couple years and I thought that the most pression example
would be the most recent decision by the new board I had to have
this Advisory Committee and I believe it
struck a delicate balance between filling the Democratic ball I’ll
electing prestes but also meeting independent import make
their own decision if need be and out to believe that basically create
Matt major and 23,000 dollars spent on election arguably have been a waste of taxpayer
dollars with two low turnout on sale I think below the Fermi
realization now would have agreed with you and I
would have pushed for it as well to a party with two experiences have you
had in your professional or your voluntary life that you believe would assist this
governance team in its deliberations many people ask me you know why day
shoes organ yes so far out there in the community
they have a great football team but they do anything else and as an intern for ICP are and your tape by the way up as an intern for a Alesi here art
director the media actually attend university or and he told me that the nation look into
it you go there you go accountant and it kinda stuck with me coarsening
base my decision on that am I looking I get it rate political
science program in the attic rate faculty devoted to Latin American
Studies which was very interesting but it really gets that with me and I
was intrigued by the notion and I feel like I really did bro
accountants there not just because on it was as a
small-town and a very little University and it was really an interesting paradigm as
I work were at President Obama’s reelection
campaign there at three counties under my belt on to the worst all the
blue the other one like to drink tea as i sat
places there and so I headed build coalitions the
people who otherwise on its face we have no nothing
in common and and we built coalition even though
the Mina read with my views or even with the
president we still book colleges run are around actionable issue area and I
hope to bring at the borders laws building coalitions bring in a new
partnership and working toward on re solution and the second is on as liaison to the tech community
in the comptroller’s office I’ve been exposed to new ideas Ron user
experience design to the power creativity but more
importantly actin you group such as I General Assembly I have any
for them but there have a cooling economy based
in LA in your and that are really teaching the job the
at graphic design upholding and user experience and
they’re looking for new partners to expand they’ve just expanded downtown away and
they’re looking to expand the Long Beach and to Orange County it be amazing
gathers them that talent here I did two professors or maybe two
shared based and but its does kinda new partnership
those came like years a looking towards the future that
hope to bring as the governing board member all right thank you sir nancy’s you like
to add before we conclude the interview plenty of time Yemenia gimme a question or any come she
like me this time free yet so I applied worker the really and serving
institutional for me the RPD why am ia on and I feel like I bring to the table
makes pretty financial analysis performance-based budgeting and this new technology new innovation
and really this creative ingenuity at new
idea and live my most important asset on my
conference is and I don’t wholeheartedly are doing
the right thing is good policy it’s good politics and it’s the right way to do business
and I’d be honored I could bring all that the table as a
very important member the spot thank you thank you want and I’m last ap him after the last speaker after last applicant will then have public comments from the welcome the five-minute self-protection at four-minute mark I’ll
give you a one minute and then during the comments or questions from the members
aboard Apollo century view five-minute ten-minute and if you
reach 40 minutes of that he is well so if you could please
identify yourself for the record and go ahead and begin with your self
introduction for five minutes good evening honorable trustees precedent yes yes my name is Yuma Archuleta and I want to thank you
for granting me this opportunity to an interview this evening I’m a long
time precedent the city of Long Beach a
30-year resident the Wrigley area from my resume you probably learned that I have
extensive experience in higher education in about 20 years as a professional
experiences in here in Long Beach at Cal State
university-long Beach where he spent a lot of my time surveen Long Beach Unified schools and arm Long Beach City College in addition to
my professional work I have extensive community work community involvement from my early years SR high school
student volunteering at the old school where my father went to learn english to serbian and this is dated yet those are you have been here
long beetle me recognizes that working at the East
Long Beach neighborhood center I formerly known as sent a letter of
fact where I tot I to ban all studies too high schoolers that were there
during the summer youth program is for the summer youth program to you I serving on the first Hispanic it by
sorry more to the superintendent Long Beach Unified School District to
serving as president their league United Latin American
citizens LULAC I we were the chapter I was president at
the time then our chapter with serve it as the administrator for headstart like we were
responsible for bringing its activists are Syria Long Beach in my most notable work is the work that I
have done through I esakal finder underneath the
CIA network an advocacy group I advocating for the
plight of undocumented students I have worked alongside mall
there many legislators such as senator Polanco I former assemblywoman held us to lease
now of course supervisor and a supervisor I and of course the late mark a fireball who was finally successful at for you
ten years for successful in passing law that law which we did not come to know if they
beat by already and I say that it is mime most notable
work is because I spent a great deal have time
working on these on and was also involved in helping to write some other language or
this legislation or is Islam I am a product that
community college I’m proud to say that I am here
today witnesses the support encouragement and
motivation that instructors administrators counselors at Community College gave me and how they
help me to achieve my dream transferring to the University as a former student I know first-hand
the value are these opportunities and if it did
educator working within Community College I recognize there are that Community College is an open system
where that serves as the launching pad for
many members of our community that will initiate their dreams act Community College it be at 10 about a PowerPoint it I will work with all up
to you intimate to bring my knowledge in expertise that
Community College and to make these even stronger
Community College its thank you trustee Baxter de Namur I what you see is the most important
issues to be addressed district wide nylon Beach Community
College District and how would you approach these issues with your fellow board members