I like to call to order the meeting of
the Board of Trustees for Long Beach Community College District for April 24
2018 Madam Secretary please call the roll
jenny baxter jeff kellogg here vivian mallalieu here doug otto here it’s an
easy ax here Thank You Adam 1.3 public comments on
closed session items Madam Secretary do we have any speakers there are no thank
you will then be a journey into closed session where the items will be existing
litigation pursuant to government code in conference with legal counsel public
HT Law Group anticipated litigation that is item 1.4 I’d have 1.5 pending
litigation pursuant to government code with the old counselor and then 1.6
negotiate items pursuant to government code conference was delgadio genes Iran
negotiations aft lbcc fac and management team and i Adam 1.7
personnel pursuant to government code public employee performance evaluation
this is for the superintendent president there are no other items at this time
without objection we will adjourn to closed session thank you I’d like to reconvene
the Board of Trustees for Long Beach Community College District for April 24
2018 I’m secretary calling to order Jim you can all please stand and student
trustee will you leave some in Pledge of Allegiance please thank you madam
secretary roll call please here Jeff Kellogg here here Doug Otto
sunny Zia here and student trustee Chavez item 2.4
report on closed session items the Board of Trustees convene in closed session
pursuant to government code section 54956.9 a and voted 500 with no
abstentions abstaining and to approve the settlement of $38,000 in Los Angeles
Superior Court case number and 0 NC 0 6 1 4 1 1 there were nowhere items to
report out of the closed session beyond that one so we’ll move on to item 2.5
approval of minutes of the March 27 2008 een regular Board of Trustees meetings
there any questions a motion to approve the minutes motion by trustee zia second
by trustee baxter question comments members of the board i’m secretary
please call the roll on item 2.5 virginia baxter i jeff kellogg hi Vivian
ma Liu aye Sen easier I a student trust each
other’s I thank you 2.6 introduction of special announcements summer intern
president yes I’m we have a few announcements today I’d like to
introduce professor who is going to announce some awards
from his journalism students welcome welcome Pat public and students first of
all very briefly I’d like to thank all our dedicated colleagues in the IT
department and many others who helped over the last three weeks during the
current tech challenges also thanks to board president kellog for 16 years on
the board we appreciate your support of our College special thanks for your
support of journalism through being a guest speaker attending our awards
programs and answering just a few questions from student journalists over
the years thank you we wish you the best now for
our 10 recent awards at the journalism Association of Community College’s state
convention in Burbank it may it please ask the audience to hold it to plaus
until the list is complete for the first time in our proud history we earned one
of only four pacesetter awards a combination of several categories I’ll
let you enjoy the plaque I was especially proud to help the students
earn this award in my final semester of full-time teaching with crystal Adams
King is editor in chief and Walter hammer oldest advisors City magazine
also captured a general excellence award the Viking print edition led by editors
and editors in chief Amanda Rodriguez Lisette Mendoza and Carlos Ochoa and
advised by Chris viola and me also received a general Excellence Award
Joshua Miller earned a 1st place in illustration for coverage cover page of
the printed Viking Aaron aces captured fourth place in on-the-spot contest for
News photo and Amanda Rodriguez gained 4th in sports photo honorable mentions
were presented to Haley Hart and magazine photo and story essay Lissette
Mendoza Gannon newspaper illustration in oz Bo Montano for newspaper sports
feature also Hannah Robeson was honored with the scholarship please join me in
applauding our outstanding journalism students thank you very much Oh an additional
announcement that I would like to make is for the summer session information
you have a packet of available to you today the summer session due to our
technical difficulties has been moved summer registration has been moved to
May 7th we have met with faculty with department chairs with team members to
have them help us get the word out to students we you will see you were
emailed plans on how we are attacking this from a social media angle from an
advertising angle you saw pop-up tents all over campus we have asked faculty to
sign up to go to for open labs that we have where students can register so we
are being very aggressive in retaining our enrollment for the summer session
and I want to thank the faculty and counselors and IT who have made that
happen the last thing that we have in my report and congratulations to Professor
McKean and all the students is a report from Sylvia Lynch who’s our chief
information officer as you know we have experienced a cyber incident over the
last three weeks that has been extremely impactful to our systems and she’s going
to give a very detailed update to the board that I know the board and the
audience will be very interested in welcome Sylvia good evening
I’ve been asked to give a report on the cyber incident at lbcc and for the
purposes of this report I am being careful to state information as
accurately as possible as a situation continues to be fluid I am using the
term malware tonight also as it is a broad terminology for the incidences
that we have experienced so during the lot during the month of April we’ve
experienced two cyber incidents the first one was on Tuesday April 2nd the
behavior of this malware was generating scripts or programs that utilize our
system our computing resources for though mining cryptocurrency mining the
effects of the malware was resolved by killing the specific processes and
rebooting the computers in the servers on April 3rd we felt it prudent to
contact our cyber insurance company informing of the incident and going
through the necessary steps to assess the damage however on April 10 we
experienced another cyber security incident that was designed to incra her
files the cyber forensic team happened to arrive on Wednesday April 11 the team
worked closely with Scott Booker mark itis and many other IT staff to look
where the malware’s point of entry behavior of the virus and perform damage
assessments in containment IITs continues to respond to questions from
the forensics team and expects at the risk and expects a report at the
conclusion of their investigation so the big question is what has been affected
LBCC IT infrastructure is comprised of over 300 physical and virtual servers
1,700 employee computers and over 3,000 computers in the classrooms and labs
here’s the good news at this time we don’t see any evidence of personal
information data stolen our PeopleSoft system is the data is encrypted at rest
which means you need permission to open it up and look at it at to access it our
data and our test and development systems are scrambled another good news
is the LPS are our academic network is not affected we set up separate networks
in order for the academic side could not affect our administrative site and in
this case what happened on our administrative
did not cross over an effector academic network there which is good teaching
continued so no computers and servers were affected in the clamp in classrooms
cloud applications such as our website our campus system our library systems
were also not affected our internal web servers were not affected our backups
were intact which is important no Macintosh computers were affected and
no personal computers were affected the systems that were affected of the 1700
employee computers early reports are showing about fifteen fifty percent of
the computers were affected by the second malware
some files that are personal files that are stored on office 365 connected to
external drives or are stored on the shared map drawers drives were encrypted
while no database servers were affected most internal applications and web
servers were I say that right no database servers were affected but what
the application web servers were affected our email system phone system
communication system hrs fiscal student systems all were affected and about 25
third-party applications were affected and the data feeds from people saw too
many of these third-party products were affected for example we upload
enrollment information to canvas and to our library system our recovery is well
underway to recover our and we have made phenomenal progress in two weeks the job
at hand was to rebuild pretty much everything rebuild servers our
applications and all of our employee desktops more than
at least 50% of the applications particularly the ones that are student
facing are back online our HR fiscal system back online
student system is is ready except we’re experiencing some performance issues and
as soon as and we’re working with Microsoft as soon as those are resolved
we will give out we will give the access back to the students and we will notify
them through the communications office emails and text messages our priorities
during recovery for communication systems payroll students serving systems
Moodle other learning management and our other learning management systems were
all brought up first then phone system voice mail and email payable was brought
up so that we could meet our deadlines and it has been taken down and then
brought up again after after a new desktop image was built a series of
diagnostic steps of and and diagnostic steps were developed method ah and a
methodology the safely rebuild does not two computers were determined we began
the process to go out in the field and reimage desktop computers as of
yesterday evening about 150 computers have either been cleared or reimaged the
first group again the first group that we were imaging is slower they have more
individualized software needs but we now have 17 technicians in the field and we
believe we can get to all the first computers that are identified in the
first round by next week we set up a station at the helpdesk so a faculty and
staff that have laptops can drop them off there to be assessed and reimage our
student technology helped us has been assisting students with questions on
these issues we’ve rolled back our office 365 vials and are working on
stabilizing they shared drives i we have been working with the
communications department to alert students faculty and staff when systems
are back online and we are working with them to up and to update our website at
lbcc dot edu slash IT update to inform the lbcc community of our progress the
last question that is often asked as what will we be doing to prevent this in
the future and january we entered a purchase requisition and purchase order
was issued in march or product portalguard which will allow us to
implement multi-factor authentication at this time we suspect that that would
have pretendin prevented this specific mount bear attack from prevented the
damage occurred by this malware we have actively worked with the chancellor’s
office to implement two products called tenable and Splunk these tools both
actively and possibly monitor a network for outside attacks however in this case
these tools would not have caught the malware in March Betty just approved the
purchase of an ERP firewall system that will add another layer of security on
our peoplesoft systems again requiring two-factor authentication in order to
retrieve and report and display personal information we have begun we had begun
and now we have hardened our desktop images of removing privileges that would
have prevented the spread of the damage and plus we have requested additional
hardware software and inventory tools in our department plan all according to CIS
security controls in conclusion I do want to take this
moment to thank the IT team they have worked many of them 15 days straight
some have worked 36 hours we had to send home every everybody has stepped up it’s
been exhausting but they are phenomenal and I am really we all are very
appreciative we’re very thankful that our colleagues have been patient
understanding even in the last few days going out into the field working with
our colleagues nobody has expressed anything but
positive thank you we appreciate the help we know you’re working hard and
that really means a lot to me they have sent doughnuts bagels gift
parts sandwiches you name it I’m sure alcohol has gone over there but I they
don’t let me see that but I do want to think that as thank you is not drinking
but I do I do want to thank them for all of the all they have done and for
everybody that has supported my team during this process Thank You Silvia I
want to really commend the IITs team they have worked around the clock we’ve
literally had to send them home please let them know how much we appreciate
them they brought their hustle they brought their a-game and we truly
appreciate them working day and night to try and get us back up please let them
know how appreciative we are their questions members of the board this time
these items you mentioned 17 technicians but how many how many individuals do you
have in your in your department though across the entire department I think I
have over 40 some of them are developers web developers PeopleSoft developers
media technician broad Bartos technicians and then we have about five
c5 technicians for this campus I think we have two technicians for the PCC
well and so we’re pulling and begging and pleading paperwork to pull in people
to to do some out of class to bring them up to go help do the investigation the
Diagnostics to look at a computer to determine if it’s cleared infected or if
it’s clear to go so everybody is pitching in all clear honestly to do all
of the computers it will take a while but I am expecting the first round of
computers to be done within a week so I’m gonna say about a third within a
week and then there are some people that are like oh you know we can wait and
then there’s some that well these computers are just sitting here they’re
not active we don’t need to look at them for a while but we will need to touch
and reimage every computer unfortunately it was the results of this these actions
until probably within the next 12 months because residual effect of this is gonna
be very difficult on us within our students and everyone else so it has not
been easy we realize that and we’re still waiting for that infamous Ramson
note that we haven’t received right not asking for anyone to start sending them
either hey make sure we trust email Lulu Thank You Silvia for a very
comprehensive report thank you to your staff I recognize that you all have been
working very hard around the clock and I appreciate that and I know the rest of
the college community does too I would just be remiss to not share a little bit
of the nature of some of the discussion that we had in closed session even
though you know it’s sensitive information and we’re not allowed to
talk about it I just want you to know that a great amount of time that we
spent in closed session was discussing this issue and how much the board the concern that we have this is
unacceptable it cannot happen again however it happened it needs to be
identified and resolved quickly and and it is it is an issue that all of the
entire board is very concerned with you know it is what it is and we can’t
really say too much about it but I just I want everybody to know that we spend a
great deal of time talking about this and we we know that the college is doing
everything it can to prevent it from happening again but I I don’t know you
know I don’t even know if that’s good enough you know this is a serious matter
we should be enrolling students right now and we are not and our students are
possibly going other places because of this unfortunate circumstance and the
unfortunate timing in which it presented itself so it is not something that we
are taking lightly just you know rest assured that people are working on this
and trying to resolve it you know it’s it’s a tough thing to stomach thank you student trustee um I’m just gonna give
my input on this I mean first off thank you so much Silvia for the update on
what’s going on um thank you so much for the IITs Department and everybody who’s
putting in work regarding this and and I know we’re not completely 100% back up
but I mean you know what’s difficult contacting our professors when we don’t
have the emails that’s kind of our first go to I did notice that the text
messaging was working a lot of students were getting text messages and that was
really helpful to check in constantly on updates on the website my own professor
I really want to thank President Roh Molly on giving out that statement for
the faculty to extend assignments because I mean law students did struggle
with that we weren’t able to access canvas at one point or some students
were able to and then others you know had issues
but luckily that’s running backup but I myself kennyman acts as my Viking
student system yet I can’t act as my Oracle yet so I mean you know it’s tough
but but I see that the ever putting and work and I really do appreciate
everything so once again hopefully nothing like this ever happens again but
during these past two weeks three weeks it was it was really difficult to get a
hold of professors or you know the only way was going to their office hours and
that’s if sometimes they were there some things aha things happen but again thank
you to the IITs Department and everybody else has been putting in work on this
issue thank you thank you president kellogg i really want to thank you
silvia you and your team and president o’malley we’ve got great support and
swift action so you know it’s like somebody robbing your home you know it
is what it is it happens it’s unfortunate but i know i have every
faith in you guys we all do these are the moments where we come together as a
family I mean this is a catastrophe and I was really pleased to see your team
all hands on deck everybody at the college coming together and really doing
something about it and being there for one another so that was the silver
lining but I’m really hopeful it doesn’t happen again and I know you’re gonna put
in the mitigation measures to prevent that and you really thank you and all of
our great staff who’s been working day in and day out and be your leadership
other members recognizes trustee otto yeah very briefly again thank you for
all your efforts I think I was in touch with President Roh Molly on almost a
daily basis while this was going on and it’s scary especially since we know so
little about how this all worked we i I’m confident based on the information I
was receiving that we responded quickly we got outside experts involved very
very quickly to help us address these issues
we have not received to my knowledge any demands for money although that could
have come we’re on the way to rebuilding all this but it’s a it’s an object
lesson and some of the things you mentioned that are in the works or were
in the works even before this happened give me some more comfort about how
we’re responding to this and I think that what trustee zia said is very true
and that is that we really have come together as a as a community around this
issue and I can see that we’re taking many many steps to make sure this
doesn’t happen again Thanks Baxter yeah again Thank You Silvia for all your work
and to all the people at the IT staff and thank you to President Roh Molly for
immediately admitting the problem being a transparent which i think is so
important to the public and I know that we’ll be back okay very very shortly
thank you I think we all look forward to after we finally get everything back up
and running that then at that point in time we’ll probably have an opportunity
to really review and see what we do it so many other ways for emergency
preparedness and so many other disasters that can strike our campus and you never
think this is going to happen but it has and just some of the lessons learned how
we can better address in the future what things you will need to better protect
the college in cases that this type of an attack happens again and what lessons
we learn from it and we move forward because it is it is devastating to the
college and in a way we never thought of 15-20 years ago so but the fact is that
as was mentioned we should be registering students as we speak right
now for summer courses our summer courses are critical in our role
management plan and that that concerns all of us obviously and that’s and I
know it concerns you too so the lessons learned we’ll see what they
are but it’s been it’s been trying and everybody so thank you very much
no there Thomas this time Thank You superintendent you have other items at
this time that completes my report thank you
Thank You 2.73 order near the agenda I have heard
that there is no request to reorder the agenda so it will stay as is well next
move to 2.8 the ASB presidents report how’s your computer doing mine
personally but just speaking off of that the ones who were like more affected I’d
say were those who those professors who were actually still using the Moodle
system I had one of the professors that was still using it and uh one of our
exams kind of just got wiped they have to read regrade it I still got a 92
though so that’s fine but but all right let’s start this off so good evening
everyone so I’m just gonna go over a few of past events some of the things we’re
currently working on and then upcoming announcements so first off this goes
back to very late March Easter egg hunt at PCC there’s really great we had all
the kids come out picking up those Easter eggs I don’t know if you guys
have seen a sorry I keep saying Tom but chickens in a coop when you throw kind
of bird seeds at them and they just kind of pick Adam that that’s exactly what
happened at PCC on that Friday it was really fun I got a video if Ben and you
guys want to see it I’ll share it but moving on 10th annual Beverly O’Neill
Leadership Conference happened on April 14th I’d like to thank the trustees who
came as well as president O’Malley thank you for that these students got to meet
different mentors from different groups that they would kinda like to pursue
different facets of their lives depending on what the
some entertainment communications there were a lot of different majors that were
serviced there so I’m very happy about that and then following that this past
Saturday I don’t know if you guys went but there was a mini Grand Prix and
chili cook-off shout out to the order earth Tong as well as pinky for winning
the mini Grand Prix and to my boys at the Order Thor congratulations on
winning and nontraditional best chili thank you following that the
sustainability fair happened last Thursday we’re giving out fruit and such
there were different vendors out as well as different businesses and different
departments from LBCC giving out information to students also a few like
free goodies so that was fun and that’s it for past events now things are that
are currently being worked on first smoking survey that I touched on
last meeting so now there are roughly around I want to say 350 surveys
collected starting to get a better picture of like what students are saying
right now so once we hit around 400 450 that’s when will pretty much gather
everything and that’s when things are gonna get serious
following that currently our LEC club Senate President is leading the charge
to hopefully get summer chartering allowed for clubs and organizations many
of our clubs have expressed interest I want to see a good 90% of them in
chartering over the summer especially now that they’re like two week to six
week sessions it almost seems like a somewhat mini semester they’ve read
sorry our LEC Club Senate President as well as others in that kind of task
force have reached out to wrist services and they said they’ve gotten there okay
so next is meeting with our Dean Ramon Knox as well as our ASB Cavins to
discuss the like logistics of it all and we’ll see where it goes from there
following that ASB elections are going on now this morning around 8 a.m. up
until April 26 at 10:00 p.m. there’s going to be different ballot locations
at the pcc campus as well as the LEC campus
in a day and also there are those who as well as live performances from different
bands and such so that’s going to be fun and then the awards banquet will be held
May 29th at 11 a.m. in the Nordic lounge it’s gonna be a 80s theme you can come
either professional or in the 80s the who hears from the 80s guys we’ll all
right so you guys can come in and kind of judge to see if it’s you know
up-to-date or not but feel free to come come by following that it’s going to be
the annual spring sing will be occurring the May 19th I don’t know if you guys
know but it’s pretty pretty long tradition I’d say around 60 60 plus
years or so so come to that May 19th 7 p.m. this year’s gonna be in the large
gym right over here follow champions so make sure to come out tickets are $5 if
you get them presale from a lot of clubs are selling so check out with that or at
the door first seven or eight dollars yeah seven dollars and all that money
goes to scholarships for students as well and then just lastly the ASB
banquet scheduled for June 1st hopefully you guys have done your invitations if
you haven’t they’ll be coming out soon and thank you all you guys have a good
evening that glass 6:40 thank you good job a lot
of activities going on this time of year 2.9 public comments Madam Secretary I
have no speaker cards correct very good movie now and then
student trustee you’ll be voting on this as well three point one resolution
classified school employee week this is a third week of May as an identity as a
classified school employee week and is recognized by the state of California
through a bill signed by the governor actually in 1986 this is a action items
entertain emotion pushed by trustee baxter a second by trustee auto question
comments members of board on the resolution honoring our classified
employee week none madam secretary please call the roll hi jeff kellogg hi
i Doug Otto all right Sonny Zia I am student trust each other’s I thank you
item three point to soar to efficient of election member of Long Beach City
College Community College District this is an actually I’m student trustee you
will be voting on it the Long Beach Community College District adopt a
resolution ordering a governing board member election be held on April 10th
2018 and with the miss election of the City of Lakewood and Long Beach the
election was held as directed and candidates for a trustee area one where
as follows trustee elect walk new talk and then in
areas three and five trustee zia and trustee baxter entertain a motion to
approve this motion by trustee malulu second by trustee zia questions comments
at this time congratulations to you all carry none
i’m secretary please call the roll this is easier thank you president kellogg i
just wanted to thank you for your 16 year of service
i’m sure i know you don’t want a big party but it may be in the works and i
also want to thank thank the voters for their confidence in trustee baxter and
myself it’s nice to get the hundred percent vote and not be opposed so thank
you that’s all I have thank you I’m secretary roll please virginia baxter i
jeff kellogg i otto sunny xia i and student trustee Chavez I thank you that
carries congratulations for presentations these are now just
informational items 4.1 improving retention and
completion we’re gonna president you know it’s the presenters please
again this is an information item only yes thank you as they are assembling
they’re going to be led by Dean of counseling Noel Corral we’ve had some
exciting advances in our completion agenda this year that they’re going to
talk to you about we have instituted a strategy to go after and design special
schedules for students you have 45 plus credits who are close to completion to
get them across the finish line and you’re gonna see some very Mike drop
moments in tonight’s presentation it’s been very successful wait for the mic
drop you’re also going to see a strategy surrounding the the over 2000 students
currently at lbcc who have 60 or more credits and a strategy designed to get
them across the finish line away so I won’t steal their mic drops take it away
Dean Corral Thank You superintendent president O’Malley good evening members
of the board board president kellog vice president’s students staff faculty
members of the community we’re excited to present to you this evening truly
remarkable work that has been going on in collaboration with students or staff
faculty and managers to really be in alignment with our strategic plan in our
strategic enrollment management plan as well and these interventions as
President rouhani mentioned were looking at the students at key completion
milestones such as 45 units completed and 60 units completed and try to help
them get across the finish line so you’re gonna hear from Jennifer from
Elijah and Sonja on some of these efforts that have been really
astonishing so I’ll turn it over to Jennifer to talk a little about the data
and Sonja will take over with some of the intervention okay so to start in winter we created a
workgroup that really focused on developing and interventions to increase
our completions especially for our disproportionately impacted students and
we chose to focus on students with 45 or more credit units that they had already
completed and because these are students that are already close to graduating and
by implementing focused interventions we can one help them to graduate faster and
increase our graduation rates to we know this will boost our numbers in the
funding formula three we can increase our iPads graduation rates and these are
national graduation rates that we can compare ourselves to across the nation
and most importantly we would be increasing the earning potential of
these students we know when students get an associate’s degree in their hands
they on average earn 8% more in the workplace so we started in the sort
group by looking at some of the data on these students and what we can see is
that when students complete 45 or more credit units at the college within one
year of that milestone only 26 percent of those students have completed and
within 10 years with that same group of students only 73 percent of them have
completed we also looked at what some of these barriers might be and one of those
barriers is in order to get an associate’s degree you also have to
complete your general education components and what we see is with these
students with 45 or more units to completion sixty-seven percent have
still not completed their math requirement 67 percent have also not
completed their life science and lab requirement and 62 percent haven’t
completed their critical thinking requirement and that’s very concerning
at the same time we looked at our iPads graduation rates and you can see that
they’re very variable over time you know they we’re down they went up they went
back down and what we really want to be seeing is a steady increase in our
graduation rates as we implement more focused interventions and target these
students to streamline their completion and finally use me could you just
explain for the audience what the iPad graduation rates are yeah so the iPad
graduation rates are the national rates that we compare ourselves to you so
typically we look at the chancellor’s office data within the state of
California this would be the national data for awards annual awards for
students so we’re looking at our completion rate at the national level
the federal level instead this available and then finally when we were looking at
data this is more recent this was presented to you at the board meeting
last time but we felt it was really relevant to include in our presentation
because when we’re looking at our awards compared to the other districts in the
States we know that lbcc ranks 71 out of 72 districts in the number of annual
awards we give out we rank 65 out of 72 districts in the number of three-year
completions and we rank 30 out of 72 districts in the number of ADT’s and
this is very concerning and we know that we need to do something about this we
are a very large district compared to many of the other districts in the in
the state of California and so to be this low we know we need to implement
some new interventions and really streamline our programs so with that I’m
gonna turn it over to Sonja dilatory to talk to you about our first intervention
jennifer only because you look at this and people always ask the question and
there’s nothing to be proud of because that is a that is something concerns you
years 71 out of 72 districts who is 72 who was dead last and I’m asking it
actually for a reason is a similar district to ours or is it a rural
district or is it a we can get that district or you don’t know it off the
top of my head it is nothing we would ever put on our brochures trust me but I
was just curious when I looked at it alright thank you
and ADT’s our associate degrees for transfer yeah yeah the trade lease is
the positive trend but it’s a starting point that you don’t want to start at so
the count simplest registration intervention was in direct response to
the data that Jennifer just presented it was clear that we needed to do something
intentional to address the completion issue at our college during the winter
intersession we contacted students via phone and email to invite them to attend
a counseling plus registration event we offer the six of these events with three
specific goals in mind one to help inform our course offerings for the
spring semester two to assist students in enrolling in classes for the spring
as a way to generate FTEs for the college and three to create
comprehensive educational plans for our students that we know shorten the time
to completion for students at counseling plus registration events students had
the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the counselor and following the meeting
with the counselor they they either created or modified an educational plan
they were then funneled into a registration room where they received
one-on-one assistance with registration we also embedded Admissions and Records
and financial aid representatives in those registration rooms to troubleshoot
any registration barriers so not only was this intervention a holistic
student-centered approach but as you can see from the pie chart we were able to
capture an additional a hundred and fifty comprehensive student educational
plans that helped clarify the path to completion for so many of our students
and here’s why this information is so critically important to us when we look
at our return on investment for this particular intervention the figures are
fairly impressive in looking at the graph you see that the cost of our
intervention itself was about seven thousand six hundred which was primarily
to fund counseling and as a result of these efforts we generated about
nineteen thousand five hundred through the development of comprehensive
educational plans and approximately a hundred eighty seven thousand in FTEs
revenue with about thirty six additional FTEs for the college resulting in about
a hundred and ninety nine thousand in potential total revenue for the college
for this one intervention alone hmm
well while implementing counseling plus registration triple SP and Steven equity
teamed up to pilot another unique intervention that lived our approach to
student services on its head traditionally we expect for students to
to initiate whatever services their they’re receiving but why rather than
wait for students to come in to initiate their own services we use data to
identify this disproportionately impacted students who had 45 units or
more and needed a comprehensive educational plan and we brought those
services directly to the students this new approach of serving students has
taught targeted counseling interventions and it leverages our counselors to reach
out to lbcc students directly and offer the students the support that they need
why is this important because the students who need need the most help
typically are not the students who are gonna come in to receive that help and
because our students at OU BCC are just are just that important to us and they
deserve a personal touch how did we do it counselors called and they emailed
students directly in order to offer their support and meet with the students
and the results were impactful students were tremendously grateful
once he didn’t share it I didn’t know counselors did this and another student
came into the counseling department and said my friend got a call what am I
gonna get mine in addition disproportionately impacted students who
who needed these services were the ones who received them we had an amazing 88%
show rate and because the show rate was so high we were able to generate 228
comprehensive speedy and educational plans when these students not if but
when these students persist that’s more graduations
which is good for students and it’s good for the college while the cost versus
the return on investment were about the same there were a few others other
significant things to note the first is that this was an equity focused
intervention and therefore the students who we served may not have received
those services otherwise by meeting with these students bouncers were able to
ensure that the students could see a clearer path to completion and
comprehensive student educational plans help to prevent students from taking
unnecessary courses and that shortens a time for a student to get to completion
these efforts combined are likely to increase our rate at LBCC of graduations
and transfer given the successes that we experienced
through the past interventions that Elijah just described we decided to look
at students that had 60 or more units what do we know about these students 1
we know that they’re close to completion and 2 we know that they’re not
completing we discovered that we had about 2,100 students at lbcc with 60 or
more units and of those a little more than 1400 students were
disproportionately impact students with no degree
our counselors contacted all 1,400 of the disproportionate impact students and
created comprehensive student educational plans for them if they did
not already have one on file or they modified a comprehensive ed plan to
ensure that their path to completion was much more clear through these efforts a
hundred and eighteen students applied for degrees and certificates these
students were completely unaware that they had an award sitting on the table
for them and we when we extended the graduation deadline for all of the
students we captured an additional 138 students to apply for graduation for a
total of 256 students that were eight that we were able to take across the
finish line who again had no knowledge that they had completed and I want to
highlight that I think this data alone emphasizes the critical importance of
why our College needs pathways it is unacceptable for us to continue to allow
students to have 60 or more units and still not have a degree and again why
does this matter because when we look at our return on
investment not only does this impact students lives but the figures are very
promising while we spent about seventy five
thousand on this intervention which is primarily to fund adjunct counselors to
execute the deliverables of our projects like comprehensive IDI plans and
facilitate the application for degrees and certificates
when we look at the return and the potential gains we anticipate generating
about thirteen thousand seven hundred from the creation or modification of
comprehensive educational plans and about 1.3 million in potential reward
revenue for a total potential revenue to our College of 1.2 million these
interventions are also removing student barriers for the students who need it
most the top three student populations served
were Latino students african-american students and disabled students another
striking thing about these interventions for us is that they removed some of the
assumptions that we have about students institutionally we assume that students
know when where and how to activate the appropriate resources and that students
are going to come to us in order to do that instead we use interventions
brought the resource there’s – – students targeted counseling
interventions enable the counseling faculty and the triple SP team with
support from student equity and other groups to enable the appropriate
resources for students at the right time so as you can see a lot of efforts have
been made to really support our students particularly are disproportionately
impacted students students of color to make sure that they’re on track stay on
track and that they complete we’ve created as a result of these
interventions approximately 700 modified or new comprehensive student educational
plans we’ve increased the college’s FTEs by 37 which is about four additional F
units that each student that got through our interventions added and a total of
about two hundred and fifty six Awards that we previously did not have
completed so what does this mean it means there’s 256 students and families
that are now increasing social and mobile social mobility and not economic
development here in Long Beach it also means it’s touching on the poverty the
homelessness and the earning potential of these students by having a degree in
hand and these are students that were walking down our halls with these units
already so imagine if we didn’t have this manual process and we had an
electronic way to do a degree audit to automatically award these students or
help us process these students to have degrees I think we could serve quite a
few students thank you fantastic job you guys I heard so many
mic drops in there there was a lot of clinking on the ground when when you
have found a solution that’s in your strategic plan in your enrollment
management plan that increases the number of IDI plans for students which
statistically nationwide any research institution will show you will increase
their completion and brings you triple SP revenue in the process and students
earn 8% more earnings once they complete and you remove equity barriers and you
bring in more money according to the new funding formula I think you got some
magic so congratulations to you and the team that’s I mean it’s it’s amazing we
have we have happened upon some magic here and I want to congratulate you
thank you and actually and one of the last pieces that I’d be
very regretful if I didn’t mention is the collaborative nature of this effort
it was counseling Admissions and Records financial aid institutional
effectiveness la earning and academic resources triple SP student equity
Transfer Center instructional faculty it was a team effort to really get this
going and seeing it executed so thank thank
all of you that were a part of this effort in the in the audience as well as
our team here so thank you guys Jeff recognizes trustee baxter i want to
salute you for this great work and i also want to make an observation it
appears to me that this is the first time in my memory which goes back pretty
far that so many different areas have worked together and that you know thank
you for whoever figured that out and the leadership of you for and of course all
the other people on campus but it really is is a great tribute to i think to our
staff that we’re all working together toward a common goal which is to help
students graduate and so congratulations members just to echo on trustee Baxter’s
remarks this is a big testament to the great staff that we have a great talent
and of course especially to your leadership superintendent president dr.
Rowe Molly I mean the talent was there you’ve capitalized on it you have taken
it to a whole nother level and I’m really grateful to you and grateful to
you guys all of you for the great and tremendous work you’re doing and I’m
sure we’re going to see rewards that are multiple folds and I look forward to
seeing that thank you thank you these wonderful people make my job very easy
sure recognizes trustee otto by trustee mallalieu
if I was a betting man or just a statistician I probably would say that
we jumped from 71 to 70 and the list of it
number of rewards just by by this effort and that’s uh it’s a huge improvement so
congratulations on that the the hard work I I couldn’t help but
think about here which is now that you have these education plans which were
what we’ve said for a long long time was what everybody needed in order to to get
moving forward and we know that there are these courses the math course and
the critical thinking course and I forget the third one but that people
didn’t want to take they probably didn’t want to take them because they were
worried about whether they could do well enough in them and now that they have
new plans and they are were helped to get registered they got to get through
these courses and i’m i as i sat here i was thinking so how do we keep on top of
that how do we what’s the next intervention to say hey we know these
are the tough ones and these are the ones that we got into those classes so
let’s have a special effort to monitor them have an early feedback program
because some of it may just be fear but some of it may be based on on situations
that we can address but it’s just staying focused on success this is no
longer about access anymore it’s about success trustee Maaloula you guys always
such a fabulous job Noelle jennifer sonya elijah you guys
just have a great team Sonya you reminded me of a student I
once had who had 82 units I believe no degree no end in sight just
you know taking classes I do believe in pathways so I I appreciate your passion
for speaking on that I have a question on page 11 if you don’t mind only
because the number the difference is so staggering with the Latino students why
is that is it because I mean I’m gonna just guess that it has
something to do with students signing up or outreach or why are there so many
Latino students in that population being serviced as opposed to others I don’t
know if we can get that up for the public page 11 so that’s a great
question there’s there’s no perfect answer to that what I can share is that
we did work with institutional effectiveness in order to run the query
that specifically targeted our our students of disproportionate impact we
actually made sure that when we were serving the students the demographic
information was not available for those who were serving the students they
didn’t know who they were calling we knew that the students were a
disproportionate impact but those who are providing the services did not so
those those those students who came in and were represented was random one
thing we know for sure is that they were all at this proportionate impact okay so
the pool was controlled but the ones who actually responded that’s how they fell
in there that’s really interesting because I mean it just it’s such a huge
discrepancy it makes me wonder what you know what our what our control group
consists of the thousands of students that are there are they also majority
Hispanic or is it a little more proportionate in representation so this
this actually reflects our student population in that we’re 59 percent
Latino students here at Long Beach City College so we would anticipate to see
some similarity to our student demographic thank you got it thing I
appreciate it thank you is this issue is huge and and I don’t want to make Long
Beach City College seem like we’re the only one that has this problem when I
asked that original question is if you go to all 72 districts they’re all
struggling this same if you really love us all
together and then you have to look at the different districts certain
districts are different in so many ways but at the end of it all this is why
you’re seeing the state of California even the federal government start to
look in because it’s all about completion as much as we love you
students to be here we don’t want you to live here we want you to move on with
your life because it’s because people are coming right behind you
the and if you as a district do not address it it always happens the state
government the federal government comes in and said okay it’s all about
completion years ago about a decade ago now we were actually struggling with we
were having where certain courses were having a three percent completion rate
successfully completion which means if you want to go the optimistic way
pessimist that 97% of people weren’t completing a course and it put us in a
real dilemma because we had to start jettison a certain type of courses
programs but I appreciate the fact we’re we’re seriously addressing this we still
have all the answers but at least we’re moving in that in that right direction
to try to find what the issues are that we can get people through to have the
amazing thing to me is when they have 60 or more units and they’re just sitting
here that’s even more disturbing because it’s you have to start wondering as was
raised what what are the reasons why they’re here and there can be a
multitude of those that actually this is a great discussion which I’m probably
going to throw this team this state organization always deals with issues of
statewide and and this report I think would be really a value to the statewide
organization to go and do a presentation because as I mentioned every district
deals with this and is something we all have to really get our arms around so
I’ll be curious to get more information just right here we could have spent well
this could be an all-day seminar really and how we’re addressing the issues
pathways is critical we didn’t have that before you know people were just showing
up unfortunately people like myself where you have athletes you’re required
to get done in a certain period of time you have eligibility factors that’s why
you see athletes completion rates so quick because they can’t be around
so it really is pretty fascinating all the data that’s here and trying to get
to the reasoning on why some people are doing it but more importantly for us to
get them to complete it because we as a college get credit for that that’s
becoming more and more as we’re seeing in these with the way we’re going to
start getting financial support from the state it’s all going to be based on
completions things like that I used to always tell people that if you put it in
with the our financial process what we have with FTEs and it sounds so minimal
but if every class had one more student your eken
be resolved and that sounds so simple but yet it’s true if everyone had one
more student taking a full credit course look what the impact be on you
financially and that’s how that’s how tedious it is with us so I appreciate
everything you had here I think it’s a wonderful detailed report with a lot
more questions that can be answered but at least we’re starting to address it
and and it’s very valuable so I don’t want anyone to ever think that Long
Beach City College it alone and we’re the only ones dealing with this every
Community College in California is dealing with this in different levels
and and we’re even though we’re 72 districts there are colleges are just
just dramatically different than Long Beach City College and there are
something very similar so excellent report it’s all about completion
retention etc etc so so it’s a valuable tool to look at so thank you very much
presenter members at this time president Kalwa yes student trustee I don’t know
why I just turned off my mic it’s from the back line thank you so much for the
presentation it’s great to see this information I wanted to make a quick
suggestion or maybe just like an idea that I just kind of thought of because
like I’m trying to remember back when I was in high school and then you know
leading into college and then you know the whole struggle of how the transition
between I know we have a whole College promise thing where the LBCC with the OB
USD and stuff but seeing the students I have sixty units and then their age gap
I know back when I was in high school I was used to you know having like a
little note sent to my you know when my second period or my homeroom a period
you know having the counselors come to me kind of being almost like cradled and
in my handheld throughout the whole process
I was an avid and and that was really helpful back when I was in high school
so being able to detect at one point you know I’m trying to see sixty units I’m
trying to do the math if ever you every semester you take fifteen units you know
you looking for in two years you to grab you get sixty units
yeah I’m trying to see like what age gap or give me what students are the ones
who are you know starting to realizable I have six units now like where’s my
degree or wearing and I transfer or whatever you know my certificate and the
fact that we’re getting students here and they’re just remaining here it just
goes to show that it’s just some students who feel like they’re lost
that’s just kind of what I what I would do like as far as like maybe a survey
and have them just simple as like twenty or like break it down into categories
eighteen or like twenty because I know some students during high school they
decide to come to Community College at the same time and take courses while
during high school so then those units can be accumulated so I mean it could be
19 or 20 and you could already have your sixteen units and transfer automatically
or get your degree also during that the whole event I know there was like a
comment that was made about how a student said that they didn’t even know
about that these resources were out there maybe gathering some data as far
as why why do you feel you know why do you think what’s your next step or you
know what what happened between you arriving at Long Beach City College your
first semester and you know still being here like what’s going on having an end
goal as far as what do you what’s your next plan because I know a lot of things
you know committed college students definitely go through you know struggle
from like experiencing you know school debt and then you know having to decide
whether it’s buying groceries or buying a textbook I mean these are just common
community college students problems that keep it reoccurring and then finally
pathways I member back when I was in Middle School
she’s back in 2011 when I graduated no school 2011 pathways was just the thing
that was really getting into K through 12 and if that I mean now that it’s
being implemented within community colleges I mean it just feels like a
sense where I know where I’m going I have a plan and you know maybe the plan
a plan B and Plan C aren’t enough and I specifically want to go into this field
and this is what I so I I wish pathways would have became
in earlier as far as you know now that now that I’m already gonna graduate and
move on but I think this is a critical part for a community college student as
well but overall thank you so much for their informative presentation thank you
yes very well done thank you very much I think we’re all sitting here going when
our student trustee says back when I was in high school you’re talking to a group
of people we’re all like the Star Wars original one and you’re now talking
about it you know so uh hi I’m class of 2015 for high schools I felt like I
don’t know who’s obi-wan Kenobi but anyway great job thank you very much and
we look forward to continuing on this Thank You next time it’s 4.2 this is for
our Welcome Center for this again is a presentation this is all part of our
strategic plan enrollment management plan we’ve introduced a Welcome Center
at each campus for new students as well as current students and this is actually
strategy number 25 in the strategic enrollment plan and calling for the
examination of retention and completion et cetera so this is another important
part so super 10 present I will turn it over to you for item 4.2 thank you sir
hang on to your seats folks because the mic drops are going to continue we in
trying to address the strategic plan and the enrollment management plan we look
at a variety of data some of the data that we discovered was that we are not
performing at the national average when it comes to what’s called conversions
which is taking a student from application to enrollee the
matriculation proj process we found that we were significantly in many cases
below the national average so we designed a strategy thanks to the
counselors and their annual planning that will address that and performed
some what-if scenarios not only do we execute on on it and you’re gonna hear
about that but perform some what-if scenarios on some revenue opportunities
that we’ve missed and that we will be able to capture in the future so the
wonderful marcia parker who’s the head of community engagement and the head of
this project is going to take us through this exciting detail thank you
senator Molly good evening board of trustees and our guest for this evening
it’s my pleasure to have the opportunity to present to you our a strategic plan
and enrollment reticulation plan strategy number 25 our LHD and welcome
so the first thing we wanted to do was really take a look at and really
identify the problem so the national average for community colleges in terms
of converting applicants to those who actually enroll in your institution is
anywhere from 38 to 42 protect unfortunately historically lbcc has
fallen below that so for example in winter 2017 we converted around fifteen
point one percent of our applicants to actually actual enrollees another
example spring 2018 around thirty three point eight percent so we really need to
get a lot closer to that forty percent give or take
national average conversion rate so what are we doing to address this problem the
Welcome Center assist with enrollment conversion by providing a welcoming
environment for incoming students and it’s really a place where where incoming
and prospective students can ask questions and receive assistance in
completing the enrollment process so what does this mean for potential
full-time equivalent student revenue so first and foremost if we are able to get
to the 40 percent conversion rate our potential revenue is over $900,000 and
so we can kind of break that down by semester so if we look at the summer
2017 semester for example previously we converted in terms of applicants to
actually enrollees at a rate of 20 7.5% if we’re able to get up to that 40
percent conversion rate that would garner us over three hundred forty
thousand dollars in additional revenue so it’s really important that we do
everything that we can to get to that more national average level which would
be our forty percent and rain so this is a list of kind of
what we’ve done thus far as President Roh Mali mentioned the Welcome Center
was informed by a plan from our counselors and we really appreciate our
counselors for bringing this to the forefront and bringing the two president
remodeling and so since then what we’ve done is we’ve had a series of meetings
to really get started with a soft launch of the Welcome Center and so we were
very excited to have launched the Welcome Center last week on April 17th
and then we’re moving forward with additional brainstorming to have more of
a hard launch and and a full launch starting on June 27 so for our summer
launch as as has been mentioned summer registration is going to open on May at
7 and so the Welcome Center at both campuses one at the LHC campus as well
as one at the pcc campus successfully soft launched last week on april 17th so
we’re all good to go and set for our summer registration period so these are
some pictures this was actually our first day on April 17 so this is a
picture of the PCC location and we have our our student and team members our
peer mentors and our counselors here and then this is a picture of a similar set
up at our La si location and so the service is provided at both locations
include individuals can get information on scheduling a tour they can get
assistance with our application and counseling services they can have an
educational plan put together and just general guidelines to assist students in
navigating the enrollment process these are the hours for the Welcome Center at
both locations and this is just a general overview of the structure of the
Welcome Center at both locations so at La si the Welcome Center is located in
the a building room one-zero-zero-one there’s really tall flags in front of
both welcome centers and at PCC that the Welcome Center is located in the AAA
building Lobby room 101 and in each Welcome Center we have at
least one peer mentor we have a counselor and then we have a staff staff
person on site to serve as a resource for our student team members should they
have additional question going hoard for the fall registration you may know that
fall registration launches on July 2nd so our plan is to have the Welcome
Center kind of fully launched in a more robust fashion in advance of that date this slide shows one of the meetings
that we’ve had for our brainstorming or our Welcome Center and one of the things
that I’m really thankful for is that this has been a truly collaborative
process and so at this particular meeting we have faculty union Student
Senate managers classified staff really all coming together to provide ideas for
what we want to do to make this the best Welcome Center that we can and so these
flies just kind of lift some example suggestions that were provided from the
comprehensive brainstorming session so as we look forward to our full launch
and even with our current soft launch how are we going to measure our success
so how do we know if the Welcome Center worked so what you have in front of you
is an actual screenshot of the tally sheet that we are using on a daily basis
at both locations and so what happens is each time a visitor comes into the
Welcome Dinner a student at your mentor will greet them and assist them and then
they will write on here you know this is the type of question that this person
asked and this is the category that it goes in and they might have some
additional and note staring fallen column in em and so what we’re going to
be able to do is use all of these tally sheets to really inform what
we want to do moving forward or full launch as well as any additional
evaluation tools that we want to develop and so in closing that’s far we have not
been meeting the national average of the 40% conversion rate from applicants to
enroll leads and so using the Welcome Center as a tool we have the potential
to garner 621 thousand dollars in terms of our return on investment which will
really allow us to further maximize our revenue opportunities for the college
that’s my brief presentation are there any questions questions members the
board chair his trusty extra fall by trustee my Lulu yeah okay I see a good
report I and I I’m I want to go first so I steal this from trustee mala Lulu but
we went to Washington DC two years ago and this this was an idea that was
brought up and they the exercise was how welcoming is your school you know how do
you if you walk on campus how do you feel and both on both campuses and both
of us said there’s no center there’s no you know nothing to draw people in so
I’m so pleased with us and I think that’s fantastic then secondly to build
on my many years of serving hot dogs I think when you do your hard launch on
July 2nd you ought to have food because that will draw people to and then
there’s something about a crowd brings a bigger crowd and so if people see people
than they old what’s going on and I go over there and find out what’s going so
they always have hot dogs in the summer so make sure you get your hot dogs Idol
I second try quickly here but I’ll believe you
that was that was one of the projects that was one of the key suggestions from
our student participants its student life Dean Ramon is still here so he’s
listening I know to me yes he’s got it okay so he’s a charge alive duck students we love food chair recognizes
trustee Mel Lulu thank you for reminding me trustee Baxter that’s not what I was
gonna say but yes what she just said I just have a quick question and maybe you
said it and I missed it but where exactly are the two welcome centers on
each campus La si it’s over at the a building kind of when you first walk in
the a building if you’re coming from this side of campus and then at PCC it’s
in the a a building kind of in that Lobby area there okay the only the only
suggestion that that I’d like to make is that we put something in the parking
lots because one of the problems that some of our students face is they they
can find the parking because they’ll be traveling on Clark or wherever they are
and they they park and then from there it becomes so overwhelming because they
see I actually helped an elderly student from trying to get to the e building but
he had parked on the south west southeast corner of Clark and Carson and
he didn’t know that there was a parking right next to the e building and it
would have taken him too long to walk so I had to kind of redirect him you know
it’ll be faster if you get in your car and drive and you can actually park
right in front there’s meter so somewhere in the parking lot if we can
put something that says Welcome Center stop here first you know maybe we can do
like a number one first stop and then tell them where to go that way once they
get to the Welcome Center from there they can get a map they can get a you
know maybe think about that with your committee same thing for PCC PCC is a
little easier to navigate with the one parking lot it’s just easier but here it
can be it could be challenging definitely I agree I think and signage
for parking and how to get to the Welcome Center from parking excellent
suggestion thank you other questions members of the birth this time just
interesti right you’re over there you look like you’re you know I was like I
was a I was gonna say something regarding the parking and whatnot
because I mean when we when the students arrive on
campus the first thing we arrived to is parking and if it’s like the first two
weeks of class there’s usually no parking
so suggestion in the beginning specifically like the first maybe three
weeks just having like one of the stands right there by vet stadium I think that
would just definitely just increase the amount of people and and I mean simply I
was just giving him a map and showing them where to go or where exactly
because a lot of students do not know where exactly the classes or what
building on my in or you know all sorts of that and secondly on the maps that we
do have on campus I know that we have like um like there’s like the big
they’re pretty big they’re like surrounded all over campus on it is it
already updated that saves welcome center right there and uh and uh further
building I’m not sure that it is so that’s an excellent point and we will
make sure and I also really love what you’re saying about but we’ve we’ve seen
great success with our pop-up tent advertising summer registration so
having a pop-up – first couple to three weeks of class and directing people to
the Welcome Center yeah definitely the most traffic spots I mean students will
park at about stadium and then the ones who cross the street constantly I mean I
cross the street probably like three or four times other questions comments we
always like to say there is parking it’s just not convenient parking I just have
one car just easier president kellog thank you so thank you so much I know
this is your first time presenting and it’s been lovely I’ve heard great things
about you and I could see why so just want to really thank you for a wonderful
presentation and welcome aboard thank you very much thank you very much
we are now at the consent calendar this is items 5.5 5.18 the student trustee
with the exception of item 5.17 5.18 which he cannot vote on so if there’s
any items need to be removed at this time for further discussion if not all
entertain a motion to approve the consent calendar in its entirety motion
by trustee zia second by trustee baxter questions comments
Madam Secretary please call the roll and consent calendar items 5.5 to 5.18
please virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i vivian Malu i doug otto sunny xia i and student trustee chavez
hi thank you we’re now to Human Resources item 6.1 employment contract
this is for marlene Dunn vice president business services this is an action item
so moved I was required last for the question the employment contract
provides for a term of employment from May 15 2000 18 through June 30 2020
contract provides for an annual compensation of twenty two hundred
twenty two thousand four hundred eighty dollars along with health and welfare
benefits and life insurance entertain a motion in the second place my trust easy
a second my trusty auto questions comments on this item at this time madam
secretary please call the roll virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i vivian Malu i
Doug Otto right Incendia I thank you
congratulations and all these items on the employment of the student trustee
will not be voting 6.2 employment contract Susan Bricker and turn the
executive dean enrollment services the employment contract provides for a term
of employment from June 1st 2018 through June 30 2019 the contract provides for
an annual compensation of 178,000 o76 along with the health and welfare
benefits and life insurance entertain a motion a second please second by trustee
zia questions comments members aboard at this time hearing none madam secretary
please call the roll on item 6.2 virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i i doug
otto Incendia i that motion carries we’re
item 6.3 student trustee will not be voting on this item this is a
supplemental employment retirement plan this is an action item
recommended action is that the Board of Trustees approve a resolution
to establish a supplement and employment retirement plan for certain eligible
employees of the district effective June 1st 2018 super 10 president you want
anything before I have the let me ask it this time could I have a entertain a
motion a second for discussion purposes also motion by trustee in here but I’m
gonna say trustee Baxter second by trustee my Lulu questions comments
superintendent president comments at this time
members the board this time on this item chair recognizes trustee otto and I
understand that this you the analysis that we’ve reviewed shows that there are
benefits to the district depending on whether adequate people decide to
participate in this program I want to be clear that if it doesn’t appear to be
beneficial based on those numbers we can back out of this is that fair is that
true well it’s going to be the vice president superintendent Ren’s cancer
that one I don’t know why you’re looking over me yes it does need to pencil out
for us to be able to do it so if we do not get enough people to participate in
the program we do not have to go through with it we would not want to be in a
disadvantageous position there members at this time undecided I will make a
brief comment and everyone because they’ve heard me say this in the past
the same this is an item we make that it was in the past it’s been actually part
of our labor negotiations with our full-time factly this one isn’t going to
include all the different groups as well just not the full-time faculty I
personally have always had issues with this as well for a multitude of reasons
one where people made out would like or dislike but it has been proven legally
that we are fine we have shown the bottom line it’s to save money it just
always has been difficult for me to give essentially a
whatever the amount is in the past dollar amount 30 I believe 30 $35,000 it
was always something I just felt was it just was something I always had
difficulty with supporting I understand the bottom line I understand what it has
I also on this one because it now it’s expanded I’m concerned because it has
somewhat of effect on us in many ways we actually last time I want to say we had
over 30 full-time faculty members that took advantage of this which was more
than we thought are concerned because we have a faculty obligation number Fon and
we also had difficulties sometimes hiring our full-time faculty to meet the
Fon and if we don’t meet the find that we are find and number and so all these
factors come into play the facts expanded as well my concern was that
some of the other some of the other of our constituency groups I feel sometimes
are treated more unfairly than others in this I don’t think it’s to their
advantage in many ways so I’m just overall I’ve always had and I’ve always
supported no on this but it’s always moved forward because a lot of people
just look at is from the retirement saving money dropping down our cost
because we’re not paying at the higher end but I just think that we’re we have
some difficult times coming before us this board this College and I hope it
doesn’t have the same effect that I’ve seen in the past what I mean by that
when I watch this certain groups constituency groups they start taking
impact when you have a down downward cycle we are now not filling certain
management positions that responsibility is still there but yet the position is
not filled that has an impact on the college in the past our classified staff
has taken the blunt of a lot of these issues financially and I don’t think
that’s fair and so there’s a lot of things that come into it but for the
discussion at night it is a supplemental employment retirement plan
we have people have come and told us that is good bottom line at the end of
it although I just have great difficulty always supporting something that and one
of the enticer is I would just share with you is people just always turn to
me and say well you know so-and-so is on the list and we can get rid of that
person and I always jokingly said and it’s not
I go look there’s always somebody on the list that you don’t like or you know
that’s not really the issue the issue for me is that I’m giving someone a
amount of amount whether they were good or bad they’re giving the same amount of
money and I just find that difficult and I always have so that’s my disclaimer
why I vote no all the time but we’ll move forward other members this time
Madam Secretary trust him all of them and I would also like to I concur with
what trustee Kellogg said that it there are a lot of factors that go into play
when considering a decision like this this is also something else that we had
a lengthy discussion about in closed session the bottom line is always I
believe finding that sweet spot and what’s the best for the district but
also what’s the best for individuals who are eligible whether it’s financially
prudent for them and their family to retire or not and the impact that it
will have on the district it’s it’s not as easy as it sounds to find that
balance and that’s why there are so many elaborate and sophisticated charts and
steps and tiers and years of service and education they do that for a reason and
one thing I did hear that I thought was very interesting when considering
retirement is it you know we we offer incentives but at the same time it has
to be something that works both ways so even though the incentive might help an
individual in the long run the health of the college the financial health of the
district is also something that we need to consider and vice versa so we can’t
just make a decision based on this is going to save the district money down
the line we’re you know an individual might suffer also so it there’s a
that we have to take into consideration and also I’m very keen and receptive and
open to what the Constituent groups want and that’s why we’re here and that’s why
the discussion has been opened and I believe rose there’s a meeting tomorrow
there will be a meeting tomorrow so we’re very interested in hearing what
our constituent groups have to say too so you know it’s a two-way street we we
are not in the business of dictating what’s going to happen without taking
careful consideration of what people feel and the information that’s being
provided thank you and the meeting was all just to confirm we do have meetings
with both unions okay thank you can I just add I spent as a trustee zia
I just want to make a point of clarification that there this isn’t
intended to target anyone it’s very important that we be very careful about
the language we use when it comes to these types of items this is something
that has been provided in the past it has been received well and it was to the
best interest of the district and I have every confidence in our leadership that
what they’ve brought forward has been well thought-out as we deliberated in
closed session so I don’t see this is necessarily prescriptive this is a
two-way street as trustee mallalieu touched on and I’m really thankful to
her for bringing that up so that it’s clear for the members of the public that
this is going to be something that we’re not mandating or it’s not an edict it’s
subject to negotiation with our constituency groups just want to make
that clear other members madam secretary please virginia baxter i jeff kellogg no vivianne mallalieu I dug Otto
right in sin easier I thank you item 6.3 carries next item six point next to item
seven I’m sorry this is the this is informational status of a request a
waiver for use proceeds for the district sale of the los coyotes diagonal
property again informational item so at this time super 10 president thank you
as you know a few months ago the district approved a resolution whereby
we could go to the California Board of Governors and ultimately the legislature
to try and seek approval to get the proceeds from the los coyotes property
to go into our trust for retiree benefits once the property sells at that
time we were told by the chancellor’s office that they would not place it on
the Board of Governors agenda so we went the legislative route and tried to get
it through passed through legislation senator Janet Nguyen gracefully and very
supportive Lee wanted to agreed to carry this for us through the legislature
however some new information has come forward we have been told that the
Senate Education Committee intends to kill it and put it back into committee
until such time as we go through the California Board of Governors and either
get an acceptance or rejection now a year almost a year is gun by so certain
circumstances have changed so we do not know if they would be open to it at this
point in time or not so we wanted to get bond councils legal opinion on that bond
Council did say that while you can do it they have concerns and we wanted to
bring those concerns here to you today because they’re very real
and that has to do with the fact that the long beach district voters voted for
a specific set of revenue and a specific set of projects this does not fall
within that so um if we go outside the original intent the original intent of
the voters with the bond was when if the property sold the proceeds would go back
into the capital funds to do something different than that is outside what the
voters did vote on so there are some complications on that so what I wanted
to do is leave the decision here and get your advice as to how you want to
proceed the decision is go ahead and approach the Board of Governors again
and see if we can get it on the agenda or let it drop it would mean
approximately Betty Miller 1.7 million dollars to the general fund so I wanted
to put that out there for a discussion and information item members the board
she really is informational it’s essentially it’s some direction and if
you had comments and past weave this I was feeling out some forms we’re going
the this item did come before us for a vote with this current board it was a
4-1 vote I was the one vote that did not want to move forward with it you know
taking the proceeds from the sale of the property wondering if that does take
place and taking that money and using it in a specific area is not probably going
to have a legislative life because the the present was mentioned multi reasons
my feelings for my voted against this was strictly on I just felt it was it
wasn’t the it wasn’t an appropriate way to in my mind shifting the money that
the money we used for the purchase of the los coyotes property in a very
simplistic way I said the money should return exactly where it started it did
not start in our retirement area that money was not in that fund we took
that money out we used it to purchase the lost Cody’s property and now once we
sell the property we’re gonna return it to that fund it didn’t start there and
then we can get into the whole discussion about where it did start and
so on so forth but that was really my fundamental reason why I was opposed to
taking this money when the sale of property does take place when and if it
ever takes place that money should go back to the original point that it
started it came from and that was my hope that was my whole reason to oppose
at the time that said we are now asked to as a super president has mentioned we
now have to go to the state Chancellor to see if they are willing to help us in
this entire in this area so unless there is a difference we are we are on record
on a 4-1 vote unless people feel differently I believe that’s what we’re
still going to continue but the question was you were saying asking if we wanted
to go back to the Chancellor and try to pursue it I do want to see if anyone has
changed their mind because I I have as well Geoff and I agree with you excuse
me president kellogg there are concerns with with that bond council has
expressed that i think we need to pay attention to i just want to ask for
clarification purposes so what is this isn’t an action this is just a point of
information correct and the information is that we want to ask it’s just hard to
tell from in the description that’s provided is the action that we’re
requesting the money go back to the capital funds are we or were requesting
for it to go in our operating today if the property sells the money goes back
into the capital funds or we could go forward and proceed with the to the
chancellor’s office asked that it be put on the board of governors if it gets put
on and is approved the money would go to the retiree liability fund bond council
has expressed consumed concern with that so
the choice is do nothing right now and it goes back into the capital outlay
fund or do we want to keep being pursue this and approach the chancellor’s
office Board of Governors with this okay I see so are you requesting feedback
right now to see if we should agendize this item again for a subsequent meeting
to take action is that what the request is and not requesting we’ve to see if
you thought just finish I think trustee zia though did so will she has a
question there but I just I just wanted to understand what we’re doing here so
my input would be that we punt and not take action let it go to the capital
fund as the as intended by the voters that would be my position given the
circumstances and the information provided here and so I just because of
the issue then I’m sorry Baxter I know you’re the the question of my
understanding was the question really now before us is that you still want to
go to the chancellor’s office and ask if they are willing to do for lack of a
better term I’m going to say waiver because this has never been done before
that I’m aware of I’m really and that’s really the step
that we were going to take originally to go to the Chancellor and see if they
would do that then they then we got into this question it has to go to the
legislature the legislature the entrant said no it has to go the Chancellor so
we’re back to square one regardless of the sale of the property at the time we
thought the property was going to be sold we had a time period other factors
so I believe the question now is not so much of where the money will go when and
if it does sell which I think we all agree is is too
a challenge but more of do you want to pursue and correct me superintendent
president but now it was a question though do you want to do what we
originally had the vote on is to go to the Chancellor and ask the chancellor’s
office to put this on the board a governor’s agenda to allow Long Beach
City College to actually pursue this if and when the property sells that we can
take that funding and we can use it in the way over towards the retirement so
we’re somewhat back to square one on this one and that is what I understand
the question what really input you have and there’s really no action item right
now if superintendent president doesn’t hear anything differently we were going
to go back to the Chancellor and asked as we originally had voted on a year or
so ago so I guess just to clarify my position when I mean punt is not to go
back to the chancellor’s office and just let it go unless I hear advice
differently do not do anything do not go back to the chancellor’s office let the
money go back to the capital outlay fund as the voters intended that is my
position and I’m hearing two so far I’m sorry trustees trustee Baxter question
first of all was bond money used to purchase the property yes and no it was
purchased with COP certificates of participation right in when Amory gable
wrote the bond language the bond paid off the co P okay so effectively the
bond paid off the co Peas that bought that property okay t mailer have I got
that correctly okay so then that was the other question I had was why would bond
council be against us going and now I see why because I have to wait I knew in
the beginning there was no bond when that property was bought so I knew that
my bond money couldn’t been used okay but eventually it was you so okay I
agree with you president O’Malley the bond money did pay off the co Peas we
purchased the property and just for again because why this came up is
because we have an issue with our retirement fund
we’re going to have we have a financial obligation to do that with our financial
situation the way it is this was a at the time with then vice president gable
of how we could address that and help fund that legally which would help us
overall financially so it was it was creative financing but it was something
that she thought would work and that’s what we voted on originally and so there
were reasons behind it and that was it now the question that I asked before and
I’ll just answer the question that I raised is that the fact that now if we
don’t do this the fund that we have there the money that’s sitting in are we
going to be obligated for more or have we already calculated regardless of the
action we take and the answer I got was no we have we have put the money we have
addressed that issue so it’s not going to now at this point in time requires to
put additional funding somehow some way I probably simplified it but I was
worried about if this doesn’t go through there was suddenly a giant financial
hole they had to be filled am I the answer I got at the time was no
that’s not an issue this was only going to help us address the issue but it
wasn’t going to cause us any negative effects at all this would have been an enormous step
forward for the district in being able to finish funding that outstanding
obligation the approach made a great deal of sense given the information
available at the time the district has not removed from its budget payments
into that fund because it has a process of paying a certain amount out of the
general fund into the irrevocable trust as well as a pool of dollars that are
maintained at the county office of education that are separate and
identified for this purpose it was never the intent to put all of the dollars
from the sale into the irrevocable trust but it was intended to
put a significant portion of it match it then with the dollars that were already
set aside at the county would have fully funded your outstanding obligation so it
was a plan that made sense it was a plan that could have worked and the wrinkle
that came into play kind of late in the game was the fact that the bond dollars
did pay off the CEO piece there is a small portion of the dollars that still
has a question mark on it and it is advised that those dollars could and
should probably stay with the bond program and that is the appreciated
value of a portion of the property there may not be a legal requirement to keep
it there but the general sentiment is that if bond dollars didn’t support it
those things that were bond dollars should go back to the bond program those
things that our capital outlay should go to the capital outlay fund thank you
other members trustee otto yeah I am I’m very worried in general about the unfunded responsibilities we had for
retiree health benefits and indeed what’s going to happen to retiree
benefits in general when from this year when we pay nine percent to to CalPERS
in by 2025 we will be paying 26 percent 25 percent to CalPERS and I have no idea
where that money’s going to come from in a time of potentially declining
enrollments and stiff competition between us and surrounding community
college districts and so the idea that we could have monies to take care of
this particular obligation we very seductive and we proceeded because
it looked like there was a way to do that in reading the bond councils draft
letter I haven’t seen the final one it basically says well if SB 1193 was
passed as an urgency legislation and at this point it’s not contemplated as
urgency legislation then a portion could be used to potentially pay down that
obligation legally although in the quick reading of this which I just looked at
today I’m not even sure about that analysis so I don’t support going to the
legislature excuse me to the chancellor’s office the Board of
Governors to to support this unless something happens to SB 1193 that I
don’t anticipate having happening but I am laser focused on getting rid of those
obligations in addition to the we thought sixteen million dollars it’s
significantly less than that that we might be able to set aside to pay down
that obligation we have about fifteen million dollars in an accounting fund
that we might be we would be able to access
I think the obligation is somewhere around that 29 million or that’s correct
yeah so I am concerned about our fiscal
future we have a board goal that talks about the importance of being
financially responsible and and I look for every opportunity to do that
I just don’t see it here now but if something changes if we can go after and
get even some of these monies in order to pay down those obligations I think it
would be a great deal and since we’re not voting on this we could always come
back to this as things change yeah if I may I do want to provide you with some
reassurance that the district has a payment plan that is included in your
general fund budget to address the required con
Tribune’s to this fund so that it will ultimately be funded it will take a
great deal of time and that’s based on actuarial studies which I believe have
been shared with with the board in the past other questions comments yeah I
just want to make have an understanding when we first saw this action come
before us when we took action it was my understanding that it was based on the
bond council’s recommendation is that not correct understanding because that’s
what at least that’s what I was under the impression was that not the case it
was the case is an opinion statement from bond council the primary focus of
that particular document talks about the taxable versus non-taxable
aspects of the property there is an occupied section and in another section
that the district has been leasing there there were some issues related to those
revenue streams which have since been resolved and that was when the COP
aspect of it was addressed and so that’s the portion because that’s how the
district acquired the property they didn’t take the next step then to how
were the co peas then ultimately paid off right no my question is more I want
to get a crystal clear on this because if our about bond council originally
recommended that we proceed because I mean they had to have reviewed it that’s
the big promise that I went based on if they if it wasn’t if it was something
that I missed or misunderstood that’s what I’d like to understand because if
they’ve reversed a recommendation that’s what I want to know the original
recommendation I don’t believe they reversed the recommendation because that
aspect of the recommendation still holds and was being followed this introduced
additional new information the picture that wasn’t part of that
original conversation so in their original recommendation did they say you
can use the money legally to fund your retiree benefits it was the intent that
the proceeds from the occupied portion of the sale could be used towards
meeting that unfunded obligation but it would require legislation or Board of
Governors it was very clear that the way the Education Code is currently written
that it would have to go back into capital outlay funds unless there was
something that overrode that particular legislation and that and that
recommendation has not changed they’re still saying there’s still tax
consequences that are involved with that particular property so the
recommendations not really based on whether or not you should do it or not
they’re there trepidation is that there’s tax consequences it’s more a
business decision for us to make whether or not we want to proceed and go that
route I I have a issue I did not recognize this in the gang and perhaps
it wasn’t crystallized or maybe I missed it that we are going to be using what
the voters the attempt was to get a waiver from what the voters had voted on
so I’m vehemently against getting that waiver and going to the Legislature’s
office now that I know the full breadth of the information presented requirements this would have as well
with the regulations changed and like I say there’s an additional information
and a different view of what needed to be taken by Council
great thank you other members we’re addressing mallalieu yes just um really
briefly I know that this is not an action item and you just want a
recommendation or an opinion but I am a firm believer that doubt means don’t and
we’ve been talking about this for so long and everything happens for a reason
they you know we would vote on something take an action and make a recommendation
and then the following meeting come back and it couldn’t happen they didn’t do it
it wasn’t possible it wasn’t within the budget so I think at some point we just
have to back off and you know either revisit it later or you know just find
some alternate solution because this is this is not going away as easily as we
thought so let’s put a stop hope you know put the brakes on it and I hope
that that’s the recommendation that you’re looking for yeah it’s my
recommendation that we not proceed that that the that we drop it that the funds
from the proceeds of the sale when it sells go back into the bond funds as the
original voters voted other members chair recognizes trustee Otto
yeah just one last point about this we’re talking about proceeds from the
sale of this property this property is not in escrow this property will not be
in escrow for perhaps as long as a year and given the due diligence periods that
we are now living in so it certainly is at least premature to to worry about
this about what we’re going to do although it does take a long time for
the board of governors to consider these things we’ve been to them once before on
this property it is the only thing that’s lasted longer than trustee
kellogg on this board I think so so so I’m not worried if we don’t take action
to move forward all right other members at this time and I to the credit of the
board in the college I just will leave it because I obviously in my point
the one thing though the college takes very seriously is the our commitment to
retirees that is a consistent as a group that isn’t always right in front of us
it’s pounding on us about what they need and labor negotiations but you we as a
college we realize we have a moral obligation to make sure those retirement
benefits are there for people we have seen many cases in the not so much in
the public but in the private sector where people that were depending on
retirement benefits etc disappear and so so to the credit of the college this was
being done in the pursuit of trying to make sure that retirement fund is fully
funded because as trustee otto did mention there’s a lot of other financial
issues they’re going to be coming forward that is going to have to address
us and and this issue by the way again is another one that everyone has to
address and it’s there and there’s been many times about it’s a cliff that if we
don’t address and it was mentioned we have a plan but it’s a it’s frightening
that we make sure that we do address this because again that’s a moral
obligation we have and we are trying to do it and this was just a it was a
creative way of trying to address it it’s just something that I could never
get my arms around and feel comfortable with but so I think that’s all we really
need as far as discussion see very very briefly I think that our obligation for
retirement but retiree benefits is in a horserace form what we morally should do
with our obligation to the voters who gave us this money in the first place
bond money and that we are absolutely obligated to not use these any of these
monies in any way that isn’t consistent with what the law requires us to do with
bond money alright thank you I obviously didn’t do a better job of explaining
myself when this vote originally came up then but nonetheless that’s
informational no action is required we’re now on to administrative services
8.1 this is a public this is a as an action I’m student trustee you will be
voting is on public entity investment trusts aboard resolution essentially
this is necessary to update the members with current
dishes that we have with new hires there’s different titles now so this
essentially is just correcting that could I entertain a motion to move its
motion by trustee zia second by trustee auto on their side of questions comments
members of the board at this time on item 8.1 Madam Secretary please call the
roll virginia baxter i jeff kellogg i vivian
Malu i doug otto and sen easier i let’s to trust each other’s i we’re now two
reports 9.1 academic senate president thank you thank you I don’t mind going
to classified Senate President thank you I just wanted to say that as far as the
supplemental employment retirement plan that you guys voted on tonight that it’s
very appreciative that it has been extended to all constituent groups in
the past it hasn’t always been that way and it feels like it’s it’s it’s we feel
that we’re more appreciated respected and there’s more equity involved so I
just wanted to extend that appreciation thank you thank you
9.3 super 10 president oversight committee Stella or sua will not be
continuing for another term on the COC as she has other commitments and we want
to thank her for her service we’re currently accepting applications for a
member at large through May 18th we’ll have it posted on our website and
ad was posted in the press-telegram on April 19th and the press release will be
going out this week thank you thank you student trustee 9.4 what 723 and I made
it this far and I got one more meeting after this I was just gonna ask ya so I
got a pretty decent report first off I’d like to begin by reporting that I was
able to sit down with Antonio Ruiz from palacio magazine this past month and it
was interesting having my first ever or being part of my first ever podcast I
don’t I don’t believe it’s still alive yet but I know that he’s interviewed
Mayor Robert Garcia along with the President Reagan rule Molly on on a
variety of topics and once again that’s group Palacio magazine then later that
day president salcedo candidate Jaron and I met with the SMB supervisor Dave
and we presented him the comments and input of the students regarding the menu
of the aged me Viking food food court and thankfully that input was well
appreciated by dave furthermore this month is Sexual Assault Awareness Month
and the opposite the Office of Student Affairs has hosted an abundant of
activities for this month ranging from the concent days that began in the month
of March here at the PC quad to the March 29th event here at the LEC ecwid
and then this week they’re hosting heal healing through yoga that actually
happened today they end up kicking out all the students from the fish bowl and
they just had complete silence yoga like a yoga routine and that was pretty
interesting and then tomorrow they’re hosting the
denim day and then all along with the workshop of healthy relationships here
at the La si campus in addition for the month of May that it’s known as a mental
health awareness month in the Office of Student Affairs will also be hosting a
variety of events working with the healthy healthy Viking initiative and
they’ll be hosting a variety of movies to combat mounta mental health moreover
as president salcedo mentioned there are ASB elections and they began today at 8
a.m. we currently have two candidates running for student you’ll see
Danelle Jones and Joe Sanchez whoever becomes elected I’ll be setting up a
meeting with them and guiding them through the process of how to to
successfully be a student trustee and passing on the torch of this position
finally I end on exciting news a couple meetings ago back when we had our last
meeting at PCC campus in January I mentioned that I was working on my USC
application then trustee otto mentioned that for the next meeting I had to given
an update whether ice ended up submitting it or not for the month of
February I went ahead and I had mentioned that I’d submitted on time and
everything went perfect now in the last meeting of March I mentioned my current
acceptances which were Cal State LA UC Santa Barbara and UC Irvine now for
today’s meeting I’m they don’t announce that I got accepted
into USC and so far I’m so sorry and so far that that’s to be my number one
choice I’ll be hearing from you San Diego tomorrow and hopefully UCLA by
Thursday however at the moment it seems that I’ll be joining the Trojan family
thank you obviously there’s not a USC fan up here so it’s like yeah yeah
congratulations yeah that’s really great yeah thank you Hodgins congratulations
you just set yourself back in my eyes but that’s another whole thing entirely
congratulations I feel like I’m bullied up here announce me all right we’re now
two Board of Trustees I’m going to ask rotate them to trustee zia Baxter Mel
Lulu Donato starting with the vice president please thank you president
kellogg just a couple of points I want to first mention that the 35th annual
golf tournament is coming up on Thursday May 10th this is for our it’s being
sponsored by lbcc foundation athletics associates and the proceeds are going to
go to our city college student athletes and our very own our brilliant and
beautiful very own trustee baxter is going to be honored so i encourage
everyone to go it’s actually a very decent price so you can go on to hold on
let me get the address lbcc vikings comm slash golf and be a register online i
also wanted to let folks know that on October 10th 2018 between 7:30 a.m. and
5:30 p.m. there’s going to be a summit on what’s been happening in schools
throughout the country and violence the violence is that we’ve seen one of the
very a bright former police officers with
Long Beach PD Joseph levy is actually hosting the Safe Schools summit it’s
filled with great opportunities and I wanted to just invite administrators
educators students to find inquire about it I’m going to send the information
about about the the summit to our superintendent president so stay tuned
but if you want to go and check it out it’s just if you google embassy
consulting services comm slash Safe Schools summit I think it’ll be
informative and very relevant we have some of our local educators and chief
Luna is also going to be there presenting so it’s very informative all
if anybody has any questions and wants to participate please do connect with me
and I’m happy to pass on the information that’s all I have president kellogg
trustee baxter followed by trustee mallalieu okay first of all and I can’t
believe that Jorge didn’t bring up the plant sale
witches Bay 11th right and I are you happy okay I’m just checking before I
announce but every year the horticulture plant sale has been an overwhelming
success and I was disappointed when when nothing happened but now on May 11th you
could go down and get your plants I know I do and they’re very reasonable and
then it helps the student horticulture program so very very good kind of on
that same note I hosted a group that I belong to the American Association of
University Women today at the culinary arts program with very very impressed
with with the food and was excellent and somebody asked do they grow their own
vegetables and I said that would be a great partnership with horticulture and
culinary just planting the seed that’s just an observation yeah thank you I
need just easy and I’ll be out okay then also I want to mention that there’s
two final days for the art gallery which is featuring Larry White who is a not
only an artist but also a surfer and so it’s an ocean theme so if you could get
over there and then at the end of the year there are many banquets and
concerts music concerts dance concerts so I encourage the public to take
advantage of that I’m glad to hear about spring sing lover years are left but
that’s that is an and when I say old tradition I mean old tradition from the
1950s so that would be six more than sixty years of tradition and a great
opportunity and then also at the end of the year we have the scholarship
reception which is June 6th and I’m looking forward to that and trustee zia
and I are doing scholarship interviews on May 18th so I’m looking forward to
that and then finally president Kellogg and I didn’t ask you
ahead of time so you can tell me you know you but you won’t
I’d like to adjourn the meeting in memory of maria cochrane maria cochran
is in the Long Beach City College Alumni Hall of Fame she’s on the Foundation
Board she worked for the foundation and was the chairman of raising the money
for the Long Beach College promise scholarship when it was first
established and she has been taken from us very tragically and and too young and
I would like to adjourn the meeting in her memory Thank You trustee mallalieu I
just have a couple of events to share with you that I attended this past month
on during spring break on that Friday April 6
my family and I represented at Camelot Harris senator Camilla Harris she was
here in Long Beach and again I loved seeing our lbcc students and faculty at
community events it just makes me really excited
to know that we have people in our myths here at the college who attend school
and who work here who are involved in the community so that was great to be
able to see some students and to see some staff members also there it was on
a Friday afternoon middle of the day it was it was great to see that Friday the
13th I was on campus for the Beverly O’Neill Leadership Conference we’re
gonna need a bigger venue it was crowded it was jam-packed the mentorship
opportunity that was afforded to the participants is priceless I’ve actually
had two or three calls since then from people that I met that afternoon seeking
career advice and school advice and just advice so that all started here last
week on Thursday the 19th I attended the Chamber of Commerce Awards in which
president Kellogg presented one of the recipients it was the entrepreneur of
the Year award and president Kellogg was one of the presenters it was nice to be
there we had a nice representation of our small business community there the
goldman sachs and then this past saturday one of the one of my
constituents miss robbie butler hosted her third annual miss single mom
empowerment forum and i attended last year and i was so moved by it that i
brought the opportunity here to the campus i sent out emails and i saw maybe
six or seven lbcc students who are single moms in attendance this past
saturday it was all free there were about 300 attendees and they were given
lots of resources and connected with lots of opportunities to help them
support them in their education ventures i would also like to just say that in my
tent in my two years here i have gotten more calls in the past three weeks than
I have in two years and it was all about the computers and the
I’m hacking just many students faculty members asking where we hacked where we
had what’s the problem what’s going on what happened so you know I I was
thinking we already talked about it should I include that in the report but
I think it’s important to know that you do have board members who are very
accessible and easy to reach and I don’t mind the calls it I might not respond to
you till the middle of the night or my voicemail might be full for a couple
days but you know we’re all in this together and I appreciate that also as
we close the year I’d like to encourage everyone to finish strong we just have a
few weeks left I know that you know we still have the May meeting but by then
finals will probably already be underway we’ve got reports and projects and
research papers and graduation and transfers and award ceremonies it’s such
a busy time of the year finished strong just for students faculty and staff I
know that we are weary and you know we just can’t wait for the semester to end
but finish strong you got this and then I would also like to and we’re going to
talk about this more I’m sure and he doesn’t want to hear it but I just like
to thank trustee Kellogg for his service as we prepare for a transition to
welcome in the new board member I would just like to let trustee Kellogg know
that I’m grateful for his service and his mentorship of me as a new trustee on
the board and I know that we’re will be preparing something for him that he
doesn’t want so sorry Jeff Thank You trustee otto so first I wanted to recognize officer
Nick Harris in the back who is our interim Jeff Lieberman for a while who’s
Jeff is now a commander and so welcome I look forward to working with you and
continuing the outstanding work that the Long Beach Police Department does here
at Long Beach City College I spent three days last week in New York City at the
at the National Center for collective bargaining and higher education at a
conference that they put on I know the guy that runs it and he had asked me to
participate and it was a very very very interesting experience and bring a lot
of information back about about how they do things in other parts of the country
with regard to collective bargaining in higher education and then really finally
what I wanted to say is it we come to these meetings and we all always think
well yeah this is a meeting for trustees but and we get all this work done but if
we’re honest and we talk about what’s really going on here this is the Jerome
Thomas show and we do we do all of this under the direction of Jerome we’re
fortunate because we can’t see him in the back role in his eyes go on here I
can only am I I can only imagine the conversations after these meetings with
the other members of the staff about what they say about the board members
and people in the audience but we can call him out because just in the last
week or so he was named one of three outstanding colleagues here at Long
Beach City College along with Paul Creason
Dean caught Paul Creason and Laura Rantala and but but we know Jerome
and and we know what Jerome does and it’s gonna be harder for him to hide out
now that he’s gotten this award and I spoke to him briefly I spoke to him
briefly before the meeting and I said this is fantastic he said you can call
me sir and I said you bet okay so anyway that’s all congratulations to him thank
you next public comments on non-agenda I’m
sorry then we have our bargaining units so anyone from the three Barda news
reports from the barton units total of five minutes will be allowed to each
bargaining unit at least just speak at this time hearing almost none thomas welcome i don’t know if the big clock
goes up or not thomas but good evening president kellogg president o’malley
board of trustees members of the audience and public first of all I’d
like to say to president Kellogg thank you for your over 15 years of service as
far as like to the district it’s been well appreciated and we know that you’ve
given up a lot of hard work a lot of times and hours and everything else as
far as to be here as far as for your dedication as far as like to make us a
better better institution we appreciate that thank you thank you but I’m around
for a few more months why people are even talking and like I’ve been dead okay they say that if you don’t remember
your past you have a tendency to repeat it and in saying that a reminder that
around this time six years ago 178 classified employees roughly
one-third of the staff was escorted over to t 1200 as far as to talk about
the deficit and the pink slips that were going to be handed out and given to
classified employees out of those one-third of the workforce that went in
the air everybody was hit and touched by it and classified employees got chopped
off by the knees at that time the district was at a deficit of 5.3 million
and with the three different things that I’m listening to and talking about and
has been discussed tonight as far as with the retirement plan also as far as
what the funding formula that’s running around and circulating and in the
consultation committee meeting last week in Sacramento it was also brought up
again and I don’t know if the may revise in the governor’s office would have an
effect on that and then looking at the chart that we were fifth from the bottom
of that and as far as I can hit that’s possibly going from six point one to ten
mil and I can’t help with the cringe knowing that a third of the workforce
got affected by five point three mil and what would be the effect if this is six
or greater than now we appreciate the fact that in this retirement plan that
class fighting managers are also included in it as far as it may be an
incentive to slide out the door with the umbrella
golden handshake or whatever and we all know that everything is subject to
negotiations on the heel of that also out here in the wings is reclass study
which is a hundred percent classified employees now this started in 2016 this
is 2018 puppy’s gonna be was a puppy now it’s gonna be a full-grown dog before it
turns around and gets ready to go hunt so my concern is all of these items are
all budgeted or it’s gonna come out of the budget and after doing this for six
years it’s been hammered home to me I don’t know how many different times that
there’s only one pot of money there’s no slush fund on the side or
whatever and I don’t know what’s left in the reserve as far as to help us in the
time that we need it but my concern is if there is a deficit that the district
does not repeat itself and bail yourself out on the backs in the heels of the
classified employees and yes we have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow as far as
the district to talk about the retirement plan and yeah everything is
negotiable but the thing is also on the heels of that you have the reclass and
that subject in negotiable as far as is there going to be money to fund and pay
for the reclass and whether or not it’s gonna have an effect as far as like
gonna classified employees so that’s just my thought on that as far as you
know part of its doom and gloom because that’s what we’ve been here and in what
have you and I just want to make sure that the board of trustees realizes that
the classified employees are not looking to be in that boat all by yourself with
the rolls just turn around and doing all the pulling and pulling and pulling and
everybody else is sitting on the dock of the bay just looking out and looking at
us as we turn around and try to tread water or Road his boat against the
stream thank you any Thomas madam secretary I did not forget those
other items I’ll come back and I’ll touch on those of the two that I ran by
very quickly good evening board president superintendent president Regan
ramallah board president jeff kellogg administrators faculty staff students
and community members janay Hunt Faculty Association president and I remember a
very unfunny April 24 2012 with the you know the
impact on our classified staff it had a detrimental impact on all of us and I
once again want to commend dr. Emily’s leadership and I am hopeful that you are
being proactive with looking at the looming situation financial situation
and considering the SERP offer to our employees at the college and on that
note the Faculty Association will do our part to try to reach the minimum 10
faculty to honor that SERP emotion this evening and also just on different note
the Faculty Association rep Council who invited Kevin Stinson Officer Kevin
Stinson to our meeting last Friday to talk about emergency preparedness and we
were all pretty enlightened about how we’re not ready for that to happen
particularly and I will be talking to Brendan Hays about this but a couple of
points where we all feel pretty in the dark are we don’t know who our building
coordinators are in the event of an emergency and we don’t know who our 25
cert employees are and more people want to be cert certified so that did come
out and then lastly we are of course in our final six weeks of the semester and
I am encouraging all of our students to finish strong and all of our faculty to
do what we can to help get our students across the finish line thank you thank you
I did not forget nine-point-six was trustee committees we didn’t have any
reports to come out on that one but then the item 10 which was trustee request
for the superintendent future agenda items and/or reports we do have some
that are scheduled with the strategic plan is there anything else I need to
ask the question of the board is there any other
items at this time let the record show there is none thank you public comment
on non-agenda item a madam secretary I have no cards so I’m suing there’s no
speakers there’s none thank you there is no closed session required
because we addressed it at the beginning so with that we’re going to adjourn in
the memory of Maria Cochran which is a really just a very very sad and her
passing so we’ll adjourn our meeting to our May
22nd 2018 meeting with that there’s no objection the meeting is adjourned in
the memory of Maria Cochran thank you all very much and good night