I also wanted to let the public know
that trustee baxter and I we have as some of you may have remembered we
started a homeless student task force for students who are facing housing
instability it is a aside it’s a committee within the foundation that we
take care of the short-term and the long-term means we’re looking at
possibilities of Housing and acquiring property and going through that rhythm
or which is a more long-term effort we did the food bank that we had is going
to be a it’s my understanding is going to be handled in pc shortly and with the
foundation but we have an event on october $YEAR 9 25 27 p.m. which is
going to be at the college which were acknowledging the supporters of this
campaign that trustee baxter and I have initiated for the people that have
contributed monetarily and then also in kind a lot of folks the contributed
hygiene products and non-perishable food so that our students are taking care of
and they don’t have to be worried about their immediate need and also it’s an
opportunity for others to learn about it and contribute to this cause and be able
to support our students I think thinking coho mystically the college promise
takes care of that aspect as well and which we are certainly committed to
leading no student behind so that’s one aspect of what I wanted to talk about i
also wanted to bring up this big deal that we have a job fair coming up in
September in September 13 and I wanted to recognize superintendent oakley for
mentioning that in his report which I’m plagiarizing in a way in a way it’s
going to be on to number thirteen between 10am to 1pm one and the Veterans
Stadium I think if we value for the public and our students to come in
attendance I want to thank the district for leading
the way in the to regard as well that is all I have
rice and Baxter thank you yeah and my pride don’t tell us which
other one is doing know there was I’d now there’s he just moved I feel like there used to be a beer
commercial with a person kept interrupting coming back into it trustee Delia mentioned about with rose
and her association of statewide organization you have a daughter who’s
heading up the cclc for trustees and also you have memory gable who’s heading
up Association chief business officers as well the reason i say that is because
i want trustee zia made that comment that is so rare that you see the impact
of a college on statewide affairs and I mentioned david Morrissey just retired
the academic senate president as well and then we have this individual who’s
moving on eventually to become the Chancellor of the entire system all at
long beach city college so I know everyone uses that phrase or the best
community college every trustee says that everywhere but I was like to say
well ok show me your cards and so that’s just really and so I just wanted a
memory as well congratulations and doing all these efforts for all these
organizations I’m gonna get your done good I don’t wanna hear about the dog ok
Sinjar since our last meeting in July 26 from July thirty-first august 3rd i
dented the acct leadership conference along with trustee mallu the three days
were filled with insightful information regarding the Brown Act roll the board
and the board president Student Success a role the role of the media and many
other topics one of the topics that we covered was what when somebody walks on
your campus what do they see and what do they feel and it was really an
enlightening experience and the people in student services have not told me
they’re not happy with me but yesterday i was on campus having my picture taken
by Pat mckean and I saw a line of students and I came over and made
something very wonderful suggestions about how we could improve that and they
were taken very very well and thoughtfully considered so I appreciate
that but it was triggered by this conference so they ignore the stories
don’t send me anywhere ok then in August fourth I spoke to the
journalism adviser Patrick eaves high school journalism conference which was
held on campus and I thought this was a great idea with several days on our
campus students from all over Southern California high school students and
again another great opportunity for outreach recruitment and letting people
see what a wonderful campus we have and all that and i think that the people who
led this were very very impressed now in August fifth i attended the Long Beach
Boy Scouts brunch at the yacht club which featured America’s Cup winter Bill
Koch and I he is one of the richest men in the United States and he was
fascinating the reason he was there was he he sponsors a saline event for boy
scouts and that happened to be held in long beach and the reason he did this is
because he won the America’s Cup in 1992 and he gave kind of a quirky message but
the thing that stuck with me more than anything was people wanted to be on his
team they wanted to win the america’s cup he had all the money in the world to
support that but he didn’t take people who were the best he took the people who are the team
players because he said you can teach somebody out of know whatever that is
with the wrench or whatever that thing is but you can’t teach somebody to be a
team player and I thought that was really insightful that being a member of
the team is so so important so take that away with you when it for whatever
that’s worth ten the board retreat on august 10 and then last thursday i
attended the reception for the new faculty at gladstones and i have to tell
you I’m very very impressed with our new faculty their exciting they’re excited they I spoke to each of
them as much as i could and they’re happy to be here and I told them I hope
you’re as happy as I am 46 years from the day I started in nineteen seventy and I think we really can graduate vice
president along and of course vice president of the video because i know
you spent a lot of time in meetings and making sure everything was okay and of
course our superintendent president so I’m very very pleased to have just even
condiment the new faculty so thank you very much then I want to encourage a trustee zia
thank you for giving a commercial cuz now i’m giving a different commercial i
want to encourage all the trustees to take out an ad in the Hall of Fame
program the hall of fame is alumni activity it’s an October 14 and last
year trustee zia without a half-page ad right
here congratulating the recipients and so I
just happened to have three forms if anyone would like to sign up i was a
luncheon friend I don’t want to get into cost but she spent more knighted I so I
would like to suggest that so anybody who would like paperwork to take out an
ad i just happen to have it right here for you and encourage you obviously to
come to the event in october fourteenth and then there’s also a VIP reception
and September 15 for those who take out ads so that’s why don’t want you to be
left behind but that thank you for considering that and then lastly I would
like to encourage those who have not completed the board self-assessment to
do so how are we coming why did mine today just so i could say
that okay well okay hopefully they’re do
September seventh so hopefully we’ll have the time to complete that o.o the
link has been sent maybe secretary hon you need to send the link again ok now we want to hear from the aft
bargaining present and new member of the kata cohort jaehun oft I don’t know how
to read okay Thomas Hamilton sorry I was so excited that you guys got to
give your reports before the next dawn being board president board of trustees
and president oakley first of all it’s nice to be able to get to the microphone
and the sun’s still up for a change I have two items that i like to bring
before the board and yes next week a new academic school year will be starting
everybody’s excited about the new school year and along with that we also have a
new budget a little over four years ago when we had that crises as far as in
economics as far as district needed money and we have to make some cuts but
I take some cuts as far as like introduction of hours and layoffs and
etc now looking at the budget for 1617 thing that alarms free right now is that
there’s an excess of ninety thousand dollars allocated for classified
salaries my problem is is why is the holdup in the delay as far as bringing
people back to work seeing that the budget has been approved
and it’s also been approved by this board as far as for the money allocated
to hire the employees why is it taking so long to restore the
classified staff and to bring the staff back up to the numbers and yes if you
look at our numbers that around for 25 and 430 is almost similar to what it was
back in $MONTH 2012 and 2010 the difference is all those employees are a
hundred percent 12-month some of those employees a 50-percent 60-percent summer
75% ok i’m asking the board of trustees to look into this and let us know as far
as what is the delay in bringing us back knowing that you’ve already approved the
money in the budget as far as to do so ok I think it’s long overdue and I’m
getting a lot of questions as far as from the staff and from the classified
employees because we always hear that were so valuable and we’re so needed and
if that’s the case then just show us you have the money that’s there bring us back second thing i like to
bring up with the board of trustees now going paperless and we have the big
screen up here giving us all the agenda items is it possible as i know that
sometimes we have a link discussing these different items but John Q public
comes in we have no idea as far as what’s what’s being discussed is it
possible to put the information up on the screen so as it’s being discussed
that the general public knows exactly what it is that you guys are discussing
instead of just sitting and say okay we’re on 7.19 . two experiments on and
so forth I think would be helpful because if you don’t come with the a
computer tablet or what have you and you can’t bring that up and most of us when
we come in at night or light of the public helping those items with them
because back in the day we stop at the counter in you get 12 sheets of paper
and I understand saving the trees and everything else because the force wires
are taking a bunch of them on anyway so I just appreciate it the board could
look at those two things forming appreciate and thank you okay thank you ok I is Karen that here ok so now jaehun CCA bargaining
president good evening board president oakley and
audience students and faculty and staff and administrators vice-presidents so
i’m actually fresh from one of those forests i spent the last few days
camping and to being at la jolla Indian campground that was an amazing life
experience i survived but anyway i’m trying to get ready to transition myself
for a next Monday’s first day of class and our keyboard and by the way CCA is
community college association i don’t get too comfortable with that acronym as
we may be changing in the near future but our eboard has met a few times over
the summer last week also we met with our new faculty and really excited to
have some more pokes on board and we’re going to be addressing college day our
constituents so looking forward to that we’re
surveying faculty right now too and just get a sense of our membership what they
want from our union this year and you’re probably jenny or trustee and Baxter
interests easier you’ll hear more from us about the homeless student effort i
think that this is going to be something we want to help out with you thank you and also next board meeting
hopefully we will be ready to present to you or or ask you the sunshine i think
that’s the right terminology for our negotiations again were surveying our
faculty right now and hopefully we’ll have our proposals ready for you at the
next meeting that’s it thank you thank you if you like what happened to report I thought trustee kellogg you could give
a quick report on our ad hoc committee why did I think there was such a thing
yeah it’s 6.5 we skipped over that one sorry thank you you want to deal with that but
just what we’re doing this week but just this week with me with the with the vice
president gable & to review the RFP that will be going out for four responses to
the search firms to assist with the CEO search will be conducting here that RP
is being drafted as we speak and we’ll be reviewing that later this week thank you ok future report opportunity
request report for future board meetings just easier present master thank you first of all I want to commend you for
doing such a great job of running this meeting it’s a testament to your leadership it’s
about an hour-and-a-half according to trustee autos standards that were pretty
good with a short meeting of so I wanted to bring up what I brought last time
perhaps we could look at how we determine contractor responsibility determining the responsibility of the
contractors that we do business with construction contractors according to
public contract code and what criteria we had said we have set in place to make
sure that the contractors that were doing business with our have the
financial and experience capacity and fitness according to the public code but what
are measures are so if that’s a possibility that we can bring up to the
board next time i’d really appreciate that okay thank you well i have to meet with
the vice president gable and see what’s your timeline would be to come up with a
report ok and guy-manuel first student trustee
lomeli yeah do you mind if at some point in the new feature we get a presentation
some of the health services that we offer on campus that something you say
health services yeah if that’s ok that’s under I didn’t cry Jenga who’s sitting
right out there so let me know when you’re available ok and cut your losses yes thank you i’m
vice president bynum I i want from the bottom of my heart apologize I’m not in
the business of surprises so I’m not putting you on the spot but earlier in
the meeting somebody brought up the job fair happening in October to get down
with sep tember whenever that the job fairies yes tuesday September 13 and it
triggered a memory you and I met about a few weeks ago and i was so impressed by
the work that you oversee with the economic and workforce development and I
apologize because I don’t know if there is a time on the agenda at some point
where you actually report to the board and to let the public know that maybe
it’s you know every whatever november or something but I would really like you to
let everybody know that you know what you do especially with the beginning of the new
school year if there’s some kind of report that you do for those of you that
are not familiar in in my transition to the board i had an opportunity to meet
with most of the vice president and I was you know I have a passion for
economic development and workforce development that’s a little bit of my
background so when vice president bynum I’m shared with me all that she does an
overseas with the small grants and the different groups is that something that
you normally do and maybe I don’t know exactly what I’m asking you to do but in
terms of reporting trustee milu if I can interject we do have a vice president
executive vp bind them scheduled to do a presentation coming up because we all
want to know what she does but seriously no she and I have been speaking about
the vision for her area and I thought it as you did it was important for the
board to hear and for the public to hear a lot of the great work that they’re
doing so we’re hoping working on maybe the second meeting in September’s that
we’re thinking about October so selecting the scope and and again i
apologize I’m not in the business of surprises at all but that conversation
triggered that memory and thank you you look forward to that thank you if I could just come along
those lines when trustee malu and I were in Washington one thing that are person
running the conference said it’s harder sometimes to find a good vice president
than it is a president and so I want to log all five of the vice president for
being outstanding and they’re absolutely stellar people and we appreciate all you
do thank you ok there are no public
comments off the agenda so this meeting is adjourned until September 1830