good evening I’d like to call the
December 11th 2018 Board of Trustees meeting to order we do not have a closed
session tonight so there’s nothing to report out we will start with the Pledge
of Allegiance trustee inter can you please leave us the badge allegiance thank you item 1.3 roll call Madam
Secretary and can you please call the roll
virginia baxter here vivian mallalieu here buta walk Joann tuck here Doug Otto Venezia here
student trustee Jones item 1.4 approval of minutes of the November 13 2018
regular Board of Trustees meeting do I have a motion motion by trustee baxter
baxter seconded by trustee and tug can we please call the roll madam secretary
virginia baxter i vivian mala luke i luta wok jo in tuck doug otto sen easier
i student trustee Jones aye item 1.5 superintendent presidents report
superintendent president dr. O’Malley the floor is yours Thank You president
first of all I want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays whatever holiday you are
celebrating this season if it’s Hanukkah or if it’s Merry Christmas or if it’s
happy Kwanzaa we want you to have a very wonderful holiday season on there are
some exciting announcements today and you’re also going to enjoy some exciting
presentations today the first announcement is that our promise 2.0 was
submitted to the bellwether national futures assembly which is an award a
nationwide award for community colleges where over a thousand people as you know
compete in programs of excellence for community colleges that try to solve
issues that plagued Student Success outcomes of the day and long beach city
college submitted promise 2.0 and for the first time in the college’s history
we have been named a top 10 finalist for this very very prestigious nationwide
award now what that means is that we need to go to San Antonio at the
beginning of February and we’re gonna give them the show and
tell them about the great things that are going on here and we will know when
we leave if we are going to be poppin non-alcoholic Martinelli’s on the plane
and bringing bringing the trophy home to Long Beach the next thing I would like
to congratulate three very special people two of which are here today for
receiving the John and suanne Roush Excellence Award this is an award that’s
a long tradition of excellence in community college teaching and
leadership that’s given by the league for innovation in community colleges and
the award is given to a classified staff faculty and management and we have two
of our Award winners with us the first award winner is Mark Smith for the
classified he is the coordinator of nursing and allied health but he was not
able to join us tonight he’s probably getting ready for that pinning ceremony
Thursday Colin Williams I think I saw Colin is the Award winner for the
faculty and he is the librarian and student learning outcomes coordinator if
we’re management we have him is Jonah Lopez who is a business analyst for in
III TS I think I saw John here there’s Jonah so we want to congratulate you if
you guys could stand okay and what we’ll do after I finish my
report in a couple minutes we’ll have you take a picture with the board
because this is a very prestigious award we also attended last week the champion
for higher education Awards which awarded us as a top transfer institution
by the campaign for college opportunity so that’s very exciting on the 15th of
November we held a resource fair for students in need at the Bistro and
approximately a hundred students attended and local and county resources
and agencies were able to hand out information and resources to students in
need and it was hosted by helping homeless students associate group as
well as the Long Beach City College Foundation in terms of community events
we were represented at the state of the county with supervisor Janice Hahn and I
was very honored to be asked to lead the Pledge of Allegiance
for the supervisor so that was wonderful we also had fun as a team participating
in the 36th annual Belmont Shore Christmas parade as well as the Daisy
Lane parade and councilmember from Long Beach al Austin hosted a stepping in the
right direction College fair and approximately 500 students attended that
and were able to learn about Long Beach City College we held a Beverly O’Neill
Student Leadership Conference which about 70 students attended that got
information on workshops and networking opportunities with a focus on leadership
and career development upcoming outreach events including we’re going to have a
joint breakfast with the ABC Unified School District on January 18th and what
that is is for ABC and lbcc faculty to come together and look for ways to align
ourselves over 20 faculty here are scheduled to attend next up viking
athletics congratulations to the viking athletic teams and the coaches for
receiving the league recognition and to our student athletes who were recognized
for their abilities on the courts and field
we also attended the Office of Student Life an ASB student leader and Award
recipient banquet so that was really wonderful to celebrate the achievements
of our students as you know our graduation rate is up this year 26% and
we are shooting for that again next year and we have several strategies in place
that we hope are going to get us there I do want to give a special recognition of
some folks who are getting us there I wouldn’t like to recognize Wendy Koenig
and Colin Williams who you are going to see some fantastic curriculum updates
over 50 curriculum updates in fact I think it was over 70 curriculum updates
were initiated by our faculty the faculty asked us to if they could
refresh curriculum and could we support them with that and we did you’re gonna
see it in tech in CTE you’re gonna see a tremendous amount of curriculum come
through this was an unbelievable feat and Colin and Wendy were so appreciative
you guys did an amazing job your committee the faculty it was faculty
instituted which i think is important to talk about but most importantly it
supports our students get jobs and become citizens in their community with
relevant jobs of economic value so I think that’s something that you can be
very proud of the trustees will be participating each one next year is
going to have a discover long beach event in their area designed to expand
the outreach of Long Beach City College and so our entire schedule over the next
year we’re going to have five events in each part of Long Beach to expose
students to our various programs and so if we could just take that one picture
then we will come that will conclude my report thank you sir Brendan and
president dr. Molly trustees if we can join the superintendent I don’t want point-six ASB president
report I didn’t see John Paulo here is there anyone okay student trustee Jones
full report reflecting on the past events last November 30th the ASB
cabinet hosted the SS Triple C region 8 meeting wherein we had the opportunity
to bring other colleges to visit our wonderful campus the next meeting will
be conducted at Cerritos College also last December 4th and 5th the Viking
Activities Council had the coffee relief and academic
mastering night most commonly known as cram at PCC and LSE respectively as we
drew close to the last stretch for finals it was invigorating to see the
Board of Trustees sue print and superintendent president Regan O’Malley
at the Belmont Shore parade and Daisy Lane parade last December 1st and 8th
respectively looking forward to next semester the ASB cabinet will have a
retreat on January 31st and February 1st so that the cabinet can plan for the
spring semester I would like to give and open up an open
invitation to the board of trustees the vice president’s and President Roh moly
to have a sit-down with the asp cabinet members on the first day of our retreat
which is January 31st also the ASB Cabinet plans to have student forms and
elections for the spring semester over the winter session the asp cabinet will
also like to ask if we can have some assistance on having our ASB meetings
recorded so that we can make use of the televisions on both la sea and pcc
student unions to not only make it more ad a compliant but also make it more
accessible for students who are not available to attend our meetings
physically last but not least a friendly reminder to our students that the
deadline for CSU applications are coming up good
luck on finals and happy holidays to everyone great thank you
student trustee done al Jones for reporting on ASB president Report now
item one point seven your report student trustees report so I want to thank all
of you once again for joining us this evening evening I want to thank all of
our wonderful educators counselors administrators staff and community
members for all of their support and hard work this semester
it is absolutely well-deserved I would also like to congratulate all of my
fellow students for making it through to the end of another rigorous semester we
are here at the finish line let’s finish strong together
I am sending well wishes in favor to all of my peers who are planning to transfer
in the spring and fall semesters those applications were rather demanding I
would also like to give a special shout-out to my professor and mentor
janae hund for assisting me through the semester I
spent countless hours in her office laying out my personal troubles I can
honestly say that I would not have made it through the semester without her help
I am eternally grateful I also would like to give a very special thank you to
our ASB advisor Taylor Robertson for guiding our students the leaders through
a very trying semester she has worked extremely hard to bring this group of
individuals together as a team to keep us on track to effectively serve our
students next I would like to also shout out our hard working and caring ASB
president for leading our cabinet with compassion and integrity and lastly I
would like to thank all of our student leaders who have taken up the mantle of
service to our students in addition to the academic workload your hard work is
appreciated we are halfway through our terms
let’s recuperate over this winter break and come back and finish strong
that’s the unifier board Thank You student trustee Jones
I don’t 1.8 lbcc FA bargaining presidents report president hon and I
think you have and thank you and good evening so I will also be sharing part
of my time with Kirsten Moreno RFA vice-president
so good evening president Zia 2 / Intendant President Reagan Ramallah
and our board members our vice presidents and our faculty our
classified staff our students and community members it’s actually with
great pleasure that I let you know this is my last meeting I will be addressing
the board as the fa president thank you so much for granting me a sabbatical
leave I am beginning at the end of this term to work on my dissertation which is
through the EDD program that you all have endorsed sponsored and I want to
let you know my topic for my dissertation is looking at institutional
data with regards to faculty diversity and the impact of faculty diversity on
our student success and completion rates so I’m really excited to see what the
data shows and it’s a really important topic I noticed several of our board
members and so I hope you pay attention to not only the results but also the
literature review that as part of my sabbatical project and I also want to
thank Donell Jones there is no greater compliment of a faculty member at this
College than to hear words from our students about their appreciation for
the hard work that we do and I have been honored to serve faculty at Long Beach
City College for the past three and a half years as your president I want to
remind the campus community that faculty deliver Student Success we are right
there in the trenches with our students that is our main goal here at the
college and it is my responsibility been my responsibility as Faculty Association
president to you know try to ensure that we have working conditions that allow us
to produce student success
the working conditions of our faculty are the learning conditions of our
students so the faculty association has been not as busy this year because we’re
not bargaining but we’ve been doing some fun things today we gave out free
smoothies to our faculty thanks to the efforts of Vanessa Peralta crispin who
is on our Executive Board will be doing free drinks to our faculty at PCC
tomorrow and we are involved in the cookie exchange program that President
Roh Mali has brought to the College so that’s over the next couple of days and you know I just wanted before I
introduced Kirsten Moreno I want to say thank you to everyone in this room and
anyone who might be watching this that was part of my leadership journey many
of you sitting there as our board members or part of that and and
certainly many of our faculty have been as well so I guess I’ll leave with a
couple of things you know my dad told me when I was growing up the difficult
family background that I come from well if it doesn’t kill you it makes you
stronger I heard from one of my basketball teammates in college right
it’s not what happens to you it is how you respond I remember being in this
room on April 24 2012 that was an indelible imprint in my life
as a professional and I chose to get up off that pavement that I was pushed down
into and said I’m stronger than that I’m better than that Eleanor Roosevelt says
said no one can make you feel inferior without your permission and I refuse to
allow anyone to tell me I’m inferior and I tell that to most of my classes do not
let people tell you you are inferior and if you believe you are inferior
you will act that way and people treat you that way so I thank all of you
who’ve been part of my leader chef’s journey and the mentoring you’ve
provided to me and I will graciously pass the baton to our faculty
association vice president and incoming president kirsten moreno who is a
beautiful inspiration to me and our faculty and i know she’s gonna do a
great job as faculty association president thank you good evening members
of the board board chair Zia President Roh Mali vice president munos vice
president Scott on behalf of the lbcc fa and all those positively impacted by
Janae’s fun service I would like to publicly acknowledge and thank her one
last time in her role as LBC CFA president thank you janae your
commitment to your colleagues your students and this institution set a high
bar for anyone who follows in your footsteps we all look forward to your
continued advocacy for students and faculty as much or perhaps not nearly as
much as you look forward to your well-earned sabbatical leave as FA vice
president I will assume the role of FA president this winter I want you to know
that I look forward to serving and supporting my colleagues across the
disciplines and identifying impactful opportunities for faculty to collaborate
with this administration including areas of shared government’s governance
improving working conditions for faculty and increasing our student success I
think we can all agree that this is a unique and challenging time for
community colleges and I will make a concerted effort that we work together
to achieve and to ensure our students success thank you Hey Thank You Kirsten and janae I think
the world of you janae and you’re right Kirsten and it is a much deserved
sabbatical janae I have personally been on this board during my tenure I have
witnessed a lot of things that I don’t know if I could be able to handle it as
gracefully as you have and you have been an inspiration to me your power
and what you have been able to accomplish I mean look at this you had a
lot to do with this and I just want you to know I really really appreciate you
I’m gonna give the floor to other members of the board who’d like to also
add on to my comments but you know there’s not a student that I don’t mean
I mean it’s randomly I go I go to a yoga class and I find students of yours and
mentees of yours who are now faculty members who rave on about you that’s
such a testament to your leadership and we honor you you’re amazing I hope I
hope you’ll be still around it is a big there are big shoes to fill and I’m sure
Kirsten’s gonna do a great job any other members of the board yes vice president
mallalieu yes it isn’t customary for trustees to offer remarks after a report
by one of the bargaining units but we would be remiss to not take this
opportunity janay to truly thank you for your leadership and I think that a lot
of the accomplishments that lbcc is so proud of have something to do with your
leadership in some way and I think that the way you govern the Faculty
Association and the way you influence the faculty has been very professional
very visionary in your approach to things I have had the privilege of
working with you on several projects and you’ve never once
lost your cool you’ve never lost your temper you’ve always been very steady
and I appreciate that and leadership just in leaders in
general but certainly in leaders in education it’s very important the way
you conduct yourself around students and faculty the way you make your classes a
priority and the way you make every issue about students I think you know we
have a lot to learn personally I would like to thank you in
echoing what President Zia said that you really do have a lot to do with the
dynamics of this board and I think everyone recognizes how hard you worked
and again your vision so I would like to thank you I wish you well in your
sabbatical and with the work that you’re doing toward your doctorate whatever the
future holds who knows we we might be fortunate enough to have you on this
dais one day you know if it would be your will but in partying I would also
like to just the story that you shared about that April meeting and 2012 has
stayed with me since the first time I heard it back in 2014 and I also made a
commitment to make sure that that didn’t happen again to another faculty member
on this campus and it those were dark times and the it’s over and thankfully I
serve on a board with professionals who value and respect our faculty part-time
full-time and our staff and I hope that those days never return and no faculty
member ever at any institution should be made to feel the way you were made to
feel that way and if you were never apologized to even though I wasn’t here
I was I think I was I don’t even think I was teaching here at the time but I
would like to extend an apology a public apology to you on behalf of the college
and I would like to thank you because you rose and boy did you rise so thank
you congratulations blessings to you and we wish you just all the success thank
you a trustee Baxter yes I want to congratulate you janae
for a wonderful service you’ve provided to the college I didn’t always agree
with you but one thing I respected your stand and how you felt and that meant a
lot to me that you know we could disagree but it was always very
honorably and good luck with your dissertation I’m a very good proof
reader so I used to do that in my youth when I taught our lab edited books so I
know what you’re going through and how much fun you’re gonna have and so I’m
happy to help in any way chesty antic yes I also want to extend
congratulations we’ve known each other for about two decades and I think of you
as a community educator and the leadership it takes along the way you
know we first met when you did a study abroad program for Long Beach City
College students that might my older sister went on to Ghana you know and to
take some some Long Beach City College students you know literally on the other
side of the planet safely educate them get through malaria get back to Long
Beach City College is quite an effort and a testament to your leadership but
there’s been so many instances along the way of student equity mentoring program
we did and reading and book club we did with students when before I was a
commissioner before I was involved you know and on the college in the last few
years you reached out and brought people together and brought people in really in
a really important and meaningful way and I’m excited about your topic I think
it’s very timely I’m hoping you make a bullet point checklist of these are the
best practices that we should apply at Long Beach City College afterwards
because what we do here makes a difference and you know as we’ve done
with the College promise you know we can set a national trend what happens here
at Long Beach City College so I’m excited for you congratulations and I
look forward to calling you dr. hunt in the future any other comments for
boomers trustee otto please I’d like to congratulate you two on your leadership
and the two things that I particularly
remember in our interactions was a quite some time ago we disagreed about
something and you gave me you told me a book and about a book and asked you if I
knew that book and I said yes I did know that book although had been a long time
and I got one out and found it again and read it and learned something from that
and I consider that an aspect of your leadership and your educational
leadership so that is important and I also remember when we started the EDD
program here and subsidized it a couple years ago and I walked in to one of the
first meetings and there you were and I thought this is going to be great
because it’s such a an opportunity to learn again and learn about different
things there are different aspects of Education I think in my time here I’ve
seen faculty members that aspire to administration those that would never
touch it I think when I first came on the board the president of the State
Academic Senate came and spoke and I said to him afterwards gee that’s great
would you ever go into administration he said no that’s crazy I I love what it is
that I do but others have and they’ve learned things and it’s it’s truly
inspirational I’m fascinated by your topic I’m very curious as to the
methodology that you’re going to use but it I see it as another learning
experience and I hope after you go through the experience of writing a
dissertation that you’ll come back and and share with us not only what it is
that you learned but how it influenced you in terms of the way you you see the
world and and so good luck in this endeavor I’ll keep an eye out for you
Thanks thank you trustee otto and trustees just one last note I just
wanted to thank vice president mallalieu for bringing that last component I too
want to echo her remarks and apologize for the previous board’s actions
and you know virtually atone you deserve better and hopefully we have been able
to do that by our deeds and the tremendous impact that you’ve had
I will vow to you that I would propose it as a reformed store ethics policy in
coming up in the future because of the conduct that I that was displayed
towards you and really appreciate and honor you
thank you now we will move on to item 1.9 aft bargaining presidents report
Susan Trask the floor is yours welcome good evening a board president Zia
surintendant Ramon Regan ramallah trustees vice president staff community
it’s hard to believe it’s December it’s been five months of being a president
and it’s been an amazing journey and I have you to look up to as my mentors I
look at all of you and I wanted to say jenay’s been a mentor to me throughout
these years and my son she my son I dragged through high school junior high
it was a battle he got to Long Beach City College and took her classes and
fell in love with education and I appreciate that
remember Slee so I wanted to acknowledge that the impact she’s had in my life so
wow this year’s been quite a year we’ve had a lot of challenges and changes and
I hope we continue to work together I’ve developed some really wonderful
relationships with all of you h ni h r and i working really closely together on
a lot of the changes we got the new employee orientation got that done today
was our first orientation it was great and we are having our classified holiday
parties be moved back on campus it’s gonna be December 21st from 11 to 2 I
would welcome you all to stop by and say hi and celebrate with us this end of
this year and I hope that we continue to work well together to grow a long beach
city college to its fullest potential thank you and Happy Holidays
Thank You Susan I don’t 1.10 try bargaining presidents report Karen
welcome good evening superintendent president for Molly and board president
Zia so good to see everybody on behalf of Chie I would like to wish you happy
holidays and to tell you that this year is actually the 25th year anniversary of
the service seat decision do you know what that is the serve easy decision 25
years ago was the landmark decision that allowed part-time faculty to apply for
unemployment benefits at the end of the fall semester and the end of the spring
semester and so at the end of the semesters we usually send out
information to our part-time faculty usually in the spring we hold workshops
for them to help them go through this process of applying for unemployment
benefits now if they have other jobs they can apply for reduced employment
benefits the serve language that we use that is part of the survey C decision is
that there is no reasonable assurance of continued employment and that is key
it’s very helpful for us when the department chairs and Dean’s and
management understand this so that we’re not always saying to our part-time
faculty hey have a good winter break semester break because they’re not on
break and many times when they apply they’re turned down because obviously if
they think they’re on break they’re not going to get unemployment benefits so
then they have to go through an appeal process which we try to help them with
certainly I’m not the EDD expert but I certainly have a lot of experience and
applying so we do incur our part-time faculty since their jobs
end on the last day of a semester to take the time and to fill out that
application and if you talk to any part-timers who are needing any
assistance about that or they have any questions you can put them in touch with
me I have encouraged part-timers to attend the cookie exchange so hopefully
we’ll see them there you will have myself and Michelle P check from our e
board so we’re looking forward to that anyway happy holidays again thank you
Karen and it’s great to see you we will now move on to item 1 point 11
reordering of the agenda do I have any requests for any reordering I hear 9 I
don’t one point 12 public comments on agenda items I didn’t see any cards so
do we have anything ok great we will now move on to item 2.1 revised policy and
administrative regulation 1001 development of policies and
administrative regulations this is for information we have received the
information is there any questions comments do-it staff want to add
anything ok great there are no questions or comments we’ll
move on to item 2.2 governing board commitments to ACC JC standards and
board policies and regulations 2017 and 2018 this is also for information at the
previous board meeting on November 13 2018 the Board of Trustees adopted
resolution 1113 18 a governing board commitment to ACCJC governance standards
standard for point C leadership and governance it was recommended that the
standards should be identified by their numbers not bullet points and that in
addition to the commitment to the standards numbered nine and ten that the
board state their commitment to board development and member orientation and
officer training and to the annual board evaluation both through the standards
and our board policies and regulations 2017 and
2018 are there any comments questions anyone would like to discuss if staff
doesn’t have anything to add to this I will move on to item 2.3 2019 calendar
of board meetings per approved change from Tuesdays to Wednesdays this is also
information and in our last board meeting November 13 2018 the board
discussed and approved a change from second and or forth using meetings to
second and/or fourth Wednesday meetings with a new start time of 5:30 for open
session and 4:30 for a closed session when needed the 2019 schedule of meeting
dates have been assigned as follows January 23rd 2019 and will be at PCC the
February 27 2019 March 27 April 24 May 22nd June 26 July 24 August 28th thank
you I don’t have to read everything now August 24th September 11th October 23rd
November 20th and December 11 2019 does any member of the board have a question
comment hearing none I will move on to item 2.4 revised policy 2028 regular
meetings of the board it is a recommended action of the Board of
Trustees approve and adopt board policy 2028 regular meetings of the board as
submitted and this is the update for the change I just mentioned there are no
administrative regulations for this policy do I have a motion so I get moved
by trustee Baxter seconded by trustee and took we’ve got the pasture and tuck
team here call for the are there any questions any comments Madame secretary
can you please call the roll virginia baxter i in student trustee
jones i thank you we will now move on to presentations item 3.1 2017-18 annual
audit reports John Thompson our director of fiscal
services and payroll will introduce Heather McGee you’ll have to forgive me
Heather to cower and I apologize if I’ve mispronounced your last name audit
manager with Clifton Larson Allen LLP to present a brief overview of the
district’s annual audit reports as agenda is in item 9.1 John welcome Thank
You trustees as you mentioned this is that time of year when you’re presented
with our audit reports and be able to both accept them item 8.1 but to give a
brief presentation of the highlights of our three reports is our audit manager
Heather McGee thank you so much for having me out
tonight my firm has prepared before the audit began we did meet with management
to go through the audit plan and once the report was finalized we met with the
audit committee and management again to go through the report in detail so we’re
not going to go through the report in detail but I’m going so for the district
audit report the three things that the board really wants to know or I would
assume they would want to know is what is the opinion were there any audit
adjustments and were there any findings for the district audit report they did
receive an unmodified opinion that is flying or clean opinion that is the best
opinion that can be received there were no audit adjustments this year for the
financial statements and there was one audit finding the audit finding is in
regards to student financial aid which is a highly regulated federal program so
we when we went into audit we did identify some students who had fully
withdrawn and there’s certain requirements associated with that when a
student fully withdraws a calculation it needs to be prepared and that needs to
be submitted to the feds within 45 days as well as there’s other additional
requirements as if money is owed to the student notifying the student so we
worked with financial aid department thoroughly and they have prepared a
response associated with that finding which could be found in the audit
reports very thorough response I have other districts with a similar
binding that was one paragraph at this that this management fantastic are there
any questions about the audit reports we have two other reports trustees are
there any questions comments trustee antek yeah thank you I know we myself
and trustee otto had a chance to go over the audit report in detail and with you
at our Audit Committee meeting about a week and a half ago
what would you say is our most vulnerable area of the budget in your
assessment inventory of the high-risk area there’s a high risk they were
obviously ready to do a lot in that regard industry-wide Student Financial
Aid there’s a lot there’s a lot of areas that we consider we look at you know if
it’s high volume transactions if there’s a regulatory requirements associated
with that area that law and the questions to specific it looked like we
had healthy reserves and it was increasing the last few years do you
have anything that that came out about the reserves or you could speak to they
get their reserve status yeah the chancellor’s office also
requires a five percent reserve policy Long Beach City College Board of
Trustees passed the policy reserve I believe it’s a 10% Oh five and a half
thank you I was thinking yeah it was made in lady nut you’re right thank you Thank You Heather
and John appreciate the update item 3.2 2017-2018 I’m sorry I didn’t
realize you weren’t finished okay no problem
it was my mistake they are two very different audit reports the financial
audit is similar to the district audit in regards to it looking at the balance
looking at the income statement and it also has an opinion associated with that
for the financial audit is unmodified opinion same as the district and there
are no audit findings related to that audit report the finance the performance
piece is different in regards to when when the bond is passed it’s presented
to the voters that the money is going to be spent on certain items so that audit
is focused on making sure that those expenditures are in agreement with what
was approved by the voters as well as looking at
procedures looking at the webpage looking at the makeup at the citizens
oversight so the results of that audit also trustee in took sorry just for a
plain spoken English the the prop 39 audits are for our bond measures right
so the to measure EES a measure lb so if any taxpayer or resident was interested
in seeing the financial status of those those two separate performances auditing
the financial audit would be ideal documents for them to review and these
are the same ones that are audit our bond Oversight Committee also reviews
and approves and last question for prop 39 this was 1998 or 1999 state
proposition that lowered the threshold from two thirds of fifty five percent
for education bond facility bonds before it used to be two thirds vote were
needed the obligation bonds with requirement repay that
so with proposition 39 only a fifty five percent approval rate is required but
also there’s additional regulatory requirements such as the performance
audit and Finance Kotik so before that if it’s it’s if it’s the other bond
measure than those anyone else any other reports thank you
Thank You Heather thank you John again item two three point two 2017-18
personnel commission annual report this is an information item
presentation and for the rules and regulation of the classified service
chapter two the 2017-18 personnel Commission annual report is being
submitted to the board for information the Commission approved the report as
its regular personnel Commission meeting on November 5th 2018 I will now hand it
to you I apologize they don’t have your name listed here it’s too long Thank You
soldier as a Caroline I had a little help
former commissioner on the board so my name is Carolyn coach and shook I’m the
interim executive director for classified Human Resources commissioners
Gaylord and Hamilton chair and vice-chair of the personnel Commission
that also are here this evening Commissioner mcmoneagle Bal asked me to
send her regards Joe had the direct conflict or she would
have attended this meeting so thank you so much on behalf of the Commission to
allow us to present to you our annual report so we are really proud to present
to you a very vibrant dynamic and professional annual report so the
Commission really wanted to thank and acknowledge the personnel Commission
staff who worked on this which are Erika Jackson Kevin Thomas and Kazumi Arita so
you have I will go over this fairly quickly but I can answer any questions
that you may have the report includes information on the personnel Commission
structure and the merit system these are on pages 2 to 4 our annual budget – for
last fiscal year 2017 18 though I want to emphasize that the personnel
Commission is also committed to participating in cost savings so we
haven’t back failed one of our positions the HR technician and also we’re looking
at being more efficient how we run the office and how we contact our personnel
Commission meetings on page six you will see our
professional development events on pages seven and eight all of our recruitment
activities and the next pages are I think what the trustees are really
interested in our recruitment statistics and employment sorry employee
demographics so last but not least we really wanted to highlight our some of
our amazing classified employees our outstanding colleague Thomas is here
tonight Laura Rantala and also Jimmy flowers so the trustees have always been
committed to improve our diversity numbers and this is also a commitment of
the personnel Commission and we do this through our recruitment and selection
process if you recall personal s’en and I presented co-presenter the diversity
report back in August so we already announce the numbers to
the trustees we increased our classified hires diverse fires by 14% from 16 17 –
17 18 we increased our applicant pool by 39% and all this happened because of our
efforts how we updated our job posting we made sure to include the lbcc mission
statement how inclusive lbcc is we also engage in the early recruitment process
to make sure we have an early entry in the market as far as as far as selecting
strategies we streamlined the process so it’s easier for applicants really
competing out there the market or the bidding for the private with the private
sector or other institutions so we make it a very comprehensive we support the
applicants so we are seeing these improvements through our diverse numbers
so we’re really excited what is next we will continue to assess and implement
recruitment selection and retention strategies to increase our diversity
numbers so again on behalf of the person automation thank you for your time
for allowing us to present you our personnel permission and your report Thank You Carolyn
board members are there any questions comments I did you have a question go
ahead I was disappointed commissioner Hamilton promised that I was going to be
on the front cover this year I’m just joking thank you so much Caroline it’s
always a great to see you again and work with you you’ve been outstanding
professional the three years we worked together question I had for you what do
you think is the biggest opportunity in this coming year for the personnel
Commission to do something different or to innovate as we’re looking forward to
this next step yes great question so we really want to look at social media you
know how now adays like I was saying we’re trying to be more credible
branding LBCC so we want to explore the social media aspect as far as testing we
want to try to implement an online testing with practice sessions we have
to see if we have the capacity we have to troubleshoot it right with our labs
and how many applicants we can take so we really want to focus on technology
through media so we can appeal to applicants exactly and I hope I know
we’re gonna be doing some community workshop events in the different trustee
areas it’d be great if there is a classified portion of that letting
people know about the test taking opportunities and what it what the
process entails of qualifications and so forth thank you for bringing that up
because actually we are working actively with the vice president of human
resources and Kristen Olsen we’re going to have events for not only faculty but
also for classified employees between February and April I want to say sorry I
don’t remember the dates thank you so much Thank You Carolyn I have a question
actually it could be more than one first of all thank you and now if this
could be the hall monitor in me but I want to make sure like if I’m either
reading this correctly I believe it’s on page nine and you’re only reporting on
the classified diversity employees stats entire picture right it’s condensed
that’s great thank you for clarifying that so that the members of the public
will also know now I understand we had quite a bit of diverse pool of
applicants and I know I sound like a broken record and I just say this every
time I’m glad to see a slight increase in hiring our african-american and black applicants from 12% to 13% and I know I
always bring this specific demographic up and also our Latino since they make
up the majority of our students and I don’t see a problem with the pool of
applicants that are actually applied just when it comes to hiring something
falls through the cracks what are some of the measures I that you guys are
considering or looking at and addressing that yeah these are excellent and we’re
constantly looking at that we want to train our hiring managers of the
community right also I want to highlight that we did 5% better
hiring black african-americans 2% better or history Hispanic Latino latina where
are you looking at I’m looking at page 10 is 1% yes maybe I’m looking at just
management side yeah not the entire staff
was more part of the overall diversity report which we could look at including
this slide moving forward in 20 I know report this is something I can look at
with the Commission I’m looking at what was presented previously in August which
is not part of this report okay so which one is the most current one
they’re both current and I’m happy to report to you directly but these numbers
are based on the number of applicants and hires yeah I I got that part
I just which one is for more accurate is it this report that you have because I
see two percent increase from last from sixteen seventeen seventeen eighteen for
african-american and black and then one percent for management yes was the
longitudinal classified recruitment and what you’re looking at is the classified
staff diversity demographic so it’s the overall including current employees so
and we can look at clarifying that if you look at page 10 so this these
numbers are somewhat skewed because it’s the overall demographics all the
employees but what I wanted to report on is our actual actual hires from 2016 17
17 18 and from one year to another this is where we actually had a big increase
we did forty fourteen percent better in diverse fires okay
well I’m hopeful and I’ll take your word for it but I’m watching this like a hawk
as you know yeah it’s the numbers are my world is disappointing because of the
demographics in Long Beach but I have every confidence in you guys that you’re
trying and then how many applicants were hired is the 78 or 79 and I know the our
eagle-eye on this board must have caught she probably didn’t speak up our former
proofreader ginny doctor ginny baxter but I’m just wondering just for the
veracity of the information that is being put out there not that it’s you
know I know it’s just one but you might want to look at that just as a
consideration and perhaps corrected and the upcoming report the classified staff
level and two were hired at the management level or confidential okay
because I’m looking at your page nine and says number of applicants hired it
says 78 and then to the left it says 79 which is it it’s just one yes juice wine okay great Thank You Carolyn is there
any other questions trustees good work and thank you to our
commissioners who are here as well okay we are moving on to item 3.3 the
much-awaited local performance scorecard for lbcc this is an information
presentation by dr. Heather Van Valkenburg
Dean of institutional effectiveness she will present this report and this was a
report that we deferred from the last meeting so hopefully we can get through
it in a brief amount of time and I just wanted just before you start Heather I’d
like to kindly ask the board to reserve your questions towards the end so you
can get through your presentation would that be okay with the board okay great
thank you how they go ahead before fantastic team of helpers I’m getting
all this put together I’m gonna go through kind of quickly at the beginning
so that I can go more slowly towards the end so we’re gonna recap over the
student centered funding formula we’re gonna talk about some of the goals that
we established in 1718 we’re gonna look at our local scorecard data
then we’re also gonna look at the new funding formula with some comparison and
projections over the history and then we’ll also do just a quick snap out of
some of the activities that are leading us towards these goals so just a
reminder the student-centered funding formula has three allocations now so the
first allocation is the base allocation that includes credit non-credit BDCP
incarcerated and dual enrollment FTEs so this is similar to what we’ve seen in
terms of how we’re funded in the past I threw out the slides I noticed I would
say dual enrollment and special admit somewhat interchangeably I’m just
referring to students who are in high school to matriculate in the Community
College so I’ll try to always just say dual enrollment but if I say special I
admit that’s what I’m referring to one of the things you’ll notice is the rates
vary by FTEs right so students who are you know FTEs its credit is 3727
and you can see that the rates for CDCP and special admit are just a little bit
higher at 5457 um this is a change from what we’ve seen with our previous
funding formula because the credit FTEs is lower the two other allocations as we
have in the funding formula or supplemental and Student Success
allocation so the Supplemental allocation is literally giving us money
for head counts of Pell Grant and College promise recipient as well as
students who are a be 540 designated and you can see it’s 919 per student for the
current year then the third allocation category is the Student Success
allocation and so that including various milestones as students accomplish as
they’re proceeding through their programs that includes our associate
degrees for transfer Zoar associates and RNAs that are local our certificate set
of at least 16 units completion of nine CTE unit if they transfer and then also
completing transfer level math and English so all of these different
components and living wages there as well so all of these different
components have a different point structure and so you can see our
associate degrees have three points those that are designed for transfer
have four points etcetera and so forth and you
can see as well that we get an additional money allocation if the
student is also a California promise or Pell recipients and completing those
milestones so I’m gonna talk just a little bit about our goals these are
goals through the 1718 planning process we’re established in the VP level plan
so just a quick reminder of the planning process that the institution in the fall
terms we have the academic programs and the department’s making plans those roll
up in the academic way to the school level and this also will include
departments that are not instructional so like my office institutional
effectiveness for example then in the spring term the vice president’s take
all of that information and create a vice president plan and with large work
groups all working together collaboratively goals were established
and so we’ll see that happening annually here is a listing of some of the goals
were created and both dr. Scott and dr. muñoz those plans though for student
services and academic affairs I’ll kind of touch on these goals as I go through
and look at the data so I’m gonna jump into the scorecard itself we’ve actually
formatted it to fit basically on two pages but the way that we formatted it
for the slide so we could see a little more than email it takes up a lot more
science I realize that the first thing that we’re seeing is FTEs so that’s
gonna be on the left side and then we have headcount for all students on the
right side you can see that the FTEs breakouts are variable on the cross
years and that’s because of the way we chose to allocate some of our summer
FTEs we can also see here that our we have opportunities for growth in the
CDCP non-credit and the special admits or dual enrollment report moving on we
can also look at head counts for California promise and Pell recipients
then you’ll remember that the students be a supplemental allocation gives us
points for students who in those categories and so that’s why we
want to make sure we’re tracking them I’m you’ll see that the numbers between
our pal students on the right side and our promise students on the left side we
can see that it’s about 50% of the students who are California
Pell students make about 50% of the number that we see of promise students
and so we think that’s an opportunity for growth and so if you’ll recall one
of the plans was to have a 20% increase in Pell recipients with the institution
and so we think that’s a reasonable based on the data that we’re seeing here
another thing to keep in mind is that this is decline over time of our promise
students in particular is negatively and I think that’s under this new funding
formula so that’s definitely an opportunity for growth and improvement
we also present the ab540 student headcount is again that is the third
category in the Supplemental allocation for where we get funding and you can see
that this increase is positively impacting us under this new funding
formula so the next component is focusing on our mild thing and so again
the student success allocation has a variety of different milestones that I
noted earlier and so we have them broken out in two views and so this first view
is giving us all students and a B 540 one thing to note is that we are not
getting additional bumps and funding for students designated as a B 540 but we’re
only getting those additional bumps and the milestones for the students who are
Pell recipients like California promise grant recipients but we can see the
milestones broken out here we have opportunities for growth and increasing
CT units completed we also have our transfers listed we don’t have 1718 data
yet because we’re waiting to get that information from the National
clearinghouse we have to wait for other institutions that our students transfer
to to put their data into the system so we can then pull it out but we can see
that their increases between 15 16 to 16 17 that was a three percent increase in
our goal was to have a five percent increase for 1819 so we definitely it’s
doable we have the same break out for the California promise or sip
the Pell Grant recipients because again under the new formula we get an
additional bump when students meet these milestones metrics and are in those
recipient categories we see similar opportunities for growth both in terms
of our CTE units as well as our unit somehow I skip this one so let me come
back to it we have the bars for the math completed and transfer in English
completed and those data we haven’t dug into really deeply because it’s gonna
change dramatically because of the legislation Assembly Bill 705 and so
essentially that legislation is is requiring institutions to create better
placement models to make sure students are you know placing higher in math and
English and also to provide a lot of support services both within the
classroom and around to make sure that students meet transfer level math and
English earlier on and really it’s within one year the students who have
the intention to transfer the goal is to help them achieve transfer level math
and English within one year and so we’ll see this theta change a lot as we’re
implementing all of those efforts always um this last set of slides is focusing
on completions and so these are the awards and you’ll see on the Left we
have all students on the right we have our ab540 students um some key things
here so one of the goals in academic affairs that was set for the 1718 year
was to see our ADT’s or associate degrees for transfer increased by 6% and
when we look at it we can see those blue bubbles I have a mouse here yeah so you
can see the blue bubbles here 16 17 here 17 18 so you can see that blue bubble is
really pulling away from the red one and so that demonstrates we actually had a
26% increase between 16 17 and 17 18 of our associate degrees for transfer again
we have the data for ab540 students so we can track that but it doesn’t impact
them are waiting in the funding formula and we have essentially the same
information in the California promise and Pell Grant recipient breakout we see
ADT’s are increasing for these students as well one of the goals was to increase
ADT’s for these students by 10 percents a little higher than the
students category and so we increased by 20% further the problem is the
California promise students between 16 17 17 18 and increased by 24% for the
Pell recipients so it’s definitely so I’m gonna dive in a little bit to some
of the funding formula comparisons and I think there’s some caveats here that are
important to note so the rates that we’re seeing here are using we’re
basically taking the data this we have that I just showed you and we’re looking
historically if we had been under the new formula but years ago kind of what
it would look like in comparison to the formula that we had been using
previously one thing to keep in mind is that the FTEs per FTEs per rate that we
get from the chancellor’s office each year it changes a little bit right
there’s always increases for other kinds of things but what we ended up doing is
we actually have for the two allocations in our models here it’s actually the
same funding rate that we currently have so while the per FTEs rate is lower the
allocations for the Student Success allocation and the Supplemental
allocation are the same as they are currently so that’s just something to
keep in mind that’s impacting them the money so this chip is that we see in the
previous funding formula versus the new funding formula the new funding formula
some of that up and down business is is an artifact of the fact that we didn’t
really change the rates right we’re using the current way do you can see
there is some variability and how the new funding formula is impacting us if
we look at it historically and so we broke it down so you could see those
allocations more clearly and basically what you see is that with the FTEs
allocations right there’s a little bit of an increase a little bit of a
movement up and down supplemental allocation we’re seeing that decreases
then if you remember when we looked at the students who were promised
recipients and Pell recipients we saw that declining headcount and I pointed
it out and said this is going to impact this negatively we’re seeing it right
there so seeing that trend historically we can see that fiscally as well if that
were the case for the the funding formula and again as we saw
our degrees and our especially our AG T’s increasing substantially we can see
that the allocations of the money for the Student Success allocation also is
showing that increase because of that and so it’s these kinds of variability
that’s playing into those numbers so I think the the bottom line and really to
think about as we’re moving forward is that the way this funding formula is
priorities that really changes the way we think about how we what things we
need to be doing in order to help optimize the funding that we bring in to
support student success so there’s more of an emphasis on these other
allocations than than were used to and again so the snapshot of activities
there’s a lot of different things going on I’m not gonna go into them and Big
D’s know I know that in January we’re gonna probably be presenting a little
more detail about some of these things but we’re definitely doing things to
improve outreach and matriculation proving financial aid process helping
students get through into more easily we’re doing a data integrity review
we’re going through making sure everything that we’re reporting is
accurate that we’re capturing everything accurately so that we can make sure that
we’re getting every dollar that we deserve based on all the hard work that
we’re doing we’re you know increasing different kinds of programs like dual
enrollment and our online offerings restructuring programs like you saw in
the trades presentation last month so there’s just a wide variety of things
that we’re really moving for we’re doing it to help make sure that we are you
know improving everything for the students thank you
Thank You Heather trustees does anyone have any questions trustee baxter yes
Heather I have a question which may sound crazy but why is what’s a
rationale for giving higher points to an ADT as opposed to an a a or an a s why I
know you didn’t make this up somebody somebody in Sacramento did and you know
as a traditional person with a four-year history yeah you know I always pushed
the a in the air dr. Baxter the associate degrees for
transfer were developed in part so that they would stay 60 units or they would
be at 60 units precisely the legislature felt that students weren’t getting
through in part because we’d added too many units into our local degrees and
that we’d added additional requirements such as information competency which we
have here and there are benefits to being to having that skill but they
wanted to keep it streamlined in colleges throughout the state had added
in and added in and added in it was causing a barrier for students to get
through so they really streamlined it made it required for us to offer them
and not only that but if we had a local degree in that same area we weren’t
allowed to offer the local degree until we got the ADT so they’ve forced it and
they’re forcing it to try to increase the number of completions thank you any
other trustee in took thank you so much for the presentation I really appreciate
seeing I call it a history match or look back if we applied it in the past and
it’s interesting to see two of the years we’ve would have got more funding in two
years we’ve got less funding and that the ADT makes a difference and I know we
just recently got an award last week for for our ATT improvements I was I was at
the the California Community Colleges conference and a session on the funding
formula and there was almost a revolt in the in the room about the living wage
requirement and how we measure it and how long we measure it and how can we be
accountable for it when we have very little control over where people
actually get placed and in different roles or different jobs I don’t know
what your thoughts are if you can explain a little bit of the if you’re
aware of the living wage requirement and and how that’s potentially impact us
going forward because you know I work with the beta is
that theta we don’t have access to and so I think that part of the concern and
so not you know the relationship that Spencer’s office is about easy Thea’s
help them get that information but we don’t really owe so I think that that’s
one of the areas that I really because I really like how we’re getting them
either derived and and all of those steps and so it’s been a lot of the work
that I’ve been doing since I started at all it but we can’t do that so you know
like I understand the well the living wage is really it’s probably not as high
as it should be and families would still struggle we know that if students
receive an A a degree for example they will do approximately seven percent
better than if they have some to college and no degree so we know that every
completion students get they will do better and our goal is for them you know
with many of these positions many of these certificates and programs such as
the ones that were presented last month will provide very good paying jobs that
are well above the living wage and that’s what we have to do is create the
programs make them as fast as possible for students to get through and make
them stackable so they can come into one do another move to an associate degree
if they choose transfer if they choose you know we’re doing everything we can
to reach out to the community through through not only dual enrollment in the
high schools but also through non-credit to reach populations that may not be
documented and students may not have the money to come here and pay residency
fees we’re doing everything we can you know working with central cha offering
classes at the elementary school ESL for for parents who drop their children off
in the morning and then contenders in the afternoon we’re working with
community partners everywhere Salvation Army everywhere where we can offer
classes and provide a service we’re doing that
so what is our living wage do we know if I heard you correctly we do not have
past living wage or job placement rates yet and we can only get that through the
chancellor’s office okay I cup other items I I noticed that we have a
drop-off between fall and spring semester typically it’s been a growing
number do you did that come up in the data review or in the funding formula
and do you have an idea or do we already have a strategy from a semester or from
fall to spring of dealing with that I guess I don’t know how big that
opportunity lost is well we we do know that the unemployment rate is a factor
here when students can get another job or a second job or a third job quite
often they’ll drop out of school we when we have a strong economy the college
tends to lose enrollment so that we know and it really mirrors that almost
precisely but we’re we’re taking a number of actions to try to increase the
retention between the semesters starfish is one of the primary examples where
we’re trying to catch students when the beginning when they’re starting to have
issues and problems refer them just to services tutoring other services that
they may need to stay in school we’re working with the faculty on increasing
the course completion course success rate because we know when students don’t
complete courses successfully they’re not as likely to come back there’s all
these things that are listed on the final page the snapshot of activity
all of those are things that we’re doing to try to change the retention and make
it be stronger and then after your review of this data if you were going to
talk to governor Newsom and recommend a change to the formula do you have any
singular change or item that stands out as most important in the future that we
wanted to make an adjustment to put us in a stronger position we have a lot of
comments my first problem is that the formula is extremely well intended I
don’t think anybody argues with the intent the problem is it’s not based on
mathematical computations that make sense or research that’s been published
to institutions who have gone through these exact type of initiatives prior to
us in Tennessee in Texas in Chicago in New York and Virginia and in Florida and
we must look to people who have done it before us to their successes and their
failures so that we learn from it and do it better
the main problem that I have with the funding formula is that it leaves out
50% of my Latino students and 20% of my black students and that’s never going to
be acceptable to me so until we have a formula that that truly is equitable to
all people I’m not going to be happy so that’s the number one complaint it needs
to look at research data from initiatives that have published research
data that I’m very familiar with that show you how long it actually does take
for this student and this student and this student to get through and then
devise a formula that math mat that mathematically takes care of that and
I’m not asking for a handout I’m not asking for more than I need to get the
job done because I should have to get the job done in the timeframe associated
so we do we I should have to step up my game the second thing it needs to take
into account is not the living wage because we have absolutely no control
over the living wage what we do have control over is something connected
to Workforce Development there are several Obama era models out there that
have been done extremely successfully that have really taken cities
particularly in the Midwest on on the East Coast
taking cities who are struggling economically and made them economic
engines so if governor Newsom is interested in driving the local
workforce and keeping the economy where it is and not falling into a recession
what we really need to do is not just use the community colleges as education
centers but in true economic engine drivers in partnering with local
businesses to set our curriculum that matches exactly current and relevant
curriculum that’s going to lead to known proven research labor market jobs at
high-paying wages either in a union or non-union and directly partnering with
those businesses to get jobs at the end of the road so you’re not getting a
degree you’re getting a life when you leave here so if if the if a formula is
to work it can’t just be about getting degrees it has to be about getting
degrees and a job and that’s what drives your cities then the mayor robert garcia
and mayor jeff wood and and steve Kroft can go out and attract businesses to
their city and say guess what you can come to our city because I’ve got a
skilled workforce that’s earned that’s learned relevant curriculum and I can
put them in a job today and you’re gonna have a skilled workforce that’s very
attractive to attracting people to your cities so I think that’s a missing
component in in the funding formula it’s not looking at the whole picture it’s
looking at our system and how well we educate and most certainly we need to do
a better job but it I think it’s missing the linkage if that answers that no I
just wanted to see if there are any other trustees who have questions if
you’re finished trustee untuk did you have your what I just the autos hand go
up first trustee otto i think it’s important to know that and i think this
point was made that the student success allocation points
per milestone you know they don’t come from us they come from the state and the
state says we believe that these are the points it should be allotted for it’s a
little hard to say deep reasons but but but for reasons and it it reminds us
that what has happened is that there’s an incredible sea change in the way that
we are funding community colleges it wasn’t very long ago when if you told me
what my FTEs was I knew how we were doing now that’s a point and
increasingly a minor point and what you do strategically and we don’t have the
ability to do it right now because we’re just kind of coming up to speed and when
I say us I mean everybody in the state but we we need to know what we’re gonna
get and where we can focus our efforts because the return on that investment
will be something that that allows us to do the things that we want to do because
we know the things that we’ll be say that if successful will help us achieve
our goals and that’s a completely different way of thinking I must hand it
to the vision for success at the statewide level where they said you know
what we really need to do here is to take equity seriously we need to reward
colleges for dealing with the equity problem we’re gonna give you not only
money for enrolling different kinds of students that maybe have been
underperforming but if they perform well we’ll give you additional money on top
of that and it’s a great beginning and a great it’s a revolutionary change from
the way community colleges did their their work before and I too tried to
figure out you know so why does attainment of regional living wages get
one point but you get four points for an ADT and and if you think about it that
you get the reasons they may not be perfect but it’s it’s understandable
well I’ve got a question about slide number eight which is our goals and can
you just generally tell us how you how we arrived at these goals I know a lot
of thought went into them but I think it’s important for us to understand how
we arrived at that also look at the surrounding community who were serving I
think and then also like I mentioned there the way that the planning process
works there is you know an inter constituency body that at the
vice-president level yeah they did complete the planning process and we
knew what we would be doing in some cases for example we knew that the CSU
GE and the I get Cesar certs would be coming through and like we said a couple
board minutes ago if we had had those last year we would have given out about
over 900 which would be well over a million dollars to us so we made that 25
percent knowing that that was and that’s probably low we should have made the
att’s higher because they’re very popular they they provide guaranteed
acceptance into the CSU so that that was low and we should have made that higher
but it did go through the planning process and we worked together with
people in our various constituency groups within our areas to develop them
and then and and it’s it’s really good to know that we’re thinking through
these things and and and making good decisions or the best decisions that we
can possibly make given what an incredible state of flux were in with
regard to how all this stuff is is going in fact when I talked to Heather earlier
today I think we said the only thing that we know with absolute certainty is
it’s changing and if she gave this report next week it would probably be
different because we have more information we’re building a database
but that’s not bad it’s just evolving and and it’s and it’s
what we do and it’s what we’re going to have to be doing on slide 10 and boy I
can barely read the last the last category we saved my my magnifying and
and or those students and and why are we why is that an opportunity for growth
and those enrollments those are the non-credit areas so yeah again those
would be community members we reach out to central cha elementary schools where
we’re offering ESL could be construction could be computer office we have a
number of non-credit that went through in that area in that case we’re reaching
people that may not come to the college and so it’s a growth area for us as we
you know we know that our high school population is decreasing but if we can
reach out to community members who may not think of themselves as college going
and you know this is a good step and it’s the courses are free textbooks are
free and it’s a very good opportunity for people and we see it as an area of
huge growth really and that’s in a time where we’re having fewer babies and the
enrollments are in high schools are declining and so we’re and we’re in a
fierce competition for the students out there with the college of surrounding us
so we’re looking for different different markets and and new ones and even
non-credit stuff is there I think of the category that I just mentioned is
enhanced non-credit you get more money for that and and rewards you for
bringing those people into the into the tenth of how it is that you’re trying to
educate people yeah they used to provide us with much less funding for non-credit
and then they they changed that if we created non-credit programs that were
career based so they have to be career based to get the enhanced funding if
they’re not if they’re classes like parenting classes we would not get the
enhanced funding the one thing that we just found out about that we’re up
against and it’s certainly a good thing for our community is that Chris
Steinhauser superintendent Steinhauser from lb USD presented us a couple of
weeks ago with a presentation that said that over the last couple years they’ve
done such a marvelous job that they unified that 14,000 students more our
CSU qualified over the last couple years than were two years ago well those were
our students two years ago they’re not our students today they’re now as 14,000
students are now going to CSU so on top of the baby and on top of the birth rate
and on top of that so this is another so we have to be looking at new markets and
you’re going to be seeing a fantastic a huge presentation in January on
recruitment persistence and retention because these you know I think president
Zia you said it best on Saturday night at the Daisy Lane parade my goodness
have we’ve done absolutely everything if enrollment doesn’t go up and they we’ve
done everything so the one place that we have to look is new markets and new ways
to reach our populations and non-credit is one way to do that so my last
question or observation is on slide 22 about the this is the s CFS breakdown
and in particular the Supplemental allocations I I see that it’s declining
that causes me concern but and I wonder why it’s declining you gave us a little
bit of an explanation for that but and I and I don’t think that it’s going to
continue to decline but explain what happened and and why it’s not going to
declined because that those are dollars that we can really use are you asking
why why we’re losing California pal recipients students is that what you’re
yes okay i i’m i think i think it’s i think probably what we’re saying is the
trends that we’ve already discussed and that there you were enrollments in
general and unfortunately the way it’s playing out is it’s hitting those
students one of the things to keep in mind when we’re looking at that table is
while we’re seeing the decrease in funding and we see that matching with
the decrease in our enrollment in the California promise grant the way that
the funding formulas currently structured is that each ear the
allocations for those will be increasing and so if we can stabilize those numbers
even if we just stabilize them we will see more allocation in particular ears
and then if we can bring them up then that will also help bring up that one
okay thank you vice president mallalieu oh sorry I apologize I have one quick
question on slide 17 I believe I am really just asking for the benefit of
the public for I’m a visual learner and I’d like to know if you could articulate
what the relationship is between these two different graphs because there’s got
to be some way to explain what this relationship is is it the SES that’s
making the I mean so many of our students receive grants and then so many
of them are College promise what what is that relationship it almost looks like
it’s a mirror image and I just want to know if is it the students
socio-economic level that makes it that that makes it so consistent between the
College promise beans and the Pell Grant recipients or
is there something else that I’m missing I could possibly maybe shed some light
on that okay topic so when we look at the
numbers of those that are Appel awarded and those that are California promise
awarded it’s a different kind of awarding verification process so
although when you would think intuitively
a student whose Pell eligible should also be promised eligible so you would
think to see closer parity between those two numbers so when you kind of start to
drill down and think what’s happening here there’s some factors that are out
of our control so for example satisfactory academic progress could
look different between the two programs that might account for some of the
discrepancy but really what we see is the verification process to be awarded
the PAL about a third of our students or 33% of the students are selected for
verification which then requires students to submit additional IRS
transcripts there’s all these extra steps and oftentimes students don’t
finish the process to be fully verified and so that creates a barrier so we’re
looking at all the different reasons to understand that number and as mentioned
in previous board meetings we’re putting systems in place that are really going
to hopefully increase the number of our Pell awardees so for example we’ll be
implementing in early January Campus logic which will allow students to take
pictures of all their forms automatic PDF upload them through their phone they
don’t even have to come into the office anymore and stand in line to submit the
verification process it kind of automates some of those verification
processes for staff so it allows them to go through a workflow more quickly so
that students get verified in a more timely manner so these are some of the
things that we’re gonna try to do to really increase those numbers but again
to just kind of understand the variance between those two numbers a lot of that
I think has just been are internal processes that have sometimes I think
maybe you’ve gotten in the way of helping students get fully packaging so
we’re going to be addressing those I also just to help clarify this graph on
slide 17 I think part of what we’re seeing here is that the scaling has
changed on the to Pratt so while the numbers we know we have like almost
twice many California promise recipients and
so when we’re seeing the trends of their units completed for these different
categories we see the trends look very similar for our Pell Grant recipients so
there is some overlap like the Caminos this thing and who those students are so
we would probably see some similarities but they are slightly different and I
think it’s the scaling as well that’s kind of throwing you off to see that
it’s actually the numbers are smaller for the Pell grants okay I appreciate
that I just won two quick follow-ups and and you don’t have I mean I appreciate
the detail but other than what you just mentioned is there anything else that
might play a factor into the relationship between the promise and the
Pell Grant recipients and I’ll tell you I am asking I’m asking because so many
students I was one of them so many students are self-sufficient they they
don’t rely on their parents to get them through school financially but their
parents income disqualifies them you know there I you know my parents didn’t
support me didn’t pay for me they supported me but they didn’t fund my
education but their income precluded me from qualifying for financial aid so
when I look at this and thinking of students in my district on the west side
a lot of those students even though they live at home they work and their parents
can’t claim them on the income taxes because it’ll hurt the parents but then
the students don’t have that additional support financially so then they’re you
know you know it happened to me so I that that’s really what I was getting at
is trying to see if there was any other relationship in this that we could use
as data in the future to you know I don’t know what what influence we have
at the state level or the federal level to be able to award this grant but
certainly through the College promise if there’s anything we can do to identify
those students who fall under that umbrella and it’s an unfortunate
umbrella and we’ve had these conversations for so many years but
there’s never been a viable solution and Heather thank you for you were so
patient at the last meeting and then we you know postponed your presentation to
this meeting so we really appreciate that you did a great job it was worth
the wait but anyway that that you know just it just really bothers me that some
any students don’t get the financial aid that they really need so I think a b19
although that is a very targeted group of that doesn’t cover all students but
for the first time in college full time students regardless of your income
eligibility will now be eligible for essentially one year their first year of
tuition covered and because we have the Long Beach College promise we’re looking
at it – you’re funded promise also a B – was announced it hasn’t passed the
legislature but it was announced last week at La trade tech which is if passed
would authorize the second year of a second year funded promise so again it
would at least capture that student population that you just described that
was in that situation where they maybe are still held to their parents income
tax but are self-sufficient if they enroll full-time and their first time
we’re looking at at least at long beach city college a two-year funded promise
thank you thank you thank you vice president mallalieu I think those are
great questions in fact just E Bastion and I will report later we went to a
seminar and this very point was brought up this conference and the author of
this book that we’re going to talk about I’m gonna present a little bit about and
the conference did touch on this and she did say that while not perfect she is a
proponent of the college promise precisely for that reason that it
catches those students that don’t typically qualify so it gave me hope
that you know we’re on the right path just abasa did you have a question or
comment okay great thank you so much Heather I know you’re up for the next
presentation as well so don’t go anywhere
I have three point four accreditation update and next steps this is also a
presentation that Jennifer Holmgren accreditation liaison officer director
of planning and heather Van Valkenburg a Dean of institutional effectiveness will
present this report welcome Jennifer good evening board presidents yes
superintendent Romilly members of the board vice president’s faculty staff
community members and students um tonight Heather and I are here to
present on Accreditation updates and next steps so before we get into what
we’re going to be doing our next steps I wanted to provide a little bit of
context on our current accreditation cycle so going back a little bit in time
in 2014 we submitted our institutional
self-evaluation report to the Accrediting Commission for community and
junior colleges also known as ACCJC at that time we needed to describe and
provide evidence about how we meet each of the four main standards as well as
127 standards within those standards we also needed to identify plans for self
improvement in that report so following submission of that in our site visit our
accreditation was reaffirmed but ACCJC noted that there wasn’t enough evidence
provided in two ways to meet the standards so they provided two
recommendations to us so as part of those recommendations they required us
to address them through a follow up report in 2016 where we needed to
provide further evidence and so we did that and I’ll just remind everyone about
those two recommendations so recommendation one was really all about
addressing communication problems on campus including transparency and
decision making processes and better integration of our planning with
improvement priorities hiring and resource allocation for recommendation 2
is all about student learning outcomes and systematically utilizing those
assessment results to improve the achievement of learning outcomes for
students and to inform integrated planning decisions including resource
allocation after submission of our follow up report ACCJC determined that
we resolved our recommendations and we met the standards so after that report
we actually had to submit another report and this is one not all of our community
colleges accredited by ACC j JC have to submit and that’s our midterm report and
even though we were found to meet the standards in regard to those two
recommendations in the midterm report we still had to redress
again to show that we’re continuing to work on them and provide more evidence
of how we’re continuing to do so so a few of those things that were included
superintendent President Roh Molly to address recommendation one held
constituent group meetings with faculty classified staff and administrators
separately and really engaged with people to get feedback and ideas to
implement targeted supports that have now been implemented successfully on
campus some of those you might recognize are the Welcome Center as well as our
efforts to really address student completion by targeting students who are
close to completion and with their units in regard to recommendation to our
educational assessment Research Analyst has began to disaggregate student
learning outcome data and this is a new accreditation standard they want us to
look at our assessments and disaggregate by student subpopulation in regard to
learning outcomes so that we can see where gaps are in learning and this will
also address success rates for our courses so she started to do that and
since then we’ve continued to make a concerted effort to really focus on
those standards and make sure that we’re really addressing them and so in 2018-19
this fall one of our big revamps for recommendation one was to change our
institutional planning process and you heard how there talked about it a little
bit but we really revamped our planning process and for academic affairs and
student support services piloted a new template that really integrates our
goals with data-driven decision-making and resource request and allocation
that’s a huge improvement and we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on
that in a regard to recommendation two Paulette and Williams has really been
instrumental in leading student learning outcome efforts on campus and one of the
things that he’s gotten a lot of faculty to do is put their assessments onto
canvas which is our learning management system it’s become so popular that we’ve
grown from two sections of courses on canvas in 2016 to 525 this fall which is
really amazing it’s a really popular way that faculty are assessing their courses
for learning so with all that said while we’re continuing to address those two
recommendations we’re also starting to prepare for our next institutional
self-evaluation report so I’m going to turn it over to Heather at this point
and to cover our next steps thank you hello again so what is the
report moving forward so what does it call them involve for us and so one of
the things is we have to address these four main standards so standard one
focuses on mission academic quality and institutional effectiveness at the
institution and so this includes things like our mission statement I’m ensuring
that the there’s academic quality and all of our courses and programs
institutional integrity those kinds of things standard two focuses on student
learning programs and support services and so that’s gonna include standards
that are related to the inspectional programs librarian Learning Support
Services and the student support service areas standard three focuses on our
resources it’s gonna be our fiscal resources human resources technological
resources and standard floor focuses on leadership and governance and so that’s
gonna include standards related to decision making roles and process these
leadership and the governing board though some things to think about that
will be new for the 2021 reporting process so we’re actually going to be
addressing new standards though in 2014 in that report we addressed standards
that were established in 2002 now we’re gonna be addressing the standards that
were established in 2014 there’s an increased emphasis on student learning
outcomes and disaggregating the F fellows is Bennifer already mentioned
there’s also increased emphasis on scheduling and making sure that the the
timely completion of students is able to happen through scheduling and program
development and design and then also the standards of achievement and so that’s
gonna be a little bit different than how they found those standards before as
jennifer noted in the previous reports we had these self-identified improvement
plans we’re not gonna be doing that in the 2021 report instead we’re going to
have a quality focus essay and that essay is really meant to focus on sort
of big multi-year institutional projects that have detailed plans to help us
address the opportunities for improvement and innovation to continue
to improve and meet the standards another difference is that before we
didn’t have robust support from ACCJC they’ve actually changed their model um
it’s actually more similar to what we see
for the four-year colleges regional accreditor design but basically we have
a vice-president liaison so an ACCJC president is our liaison and so they
will answer all of our questions as we’re going through our process they
provide us with training they’ll be here on campus when we have our site team
come on and do the peer review process and so they’ll just help mediate that
and make sure that everyone is really reflecting on the standards through the
process I’m not getting sidetracked on other kinds of people um so the timeline
we develop the timeline for building up to completing the report so currently we
are working meeting with departments to review the standards and establish goals
for improvement we’ll be doing that throughout the rest of the spring as
well and fall nineteen will be working with areas to help incorporate the goals
that we discuss throughout this year into department planning we’re also
gonna be looking at our regulations locally to make sure that we have the
appropriate membership on the steering committee because like we’ve already
noted there are some changes in ACCJC and so again there’s different
designations of who needs to be on that membership so we’ll go ahead and address
that so that in spring 2020 we can convene the the meeting of the steering
committee we’ll do some training with ACCJC we’ll also start getting some
reporting out from our departments on their progress and meeting the goals
that are set for the standards for the accreditation well 2020 again we’ll have
another cycle of report out so we’ll really be collecting a robust amount of
evidence through this and we’ll also start writing the writing process and
that will continue throughout the year and to spring 2021 um we hope to
complete the full draft report at the end of that term so that during the fall
2020 term we can then go through and have everyone review give feedback and
vet it for a participatory governance process and then we submit it so we can
talk a little bit about stuff that we’ve already kind of got going on that helped
us to meet the standards and so again this is the other large compendium of
things because we are doing so much with the college I’m just gonna touch on a
couple of key points as Jennifer noted the program planning templates were
updated through a work group of faculty who worked over the summer with Jennifer
to develop a new template and then the research staff worked as well to create
dashboards that then everyone can access to see the data for their
programs and their schools and so that’s been really exciting to have that
improvement there we have the strategic enrollment management plan in place and
so we’re going through the year two priorities moving forward and evaluating
them as well so by the end of the year we should have some information on that
for standard to focusing on learning programs and support services we’ve got
you know revisions to the institutional learning outcome so we talked more about
the student level learning outcomes but they also need to roll up and have
institutional learning outcomes the work is underway for that
I’m starfish is another great example of support services that is helping us to
meet that standard – if we go on things that we’re doing for standard three I
know Marlene before I mentioned about the
deficit reduction plans we have that and play to really address our financial
resources and we have the integrated energy master plan is another great
example of how we’re really using you know all of our resources to make sure
that we’re meeting all of those standards appropriately standard for one
of the accomplishments that we have achieved as head of the classified
Senate has been fully developed and integrated into our participatory
governance structure so I think that’s the wonderful thing to point out there’s
also been increasing engagement with students for feedback on initiative so
Justin you know I’ve just been here since spring but just seeing the
difference between spring and this fall the amount of engagement that I’ve had
with students and the different committees I’m on it has been fantastic
so we’re definitely moving forward in the right direction to meet all of these
standards we’re just gonna bring us back to our cycle of continuous improvement
that is accreditation and so once we go through the next three years preparing
and writing this evaluation report we’ll submit it fall 2021 we’ll have a peer
reviewed site team coming visit in spring 2022 that summer all of the
information that is collected by the site team the report any feedback that
we have the opportunity to provide will be reviewed by the Commission and
they’ll take action in summer and then we start the cycle all over again so
thank you thank you Heather thank you Jennifer I wanted to acknowledge you and
our superintendent president dr. O’Malley for being proactive and not
waiting another two years to bring this report to to us and being
ahead of the ball and the game trustees are there any questions comments Thank
You wonderful presentation I think accreditation is one of the most
important things we do because it matters everybody for students to
graduate and people keep their jobs and so I’m really glad to see this we’re
being proactive I recall and passed accreditation I’m sure was a 2008 or
2014 there was an employee morale was an issue what have we done since then or
what strategies are including that to be able to measure a change so if it comes
up again we can show where we’ve addressed it and it’s a non-issue so
that was our 2008 report that really addressed some morale issues and 2014
they found that those had gotten significantly better so it was actually
removed the site team had made the recommendation and then ACCJC removed
that part from their recommendation in the 2014 recommendation but I will say
dr. O’Malley has done an amazing job out really improving morale on campus
through all of the different activities she’s done I’ve never seen a president
come in and hold all of these different constituent group luncheons and
activities and forums it’s been amazing over the past year how many
opportunities are have been for input and feeling like people are contributing
to our processes other aspects like you know the cookie exchange and just those
types of events I think ACCJC is really looking for not necessarily like
hardcore types of data but really instances that are memorable to people
where they feel included and those will be our biggest points of evidence and I
think dr. O’Malley has done so many different in so many different ways
provided those opportunities that I think will have plenty of evidence to
support that in the future great and then you said in spring of 2022 after we
submit the report is when the site visit happens that’s kind of our Shore host
show horse event where we get to kind of show everything in our report of this is
where culinary’s happening and this is where stem is happening on campus what
do we as a board need to do you ready for that that day or that week
I’ll hand it over to dr. O’Malley well I got to do what we as a board need to do
is make sure that we are adhering to all of the standards with regard to the
board and so what I and I’m realizing I probably need to do this for you is make
sure that you know of all of the standards we started talking about them
at the retreat in September but I need to make sure that you are fully trained
on everything that you need to know and do to be ready to adhere so to make sure
that all of your policies are updated and fresh and we do have vice-president
Durant who is working on that so all our policies are up to date that you’re
familiar with Robert’s Rules that you’re familiar with the the the big one of the
big things having been on an accreditation written benben and alo and
been on and on visiting teams is understanding roles and responsibilities
and what where the lines are so I need to make sure that that over the next
couple of years that we have some really good retreats that keep make you build
up your strength and your muscles and really understand everything that it’s
about so that you can go in strong during that show week and say hey we’ve
done everything that we need to do also the development of your board goals each
year it’s critical that the what the board’s goals is are supporting the
student learning outcomes in the student success measures that are in the
superintendent’s goals and in the strategic plan so making sure that we
are accomplishing them every year staying strong on them and using them as
support for the student success measures you kind of jumped in to my next
question is of the changes what are the the board changes or are things we need
to do is there anything beyond the strategic planning and preparation to go
through the standards I know we’ve adopted some of the standards in the
last few months but is there anything else that we that stands out that we
need to change or do we got to do draft essays from the board to be ready for
you you have a dissertation you need to write I didn’t take I there’s nothing that stands out to me
other than making sure that we have everyone trained on roles and
responsibilities we have policies updated and that you got and that we are
able to establish a schedule and what you’re gonna what you what’s going to be
coming out soon is over the next month I’m gonna give you a calendar of the
presentations that we’re gonna make over the next year and that so that you’re
not wondering oh gee I wonder I wonder when we’re going to hear about
enrollment or retention or completion so that you’ll know what we’re going to be
talking about over the next year and then we’re gonna design your retreats to
understand and be able to ask the the pointed questions about those kind of
things to get us to generate thought so we’re gonna line up the training and the
retreats with that so by the end of the year you should have real strong muscles
I think in that so I think I feel very confident that we’re gonna go and ready yeah and they’ve revamped that so it’s it’s
less complicated but when you actually look at the wording it’s pretty much the
same wording yeah yeah thank you so much I’m very very confident in you guys all
right thank you board members anyone else okay we will
now move on to consent agenda thank you ladies
I did not get any requests to pull any items off the agenda do I have a motion
to approve the consent agenda moved moved by trustee autos do I have a
second second by trustee Baxter are there any questions comments Madam
Secretary can you please call the roll I sent easia aye
student trustee Jones aye and just just to be clear this is all items for
student trustee except item 4.12 on 4.13 right because it was an employee items
okay item number 5.1 revised board policy and administrative regulation
3002 discrimination and harassment complaints and investigation this is the
first reading on revised board policy 3002 discrimination and harassment
complaints and investigation submitted for first reading and it is for
informational purposes and doesn’t require our action does anyone have any
questions comments would like to discuss okay we have a we have received a
informations I’m sorry do you have a question trustee under I suppose as part
of our policy updates but there anything substantial the difference the changes
in either the board policy or administrative policy I mean I see the
updates of the references yeah I think part of it with the
regulations is to make sure that they’re much more clear for the members of the
public employees it’s easier to read and understand exactly what the obligations
are and what the processes are in with the responsibility at the district is
would you say this is more expansive than pass version or more restrictive we
separated out the regulation on investigations from actually the
definitions of harassment discrimination so now that they’re separate are there any other questions okay great
item 5.2 revised board policy and administrative regulation three zero
three one prohibit prohibition of harassment this is also a first reading
we’ve received information on this um is there any questions comments
hearing none item 5.3 employment contract with Sonia Dalit or a in
India’s forgive me if I’m mispronouncing the name associated Dean of Student
Support Services this is an action student trustee does not get to vote on
this unfortunately do I have a this is a action to approve the contract
employment contract for term of employment from December 12 2018 to June
30th 2021 the contract provides for now a compensation of 130 1748 along with
health and benefits and life insurance do I have a motion to approve move by
trustee baxter seconded by trustee in tuck are there any questions comments
okay I can call for the vote I congratulations Sonya item for a 5.4
employment contract Moyer with Moises Gutierrez associated dean health
kinesiology science and mathematics this is also another item for our action that
student trustee doesn’t get to work vote and it is to approve the employment
contract for Moises Gutierrez for the associated Dean of Health and
kinesiology science and math as submitted the employment contract is for
the term of December 12 to late 2018 to June 30 and 2021 for an annual
compensation of 130 1748 along with health and welfare benefits and life
insurance do I have a motion moved by trustee auto seconded by trustee baxter
any questions comments go ahead action go ahead and call the vote please
virginia baxter i Vivian mullet loop I do to walk Joe in tuck
hi Doug Otto sunny Xia I congratulations Moises I believe we had our
superintendent president as well okay great item 5.5 employment contract
with Kenan Hillman associated Dean of Academic Affairs
this is also an item for us to approve her contract from December 12 2000 18
June 30th to 2021 Brandel compensation of one hundred thirty one thousand seven
hundred forty eight dollars along with health and welfare benefits and life
insurance do I have a motion moved by trustee auto is there a second objection okay just before we go I need a second
for discussion standing by vice president go ahead so I’m on the
behalf of our students I’m actually requesting at the board table this until
the next meeting on the grounds that there were numerous discrepancies with
up within the hiring committee and the potential violations of EEO and shared
governance I have a meeting to meet with miss Olson in Human Resources tomorrow
to discuss these issues okay and I just want to share with you some
of the things we’ve done to look into it in addition to reviewing the to the
chair Dean or at least support to see if there were any concerns in addition we
also had a conversation with the EEO wrap that person had any concerns what
would they do and their immediate responses they would bring those to HR I want to support this I do not support
moving this we can you speak to them it’s hard to hear so sorry we appreciate
you bringing forward this concern it’s very important that you bring forward
concerns when there are concerns I’m satisfied with what HR did to look into
this and I’m feeling very confident that we’ve received answers to answer those
concerns and we look forward to hearing you tomorrow however at this time we
have an outstanding candidate that has contributed a phenomenal amount to this
college and I fully endorse her moving forward I present mallalieu yes I would
like to speak on student trustees Jones is very well worded objection and
requests to table this first of all I applaud you for doing that you’re doing
a fine job representing the students it was just a couple of years ago where the
exact same thing happened I believe it was our student trustee two terms ago
who raised a similar issue and I believe it was for the same position I think
that that might not be correct but there was an associate dean position that had
been in question then and I thought that he did a good job of raising concerns I
would like to honor the students request that we table it simply because there is
a meeting that’s already pending with Kristen Olsen from personnel and I
think that the fact that students have taken these matters into their own hands
and while the candidate is an outstanding candidate and I hear what
you’re saying is superintendent president dr. O’Malley well you know
this candidate is outstanding and has served at the college really well I do
think that in the past I’m familiar with students having been discounted before
and their opinions and sometimes even you know I I recall and I’m sorry I
can’t think of exactly what the position was but I recall where students weren’t
even were supposed to be a part of a committee and they weren’t and and I
think you you remember what that position is there was a there were
guidelines that were set in place where students needed to serve on the hiring
committee and they weren’t and candidates were brought forth without
students having participated in the process and I felt that that was really
wrong and as an institution we need to honor students and we need to respect
their opinion so because of that I don’t I don’t want to be a part of a board
that repeats the same thing even though it might be a different situation I just
you know I remember not liking the way that went down before and we asked so
much of our students we asked so much of our student leaders with our ASB and our
student body and our athletics and even our student trustee and when they do
deliver then we discredit them and we ignore them and I just think that’s
wrong so you know whatever is a pleasure of the board if the board decides to go
ahead and approve this contract so be it I don’t think and I hope I’m not
speaking for you I don’t want to speak for you it might not be an objection
against the candidate if the candidate might be perfectly fine but I think that
the objection against the process is valid and I think that we need to honor
and respect students for bringing it up especially because they have an elected
student trustee on this board to represent them I really appreciate your comments and I
really appreciate student trustee Jones your comments it’s critical that we take
these types of situations seriously all the time however at that time I can’t
speak to what was done in the past all I can speak to is what’s done under my
tenure and we have not disrespected students under my tenure and will nor
will I allow that but I am satisfied when this came to my attention that HR
fully investigated it to make sure that there wasn’t an issue that we needed to
look at and I’m satisfied with that and that’s all I have to say okay great
trustee Baxter and then I just want to understand if it’s to the extent we can
share what the student trustees concerned or others don’t want this to
be out there a cloud out there like we don’t know the nature is it with the
process not including the student group is that what it is student input was not
adequately considered I’m sorry say that again student input was not adequately
considered in the entire process from the scheduling of the meetings all the
way through to the interviews where there were no students present during
the interview process whatsoever and that’s your the nature of your
projection it’s not with the candidate it was the process it’s not what the
candidate at all it’s no standing candidate when I feel that there were
other candidates and student input that were disregarded in the process dying
later late all of that out and my letter to Human Resources state that the
students who were on a committee cancelled on the day or the day before
after the candidates had already made hotel reservations and plane
reservations and so the interviews could not be rescheduled yes so the concerns
are brought up at the very beginning of the hiring committee process before
Kenneth’s were contacted thank you trustee baxter yes when you said that you and that doctor
and you investigate all that did you speak to the students so I had Christmas
a little loud so I had Christian Olsen reached out to a student trustee Donnell
and unfortunately was not available today so that’s why the
eating was scheduled for tomorrow in addition and talking to Lisa or who
again Dean or who scheduled the meeting there were conversations about student
and student participation and to her her understanding is that the students would
participate I know that we did on the day of the interviews which was on the
29th that’s when we were informed that two students would not be able to
participate for personal reasons in addition on the 26th we received notice
in HR that the third student would be unable to continue and that was after
the initial candidate selection meeting which i think was on the 15th with
first-round interview scheduled on the 29th if students do not appear do we have a
policy that says that that’s acceptable or I think I think professional courtesy
is if you’re expected to be on an interview panel and students have paid
for hotels or excuse me candidates have paid for hotels they’ve
taken time off from their job paid for their plane flights and done the
courtesy to us to show up for that interview if you cannot make it that’s
okay personal emergencies happen it’s totally okay but we cannot reschedule a
candidate we cannot be expecting a candidate to pay a hundred eight hundred
dollars or five hundred dollars to reschedule interviews but it’s certainly
acceptable to have emergencies arise see if I can say one more thing the
candidate is outstanding okay I don’t want anyone to think that that any of us
are against candy okay I just I agree with vice president mallalieu that we
need to honor our student trustees remarks I also agree with her
superintendent president and her team it sounds like we did afford the
opportunity to students there were no-shows that is unacceptable that I
will not I don’t I have no sympathy for we it’s not that we were
negligent and affording that opportunity the process in that case the due process
was followed and the opportunity was given from what you have told me okay
and the process but they were so my point is that they weren’t omitted from
the process they were afforded the opportunity they just did not want to
participate for one reason or another their students that we understand but we
were not negligent into affording them that opportunity okay did you want to
say something trustee antek did i thank trustee jones for bringing this forward
appreciate the courage you know it’s very easy to sit back and let things
pass or it’s very easy to not attend a meeting and and let things happen
unaddressed I did not see the letter that went to
the vice president of Human Resources are we talking is everything that was in
the letter we’ve addressed or was it just about process and what it was just
about student participation or were there any other items about student
participation there were some allegations of irregularities of what
irregularities and again which is why we reached out not only to the chair where
we reached out to the EEO rep which is the faculty rep to see if there was
anything that occurred that they had observed
against our EEO policy and the EEO rep said that they nothing was unusual
everything was according as it should be here and had something come up that was
against our EEO policy they would have immediately gone to HR which they did
not do okay so just to clarify what IIIi can I remember as a student I you know I
I didn’t necessarily know personnel processes and policies and usually was
on the other side of the table of being interviewed or not being there view II
what was what was items that were considered irregular was it a
misperception or was it potentially are an ongoing conversation that we’re gonna
have with the individuals or brought them forward are there any other
comments before we take a vote unless there is a substitute motion to continue
education I do have a couple of answers to the questions that were raised yes
there were additional concerns that were raised in the letter I do have a little
with me as well a few guys would allow me to to read and to for clarification
purposes is there anything in the letter that okay vice president mallalieu interim vice president Duran I I do
understand the sensitivity of the matter being a human resources in nature I I do
understand that and I I think student trustee Donnell does also is there some
way that whatever the the major contentious issue is could be you know
addressed in a vague matter so that it does not become specific to this
particular hiring or candidate that would be great if that’s not possible
then we’re just going to be going around in circles over it but if if and you
understand that this is a delicate issue because of human
does open us up to a lot of liability but if you know that there’s some way to
to be introduced the subject or broach the subject vaguely that would be great
but if it can’t be done is there any harm in tabling the approval of this
contract until that meeting is held with perhaps the provision that the candidate
begin the employment and then we can backdate at the January meeting the
contract and make it retroactive to this date like I said I I don’t think the
issue is the candidate or the contract itself I think that it is a valid
concern so that moving forward students understand how important it is that they
attend these meetings that them failing to attend the interview actually caused
a contract from being approved because the board had the table approving you
know you know there could be ramifications especially whoever is in
charge of the student group I don’t know if that can be done or not but you know
what were the names of the students that did not attend I can give you their
positions they are ASB members the PCC club Senate President as well as the rep
of student success in equity we’re also the other students as well as myself
interesting what were their names the names are in I’m not sure what is as
well as I know Jones and ELISA Tunisia correct so let me get this straight you
didn’t show up to a meeting and then you want the process to stop so that you can
then give your input because you didn’t show up to a meeting have I got that
right no okay well I think I have it right number two it is not appropriate
if there is a complain about the process to punish a candidate who has been here
and have been an outstanding employee I’m not saying I’m not taking the
concerns seriously because I am but we don’t get to not show up to meetings and
then complain when it didn’t go our way and punish a woman who has contributed
to this institution that’s all I have to say thank you very much and I do very
much appreciate your input don’t know I really do thank you okay respond done
now I if you could say it in a way that isn’t compromised I mean I’m just a
little bit hesitant because of so the way I wrote the letter um I did not
include any details that were confidential outside of the violations
which I believe would not be confidential okay there’s no names of
anybody included here but to address superintendent or Molly actually the
issue isn’t that we didn’t attend and we didn’t get our input student input was
ignored on the very first day of the meeting which students addressed that
they could not make that day that was being scheduled and they were told by
other committee members that this is how it normally works on hiring committees
implying that the students needed to skip class in order to make this meeting
happen the other concerns that I have raised in the letter as well is that
several members of the hiring committee were persuaded to dismiss several other
worthy candidates for the purpose for the sole purpose of not having to
conduct a second day of interviews furthermore believe there was favorable
consideration to a particular candidate because of their status within the
institution additionally there were several other applicants who were
dismissed from consideration based entirely on negative assumptions about
the institution by which they had been employed previously and not actually
reflective of their experience and qualifications for example one candidate
was dismissed from consideration on the ground that their prior experience
included working for a for-profit institution one committee member
remarked that we don’t need anybody like that here additionally I observed the
committee chair appear to show a negative bias against male candidates
I first noticed this when discussing one candidate whose experience exceeded the
qualifications and so many committee members had given this candidate high
marks the chair proceeded to suggest that maybe this person was overqualified
for the for the position another committee member stated that she had
spoken with human resources specialist and asked if over qualification was a
valid consideration that we were allowed to consider and she was informed that we
were not allowed to consider that then the chair proceeded to make several
additional attempts to dissuade the committee from considering this
candidates making remarks such as he may be using this as a stepping stone to
another position and he has too much stem experience which would not be
relevant to the position which he’s applying for eventually she was
successful in persuading enough committee members to remove him from a
yes candidate to a maybe candidate later during the operation of a female
candidate with similar stem experience the aforementioned candidate as the
aforementioned candidate her abundance of stem experience was attributed as an
asset again the another committee member remarked that this was inconsistent with
what had been done beforehand I think this is inappropriate that that we are
not to be discussing or reciting what went on in in a hiring process at this
board meeting that it’s not the place to do something like that and and it’s just
one perspective there’s a lot of other people that do not have the or not here
don’t have the opportunity to respond it seems to me that that there was a
problem unfortunately I think that the candidate that’s been selected would be
a victim if we were to continue this because nobody has got anything against
her what I’m hearing is I didn’t like the
way it went so my suggestion is that we move forward with this decision tonight
if if it’s not successful it’s not successful but that afterwards we would
they’re being given an opportunity to talk about this process and see whether
this is a ongoing problem this was a an individual problem whether it was
personal but I don’t think we need to to to go through on a blow-by-blow basis
what happened in the meeting so I like to proceed with this I also as a
representative of students I would like to say that if student input is
dismissed at every venue what elet why is there a purpose of shared governance
why do they why do you ask for student input and then deny the student input
here at the board in the hiring committees in other levels of shared
governance the 1115 November 15th meeting took the calendar but I believe
it me so here’s what I would suggest your first of all I I’ve been here two
years I’ve seen no history of disregarding students and we’re not
disregarding it tonight your opinion is very very important to ask trustee Jones
what I have said to this board on numerous occasions and I will repeat
again is things are going to happen and it’s important that when they happen we
address them immediately what happened is we’ve now waited a month and now here
we are on the night of approving a fantastic candidate when we had a month
we could have investigated it and perhaps resolved it to your satisfaction
so I just want to encourage all of you when it when something comes up that
you’re concerned about unhappy with please I want to encourage you to call
us right away because our concern is to listen to you and is to find resolution
that hopefully will be to your satisfaction okay is there a substitute
motion to continue or can we call vice president Malo whoo yeah I I would
I would like to once again thank student trustee Donell Jones for his input
I think after having heard all sides and I do think we did get a fair overview it
sounds like it was a fair overview I would just in light of the information
that has been shared I would just like to call for the question at this time
okay we’ve been we have the call for the question on the floor Madam Secretary
it’s to approve Madam Secretary can you please call a vote virginia baxter i walk joe in tuck i I and I want to say
that I also value your input and I am not disregarding student voices
disregarding doesn’t I’m disagreeing does not mean disregarding I’ll vote yes
and I echo trustee autos sentiment we do value but I believe the process was fair
and ample opportunity was provided I’m sorry we’re not always going to agree
but you know this is the dynamics of the board okay item 6.1 new and modified
congratulations Kenna you Anika we’re now going to move on to item 6.1 new and
modified programs of study this is to approve the programs of study effective
fall 2019 as submitted these programs of study include new and modified degrees
and certificates they were created to me title five and industry requirements
respond to Advisory Committee recommendations and or facilitate
transfer the programs of study were developed and or modified and improved
by their respective college departments and schools the documentation has been
reviewed by the associate degree general education subcommittee and approved by
the Committee on curriculum and instruction do I have a motion
I moved moved by trustee in took is there a second second buddy
vice-president mallalieu call is there any questions comments discussion I
think this is great it’s a 30-page attachment and our board
Doc’s are just for the regular public in the future it might be good to just list
out each program I mean the details are all there in the attachment but I know
when you’re searching through board Doc’s it’s unless it’s listed in the
description it’s hard to find so I’m glad to see the Amazon you know Web
Services and updated library services and sign language programs coming is
there anything else trustee anta any other testis okay go
ahead and call for the vote let’s do the roll call vote virginia
baxter i vivian mallalieu I Buddha wok Joe in tech I Doug Otto Sonny’s I
student trustee Jones I item six point two new and modified courses this is
also for action to meet title five requirements so I have a motion to
approve so moved by trustee antics seconded by trustee auto there any
questions comments hearing none let’s go ahead and call the vote my secretary
virginia baxter i Vivian Malu I walk Joe in tuck hi Joe
sunny Xia I student trustee Jones i item 7.1 a revised administration
administrative regulation 4000 to administrative regulation on disabled
students program and services this is for our information we’ve received the
documents are there any questions comments does this yeah
disable stir it was last updated in 2000 so in part we were requested to update
our administrative procedures on Dean regarding DSPs due to an injunctive
relief that we received and so we what you see is a separation there’s I’m now
to going to be two administrative policies one that lives within the four
thousand ban that it really is related to academic senate purview regarding on
this program as well as a new administrative procedure that’s gonna
live within the student support services five thousand ban that’s going to focus
I’m at the year 2000 I was looking at the bottom I said something yeah it’s
that’s were of the year 2000 to my knowledge yes and that was in part of
why we had to come back and update it item 8.1 are there any other questions
comments on that item I’m hearing on item 8.1 this is to receive the the
audit report as submitted and district financial audit covering the Long Beach
Community College District the auxilary and associated student body number to
bond financial audit report and then three bond performance audit do I have a
motion so moved by trustee auto seconded by trustee in took are there any
questions comments hearing none let’s go ahead and call the vote please she just
stepped out yeah I student trustee Jones Epstein item 8.2
revised board policy 7,000 to smoking in district facilities and vehicles this is
to the board approve and adopt board policy 7,000 to and smoking are in on
district facilities and vehicles we have received the information this is in
accordance with established practices that the revised board policy and
administer regulation has been distributed discussed and approved by
the Leadership Council this policy is the first reading received its first
reading at the November 13 2018 meeting and is now presented for our approval
and the revisions are to update the policy to comply with the Board of
Governors Community College resolution for a smoking tobacco free community
colleges that was approved in May 14 2018 do I have a motion so moved moved
by trustee and took is there a second he’s checking it vice president
mallalieu let’s go ahead and call them oh I’m sorry I’m sorry I failed to do
that qua man’s questions trustee and tobacco free portion of the Community
College directive I see about smoking and I know last time we talked about
this we talked about dip as a tobacco use does that is that gonna come up in a
separate policy because when I read through it talks about vaping and smoke
and aerosols but not about other types of tobacco use you did trustee and talk
and I apologize I forgot to address that um you do could mr. Raposa do we have an
answer on that right now I do I need to take that back that it’s 100% my fault I
forgot to check on that I don’t believe we have an answer at this time okay I’ll
check into that my apologies trustee on Tuckerman vice president mallalieu dr.
Ramani we also talked about the possibility of banning smoking for
students and I know that there was supposed to be some information coming
back I think the students had was it a vote or a poll there was something that
was done in the Viking or story is something in the Viking about the
students wanted the designated smoking area to actually be discontinued or you
know what was it consensus on that or so that one has been kind of split within
ASB they said that based on some polls done prior to our terms that there was
an agreement to remove those but and speaking with some of our smoking
students who weren’t included in that ASB had decided that maybe we could find
some sort of compromise but I think ultimately we we have to should we
should we hold off on would it make a difference do we need to add something
on that board policy 7002 to mention students because it says district
facilities and vehicles but there is a smoking section on campus over what are
the items that are is it because trustee I’m tuck had an item and then there was
a student issue there was the vaping and then the vaping and the e-cigarettes
question I believe as well that trustee untuk had that I want to look into and
then I can get you information on what mr. Jones was talking about with the ASB
poll and the vote aye yeah I don’t think we should vote on an incomplete would
you like to make a substitute motion to table this yeah I’d like to move that we
table this discussion vote sorry that we table the vote until those
two items are properly adequately addressed is there a second for that
second is there any discussions comments trustee otto I see you do do you have a
comment question oh I couldn’t tell was because I was trying to figure out
whether tabling it as opposed to just continuing
it to the next meeting was the appropriate way to do it since we’re
going to be adding I mean I because I didn’t know the answer okay
I don’t either because we did go through the first reading this is why we need a
general counsel or we could go with vice president
mallalieu’s a motion you know vote on that that you know to
bring it back with revisions is that the motion bring it back with revisions that
trustee in took and trustee mallalieu have brought up and then we vote on that
but you we have to go through the first reading again and then so it’ll be
approved probably in February at the earliest that’s all right that’s okay
trustee baxter i know you had a question yeah question my question is we rent out
vet stadium district facility are you saying that we are going to prohibit
smoking at that Stadium and I that were I think because we have outdoor you know
kinds of markets and great great loss law enforcement on the currently other okay we have a motion in a second vice
president otto did you have the discussion I just two things Madam
Secretary the motion was made by trustee untuk and I seconded that motion but I
will yield that second because of the amendment to it but I do want to add to
the discussion on that I just want to be clear student trustee Jones that the
consensus of the ASB is whatever the board decides because they’re split that
basically it’s gonna be whatever the board decides so if the board decides
that there’s to be no smoking no vaping on campus any campus facility then ASB
because they couldn’t come to a proper recommendation not not proper but
because it couldn’t come to a solid recommendation then whatever the board
decides ASB will support almost so AAS being had come to a compromise and may
be relocating the designated smoking areas however in light of the of the the
the smoke-free campus initiative that came down from the chancellor’s office
we were under the impression that our input was
moot on the sit on this issue so if the board that does continue with that then
we will comply with that what what if and I don’t I don’t know if we can do
this but because that stadium does serve as a public venue for the community for
swap meets and car shows and so many different things what if that stadium
during public rental times became exempt from the smoking policy the campus
itself you know where the current smoking area my my old classroom was
very close to the current smoking area and I could I could get the smoke into
my classroom and it was you know it was very unpleasant for students who didn’t
smoke so if we were to relocate or actually no because the Chancellor said
you know smoke-free facility but if Veterans Stadium when rented if we added
that clause when rented for public use football games swap meet and all that is
is that you know are we legally able to do that so I might just chime in because
I’ve been part of the smoke-free task force which has been chaired by Vice
President done I know that that was a discussion point that came up in terms
of and it was specifically around the flea market and other types of venues so
given that this is in response to revision of our board policy is in
response to the new smoke-free initiative by the chancellor’s office I
think people were many schools are still trying to unpack this and figure out how
it’s gonna be fully implemented so I think that’s an area that’s gonna
require some follow-up and we’re seeking clarification on but I know that that
was something that and I think bob was a part of those meetings as well that was
something that came up as a discussion item in terms of what the implications
would be and for that specific instance like that Stadium or any other venue
that where the campus facilities are used as public domain point of
information the the policy actually applies to the facilities so would be
inclusive of everyone including the students we’ve made that determination
it also included all tobacco I’d be vaping and dip as well okay so it
sounds like it’s already inclusive of us it doesn’t seem like we need to make any
modifications to it if it does and whatnot in the vaping then we don’t need
modifications the regulation which actually has the definitions and it does
include nicotine thank you including use of electronic devices and tobacco okay
it sounds like we don’t need to move this item let’s go ahead and vote on the
motion and second that’s on the on the table and essentially well vote on the
original motion unless we’re gonna make another substitute motion yet okay
you’re withdrawing your and then how about you you’re you were the one who
made the second substitute motion are you withdrawing
withdrawing your substitute motion to table vice president Alleluia
okay right but I think we need to have the second also dropped which it was you
you were going we are going to adopt her and not going to we’re going to adopt I
thought my original motion was to move to adopt yeah and then you seconded the
substitute motion do you have it madam secretary who was then the 1/2 table okay so let’s go
ahead and vote on the original trustee otto did you want to say something good
before okay let’s go ahead and move a vote on the original motion to adopt
this policy since it’s already there we just need to read more carefully or
document call for the vote Madam Secretary intact I am thank you Bob Raposa I I think it’s
a you know it’s the first time on the dais okay now we will move on to item
I’ve lost my train it’s a 9.1 I thought we already voted on this no we have not
voted on I’m quote one new board policy and administrative regulation 502 one
services to students with disabilities it’s the services not the policy so this
is the first reading we’ve received information in our docket are there any
questions comments from the board hearing none I’m going to move on to
item 9.2 this is on the preferred name policy preferred first name we have
received the information we deliberated on this and this is the first reading is
there any are there any questions comments hearing none I am going to move
on I’m sorry all the staffs work on the board support to move this item forward
I just wanted to ask on this draft did we did we compare this versus the long
beach state or the long beach unified policy draft or how do we decipher or
how do we come up with this it’s about a paragraph worth of language so I it was
not compared directly to Long Beach Unified or along B
State however in the process of the development of our process we review to
other schools other community colleges specifically we looked at language from
other community colleges as well as the UC systems had a both UC Davis and I
believe UC San Diego had language posted on their website so those were pretty
much the primary sources that were used in support of developing and adapting
language for our College anything else anyone okay great thank you we’re moving
on to item 10.1 academic senate president yeah we made it to you I think
it’s Decemberists month month four thank you and thinking everybody thinking the
board for approving the many many documents that were submitted but I also
want to thank Colin Williams he’s in the audience here an extra meetings in order
for the work to be done to be presented for you today so he is the co-chair of
the associate degree in general education wendy is she’s also in the
audience with the course eval subcommittee also carried out an extra
meeting to get all the courses approved that are were approved by the board
today and I want to thank Mike and the policy and standards our committee chair
Katherine McMurray who worked very very hard in updating the regulation 4002
that was just approve our just submitted to the board so I want to thank the work
from the faculty that is allowing the college to move forward I want to
congratulate all the students for completing another semester may be rough
but hopefully now it’s a halfway through the semester sorry so to the finals and
I want to wish all the students luck and hopefully they’ll sign up for the winter
quarter and I want to finalize by thanking the classified Senate and the
classified staff because this is the first semester that we are carrying and
I try chair many meetings with bingo and sundy from math and several
other classified that are now integral part in the decision-making of the
college so I want to thank the entire College thank you
Thank You Jorge item 10.2 classified Senate a president’s report any flurry
serious I will go ahead and thank people too then we only have about just a few
more committees that we are gonna be staffing with classified and I want to
thank all the classified who have stepped up to participate we’ve had
really great enthusiasm for being part of all of the shared governance
processes and it’s really exciting to be a part of it and that’s about all I just
want to wish everybody happy holidays and look forward to seeing you at the
cookie exchange be ready to sing that karaoke great thank you so much
classified Senate President okay Board of Trustees report trustee in
took thanks yes since our last meeting of attended a number of events there was
the Audit Committee that we had real trustee otto and I are on that we had a
opportunity to go in-depth and the financials and spent about an hour 15
minutes hour and a half with our auditors of presenting today to go
through page by page a section by section of those reports so that was a
very educational experience seeing how we we manage our books and looking at
the different bonds and where we are and how much more is to be spent that was a
really good session we had and we have a second Audit Committee meeting coming up
in the spring where we’ll get ready it’s kind of pre audit for next year’s audit
kind of the talking through the changes there were some general accounting
standard practice changes that happened this last year and so
we kind of it’s a it’s a committee of meets twice a year of pre audit and post
on it and so this meeting was the post audit before it came to the board I also
was able to participate to parades we had the Veterans parade in North Long
Beach had a really great turnout I know there was a number of us of other
trustees that were there we’ve really had a larger community conversation
about the Breton’s parade in North Long Beach and repurposed it over the last
two years of changing the route providing resources having open streets
fair several thousands of people attended our students were there from
our veteran services program staff was there so it was a really great I mean we
had airplanes flying over the firefighters hanging the big giant
American flag over Atlantic it was really a great great parade to be in
then we did we did have the Bell my Shore parade last week or we can have to
go or two Saturdays ago it was a nice event we had the carolers there were all
students who did a great job of singing and then this after the event I was able
to make it to the black college Expo which we had a table at that was at the
Convention Center downtown where we have all our the majority of the historically
black colleges and universities are here in Long Beach you know so we were we
were also able to take table and then talk about the new State Community
College measure where they have guaranteed transfer admission and they
were talking about students typically finish in two years once they transfer
so really thinking about another way or another pathway for students to get the
degree done quicker and then last week we attended the champions of a higher
education award ceremony dr. O’Malley and vice president von Luna and I down
in downtown LA we were recognized for our increased rates of associate degrees
for transfer which are have historically been recognized by CSU’s but are now
being recognized by UC so it gives students less units and guaranteed
admissions to both systems and so we were recognized out of a few other
colleges for it we have a nice banner I think that’s in dr. Reilly’s office and
a nice plaque a word that we have we received from the
college so those are the the events I attended this past between our last
board meeting and I just want to wish all of our students best of luck on
their finals this week and closing out the semester
I always remember try to get the highest GPA possible
I know finish strong I also want to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah happy holidays
and a Happy New Year we won’t see people probably till till January so I want you
to have a safe and memorable holiday time and thank you for all you do and
take some time off to rest and relax thank you everybody
Thank You trustee and trustee auto I will be brief for a very good reason and
that is that I have to be on a boat tomorrow morning at before 5:00 a.m. and
with Josh and so I’d also like to wish everybody happy holidays and all the
holidays at this time of year we’re working hard we’re going to Catalina to
talk to the school district and the mayor and I had a very good conversation
today with the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce that I’ll share tomorrow on the
boat on the way over there but and and and I’ve also got a subsequent report so
I’ll leave it at that now I’m sorry that was CEO of Chamber of Commerce that well
you you said okay great thank you trustee auto vice president mallalieu
okay thank you this has been a very very busy month it’s it’s always like that
May and June November December of every year especially with you are involved in
academia I did have the the fun opportunity to participate in the
Belmont Shore parade at the Daisy Lane parade which ran through my district I
would like to personally thank trustee otto as long as I’ve been on the board
he has never missed the Daisy Lane parade and he walks the entire parade
route and if you know anything about my district you know how much fun that can
be especially when we have horses in the parade and often times our parade
placement is behind the horses so trustee otto you are the real MVP thank
you for for always representing the college throughout the city is that a
scoop I noticed I paused because I always have a witty comeback so I gave
you an opportunity to say something I also got to attend the Long Beach City
College Foundation Board of Governors meeting Thursday early Thursday morning
and close the evening out with the Board of Governors holiday party electricity
untuk said President Roh moly vice president Munoz trustee untuk and I
attended last week the college of opportunity the campaign for college
opportunity excuse me event and personally it was neat for me because
not only did lbcc get recognized but also my two alma mater Cal State
Northridge and Cal State Dominguez Hills for their transfer so I was really proud
because it was like a three and one for me I also attended the event at the
Bistro with the Port of Long Beach and we were able to host the port here and
talk about the college promise 2.0 and some of the opportunities that were
doing with students the state of the city event in Long Beach I’m sorry state
of the county I did attend the state of the county port of La version and then
because of my work and then now you know I you can ask me anything about the
county I can tell you I almost went to the one in Diamond Bar and I would oh
yeah no and then I would also like to just share a photo there if my room
would please this past Friday one of the things that
I enjoy doing in the community is serving as a mentor at Cabrillo High
School Cabrillo is in my district and this past Friday we had an opportunity
to meet with and represent students throughout
from from Cabrillo High School who were there and what was neat is when we were
all introducing each other I I wasn’t paying attention because I was so
engaged in the 12 mentees that I have I partnered with Elizabeth Warren who was
a former CEO of future ports and I was so happy to see Dana Freese
Veronica Rodriguez Alejandra Lopez and the Karen Faulkner who were and I hope I
didn’t leave anybody out there who were all also serving as mentors and they’re
all Long Beach City College staff and a former student so we have so much to be
proud of to have a staff that takes time out of their workday to go out into the
community that we represent to mentor our students and I was super duper proud
to be in the same place with these ladies and it wasn’t planned at all it
was just kind of a fluke and before before I close I want to wish everybody
whatever faith you know we that’s the beauty of America everybody has their
own faith in their own belief and we all celebrate seasons and events and
milestones differently but whatever your faith is my family celebrates Christmas
but I understand that not everybody celebrates Christmas but just a really
joyous happy year and happy and healthy and safe and that we come back in 2019
strong refreshed renewed ready to go again good luck to our students thank
you to our faculty and staff and I would like to close with this photo you know
it’s a it’s not because of budget cuts that only the Viking is a little thinner
perhaps he’s shrunk a little bit I know that we are used to a more masculine
robust Oly that is my 13 year old son who kind of pinched hid at the Daisy
Lane parade and he said he had a good time now that’s my family there and then
you know my new son Olli the Viking so thank you with that and I’d like to end
and just wish everybody really a great year end thank you very much for all
that you do trustee Baxter yes thank you trustee my lilulu Jordan can sign up to
be Olli in just a few more years so tell him to keep on auditioning because that
will add to his resume I would just like to report on things that I’ve done I
attended the Beverly O’Neill Leadership Conference and former mayor and former
superintendent president O’Neill is always an inspiration everybody and then
afterward there was a breakout session in which members of leadership Long
Beach had different occupations and no one took government so I took government
and I had a number of people talk about running for office and and I hope they
learn more about what it takes to run for office and how they can run for
office I also attended the state of the county luncheon the Janice on pradhan
and/or the Chamber of Commerce put on featuring Janice Hahn and salute our
superintendent president who gave the Pledge of Allegiance I also attended the
president’s partner’s reception which was in the bistro in which President Roh
Malley spoke and also executive director Liz McCann
I attended the Phi Theta Kappa installation they had more students a
Phi Beta Kappa Z one of the Honor one of the two honorary societies that lbcc and
they had more students installed than ever before look like about a hundred
from their program and I want to salute their advisor Michelle paycheque who did
a beautiful job with that I also attended the rotary scholarship
committee at which the members of the rotary know that I am partial lbcc and
make sure that the lbcc is always forefront in their minds and they will
be coming on campus and made to make a check presentation and the rotary does
wonderful things for Long Beach City College I also attended the foundation
Holly buffet at which again I want to thank
McCann she suggested that the governor’s bring in toiletries that are going to
benefit our students toiletries and non-perishable food and I have not
gotten a count on how much they collected but it looked like a very
goodly amount we’ll be taking that to be distributed to our homeless students
president Zia and I attended Compton college and I will get that report under
10.4 there was a conference on community college homelessness students I also
attended the personnel Commission meeting was that last night yes last
night Janine McDonald ball was reinstalled as
a member of the personnel Commission Janine is an outstanding alumnus a
former student of mine and I also want to congratulate Dick Gaylord who was
elected president of the chair of the personnel Commission I also attended the
I why would I write this down but I guess I did lbcc a homeless committee
meeting and our fundraiser which we’re still getting money coming in so that’s
great and then presidency I would like to ask that we adjourn the meeting when
we get to that point in memory of Rosie Peterson Rosie
Peterson’s funeral was today and Rosie was a member of the Foundation Board of
Governors but not only that she was an outstanding administrator in the Long
Beach Unified School District and dedicated her life to educating students
both in the Unified and at Long Beach City College have done a number of
foundation committees and this is a very sad note because she was battling cancer
and was getting better and then unfortunately had other health
complications so if we could do that I would appreciate that and I also extend
my wishes for a wonderful holiday season to everybody
and thank you to our faculty step we’re working so hard
and I hope you enjoy your time off and also to our wonderful students who are
going through finals right now and we thank you trustee baxter i’ll also
attempt to be brief it was my first year I’m kind of disheartened that I didn’t
make it into the mallet Lulu delegation picture with the rest of us that the
superintendent president dr. Molly and I was our first Daisy Lane parade and I’ve
never had this much fun of course after the MLK parade but while you guys were
walking we may have not worked as hard walking but we were working it and that
flow and I I couldn’t I thought I have energy and there’s a myth that I’m very
an energetic would next to Jeff Wood and Josh Castellanos and superintendent
president Andrew Molly and even Jerome was working while taking pictures I mean
we put everybody to work I think hopefully our enrollment will go up it
was an absolutely fantastic parade I went to most of the events to mention by
trustee baxter stand but so I’m not going to reiterate that but I wanted to
mention I fail to do this in the personal Commission report but there was
an acknowledgment of outstanding colleagues and I wanted to congratulate
them Laura rent Ella Jerome Thomas who we’ve seen firsthand
and every event and Jimmy flowers congratulations for your employee of the
year and outstanding colleagues recognition colleagues recognition I too
have a report on my board travel to Compton I also wanted to mention that I
received a letter from one of our alumni that I’m going to pass up a pass to our
foundation directions this is such a nice letter from an older alumni that is
in San Diego stays being publicly honored
he received his MPA degree later on same as roger camp
and he has a PhD as well and this is a no he wrote to me which was really
touching I was just recognized by the school that
awarded me my MPA degree that and like I said he also has a PhD the real
foundation for my educational achievements goes to lbcc my a a degree
provided me with the foundation for my educational success
just for your information Roger and I want to thank him for sending this will
lovely note to me as the president of the board and I wanted to recognize that
and hopefully he can be a donor for our foundation and support our homeless
students and our College promise the foundation arm or is it associate group
with that I will move on to item ten point four the board travel so who wants
to go first I is it if it’s okay with everyone I’m going to give it to trustee
otto since he’s on a time did you want to would you are you are you going first
trustee otto would you like to it looks like you are I attended the community
college League of California conference in in the desert a couple of weeks ago
and did a number of sessions that were really relevant to what it is that we’re
doing here one on the new reality of rising pension costs another one on how
we’re doing improving board CEO performance through effective evaluation
and a bunch of other ones that I I won’t talk about except for one that I really
do want to talk about and Jerome if you’re back there can we put up the
slide I think he’s asleep there we go it’s up so I I attended a
session on data powered persistence building a research driven marketing and
retention strategy this was put on by Chancellor Francisco Rodriguez and the
president of a company called interact and basically what they said was you
know the problem isn’t really recruitment we get a bunch of
applications it’s just retaining him and figuring out
ways to get him enrolled and through the semester and they manelli community
college district hired interact to do this and and they and they developed a
very sophisticated program the slide that is up there and I’ve passed them
down to all of the board members at least they’re a few a few other extra
ones this is the recruitment retention and completion it’s called the
enrollment pipeline but this kind of takes you through all the things that
happen and you can call a lot of these places exit points where you can start
but then you don’t finish for whatever reasons we all know that the problem at
Community College’s is not that our tuitions to I or that we’re not promised
but in the middle of the semester you you have a baby or your car breaks down
or you have to work overtime or any number of other things can happen that
keep you from completing and so what they did with this strategy this kind of
snake strategy was say okay here are all the places where where things happen
that you need to be aware of and then they develop strategies around keeping
people enrolled and it was a very effective presentation I talked to both
Chancellor Rodriguez who I know and have known for a long time and the woman who
was the president of interact afterwards and was able to get copies or to get a
copy of this of this enrollment pipeline and super Canada President Roh Molly was
there as well and she was impressed as well and so yesterday when I called
interact to talk to Cheryl bloom who was the president I said gee we were where
III president O’Malley told me that she was interested in this and she said yeah
I talked to her or talked to it talked to Josh just a couple of days ago and
we’re starting to have conversations about maybe we could do something like
this as well and just like the the presentations that we had earlier today
it isn’t necessarily the way we used to think about things it’s not just a
matter of here they are let’s let’s try and educate them you know we no longer
have a cafeteria style of school where you just take one of these and one of
these we need the seats we’re not getting the money that we need to be
successful and as successful as we would want to be I should say and so
developing strategies along the way to help our students figure out what
they’re doing and how to complete and get these good jobs that were has become
a real goal of ours is is very very important so I wanted each of the
trustees to have a copy of this enrollment pipeline we’ve got I had
Jerome put it up I think it was a very effective presentation and we’ll see
what happens from here that’s my report following up on trustee travel I also
attended the same conference the California League of community colleges
annual conference in Rancho Mirage I just attended for one day on Friday the
16th but it was a very action-packed and full day I was able to make it to
success back in August I signed up for the
excellence and trusty program so I was able to get six hours of credit towards
that I also met the staff member who coordinates it statewide so we have each
other’s email and phone number so she’s gave me a couple of hints on how to
finish faster so trusty Molly watch out I’m coming for your record but I
attended a session on kind of a summary of the California midterms and how
that’s gonna impact state legislation and the new governorship and what are
some of the things that to expect in Community College coming in the next
year looking forward to the January budget announcement and that there’ll be
a January conference in Sacramento for the league will be very important
because that’s really going to be the first time that we have any insight into
what the new supermajorities and what the new governorship is going to be
looking at we had a deep dive on the student centered funding formula that we
we talked about here today but from a state perspective I got to have lunch
with one of our business partners George claw was recognized as the 2018
Distinguished Alumni Award statewide and so that was a really nice
presentation and they rose to highlight his record and and you know growing up
in East LA to becoming a business owner and having really a you know making a
lot of impact I attended the there’s an african-american trustee Association
statewide they had that there they meet twice a year at these annual meetings
and so I was able to attend their second meeting and I have I have some handouts
from that for my for the trustees I got copies of we talked about the state of
black immigrants a lot of times immigration you know we think of as only
impacts the Latino community but it’s went through the Caribbean and African
immigrants and the importance of daca and they you know and I think my
father’s from from West Africa Nigeria at one point he was an undocumented
immigrant his green card expired and he lost his passport and if he crossed the
border to Tijuana he wouldn’t be able to come back you know and so it’s a very
broad-based issue so I do have copies for everybody of the state of black
immigrants and because I gonna have a lot of reading time this
holiday season I also was able to attend a really interesting session on open
education resources oer talking about the statewide efforts I know we do have
some efforts happening here on campus about digital textbooks and and free
content and materials for students so I thought I have there’s a PowerPoint we
can share that we did we talked about the HBCU transfer new state policy that
whenever we run around somebody I attended one day on my registration was
about six hundred seventy-five dollars I four hours two hours there two hours
back but no travel gas mileage submitted or no flight but I do have a copy of the
league’s highlights for each of the other trustees and this is really great
if your end of the year all the state legislation that passed and summarized
the related to community colleges about the conference’s that happened this past
year at the federal level federal changes that happen the community
college that’s it’s a really action-packed summary there’s one for
each of you but so it was a really really great event
I’m I gained a lot from it and I wanted to just give a travel update from that
event great report trustee antic trustee mallalieu do you know I’m sorry trustee
baxter sorry vice president moly yeah you sure do okay last Friday president
Zia and I attended the a homeless student conference it was called the
real number one one four one fourteen housing and food insecurities conference
and it was held at Compton college and I the the featured speaker the keynote
speaker who was fantastic and I’m not going to talk so much about her but dr.
Sarah goldrich Rob who is the national studies on food insecurity and housing
insecurity at community colleges but I just wanted to talk about a couple of
key things some of which I knew and other things which were very revealing
and one of the things that was brought up is that community college financial
aid needs to be reconfigured and this is true when I worked on my doctorate this
so this is 1983 I did an analysis of community college financial aid Cal
State and UC and our financial aid is based on the assumption that students
are 18 years old and they live with their parents which is not true across
the board in California it also assumes a parent contribution which is not true
because most of our students the parents cannot contribute to their education but
this is the thing that blew me away and I and I knew that very few community
colleges students received a Cal Grant only 7% of Cal grants go to community
college students and the reason is the Cal Grant is based on tuition and of
course our tuition is level and so one of the things that I think we need to
work on and I’ll talk about that in a second is either changing the Cal Grant
or making some kind of a revision because it’s right just right off the
board and I know you guys down there but I I knew it was low but I didn’t know
why it was low and then this our keynote did several surveys across the board and
there’s a very very high rate of food and housing insecurity nationwide and
then it was how can community colleges help set up food pantries clothing
closets and aid and I thought this was a great idea and I wished your name were
here so somebody has to talk tell janae or Kirsten or watch the show watch this
show watch this meeting sorry anyway the idea was to share what information there
is on our campus in your syllabus because every single teacher has a
syllabus Oh Wendy you can report on this now now you gotta listen to me every
single teacher has to provide a syllabus so if if we could get the faculty to put
in the syllabus if you have food or how or some kind of financial situation go
to such and such and such and I’ll give it to you later but one of the places
they can go is the the committee that president Xia and I have set up and I
thought what a great way to reach all students because even though we do talk
about it and presidency and particularly talks about it on the days most of our
students don’t know that there is help for them and that we come from a very
generous community and people who want to help then they’ve also brought up
that in Tacoma Washington and we have to talk to supervisor Han about this they
have saved 25 section 8 vouchers specifically for community college
students and this is a problem our students if they try to get a section 8
voucher there’s no openings there’s no availability but the fact that the City
of Tacoma would set aside 25 section 8 vouchers I thought was great the other
thing that came out of this conference is that unions are classified and
certificated unions and student groups should be involved in helping the
homeless and I thought that was very very good and then Compton college
itself is planned in the planning stages of providing student housing also and I
thought this was really interesting southwestern Community College their
architecture teacher was there and they’re looking at building tiny houses
in parking lots so a tiny house is the size of a parking space which would be
contained with with a bed and a desk and a bathroom all on the size of a parking
space I thought that was good then Vice Chancellor Daisy Gonzalez spoke about
that she is proposing to the legislature that they add 1.5 billion for Cal grants
specifically for community college students that are not based on and the
tuition situation and that’s what I have and thank you for sending me
it was a great day and I learned a lot and met a lot of nice people
Thank You president the trustee Baxter I’ll try to compliment what wasn’t
covered earlier so by you you did a fantastic job you’re asked to write the
keynote speaker Sarah Golda crab she’s a professor of higher education of policy
and sociology in Temple University Philadelphia she’s also the founder of
the Hope Center for college community and justice in Philadelphia in Wisconsin
and she published the bestseller a book that I wanted to just share with all my
colleagues of the public and I know a trustee otto you’re a big book fan but
it’s called paying the price college cost financial aid and the betrayal of
the American Dream and have you already read it trustee otto there’s usually
you’ve usually read most books but I just wanted to recommend this book I
started in the Pell grants section just to understand better her points about
Pell grants and how it’s failing our students in the community college system
and how it can be better you retooled her presentation was just absolutely so
enthralling and phenomenal some some nuggets from our presentation and that I
think you had shared trustee Baxter but I want to just perhaps reiterate as the
that only 7% of Cal Grant money goes to community colleges versus private
colleges who charge more since it’s tied to the amount of tuition charged that
was eye-opening and and she mentioned that about seventy five percent of
American families are struggling and stuck in the gray middle that don’t
qualify for Pell grants also the couchsurfing accounts for 50% of the
housing insecurity in the country but is not counted in the homelessness
statistics and within the last year they just did a
survey and this is as current as last 30 days out of 33,000 students 70 community
colleges 24 states surveyed 56% experienced food insecurity 51% housing
insecurity 14% homelessness and again these are as of last 30 days and she
also this is what I love about her she’s very keen on evidence-based research and
statistics and she shared that the homelessness issue is prevalent and this
is a beginner but in the last 12 months is the data that she had it’s 16% in
their survey that they did in the black and LBGT community so intersectional ISM
8% within the white and I’ll be ggq community black non lbgtq 7% and white
non lbgtq 7% former foster youth 24% and how recipients 15% veterans 14% and
parents 14% who are in community college programs she recommended we look at
Amarillo College in the Panhandle and she mentioned that look this it’s a very
red country and but they looked at it not from a sense of you know the
bleeding horse that we are in California but economic efficiency it’s more
economically efficient for them and they started looking at building housing but
these are some examples that I want are for as a point of information for our
staff to research if if you like and colleagues
she also manager to partner with dentists you know that’s the number one
driver for a lot of the issues that these students when it comes to their
health and like taking care of our students from a holistic standpoint food
banks rapid rehousing agencies social workers in fact she said hire them in
student affairs like trustee Baxter mentioned getting the information out
there to the students is very important I know vice president mallalieu
has mentioned this before we do need to get the message out to the students a
little bit more directly so she mentioned syllabi fat partnering with
faculty but also email and text so that was fantastic and just by making it into
the syllabi it was about 50% increase in the response to the needs of our
students to their students sharing data sharing stories humanizing these
stigmatizing giving them Mike as often as possible to our students who feel
comfortable sharing about it and creating a culture of care and
compassion she also recommended that we watch for
the new Government Accountability Office Gao s report expected to come out on
January 7th and this is for the first time they will report on students facing
food and housing insecurity so the pressure has worked and also to Governor
Brown’s report on hunger free campuses apparently there is a report and then
she really was a big advocate for an emergency fund and I want to give kudos
to trustee Baxter she’s been pressing for that we really need to do that have
an emergency fund and and her advice was don’t operate it like financial aid it
has to be Swift advise students to use their Pell grants and community colleges
rather than waiting to transfer since we pay for it as taxpayers but it’s not
being brought to communities that and that’s what she again as I mentioned
earlier in the meeting today she’s a big proponent the promise program that helps
with that it catches all those students a couple of other examples she mentioned
Chafee there was a Chaffey college there that partners with goodwill and goodwill
hires the homeless students her Hope Center the Hope Center she’s found it
also monitors statistics on the section 8 housing and expanded voucher program
at Tacoma College so we may want to consider looking at those and seeing how
they’re doing it’s amazing and statistics and explore interim measures
such as opening up our parking lots and for safe parking spaces not sanctioning
or students or having them leave the
parking cuz that’s a safe space and perhaps with our law enforcement we can
look at that and if it’s the desire of the board we can provide that kind of
safety net and then they also mentioned to use gems to allow cots to be placed
until we get housing importance of ASB so to our student groups you know this
is an example she brought up Bunker Hill College ASB in Boston took the the
fraction of dollars that they get and funded their food pantry they raised
$50,000 for their student emergency fund so it was a student’s for students
initiative one of the students actually went and lived in his car and gave his
allowance for this fun and I know that’s extreme measure his name is Lois K as
the reference she gave and just to experience what it’s like for other
students to be living and through housing and security and he gave the
Supplemental funds to the ASB for that purpose to help with students and then
when looking at housing looking at added from families in mind since most of our
students have families and not really stepping over that referred to the
family scholar house scholar house in Louisville Kentucky they leverage HUD
housing and made it kid-friendly and made it holistic so all in all it was an
amazing amazing opportunity the first part was fantastic the second part on
housing at Compton I was far less exciting because you didn’t know how
much it’s going to cost so the jury’s out on that but the first part I think
we can really use some of these statistics to benefit our students and
learn and use some best practices and that’s all I have for my report and I
apologize if it was a lengthier than usual but it was pretty good statistics
that I want you guys to be aware of Trustee committee reports I don’t
believe we have a name so with yeah which okay 11.1 and this is item
this is item that we had I had mentioned last time around and it’s a for future
board items that has been requested by board members individually so the intent
is that we go ahead and sunshine these I know there’s a policy that we have an
abbreviation that the board president chooses and agenda items but I think
that I want I don’t agree with that policy and past practice and I wanted to
sunshine this for the entire board so collectively we decide which ones we
want to go forward with and then also give the opportunity to superintendent
president to provide her recommendations and an opportunity to give us the best
roadmap forward so with that I want to turn it to superintendent president
ramallah up before I do yes trustee Baxter okay go ahead why don’t you go
first trustee baxter faculty and i did not realize that the impact of our
decision on board travel and that across the board the classified the faculty and
the administration have all taken a cut on the travel budget and i feel that we
should be it should be looked into that we should be as likely as the other
three groups to take a cut on board travel we did not take a cut and i know
that this has been passed and somebody can tell me that I’m out of order but
that’s okay but I would like us to consider re
looking at board our allocation for board travel okay if I understand you
correctly just a bastard you’d like to bring back the board travel budget to
the table okay so we’ll add that to the just as superintendent president dr.
Ramallah the floor is yours I’m getting a little rusty by the end of
this night I’m making tripping over myself go ahead explanation for ole’s
trim build and that would be the cut in the food budget food budget 25% so I
think that might might explain a Lay’s new build Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah
and Happy Holidays everyone they’re 21 holidays celebrated at this time of year
so that’s exciting we wanted to make sure that we’re
adhering to board policy and also adhere to accreditation standards and in the
ACCJC standards it says that no one board member can give the superintendent
instruction without the concurrence of at least the majority of the board so
what I wanted to do is make sure that I wasn’t you know doing one thing here and
one thing here and one thing here so that you all felt like you were bought
into the priorities that we do so that it’s a team effort and so to that and we
want to sunshine all of the requests so I made a handy-dandy list and I
alphabetized it so you could see your items with just a brief brief update
generally when it was requested who requested it what the request wasn’t
kind of a general do we have this yes it was part of the docket and attachment
you just have to click on the attachment and the board Docs attachment board Docs thank you so I definitely want to give
give it to you guys so you guys can look at it look through it see if I if I
accurately reflected your request and what I did is I took a first stab at
prioritizing it and gave it a one two three priority the ones that I gave a
priority one was it’s mandated by law we’ve got to do it for credit Asian
Health Safety it adheres to principles of kindness and civility it leads to
strong fiscal health has provable research outcomes in success and percent
Perce persistence transfer and completion or it drives the college’s
funding formula 482 is measures that drive enrollment but they don’t
necessarily we have approval full success yet or we
think that they’re gonna be successful but we don’t necessarily have research
to support that and priority three is it’s simply not mandated to drive the
student success measures so what I want to do is sunshine this for for your for
your pleasure and make sure that you are in agreement or if make sure I’ve
reflected it correctly but I also want to toss something in your head for
consideration and it’s not necessarily something that you have to answer
tonight rather than perhaps think about and consider and digest it is my deepest
wish to make you very happy and complete all of these tasks and you’ll be very
happy with your superintendent however I also have a task list for my other job
which is to be the president and if I do all of this you’re gonna be very happy
with your superintendent and very displeased with your president
so my pleasure is to find a balance in these two to make sure that the board
requests that I prioritize are the ones that drive the student success outcome
measures so I want for your consideration to think about
prioritizing this board request list and I’d like to consider you to consider
prioritizing the items that fulfill these three things that I’m thinking
rise to the top but please do feel free to disagree with me these all lead to
funding for him the first one would be things that feed the funding formula and
drive up those measures and of course all of the student success measures go
along with that this the transfer and completion and attainment number two I
think that we ought to prioritize things that close the equity gap which of
course includes kindness and civility to all populations and the third thing I
think we need to prioritize is the CTE that leads to the bit lead to the jobs
economy so I put that out there for discussion
you can either discuss it now I’m happy to answer questions or you can digest it
and think about it and we can talk about it again in January whatever your
pleasure trustees comments questions opinions are you finished superintendent
president did you want to talk about your project was or should I receive it
wanted to just let you know on this project
list these are all high priority because they align with our enrollment
management plan they align with our strategic plan they contribute to a
strong fiscal position they comply with the state federal and accreditation
requirements and they contribute to a safe and healthy college environment and
contribute to a culture of civility so what I need to make sure that I’m doing
and I can always use your help and advice with this how do i balance the
two what is your pleasure and so I leave that for your discussion ok trustees
questions comments this is ten pages of requests that have been given to the
superintendent president and I just wanted to make sure you guys are all
aware of it collectively as a body so it doesn’t come across that I’m filtering
any but any requests and that we discuss and deliberate and perhaps for your
consideration and as a suggestion we can pick top like you said your support your
recommendation of focusing on top three areas and then agenda icing accordingly
is that my understanding may be an end result would be for you to ask questions
that you have tonight give me things that you’re thinking and then once we
agree on what some of those one two and three priorities should be if you agree
or disagree with my my assessment of the top three priorities I can bring it back
to you in a suggested priority order based on that and see what you think
trustees comments what are you vice president mallalieu I I hope that my
requests have been you know not too burdensome I don’t think I’ve had too
many I think I’ve only had a couple I think I’ve had two since you’ve been
here and there were the same two that we’re here with our previous
superintendent president about student communication right so I think you’re
doing a fine job and I think that speaking personally I think that the
majority of the issues that we need to address as a college get addressed
eventually without having to put the burden of a timeline or
line or the stress you know running a such a large institution and then having
to micromanage or have excuse me having to be micromanaged but you know I
understand that you know some things do need to happen and run their course so
just I think you’re doing fine and I know eventually things will get done and
just the priority for me would be for you to serve the college and serve the
students and the faculty and staff and then serving the board with our request
would probably be secondary as long as they’re in response to the day-to-day
operations if they’re happening anyway Oh interesting took I think this is
great summary I know we’ve we’ve heard about the
elusive list good to see plus the other list of institutional items are working
on and then there’s some overlap between the two but it’s good to see them all
together and my I also like the prioritization and then thinking about
the timeframe that it may be a mid-level priority and it could be a 2019 2020
item I know in my role with the city of Los Angeles when the council introduces
items it has a two year life during that two-year legislative window where
there’s no elections and everyone’s gonna be on the council together that it
gives time it takes pressure off of you know this is next month or you know by
May it needs to be done that way I think the timing along with the prioritization
we go through the budget process Budget and Finance gives everybody everything
in a and a B you know a is a you know a high priority you know me you can even
do it for subsection if you have primary area one two and three he made something
a one A to B you know that way kind of filter through and I think there’s a
board level understanding because some of the things overlap like there’s a
housing thing that I had put on when we spoke in summertime which is the same
thing I think trustee baxter and and and Xia are also interested in so
maybe looking at things that we can consolidate and think collectively
what’s the right timeframe for that type of item I think it’s good but this is a
good first start yeah maybe you know request item to prioritize that’s very I
think this is I was trying not to introduce an agenda item to be very
helpful and it’s a living document I would say I can bring it as often as
every meeting or I can keep you know as often as needed to continue to sunshine
it to continue to give you updates because I also want to make you aware
that your requests are moving and what’s going on with them but it makes me feel
much more comfortable when you said about the two-year so I’m I’m feeling
much better right now thank you very much
I think it’s already prioritized though you have a priority rubric so okay see
equity gap the funding formula and the CTE okay you know I I would support that
with your big context and goal of funding formula close equity gap and CTE
jobs economy in mind and then we prioritize based on that I’m okay with
that I don’t know about the rest of the board are you guys okay with that
recommendation of superintendent president dr. Molly – how about you
trustee auto okay do you have any anybody else the trustee auto do you
have anything to add to this item before I move on anybody else oh I’m so sorry
trustee Jones you’ve been patiently waiting this is a pretty long list here
I had no idea that the less I got in this long I am grateful to see the two
items that I requested did make the list thank you very much and I just wanted to
kind of clarify one of the ones that are on here that I requested I believe I may
not have been clear when requesting it regarding the OE are
mm-hmm I request my my I guess request was more to look into not so much the
the textbook option for students but as far as figuring out what the progress is
on implementing a or appointing a coordinator for that position question
is what is the progress on appointing a coordinator okay great thank you I
appreciate that clarification it’s a really good start so we see where we are
on things and how we can prioritize do we have any status did we name anybody
yet yeah I can address that Melvin Cobb who had been our coordinator
resigned because he wanted to go back to the classroom because we had lost five
full time cost faculty members so we did provide a stipend to an English faculty
member listen Marie Ann it’s on the consent agenda for today thank you thank
you and so she’s gonna work until the end of the semester in a little bit over
winter and then we flew the position again it has to be advertised to the
faculty for ten days it is out there right now and we are hoping to hire as
quickly as possible we understand how urgent it is thank you you’re welcome
okay so just to recap we’re going to study this as board members and then
come back next board meeting right and tell you which ones we want to
prioritize that I hear that correctly and then perhaps to two or three that
are short-term or within this year and then more long-lead items and assign
timeline okay I hope this was beneficial for everyone and I hope we appreciated
the sun shining of all the to-do lists for the superintendent president thank
you dr. O’Malley for your hard work and efforts on this I know this
it’s been quite quite a feat for you to accomplish and we appreciate you
item 12.1 public comments I don’t think I non-agenda items I don’t think I
received anything we’ll assume there is no second closed session actually I’m
not going to assume a set of a Madam Secretary we didn’t receive any speaker
cards right okay all right item four point fourteen point eleven the next
regular meeting of the board is going to be on January 23rd 2019 and is going to
be at the PCC campus yeah yes it is Wednesday we made the
Wednesday cut we had consensus yay okay at the pcc campus q q a 112 closed
session at 4:30 and open session at 5:30 thank you trustee in tech for reminding
us that it will be on Wednesday not Tuesday and what I like to adjourn the
this evenings meeting an honor of Rosie Patterson and perhaps a moment of
silence thank you this meeting is adjourned