thank you i will i will get my very
brief report congratulations to everyone first day for a new board and exciting
congratulations to again to superintendent president oakley
something that really has not happened we’re a city and superintendent
president that really is in the middle of his career for lack of a better term
I don’t know where you are in your career but i’m going to jet printer
phrase it that way you may be thinking about retiring now
but traditionally that position is where you have a a an individual that is at
the end of their their career and they go there for a few years so that in
itself just the appointment is is a unique and so we wish I wish obviously let all the best on that to my
to my colleagues thank you all very much for the first meeting I would just
suggest as we move forward and it’s going to happen over time and we had
this in the workshop it does take some time but as we understand better how we
can work on items at the same time the understanding policies and procedures so
you do not get in trouble when i was in the back about making making motions so
I hopefully I’ll help guide all of us when we do that when emotions made that
really is something that probably should not be made at that point in time and I
just the hole and put the whole point of that is I’m hoping I’m trying to help
everyone make this meaning run run in a way that only legal but also just more
efficiency so if you hear me talk about point of order essentially that’s what it is for trying
to follow the best we can certain governing bodies will have actually an
attorney sitting there it’s an expensive process but I’ve seen
that happening in certain situations as well I don’t think we need that but as we move forward as you make
motions or think things through because again the reason I’m saying this is
because as our Board presidents going to find out very quickly is that we have a
very full agenda that’s going to be coming forth is going to demand a lot of
our time attention on other items as well
starting with this entire process of finding a new CEO my understanding
that’s going to be agendize somewhere in our call somewhere in our August meeting
which is going to take some time as well so just things as we want to move
forward we want to make positive changes and always move forward for the college
and i look forward to it so I just want to make that a little bit of a just
disclaimer when I said when I pipeline is because what I’m hearing and I know that it can potentially get
you in trouble if you’re not careful and when I say you not individual I mean us
as a board so well done everyone and look forward to moving forward with
each and every one of you thank you thank you don’t you’re back yeah I trust
the atom from the we’ve we’ve talked about in passing a couple of times to
the need for a retreat to talk about the transition and my recommendation is that
tonight we set the date for that while everybody’s here and we can sort of
figure out what what what might be available I’m going to suggest maybe the sixteenth
of august which is a tuesday if that if people are available on that date we don’t have a meeting and and we the
sixteenth of august she too will be here so we do this
button no no we left we want to try and set it
now because we’re not going to be here and so let’s so let’s find out when
people are available and and try and go ahead the if that doesn’t work how about the the week before that how
about the 9 i’m only available on the 26 of august yet on i am not available on other dates other
than friday August 26 I don’t have any time off remaining at work so i can’t
take time off unless you want me to take time off without pay just the auto and that’s not gonna work
for me and I i well we which is 26 yeah so there’s no time to do it on that
so well we can schedule it on another day then so I mean I would really like to see it
during the second week to give a little time for preparation for this for the
staff that would be the week of well it’s the week of the 15 sometime during
that we trust him LOL ooh you got any time then the 15th week of the 15th what if we did it on pardon oh so it should does your husband know
you’re going on her down oh well what about the 19 yeah okay how about ok we’re going to
try and do it on friday the 19 is I can’t doing in any of those dates I’m so
you need you can’t do any dates in august anderson except for the 26 which
is college day right yeah okay I can’t we do it on the 26 because it’s college the 26 his college
days so the entire staff and faculty are meeting separately I’m so trusting me like are you
available on that date with Shay 19 I know I am it ok did you have another suggestion is I can
do September nine that’s the next one is there everything
yeah I know where do that well and and where we got to get moving on this you
guys so I’m going to recommend that we do it on the nineteenth of friday the 19
and that will give us an adequate time to prepare and and before what’s the date of the board meeting on
in in the 23rd at 23 yeah that would be great that would be
good time in 22 pardon oh that’s why i suggested having
a separate meeting conversation I’m sorry what we the college is closed
on fridays that doesn’t mean we can’t have the meeting right we can call the appropriate staff and
change their day off that week if need be mm you pardon Jackie but but you you only decided that
tonight so I trustee auto for the meeting that you’re planning are you
planning a traditional evening meeting know this isn’t it didn’t being
generated it’s a special meeting it’s a retreat we
have a retreat at least annually we really need to need to get going on
this transition process and exactly how we’re gonna do it so i was trying to to
to do the best I could to accommodate people to do that so let it then let’s test it let’s
schedule it for the nineteen ninety em I’m sorry it’s sorry to interrupt you if I if I
may are we in a hurry to do that because i don’t guess it’s better to have a
meeting if she was not a week we’re really really in a hurry to do this
because it’s very important I mean right now it’s a month it’s in
essence a month from now on way too wasted month when we have a lot to do on
said there’s a lot of steps that need to be taken to do with this transition and
I’m nervous and putting it off till the 19th but if that’s a day that everybody
can do it in the college can accommodate us what accept what you can’t do it any day
in the month of August so I mean what kind of blood that’s not what you have to work for you
but it can wait it does it’s not that doesn’t work for me it’s college day it
doesn’t worry anybody but you’re staring with that I can’t do any day in August
and I said that’s not the correct I can do it on august one why don’t you
ask your your employer if you could trade a day off for a little while later
to get the day off on the 19 okay can we can so can i address the
auto trustee kellogg once ok if it’s just I mean trying to
schedule here it would i it’s always a challenge I mean you asked the question but I
don’t we have to get an actual date right here and now it sounds like it’s
going to be a while we go back and forth obviously it’s important now that I
understand the retreat is main focus i’m assuming is going to be the agenda for
the process to be developed for the hiring of new CEO I don’t know there’s any other items we
want to know what we’ve got it we’ve also got to set our goals that’s that’s important too so so if you
don’t want to make the decision to the best of our ability tonight and want to
give it to the to the staff to make that decision I guess that’s okay but I feel extremely
strongly that it needs to get moving and it needs to get moving as soon as possible and what their needs
to be opportunities for board employed firstly I don’t want it be so horrible
to suggest a saturday I don’t a certain person who was not
well probably a lot of people in like it but what about saturday the absolutely how about saturday the 13 that I mean we
can certainly look into that remember we’d have to call staff the
media staff and I don’t know for sure if we have them on saturday but we can
certainly look at that day and figure out how if we can get them here mhm ok I’m sorry nice good question in
the invite my memory is not doing well but in the
past on board goals I originally thought we were going to
generalize this that our next traditionally held board meeting which
is the 23rd to talk about the process for the CEO that was just my assumption only so I
mean can you also get so my question is can we put this agendize for the next
board meeting 20 then you put it put off anything for
the next I think what a trustee auto was trying
to do is have some kind of framework to talk about at the next board of trustees
meeting right which is that if we could do the 13 that would be great i’m i i’m
trying to be as flexible as I possibly can in this but it’s got to get done maybe the 15 this
Sam madam chair yes I I understand trustee
autos sense of urgency in developing a game plan so that we can let me start
the process I i understand that but I don’t think
it’s right to schedule a meeting if all five trustees are not available that that’s why I’m suggesting the 13th
which is a saturday sure and if if the 13th works it will
work for me but I don’t know how much of an imposition that will be on the staff
in terms of that hey you know payroll over time you know if that’s going to get us
burden in my alternative suggestion was to leave it to to staff to to work this
out an answer these questions and then propose something although I got to tell
you when you get elected to public office and say that you’re going to
fulfill those commitments I don’t think it’s reasonable to say
that I can’t meet for the entire month to do something that needs to be done
and see if there are other alternatives to do that we know she can meet on the
twenty-sixth and that’s all but that is an impossible date and so
I’m just trying to get this meeting scheduled and I have a good sense of what it takes
to to run this process and if we let this go into a four-wheel drift for a
month I think we’re going to be way behind the
curve on this you know the only thing if I if I may
say it seems to be taken in an ordinance amount of time to make this decision and
perhaps there’s another way through google calendars or something like that
to come up with an alternate is a doodle president oakley do you have an idea
what we can certainly pull the board and as well as the staff to make sure we
have the staff and I can work with use the board chair to schedule it I just we just need some parameters on
how far out you want us to go to pull everybody that the earliest in August
after the tenth the better that’s my opinion for what it’s worth
having run the last process and knowing what it entails we’re not talking about doing the
process we’re talking about teen it up so that it can be done and if we if we
lose a month in this I think we’re going to be in trouble and if I could just add and I know
people I’m particularly interested in my
schedule but I’m leading a tour and we leave September first and so I will be gone till sep tember
13th the day of the board me so so telephone i’m in the United States ok
alright so what about it so what I suggest is if we can’t do this tonight
which is a shame what we can do is to delegate it to staff to work something
out to the best of their abilities and be happy to work with them to do that
and I was just informed that i’ll be running next meeting no I’ll be you okay good I’m coming back ok good likely just memphis at 6am good I want everyone to turn in their
calendars by tomorrow morning at nine o’clock selected well I think go again I yet and you’re
talking to somebody doesn’t know a thing about calendars but I know there’s
Google Docs or whatever it is that you can do a count we can use the latest
greatest scheduling technology to get a sense for what everybody is available it
is although based on what we’ve heard we have a pretty good sense of what is not
available which is most of the dates but we will work on it okay and I don’t like it will extend the
month of August how’s that I don’t want to confuse or less will do
it but I can move this but on the saturday the thirteenth was actually for
the state student trustee conference held out the area which I’m other
speakers but you don’t think they would mind yes i would suggest you have when
you have this discussion we need to have student representation yeah so I and I don’t know but that’s
the that’s the student touch the trustee conference app okay day so I said you
knew that but but I think we’re defeating the purpose here of what we
want to do is to delegate it that you can delegate it let us figure it out
said okay and we have to vote on this but consensus is that right yeah that’s
fine may I ask the question what would be would it be possible to have a mean
and I i can’t believe i’m saying this from 4pm – 10:00 p.m. on a weeknight but you could certainly do it til 12:00
midnight if you wanted to I think we’ve done that we’ve done that
before yes we have I’m just trying to think of all the
possibilities ok is your report then no trustee on um i i i i just want to thank everybody
for the rapid correct recognition congratulations to our new trustee and
cat your great addition to the board and i look forward to working with you as
you can tell this ain’t a bowl of chocolates but but i think that we can
get some good work done as we have in the past to superintendent president
oakley I won’t be effusive about this because i have to live with you the next
for the next five months and so i won’t be too much about this but –
congratulations I think that they that the Board of
Governors made a good choice and one of the things that people may
not appreciate is that for the first time when the negotiations when the
negotiated parts of this arrangement is that the superintendent president oakley
soon to be Chancellor oakley gets to say on the the board of regents of the
university of california which means for the first time ever there will be that
kind of relationship meaning a very close relationship between the UC system
and the community college system and we will have a voice on that where we’ve
never really had one before and certainly not of the magnitude of the
chance himself so since we keep bunny run bumping into problems we get good
things done with the CSU’s but not so many good things done with the UCI’s
it’s a great to achievement so congratulations on that and in the
interest of time i’ll only but there okay thank you um my report is
congratulations to trustee malo I’m thrilled you’re on the board congratulations to president otto past
president otto for your re-election and I appreciate your sage advice I wanted to say congratulations and
misty may-treanor our new volleyball coach I’m very excited about that and it
i think it’s quite a coup for long beach city college and goes to show you what a
great athletic program we have and i am thrilled and appreciate the vote of
confidence you have placed in me as president and let me it looked a little
rocky tonight but it’ll be better next time and I am deeply devoted this College I I want to see his progress as we have
and I’m very excited about the future and and then the last thing i want to
say in case I forget when we get to that is I’d like to adjourn the meeting in
memory of Bennett long been that long was vice president of administrative
services he passed away uh-uh about a month ago we are going to have a public ceremony
for him on campus and memorial on campus in September and he was a very sage person very very
committed to the College lived a wonderful life died at 94 and I just
want to the meaning to be a journey in his memory and now trust easy up rather
than restate your committees may I ask if you would send me and Jackie an email
of what you exactly what on the agenda or wait i’m in my head of my tell you
know that’s right there right there are no trustee committees right ok go on
from there I’m sorry president Baxter that’s not a committee reported believe
I’m suggesting an agenda item on under 10.1 yeah i’m sure i’ve read it wrong okay yeah i’ll get you down at em . went
to ok i am thrilled that we have Thomas I here to speak to us and Karen I care
and also so Thomas your number you’re 9.1 so please come forward and thank you
for patiently waiting yeah yeah I really leaving soon to be in the show
Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson we’ll see how ironic that is good
evening Board of Trustees newly elected
president Baxter superintendent president oakley
and the board of trustees and those that’s left in the audience first of all I’m hoping maybe on an
agenda item many meetings that run past 20 hundred hours we can bring in the
refreshments I think I proposed this once before but
i think is the ad at 2,100 now I want to move it up to 20 on it that sugar buzz
that kicked off at 1,700 is long gone as long as my notes at the same time
just start off first of all with saying congratulations to our to our president
superintendent on being appointed to the chancellor’s office I was in sac last week and I tried to
sneak into the office to see what the layout was going to be but everything
still covered with plastic and dust or what have you I think that it’s a great move as far as
for you it will give you the opportunity to
share with the other 213 community colleges throughout the state as far as
your your vision your wisdom your leadership in your style and the type of
commitment that you fixed field here at long beach city college as far as with
the students as far as I’m putting the students first as the highest priority I know in the past you and I haven’t
necessarily seen I I of things but on this we’re on the on the same page and I’m
speaking for the other 440 classified employees as far as here at the at the
Community College and congratulations to you in and best of luck and if you need any
help you know you have my number right now give it out but I’m not like sandy
I’m not going to broadcast it would have you ok second of all uh two trustees auto
congratulations on your re-election and we appreciate all the hard work and
dedication that you’ve given to the to the college and the in the city of long
beach over the over the years and to vice president kellogg congratulations
on your election to the vice president’s chair which I think he was on the ph air
the vp chair back and forth and what have you and I had some notes that i had
been working on as far as for tonight but it disappeared a couple hours ago I want to give all my credits and props
to those that I think that I deserve them and vice president gable i want to
say thanks for the work that we got down at pc long overdue but I want to take my
hats off to you that now we can walk along the sidewalk and now worried about
having the trip trying to get from one quad to the other thank you very much and I just want to
go back it was about I think a year ago we meeting with a
bunch of people and we were doing some talking it would discuss in ayia a
professor that was as here at the college and some things that this
individual was trying to do and set out to do and then you know that’s
conversation when more and more that this individual was going to run for a
board seat and says wait a minute you seem like one of us is trying to break
that glass ceiling and sit up on the table with everybody else you know we
skeptic always going back and forth and you know we had a opportunity to meet
and talk with this individual and became very impressed with this person along with that over the months and
everything else as far as a different means that we have the determination in
the drive meaning this individuals family your
husband and everything else as far as a strong back in the support and the
dedication was unreal it was a pleasure of breath of fresh air
i was very impressed with this individual as far as like saying
something and doing it what you see is what you get and now
what we see is what we got we have a new board of trustees we appreciate your hard work looking
forward to working with you it was a pleasure this was watching your campaign watching
your fight watching your dedication and just say an
example as far as like to everybody else around and the people that’s not here in
the students and other faculty members of what have you as far as what you can
do when you get your mindset to it with some backing strong family ties you say
a little bit of luck in a couple prayers down the road what we’re not supposed to
do that but just want to say congratulations to you and looking
forward to working with you and the new leadership on the board because we Ellis
like change as far as like that the individuals that sitting up here 25
members this up here just going to be interesting just like it was tonight ok looking forward to it thank you very
much Thank you Thank You Thomas ok Karen Robert good evening haven’t been here in a while and then I
was late tonight but on behalf of the part-time faculty association I wanted to offer my congratulations as
well – Vivian maluk trustee mother Lulu you ran a tenacious campaign and
dignified and no one with integrity and I’m very proud of you I want to congratulate trustee auto on
your re-election and I want to congratulate eli yokley on becoming
Chancellor going to plant a little seed only because I’ve had part timers like
from all over places thinking I know the answer to this
question I don’t know why but suddenly they want to know if the new chancellor
would be interested in putting together a part-time faculty task or so I’m
telling them i don’t know the answer to that question that I’m planting the seed
hope that’s okay um I haven’t been here in a little bit
mostly because i will just be completely honest with you and tell you that um
these board meetings are incredibly lengthy and to hang around when I really my time is valuable as yours is as well
so I don’t always stay here um I will have to say after tonight I
think they are at not just contentious but i think that arm a little
embarrassing and I am very familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order i have had my
butt kicked through Robert’s Rules of Order I have definitely learned the hard
way I run my own executive board meetings through Robert’s Rules of Order
that doesn’t mean to say that every decision has to be made through Robert’s
Rules of Order however if the board decides that that’s
the way to run the meeting then my suggestion is that you run the
meeting accordingly to Robert’s Rules of Order and I think one of the things I’ve
noticed and I could be completely out of place it saying this but I’ve said
enough board meetings I feel like I get to say this when people are labeled in
terms of oh they’re the contentious one or their the nice one or their the
silent one or their the vocal one people begin to react to that and I think
that’s very apparent as a board when we’re sitting in the audience that’s very apparent how you are
reacting to one another regardless of who you are and regardless of how you
think of one another that is coming across to all of us one thing that I’ve used as the guiding
principle I know all of you have probably read
Victor Frankel’s man’s search for meaning right it’s a wonderful wonderful book
and the one of the quotes that I love and that I have tried to use is this one
between stimulus and response there is a space in that space is our power to
choose our response in our response lies our growth and our freedom that is a
quote that I share with my students on a regular basis and i’m sharing it with
you tonight as a faculty member hopefully educating you so that you know
you’ve got a big job to do and you want to get it done and you want to get it
done efficiently and with integrity at the same time I want to apologize if I’m
out of line but that is my personal opinion thank you thank you ok this is the opportunity for future
board for board members to request future reports and as I said trust easy
unless you would like to specify exactly out I would prefer the to send an email to
be in Jackie but if you choose to write it out for
say it out I would like to write it down so that I have it so it’s up to you sure i believe
i said earlier that we bring back to the board at the next board meeting the
process that were going to be looking at start the process that for adding new
members to the citizens oversight committee on measure i’ll be on our bond
and look at the bylaws and reform the bylaws that would be on august
twenty-third meeting excuse me did you say we form or look at
my my suggestion would be to reform and specifically what we discuss which was
the two consecutive terms currently it’s a three consecutive terms
which the board voted on and my suggestion would be to amend it to two
consecutive terms of more folks can have the ability to serve on this board ok and on the second segment of the
process to look at the process I’ve always something before that I’m so
should you bring something up at the meeting it was believed it was the citizens
oversight committee on my groans okay and so it’s one thing okay thank you
okay all right Larry we’ve already heard from you so chair just make a question
at am I allowed to respond to the report by the aft and chai I don’t think so presidents there’s no
love ok would I be able to make a comment later
toward the end prior to adjournment i’m looking at present uh on the agenda there is no further place for board
members to make comments I mean the purpose of the reports are
for the members of the representatives of the bargain units to make reports to
the board but at this point not to engage with the members if there’s an
issue that needs to be a gin dies and I mean we can certainly requested
something be generalized do you have something that is not and the item i
want it to just comment on the report but that’s okay thank you okay great alright so the next
regular meeting the board of trustees will be held on august twenty-third the
liberal arts campus building tea room 1100 closed session at four o’clock open
session at five o’clock i would like a motion to adjourn the me to go the memory of and in memory of Bennett
long ok a trustee Otto second goes to kelan
do we have to do a roll call no okay meeting is adjourned yeah yeah yeah