you you you you you you okay I like to good evening is this
working okay good evening I like to call the
meeting of to October 23rd 2018 to order we’re going to go ahead and do the
Pledge of Allegiance trustee inta can you please lead us to Pledge of
Allegiance everyone rise please thank you more secretary can you please
call the roll virginia baxter here Vivian male
Allu here due to walk joe in tuck present doug otto here in sunny Zia here
and student trustee Jones I believe he’s out
so item 2.4 report on closed session items in closed session item 1.3 on the
agenda the board voted five in favor 0 against and 0 abstaining as a result the
board approved the release of the Dean student affairs and his reassignment to
Dean student support services the vote of each board member was sunny Zia I
Vivian mallalieu I would walk gon took i douglas otto i virginia baxter i item
2.5 approval of minutes of the September 12 2018 regular Board of Trustees
meeting in September 21 2008 een retreat special meeting do I have a motion move
approval moved by trustee and took seconded by trustee baxter – actually
can you please call the boat virginia baxter i Vivian Malu I would walk Joe in
tuck hi doug otto sonny xia i item 2.6 superintendent
presidents report dr. Scott will be presenting on behalf of superintendent
president dr. Ramani tonight Roger Scott Thank You president Zia firstly I’d like
to congratulate Alexander Castro who has served as a custodian here for eight
years and he had he will be retiring so we’d like to congratulate him on his
retirement he was not able to be with us tonight but we are still very pleased
for him and congratulate him okay um it’s an honor for me to be here tonight
to represent dr. O’Malley and I have a few announcements firstly there was an
on September 26th we held the college promise
2.0 announcement celebration dr. O’Malley was joined by Mayor Garcia dr.
Jane Connelly superintendent Steinhauser president Zia in Port of Long Beach
president Egoscue in announcing the called 2.0 promise
what is unique about 2.0 is it provides a guaranteed omission for our students
who complete 45 units transferrable to CSU and our students will receive
counseling from both lbcc counselors as well as academic advisors at Cal State
Long Beach we were also very pleased to be interviewed by the Long Beach
Business Journal dr. president Zia was and I was as well
and so we’re expecting a nice article and dr. Munoz Marcia Parker and I will
be going to Cal State Long Beach on Wednesday to further work on this
initiative we are very pleased to be notified that in the 1617 academic year
we were seventh in the state and the awarding of ATT degrees and fourth in
the state and the growth of ADT’s this was for the 1617 academic year and we
will as such be awarded and we will be given an award at the third annual
champions for higher education and that will be held in Los Angeles on December
4th we are very we were also very pleased to open the welcome centers at
both campuses welcome center grand openings were held on September 5th at
PCC and September 6th at La si the hours of our welcome centers are Monday
through Thursday 8:00 to 6:00 and Fridays 8:00 to 5:00 the Welcome centers
serve both community members interested in becoming lbcc students as well as
current lbcc students at the request of speaker anthony rendon office lbcc was
the site of the october 9th meeting of the california assembly Blue Ribbon
Commission on early childhood education prior to the hearing the commissioners
toured our PCC child development center spending a very long time there and
asking very many many questions they they thought they were very impressed
with our Center the Commission hearing was held in our boardroom at La si and
president Zia provided welcoming remarks we’re also very pleased to announce that
the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security have
designated Long Beach City College as a national center of academic excellence
and cyber defence as a two-year education institution through the
academic year 2023 this is a huge honor and we’re only one of two in the state
this designation is based on our ability to meet the increasing demands of the
program criteria that will serve the nation as well as contribute to the
protection of the national information infrastructure infrastructure other
program addresses the critical shortage of professionals with skills in this
area and highlights the importance of higher education as a solution to
defending America’s cyberspace certificates will be presented during a
designation ceremony on November 7th at the National Institute for cybersecurity
education at that conference in Miami Florida we were very pleased to have a
Health Professions career summit last week it was held on Thursday at La si we
had 167 guests who attended and this included students from lbcc Long Beach
Unified ABC Unified Lynwood Unified and other schools across the region it was
an opportunity for lbcc and high school students to learn about the steps needed
to prepare to prepare for becoming a physician pharmacist dentist physical
therapists a related healthcare professional the panelists included
representatives from UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine the Claremont
Colleges Western University of Health Sciences and the panel also included two
of our instructors dr. David gale of our life science department and dr. Merlin
Jones of our chemistry department last Friday we were very very pleased to have
the meet the social sciences Knight it was a huge success 402 450 attendees
were there and it was just it was fabulous I was there and I was very
excited to be there it was a free educational family-friendly community
event that involved interactive social sciences games activities displays
discussions hosted by faculty and students from multiple areas across
lBCC’s Social Sciences Department it featured our departments such as
anthropology history philosophy political science psychology and
sociology the inaugural event had a theme of change the world using social
sciences some of the highlights included film screenings a solve the murder
forensic anthropology activity students were got to mingle with our social
science alumni they had a game room with board games created by lbcc students it
was an opportunity to take a personality test
there were displays of prehistoric art and cave paintings a sociological
activity paper jack-o’-lantern and free ice cream pizza and music on our agenda
tonight during the academic Senate’s section will be our new awards for I get
C which is UC and CSU GE certification we’re particularly happy to see these on
here and want to thank the faculty most notably our senate president jorge Ochoa
and our curriculum chair wendy Koenig for their leadership the this went
through very quickly it was the curriculum was or the awards
were written by the counseling faculty and we’re grateful to them also if we
had had these last year it would have given us another nine hundred and twenty
three completions and what it made a big difference so we’re very happy that
those were fast-tracked through and thankful for the faculty leadership
we’re also very happy to see the certificate and degree in the welding
area it’s a it’s been a long time coming and we’re very pleased to see it and
also the intro to Gender Studies which is the class for our ADT and social
justice which will allow us to go forward with that very important ad t
budget hall budget townhall meetings were held at LEC on September 24th and
PCC September 27 updating the campus on current budget
and funding formula changes lBCC’s Alumni Hall of Fame was held October
17th at the ground in Long Beach the honorees included Long Beach vice mayor
de Andrews seal Beach Police Commander Steven Boles community volunteer and our
very own emeritus dr. John Philippa and founder and co-executive director of
learning rights Law Center Janine Steele these four join an elite group of 180
lbcc alumni and pillars of the community dr. Molly attended the following
foundation events including the Hall of Fame inductees lunch reception the Board
of Governors breakfast meeting and the Board of Governors Executive Committee
meeting the vice presidents attended the Hall of Fame banquet on her behalf but
they were very we were very pleased to have a video from dr. O’Malley talking
about how she was in China adopting another child we have rolled out the new
as new athletic Viking logo the new logo it was created to reflect lBCC’s history
and pride and builds on the original mascot from 1927 winter and spring 19
registration efforts are underway we are we have moved up our registration dates
in order to hold well for many reasons but one of them in order to hold
reenroll ment lab events these labs are staffed with counselors who are there to
assist students and helping to identify courses and work through the
registration process this this process these register registrations labs were
very successful as we worked on summer 18 after the cyber incident and it we
had the biggest summer we’ve ever had and we hope to see similar results
from these we have faculty forums scheduled for November 5th at La si 1:30
to 3:30 in T 1200 and November 6th at PCC from 12 o’clock to 2 o’clock in GG
238 the topic for these faculty forums is recent legislation and will include a
B 705 the funding formula and how academic affairs and student support
services are address the needs to ensure that we’re
successful going forward and the online college and a b19 and last but of great
importance importance to us is that we’re very pleased to be presenting
tonight our new preferred name process dr. Munoz will be presenting that and it
has a doctor from Ali’s full support I won’t give the details about it because
we do have a full presentation but we’re very pleased to have that presentation
tonight and thank you very much I appreciate your patience there’s it’s
been a very busy month and thank you great job dr. Scott item 2.8 student
trustee report follow would you like to come to the podium I’m sorry did did
Danelle send you the report or okay I got you well go ahead and give you a
report Paulo I thought I apologize so everyone I just want to go through our
past events we did we did in SB so last October 16 in 18th LEC and PCC
respectively the Wellness fest event provided services and information
regarding our students to help and they is the cabinet partner with vote crew to
bring awareness to the students faculty and staff for the national voters
registration I just on October 17 I just want to express it was such an honor to
be part of the Hall of Fame reception and meeting the our honorees or the
inductees rather we also had the homecoming event last October 2010 yet
we’re in we had like seven participants to to fighting for the homecoming king
queen and the royal monarch and we also had the chance to like watch the game 14
student leaders came to the California Community College Student Affairs
Association from October 19th to the 21st the purpose of this conference was
for us to network with colleges of the North and South California with about
500 students in attendance which comprise of student body
presidents trustees advisers and other members of their board with the theme of
Vice together and take action and advocate if I can request the board of
trustees further and part per the next meeting if I can present the things that
we learned during this conference together with the comforts that we will
have on the neck the next weekend which will be the Student Senate for
California Community Colleges that will be held at the Ontario convention center
or in as the delegate of the Long Beach City College I will be boarding for six
resolutions para for our upcoming events we will have the Halloween at PCC from 4
p.m. to 6 p.m. we’re in we welcome the kids from our community students faculty
and staff to participate in wearing Halloween costumes there will also we
will also be having a holiday boot drive from the member 1st to the 20th I want
also to let everyone know that we will have the Beverly O’Neill Leadership
Conference that will be on November 16th from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. I just also
want to bring up – to the board I want to address a concern by student leaders
and students that volunteer to see to say on district committees we feel that
agendas are being posted less than 24 hours this is very difficult to students
to voice research and provide proper feedback from our constituents the
student body I feel that it is an effective way of shared governance this
year moving forward I have been working diligently with several district
communities to be transparent and to provide information to our students who
are volunteering and people aware of what is being discussed so this year I’m
trying my best to like put every student voice – to every – every district
committee that we are that has been provided for us so I just really want to
like be participative and put our student voice and I feel like we we are
we are students first but if we want to like if we want to have like a great
feedback from us you want to do our research we want to have the
like three days or 72 hours just to review the things that we have to
discuss on that meeting also for announcement it all the changes in ASP
we managed to complete our full cabinet board from by October 1st and with that
said I would like for all them to introduce themselves their positions
their majors and the school that they want to transfer to sign up I want to
start the ball rolling so my name is John Pollock and Dara’s I am a
psychology major my position is the AC president and I would like to transfer
to UCLA or UC I or whatever you see that will take me good afternoon my name is
Ian Rubenstein I’m the PCC Club Senate President and I’m double majoring in
sociology and political science hoping to transfer to either at Columbia or a
University of Pittsburgh good evening everyone my name is Allison Jones I am
the representative of sidon success and equity I am a double major of public
policy in sociology and I am actually also hoping to transfer to Columbia and
or UCSD thank you good afternoon everyone my name is Lucas Moniz my major
is Keynes Knology buttocks and Maya minks my main Cal State Dominguez Hills
thank you hello everyone my name is Kendall his be I’m a replica cell my
major is public health right now and my goal is to transfer to San Diego State one or two you may not know who I am my
name is Wayne Berkman I’m back I actually finished my bachelors
and applying for government positions and the VA said you still have some time
left if you want to go back to school so I’m back this semester I’ve been asked
to be the rep for veterans and so as some of you might know I’m a very
passionate person about veteran issues and my next goal is a graduate work and
I’m a new father good evening everyone my name is Gerren lyrium the LEC vice
president I’m a triple major psychology sociology and library technician my goal
is to become a professor or private psychiatrist for children or adolescents
and universities I want to transfer to is Cal State Long Beach water a Bay or
LA thank you have a wonderful night hello board my name is andrew merliss i
am a second year student here i’m the rep of career education and a
engineering student I’d really quick like to extend a thank
you to dr. Mike Nina’s my constituents were very very very happy about the name
change and I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart
appreciate it thank you everyone thanks fellow yeah I just want to mention just
some of the cup members that are here so because I have like a lot a lot of
people who are not here I just want to have them a shout out our PCC vice
president is genuine our AV treasurer is Nash naira
our AC secretary is amber song Berger our soon trustee is Donald Jones LEC
club cent president is highly Allison Jack represent services Evan Martinez
reports Alexis Martinez reference sustainability
Drupal a and rapid DSPs Katelyn would revel unique students Joey Lawrence and
representing column one is Jocelyn Reyes and that’s about it
I have like 21 Calvin reversing total thank you that’s a my report thank you
okay we will now move on to item 2.9 lbcc F a bargaining president since the
student trustee report will be deferred to the next meeting we’re just going to
skip over that item janay the forest janae hand LBC CFA
president and good evening president Zia ward members vice president’s faculty
staff students and community members great to hear all those social science
majors just a shout out to all the faculty who worked really hard and
collaboratively in putting together the meet the social sciences night I do want
to say we had eight alumni who came out let’s see one from UC that’s transferred
to UC San Diego once that’s transferred to UCLA couple you Cal State LA wine Cal
State Dominguez Hills and one Cal State Long Beach it was really a great
opportunity to for them to come back and give back to their alma mater who they
loved dearly and I think trustee udoit kentuc and mallalieu were out and thank
you for coming to support our disciplines second I just want to state
that many faculty are participating in the starfish early alert program I know
myself I am doing that it’s a great opportunity for us to identify students
who might need some extra assistance early on before it is too late so I look
forward to more possibilities with starfish third just to echo what dr.
Scott has already mentioned we are partnering with the administration and
with Senate for the two faculty forums in November so just a chance for faculty
to participate ask questions and maybe give some answers as well – regarding
recent legislation such as a B 705 and the new funding formula let’s see my
last thing I want to mention is in the last month we had a few events put on by
Suman muda nuri she’s our faculty equity faculty association equity chair
and she called the events our fullest name these were attended by about 30
faculty who had a chance to learn about one another and our names and it was an
awesome opportunity just to have some fun with faculty outside of our own
disciplines that’s about it thanks so much thank you today item 2.10 aft
bargaining president Susan Trask welcome Susan my report this evening is short
aft is working very closely with HR assisting the employees with the
transition and all the changes that the SERP has left us with or massaging it
making letting everybody know it’s gonna be okay it’s all good um it’s a little
late but I just wanted to report on a professional development day that we had
last month and we’re currently planning our holiday party which for the last
several years we’ve held off-campus in the evening and we’re gonna bring it
back to a luncheon and bring it on campus so we can have more thank you
very much Thank You Susan item 2.11 chai bargaining president karen roberts
welcome back Karen good to have you good evening dr. Scott and board president
Xia and i’m karen roberts thai president and i just thought i’d give you a brief
report on the part-time faculty so i don’t have an exact count but we’ve
hired about a hundred and thirty new part-time faculty this semester that
probably brings us close to about 670 part-time faculty or this semester we
had a really good turnout at both part-time faculty orientation and
college day I know those happened way back in August but I owe a belated thank
you to dr. Scott she organized a very sick
for part-time faculty orientation one of the things that we did differently that
was dr. Scott’s idea is a peer panel where part-time faculty and some
full-time faculty were presenting and discussing like how to create a friendly
syllabus or just some tools that they use in the classroom so it was like a
mini professional development session that sort of gave us more tools to take
into the classroom as we all work towards student success I’m always
surprised at the number of part-time faculty who come out for college day
because we’re not paid to be here for college day so it’s really great to see
them I always think they’re very dedicated to
come out at our constituent meeting we had a really good discussion about chai
at this College chai is a separate constituent group from full-time faculty
and classified faculty unions and that’s not true at most community colleges most
community colleges are what we call wall-to-wall its full-time faculty and
part-time faculty all in one chapter and so a lot of times a part-time faculty
can depend on the full-time faculty to be negotiating on their behalf their
contracts are combined but that’s not true for us we do our own negotiations
we have our own team we have our own bylaws we have our own Executive Board
so we try to impress this upon part-time faculty in hopes that they can get
involved with us since we’re responsible for all of our our own stuff basically
now having said that we have two upcoming workshops for part-time faculty
that I want to announce tonight these workshops are gonna focus on article 8
in the chai contract and this is a new article it’s actually called assignment
rights and reemployment preference so this is brand new here at Long Beach
City College this is a state legislation it allows
for some seniority rights for those part-timers who have been here
consistently teaching with satisfactory evaluations over a period of time so all
of this rolls out in the spring semester and I know there are departments who
have already been implementing the assignment request form this is also new
a new way to assign classes so like I said this is all new and we’re hoping
for a really smooth transition I’d spent we spent hours at the table on this and
so the first workshop is this Wednesday evening
there’s I’ve already put out announcements about this last week but
Wednesday evening at 5:00 p.m. in K 102 and then the second one is Tuesday
November 30th at noon in building GG room 238 at PCC so we encourage
part-time faculty to attend and learn something about this new language in
their contract thank you thank you Karen item 2.12 reordering of the agenda we
will be hearing item 4.1 first item 3.1 will be deferred to the last item after
8.5 I believe so item 2.13 and let me just make sure I’m
not making a mistake here yeah it’ll be heard after either 3.1 would be heard
after item 8.5 item 2.13 public comments on agenda items the public is allowed to
address the board before or during the consideration of any item on the agenda
total of three minutes will be a lot of teg speaker with a maximum of twenty
minutes to each subject unless extended by the board president I don’t believe I
saw any cards come in okay before we move on to item 4.1 I believe we we have
a resolution that we wanted to present before the presentation is that that’s
what I was told so if we can have the doctor Munez why
don’t you introduce who we have in the crowd our special guests and then we’ll
go ahead and present the resolution prior to the presentation thank you
board president Zia in the audience tonight we have with us the executive
director of the Center Long Beach as well as the youth service manager of the
Center Long Beach so mass Porter Gilbert and Joel Gemma note to join us if the
board of trustees can also join me in presenting this resolution for a photo
that would be fantastic didn’t want to be the only person who
presented it all right dr. mania is this the floor is yours
thank you thank you again president Zia members of the Board of Trustees members
of the administration campus leadership members of the campus community my name
is Mike Munoz can you is that better my name is Mike Munoz and I will be
presenting an update to the Board of Trustees on our lgbtq+ resources and
support services tonight so let’s begin with a brief overview of what we’re
gonna cover tonight’s presentation in a moment we’ll start off with
introductions there are some folks in the audience with us tonight that
contributed to tonight’s presentation and so we’ll be at different moments
asking them to step up to the to the podium and address the board after we
start with introductions we’ll move on to
really situating ourselves and anchoring ourselves in our presentation tonight in
the recognition and support of our board of trustees for our LGBTQ students
specifically regarding the resolution that was passed at last month’s board
meeting and some of the key supports that were outlined in the resolution
from there we’ll move on to highlighting our collaboration with the center of
long beach as well as having our team members from the center of Long Beach
share a little bit more about what they offer at the center of Long Beach and
how we are working and collaborating together from there we’ll talk a little
bit more about understanding LGBTQ students here at lbcc and looking
specifically at some of our data our local data both in terms of demographics
as well as course success from there we’re gonna transition to our new
preferred name process implementation which dr. Scott highlighted in her
remarks and go a little bit more detail what that process looks like and how
it’s being implemented here at lbcc and lastly we’ll conclude with highlighting
some of our campus resources and talking a little bit about next steps and where
we plan on going um so I think it’s really important to recognize that at
last month’s Board of Trustees meeting on September 12 the Board of Trustees
passed a resolution recognizing LGBTQ History Month and within that resolution
beyond lbcc made um some declarative commitments which
include not only a commitment to equitable learning and achievement for
all students but really recognizing LGBTQ students within that kind of
statement of equitable learning and achievement for all students so I can
share anecdotally one of the student leaders on campus who’s the president of
queer spaces approached me and said you know it really meant a lot to hear that
in this language that you’re calling out LGBTQ students it’s not just we serve
all students and then maybe slip LGBTQ students in in the in the declarative
but it’s really bringing it to the forefront of the discussions and so that
was really a positive thing to hear from one of our student leaders another
commitment that was made was the implementation of an LGBTQ safe zone
Ally training for faculty and staffs recognizing that our faculty and staff
have the most interaction often times with our students and so really giving
them tools in which they can serve as allies in that capacity providing
gender-neutral restrooms that can be used by all gender identities and
expressions implementing a preferred name process which you’ll hear about
more on shortly as well as strengthening collaboration with the center of long
beach which you’ll hear about more shortly and lastly participating with
thousands in the annual Long Beach prep on Long Beach Pride Parade and really
bringing Albi cc’s on presents to the forefront and that parade I’ve included
the link so any member of the public click on that link and be directly
linked to the resolution that was passed okay but again just reminding the campus
community that this really work was situated in in the board’s position last
month so with that said I’m really excited to share that we have been
really working at at strengthening our collaboration with the center of Long
Beach and so on on September 25th there was a meeting that was held at the
center led by dr. O’Malley I had the privilege of attending as well as Marcia
Marcia Parker and Lorena Korbel who is our student on president of queer space
and folks from the center that were president was on Porter Gilberg Joel
Gemma know Miyoko faily and Antonio lubberman and so we discuss
opportunities in which we could collaborate and so beyond getting this
tour of an amazing Center really started to have some deep conversations not only
around how we should be thinking about implementing
name process but technical assistance that can be provided from reviewing some
of our other processes to make sure that we don’t have any blind spots right
there’s no um obvi intime some of these there’s some an intentionality that
happens when you build business processes and workflows but we wanted to
make sure that we’re able to have some experts review some of our content on
our websites and whatnot to give us feedback um we also talked about maybe
potentially offer seeing offering some non-credit classes on-site as well as
bringing some LBCC application and matriculation support directly to the
center so with that said I’d like to invite a porter to the dais
I mean if zoom in to the dice to the podium to share a little bit more about
what the center has to offer and how we can partner together so thank you so
much again to everybody at LBCC I’m just gonna set that beautiful resolution
there for a second for your support again my name is Porter I’m the
executive director at the LGBTQ Center Long Beach and I’m joined by Joel Jimena
our youth services manager and I know Long Beach City College is a place for
all students to come and learn and thrive but especially coming out of our
youth program creating a safe and supportive environment is incredibly
important for LGBTQ students we know that nearly 80% of youth participating
in our services report experiencing verbal harassment in k-12 schools we
know that a number of our student are students participating in our services
do not attend k-12 school because of the harassment they experienced and nearly
one in five students participating in our services have been physically
assaulted on a school campus so coming into Long Beach City College you all
have a tremendous opportunity to create a new supportive affirming learning
environment and so we are so honored and so proud to partner with you not just on
the implementation of the new preferred name policy but also in creating
additional opportunities for equity to really create the most incredible
affirming learning environment I know as somebody who attended lbcc it was a
world of friends from the small a small town I
experienced growing up and so we were just incredibly thankful for the
partnership and and proud to be here today and to tell you a little bit more
about our collaboration and partnership I’m gonna turn it over to Joel hi thank
you for having us today we are so excited and I would just like
to share a quick story when we heard on September 25th that this was going to be
happening this preferred name policy on September 26th I went ahead and called
one of the youth that we’ve been working with for a few years who’s told me that
they were unable to register to go to school to go to the nursing program era
because they would not be able to use their they were they were afraid of
being outed or having to out themselves to each one of their their teachers and
I called them on the 26 and I could hear through the phone the tears they had the
tears of joy that they had to that they were going to be safe and supported here
and that there was an administration that had their back so I want to thank
you and I wanted to share that with you
because this is not just this one student that you’re doing this for this
is so many students in our community and and moving forward with our
collaboration we are so excited to not only collaborate on your safe zone
trainings for allies and for your ally training for staff and faculty but we’re
also so excited to bring our resources to you and then share your resources
with us with the non-credit classes we also so at the center we have a number
of different support services for LGBTQ transitional age youth including case
management support groups our twenty-somethings group a transverse
youth group as well we also have HIV and STI testing completely for free and we
can also help with because we know that our LGBTQ students experience
exceptionally high rates of violence harassment and homelessness we can also
help both with linkage to housing jobs as well as legal support for any victims
of victims of hate crimes and with legal name and gender changes should they wish
so we are happy to bring all of those resources and collaborate with you on
how what the best strategies to make our schools and our community as safe as
possible thank you again thank you and I can
iterate enough how supportive they were in this process in the development of a
preferred name process as well as kind of just thinking about how we can
collaborate to create that safe and affirming learning environment so we’re
gonna take a little bit of time to kind of think about how we understand our
LGBTQ students here at Long Beach City College much of this was situated in the
passage of Assembly Bill 1018 so back in October 2017 a legislation was passed
which required California community colleges to add lesbian gay bisexual and
transgender as a demographic within the application process and as well as
measuring them or disproportionate impact so um with that some changes
occurred with open CCC apply and so from that point on when students apply to the
college that is a question that is asked of them and it’s optional and data is
collected and so we were able to do a preliminary data analysis of the first
two courts entering since the law has been passed to see essentially one from
the demographic standpoint what does it look like in terms of our population of
our LGBTQ identified population here at Long Beach City College and to start to
measure disproportionate impact looking at or success looking at course
completion looking at degree completion these different milestones to make sure
that our students are not experiencing disproportionate impact so to share a
little bit about our current data that we have access to again CCC apply
provides six options to students on that they can choose from and based on those
options they are straight lesbian gay bisexual
other in all and declined to state as well as so those are for for sexual
orientation and then we have two for gender they offer on transgender not
transistor not transgender excuse me naal and declined to state I’m so for
gender identity and so when we looked at the when we look at the data what we see
is um seventy-one percent from fall 2017 entering cohort identified as straight
and roughly three percent identified themselves as lesbian gay another two
percent identified themselves as bisexual and one percent identified
themselves as other twenty three percent I intentionally did not respond to the
question so that was a large number and the data set so when we’re looking at
some of the limitations with the data again about twenty three percent of the
respondents intentionally did not respond um when we look at gender
identity about sixty eight percent of the students identified as cisgender and
less than one percent identified as transgendered with a large number of
students declining to state as well and so that is some limitations in the data
set that we’re looking at is how to make students feel more comfortable to
disclose and their sexual orientation or gender identity so that we can again
better serve these students and so that’s part of the conversations that
we’re having with institutional effectiveness as well as some of the
other groups on campuses that can help inform that discussion when we look at
course success and we are again trying to measure for disproportionate impact
when we look that at the completion rate between our course completion rates
between our lesbian gay and bisexual students is roughly at about 52% when we
compare that to our straight and heterosexual students it’s about 53% so
although it is about a percent difference it’s not considered
significant statistically and then when we do the same similar analysis for our
transgender students we’re seeing that the the sample is a little too it’s too
small to draw any significant conclusions but again we’re something
that we’re going to continue to monitor and make sure that if there is
disproportionate impact we’re doing whatever we need to do to
make sure that we’re deploying resources and strategies and solutions to close
those achievement gaps so it is something that we’re going to continue
to monitor annex and examine so now as we transition to our preferred name
process and implementation as it was mentioned earlier upon feedback from
trustee in Tuck as well as some feedback with conversations with the center it
was determined that we really needed to examine as a college are performing
so I’m excited to report that our process is currently being implemented
as we speak so students can essentially log into their Viking self-service and
update update their preferred name on this was really a cross-functional
approach I was able to convene a meeting both with IT Admissions and Records
Student Affairs we had a student representative from queer space present
to have a conversation of what it would look like to begin to implement a
preferred name process and so now that we have on what what changes are the
student can experience so what you can see is our class rosters are updated
with a preferred name so to that point of a safe and open and affirming
environment if your gender identity you if you see yourself and your name is
Scott Alena but your legal name is Carlos and you’re in class and the
instructor says Carlos right calling you out that that puts an exposure on the
student and so that’s no longer going to be an issue because if the student
updates their preferred name prior to the start of school there will their
preferred name will appear on the past roster on canvas so again we were really
intentional to think about many of the student interfacing platforms that
students will be using to make sure their preferred name is present so
canvas will reflect the preferred name starfish will reflect the preferred name
on PeopleSoft emails from instructors so instructors email students it will
reflect the preferred name and then lastly our Viking ID card so again
really key pieces of technology platforms or applications or your ID
card which is not technology but still very important towards your student
identity will reflect the preferred name there are some limitations regarding
legal wear legal name is still required to be used and saw on the academic
transcripts legal names will still be used as well as financial aid for
it’s a financial aid forms and documents excuse me those will still maintain the
preferred name so I want to give you kind just a snapshot of what the
experience would be like for students because again this is a departure
normally we require students to fill out forms stand in a two or three hour line
depending upon the time of year to turn in a form to enrollment services and it
can just not be always the most positive student experience so we took a large
step forward and decided to allow this process to live through Viking students
self-serve so student in three simple steps from home or here on campus can
login to Viking students arm system through a lbcc dot edu um click on that
names button which you see an example screenshot of and update their preferred
name and hit save and essentially almost instantaneously the system will update
to their preferred name some of the platforms such as canvas or starfish
there’s about a 24-hour lag before the names is updated because those Unruh
teens run nightly but it’s a very quick turnaround and so again not putting the
student in a position where they have to go and turn in a form and out themselves
in front of a staff member but in the privacy of their own home they can
update or any device on campus they can update their preferred name and in
closing um we do want to sense spend a few moments sharing with you
some of the campus resources so again thinking about the resolution that was
passed and some of the elements within the resolution about the commitments
that lbcc is making to Albi to serving LGBTQ students we essentially went
forward and developed this new website and I’m very proud to share this because
it’s to get a new website up and running in like a week is pretty phenomenal and
I have to give a big shout out to Mohammed right because he worked really
closely with me and others on this I really appreciate it I want to
acknowledge his efforts so here’s a new rese ma má our brand new website it’s
located under the resource tab so if you go to the lbcc homepage and hover over
resources you’ll see LGBTQ resources now listed so for example if you hover over
here you’ll see right here now this newest tab LGBTQ resources so as we
scroll down um and again mind you this was put together from the last board
meeting so this is an iterative process so we’re gonna be improving on it but
we’ve that it was important to launch this new
website in conjunction with the preferred name process as well as with
tonight’s presentation so the first thing is the resolution that the Board
adopted is right there and hyperlink for any student or community member to click
on we have an LGBTQ terminology page so we were gonna think about building
resources and faculty and staff resources on this part of the column
here so if you click here alphabetically you’ll start to see a list of
definitions for my alphabet that you can click on so you can just click on here
and see different types of definitions that relate to building awareness around
LGBTQ terminology but I’m gonna go ahead and go back and as we scroll down we
have the new campus resources so if we click here queer space is highlighted as
the student organization where students can receive support on campus we thought
about scholarship opportunities and so now we have thanks to our scholarship
office they worked on developing and identifying some key scholarships that
are available for LGBTQ students and then mental health and wellness and
really kind of just creating a open and affirming space for students and letting
them know that there’s resources here if they need support we’re dealing with
coming-out or any types of transitions that they may be experiencing so as they
transition into college and deal with identity so we highlight those services
as we go back to here we have our preferred name process page that
highlights how students can update their preferred name so the steps as well as
frequently asked questions how can I set my preferred name will I be able to get
into college service ID card so we’re very proud to say that students updating
their ID cards to reflect their gender identity may have a free one-time update
so we’re not charging them to replace their cards so again we’re being very
thoughtful and intentional about how we create this opening and affirming space
so and then lastly the last tab that we have is LGBTQ resources in the community
and so here we’re proud to highlight the Center at Long Beach as well as some
information about coming out and sexual health so here we highlight some of the
different resources within the city of Long Beach for STI testing and what not
so coming out we’re highlighting different resources around
identity resources and gender specific and sexuality specific so you can see we
really in a very short amount of time worked to build this comprehensive
website and we will continue to improve upon it we are committed to adding a
faculty and staff tab that will provide tools for faculty and staff on how to
create a an affirming classroom environment as well as any other
additional supports that might be targeted for faculty and staff who may
be part of the LGBTQ community so that concludes my report and we’ll go back to
the PowerPoint and any questions did you want to say something about the queer
space yeah student fortunately our student president was scheduled to be
here tonight her name is marina car Bell um and she obviously she’s not cared to
come up and speak but I do want to acknowledge her she attended probably
four meetings that we had regarding the preferred name process and the
development of the website she reviewed and also helped develop some of the
content for the website so what was I think I was really proud that this was a
really nice joint effort between administration and student leadership to
make sure that that perspective was included as we were developing these
resources and materials okay great questions
board members comments did you want to say something just you into first I just
want to say thank you dr. Munoz for your leadership you know when you first were
announced I got a couple of unsolicited calls man you took our best guy he’s
really awesome you’re gonna be so thankful to have them and you fully
delivered on that and I really would want to say how happy and excited I am
to work with you and and you’ve just been a great leader on campus and thank
you for taking the torch and taking the leadership on this I want to thank
Porter and Joel you know we had a midday meeting back in August of what can we do
together what’s going on and we first talked about this we thought well maybe
it’s a one year maybe two year process but to figure out that we could get it
done before the end of the year and get the support from dr. brewer Molly and
dr. Munoz and the board members it really is amazing I think since a
partnership to here it’s such a collaborative process that we included
faculty that we included students that we you know weren’t just Russian with
one idea but making sure that we had everybody’s ideas included I think it’s
a really powerful example of what we can do together here on campus and I’m just
really really thankful and and I think it’s a great demonstration to students
or folks who are watching online today the where Long Beach City College stands
and the irony of some of the the federal action that is happening they go
backwards that we’re taking a stand and going forward and saying that we are
inclusive for for everybody and not not trying to erase anyone out of our
community so I just want to say thank you to the senator and thank you to the
board thank you dr. Munoz and dr. Molly for for all your leadership and support
and look forward to continue to work together Thank You trustee and Tukka I
too want to echo your comments and again thank you for your leadership you were
the one who really led this effort and I commend you it’s it’s fantastic that you
took this on and brought it to our attention and took it to a whole nother
level so thank you for your leadership I also wanted to thank you dr. Mooney as
our incredible staff superintendent president dr. O’Malley and the
leadership and of course our Center I’m very proud that we’re working with you
I’m so excited to hear the story you shared Joe and if it’s okay I’d love to
personally meet the student that shared the story and give the student a hug and
some love and that you know it’s definitely a
era where we are like what’s happening nationally and at the administration we
were taking different approach and we’re trying to lead by example and take
leadership in this front that really badly needs it so with that I don’t
think anybody else if I once comment Oh chesty an auto yeah very quickly
congratulations and I I’m just blown away about how quickly you’re able to
pull all this together not only because it was such a monumental effort that had
to be done but you know they’ve been here a couple of months and so so it
shows great leadership and and and we’re never were delighted to have you here
and congratulations on a job well done thank you we will now move on to item
3.2 approval of 2019 calendar of board meetings this will be an action the
recommended action is that the Board of Trustees approved the 2019 calendar of
board meetings as submitted per California Education Code 72000 c4 the
Governing Board of any community college district shall hold regular monthly
meetings and shall by rule and regulation fixed the time and place for
its regular meetings it got deferred to after 8.5 I announced it earlier to
ensure that the Board of Trustees of the Long Beach Community College District is
providing ample opportunity to members to engage with community members at
various local city council meetings and to ensure that the taxpayers and public
have ample opportunity to engage with the Board of Trustees at public meetings
that are not in conflict with other local public meetings the Board of
Trustees hereby presents the following meeting dates for the 2019 year these
dates reflect meetings that will be held on the fourth Thursday evening of the
month unless noted with an open session at 6 p.m. and closed session if needed
at 5:00 p.m. had changed from past meetings in 2018 and prior that were
held on Tuesday evenings ample communications will
distributed to ensure the campus and local community are aware of this change
the regular meetings convene as follows closed session will be at 5:00 p.m. if
needed open session will start at 6:00 p.m.
2019 meeting dates will be January 24th at PCC gg2 through at 38 February 28th
March 28 April 25th May 23rd June 25th 27th July 25th August 22nd September 12
October 24 November 21st which would be the first third Thursday and December 12
the second Thursday do I have a motion for this item so move trustee otto is
there a second come on guys no a second all right vice president
mallalieu okay is there any discussion comments yes trustee baxter yes thank
you I read the whole agenda and I don’t know
how I missed this particular item so I have a comment to make almost every
community activity is held on a Thursday night so I wondered why was first of all
who decided Thursday night and why was Thursday I understand wanting to get
away from Tuesday I understand that but what is the rationale for going to
Thursday when so many events are on a Thursday night I believe by expressing
Scott I can answer that if you don’t but I know you were did you want to take
that question superintendent president dr. O’Malley and her team did a research
of all the different bodies in the districts around us including different
Council and supervisorial seat so they did a comparative analysis and it looked
like Thursday there was the only one that doesn’t conflict with them is my
understanding the reason it wasn’t on a Wednesday or Monday is because board
members had called and there was the school board conflict
with the lb USD meetings Monday’s is the board of harbor commissioned meetings so
for my my employer I mean it’s a conflict for me
so I believe that was the analysis that that comparative analysis can be shared
if you like but if you we could certainly discuss it if you
object to the Thursday do you have meetings do you have an alternative that
you’d prefer no I just earned it but there’s a reason that all these
community activities are on Thursday night is exactly what you said but only
the legislative bodies were looked at the board of supervisors the harbour
Commission the the Long Beach Unified and the City Council so they all meet on
those three days for the reason that most activities are on Thursday nights
because nobody else meets on Thursday night I you know I happen to be somebody
who goes to a lot of events on in community events so I’m concerned about
that because obviously if I miss a meeting that’s my number one obligation
is to the sport of Trustees but I am concerned that this was presented was it
presented at the September meeting and I missed it no this is the first time
trustee Baxter but it that’s why we want to have the discussion and you’re
certainly more than welcome to express your viewpoints and we can decide us
collectively as a body whether or not we want to pursue this so you do would you
like to recommend a different date in my foolishness I think we should stay on
Tuesday night because I don’t think it’s important for this board to go to the
City Council but there are certain people on this board who obviously think
that’s very important so you know my preference would be to stay on the
Tuesday night like like we’ve always done
however you know this is majority rule and if the other for board members feel
the Thursday is better you know I obviously will comply and I obviously
will be at the meetings okay thank you is there anything else
dr. trusty pastor can I move on to vice president mallalieu okay i seconded this
motion because I felt that you were looking for a second given that nobody
else was participating in that motion however I – I’m concerned about Thursday
only because you know to be to be honest personally the thought of a Thursday
night meeting of a governing body it just sounds a little tough on a week
when you look at the week schedule as you know you you get started on a
weekend some some places like in the summer we you know we shut down in the
summer and thought of having a Thursday night some of our meetings have gone
till 10 o’clock at night and if you’re not gonna be here at work on Friday and
you’ve you know planned some time away I mean me personally it doesn’t matter but
thinking of staff and staff having to be here on Fridays you know that just seems
like a difficult day to plan such a heavy activity as you know for me like I
said I’m gonna be here no matter what but there are other people involved I
also think that I have heard lots of times that there are people in Long
Beach because we do serve a city and a community that is really intertwined and
there’s so many activities that happen there have been lots of times when we’ve
had City Council members speak and we’ve also had to attend council meetings for
various issues I remember last year the pool was an issue and there was some
conflict there but as far as like with the harbor Commission or Long Beach
Unified we can work around a Monday or Wednesday because if they only meet you
know the 1st and 3rd Monday then perhaps we can do the second and fourth Monday
or the first and third Wednesday then we could meet the first and third Wednesday
so I don’t know if I just said the same thing or not but basically I just think
that a Thursday evening meeting sounds
difficult for me and to impose that on the community and students and people
trying to go home you know I could just see our participation is a bit
lackluster as it is on Tuesday I could just see how that might affect a
Thursday so that’s my opinion I I would prefer that we keep it to a Monday or
Wednesday and just work with the harbor Commission and Long Beach Unified and
alternate with them because if we do have families or other residents in the
community at least they can have an option like this week I’ll go to the
College Board meeting and next week I’ll go to the school board meeting and then
you’re you’re kind of cutting everything off on Wednesday you’re not interfering
with a lot of community activities on Thursday also – one other thing sports
you know there there tends to be a lot more sports planned toward the end of
the week football games and a lot of other activities that happen with teams
that have to travel so it’s just an imposition that we should consider
that’s it thank you okay just for a sake of clarification this was requested at a
as a request of one board member this was not my idea and the majority it was
the majority’s concurrence that we evaluate and ask staff to come up with
the day that a day that works best for all the legislative calendars and and
also for staff so this is staffs recommendation but at the same time one
Monday’s will not work for me I can’t it’s because of my employer I can make
Wednesdays work but at the same time I want to honor that board members request
since trustee and took you were the one who brought this to our attention I want
to give you an opportunity to give your comments if you like and see what your
preference is as well and then also trustee auto first thought it wasn’t me
that brought this agenda item believe it’s trustee malulu back in
August had requested it it’s not my request
I too am concerned this is the first time we’re having this discussion I I
would have liked to see the analysis that the staff put together
there wasn’t an attachment of the report or prior discussion after the
introduction in the item I think I heard there was a report but I don’t know
beyond this I would have liked to see the options of Monday Wednesday
what other dates I think Thursday’s are also problematic and would like to see
kind of what what was analysis and but it wasn’t my agenda request
I understand both both of you had asked me it’s the board president to look at
this so if whoever asked first you had requested and said I wanted to honor
your request frankly you know I I asked both everyone if there was any questions
on this and if you had questions and concerns about the background and the
comparative analysis you could have asked ahead of time of the meeting so I
would just ask that you please consider that in the future if you do have some
questions which are significant in this case that you would ask the staff ahead
of time so they can present you with what you’re looking for trustee otto did
you want to add something to the well discussion I mean it’s all surprised to
me that this has been going on it’s the first I’ve heard of it but my sense is
if it’s okay my sense is if it’s not broke don’t fix it and it seems to be
working out or it’s worked out historically on Tuesday nights and
there’s a good reason for this I don’t know how to debate it but if if there’s
been a study or some thinking about it I haven’t seen what that is or the
rationale for sight I’d rather not vote on adopting it tonight and some more
information sure so why don’t we do this I’ve heard
everyone’s kind of I’m personally of the mindset that you shared trustee otto and
trustee Baxter I don’t see a need to change it personally I but I wanted to
honor board members requests and so what perhaps we can continue the item to
November and have the analysis provided to everyone would that work if I may if
staff could consider keeping it on Tuesday but just alternating it with the
City Council meeting so at least there is no conflict there no I mean every
third Tuesday you know I don’t know if there’s a there’s there’s an you know an
opportunity there to have some leeway with that because that that’s really
appears to be the only meeting that some of some people who have have expressed
concern to not be able to attend ours but that’s it if they can consider
keeping it on Tuesday but just a different Tuesday perhaps okay why don’t
we have this analyzed so I hear you okay do I have a motion to continue with the
item substitute motion because we have a motion on the floor
I just why don’t I just withdraw the motion and if you want me we already
have a second so we either have to vote or it take it substitute motion motion
to continue yeah we want to do it unless yeah let’s do the substitute motion to connect next meeting for so we have
proper analysis reason why we were pushing to get this on when I’m
I was asking was that we’re headed to 2019 shortly so we need to get it yeah
staff are asking yeah this was a question it was I wanted to put it on
October on November’s agenda so that superintendent president dr. Molly would
be back and so should we all right is there a substitute motion to continue
the item to November would you like to make the motion okay who liked a second
a second a vice president mallalieu so let’s go ahead and unless there’s any
more debate and discussion I just want to say I do support the idea of
evaluating this and open to looking at alternate dates I just didn’t get a
chance to participate in the process so I think it’s a great idea to continue
and and I hope maybe we have two or three options presented at the next
meeting that’s a very reasonable request trustee and took and we will we’ll make
sure that staff will bring that that analysis to the table for November so
Madam Secretary I didn’t call for the vote
virginia baxter i walk joe in tuck i Doug Otto and Sandy Zia I okay moving on
to item 3.3 resolution board members absence documented action is that the
Board of Trustees adopt resolution 10 23 18 a authorizing composition to board
member virginia baxter for the meeting of September 12 2018 from which she was
absent as a submitted California Education Code section 72 or 2 4 D
provides that a member may be paid for any meeting when absent if the board by
resolution duly adopted and included in its minutes finds that at the time of
the meeting he or she is performing services outside the meeting for the
Community College District he or she was ill or on jury duty or the absence was
due to a hardship deemed acceptable by the board the compensation shall be a
charge against the funds of the district do I have a motion moved motion made by
trustee auto seconded by trustee and took
is there any discussion comments let’s go ahead and call for the vote
virginia baxter abstain of course Vivian mallalieu I would walk Joe in tuk I Doug
Otto I in Sonny’s yeah I okay we will now move on to consent agenda I believe
is there a request deployed on 5.17 and 5.18 I have it marked here okay all
right then if there is no requests to pull any
items do we have a motion to approve the consent agenda moved by trustee auto
seconded by trustee in took yeah questions comments discussion this this
is just a brief comment and it’s not necessarily about the motion I just want
to commend staff because I do see the changes that have been made to the
consent reports particularly budget items and I really appreciate that it I
think it alleviates a lot of questions it eliminates a lot of questions and
alleviates a lot of concerns that the public may have thank you for taking
heed to our suggestions and our requests the the reports look the same but the
information and content is presented differently so you know when I when I
look through the consent calendar it it’s it’s easier for me to understand as
a lay person without really you know math background so I appreciate that and
I I do look forward to if we do have other concerns I feel like the
administration is very receptive and responsive to our request for clarity on
the reports so thank you very much for that
great thank you vice president mallalieu any other comments questions before we
take the vote madam secretary go ahead and clean it Baxter aye Liu aye
ludovic Joe inter hi Doug otto and sen easier i okay we will now move on to
item 6.1 a new modified and activated courses the recommended action is that
the Board of Trustees approved the new modified and inactivated courses
effective fall 2019 is submitted these courses have been created and activated
or modified to meet title five requirements to provide additional
general education or program options to meet industry requirements and/or to
respond to advisory committee recommendations new inactivated and
modified courses were developed and approved by their respective college
departments in schools modifications may include changes to course subjects units
course description course number class size maximum Quora co-requisite or
prerequisite documentation has been reviewed by the course evaluation
subcommittee and approved by the Committee on curriculum and instruction
is there a report on this or before I call for the motion no is there okay
call for the motion so moved moved by trustee and took and seconded by trustee
baxter let’s have the discussion questions comments by vice president
mallalieu I have a question about the first course and I don’t even know if
anybody is available to answer it right now or it’ll just have to be you know
later but the socio seventeen class introduction of sociology of gender I’ve
seen that class as an upper division class at universities and I was just
wondering you know has it been taught as a you know lower division class first
and second year and and what other community colleges are offering that
because that was always the word introduction obviously has it as you
know lower division class I get that but the sociology of gender has always been
you know especially I’ve taken that class in Women’s Studies and it’s always
been an upper division class so just curious to know the background on that
and how I mean it’s great that we’re teaching that but how we were able to
teach that presidency we have our curriculum chair Wendy Koenig here in
our Dean of Academic Phares they can certainly answer this
question fantastic thank you dr. Scott Thank You trustee
mallalieu yeah that’s a good question this does sound like an upper division
course however this has been approved with a what’s called a CID which
indicates that it is acceptable at the CSU’s as a lower division and it’s also
one of the options on as we mentioned the social justice studies so it’s a
really nice fit or two of our ADT’s and it absolutely is considered a lower
division course things have changed in the field I think to sort of offer more
intro classes that used to be specialized so any other questions a
chassis and I just wanna say thank you so much I heard positive feedback from
the administrators and faculty that this is coming forward I took a Women’s
Studies class in college and it was really transformative and an informative
of some of the shared experiences people have and I’m excited that we’re doing
the ADT you know it’s a way for students to be guaranteed to see an admission
both UC and Cal States and it’s a you know for Less unit you know it’s a great
opportunity that we’re continue to expand that secondly I think on this
agenda item two is the welding and the career technical education I know that’s
something that I’ve heard numerous times from the community that we want our
vocational programs back and it’s really wonderful for us to be able to say that
we’re doing that and we’re doing that in a collaborative way with industry
participation and it’s it’s exciting times to know that this is some of the
work we’re doing so I just want to thank you and your curriculum chair role for
helping evaluate and fast-track and get these these key classes back and going
so thank you Thank You trustee and hug you were gonna really like our January
board reports so if you like the CTE stuff we’ll keep it coming thank you
thank you yeah I won’t you hang on there I think it’s a very great point that you
bring up trustee and took and I want to commend dr. Scott and our Academic
Senate for working on this and the rest of our team and leadership
can can someone a beret Thanh the expansion and like the the direct
correlation with industry and what are some of the things that we’ve done more
better different and I see the sheetmetal the changes there if you guys
can touch on those and help me understand and the public that would be
fantastic president SIA in Jean Carbonaro of the
Dean of CTE is in the audience and I know that he might be the best person to
speak to this lucky for you junior here you get to come and I thank you we’ve
been working quite a few months with a lot of the different trades areas and
we’ve had a lot of industry advisory meetings and I think we started in May
and we’ve gone through this past month and I think we’ve had about five or six
industry meetings and you’re gonna see a lot of curriculum come through in the
next three months I know when these help me out and has has moved a lot of this
forward so we’re we’re in the process you’re gonna start seeing a lot of
things for our new advanced manufacturing program advanced
transportation oughta make automotive technology electrical so we’re revamping
all the courses we’re revamping all the programs we’re moving everything through
so I think what you’re seeing tonight is the first few classes coming through and
I think we have probably 10 to 15 more classes tomorrow on the course eval
meeting things are going through the ADG committee and the programs are moving
through so we’re very very excited for a fall of 19 relaunch of the trades and
we’re hoping with with our industry partners and with all the new curriculum
the faculty been writing that we’re gonna have a major impact in the area on
and helping the port helping the city of Long Beach and providing these jobs that
that are out there for our students and just giving them the opportunity to get
these new high-paying skilled jobs skilled labor jobs so we’re very excited
when the I’ve been working very very hard over
the last six or eight months so Jean can you uh for the benefit of the board and
also the members of the public because we do get quite a bit of questions and
inquiry in this regarding the sea tes can you explain what the process is as
far as adopting new courses or new programs and how you work with industry
the advice Advisory Council that you were just mentioning and then the
timeframe that we could be I think you mentioned fall of 2019 but typically
what’s like what’s the progression of what we can expect to see and just the
process a little bit as it relates to this item yeah so the process is that
what we did was the faculty got together and a lot of the curriculum was old
curriculum and what we did was we we decided we got together with the
industry partners and the good thing is we have a great partner on campus the
workforce development people Melissa emphysema she has outstanding contacts
in the community so she she along with the faculty were able to get a lot of
industry partners together around the table and the faculty presented the
curriculum the way they thought it was going to be moving forward and they gave
us their feedback so we spent a few months just meeting with advisory people
getting the feel for what what does want what is needed out there in the
community and what what what the industry is looking for and then the
process just started and it is a it is a process because we have to not only go
through our local processes but we have the regional consortium that we have to
meet with and that’s my part I’m pushing that part of it through the region the
Faculty of pushing it through to college so we’re hoping you know with what we’re
doing with the regional consortium working with the advisory members
getting those industry partners on board and just getting through this process
it’s it’s over a year-long process so it takes a while to get everything done but
I think what we wanted to do was make sure we had good curriculum and all
starts with good curriculum and make sure that the the courses are well
written make sure the objectives are correct that the what we’re teaching him
is what the industry wants and I think we kind of got away from that a little
bit and I think the great thing is everything that we
putting to get we’re putting together now is what the industry has told us
what they want so I think we streamline you’re gonna see a lot of the curriculum
if you’ve been here why you know the curriculum you’re gonna see streamlined
and you’re gonna see students be able to get in and out and get to different
parts into the workplace so they can get these little certificates and move on or
they can stay get the degrees and come back and get specialized certificates so
we’re doing stackable certificates we’re doing a s degrees all the different
types of things in the industry says that they want from us
and I think what you’re gonna start seeing is in the moving away from like
high unit degrees 50 units 40 units students being in five years six years
never really obtaining anything and you’re gonna start seeing more of these
thirty units get out and get employed and get a job and then maybe come back
and get some more specialized training to kind of move up in the career so I
think that’s what we’re excited about where we’re presenting some really
you’re gonna start seeing some really good curriculum in the next few months
here and then I think in the fall of nineteen with a nice big kick-off
campaign and kind of redevelop CT website we’re kind of working on
everything and it’s kind of we have a plan and hopefully it’s fall of nineteen
is when that plan takes place we’re pretty excited and can you name a couple
of your or the highlights of your industry partners that you work with who
are some of those industry partners that you work with I’m sorry who are some of
the industry partners you work with well we are working we have pretty auto let’s
I’ve been to all the meetings so it’s been kind of overwhelming but we have a
very exclusive industry part in which I don’t think I want to share right now
because we haven’t finalized it yet and maybe it’ll be a little premature but we
I’m very excited about our advanced transportation industry partner I would
just let you know they’re kind of a competitor to Tesla but I think we’re
gonna have a great relationship with them we’ve been working with the city of
Long Beach we’ve been working with the Port of Long Beach so we’ve had a lot of
our advisory members and people who have been on the committee’s have been from
the local communities I know my department head Scott Fraser knows these
people a lot better than I do and he’ll point out people and so this
is this is a good one this is there’s a good person to have so I don’t know all
of the the names of these people have a thought in my head but I do know we’re
very fortunate to have a lot of good companies in Long Beach who have come to
us and are very excited our last advisory meeting we had was for advanced
manufacturing and that would that went over so well and we had been about 27
industry partners from companies all over and they were so excited about what
we were doing and the curriculum we shared with them and they were just like
this is exactly what we want so I’m very excited and I hope to maybe do a
presentation and give you a little bit more detail maybe at the next meeting or
if or an upcoming meeting where I can give you a little bit maybe up a nice
PowerPoint and kind of explain our direction and I wasn’t paired tonight to
do that I promise I’ll come back more prepared we’re very excited about what
you guys are creating what the faculty is creating with your at the curriculum
and we’re certainly looking forward to seeing what you have and also the
process that leads to selecting these partners and what we can do to support
you as board members with our contacts and all our relationships because we’re
we’re here for you if anybody else yes the programs both campuses are they
primarily at the PCC campus most of the trade all the trades are at the Pacific
Coast campus but that’s not to say we’re not doing anything else but the other
CTE program so my focus has been when I started because I’ve been here 36 years
as a faculty member but only about 10 months as a Dean although it seems like
about five years but it’s only been about ten months and I’ve been spending
a lot of my time with the trades but now it’s not like I’m in the gym neglecting
the other parts we have some really exciting things coming with culinary and
we have some exciting things coming which cos I think maybe there was a
mention about the computer or cyber program tonight and we have another
great cloud program coming with Amazon Web Services and that’s gonna be a great
collaboration and I know some of the other
is like food and nutrition and Fashion Design and Merchandising we’re working
on their curriculum so we got some really cool stuff coming up and the
trades are mostly at PCC great last question I know Wendy’s a chair the
curriculum committee but how does this parlay with the Academic Senate or
what’s the next step within the academic Senate’s role is governing body for
curriculum but in this case we gave that purview to the curriculum committee
so once the curriculum committee approves all these courses and
certificates and degrees then they get sent directly to the board so then
there’s no need for us the Senate to approve it again so we rely on them to
do that work for us it’ll just come straight to the board once it’s finally
from the curriculum committee it comes to the body yes thank you so it sounds
like it’s delegated authority correct okay all right if no one has any further
comments questions dr. Scott did you want to add anything because I know this
is this is a big deal for us and unless you have any thank you I would just like
to congratulate Jean carbonara he’s done a fabulous fabulous job I can’t believe
the amount of work has been done in ten months and I’m sure you feel like you’ve
been in this job for five years that you’ve just done a fabulous job and the
faculty have done a fabulous job and they’re having extra meetings of the
curriculum committee just to get some of this curriculum through so I mean
everybody is working extra hard and I just couldn’t be more grateful and we
have fabulous leadership Jorge Wendy and Michelle it’s just been great and thanks
Jean all eyes on CTE yes testy Otto just a point that is you know in my mind the
answer to the enrollment dilemma is quality programs that people want
because they know that there are jobs at the end of them obviously we do lots of
academic things but our great things about everything that’s going on and you
don’t look five years older but it’s it’s very exciting because I
remember not that long ago when we were due to financial circumstances having to
eliminate some programs the main reason was because we didn’t have the
relationships with the business community with the trades and and I see
that that’s the foundation and it’s a lot of work and to get that and get it
right and that’s the own that that’s the main way that you roll enrollment is by
having people say I want to do that because I know that that’s gonna get me
a job and and what it is and if it’s just like well I’m gonna I’ve always
wanted to take an interior design class that’s different
congratulations so exciting great let’s call for the vote Madam
Secretary virginia baxter i vivian malulu a resounding I go to walk Joe in
tuck I dug Otto and sunny Zia I okay we will now move on to item six point two
new modified and activated programs of study this is a recommended action that
the Board of Trustee approved the programs of study has submitted these
programs of study which include new modified and inactivated degrees and
certificates were created to meet title five and industry requirements respond
to advisory committee recommendations on or to facilitate transfer the programs
of the study were developed and are modified and improved by their
respective college departments in schools documentation has been reviewed
by the associate degree general education subcommittee and approved by
the Committee on curriculum and instruction do I have a motion so moved
trustee in took and trustee baxter second any questions comments discussion
yes this is a great movement on that I get see when I was a student 20 years
ago I did the I get see and and never got recognized for it I don’t know if
I’m eligible we can I just wanted to say thanks it’s nice to
get this and I know it’s gonna boost our completion numbers we’re not doing this
in the past and it’s gonna help us move up and be have more student success
thank you and just for the benefit of the public the I get C stands for
intersegmental general education transfer curriculum and I just wanted to
also commend staff and dr. Scott I know you and your team and dr. superintendent
president dr. Ramani you are very humble and you know you’re you have quiet power
but if you could just explain a little bit about what this entails and how much
this will benefit the district and the enrollment ability because you know
we’re on this you know absolute hands on deck focus about enrollment increasing
enrollment and if you could just connect the dots for the board and the public on
how this would support our community also support our district and increasing
on our enrollment and what value this will add that would be fantastic before
we take a vote sure these two general education patterns the CSU GE and the I
get see what you did name properly they will provide our students certificates
which they can then use for whatever purpose they choose and there isn’t any
confusion with these with financial aid or when students come in and they say I
want to get a degree in whatever or a certificate in something once they’ve
achieved that then they lose their financial aid and until they reach out
for a different goal so with these people don’t come in to the College and
say I’m here for a certificate and I get see they usually don’t even know that it
exists so these could potentially be auto awarded to our students and we
could and like I said in my original comments nine hundred and twenty three
of them would have been awarded if we had done this last year and that would
very easily have meant that we weren’t 71 out of 72 incompletions other
colleges have been give he’s away for a long time and we have
not and I think that we just need to we need to do what we should be doing and
if students have a certificate and they don’t for whatever reason end up
completing it does give them a certificate that they can put on a
resume and it would be helpful to them getting these getting these done also is
a big stepping stone for them to transfer and so as we look at promised
2.0 are these are the classes the students will take in order to go to CSU
and get their guaranteed admission so having this be on everybody’s radar to
be a goal for us is critical for our students and I don’t know if Wendy or
Michelle have any additional comments it’s fantastic dr. Scott I am very
excited about this and I that’s why I wanted to pause I know we typically
don’t really stop on the on these particular items but I think it’s just
tremendous what we’re doing and I would submit to the board that they would
agree I don’t want to speak on behalf of the board but this is really substantial
and really great work that our team is doing that will have tangible impact on
the district on our students getting career and college-ready so I want to
commend you if there is any what else who wants to comment if there are none
let’s call for the question call for the boat and Madam Secretary virginia baxter
i Vivian Malu I walk Joe in tuck I Doug Otto Sen easier I okay item 7.1
childcare fee increase effective November 1 2018 recommended action is
that the Board of Trustee approve the proposed fee increase for the child care
center effective November 1 2018 is submitted the proposed fee increase will
make us compliant with the California Department of Education daily
reimbursement rates as identified in the chart below our tuition rates need to
match or be higher than the current CDE reimbursement rate
it has also been determined that these rates meet the current Los Angeles
County market rates for child care services this is the chart I’m not gonna
go over all the fees in the chart but I do want to ask well first do we have a
motion for this item motion by trustee auto second by trustee
and took for the vice president Scott if you could dr. Scott if you could just
explain this item and why there’s an increase and just a little bit about our
child development center and the impacts there and I’d really appreciate it
similar to what you explained to me okay yes I was certainly will and we also
have in the audience state stacy smith clark our manager for one of our child
development centers and she can come up and give more I can’t do that firstly we
do have subsidized care at our child development centers 65 percent of our
state of our families at PCC have subsidized child care at LDC 55 percent
have subsidized child care so when the state raises the amount that they’re
going to give us then that does allow us more money for our programs but on the
negative side then we have to raise the rates for the families who are
unsubsidized because we have to but we have to charge the same amount as we are
reimbursed there really isn’t any choice for us so that is the situation and we
are still our charges are still less than our two biggest competitors so
we’re still reasonably priced for extraordinarily good child care we have
very low ratios of children to instructors but this isn’t something
that we have a choice about whenever this happens periodically every six
months when they raised a subsidy rates which does give us more money but then
we do have to raise the rates for unsubsidized families okay and if you
could just touch on how many families our subsidy received subsidies and
with percentages just is it already there and I’m missing it well 65% of the
families who go to the PCC child care center are subsidized 55 percent of the
families at La si are subsidized okay and what is what is the threshold for
like what was there is it based on income level yes
for a single person it’s less than fifty thousand and I don’t know the other
rates I would have to have some Stacy Smith Clark come up and answer that
question for family Thank You Stacy while she’s walking up one of the the
board’s that I serve on I’m on the early childhood education board of the YMCA
and we you know the majority of our population is subsidized families too
and I can tell you that the rates that lbcc is charging are you know very
competitive in comparison to what the care for the children being offered and
the program and the facility I mean it’s just outstanding the the board that I
serve on manages five of the preschools in the greater Long Beach area and I
mean you know when we look at our financials and by comparison to this we
have a lot more subsidized families but this is you know a very competitive
program public program so I think you’re doing a great job and you know it’s
unfortunate that fees have to increase but we are not the ones who said that
correct you know we actually have to abide by what said so our families are
also being impacted too in the communities that we serve or tend to be
lower income so so there there’s a significant difference and yet the
product the outcome is greater thank you so much good evening so as dr. Scott
said 65 percent of our families at PCC 55% of our families at La see the
highest threshold it basically goes by how many adults in the family
and then how many children they have but for a two-parent family if they were
making less than $65,000 they would qualify for some types of state subsidy
we’re currently receiving seven hundred and seventy thousand dollars in subsidy
and it looks like will that will be increased so we’ll be able to help more
families within the next coming year but as we said unfortunately we have to
raise our rates for tuition paying families to match Thank You Stacey I I
wanted to just you put this out there for consideration I know we had the
state legislature member members of the state legislatures office get a tour of
the facility I think it would be great if the board members can get a tour and
see how we can better support at least for myself I can speak for myself I like
to learn a little bit more one of my friends in the community was telling me
that there was a their fundraising for the center for the center so I wasn’t
clear about the need so I want to be mindful of what we can do to better
support you guys and perhaps we can get a report later but just wanted to put
that out there that there is definitely interest and perhaps coming for a visit
we have some scholarship recipients that work there as well so it’s a it’s a very
wonderful thing that we have and I believe we had we’re the only district
is that right or or one of the few that has to correct okay fantastic is there
anybody else who would like to make a comment or have any other item points to
make if not Thank You Stacey we’ll go ahead and take a look at you virginia
baxter i Vivian mallalieu I would walk Joe in tuk doug otto sonny xia i okay we
are going to move on to item seven point two new board policy new administrative
regulation four zero to nine units two contact hours new this is the first
reading this is new board policy that again units to contact hours is
submitted for informational purposes and do not require board action and the
policy and administrative regulations are required by the California Community
Colleges chancellor’s office and will be submitted with the signed a a 1851
annual credit course and program certification memo in accordance with
established practices the board policy and administrative regulation have been
distributed for review to the president’s Leadership Council the
changes are being recommended as a result of our ongoing review to ensure
compliance with current education and legal codes and accreditation standards
if no one asked questions this is just the first reading and there’s no action
necessary we’ll move on to item 8.1 Academic Senate 3.1 before the board
reports I know that some folks were traveling tonight and I think we’re
gonna run out of time to have that was if you wanted to do that out with the
prudent time would have been at two point twelve and know we’re gonna
reserve that until after a point no you can we’ve already passed that item to a
point well item 8.1 Academic Senate President go ahead and present your
report Thank You president yeah I’ll make mine really brief I do want to
thank and commend Wendy and Michelle they are very good team in getting all
the curriculum moving forward and we’ll be bringing more items and dr. Scott
cover a lot of the activities that I was going to mention but one that she forgot
is that I want to acknowledge the work by counseling faculty Jose Gutierrez who
last week made a lot of seminars for undocumented student week so seminars
events serving our daca students to making sure that they’re welcome here at
Long Beach City College thank you Thank You academic senate president
moving on to item 8.2 classified Senate President Andy Engel I’m excited to
announce that over the past several months classified has worked really hard
to try and get some kind of documentation that kind of shows the
support of the district and maybe some processes and how we get classified
involved and after a lot of cooperation between everybody between all the
members of the classified Senate had feedback from classified management
president President Roh moly VP James Rahon Kristen and Caroline the directors
of HR and a lot of help from the college planning committee a lot of feedback we
came up with a great document and we it’s called the classified Senate
participatory governance support statement and it final it formalizes the
level of commitment and support to our classified professionals in
participating in shared governance and it also clearly defines a process to
follow which should ease management’s concerns so we’re excited that’s behind
us we’re doing the last couple dotting the eyes and crossing the t’s and then
it’s going to be sent out to management and we hope for a smooth process so
thank you thank you so much item 8.3 Board of Trustees I know vice president
mallalieu you had a presentation do we have the presentation up which can me
would you like to go first can we get that up there she’s ready the images
that I sent you yes I think I exude them do you need a little bit more time I
okay do you want to give your report at the wall they were pulling it up where
do you want me to call us yeah maybe somebody else and then I’ll go trustee
Baxter yes thank you presidency yeah um I two things I want to bring up because
my report will be short to first is I have distributed to the day
a flyer on the upcoming helping homeless lbcc students fundraiser if it’s on
Sunday November 4th from 4 to 6 lovely flyer those in the audience who would
like a flyer come up and get them because I had extras run off and this
supports our program of helping students and it’s amazing after being on this
committee for five years more and more students are coming forward whether or
not we have more and more homeless students or whether or not they feel
more comfortable in coming forward and so our raising funds is very very
important we have a number of community donors who are very generous and we’re
very appreciative of that but when you could tell the community the people on
campus and people in the community come to your fundraisers it makes a
significant difference in people’s eyes so I would encourage all of you out
there to come to our fundraiser Vivian is going to show me how to tweet this
out to my Twitter following and I know some of you are following me so then
you’ll get a chance to look at this but anyway student drew up the flyer it’s
the event is in Naples at a beautiful home because Naples parking is difficult
we’re going to have a van college van dried people to the venue it’s going to
be a wonderful event Sunday November 4th from 4 to 6 for a mere $45 so what an
opportunity for you secondly I wanted to explain for those who don’t know why I’m
in a wheelchair on August 23rd I had hip replacement
surgery and unfortunately and I’m I’m telling people this because this is
something that can happen to anyone my femur fracture during or directly after
the surgery where they make you get up and so you don’t have a blood clot and
so I had to have a second surgery on that same hip I have a lovely scar to
set the bone back and to put in a new prosthesis and so I will be in a
wheelchair another 3 weeks and then I’m hoping to be walking and I just want to
thank people I’ve gotten lots of cards and lots of texts and emails
wishing me well but also a lot of people wondering why I’m in a wheelchair and
that’s the reason and that’s the reason I haven’t been going to too many
activities because it’s very difficult to get around sometimes and so I will be
glad to be back on my two feet and running around thank you thank you
trustee baxter vice president mallalieu are you ready for your report okay great
do you mind if I move on to other trustees trustee otto would you like to
give your report actually I’m not gonna give a report tonight because I’m hoping
before I have to get on an airplane before too long that we’ll get to to
agenda item 3.1 okay trustee antek do you have a report I have quite a few
things I’d like to share but I’d also like to get to agenda item 3.1 so I’ll
wait sure okay I guess it’s a my turn until we pull up the trustee Malayalis
report I just wanted to thank staff for their phenomenal work we’ve been very
busy we had the Hall of Fame so I know vice president dr. Scott you have been
great and you stepped up it was quite a night quite an evening we had four
inductees it was so fabulous in case you guys hadn’t had a chance to attend I
have to say it was very moving for me in particular one that trustee Baxter you
were there despite you know being in the recovery mode but it’s just you know the
pride and joy that people take in this district in the college and one
gentleman that really touched my my heart in particular you know when they
had the VIP luncheon his name is Steve Bowles and he he got
up there and he said you know I look I owe my life to this college and you know
that’s a profound thing to say it’s it’s fantastic I’m very I was very
moved by that you know he said he met his best friend here his first love here
he’s a commander of Seal Beach Police Department it was very moving to see
every time I go to these events the Hall of Fame it’s just amazing to see the
dedication the other one I wanted to really it was really touching to see
just the level of commitment and the number of people that he’s touch was
john philpott I was kind of surprised that this was he
wasn’t already inducted in the Hall of Fame that was fantastic to see and you
know you see these videos if you get a chance to go on the Hall of Fame I don’t
know are they are they broadcasted they will be Brian so just take a moment and
it really gives you insight to how amazing our graduates and our alumni are
and what kind of impact they’ve made in the community and continue to make it
how proud and honored they are of being a graduate of Long Beach City College I
also had the pleasure of presenting them with a award and it was very emotional
and I must say it was quite something I know that dr. Scott you reported on
quite a bit of meetings and events that we both went to but I’m not gonna echo
that but I’m excited that we had our promise 2.0 a vine it was incredibly
successful for those of you who hadn’t had a chance the Long Beach Business
Journal did a great article that came out today is my understanding and it
really could I think it distilled what the distinction is on what we mean by
guaranteed transition so I was really in particular happy to see that that no
it’s no longer 60 units it’s 45 but it was great to see it codified in a matter
in an article that was broadcasted to the public that is easily understood it
could be insolent it’s easier to understand and then I
also wanted to commend staff and I know that we’re there working on the rollout
and the mechanics of it so I’m sure we’re going to hear more about it and
then Maritime Center for Excellence I believe dr. Scott is that something that
is good it’s on its way the Maritime Center for Excellence just on the
Maritime Center for Excellence is that something that we’re working on in
identifying where the location is going to be and what if you if you could just
speak to that that would be fantastic sure there’s various components to that
and I don’t have it in front of me but it does include a boot camp for the
students at Cabrillo high school it will also include an advisory committee that
we’re putting together for it supply chain management okay it’s got its got a
component of not for credit training for the public to come in and we expect the
center to be at the PCC campus we’re still identifying a location but it may
be very close to Workforce Development or in that area okay great yeah I I know
it was in the making but I wanted to just gonna get a timeframe on that
that’s fantastic so I’m assuming we’re going to get a report soon on that front
but I also wanted to echo trustee Baxter’s comments trustee Baxter and I
have been partners since 2015 on our homeless student task force and
Foundation has that associate group that we support and I think it’s a nominal
fee to ask for forty five dollars to support our students and I know trustee
bastard you may be able to provide more detail on how many students we’ve helped
so far but I think it’s been quite substantive because in addition to
putting students in rental housing we also provide students with emergency
gift cards for gasoline groceries and things like that we also a bus passes
and so I would say hundreds of students have been helped in in these past years
yeah and we’re looking at working to increase that effort so this is just
something that I wanted to really acknowledge your efforts trustee Baxter
and your partnership in the task force that we’re taking it to the next level
and for those of you who haven’t seen the campus community magazine is it’s
what we call it or newsletter and if you look we I just wanted to give a huge
shout out I think it’s on the first or second page it’s also in the email that
we get those are promise 2.0 for those of you who haven’t seen this picture I
also wanted to give a big shout out and their picture is here to the Southwest
Regional carpenters and they in speaking of supporting our homeless students they
had found out that we are doing a food drive at the college and at the district
and I got a call from them they volunteered and they brought us over 88
boxes huge boxes of non-perishable food and support resources for our students
so I just wanted to give a big shout out to them and really thank them and with
that I think I’ve I’m going to stop there there’s so many great things
happening but I want to give an opportunity to vice president mallalieu
and other trustees because after this and we’re going to move on to 3.1 and
there will be no more trustee reports go ahead vice president mallalieu thank you
thank you I’ll try to be quick because I know that we do have people who have to
catch a flight so first of all I just want to let you guys know Maya I
apologize I actually sent the slides to a different Myra and I sent you a
screenshot of her response to me she’s also an educator she said thank you and
she gives you her best regards when I told her I sent it to the wrong Myra I’d
like to start really quickly just to recap this month I did attend the
executive meeting of the nation and it was a great experience to
see the foundation and to look at the financials and to talk to some of the
members on that body had never been to one of those meetings but as vice
president of the board I am the foundation liaison shows are a really
neat experience I also attended the college promise 2.0 event the Social
Sciences open house last Friday I got there
about halfway through tour closer toward the end and there were still a couple of
hundred people Friday night at a community college that says a lot it was
great it was very well attended even that late in the day that late in the
week I was at homecoming this past week and I would like to commend the
foundation for the great job they did of hosting the barbecue there at the end it
was it was really neat I also want to express my appreciation for the student
body and ASB for their effort and the homecoming festivities the crowning the
court I understand that we are going through some changes and I understand
that that particular aspect of our campus is experiencing some growing
pains and I know that things will improve and I’ve been to every
homecoming in the last few years and I’ve seen some great halftime shows and
some great participation and you know I look forward to having the same in the
future and I appreciate the changes that are happening so let this be a learning
year and let up coming home you know future homecomings be what you know
we’re accustomed to and what we deserve and before I get to the last part of my
report I just want to congratulate mr. Alex Castro who we named at the
beginning of the meeting for his retirement I know Alex Castro very well
he was a custodian who cleaned the classroom that I taught in when I was a
professor when I taught here and I got to know him very well because I spent
lots of late-night hours here correcting student work working on the
Viking newspaper so I got to know him really well and I will express my
congratulations to him and I hope he has a very long very healthy retirement and
he is also a pastor so we’ve had some opportunities of Prayer together so he’s
a very dear friend of mine and I’m gonna miss him and in closing I had an
opportunity to represent lbcc at the Haku conference and that’s the Hispanic
Association of colleges and universities and it was a great experience it was two
week two weekends ago and I was able to meet with other trustees from other
community colleges who experienced the same frustration that we do with the
current administration and the cutback in services for our students and funding
so I’m gonna close my trustee report by displaying three slides and I’m just
gonna leave them right there for you go ahead and Meyer a hit number one so you
guys can check this out for yourself forty-one percent of all undergraduate
students in California are of a Latino Hispanic descent that’s 1.1 million
three hundred forty one thousand five hundred sixty one students next slide
Latinos Hispanics are the largest racial demographic group attending college in
California in there it’s got all the other breakdowns of all the other
ethnicities now remember this was at a Hispanic conference but they were very
very good about including other demographics and the diversity at this
conference I was very surprised I expected it to be all Latinos and it
wasn’t so it was really good information and the last one I’m gonna leave this
one right there for you for every one Latino tenured faculty member there are
282 Latino students and the ratio for whites for everyone
Caucasian tenured faculty member there are 32 students so we’ve got a lot of
work to do and they chose California over every other state in the country to
highlight with this in firm so I felt really fortunate to be able to
bring that back to you and that’s it have a great rest of your month
vice-president mallalieu can I ask a question did they speak about like what
are the plans and what are some of the recommendations to address this ratio at
the conference actually they did I attended one workshop which talked about
recruiting it was particularly recruiting professors and it was
actually something that Cathy Scott is working on as far as a teacher track and
an education model at the Community College and it also talked about
partnering which we already do with our local universities and recruiting
instructors you know upon their graduation so that was a great workshop
and I do have some handouts from there and another thing too that they’re also
working on is trying to implement again very similar to College promise is
partnerships with industry professionals and getting industry professionals in
the trades that are you know of minority descent who come and teach the classes
so that would certainly boost you know our CTE classes or you know but they did
address that yes that would be great and it would be wonderful to get a report on
the conference as a whole perhaps at a different board meeting I’m assuming
both trustee in took and auto don’t want to give a report correct okay so I’m
going to move on to item eight point four board travel there is no
expenditures that we were going to approve this time around
item eight point five trustee committees this we do have the Facilities Committee
that we have formed just for the benefit of the public I wanted to express the
trustee and took an eye or on that committee and we are looking at two
different dates it looks like it may be in January that we will convene and that
would be fully publicized and the members of the public will hear about it
I also fail to mention this so this is a very exciting development
on this front and just in general at the bow as we are opening it up even more in
the sake of transparency staff has done a tremendous job what you don’t know is
that you’re being live-streamed tonight and for those of you at home now you can
have the ability to see the board meetings live and at no cost to the
district well with it just something very nominal library for the license fee
if I’m not mistaken so that should be exciting for all of you item 3.1 and we
will now move to item 3.1 revised board policy and administrative regulation
2001 board travel this is an item it’s an action item and the recommended
action is that the Board of Trustees approved the revised board policy 2001
board travel as submitted and revised board policy 2001 more travel was
presented for the first reading and the board meeting of September 12 2008 een
revised administrative regulation 2001 board travel submitted for informational
purposes only and does not require board action discussions between board members
regarding the board’s travel expenses took place at the meeting of August 21
22 thousand eighteen board president Zia requested that they travel budget be
revised to include an expense threshold of three thousand three hundred for each
board member per fiscal year and we first got the information August 21 and
then we approved this item on September 12 for 3300 per fiscal year per board
member on again and September 12th this is the second reading do I have a motion is there a motion is there a second anybody second so we can have a
discussion I’ll go ahead and second a motion so that we can have a discussion
is there a problem trustees do you not want to go ahead and
approve what you already approved I’m going
open it up to discussion trustee and tuck I’m sorry was it just the indica
audit did you have to take off as soon so I wanted to make sure you get hurt
before you have to leave I didn’t know you had to leave yeah you know I I don’t
support this policy change I don’t think that it’s necessary I think that it
flies in the face of what we’re supposed to do when we are accredited it says
that we are supposed to go to conferences and and do things I realize
that that it’s important to to be prudent in the way that we travel and
there’s a very simple way to do that and that is rather than call out a limit per
year on for each trustee and the amount of money that can be spent which you
know the faculty doesn’t do that that staff doesn’t do that it’s a very
inflexible way of doing this I think the simple way to do this and I’ve actually
talked this over with our superintendent president is just say that all board
travel must be pre-approved by the superintendent president and she’s got
her finger on the pulse of what’s going on you know where we are financially
where we need things what I’m worried about is for example if Vivian wants to
go to a particular conference because she’s trying to do things at the state
level but she can’t because she bumped up against something that she’d been
she’d gone to a conference in Georgia or something like that but it would be
really good and there and it would be something that she’s working on you know
it would be a it would be unfortunate if that wasn’t possible but the
superintendent presidents in the best position I think to to make those
decisions so I don’t support this what I would rather see is the policy changed
to say going to go to the this the second
sentence it says payment or reimbursement of Trustee travel expenses
will follow their districts procedures for staff that’s fine but then I would
eliminate the next sentence which puts a limit on the amount that a trustee can
spend a year and replace it with the sentence it says all board travel must
pre pre approved by the superintendent president it’s flexible it doesn’t send
a message to creditors that we’re trying to limit what trustees may need to do as
elected officials to do the job that they do and so that’s what my
recommendation is okay thank you trustee otto other trustees after thinking about
this because I have a lot of time on my hands sitting at home I agree with
trustee otto there are some people who get involved at the statewide and the
national level which causes them to attend conferences back east and
obviously in the state and although I am NOT one to go to a lot of conferences
there I don’t think that I should take the right from somebody else and I
understand we need to watch the budget I’m a very fiscally conservative person
and I think that we can rely on superintendent president Rome Ally to
watch the budget and watch what’s going on and especially if we can tell her
ahead of time what until secretary Hahn what conferences will be going to she
will have a good idea how much is in the budget okay let me just make sure I
understand you want you both want one we’ve already voted for this this is the
second time we’re voting for this is the second meeting you both want
superintendent president dr. O’Malley to manage the expenditure without any
threshold what is she against I guess what I’m recommending and there’s a
motion on the floor but I would defeat this as a board policy I would say that
there should be a new board policy put forward the new board policy would
eliminate the sentence that says there will be a limit of 3,300 dollars per
year assigned to each board member to cover all associated travel in
conference cost an itemized expenditures will be agenda with just that much we
can certainly do that and then we’ll bring it back for a first reading and a
second reading I think it’s a smart thing to do I in my experience and I see
trustees that are successful in California and throughout the United
States and a lot of the experiences that they have in meeting other trustees is
very informative that largely happens at conferences the effective trustee ship
program pretty much has to be done at these conferences and I’m not sure that
that could be accomplished I mean if we’ve talked about gee maybe
we could do this training on campus I think that’s much more expensive and
complicated and difficult to do so I would rather defeat this proposal
it’s a provoked today and then resubmitted as I suggest amended trustee
otto and you know I remind you that you were the trustee that has the most
expenditures for travel thirty-seven thousand dollars over four years out of
anybody in this board and we’re asking staff to cut 25 percent of expenditures
the $3,300 threshold was brought up by trustee in Tuck on August 21st that
would be 25% cut to our budget I don’t think it’s prudent I’m surprised that
both of you trustee Baxter you were the one who supported it when we it was
first brought up that we should have threshold because frankly I think you
know the discussion was that a lot of these are redundant trainings
there’s no justifications half the time it’s used as you know socializing and
you know I think it’s a absolutely against what we’re preaching
to the staff that we want them to cut we have a deficit we have a deficit in this
district that we keep pounding and we keep hitting staff with that they have
to maintain fiscal prudence and here we are giving ourselves no threshold no
limitation of what we can spend and yeah we’re telling staff you need to do this
I don’t think that’s a quote appropriate that’s not leading by example and we had
had this discussion I’m surprised to hear that there is even qualms on the
second reading folks we said we’re going to take 25% hit just like everybody else
trust see and took sat here and did a calculation and came up with 3,300
dollars I don’t understand what the issue is
here and I before I move on to any other trustee I’m gonna ask you trustee otto
who on this board have you spoken to about this I don’t I just I’m asking you
if you’ve spoken to more than one board member on this board know who have you
taught to talk to you on this item already excuse me I haven’t I haven’t
recognized you please follow Robert’s Rules of Order just like you have
advised me in the past trustee otto I am asking you because I want to know if
there has been a violation of the Brown Act and if there has been a serial
communication on this okay so you haven’t had a conversation with more
than one board member on this I’m not gonna respond to your question I think
you’re wrong because this is exactly what you say we need and that’s a break
on expenses and the best person to provide that break is our soup no
because you will rub me know to interrupt me I I have the floor now I
will lectures are as event the superintendent president is the person
concerned they can say no we don’t need that she has a better sense of all this
and that that’s a better break than some our victory number okay trustee otto I
have seen you personally get down in the weeds and bullies staff in this district
and I will not allow you to do that with our superintendent president but putting
the onus excuse me do not interrupt I’m still talking putting the onus on the
superintendent president we have made a decision as a board because if we don’t
have clear-cut thresholds guess what corners can be cut corners can be cut
you are already doing it you’re already trying to push the limit when we’re
asking faculty how come faculty have to give up all their ability to go on
travel and for professional development how come they have to take a excuse me
I’m talking yeah there you have it we have our union president over in the in
the crowd do you really want to do that do you really want to practice what you
preach or do you want to just put an arbitrary requirement on the
superintendent president and then have it behind closed doors handled the best
disinfectant here is sun shining it and why not why can’t we see the travel of
the Board of Trustees to this day this board has not seen the travel
expenditures of the board members and I think it’s absolutely prudent for us to
do that vice president you have you have had your ability to talk trustee otto I
will not recognize you I will move on to trustee implement vice president
mallalieu thank you so a couple of things one I was not here at the August
meeting when this vote happened that was the meeting where I had two flight
delays and was stuck due to one weather and to mechanical failure so I missed
that that was one vote that I missed that I did want to be here for and not
having been here for that or for the discussion this is my first opportunity
to actually address this board policy change this proposed change so while I
do support the it of the change I do think it is
absolutely important that we lead by example and I do think that we should if
we impose a change or a cut in staff travel I do I do believe that the board
should also follow suit and that’s not just for our governing body but for any
governing body if if any governing body is requiring their subordinates or their
staff to cut anything they should also do the same
so in philosophy I’m a hundred percent behind it the trouble that I’m having
and I’m conflicted again because I support the spirit of this change in
practice you know it it was a hardship for me because I’m looking at the $3,300
that was imposed I’m in Atlanta I’m supposed to be going to a conference in
Sacramento in January which I had previously told our board secretary that
I would not be attending because I’m watching my travel money but then
president Zia told me that I should attend because if I am going to be the
board president next year as is the rotation as it would be then I would
need to attend a board chair training at that conference in January so I’m okay
so there goes some of my travel money these conferences are at hotels that you
know you’re looking at $200 a night airfare I actually stayed with my family
I flew in to Atlanta on Saturday night I took the cheapest flight out I don’t
like to travel during the day because I you know I just don’t like to do that
prefer at night where I could try to sleep I took the cheapest flight out I
stayed in the in the conference Hotel Saturday I stayed with my family in
Loganville an hour away on Sunday rented a car out of my own pocket I paid for it
out of my own money drove an hour and then got stuck in traffic Monday morning
coming back into Atlanta because I don’t know Atlanta traffic patterns and it was
horrible and then there was a hurricane Michael that hit so it was a it was just
an awful experience with that regard I ended up driving back on Tuesday at
four o’clock in the morning because I was afraid of missing the the summit on
Tuesday and stayed at a Ramada that I paid for out of my own pocket again all
because of this 3,300 dollar budget now and again I want to say it again and
again I agree with the spirit of this and I agree that we should and also I’m
in favor of the sun shining I support president vias effort to sunshine the
travel cost for the past few years I’m okay with that I don’t have a problem
with that but we have been elected by the public to oversee this college and
we have been elected and entrusted by the public to lead and govern and part
of that responsibility includes getting out in the community getting out there
learning bringing back things how else are we supposed to know if we don’t
interact and fellowship with other bodies and if we’re gonna do that on our
own dime then that needs to be disclosed to but if there was a board policy
already in place for travel then the amount you know that I don’t think that
that should be tampered with to such an extreme where I’ve got a rent-a-car stay
at a different hotel that was far from the original hotel because I couldn’t
get a hotel in Atlanta so it was it was a lot for me to deal with and then now
in January I do have to go to this conference I wasn’t planning on going to
if I’m gonna be board chair so I’m I’m telling you right now no matter how much
I tried to rent a car and stay at a different hotel in Atlanta I’m gonna go
over budget can I call for the question I there
hasn’t been an excuse me you don’t have to be recognized to call for the
question and look no perhaps you shouldn’t schedule of flights on a board
meeting this is our job this is not new there was a board meeting you knew there
was a board meeting I call the question no I’m not finished
understanding the points that is raised and I’m not going to call for the
question so I want to make sure I understand you wise go ahead if I can
just conclude I also don’t understand why item 3.1 was
moved to the end of the agenda that doesn’t make sense to me
3.1 I don’t know why you know I I didn’t understand what’s happening I think it’s
terribly unfair to members who are travelling whether you agree with them
or not whether you like them or not whether you get along with them or not
changing item 3.1 to the end of the agenda it it just I think it’s wrong
you’ve got people who are gonna miss flights and guess what if they have to
reschedule the flight that’s gonna take more money out of our budget and we’re
here to talk about a travel policy that you know needing us to be you know
fiscally responsible then missing their flight because this item was moved to
the end of the agenda is going to cause more money and cost us more in the long
run because you’re gonna have to reschedule or get on a different flight
so why change vice president mallalieu if you or and if anybody else had any
qualms about reordering of the agenda that the appropriate time to bring that
concern was a 2.12 the board meeting it’s because it was the chairs product
if I wanted to hear at last after we had heard everyone every other report it
wasn’t it wasn’t intended with the board meeting would have still gone on and
they would have still had to leave either way I don’t understand what you
were requesting are you suggesting that we eliminate or increase the threshold
or are you suggesting that we go ahead and put the onus on the superintendent
present to manage some arbitrary number I’d like to call for the question also
and let’s vote on what we have presented here okay and then press the Enter key
did you I know you wanted to say a few words but if you don’t mind you know I
did but I want to recognize Robert’s Rules of Order taking precedent that
call the question has been called okay let’s go ahead and vote on the motion on
virginia baxter i nee vivian mallalieu nee buddha walk joe in tuck hey Doug
Otto named sunny Zia I okay we were going to now move on to
item nine point let’s see one trustees may request to recommend future agenda
items or reports but only with the consensus of the board is there any
items that we would like to add to the board items in the future anybody item 10.1 public comments on
non-agenda items a total of 3 minutes will be allotted to each speaker with a
maximum of 20 minutes to each subject unless extended by the board president
do we have any public comments there are no requests okay but you’d like to
request a public comment I’m sorry did you is this for who for myself you need
to fill out a card are you I’m kidding go ahead you can speak public item
comments I wanted to go back to my report it’s been about six weeks since
our last meeting and attended a number of events most notably I wanted to point
out the Puente program had a family night there was quite successful Student
Success program that’s increased students going to UCS and and there’s a
couple other items I want to talk about them but most importantly on September
26 we had one of our students were killed guy Alford the third and he was a
current student former football player team captain respected and well-loved
student athlete here on campus and was very you know disappointing that the
unfortunate tragedy that happened to him that about five minutes from my house
but dr. Scott and I were able to attend his
funeral and talked to his family and his final wish was the Guinness degree Lana
I think we get overlooked some of the importance that we make in students
lives here at Long Beach City College and I did put in a request for an
honorary degree for but the administration went through and
evaluated his credentials and he actually earned his a degree so at the
homecoming game this past Saturday I was able to meet with his father and give
him two copies of his degree and it was really a powerful moment to have that
conversation and give that document over because it meant a lot you know and it
was like at the funeral he was buried in his Jersey you know as Long Beach City
College Jersey you know and its students come here with dreams and hopes and they
want to succeed and sometimes all they’re gonna do in life has come here
and what we provide an education and experience we give them they can go on
and do great things just coming to Long Beach City College and sometimes it’s
the endpoint for some folks I think we really need to keep in mind and why
we’re here and we were who were here to serve and I just wanted to recognize a
guy out for the third commend him on his his degree share you know his service
and his experience here let me see College you know and I just enclosing
was disappointed that 3.1 was put at the end of the agenda I felt like we were
put in a place between a rock and a hard place unnecessarily and I was inclined
to support the item but I didn’t like the process
that’s my three minutes of non agenda Thank You trustee and took and I too was
disappointed in your ability to go form over substance and out of spite voted
down and multiple people and let it be known for the record that it was a 4-1
the only person that voted for being fiscally Putin and having a dollar
threshold that is consistent with our faculty and staff was myself we don’t
have a second closed session item 11.1 further discussion on the closed session
there is none needed item 12.1 the next regular meeting of the board of trustees
will be held on November 13 2018 at the liberal arts campus building Tea Room
1100 closed session at 4 p.m. and open session at 5:00 p.m. we will now adjourn