yeah always so I’m kind of sick at the
moment I think it’s flu season what they keep telling me but I don’t know when
exactly starts so first of all i was in san diego earlier today I was attending
a chance at office advisory committee in regards to common assessment so was
really fortunate that sense I really think that senior roles should sometimes
extend outside of just a classroom and to be part seating part of discussions
that are really going to affect student so I was really fortunate that sense
i’ve been hearing a lot of great discussions about College promise the
heads of America campaign specifically but there are a lot of students across
the state are really interested in learning about our model so i’ll be
working with a couple colleges nearby and some in the area to see what
resources we can provide what information we can provide to make sure
that these a promise pathway programs really pop up across the state to make
sure that we offer some form of free or reduced-cost for students not only for
our local communities but across the state as well and the last update with
in regards to me specifically was that recently got hired as a student worker
within the Career Pathways department so I’m really excited to spend even more
hours on campus very good thank you aygestin mallu thank
you very much president Baxter and congratulations on your new job and we
shall be on campus getting paid that’s good it’s been a great new school
year i’m very excited about the enthusiasm that I’ve seen around campus
from students in particular and then the faculty and staff as well as the
administration i would like to commend whoever had the great idea of doing the
pre-college day I i wish that that had happened a couple years sooner so I
would have been able to benefit from that it was great i tried to make my
rounds to talk to different groups and I was there when the was it political science or what was it public
service and public services when they saying this song like that it was really
corny but it was outstanding so it was it was neat also I have had
the privilege of serving joining the administration serving pancakes to our
staff and vice president gable and I delivered some to the staff that was
actually serving students and couldn’t get away from their post and then I
learned later in the day that somebody delivered them to the pcc campus which
is really a nice gesture I’m really happy to have done that also
i was at both of the club signup days and was able to talk to students was
able to introduce them to some of the services up which unfortunately are not
utilized at to the maximum that they should be in a lot of times it’s because
they don’t know they’re not aware and I remember you know reading the Monday
communications guide and trying to disseminate as much information as I
could the students but our class instructional time is so limited that we
can’t get to all those points so just having students going in the personally
meet with them is great and then today I was at the at the career fair at the the
job fair and it was really neat to see there was a change in the tide because
there are a lot of community people there earlier in the day but then right
around noon seem like one classes let out our lbcc students got there and then
there was a the last hour there’s a buzz I would like to personally think the
people who were there representing human resources I i know there were other people there
throughout the day but when i was there was Erica and Helen I appreciate what
they were doing they were taking information from our students and trying
to hopefully qualify them and encourage them to apply and then also the EOPS
office and the Department of Public and social services from the county they
were there obviously as facilitators of the event i learned today that this was
the first job fair that’s been held on our campus in eight years that’s
probably about right and i would love to see it happen
continually i would love to have that expanded upon and we even had a brief
conversation there was a gal therefrom Supervisor Don cobby’s office and we had
some ideas about how we can actually make it better it was great to see the community people
but you know for me I’m trying to push our students to try to get job placement
other than that I just I you know the beginning of the school year i miss
teaching so it’s been interesting for me being on this side and hearing the
stories and the students so thank you very much just Giotto to two things very
quickly one is that we had the first teaching
part of the lead academy and it was a dinner at my house and I think it went
very well this second cohort seems to be as on fire as the first cohort and i’m
projecting this forward in the next few years if we have 30 employees year for
five years it’s just transformational not
personally but as a as a college and the other thing I would share is the
football game so long beach city college i know long beach lost last year
southern california champion championship to saddleback college and
they want this but this year we had a better team and a better ranked team and
I went to the game for the first half plus we had a thing I was supposed to be
at and in order to save my marriage I left before the end of it but I talked
to somebody there who texted me the scores and we were ahead ten points15 points
down towards the end of the game and saddleback came back and they went ahead
by just points and long beach city college march down the field about 70
yards to the 7-yard line with virtually no time left set up to kick a field goal the snap was
a little bit off but that the holder grab the ball and brought it back and
put his knee down and you can’t do that because in the act of putting his knee
down it ended the play was over and they
couldn’t kick the field gold so i have personally put a hit out on Todd Burnett
who is part of texas yes yeah but so it was a sad loss but we are
one and one I think we’re still one of the best
teams in the country and i encourage everybody to go out to these football
games because they’re very exciting and the best learning community at long
beach city college is athletics and these teams so anyway that’s all thank
you just tell ya topic has the president of saddleback college by the way and he
simply take great joy in Texas when they finally pulled the head at the end of
the game but that was that was disappointing obviously the just thank you it was
already mentioned collaged a great success lot of very inspirational that
it doesn’t happen just because it happens because a lot of people a lot of
time and energy into it and what people get out of it so a great job everybody
that did that and then there was mention about the job fair i was there at the
very beginning actually is how simply need just some visuals where people are
coming through and through there’s the same that i like that hope is a good
thing and and a job will give you hope and so just
to see the turnout I think they had 80 on employers out
there and really did a phenomenal job skokie I’m sorry 6660 and almost 700
participants and they were they were shootin wow they were shooting for it
and that’s a great job in the the answers yet on the LHC campus 2008 was
the last time they ever did that so I’m great job by everybody and so as we move
forward and by the way just for the the boiler room was a running gag a long
long time ago because when we first passed our bond i could not understand
why we’re wasting money on something as unsexy as a boiler room you know to give
people warm showers and things like that and and so that’s what they they they
said we’re going to call it the Jeff Kellogg and if it’s got a plaque in that
in that room by the way it’s below the gym so I did but the point is no it’s
not a black Jackie there’s probably something has my name on it but that’s
not another thing but the point is when we started the process and it’s a
valuable one is the planet you go into to do a lot of construction is sometimes
you have to do what happened to us in our first bond is our infrastructure was
left alone for decades nobody did anything for and you had to
start with a simple basics of building our Foundation and our infrastructure
and my whole point was i want to see something really neat and what we have
today we started on a 40 million dollar project for our science building so so
great job by everybody and wish the very best for this new academic year thank you just easier yes thank you
president Baxter and i’m just going to be very brief the earlier this evening
we approved under item 5 . 13 academic personnel are very own mayor robert
garcia will be teaching a course in class on wednesdays and communication
and it was a pleasure voting for it and it shows his tremendous commitment to
our students that he is that connected and i’m going to try to go a check out
the class and be there to see him and inaction
it’s really neat and I’m sure was a very fair competitive process so i just
wanted to thank him for taking the time and personally being invested and our
students it’s very nice and tremendous to see that’s all i have a thank-you the
i want to say congratulations to the job fair i know how much work is involved
and you were right trusty mallu we used to have a job fair at each campus i
didn’t know was eight years ago but I know a number of years ago and i think
this is something that we have an almost an obligation to the community to put
together because we’re kind of a non-threatening site for you and the
fact that it was chosen have a bed stadium i thought was brilliant because
there wouldn’t be a prop parking problem plenty of parking and when I do I i got
in this morning from Memphis when I drove by the stadium i was impressed by
how many people cars were still there so it was great then I just the things that I attended
college state which course was great and wonderful and academic senate president
can you did an outstanding job of being the MC as you have for a number of years
and I congratulate you on that and then on August twenty-eighth i attended the
leadership Long Beach introduction of their class to the community and every
year we’ve had someone from leadership long beach yeah in the class and this year having
to be Elizabeth McCann my successor and the foundation so that’s very very good
then coming up we have the college promise celebration on uh September 22nd
and then on September 24th we have two memorials a lot of what we’re going to
become the memorial centre and can’t have one in the city of long beach and eleven
o’clock we’re having been at longs memorial and T 1200 and then at one
o’clock we’re having money in scouts keys memorial in the gym and I think
this is again a wonderful thing we’re doing bringing people back on campus who
were influenced by these two gentlemen who were longtime serving been along
with vice president from administrative services and I started out as a math
teacher and the mining that’s kowski was the water polo coach for years PE
teacher and he was also in student activities for a number of years then we
have on october dying time giving an unsolicited testimonial for everybody to
come to a trustee zia and I our event in October night from four to six where
it’s at home helping the homeless event and it’s a thank-you to the donors and
all the people of supporting us but the people who didn’t support you can pay to
attend our events so we hope you will and we’re getting together a flyer and
I’ll make sure that all the board members i get a copy because i know that
don’t want to be in our event and it won’t be a violation the Brown Act
because the social occasion so you don’t have to worry about that and then I’ll
october fourteenth it’s a hall of fame induction ceremony and that will be very
very good and then lastly i wanted to mention that there was a little
miscalculation in the board report the board goals for 2016 17 they were
followed by the implementation of the 2016 20 22 strategic plan and so that
should be noted for everybody to know and so we are going back in closed
session before i do do any of the trustees want to give committee reports ok we’ve heard from the bargaining units
public comments on a non-agenda items none so we will go now into us our
second closed session but just in case people want to leave just want to remind
that we’re going to adjourn on September 27th I here in t 1100 closed session
four o’clock open session at by $TIME p.m. and so we will adjourn and go into
closed session