Potential Rewarding Vocational Flexibility We take on apprentices because we think there is a talent pool available for bright, smart, enthusiastic, committed young people. We expect our apprentices in five years to be contributing to the business, to be working as paralegals, to be working as fee earners, running their own caseload and possibly qualifying as an associate. Being in a legal services sector can be busy and it can be challenging, but at the same time it is rewarding and it is high-tech because the law changes every day and you actually see the law being practised. I also like the advice aspect of the legal services like advising people. Our apprentices get involved in everything across the practice area. That can be some of the admin work that we do, some of the support team work, even involved in some of the fee earning for themselves and more of the complex stuff of some of the high fee earners in the team. Having apprentices is really helping to build skills in the team because it allows us to improve the communication that we have, it gives us people that we would not usually be working alongside at that point in time, and so what it allows us to do is to improve communication, supervision, and just helping develop people’s soft skills that they work alongside their colleagues with. The aspects of my apprenticeship that I enjoy the most would have to be the fact that I’m earning and learning at the same time, because I’m a really reflective learner so I like the idea of combining the practical and academic aspects of the job. The benefits of being an apprentice is that you can work your way up in a firm. You know how they work as a team, you know their expectations, and I think it’s got better job security because when you go into University, when you come out you can’t always find a job. I would recommend apprenticeships to other employers because of the opportunity it provides for us to work with bright, smart young people who are committed to a firm, and wish to learn while they earn.