Produced by EpnosFilms With Warner Bros. Pictures’ agreement Juge: “Pursuant to Article 7 of Wizards’s Code about attempted murders stating:” Any wizard who will use their powers to physically or mentally harm another or kill another will be sentenced to life imprisonment and will be removed of their titles. Thus, on 22nd of December of year 999 Julius Smith of the Hufflepuff family, you are hereby accused of administering a deadly poison to Countess of Glen, Rowena Ravenclaw. Your position as the kitchen chef of the family helped you to succeed. This morning, Marcus Peverell informed the councel that he has evidence incriminating the defendant. I would have never done such a thing ! I have been faithfully serving the Ravenclaw family for 7 years, I would never hurt the Countess ! Mr Peverell, Do you maintain that you have evidence regarding the accusation Julius is facing ? We would like to hear from you. I had no intention of interfering with this case. But you give me no choice, Julius. I have to. For Rowena… Tell us what you witnessed. Yesterday, when I came back from my watch, I walked by the kitchen, I saw the chef pouring a vial into Madame’s supper. At first I did not paid much attention… but when I saw how she felt this morning, I understood. Do you have any tangible proof of what you are putting forward today ? Mr Smith You will remain incarcerated in the Fortress of Edimburgduring the continuation of the investigation. The Council has been working for several months on the creation of a new potion which will uneath the truth on this case. Until then, We commit to scrutinise this vial and the defendant’s motives. The meeting is ajourned. Baron, how is she ? Her condition has deteriorated. According to healers, she only has a few hours left. Tell her the trial outcome at once. She has to know. The Founders The Ravenclaw Ghost I’ve seen him staring at me while I was eating for weeks. Yesterday he made a pass at me when I was going to the library even if I’d already told him I wasn’t interested. Another one who is only attracted to me because of my last name. Sure, I do not have many friends. When people do not envy me, they hate me. Actually, I can understand them, given the special treatment the professors give me. This is nonsense, darling. Not at all ! Yesterday, I forgot to submit a parchment Professor Terence asked for on purpose… It’s the second time it happened and once again, he told me he wouldn’t hold it against me. It happens with every single teacher. They always give me a special favour… Because of you. Are you listening to me ? Darling, I am convinced that it is all because of your exemplary attitude. It has nothing to do with me. You don’t understand ! You never have ! All I ever had was because of my name. No one ever’s ever liked me for who I am. Neither have you. I’m just another trophy to you. Helena ! No ! I can’t take it anymore! I’m not one of those who still believe you’re a caring and compassionate woman ! Do not behave like you are nothing you me… You are my greatest pride. Enough with your lies. I am not your greatest pride… Rowena. This thing you’re constantly wearing on your head has made you forget what’s family. All the good it brought you only brought me misfortunes. It’s time for a change. It is not destined to you. It will not bring you any good. Wake up. Rowena, wake up. Wake up. Rowena. Wake up.. Rowena! Take this. It will cool your fever. Get out of my room. I am coming back from the trial, Madame. The decision is coming but… Helena, my daughter… Where is she ? She left several months ago Madame, remember.. No! Bring her here… Brace yourself. I need to speak to her. Helena is gone ! You should know that the trial took place. You have nothing to worry about anymore. The perpetrator seems to be… My daughter… I know where she is. Something is happening. I need to talk to her. How can I make myself useful ? I can help. I… I need to see her one last time. I will do whatever I can to reunite your family. I have always be loyal to you, you can trust me. Promise… Promise me you will bring her home safely. Where is she ? In Albania. Tell her that we are running out of time… She has to know something really important. Hogwarts’s fate depends on it. William… You love her, don’t you ? You always have. ‘I wish to inform you of the imminent Rowena’s passing. I am travelling to Albania to find her daughter, like she requested. I do not forget the terms of our agreement and I will fulfill my quest.’ Take this missive to the birdcage. You have been trying to run away from me for years, Helena but it seems that we have been destined to each other. I know that you left in order to grab my attention. You have it now. You must not deny your love for me, stop lying to yourself. After all this time, you are still unable to understand that I think you are a repulsive man. I am not running away because of my feelings. I am running away because of men like you. Keep denying it. Your resilience has always been your strenght. How did you find me ? Your mother is sending me. It saddens her deeply that you left. Your relationship is so… special. VYou know nothing about our relationship. Are you sure about that ? A lot of things have happened since you left. I have gained your mother’s trust thanks to my position within the Student Council of Hogwarts. Haven’t you felt anything odd lately ? She is dying Helena… She only has a few days to live. You should come home with me to be with her. It is her last will. It cannot be… Liar ! She cannot be here because of her condition. That why I am here. Only she knew where to find you. She has something really important to tell you before she dies… She has never confided in me. So you say it is her last resort ? To sham her death to retrieve her most precious weal… She was deeply moved by your fugue. She trusted you and yet, you betrayed her by robbing her diadem. No need to deny, this time. We both know you did. Let me ease your burden and come home with me. The diadem was made for me. Why should I dispose of it ? What did you really come for ? To find a way to help restore order and hierarchy in this world. No one has ever used the powers of the diadem. Its only use had been to show your mother’s. You are different Helena. Your boldness, your persistence, together with the powers of the diadem can make you do great things. Do not make it difficult, give it to me. You are not the first who tried to steal it from us. Your flattery is not working on me. I am not afraid for you. You will never have it, whatever it takes me. This is the first time I see such an artefact. Hence, rumors are true. Make no mistake, you are not frightening me. Stop wasting our time and give me the diadem. Come home to your mother, she needs you. Suppose you tell the truth, Is the missing diadem the reason of her weakening ? Someone poisoned her. The trial was yesterday. The kitchen chef was sentended. Marcus Peverell, saw him pouring something into Rowena’s supper. It cannot be. I have known Julius since I was a child, we grew up together. He would have never done such a thing ! It seems that the only friend you have cannot be trusted. His actions tarnish the values of the Hufflepuff family. Your escape caused so much trouble to the ones you care about. Our families share many secrets which date back long before you met my mother. Secrets no one knows about … not even you. Some bonds are so strong that death would inevitably follow a betrail. Julius is not guilty. He was sentenced ! Deal with it ! You seem quite agressive for someone whose only wish is to reunite a family… Unless your real intentions are to take advantage of this situation, just like you did back in Hogwarts. All you have ever served is your own self-interest, hence I wonder what are your interest in my mother’s death ? None. I am only here to honour your Rowena’s final will. Enough of your childishness, come home with me ! Why do you want the diadem, William ? Do not make me resort to violence… You know I can. But I do not want to… That is the reason why you came, isn’t it ? There is only one way to find out. Legilimens! Do not make me hurt you, Helena ! I’ve never meant for this to happen, Helena ! Helena … You wanted to tell me something… Subtitles: Anne Batteau Inspired by J.K. Rowling’s story